Who is Fetullah Gulen?

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  1. Born in Erzurum in 1941
  2. Began religious career as Imam delivering Waz /Beyan in 1966
  3. Used the Nursi movement in 1970’s to gain fame, power and monetary wealth.
  4. He deviated from Said Nursi’s teachings.
  5. Started to develop his own movement and network, supported by the Kemalist Military and Government.
  6. Supported the 1980 Coup of General Kenan Evren; in return the military government financed his network’s newspaper, ZAMAN, which is the largest circulated periodical in Turkey.
  7. Met with the late Pope John Paul II in 1998 and developed Dialogue for Tolerance and Alliance with Catholics.
  8. Started Hizmet (service) movement, cooperating with Catholic churches.
  9. He misrepresented his group to Turkish businessmen to solicit donations for his schools around the world where he claimed Turkish language and culture would be taught to the world.
  10. Established an estimated over than three thousand schools in the world with the help of the Pope and Zionist businessmen from Turkey especially in Muslim Countries to help secular leaders and make money.
  11. Hizmet connected with Israel and Zionist lobby inside the United States and established 129 schools in the USA with an estimated yearly income over than 400 million
  12. Developed a network of insiders who are loyal to his network inside the entire Turkish systems (Education, Judicial, Police and Legislative) but was unsuccessful in entry to Turkish Military.
  13. Supported Tayyip Erdogan’s government (AKP) hoping that he can capture the party and hoping to attain more control in different levels in the Turkish government.
  14. Conflict began between Tayyip Erdogan and Fetullah Gulen over the Anti Israeli Stance of the Erdogan Government; some think that Gulen was told by the Zionists to control Erdogan’s messages against Israel. Remember in Chicago in the hotel I gave a copy of the Rand Corp’s Civil Democratic Islam, in which the US was using him against any Islamic movements.

He even established schools in Pakistan and Bangladesh to help the governments. Especially Bangladesh donated huge territory for their activities. In Turkey his media supported capital punishment of the Jamaati Islami leaders contrary to President Gul and Erdogan. Both Gul and Erdogan were pressuring Bangladesh Government not to go through with capital punishment. Once again Gulen’s Media were accusing the Erdogan Government of interfering with the internal matters of Bangladesh.

  1. Erdogan’s supports Gaza and gave symbolic criticism to Israel. However, his criticism mobilized huge support from Islamic oriented youth and Israel became very unhappy with Erdogan’s rhetoric. Israel pressured Gulen to stop Erdogan by using the Sixty Minutes TV program and The New York Times exposing how much Gulen is receiving from these schools and his businesses in the US. Using tactical maneuvers, they were saying if you do not stop Erdogan all these benefits will stop.
  2. Gulen tried to change the interpretations of Qur’an’s Ayats and Hadith issuing statements to Zionists gathering in New York that he misunderstood the Ayats in regard to Jews and Christians. They can go to heaven. He used Thomas Michel (one time popes’ secretary) to take him to Turkey and other countries. Michel started writing and lecturing that the Qur’an may have misunderstood the trinity and this misunderstanding was entered into the Qur’an from illiterate Bedouin Arabs. Erdogan’s education was from Imam Hatip (religious schools). He was very unhappy with Gulen’s distortion of Islam and further more his base was very unhappy and put pressure on Erdogan to deal with Gulen. Meanwhile, Gulen was using his loyalist police force to listen to and record Erdogan’s activities, even personal activities, as well as they listed to Persident Gul and the Chief of Military staff. Erdogan claims that Gulen was reporting to Israeli Intelligence and Western Media.
  3. Erdogan realized that Fetullah Gulen’s involvement would eventually lead to overthrow of his government.
  4. Fetullah Gulen mobilized his deep state networks against Erdogan like the 2013 Gezi Park demonstrations, as well as subsequent civil unrest in Turkey, but both were unsuccessful.
  5. The overturn movement did not work because Gulen exposed himself as a religious fraud by stating that Christians and Jews can go to heaven and then he developed anti- Arab feelings amongst his followers. He was worried more about Israeli children, yet he did not make a single statement about the Palestinian children.
  6. Gulen declared that the Mavi Marmara victims should have gotten permission from Israel. These statements made him very unpopular outside his group. [That was the ship bringing relief goods for Gaza.]
  7. He bugged the telephones of his opponents using his network inside the police forces.
  8. Erdogan decided to challenge the network and eradicate their presence in all facets.
  9. While combating this group, the Erdogan government discovered that any opposition to Gulen’s twisted religious thinking would be brought up in Turkish courts on trumped charges and false evidence by his police followers and convicted by his followers’ judges. Any religious figure who disapproved of his ideas on the Qur’an and Hadith, his forces would develop trumped charges that either they are Taliban or made montaj videos showing that they are in illicit relations. Erdogan decided to deal with him.
  10. Erdogan was successful in removing most of the Gulen Network insiders from most of the government and civil service.
  11. Turkish Government has taken the extraordinary step to cancel Gulen’s passport and refer him to Interpol for extradition.
  12. Zionist groups are supporting Gulen as his network has been invaluable in getting confidential information to Zionist groups and foreign governments.
  13. Note: Income from the Network of schools and business and donations, income estimates state that the overall organization has a net worth of over 30 billion dollars.
  14. Most of all his business ventures (Banks, Newspapers, TV stations) are now under intense scrutiny by Turkish authorities and have seen a collapse of their worth.
  15. Turkey beside cancelled his Green passport (With this passport one can go without visa to many countries) and the court decided to extradite him from the USA. Let us see how Zionists are going to play their part to save him.
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