The victory of islamic democracy

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Religion has educated man by establishing for him a manner of behaviors which is very humane. Although religion deprives him of prohibited things, yet the prescriptions of Islam only promote human values. Without these, a human being would fall as low as beasts. That mode of behavior which is God-given makes it possible for us to distinguish between our wives and our sisters! Faith encourages honesty and efficiency at work and condemns fraud and corruption. It prohibits drugs and alcohol, and encourages education and health.

Islamic ordinances create a scare in the West. As soon as the victory of the Shariah in Tunisia was announced, Europe and the United States expressed their misgivings about human rights abuses. It is due to their lack of knowledge about the prescriptions of the Shariah that they bite their nails at the victory of an Islamic political party. On the contrary, Islam contributes towards the welfare of human beings and was in the vanguard of democracy in the time of royal rulers. By the way, its ordinances are in accordance with human nature! Allah Ta’ala has stated: “So set your face towards the religion of pure Islamic monotheism, Allah’s Fitrah, with which He has created mankind” (Surah 30 Verse 30).

As regards the accusations of brutality- leveled against some Muslim players on the international front, it would appear that, in the majority of cases, it was a matter of self-defence (on the part of these players). And what about Israeli terrorism? Let us say that there have been terrorists, but can anyone blame a religion simply because some of its individual adherents have acted wrongly? Islam, in its very basis, condemns any crime against any living being: human or animal, believer or unbeliever. The Koran is very explicit on this matter: “If anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder, or to spread mischief in the land, it would be as if he killed all mankind.” (Surah 5 Verse 32). By the way, shedding blood unjustly is a very serious matter. So serious that the divine law demands that such a crime be punished by death penalty. “Take not life, which Allah has made sacred”…… (Surah 6 Verse 151).

Therefore, the Shariah does not condone, under any circumstance, any unjust action. Islam is far removed from crimes committed against innocent beings. By the way, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) never tolerated any injustice. As an example, once, a companion of the Prophet (SAW) killed a pagan man (an unbeliever) who was from Mecca. Thereupon, the Prophet (SAW) condemned that crime and denied asylum to the perpetrator whom he described as a “war matchstick”. (Muslim) Hence, terrorism has no place in Islam. Terrorism, in its true sense, is a ‘war matchstick’ and, as a result, is a cause of insecurity for all citizens.

Let it be known that the corporal punishments advocated by the Shariah are the best means of deterrence in the face of the increasing incidence of criminal offences and rape. “And there is a (saving of) life for you in the law of equality in punishment, O men of understanding” (Surah 2 Verse 179). You see, the states where bodily punishments are inflicted and where Islamic decency is generally observed register the lowest incidence of rape cases. On the other hand, in countries where indecency is rife, women are pestered and there is a high incidence of rape cases. According to the U.S Justice Department, a woman is unfortunately raped every two minutes in that country. Indecency brings about rape. The Islamic veil is a protection and contributes to the welfare of a woman. You see, in Saudi Arabia, the incidence of rape and incest is well below that of Europe.

Islam is a religion of moderation whose adherents can live in perfect harmony with other communities. On his arrival in Madinah, one of the Prophet Mohammad (SAW)’s first concerns was the establishment of a line of co-operation with the Jews and Christians of Madinah. It was then that the Sahabas discovered the true peace policy advocated by Islam. Islam has always recommended a humanitarian brotherhood. Our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW) did make himself noticeable through his excellent character even among Jews and Christians! The Prophet (SAW) of Allah did, from time to time, invite his close relatives to embrace Islam.

He has taught us to help others. “Humankind is like the family of Allah; the best servant in the eyes of Allah is the one who is most beneficent to His family (mankind). (Shu’ab-ul-Imaan). Allah Ta’ala has stated: “Say: O people of the Scripture! Come to a word that is just between us and you, that we worship none but Allah and that we associate no partners with Him”. (Surah 3 Verse 64). Of course, the ultimate aim of such wise words is to bring them towards our religion.

What the new democracies have expressed in a free vote is the Islamic democracy with its security and its harmony. What they want is the Shariah. Libya and Egypt must follow the same path. Long live the Shariah! Long live Islamic democracy!

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