The Answer To Islamophobia Is The Gentle Sunnah.

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Bismihi Ta`ala

The answer to islamophobia is the gentle sunnah.

The beloved prophet Muhammad SAW came as the last prophet and hence brought a standard that answers to all possible dilemmas, difficulties, or challenges until the last day of judgement. The present generation of muslims and the oncoming generations should look in the sunnah for their present day difficulties and challenges. This is only one way that Allah Ta`ala will offer His help and supremacy: when we have adopted completely the sunnah of the beloved prophet SAW in every circumstances.

The present day conspiracies:
Today we are witnessing lots of ‘’terrorism acts’’ around the world that is spilling blood of innocent people that the authorities and media are purposely attaching these killings to muslims. Although some may be true, but there are many others that are mere conspiracy. That is these terrorism acts are perpetrated by non muslims and then finally leave a ‘’bomb proof’’ I.D. of a muslim or a passport of a muslim refugee that can resist explosives so that these are falsely accused to them! See on and you judge on the issue. Type ‘’Paris Hoax attack’’ on You tube to find the other face of the history. 

The answer to islamphobia:
Islamophobia is the negative feeling of the society towards muslims. The ill thought that muslims are bad, unfit, unsociable, dangerous,etc. The same thoughts reigns in the Makkan time of the beloved prophet SAW. During that time Abu Lahab and his team made sure that any newcomer to Makkah should be brain washed against the beloved prophet SAW. Such that people feared so much the beloved prophet SAW that visitors in Makkah put cotton in their ears so as to be deaf to the prophet`s words. That level of islamophobia reigned in Makkah. But what was the answer to that islamophobia? The answer was a silence, passiveness and continuous gentle interaction. No brutal or military intervention and absolutely no rebellion. A polite and gentle answer to one and all without discrimination of creed or attitude. When Tufeil Ibn Amr Dosi r.a. came in Makkah, he was warned continuously against the prophet SAW but was finally charmed and attracted by the soft etiquettes and manners of the beloved prophet SAW.   
This is the cause that would dispel the mist of islamophobia that conspiracies are trying to spread. Some months before the demise of Qazi Mujadul Islam Qasmi r.a., my ustaad M Shabir Saloojee called him in Darul Uloom. He delivered a few words that answers our present environment. I recall his words: ‘’Abu Lahabi media will continue to spread lies against Islam. You have the sunnah etiquettes to interact directly with your neighbours, your colleagues, your road encounters, etc. So people will have creed in what they deal directly with you and they will ignore the lies of the media.’’ I recall that he visited us well before 9-11-2001 conspiracy!

So look forward to expose the sunnah in public. Be respectful to your neighbours, be concerned about the needy of your locality, help a passer-by, be courteous on the road giving way to others, visit the sick of your family and acquaintances, etc. We need to be courteous, polite and concerned for one and all.

Mufti Mackoojee

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