Some questions i've been asked by children.

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Some questions I’ve been asked by children. They are very inquisitive and intelligent mashaAllah 

1. Who created Allah? 

2. It doesn’t scientifically make sense that no one created Allah.

 3. How do we know Islam is the true religion? 

4. How do we know that the Quran and Seerah that we have are true? These are grown up questions that normally have grown up answers. Is there any answers that have been prepared to explain these complex questions to Children?Answers:

 1. Allah Ta’ala is the Creator of all things. No one created Him. He is from always and will be also for always. He is unique and has no one to His equal. It makes sense that no one created Him. Because then there should be another creator to create the previous creator. And then the sky and the earth would have been filled with creators. And each creator can take the life of the one he created. Hence there would be a fight for power and life in the skies. One would say i wish today to make the sun rise from the west…لو كان فيهما  الهة الا الله لفسدتا “Had there been another Deity besides Allah on the earth and the skies, then both would have in great disarray.”(21:22).  Looking and factually observing the sun, the moon, the sea, the seasons, the orbits of the solar system, etc we conclude a minutely managed precision system. Hence there is only One manager. One Controller. One Creator. هل من خالق غير الله يرزقكم من السماء والارض لا اله الا هو فانى تؤفكون Imaan is not from common sense. It is an acceptance from the deep of the heart. It is very easy to install imaan in a young child. Make him repeat the kalimahs in arabic with translations very often in choral at the end of madrassah time 

2. Multiple creators and deities does not make sense in front of our 9 months exact phase creation, the exact sea tides, the exact sunrise each 14th February, the moon sequence, the stars set in each place, etc. Two captain on the same boat sinks it. It makes sense one Creator in all universe and forever. 

3. First, we are sunni muslim. We heard our parents and janaabs and we became muslim. They heard it in chain until Rasouloullah Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam. Hence ربنا اننا سمعنا مناديا ينادي للايمن ان امنوا بربكم فامناOur imaan is upon obedience. So whatever shariah says we will obey. We know that Islam is the true religion because our rightly guided elders found it so. Then when we practiced it, we found that all its injunctions are excellent for living conditions for humans and our surroundings. For instance Islam prohibit eating of pigs, boars, monkeys, bats, rodents and insects with reasons that they may carry sickness that are incurable. With islamic injunctions we can prevent social criminality and epidemics 

4. The Qur-aan and sunnah has never collided with the events, science facts,  mathematical equations or any equilibrium established protocols. In fact the Qur-aan and sunnah confirms lots of them. One of the tafseer of one ayah in surah kahaf confirms that 300 solar years is equal to 309 lunar years. ولبثوا في كهفهم ثلاث مائة سنين وازدادوا تسعا

The sunnah confirms with ahadiths many historical events after the demise of Rasouloullah Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam. One them in Bukhari, Rasouloullah Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam said: See six events before day of judgement: my death, conquest of palestine, a plague….(bukhari). Rasouloullah Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam passed away on 11th hijri Rabi’ul Awal. The conquest of palestine was about ten years later. The plague was immediately after the conquest and occured in Jordan. Hazrat Ubeidullah bin Jarrah r.a., Mu’az bin Jabal r.a. and thousands of sahabahs and tabe’ees. There are hundreds of prophecies like that has come in existence already past historical facts. In this era, we are in the full swing that “some arab bedouins will come to compete each other in tallest building.” Bukhari و اذا تطاول رعاة الابل البهم في البنيان

Today the tallest building in the world is burj khalifah in dubai. The bedouins of Saudi want to beat the world record with Upcoming is jeddah tower. On the other hand, Already the dubai tower started construction to beat jeddah tower…Say aloud: my Nabi is Haq! Thé Quraan and sunnah he brought is Haq and true.Imaan is not based on facts. Rather it is gift from Allah that we should beg Allah to increase it, nurture it and make us die with imaan
 Mufti Mackoojee

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