SAJDAH SHUKR-Needs Qiblah And Wouzu

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Bismihi Ta`ala


*There has been a message circulating that Sajdah Shukr can be done without wouzu and without direction of Qiblah. I have looked in the books of Fuqahas and ahadiths and they all stressed that Sajdah Shukr should be done absolutely with wouzu and in the direction of qiblah. Worth noting that according to Imaam Malik, it is MAKROOH to do Sajdah Shukr. According to the people of Madinah, the sunnah teaches us rather to do 2 rakaats nafils shukr.*

*The other imams still hold the view that Sajdah Shukr is still recommended, but should be done with WOUZU AND TOWARDS QIBLAH, on a clean area, etc. Care should be taken not to do sajdah tilawah or shukr at the times of sunrise, zawaal and sunset. Other times are permissible for tilawah and shukr.*

*The authentic ahadiths of Rasouloullah SAW teaches us to rather offer 2 rakaats of nafil with niyah of Shukr and thanking Allah Ta`ala. Although Sajdah shukr has been a practice identified between sahabahs and tabe-ins. *

Mufti Mackoojee

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