Why is there a difference in calculation of Zakaat?

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JonSnow Staff asked 1 year ago

Why is there a difference in calculation of Zakaat?

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JonSnow Staff answered 1 year ago

We are aware of a masla of ‘’Jug’’ in kitaabs that requires to take into consideration of the value of the golden jug and not the weight. That is you will need to take into consideration the value of labour behind making it a jug. This is a new stand point that has come from only a few years now by local ulamas. But according to our research and many other foreign ulamas, this has not been the general ruling on the zakaat of jewellery.

Know that the local ulamas give fatwa on that Zakaat of stock should be valued at realizing or selling price value. Such that if there are some goods that are out of date and value less, then we will take the lower value in consideration. Hence we will take the selling price value for the owner. No one will come and say that if we buy such products, import from China then it will cost so much.

As such the masla on our jewelleries also are the same. Know that even for those jewelleries that are not used are Zakaatable. The proof is from the Qur-aan. Allah Ta`ala said: A ceux qui thésaurisent l’or et l’argent et ne les dépensent pas dans le sentier d’Allah, annonce un châtiment douloureux. Le jour où (ces trésors) seront portés à l’incandescence dans le feu de l’Enfer et qu’ils en seront cautérisés, front, flancs et dos: voici ce que vous avez thésaurisé pour vous-mêmes. Goûtez de ce que vous thésaurisiez.»(9 :34-35) To keep in treasure means even if you are not using them, you still need to give Zakaat. It is reported in Bukhari that Ibn Umar said that the application of this ayah is that the Zakaat would save that person from punishment and hence purify the treasure. And without Zakaat, the gold and silver would be a source of punishment.

Furthermore, some ulamas advocates that the Zakaat of the jewelleries should include the value of the labour or the value added as being a carved gold jewellery. They base themselves on the ibarats of some fiqh kitaabs on the masla of Jug.

But according to our analysis, zakaat should be given as per weight and not as per value. Simply because the value of the jewellery is the weight value at the jewellers. The factual value is valued as per weight and not as craftsmanship behind it. if today you want to sell your necklace or your jewellery, they value it as per gramme and carrats and nothing as per labour behind it. Hence Zakaat is not on ‘’Fictif’’ value, but on real value.

For 22 Carrats: Rs 1170 gramme. And for 18 Carrats: Rs 970 gramme.

«الْوَزْنُ وَزْنُ أَهْلِ مَكَّةَ ، وَالْمِكْيَالُ مِكْيَالُ أَهْلِ الْمَدِينَةِ»

are less than cost It has always been on the selling value of the issue.