What if one cannot afford qurbani in hajj?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: hajjWhat if one cannot afford qurbani in hajj?
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What the hajjee should do if she or he cannot afford to slaughter an animal?

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If the Hajee is performing Tamattu` or Qiraan, then he should offer a slaughtering in Mina. If he cannot, then he should fast 10 fasts. He would have to fast 3 of them after his Umrah and before his ihram for Hajj. Then he may fast the rest when he gets home. Ifrad don`t need to slaughter the animal. Ifrad means to get in Miqat with niyat of Hajj only, doing tawaaf, then proceed to Mina for Hajj. Tamattu` means to enter miqaat with niyat of Umrah, then become halaal. Then afterwards go for ihram of Hajj Qiraan means to do umrah and with the same ihram, go for hajj, without becoming halaal.