Time-table on how to spend time in Hajj?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: hajjTime-table on how to spend time in Hajj?
JonSnow Staff asked 3 years ago

Could you please give a time-table of how to spend around 10 days in Mecca and 15 days in Madina during Hadj.

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JonSnow Staff answered 3 years ago

Read our Hajj Guide on the web. Know that your hajj is in Makkah and Arafah. So be very keen on the obligations that are mentioned in the guide. Furthermore, know that the Ka`bah is the centre of your hajj. So do the most tawaaf around the Ka`bah, men read salaah in the haram. But women spend time looking at the ka`bah. Drink lots of ZamZam and be helpful to others. In Madinah, do salaam everyday and be respectful with reading lots of douroud on NAbi SAW. ‘