Shall i go for umrah as i'm expecting?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: hajjShall i go for umrah as i’m expecting?
JonSnow Staff asked 3 years ago

I am going for umrah after 2 weeks inshAllah, I just came to know that I am expecting, as I had 2 miscariges of 7 and 4 weeks befor it, now i’m confused what to do, should I go there or not as the risk of miscarriage is high and I also dont want to waste this chance to perfom umrah. Plz tell me dua for this.

1 Answers
JonSnow Staff answered 3 years ago

Do go for Umrah and go Madinah first. Then easily from Madinah, go to Umrah. Do read lot of Rabbi hab li minas saliheen. Drink lot of Zamzam and eat ajwah dates in Madinah.