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JonSnow Staff asked 3 years ago

My question is about nisaab taxable for zakaat. In my case the only wealth I have is my salary which is deposited into an account at the bank and from it I make withdrawals for my own use and household expenses. For over 4 years now I have not paid zakaat since I never reach the minimum nisaab. Is it possible for me to pay 2.5% on a monthly basis just to be safe as it is unlikely at current time that I will accumulate even the minimum nisaab let alone for a year but I fear of the punishment which awaits those who fail to pay zakaat. Your guidance would be very much appreciated. Similarly my daughter has an account for over a year which we have never withdrawn from but less than nisaab is zakaat mandatory here?

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JonSnow Staff answered 3 years ago

If on 1st Ramadhaan you don`t reach Rs 30000 or more, then no zakaat applicable. I suggest that you give sadaqah that amount every month.