My father has performed umrah 3 times

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JonSnow Staff asked 3 years ago

My father has performed umrah 3 times and he wants to go again . But the situation is that we have no permanent asset in our city and have a small amout of land in our village which is in poor condition and hajj is not farz on my father. My father is a businessman. The main thing is that whenever he went to umrah , it take full of the capital of his business to perform umrah and after that we have to struggle to make again some capital to do business. This time is the same, he has some money as a capital and he wishes to perform umrah again this ramadan . What should i do ? Shold i try to stop him or inspire him ?

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JonSnow Staff answered 3 years ago

If the value of the land in the village is for your father and if realised, enough money would be get to do hajj, then Hajj is important to be done. But if the village asset is not enough for hajj, then he may not go for umrah also. But if he insist, then do not stop him and tell him that the asset in the village may be exchanged in future for replenishing his capital. Know that the prophet pbuh said that Do Umrah and Hajj since they dispel poverty and sins. (Tirmizi) We suggest also for him to do umrah in other month other than Ramadhaan since it is cheaper. But a umrah in Ramadhaan is virtuous to the extent that it is as if one has made hajj with the prophet (saw)- Bukhari