How do I share my land

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JonSnow Staff asked 11 months ago

I would like to know from you , based on the Islamic principle , how do I share my land as per attached sheet. I am informed that after my death only the said land will be as heritage but I just want to know how do I make the division while I am alive and can prescribe a will related to this matter. Note that I have 2 wives and from 1st wife I have 1 son and 3 daughters. From 2nd wife I have 1 son and 2 daughters. I look forward to your kind advice so proceed. Attched is the Land Site and the one belongs to me is the 2622.50 m/2

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JonSnow Staff answered 11 months ago

Inheritance is the distribution of your possessed wealth at time of death. After funeral expenses, paying debt and applying wasiyat (will for non inheritor)-if any-, the rest of money and property on your name would be distributed as per Coranic injunction as described below:

Your two wives would receive one eight or one sixteenth share each.
Wife A 1/16
Wife B 1/16

The rest 7/8 remaining would be distributed amongst your children provided that your parents are not alive at time of your death. Hence your children would receive the following share from the 7/8 remaining:
One son 2/9
Other son 2/9
One daughter 1/9 each.

Should you wish to distribute your legacy during your life time, then you should evaluate the land and portion it into equal valued shares. Say you may do 11 equally valued portion of land.
Then if you wish to give the wives, then you should give equal portion to both of them. Say 2 portions each.
And for distribution during lifetime, you should give equal shares to the children irrespective sons or daughters.
Then you would give 7 equally valued portion of land to all of them.