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Bint-e-Omr asked 3 years ago

Assalamualaykum wrbt, Can you kindly please tell me if Avène gentle exfoliating gel is halal or not? Also due to my doctor\’s prescription I have to use Avène products, so are Avène other products considered halal? The ingredients for the exfoliating gel are: Avène thermal spring water, glycerin, pentylene glycol hydroxyethylacrylate/ sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, water, niacinamide coco-glucoside, cellulose acetate ascorbyl palmitate, cetrimonium bromide citric acid, fragrance (parfum), glyceryl oleate, hydrogenarated palm glycerides, citrate jojoba esters, licithin, polysobrate 60, red 30 (CI 73360), sodium salicyiate, sorbitan isostearate, talc, tocopherol trisodium eithylenediamine, disuccinate zinc gluconate. I will very much appreciate your reply in sha Allah.  JazakAllah khyr

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JonSnow Staff answered 3 years ago

Ok if prescribed and no other alternative