Painful demise of imaam hafiz Anwar Mohammad khatib r.a

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Bismihi Ta`ala

*Painful demise of imaam hafiz Anwar Mohammad Khatib r.a.*Indeed, it is rare to find an imaam that have spent his whole career in the khidmat of a Masjid and then finally died while he was still in service of that Masjid. Yesterday night, we have just lost such a calibre. Imaam hafiz Anwar Khatib r.a. tied himself to imaamat of Moka Masjid of Mauritius for more than 20 years. In fact, he dedicated most of his time to uplift the education, the infrastructure and the plausible environment around the Masjid. We will miss his presence in the Masjid and we will miss his plausible Qur-aan recitation. Well situated, the Masjid offers parking and a separate salaah room for ladies in transit. All this has been able to entertain and possible through the imaam Anwar r.a. 

Student of Hazrat Mowlana Abdur Rashid Kazi d.b., hafiz Anwar developed the same beautiful recital voice and tajweed style, like his ustaad. In fact, the administration of the Masjid also used to express their satisfaction and full reliance on their imaam Hafiz Anwar Khatib r.a.  Salaahs, bayaans, interaction with musallees and a vision for the muslim community of that area. He did not care about the here-say of people and continued with his responsibility of the masjid. May Allah Ta`ala forgive Hafiz saab and bless him with bounties in Qabr and Akhirah.

 Please read 3 times Qul houwal hou Ahad-surah ikhlaas-in his favour.

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