Muslims leaders are supporting cultural genocide of Uighur nation.

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Bismihi Ta`ala

*Muslim leaders are supporting cultural genocide of Uighur nation.*

 Last week about 22 countries wrote a letter to the united nation to raise the concern about the violation of human rights by China detaining over a million Uighur muslims in internment camps. Violation of freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom of movement, freedom of praying, etc. The crack down on a whole nation of uighur include suppression upon men to shave their beard and women should abstain from Islamic dressing. Mosques are emptied, destroyed and all people having faith in Islam would be incarcerated in such prisons that violate human rights. China want to erase Islam from Xinjiang and replace it by Han Chinese. Uighur children are separated from their parents and are forced into camps to brainwash and erase their identity from muslims to Chinese budhist. Witnesses describe these camps as hell with overpopulated rooms, no access to sunlight and brainwashing classes in favour of communism. They are not allowed to pray because prayer is terrorism according to china. They are not allowed to fast because fasting incite terrorism according to china. 22 Western countries who wrote against China and in favour of uighur muslims are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. I don’t see Turkey in the list.

Then this week on Friday 12 July 2019, 37 countries including almost all muslim countries supported China in his effort to detain and convert uighur muslims to budhist! The 37 countries are: Belarus, Russia, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, quatar, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Angola, Togo, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Phillipines, Myanmar, Cuba, Venezuela and 16 more. Non muslims hearing this painful paradox news found it the joke of the year. Only non muslim countries are supporting the uighur muslims against slavery and most of muslim countries are favouring enslaving their fellow muslim brothers and sisters and children of uighur community of Xinjiang, China. The Human rights have reported crimes, abuse, rape and torture in the Uighur internment camps. These camps got nothing to do with education but rather it is a means to eradicate islam from Xinjiang because according to China, Islam is terrorism. China has taken this turn in greed of the ideal geographical situation of Xinjiang, its natural resources, its fertile land and its unpolluted air. So China want Chinese Han to come take these opportunities over the uighur muslim citizens. On top of that, China want no more muslims in Xinjiang. So China has taken uighur muslim man, women and children to incarcerate them, brain wash them, drug them to accept budhism and communism as idealism. This is an open cultural genocide that China want to hide. Journalist and human watch observers are prohibited to take information from these camps, roads are blocked to access to destroyed masjids area or even to these internment camps. China denied in the beginning these camps. China lied to the world. Then now it denies that these are prisons. Well liars are they. Boycott them these inhuman animal liars that can do anything to gain power, business and influence.Media report of torture, rape and likking inside Xinjiang camps:I quote: Uyghurs in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region are being tortured, raped, and killed in secretive “political re-education” camps, former detainees have told The Epoch Times. “Upwards of 1 million” of the predominantly Uyghur prisoners continue to be detained in what were, until Oct. 9, extrajudicial internment camps in western China, according to figures quoted by the U.S. Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) and the United Nations.

 Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials say the mass detentions among the Uyghur population, the majority of whom practice Islam, are part of measures to crack down on terrorism, religious extremism, and separatism in the country. The CCP has used the excuse of potential “extremist threats” to justify its strict surveillance and crackdown on Uyghurs and other Muslim minority groups in the Xinjiang region. 

First-hand accounts described to The Epoch Times reveal attempts by authorities to strip Uyghur detainees of their culture and language, forcing them to denounce their faith and pledge loyalty to the CCP and its leader.

 If detainees fail to follow orders, they may be subject to up to five forms of torture as punishment, a Uyghur and former inmate explained in an interview from Istanbul, Turkey. 

Xinjiang-born Omir Bekli, 42, a Kazakhstan national since 2006, was detained for six months in March last year after he was forcibly taken from his parents’ home in Shanshan—180 miles east of Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang—his head covered in a black sack before being whisked away.

 He was visiting Urumqi at the time to attend an international meeting about tourism. 

Bekli was detained for seven months in a police cell and then sent to a reeducation camp in Karamay for 20 days where he was tortured, with one of the reasons being his refusal to sing songs which praise the CCP and its leader Xi Jinping.

 The torturing methods were very inhumane and extremely unbearable,” Bekli told The Epoch Times. 

Uyghur Omir Bekli, 42, a former detainee in Xinjiang, China. (Courtesy of Omir Bekli) 

Uyghurs are “chained up like animals,” deprived of food and sleep, and beaten until their bodies are “swollen and pouring blood.” 

“They make you fear and make you weak, physically and mentally, so that they can make you obey them,” Bekli explained.

 Another Uyghur detainee—a Kazakhstan national aged 54 who was released in September from a camp in Urumqi after being detained for 15 months—told The Epoch Times that young Uyghur women are being raped daily by CCP officials in the camps and could be killed if they resist. The 54-year-old spoke on condition of anonymity from Istanbul due to fears for her safety.

 “Young girls are taken out and raped all night long. If you keep resisting, they will inject you with something and kill you,” she said.

 She has personally witnessed two Uyghur females being killed by injection, she told The Epoch Times. 

“There are usually 40 to 50 people in one small room, but five to 10 are regularly taken out and they just disappear—they never come back. People are being killed in tens all the time.” 

She added that women are also given pills to stop them from becoming pregnant. 

END OF PRESS QUOTE. If China is right to incarcerate more than a million musims, then Britain should have incarcerated all irish because some of them were terrorists. Also the chinese dinasty should have incarcerated all chinese population because of some rebells. Nonsense chinese brutal policy. Looking at these arab countries that signed the letter in support of China over uighur muslims, this imply their support of mass conversion into Buddhist faith that China enforce upon uighur muslims. Supporting apostasy is against all precepts of Islam. God knows what anti-China policy these 22 countries had, but you arab muslims are the pioneers of Islam in the world. You great grand fathers came to non arab lands and gifted us with the treasure of Islam. Now you yourself have become pro-apostasy? You are destroying whatever efforts was done towards Islam. This is grave.In fact, Islamic history was recording Hajjaaj bin Yousuf as the most notorious Islamic leaders. But now you people has surpassed him. Because you see, when hajjaaj heard that a muslim boat was hijacked by Karachi hindus and that they imprisoned and raped muslim women passengers on that boat, then he took an oath that he would not sleep until they are freed. Reported that he did not sleep until his men assaulted Karachi and freed the prisoners. From the door of Karachi, Islam spread throughout India. Today we hearing that muslim uighur girls and women are raped in internment camps, they are suffering torture and children are separated from their parents so that they leave islam and accept budhism indoctrination, then you signed in its support? You are worst than Hajjaaj the tyrant.Hazrat Annas r.a. was right. Leaders that will come afterwards will be worst than Hajjaaj-Muslim.These muslim countries signed against their religion because they are looking forward for help and support of China to upkeep their leadership, their looting of their natural resources and their business. So we are left with the muslim populace. Alike when Mu`tasim was assassinated in Baghdad in 842, then Rasouloullah Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam described that the best mujahid on the surface of the earth will be those Baghdad population that fought defending against the barbaric monghols-Baihaqi.Today also, barbaric China is ill treating muslims in Xinjiang. We need to boycott all Chinese products because we are consumers. And china is afraid of its business fall. So altogether, muslims and all those countries who signed against China should boycott any product from China.When hazrat Moossa a.s. was a new born baby, a defenceless being in the cot/box down the flow of the river, then Asia , the wife of Pharaoh took her in arm and gave him protection. Only for posing a merciful gaze upon baby prophet Moossa, mufassirs said that Allah Ta`ala instantly made decision of her hidayah and her conversion to Islam . Today, if these countries sincerely support the cause of humanity and defend the oppressed muslims around the world, then expect the wealth of imaan around Europe and a treasure that will cherish your generations in this world and in the Aakhirah. On the other hand, when the fire of Abraham was lit and he was thrown in there, then the gecko unfortunately blew to intensify the fire, then it became ill presenced for ever and its killing is rewarding-Ibn Mahah. So today when the ummah is being mercilessly trodden on the streets, pulled with rope like Bilaal r.a., raped and tortured and killed like the family of Yassir r.a., then know whoever is going to stand for this beloved ummah, then Allah Ta`ala will care for him and his oncoming generations.Pass this message. Be passive. Da`waa and Du`aas please. We need more families to wake up for tahajjud and pray individually weeping for these muslims oppressed around the world.
 Mufti Mackoojee

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