Medecines and others

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Q) Is revitalose ampoule halaal?
A) Since revitalose contain ethanol, it should be avoided.

Q) Are capsules of foie de morue halal and Scott’s emulsion?
A) The one of NATUREFIRM is halaal. Scotts is halaal.

Q) Is proviton multi vitamin capsules containing bovine gelatine from Malaysia halal?
A) Halaal safe if it carries a Malaysia halaal logo.

Q) Kindly confirm if cough drops from china (Food colour E 102, E 133) is halal. 
A) Avoid china. Choose others without alcohol.

Q) Is spasfon halal?
A) Spasfon of white colour is without gelatine and is ok to have. Avoid the pink one because it contains gelatine.

Q) Is any vitamin c suppliment halal?
A) Heath Aid are ok.

Q) Is Evening Primrose Oil (Health Aid) halaal?
A) Yes.

Q) I want to know if a medication contain gelatine like ibuprofen can we drink it?
A) No, unless these three conditions are fulfilled:
1. there are no other alternative
2. a pious doctor prescribed it
3. finally there are good hope of shifa and cure in that.

Q) Can we use dead sea product for skin problems as a medication?
A) No. Use other available alternatives.

Q) Is the multivitamin centrum halal?
A) No.

Q) Does spasfon white contain gelatine porcine?
A) No. Spasfon Lyoc is halaal suitable.

Q) If someone is not feeling well and need eau de carmes, is it permissible to drink it? if not what must be done in this case?
A) One may choose gripe water without alcohol.

Q) Is marijuana halal for health purposes, like glaucoma?
A) Marijuana is a drug and haraam. As such other medical treatment should be taken for the glaucoma sickness.

Q) Is Euphon Pastille for sore throat halaal? It contains E124. Is it cocheneal?
A) Can eat. E 124 is not haraam.

Q) Is gripe water Halaal? It is used as a cure for reliving babies suffering from “colique’
A) No if it contains alcohol. But those that do not contain alcohol can be consumed.

Q) Is lecitone jeune halal? if not what is its permissible equivalent substitute?
A) Halaal suitable.

Q) Is “force factor” for body building halal?
A) Halaal suitable.

Q) Is Royal Jelly found in certain pharmaceutical products and energy drinks halaal?
A) Royal jelly is halaal safe.
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