Is Iran an American Ally?

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Bismihi Ta`ala


*For the past decades there has been many threat exchange between the US and Iran. But they never attacked Iran. Lots of show-off and threats but then no military action happened. I remember George Jr Bush threatened to send an atomic bomb on Iran. Lots of pressure and no real action. This confirm the actual thought of my teacher that Iran is an ally of the U.S.*  

*In fact, the US want to protect Israel from the Arabs. So the best bargain will come from hypocrite Shias. Because their Kufr makes them same team. So the military initiative of Iran is in fact to show an opposition force vis a vis the Arabs. Then the Arabs will be defensive and then they will be less concern to attack Israel. But rather concerned with their defence against Iran.* 

 *Finishing the government of sunni muslim Saddam Hussein, Hanging him on Ashura day and leave Iraq at the mercy of the Iranian Shias makes sense that there is a line of co-operation between the US and Iran.*  

*Leaving Iran increase his wing of power over Iraq, Libanon, Syria and Yemen are all proofs that the US is discreetly protecting the Iranian empire. Because the west knows that the Islamic empire was a sunni conglomerate. So they could not find a better friend than the Shias hypocrites to plot against the sunnis.*

 *Lately Trump said it officially that he do not want a regime change in Iran. Before that he said that the Saudis are ‘stupid’. He said it clearly in his speech that since Saudis has cash, then I made them pay for their military defence. What defence will they need if there was no Iranian empowerment? So this make the circle. The US support Iran military and political progress on Iraq, Libanon, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain. So the Arabs find them surrounded by enemies and call for US to defend them! Trump analysis was right. They are so stupid that years has gone and yet they could not find this equation.*  

*We were just going through the show off military offensive on Iran. My teacher was right. The US will never hit Iran. Because Iran is an American Ally.*

*So Arabs should not be stupid to put all their eggs in one basket. They should look at this angle also and try to unite against these enemies. Because the main enemy is Israel and its Shias n western allies.*
 Mufti Mackoojee

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