Fasting for adults

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Fasting is made farz and obligatory for adults(attained puberty) whole Ramadhaan. The main objective is to attain Allah Ta`ala`s pleasure and Taqwa. Allah Ta`ala said in the holy Qur-aan: ‘’O you who believe, Fasting has been made obligatory on you as it was prescribed for those before you, so as you may attain Taqwa(fear of punishment of Allah).’’(2:183) The beloved prophet SAW said that Allah Ta`ala said:’’Fasting is done because of me. So I will myself reward the fast or I am myself the reward for the fasting.’’(Bukhari)

The beloved prophet SAW said :’’I swear by the One who hold my life in His hand that the mouth odour of a fasting person is more pleasant to Allah than the perfume of Musk!’’(Bukhari)

As such one need to preserve one `s fast from sins, discussion and futile talk. If someone want to quarrel, then tell him ‘’I am fasting’’ 2 times and then leave him.(Bukhari).


The sahabas used to encourage their children to fast. And this is why they used to make especially some toys when the children used to cry out of hunger.(Bukhari)

When children will keep fast then they will be respectful muslims tomorrow to fast even 19 hours!

As far as salaah is concerned, the beloved prophet SAW said: ‘’Order your children to perform salaah at 7 years of age. Then have recourse to corporal punishment when they are 10. And also separate their beds at 10.’’(Abu Dawood)

As such children are recommended to start fasting at 7 years of age. We did a schema that may work to upbring our children properly according to sunnah insha Allah.

5-6 years old: HALF DAY FAST with gifts rewards.

7 years old: 5 Days fast for Ramadhaan.

8 years old : 10 days fast for Ramadhaan

9 years old: 20 days Fast for Ramadhaan

10 years old: Should fast whole Ramadhaan.

Because puberty is almost after that age, then a child of 10 years or older should fast whole month of Ramadhaan.

Note: If puberty reaches a girl at 9, then she will need to fast whole month.

Instead of forcing the child, rather do like sahabas and encourage them to fast by giving them gifts. If you fast tomorrow, I will give you a gift toy!

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