Buying and Selling

Q) Is it permissible to sell clothes with photos on it?
A) Permissible, but better avoid.

Q) Can we sell toys like dolls and figurines like batman and transformers?
A) No

Q) Which business does mufti advises a person to do in these times?
A) The counselling of Rasouloullah towards business it to quest for the halaal types

Q) I want to buy a car but i heard the leasing is haraam. But somebody told me that there is something called islamic leasing offered by bramer? is it permissible to operate with that ?
A) No info on such halaal lease.

Q) I am on the verge of doing a business. I would like to know how the Prophet (saw) has taught us the way to do business and the % profit to take. 
A) The holy prophet SAW taught us to be honest, frank and gentle while doing business. Do business to expose the islamc values and character. That business that is done on honesty and no ambiguity would have barakah(hadith) Lots of rules on business itself. Do ask us as you proceed. If the customer accepts without forcing the price you are offering him, then the shariah allows even double rate profit. That is it has to be done with full consentment. Also the price should be known with the quality of the product. 

Q) I need your guidance regarding Foreign Exchange dealings. Is is permissible to operate a Foreign Exchange business ? I have given some highlights below regarding certain main activities where no interest is charged to customers. 
1. Forex exchange dealers buy foreign currencies at a price and sell same to customers at a higher price. That is, with a profit margin. Almost same like other traders who buy and sell goods at a profit . 

A) Ok, if in possession at time of dealing. 

2. Forex exchange dealers make Telegraphic transfer on bahalf of traders regarding importation of goods and services. In this case also, the forex dealers make a profit on the currency rate. 

A) Ok. 

3. Forex dealers may buy foreign currency online through stock brokers for performing their transactions. 

A) Permissible only if possession is taken fully. Need a second before selling the product. One may ‘promise the customer’ a currency without dealing. 

4. The value of foreign currencies fluctuate everyday on stock markets depending on market demand and supply. 

A) This is only permissible when in your possession. I valued a transaction against shariah last time in FOREX since there is no ‘’Possession ‘’ involved and lot of speculations. 

5. Speculation for a rise or fall in currency value is closely followed by these dealers. For example, if they have enough money, they can buy the maximum amount of a falling currency so that when selling the same currency, they will get a higher profit. 

A) Yes if they really possess them when buying them.

You should understand that currency is a treated by shariah as a product. For you to be able to trade a product, you should be in the possession of the product. You have no right to exchange same currency or same product with differences (rupees with rupees, for instance). Yes you may exchange Euro against Dollars that have different prices. Without taking actual or factual possession, you cannot trade in forex. Factual means in your account, such that if it is loss, then it is loss as a liability to you. You may take commission or profit as far as the two parties mutually agreed and that the commission amount is finally known between them at transaction time. Any change in amount due to time factor is interest. Any exchange between same products should be done in cash and at par. Since exchange of currencies is a liquidity product (like gold and silver), then you will need to do the exchange cash and not credit. That is one hand giving and one hand receiving. In case that credit is inevitable, then make your debtor your wakeel or agent to exchange the currency. Then it will be permissible since they have not dealt, but agented him. 

Q) Can we buy article in hire purchase? If it is permissible how shall we proceed?
A) No. It contains non shariat clauses that makes it non shariat compliant

Q) I am a commission agent, can I take commission from my client and at the same time take the discount offered from the ordered goods?
A) No. Unless the client is aware that you are taking from the other party. And both has to be defined at term of transaction. 

Q) I would kindly like to know if it is permitted to make use of credit cards, such as for purchasing goods online etc.
A) Permissible when fund is available on account and no interest or unislamic conditions involved. Ulamas do use those credit cards that offers facility without interest. But I have seen Barclays one do charge interest at any time. Need to see other banks

Q) What is the dua to read or put to have baraqa at home or business? 
A) Read lot of astaghfirullah, read 5 times daily salaahs, and also tahajjud. Stay away from sins and keep good family ties. 

Q) Should i remove the head of the models (mannequin) in my shop?
A) Yes, remove it.

Q) I am having an opportunity to buy a piece of land. I wish to know if there is any person/group of person/organisation who may grant a loan in an islamic way.
A) Nothing islamic in view.

Q)In a business, how much profit are we allowed to make? what are the rules pertaining to starting a small business just to help my husband?
A)All profits percentage permissible. Permissible if you have no direct contact with clients.  

Q) Is it permissible to buy tickets for the stadium?
A) Buying tickets for stadium and watching matches will only be permissible when the players’ satar is covered and there is nothing unislamic (against shariah laws) going on there. If gheir-mahrams are playing in the stadium, or the players’ satar is not fully covered, or any other unislamic thing is going on there, then it will not be permissible to buy or sell tickets or to even watch the match.