Body Building products that are halaal:

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If these are from South Africa, then they are halaal safe:

Pure Sports Creatine

Pure Sports Lite Shake Strawberry Swirl

Pure Sports Lite Shake Choc Milkshake

Pure Sports Push Berry Infusion

Pure Sports Shake Choc Milkshake

Pure Sports Shake Strawberry Swirl

Pure Sports Whey Choc Milkshake

Pure Sports Whey Vanilla Custard

Pure Sports Glutamine Berry Blaze

USN/BIOGEN Products:

Biogen Iso Whey Chocolate

Biogen Iso Whey Strawberry

Biogen Iso Whey Vanilla

Biogen Nitro Protein SR8 Chocolate

Biogen Nitro Protein SR8 Strawberry

Biogen Nitro Protein SR8 Vanilla

Phedra –Cut XT Liquid USN Creatine

USN CLA Raspberry Ketone

USN Whey Ultra 100 Belgian Chocolate

USN Whey Ultra 100 Chocolate

USN Whey Ultra 100 Strawberry

USN Whey Ultra 100 Vanilla

USN Micronized Glutamine

USN Glutamine Flavourless

USN Hardcore Whey GH Chocolate

USN Hardcore Whey GH Strawberry

USN Hardcore Whey GH Vanilla

USN HGH Stimulator

USN Hyperbolic Mass Chocolate

USN Hyperbolic Mass Strawberry

USN Hyperbolic Mass Vanilla

USN Muscle Fuel STS Chocolate

USN Muscle Fuel STS Strawberry

USN Muscle Fuel STS Vanilla

USN Pro Protein GF-1 Chocolate

USN Pro Protein GF-1 Strawberry

USN Pro Protein GF-1 Vanilla

USN Pure Creatine Flavourless

USN Whey Protein Plus Chocolate

USN Whey Protein Plus Strawberry

USN Whey Protein Plus Vanilla

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