Beverages and juices

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Halal SuitableDoubtful/AvoidNot Listed
1Parmalat Candia
2Australian milk Malta Guiness
3Bullet energy drink Perona
4Monster drinksMalta three horses
5Grapetiser/ AppletiserFaragigo juice
6  Olé Sunny juice
7 Sungold fruit cocktail
9Galaxy Flute
11Ice Tea

Q)Can i drink “Sprite”?
A)Avoid, 7 up ok

Q) Is belle france green tea menthe or other flavour can be consumed?
A) Yes.Q) Which soft drink can we consume?
A) Pepsi, Mirinda, 7 up are ok.

Q) Is there alcohol, small concentration or large concentration in beverages? If yes, which ones? Are we allowed to drink beverages?
A) Well, for your info your vanilla tea also do have alcohol. As per info available, avoid coca and family and choose Pepsi and family.

Q) Can a Muslim drink wine from China which contains only synthetic alcohol?
A) No. Wine is an intoxicant and haraam.

Q) Pepsi contenir foetus ti baba?
A) Eski li vrai Selon nous recherches, Pepsi pas contenir kitsoze ki haraam. C`est ene rumeur ki pe fanner lor la.

Q) What beverages are halal?
A) Avoid all. If really crave for it, then take only Pepsi.

Q) Is pepsi halal?
A) As per original formula, Pepsi do not contain alcohol (American lab study). But a trace of alcohol is found though through mixtures (France lab study). As such, as far as possible avoid all beverages. If cannot, then go for only Pepsi.

Q) Is it true that we can’t drink pepsi because it contains a certain percentage of alcohol?
A) The pepsi industry says there is no alcohol in it. According to a research in America, there is no alcohol in pepsi.


Q) I bought sirop dowlut “gout de cassis”. When i reached home, i found indigo carmine 132 in the ingredients. Is it halal?
A) This carmine is synthetic and hence halaal.

Q) Is sunquick halal?
A) Halaal suitable as per ingredients. But due to the fact that Sunquick is from Denmark, it is better to buy Sun Up than Sunquick.

Q) Is faragigo juice from Egypt that contains Natural Flavour: Carmine halaal?
A) No, the juice is haraam. Carmine is E 120 and an insect derivative.

Q) Is beta carotene in juice halal?
A) Pure Beta Carotene juice halaal suitable.

Q) Is belle france green tea menthe or other flavour can be consumed?
A) Yes.

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