Age required for the slaughtering animal

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We have been informed from reliable sources that farms are selling some bulls and cows under the required age of 2 years for Qurbani. We request the muslim public to take advice from knowledgeable people to inform them on the eligibility of their chosen animals for qurbani. Because from past records, the seller’s words or documents cannot be a reference on the eligibility of the animal. Do take a reference from a neutral person that has experience in looking after animals.
Note that the minimum age for Qurbani is
2 years for bulls and cows.
1 year for sheep and goat.
6 months for a sheep ONLY that has physical appearance of 1 year.

NOTE: A qurbani done of an animal under age is not accounted for and hence it would obligatory and wajib on those shareholders of that animal to redo qurbani before sunset of the 12th Zul Hijjah.*
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