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Bismihi Ta’ala 


*Recently, we saw two incidents in Afghanistan that showed how the Americans treat Muslims as rodents. When there was a blast in the airport compound that killed 13 American soldiers, then other soldiers in that area fired shots around them towards afghan men women and children. They killed over a 100 innocent Afghans. And note that these afghans were taking plane to seek asylum in United States. This is the treatment awaiting them there. Well, this is the treatment of Americans and their allies do with innocent Muslims be it in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Africa, Syria or Yemen. They treat them like rodents that need to be culled. This is one proof. While they hide hundred of thousands killed innocently by their criminal hands.**Second Tip of Iceberg of crimes committed by US and allies is the drone attack on innocent aid worker and children around him, carrying water home.**Well 10 innocent Afghans with 7 children was targeted by a drone attack. They thought that these were “terrorists” and blew them off. Mistaken water 💦 as explosives 🧨, not taking care of children in the vicinity, they exploded the whole lot.**Well, if you want to know what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq. That’s what happened. They killed people like culling rodents, pick up teen boys and girls by check points and bring to rape and cull them.**Rasouloullah Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam said: “Actions of people are accumulated to pass judgment of their final most important endings.(Bukhari)*وإنَّما الأعْمالُ بِخَواتِيمِهبخاري*Imaam Bukhari ra would account for the meeting point of a reporter of hadiths to see his integrity. Once he saw a reporter playing with food of his animal while feeding it. So he backed from that spot and took him out of his reliable reporter list.**So next time United States and allies want to trod your territories with intention of combatting terrorism, then do not let these vicious criminals step in your country. Because they take you as rodents that can be culled anytime and by any means. Gather your force and exterminate them, as the Afghans did.**The world 🌎 should know that the planet is heated up because of such sins of humanity. Injustice tolerated and crimes upon innocent Muslims done mercilessly. Like the so called Greta Thungberg’s country-Sweden- wished to test the efficacy by testing it to bomb innocent afghan Muslims. Well,  Greta does not advocate that nor does she care about innocent Palestinians and Kashmiris enclave as slaves. And yet, amongst adultery, indecency, interest based dealings and killing innocent people are the main causes of a heated world that melting icebergs.**Some others care more for animals other than humans. The indian BJP terrorist care more for cows than Muslims. Others care for whales 🐳 and fish rather than caring for helpless refugees. Well, when Makkah Mukarramah also is being invaded by commercially motivated motives, then expect the worst to happen. Rasouloullah Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam said when those arabs that are uneducated of deen, that used to be poor farmers of animals would rule the arabs, competing with each other in the tallest building, then they will cause havocs to the orders of deen and dunya*(Ibn Rajab Hambali)

قال ابن رجب الحنبلي:» ومضمون ما ذكر من أشراط الساعة في هذا الحديث يرجع إلى أن الأمور توسد إلى غير أهلها كما قال النبي ﷺ لمن سأله عن الساعة: «إذا وسد الأمر إلى غير أهله فانتظر الساعة» (٣) فإنه إذا صار الحفاة العراة رعاء الشاء وهم أهل الجهل والجفاء رؤوس الناس وأصحاب الثروة والأموال حتى يتطاولوا في البنيان فإنه يفسد بذلك نظام الدين والدنياجامع العلوم والحكم لابن رجب الحنبلى صـ ٣٩

Mufti Mackoujee

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