The virus is not Racist.

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 Bismihi Ta`ala


*The spread of the virus around the globe made it a pandemic. Before countries could lock down their people and their economies, the virus has already made its entry. Many travellers unknowingly brought and spread the virus. By now, some countries has kneeled to ground irrespective of their colours, faith or religion.**We have to acknowledge that any religion around the globe do organize assemblies and forums. When the virus started its advent, the Chinese government had to lockdown its cities. But unfortunately, many ran away from the locks and hence they helped spread the virus. Religions faced the challenge to stop their ritual assemblies or continue with some precautions. But no one suspected that the virus is ferocious and spare no religious.**On Wednesday 26th of February 2020, the catholic church of Philippines organized a no contact ‘’Ash Wednesday’’ with their followers wearing masks. The nuns were instructed not to  touch foreheads as usual, but rather sprinkle the ash on the head. With all these precautions, still the religious ceremony was then called as a super spreader of corona virus. The bishop had to excuse himself in the press for the ceremonies being a means of spreading corona virus.**Such spreading of virus by means of religious gatherings is not limited to Philippine or only catholics. Saudia Arabia, suspecting that the virus will sweep inside the kingdom profusely through the ritual of pilgrimage of the muslims around the globe to Makkah and Madinah, they closed the pilgrimage entry. Because this virus is not racist. It does not choose only asian people. Today, Thursday 2nd of April 2020, Saudia Arabia count 1780 corona cases and 16 deaths. During the last 24 hours, there was 157 new cases out of which 133 cases are from Makkah and Madinah. Simple equation, the most frequented places frequented by outside travellers were Makkah and Madinah.**In the same way, the movement of Tablighi Jamaat was on the move during the move of the virus around the globe. On one hand there was a groupings in Pakistan, Raiwind and on the other there was another in Nizamuddeen, Dehli. Tabligh jamaat group talks on Greatness of God, His supremacy upon everything including sicknesses, call to establish 5 times prayer, and help others including non muslims. So the virus is not racist and hence spread equally in churchs and in such mosque gatherings. Although, our religion clearly says that during such epidemics, we should stay at home, but God forgive, never did the present world thought to face such a spreading outraging epidemic. So, there is no need to make an out voice accusing the Tablighi jamaat to have spread the virus because there were lots of religious activities in India and around the globe that continued during those days. And both gatherings respected all government protocols of lockdown and health screening. Tabligh jamaat does not teach rebellion or defy all authorities. But rather, it teaches us to be close to God so that we may get His protection and Blessings.**In fact, Tabligh Jamaat has done more good and no harm around the globe. Their main call is for the Oneness of God, adopt the soft character of prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h., practice Islam with a non violence mode, establish daily prayers, and also to respect the laws of their countries. The Tabligh Jamaat movement brought discipline in muslims, family life and also crop up individually social uplifting contributions around the globe. It contributed to awakening of muslims to spend more on the poor through Zakaat donations and also increased considerably the amount of Hajj/Umrah pilgrimage to Makkah and Madinah.**So no need to blame Tablighi Jamaat. But rather, we have seen that the virus is not racist. It does not pick and choose. So you be not a racist in such health crisis. Let`s unite to deal with this health crisis that does not spare race or religion.*
 *Thank you.*

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