*The pandemic Covid-19*

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 Bismihi Ta`ala 

*The pandemic Covid-19.* 

The sickness Covid-19 causes death. Hence it should be treated seriously as an epidemic or a pandemic. There are two groups of ahadiths as to sicknesses. One group state that ‘’Sickness are not contagious’’(Bukhari). And the other group of hadiths state that “Stay away from the leprosy alike your precautions against a lion.’’(Abdur Razaaq) and also that we should take care not to enter an epidemic stricken area, nor should we go out from there-Bukhari. First of all, know that no sickness contagious except by the will of Allah. In reference of the above 2 groups of ahadiths, Ulamas explained that there are two types of sicknesses. One group non contagious. The other group of sicknesses are contagious. So application of ahadiths will be done respectively as such. Normal flu and fever are not contagious. One may visit, take care of those sickly people with Tawakkul and conviction upon Allah Ta`ala that these sicknesses are not contagious, except with will of Allah Ta`ala. Shariah has no restriction of travelling for these sickly people that are under the umbrella of ‘’non contagious.’’ Sickness will spread only with the will of Allah and He will cure also whenever he wants. The sunnah teaches us to take medicines and follow the prescriptions of a doctor. On the other hand, we have sicknesses like leprosy, lungs tuberculosis, Spanish flu, Covid-19, SARS, plague, etc are those which are made to be contagious by Allah Ta`ala Himself. Hence the sunnah teaches us to keep distance from those sickly persons. Those needed around the sick should take all care possible against the sickness. Avoid physical contacts. Follow medical advice of avoiding musafahah or hand shaking. Do not go visit these sickly people except when allowed by doctors and with precautionary means given to you or required by medical practitioners during your visit. And also do not travel to those stricken areas of these contagious sicknesses. If you happened to be in that stricken area, then do not travel out of that area. These ahadiths are clear that since the nature of these sicknesses are contagious, then take care not to be a means to spread it to others. Nor to deliberately go in there to get infected.  The world made the mistake of keeping travels opened to and from China. In the very beginning, all foreign patients should have been treated on land in China, so that Covid-19 does not spill out. The only way to tackle this pandemic is by following the sayings of our beloved prophet Muhammad Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam, that is stop all in and out from the affected areas. Keep away from the sick.  On 14 June 2019, I wrote an article to boycott China due to the ruthless oppression that Chinese authorities have done to the innocent muslim Uighur population. I was laughed in my face and my words turned to deaf ears. Today, imports from China has been halted. Muslims should not be belly-mongers and financial conscious hypocrites. On 12th July 2019, China used his financial might to make most muslim countries to align with China in the U.N. in support for him oppressing the Uighur . Well, there is no veil separating the wrathful duas(bad duas) of an oppressed person and Allah Ta`ala.(Bukhari) واتق دعوة المظلوم فإنه ليس بينه وبين الله حجاببخاري That is the duas of the oppressed is instantaneously accepted. When the people of Makkah abandoned the means the defending the Ka`bah from the oppressor Abraha, then Allah Ta`ala used swallow/hirondelle birds to defend his Ka`bah. So when muslims abandoned the defence of the Uighur muslims in fear of their economies, well, Allah Ta`ala sent -Wallahu A’lam- something starting in China and havocs peoples and economies. وَمَا يَعْلَمُ جُنُودَ رَبِّكَ إِلَّا هُو And no one knows exactly who are the allies of Allah, except Allah.(Qur-aan 74:31) Also during this difficult era upon our world village, please verify information before forwarding them. Rasouloullah Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam said “It is sufficient to be called a liar if you start speaking of unverified news.”Muslim Finally, know that fatalities come due to our sins and wrong decisions. As such ask forgiveness from Allah and turn to him for protection and well being in daily salaahs.As a muslim, although we have our religious obligations, but follow the ulamas of your countries as concerned to the precautionary measures to be taken. If you are a confirmed case of covid-19, then avoid all religious gatherings and pray at home. 
 M Mackoojee

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