The Abrahamic Religion: An Evil Agenda Against Islam 

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The Abrahamic Religion: An Evil Agenda Against Islam 
 Mufti Abdullah Moolla 
 August 10, 2021 
2021, August 1, was a memorable Sunday morning. Muftī Rada-ul-Haq, the most senior Ustādh at Dār-ul-‘Ulūm Zakariyya, South Africa, delivered a beautiful and thought-provoking lecture on the newfound Abrahamic Religion, in his masterful way. It has been translated from the original Urdu and transcribed here for the benefit of the Ummah. 
In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful 
All praise is for Allāh Ta’ālā, may peace and salutations be upon our leader, Sayyidunā Muhammad, his family and companions 
Scholars and friends, much has happened over the last few days. One subject that is being spoken about and propaganda of it is being spread in order to make the entire world one is the “Abrahamic Religion.” It is being promoted and all are asked to agree to it. 
After this, the adherents of these faiths would be required to make friends and establish bonds. In reality, this is being done to deceive the Muslims. Time and again, in the Noble Qur’ān, Allāh Ta’ālā repeats the theme of Islām is the only accepted religion and way of life. Study the following examples. 
Allāh Ta’ālā says, 
Definitely the only religion with Allāh is Islām. Those who were given the Book from before, i.e., the Jews and the Christians, differed only after the knowledge came to them because of hatred among themselves. Whoever disbelieves in the revelations of Allāh, verily Allāh is swift in taking account.[1] 
Today I have perfected your religion for you, completed My bounty upon you and chosen Islām as your religion.[2] 
For a Muslim, religion is more important than worldly life. It is clear that in every era, greater importance was given to religion. Bilqīs, the Queen, had everything. When the hoopoe returned from Yemen after seeing her kingdom, it said, 
I have discovered that a woman rules over them who has been given everything. She also has a magnificent throne.[3] 
We understand that the economic situation in Yemen was very prosperous. She had a large kingdom and sat on a grand throne. Her political power was very strong. However, 
I found her and her people prostrating to the sun instead of Allāh.[4] 
The hoopoe found the religious condition of the people to be very bad. This is why Sulayman ‘alayhi as-salām sent a letter to her. As a result, Bilqīs came and submitted, 
She said, ‘O my Rabb, I have surely oppressed my soul. I submit with Sulaymān to Allāh, the Rabb of the universe.’[5] 
We realize that a Muslim should not make the economic and social condition into his primary concern. Yes, it must be in order, but the presence of religion is most important. It must be seen whether the religious practice is alive or not. 
Therefore, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, ‘By Him in Whose control is the life of Muhammad, whoever in the Ummah hears about me, whether Jew or Christian, but does not affirm his belief in that with which I have been sent and dies in this state of disbelief, he will be one of the denizens of hell-fire.’[6] 
A person will be worthy of entry into Jannah once he embraces Islām. There is no other way. The (newfound) Abrahamic Religion will bring together various aspects of character and good conduct and call people to unite upon it, whereas in Islām, there is a proper and established system of belief. This will be thrown aside. There is a system of practice, it will be thrown aside. 
We say that if someone wants this religion, then see the following description of Sayyidunā Ibrāhīm ‘alayhi as-salām, 
So follow the religion of Ibrāhīm, which is not inclined towards any deviation but is inclined to the straight way. He was never from the polytheists.[7] 
Hence, we understand that Sayyidunā Ibrāhīm ‘alayhi as-salām was upon the straight path, away from every other deviated way. 
The newfound Abrahamic Religion will teach us to tolerate one another and live in harmony with everyone, show good character, but there would be no Salah, no fasting, no Hajj, no Zakat, no system of trade. 
Islām teaches us not to consume interest. In the newfound Abrahamic Religion, all will be taught to unite upon consuming interest. There should be a usury system. How can a Muslim tolerate this? How can a Muslim accept this? 
In Islam there is Hajj, Rasūlullāh sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam performed Hajj and ‘Umrah. In the newfound Abrahamic Religion, there is no question of Hajj. The Jews do not know anything about Hajj, the Christians do not accept it either. We (Muslims) accept it, and Sayyidunā Ibrāhīm ‘alayhi as-salām also performed Hajj. 
In reality, (the genuine and ancient) Abrahamic Religion is our Islām. We believe in all the Messengers, including Sayyidunā Mūsā ‘alayhi as-salām and Sayyidunā ‘Isā alayhi as-salām. Once we believe in them, the Abrahamic Religion is found within Islām to the perfect degree already. 
Therefore, once a person embraces Islām, he will in essence be practically carrying out the Abrahamic Religion. When the Jews will establish this (newfound) Abrahamic Religion, then how can the Muslims accept it and believe it? 
It is their plan by establishing this religion (in Abu Dhabi and Dubai) to print the Bible and the Noble Qur’an together. The Christians will read the Noble Qur’ān and believe it, the Muslims will read the Bible and believe it. 
However, the Bible they have is interpolated and distorted. When a person will read the Bible and believe, how can he remain a Muslim? 
The Bible states that Sayyidunā Nuh ‘alayhi as-salām drank wine, fell unconscious, took off his clothes, became naked and his daughter brought clothes to cover him. His son Kan’an then told the people about this. Sayyidunā Nuh ‘alayhi as-salām cursed him. How can a Muslim ever accept this? In Islām, we are taught the following about the Ambiyā’, 
Before this We had granted Ibrāhīm his correct course and We were always aware of him.[8] 
In this manner, so that We averted evil and immorality from him. Indeed he was from Our sincere bondsmen.[9] 
When the Bible and the Qur’ān will be printed together, then the high rank and noble nature of the Messengers will not remain in the heart and mind of the one who reads it. 
It is written in the Bible that Sayyidunā Lūt ‘alayhi as-salām did not have sons, he had two daughters. They consulted and the elder daughter gave him wine to drink and the elder one had illicit relations with him. We seek the protection of Allah. We cannot even relate such lowly things. She became pregnant and had children. The younger daughter did the same thing the following night and had children with her father. Can a Muslim hear this? If he believes it, will he remain a Muslim? 
When the Bible and the Noble Qur’ān will be printed together, people will be told to accept the Noble Qur’ān. Will they ever accept the Noble Qur’ān and believe in it? The Noble Qur’ān prohibits usury, whilst their entire lives are built upon usury. Where will they ever believe in the prohibition of usury? 
It is stated in the Bible about Sayyidunā Ya’qūb ‘alayhi as-salām that he wrestled with Allāh Ta’ālā for an entire night. Allāh Ta’ālā became tired by the morning and Sayyidunā Ya’qūb ‘alayhi as-salām was given a beating with a stick by Allāh Ta’ālā – he then suffered an illness of blood squirting from his vein. How can such things ever be believed? This degrades the honor of the Ambiyā’ to a terrible degree. 
With regards to Sayyidunā Sulaymān ‘alayhi as-salām, it is said that there were disbelieving women in his house and they would worship idols, and he was happy with this. 
In reality, this (new found Abrahamic Religion) is a Jewish agenda. They tell us to believe and accept Sayyidunā Ibrāhīm ‘alayhi as-salām and Sayyidunā Mūsā ‘alayhi as-salām, and their objective is achieved. This is because the Jews do not believe and accept Sayyidunā ‘Isā ‘alayhi as-salām. The Jews do not accept Sayyidunā Muḥammad sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam. Once a person accepts Sayyidunā Ibrāhīm ‘alayhi as-salām and Sayyidunā Mūsā ‘alayhi as-salām, he will be told, ‘Now you are with us.’ The is the plot of the greater Israel. They desire to bring those areas under their control, which were under the jurisdiction of Sayyidunā Dāwūd ‘alayhi as-salām. They do not accept the blessed Haramayn as the Haramayn. They state that this is part of the greater Israel. 
Allāh Ta’ālā has blessed us with the great bounty of Islām. There is a system of belief, practice, character, economic and social life, and also inheritance. Islām is an entire system of life. Allāh Ta’ālā declares this to be a great bounty. This bounty must be valued and appreciated. When we will practice on the new Abrahamic Religion, the Jews will say that we are on the truth and they are on the truth too. 
Verily the disbelievers from the People of the Book and the polytheists shall live forever in the fire of hell. These are the worst of creation.[10] 
In the light of this verse, the disbelievers, the Jews, the Christians, the polytheists are upon a very bad footing in terms of belief and practice. Allāh Ta’ālā says that they are the worst, whereas, in the new Abrahamic Religion, we will have to say that the Jews and Christians are upon the truth despite their religions being deformed and altered. As things stand, we have hardly control over worldly resources and by accepting this (new-found religion), even religion will leave our grasp. 
One of the goals of those who chant slogans of the Abrahamic Religion is that those who we would previously accept as disbelievers, we should now join them into our ranks. We should join the Qadiyanis into our ranks now because they also claim to follow Islām, whereas our scholars state that there are three types of disbelievers. One is an outright disbeliever (kāfir), one is a hypocrite (munāfiq) and one is a heretic (zindīq). A disbeliever’s disbelief is clear and open. A hypocrite is he who is a disbeliever within but outwardly shows himself to be a Muslim. A heretic is a disbeliever but labels his disbelief as Islām. 
If we bring the Qadiyanis close to us, let them lecture before our children, then they will label their disbelief as Islām. 
Rasūlullāh sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam is the final Nabī. There is no Nabī after him. Hence, Allāh Ta’ālā will send Sayyidunā ‘Isā ‘alayhi as-salām, a previous Nabī, who will follow Rasūlullāh sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam. The issue of Khatm e Nubuwwah (the finality of the Prophethood) is absolutely critical. 
The scholars explain that during the life of Rasūlullāh sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam, whatever fighting took place against the non-Muslims, 209 Muslims had achieved martyrdom. Another report states 259. During the time of Sayyidunā Abū Bakr Siddīq radiyallāhu ‘anhu, for the sake of Khatm e Nubuwwah, when Musaylamah claimed Nubuwwuh, then the Muslims came out against him, including Sayyidunā ‘Alī radiyallāhu ‘anhu. In this battle, 1200 Muslims were martyred. Compare 209 throughout the life of Rasūlullāh sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam and 1200. 
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani had claimed himself to be higher and loftier than even Rasūlullāh sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam. Three thousand miracles took place at the hands of Rasūlullāh sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed that Allāh Ta’ālā gave him 300 000 miracles. He uttered many blasphemous lines of poetry too. 
We must stay away from such people. If they accept the truth and Islām, then they will be our brothers and we shall join and mix with them. 
One part of the Abrahamic Religion is to take as Muslims whoever claims to be a Muslim. ‘Bring the Qadiyanis closer to the true Muslims and understand him, i.e., Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, to be a Muslim’. It is important to ask Allāh Ta’ālā to keep us firm upon the guidance of Islām and not let us go astray.

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