Some Words Of Bhai Abdul Wahab Saheb Damat Barakatuhu.

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Bismihi Ta`ala


*Alhamdulillah, we have in our midst our elders. Our elders are defenders of our well being against fitnahs and tribulations. As soon as our elders die, then you will hear new doors of difficulty and tribulations opens. They are our lighthouses in the dark sea. They are shock absorbers of the present fitnas and tribulations. That is why we have to care for our parents, our old ulamas and our old pious living persons.*

*One of our elders living is Bhai Abdul Wahab sahab Damat Barakatuhu. He has given his life from his youth in the company of pious, propagating deen and tabligh. He lives in Raiwind, near Lahore, Pakistan. If one can just travel to visit that pious person to please Allah Ta`ala, then it would be a well remunerated and a very profitable travelling.*

*Alhamdulillah, when Hazrat Bhai Abdul Wahab sahab talked, I used to understand his talks. Although many does not understand his voice. Due to the vocal difficulty of hazrat.*

*So, once he told us that his murabbi shaikh, Mowlana Ilyas r.a. fell very ill. So Bhai Abdul Wahab asked him permission to call a doctor. M Ilyas r.a. firstly refused. Then finally gave permission that a doctor can come on 2 conditions:*

*1.    They should not use any intoxicate medication.*
*2.    There should not be female nurses.*

*The piety of these elders have brought their struggle to such an acceptance that the world moved after them.*

*I remember my beloved ustaad, Mufti Radha ul Haq sahab damat barakatuhu used to tell us that Mufti Mahmood r.a. of Pakistan who used to be active in politics had to undergo an operation. The taqwa of that Mufti was such that he refused anesthesis. Because anesthetics are drug intoxicants that are inserted medically in the patient to make him sleep during the operation. And since intoxicants are normally haraam, so his level of taqwa was such that he refused these intoxicants during his painful operation. And he made zikr and told the doctors to do the operation without anesthetics. This was the level of Taqwa that prevailed in the last generation.*

*When hazrat Mufti Mahmoodul Hassan r.a. of India had his eye operation in his nineties, he would say: ‘’I could not emulate Mufti Mahmood of Pakistan and had myself anesthesis and drugged before my operation.’’*

*Note that it is permissible to undergo drugs anesthetics due to medical necessity of an operation/sickness or a teeth removal/repair. But this is what is called fatwa. And these elders were on an unparalleled Taqwa.*

*Old is gold. Let`s us value these gold and benefit from their pious life experience before they depart. Attract their love and affection. For that you need to meet them. Because there is a masnoon duas that Rasouloullah Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam said:*

أسألك حبك وحب من يحبك وحب عمل يقرب إلى حبك

*Allahoumma…Aslouka Hubbaka wa Hubba maiyyuhabbuka wa Hubba `amalin yuqarribu ilaa hubbika.(Tirmizi)*

*O Allah, I ask you your love, AND I ASK YOU THE LOVE OF THOSE WHO LOVE YOU, and the love of those actions that are means to get closer to your love.(Tirmizi)*

*So the love of our parents and elders are a great wealth and drives us towards the love of Allah. Be neutral in differences of our elders and keep ties with all them as far as possible. And may Allah Ta`ala accept this masnoon dua` for you and me. Ameen.*

Mufti Mackoojee 

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