virtues of spending the Eid nights in ibadat

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JonSnow Staff asked 3 years ago

Is the virtues of spending the Eid nights proven from hadith?

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JonSnow Staff answered 3 years ago

The virtues of Night of eid. Despite the fact that some ulamas after Khairul Quroon have commented on the hadith night of eids as ‘’mawdoo` and invention’’, yet some sahabas, tabi`ees and ulamas of greater calibre and more closer to the holy prophet (saw) have indeed stated the virtues of spending the nights of eid in `ibadah.

There are 4 narrations mainly reported from 4 sahabis that narrate the virtues of eids` nights:

1. `Ubadah bin Samit (r.a.)
2. Abu Umamah (r.a.)
3. Mu`az bin jabal (r.a.)
4. Abu Darda (r.a.)

The books mentioning the virtuous hadiths are Tabrani Awsat, Kabeer, Majma`uz Zawahid, Ibn Majah, Isbahani, Shu`abul Iman. Although we may notice that the hadiths narrated may have been commented by muhadithin as da`eef or weak, but other muhadithin stated on its reliability and classified it as Hassan. Due to its multi narration that we have on the same meaning, we conclude that at the utmost the hadith is hassan lighirihi and can be adopted for practice.

We wish to have your attention that Allamah Ibn Taymiyah and Sheikh Albani are ulamas of the 7th and 14th century respectively. Should we equal them to ulamas of khairul quroon (2 generations after the prophet) is a mislead yard stick. On the subject we have Abdullah bin Mubarak, Imam Shafi`ee and Umar bin Abdul Aziz that clearly state the virtue of the nights of eid. These eminent scholars sway out, I am afraid, any statement on the subject.

Else worth noting that Sheikh Albani did stated sahih on other hadiths of almost same narration on account of other narrations. If the formula was adopted for the hadith of buyu` in Haisami, then why not here also?
We conclude on the basis of Usool ul Hadith that the hadiths of spending the nights of eid is fully virtuous and not bid`ah.