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I had a son who lived just for 14 days after his birth. If the father wants to do qurbani for himself and one for our son who passed away is it permissible? the meat that I shall get for that share of my son, can I donate the whole part of it to a Yateem Khanna found in P-Louis? Or should I seperate the 3 parts and distribute. Can you please elaborate for me the 3 shares for the qurbani meat. And the share of my husband to whom should I distribute the meat, may I cook and send it for poor or still need to distriute among 3 parties.

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Yes permissible. You may give wholly to yateem khana or do 3 parts. 3 parts is recommended: one third for yourself, one third for family and one third for poor people. Since qurbani is not mainly to alleviate poverty, but rather to uplift the spirit of sacrifice, it is recommended to do 3 parts.