For how many people is the udhiyah sufficient?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: qurbaniFor how many people is the udhiyah sufficient?
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For how many people is the udhiyah sufficient? We are eight people – myself, my wife and my children. Is one udhiyah (sacrificial animal) sufficient for us, or should there be one animal for each person? If one is sufficient for us, then is it permissible for my neighbour and I to share in one udhiyah?.

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First of all, know that Qurbani is wajib on the person who has the means to do it. It is reported by a hadith of Ibn Majah that the prophet SAW said: ’’Whosoever has had the means and he would not offer the Qurbani(sacrifice), then he should not come to our musalla also.’’ This hadith has been certified hassan and correct by sheikh Albani.
As such if you have Rs 7000(minimum share price) in hand or in stock on the day of Eid ul Adhaa, then it is wajib on you to take a share. Then if your wife has jewellery or so exceeding Rs7000, then she will need to take another share for her separately. Baaligh children who has wealth of Rs 7000 or more also will have to take share also. Those who are not baaligh are not accounted for qurbani. A sheep or a goat is sufficient for one person only.
Yes, those ahadiths that says that the prophet SAW said ‘’on behalf on my family’’ is interpreted as to partake the sawaab of the qurbani and not to make qurbani for them. If they had means, then they would still make their qurbani. Merely because of the hadith of Ibn Majah mentioned before.
There is another hadith in Abu Dawood and Ibn Majah that says that the prophet SAW made qurbani ‘’on behalf of him and his whole ummah’’. Now does that mean that we should not do qurbani anymore?
Absolutely no! We continued to do qurbani from those centuries thereon. That was only to partake the sawaab and reward to the whole ummah.
As a matter of fact those saying that qurbani may be done in one share for the whole family should go forward to cancel the qurbani also because the prophet already did our qurbani!
Nontheless, as far as qurbani done in Hajj is concerned, everyone agrees that every hajee has to have his own share. Not one family from one share. In the similar way, every respective family member who is baaligh, has the means on the day of Eid ul Adhaa and is not a traveller should take a separate share to perform his qurbani. Similarly to hajj, everybody cannot be in one sheep.
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