Does my father's debt fall on me after his death?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: inheritanceDoes my father’s debt fall on me after his death?
JonSnow Staff asked 3 years ago

My father borrwed money from my brother for his business. And on three different times my father tried to pay my brother back, he would refuse and say let your business grow. Then my father got sick and passed away, my father was very sick and in the hospital for ten months. Now my brother is giving us and my mom a hard time for the money. We said when Dad was in the hospital the business went down. We said soon as we pick up we will pay you or we can pay little at a time he says no I want all of it at same time and I want it right now. Now he is after my Mom pay me she said why didn’t you take if from your dad when he offered it to you three different times, he said I didn’t want it from him but I don’t want you guys or you (mom) to have my money. Sell your house or what ever give me my money. When my father passed away it was asked if he owed any money to any one he did not speak. Is my father still responsible for his borrwed money?

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JonSnow Staff answered 3 years ago

Inform him that any debt left by the deceased would be taken out from the inheritance. After mayyat expenses, the first item to tackle is the debt. So the debt should be settled with whatever wealth left by your father. Then afterwards the left over may be distributed to the inheritors. So the debt does not fall on you, but rather on the wealth of your father.