Can I take my mother in law for umrah?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: hajjCan I take my mother in law for umrah?
admin Staff asked 5 months ago

My mother-in-law together with my wife will be performing Umrah Insha Allah in May 2015. I will be acting as mahraam for both. As far as my mother-in-law is concerned, she don’t used to put hijab when going outside, put jeans/woman pants taking the shape of her body, cut and change the colour of her hair and used not to perform salaat on time when she can do so. Is it permissible?

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admin Staff answered 5 months ago

Permissible, if your mother in law choose a separate room there. Not advisable though to take her. Tell her that you cannot act as mahram for an open sinner-faasiqah. Unless she dress properly, opt for the piety style, you would not take her with.