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Q) Dua for relieving wisdom teeth pain?
A) Read izaja(Surah 110) in 1st rakaat of witr, tabbat yada( Surah 111) in 2nd rakaat and Ahad(Surah 112) in 3rd rakaat.Q) Is it true that nikka after the husband or wife passed away and thats why he can’t enter the qabr?
A) True, but permissible to enter qabr if no other mahrams.Q) There’s a hadith narrated by Hazrat Jabir(Ra) that Allah created Rooh of Nabi (saw) first it sahih? Can you please mention the hadith and narration.
A) The ahadiths are weak but at a level can be relied upon.Q) Is it true when bird or pigeon excrete on you its like fortunate or blessing etcc coming,old people use to say..
A) InshaAllah Good omen are sunnah.Q) Eski remise des prix permet dan islam?
A) Oui. Si pa fine ena aukene haraam. Ene competition qui prometre cadeau pou ban ki gagner li permissible dan shariah.

Q) Virtue of learning 40 Rabbana by heart?
A) Duas are accepted insha AllahQ) What syllabus does you advises a maktab teacher to teach their small girls from 1st till std 6?
A) The South African Syllabus. The islamic school of cassis uses same.

Q) Can i be jealous of my husband?
A) Permissible for you to be jealous for him so that he stays yours. But this jealousy should be moderate and should not be extreme possiveness. Shariah allows a man to remarry and allows also extremely jealous women to ask for talaaq in that case. But tolerance towards polygamy is beneficial for the family, our society and akhirat.Q) I read istikhara for 2-3 times in order to decide whether should i resign from my current job or not, however i am still confused over the result and i am not able to take a decision for the past month,and i also decided to stay in my current job however i am uncomfotable with this idea and vice versa, thus im not able to take a decision, therefore can you please advise what should be done in that case?
A) Stay in your current job, the decision taken was after istikharah on heart tebdency and hence appointed.

Q) Can we consume yoplait heard its ok as per ingredients?
A) We have certified halaal only Dairy Vale yogurts.Q) A woman can be washed by her son,if no female to wash her?
A) No. Not permissible. 

Q) Gostaria de saber o ruqiya para aomentar meus conhecimento nos estudo
A) Translation: I would like to know ruqiya to increase my knowledge in the study.Read lot of Rabbi zidni `ilma, wake up tahajjud, use miswaak, eat almonds, put oil on head, keep fast and control gaze and sexual activity. 

Q) Regarding the hadith a person will be with the person he loves, can i make dua that we all inshaAllah be together?
A) Together means near to the jannah of the person. Not in the jannah of the person. The hadith was revealed when sahabahs wished to be close to the prophet in Jannah also.Q) Is it sunnat to cover our head when eating?
A) Sunnah to cover head at all times. Permissible to eat uncovered headQ) Is it permisible to kill black ants?
A) Permissible if nuisance. If not on our way, then not permissible to kill without a valid reason

Q) I have a hobby of watching football, what can i do stop it?
A) Do lots of zikrullah after fajr and assr.Q) I am 25. I refused to get married because i find myself too childish and cannot be a responsible man, what to should do?
A) Go in the path of Allah for 40 days.Q) Is bitcoin halaal?
A) Bitcoin Avoid.Q) Does Allah curse mix gathering wedding
A) Sinful, yes. 
Q) What are the halaal tayyib food? What are the best food that you advises us to eat?
A) Food cooked at home with the most suitable ingredients. Home food with fish.Q) What dua to make for Allah to increase our wealth with khair?
A) Wake up early and keep reading AstaghfirullahQ) What is fateha? Some imaam reads it and loudly says fateha? What do they read is it wrong?
A) Fateha in dua are not masnoon.Q) Cure for a person who is greedy for wealth?
A) Visit graveyards, Talk about Akhirah and think of deathQ) Was Nabi(saw) a hafiz?
A) YesQ) The value of gold and silver for zakaat?
A) Please text to +23057921333Q) Is it a sign of qiyamah that Ulamas won’t have respect for Ulamas?
A) YesQ) I asked a sign if a certain boy is right for me and i dreamt about the boy itself and i was happy in the dream. meaning?
A) Good signQ) If one really wants something from Allah which usually difficult to get,what should he/she do?
A) Wake up tahajjud daily.Q) What is the best work of deen to do if one stays in a non muslim area?
A) To keep good ties with everyone and present them the beliefs of islam.Q) Can we make dua for a person who hanged himself, like he committed suicide?
A) Yes.Q) What is the best thing to teach our teenagers in madrasa?
A) Haya, simplicity, purity, keeping away from opposite gender and lowering gaze.
Q) Is it sunnat to wear white judba only?
A) Best Sunnag is white yes. But other colours permissible.Q) Can i listen the tafseer of Nouman Ali Khan?
A) He is not a scholar. Rather listen to scholars graduated from Darul uloom.
Q) Is this method also sunnah when putting kafan on a deceased,first Lifafa Izaar Orni Qamees then last sinaband, is it fine thise method as long as we use these 5 for female deceased.
A) Not to my knowledge

Q) Please do organise hajj and umra inshaAllah,here people charging a lot for hotel etc..
A) InshaAllahQ) Rulings about dogs?
A) Not permissible except because of necessity.

Q) For woman their orni in kafan should it be white only?Or can it be other colors? I got one scarf from my sheikh which is white and green in cotton material.
A) Preferably white.Q) Does mufti saheb has recorded bayaan?
A) Will try inshaAllah.
Q) What can i do to control my anger and stop swearing?
A) Wudhu and Tahajjud.Q) Is it sunah to give our wedding dress to other people to wear?
A) Not advisable in our context,Although Hazrat Aisha used to give for barakah and blessing other brides.Q) Which material is best for kafan to use?
A) Cotton woolQ) In summer its quiet difficult for me to wake up for fajr what can i do?
A) Sleep right after eshaQ) What to read when passing in front of a masjid? 
A) Read douroud. 

Q) I dreamt that my hair was black and it started falling.What does it mean?
A)Physical weakness. Consult a doctor

Q) Drop of liquid or fluid comes out after I urinate, does that call for janab ghusl?

Q)Is kasida allowed in islam?
A)Yes, those without shirk and exaggeration

Q)What is meant by Kashf (Sufism) and are we allowed to believe in Kashf of authentic Shariah Compliant Sufis?
A)Kashf is an inclination thought that is divinely inspired. It is true as we believe that the wali or friend of Allah does have karamats and extraordinary achievements, all jugulated by Allah Ta`ala.

Q)I appear more fair and beautiful than i am when i go out and at night .Is it noor on face?
A)As a girl or a woman, you should cover yourself and your face also.  

Q) “A man guilty of adultery or fornication does not marry other than a woman guilty of adultery or fornication”.Will the woman not get a good husband if she repented a lot? 
A) She is no more an adulterer when she made tawbah. So insha Allah, she will get good husband. 

Q) I know that we should not gossip about people in their absence but can we speak good things about them? 
A) Yes.

Q) I wish to know the ruling on death, some people say that we must pray for the deceased person until 40 days. can i have a clear briefing on this issue? 
A) Can pray, send deed gifts, sadaqahs sawaab, etc for a dead muslim anytime, without any specific timing.

Q) How would i know whether i am being affected or not by witchcraft?
A) The doctor cannot diagnose the sickness and you always feel restlessness. 

Q) What is tazkiya or islaah e nafs? Is it necessary to have a sheikh or is going in jamaat enough for islaah? 
A) Going in jamaat is sufficient for your islaah. Jamaat has the zikr and akhlaaq ingredients. So go jamaat and then keep ties with `ulamas for councelling of daily life, working life, marital life and other spheres of life.
Q) Can muslims do tattoo? 
A) No. Haraam. Cursed by Allah and the prophet (saw).

Q) My mother in law dreamt of many avocados. what does it mean? 
A) Rizq and health.

Q) My son keeps long hair and says its sunnat. But sometimes he plaits it and says that Nabi (saw) had plaits. Is this true?
A) No. The length of Nabi (saw)’s hair was between his ear and neck. In fact, his hair would rarely exceed his neck. Thus Nabi (saw) would trim it before it reaches his neck.Q) There are some nazam or nasheed said ‘ YA rasullallah’ is it permisible to say such. many people in qasida they say YA rasullallah.
A) Permissible as a rhetoric expression.
Q) Can you please explain how to do taleem at home?
A) Take a muntakhab ahadith book and read 10 minutes at home. Next day take fazail book and read 10 minutes. Try to give whole family opportunity to read themselves.Q) Where i can send my kids in mauritius to become hafiz or hafiza?
A) At your closest most compassionate alim.Q) Does Mufti Saheb organise hajj or umra? hopefully atleast umra inshaAllah.
A) Will try Insha Allah.

Q) I mailed a hotel asking if they can cook/serve halaal food separately. If they accept, is it ok if i make a booking in that hotel. 
A) Should talk directly to the chef when reaching there.

Q) After how many days one must shave the head of a new born and what must be done with the hair?
A) 7th Day. Bury it. 
Q) Is this sunnah when waking up to drink water?
A) Sunnah to drink water after wouzu of tahajjudQ) In Qurbani times in Saudi Arabia do they use the method of mechanical slaughtering? as there’s lot of animals.
A) No. All are hand slaughteredQ) What should we read when a woman is in labour to ease her pain.
A) May read surah Maryam

Q) Are we allow to eat in restaurant as we know its mix also there?
A) AvoidQ) Why is it makrooh or haram to read quran for the deceased before giving him his ghusl?
A) Because of impurity of the mayit. That is why we give ghusl and bath the mayit.Q) Is it permissible to read novel in islam
A) Yes, those that will benefit intellect and mental health.
Q) What to do if my own family making mix gathering wedding, should i attend with niyat of keeping family ties or don’t go at all?
A) Don’t go, Else do go at the house of the family in the morning and give them glad tidings.Q) Is it prohibited to eat divali cakes whether prayers have been offered or not on such cakes?
A) Yes, Prohibited.

Q) Is it true doing majilis regarding event of Karbala and Imaam Hasan (RA) Etc during Muharram is like imitating Shia?
A) Yes. Prohibited to do as such by many Ulamas.  Q) ”Zina destroys the life and beauty of a man or a woman”. Does it apply when one has regret and ask for forgiveness?
A) A sincerely repented person is as if he never sinned(Hadith). The beloved prophet Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam recommended that we follow good actions over evil ones. So purposely excell in good actions to cover up. Q) Allah says in the Qur’an shareef that He descends to the lowest heaven in the last third of the night and during that period, He forgives, accepts duas etc. Is this the best time to ask for forgiveness?
A) Yes.
Q) Does going for 1 day in jamat give u reward of praying in front of kaaba and hajre aswad on the night of laylatul qadr? 
A) Yes. 

Q) Nabi SAW said :”If a person has left his home to earn sufficiently for himself, then he is in the path of Allah.” (Al Mujamul Kabir) Will the person gain same rewards as mentioned in other hadith of fee sabilillah? 
A) No. Not same. But rewardable act. 
Q) Can one read Quran shareef in qabrastaan?
A) Can read in qabrastaan, no problem.Q) I want to know the kaffara for disrespecting my parents, Upon some mistake of my father for qatarahemi i scolded my father twice in a week which i never mind that i will do this to my father, But later on i am feeling very guilty for my rude behaviour and praying to Allah to forgive me in this duniya and akhirat.
A) If he is alive, look after him well and spend over him. If he is no more, then send sadaqahs on his name, keep good ties with his relatives and friends, spend over them and look after them.Q) Cure for eczema for one year old baby girl? Once she started scratching, it bleeds even in her private part.
A) Read 3 last surah and blow over olive oil and pass over body. Do this twice daily. Else do consult a skin doctorQ) Is working for ‘FOREVER LIVING permissible?
A) According to info made available to us, some of the products are not halaal suitable. The scheme said also does not conform to shariah.Q) Can a non-muslim read durood shareef?
A) YesQ) Is Sufism allow in Islam?
A) yes, the one on SunnahQ)What does this mean ”sins is causing pain in life” ? 
A)Bad actions have bad repercussions. But tawbah and istighfaar annihilate these effects

Q) Which duas to read for the dead at the kabarastan, please. 
A) You can read the beginning of Surah Baqarah until muflihoon and the ending 3 ayahs of Baqarah. Or can read anything from Qur-aan. Can read 3 times surah ikhlaas.

Q) In Surah 2, Ayat 153, Allah says that whenever one is facing trials, “Seek help with patient perseverance and prayer”. This means that the person should pray. But how to be patient? Just wait for Allah’s help? 
A) Being patient means to submit silence from mouth and be non complain by actions also. Rather submit to the decision of Allah with silence and submission. 

Q) When I follow Islam and want to please Allah, should I allow people to abuse me and “walk on me”? 
A) No. 

Q) What dua can I read to learn and master something faster? E.g learning a new language etc 
A) Rabbi zidni ilma.

Q) Thinking about converting.
A) Very simple. Need only to accept the unicity of Allah and that the prophet Muhammad is the last messenger of Allah. Laa ilaaha illallahou Muhamadur Rasouloullah.

Q) Do you personally, as a mufti, think that it is unfair if I pray to Allah and succeed in my exams and another muslim does not pray and fails? 
A) No. It is fair to do duas. 

Q) Where can women do hijaamah in Mauritius? 
A) Phone on 5786153. 

Q) My wife is a convert since 7 years, her cousin is getting married, can we go to the wedding. 
A) Not in rituals. Go for a private home visit while she is leaving home. 

Q)What dua to read to become pregnant? 
A)Allahoummaghfirli 360 times sehri time.

Q) Am I allowed to not have children if I have a lethal genetic disorder which I can pass to my child? Or is it a sin to get married and not have children? 
A) Permissible not to have children, if there is medical reasons.

Q) While in toilet, a lizard touched my right leg. 
A) No problem. Lizards are pure and harmless. Rewarded in killing them though.

Q) Does my ummrah break if i change baby dipper during ummrah?
A) No.

Q) Why does Allah like patience in a person? I do not really understand why patience is valued a lot… 
A) Because it is a quality of Allah Ta`ala. 

Q) How to reform spirituality to Allah Ta`ala ? 
A) Through daily reading of Muntakhab Ahadiths, daily salaahs and daily tilawat of Qur-aan. One should choose pious people`s company.

Q) How to know if someone’s intention is good? 
A) No one knows. One may take protection through protection duas of masnoon duas.

Q) A dua to make people see new change and like me? 
A) Tahajjud and istighfaar at sehri times.

A) Should do more ibaadah and practice more on sunnah. Take councel with someone pious what is missing in you to perfect your religion. 

Q) Is it ok to hold a para or Quran that is laminated or plastified without wudhu? 
A) No.

Q) Burning of oud during dua, is it a sunnah?
A) Sunnah to burn oud in home and masjid.

What should one do in order to bring changes in home as nobody listens by talking and there is always fight and untidyness in the house. Any dua for changes? 
A) Do ta`lim or book reading daily for 10 mins when everyone is at home. Do ta`lim of Muntakhab ahadith.

Q) Is the book Ganjul Arsh safe to read because i read it and blew over water and when i kept drinking it i’m making more anger.Why so?
A) Not masnoon. Rather read masnoon duas. 

Q) If a cockroach (usually lives in sewer, toilet etc) walks on my praying clothes, does the clothes become dirty for salaat? 
A) No.

Q) When I ask dua, can I prostrate in Qibla’s direction instead of raising my hands to ask?
A) Yes. 

Q) How did ibliss enter paradise to influence Adam (AS) to eat the fruit if he was already cursed ? 
A) He was cursed but was not denied access in Jannah.

Q) Can i have the proof ( hadith) where the 4 caliph did not do raful yadayn? 
A) Yes, but I need time to look for it. Do text us on whatsApp on +23057921333. 

Q) What are the customs for death & bereavement?
A) Do read our article on Les rites mortuaries.

Q) Is there any dua for removing pimples completely? 
A) Read 7 times surah fatihah and blow over olive oil and then pass over skin.

Q) Why do I hear movement in the bed bunk above me?
A) Probably a cat. Else do read manzil daily. 

Q) Why there is counting on water about nekhi and gunha?
A) Please bring the text and context.

Q) Does the tears of a mother count when her daughter has been insulted and rejected? 
A) Yes. 

Q) Stamped sadke on road…any dua for protection.
A) Read 3 last surahs.

Q) How jinns enter a human body? 
A) Like shaitaan enter a human body.

Q) Is it permissible to do IVF in islam?
A) No. Unless, if no other possible way and also that no haraam involved. The semen taken out from the husband by halaal way and the egg of the wife is taken. Still, it is not Islamic friendly. Rather one may go in jamaat in couple and make dua for children in tahajjud there. 

Q) If people think a man is gay while he is only efeminated. Any duah to change that?
A) One should go in jamaat and keep lots of fasts.

Q) What is the view on effeminated men (not gay)? 
A) Should categorise male or female according to their urinary tendency.

Q) Quran 61:4 – “Surely Allah loves those who fight in His way”. How to fight in Allah’s way?
A) To struggle so as to uplift deen in our environment and in the world. 

Q) How to praise Allah before asking dua? 
A) Say Alhamdulillah.Q) Eski ban zafer kouma peer gagn droit en islam sa?
A) Ene dimoune li capave vine ene guide spirituel comme peer. Mais pas capave prend responsabilite pou beneficier ou du tort dimoune.Q) From which age will my son be my mahram for me to travel with him?
A) If well build up, 14 years old ok. If physically not yet strong to fight protect you the 16 years old.Q) Is it wrong if i just want to be with my husband and all the times i want to consume with him. I just feel i can’t stay without him and i envy him every single times/
A) Nothing wrong if all salaahs observed. But keep your appetite in control to upgrade your stamina throughout your life long couple. Possessiveness may harm couple’s relationship.Q) Is there any ayat in quran where Allah says ‘ whatever good happen to you is from me and whatever problems test difficulty comes to you is none except from you(sins)? Does it mean if you having some problems in life is because of your sins? Or any other tafseer? If a person is raped so does it mean its her actions that cause this happen?
A) Not always harm happens as such, rather believe in taqdeer while it is true that sins cause much difficulties in life.Q) Mo frer kan li dormi li graince so ledent boku et li pa cone rien? Ki kapav fer?
A) Consulter docteur. faire deep breathing.

Q) Is mannat permissible in islam? What is the definition of mannat? If it is permissible, what is the best way to make mannat with our creator?
A) Permissible, not advisable. Sadaqah is better.
Definition; To set an action or a donation in case of accomplishment of your targeted ambition. If attained then wajb for donation or action set.
Better give sadaqah first, then make duas that Allah Ta’ala give you the ambition.Q) When giving ghusl to deceased woman how many times must we wash her private parts and rub her stomach? please mention how to give her a ghusl mayyat?
A) 3 Times, you may read that is normal ghusl.Q) A dua for getting good proposal?
A) Salaah n istighfaar. 

Q) A dua for change in life and prosperity?
A) 5 times daily salaah. 

Q) Is there any dua to read so as people appreciate me? 
A) Be good to Allah. Allah will make you appreciated. 
Q) What is this ” sunnah daily-Muntakhab Ahadiths”?
A) Muntakhab is a hadith book 

Q) What are the foods which the holy Prophet Muhammad SWA liked to eat? 
A) Rutab Dates, Barley, vegetables, grains, Lamb Meat, honey and calabash.

Q) What dua should one read to protect oneself before opening an envelope or gift from someone who practices ‘sorcellerie”? 
A) Read the last 3 sourahs 3 times each time blowing on there.

Q) There is a masjid that invites people for qiyaamul lail with jamat at 3: 00 o’clock in the morning. Is it permissible?
A) No. It is against sunnah.

Q) Ki veut dire ban dimounes ki vine ensam ek ki separer pour le plaisir d’Allah? Dans hadith ine mentionner ki sa categorie de personnes la pou ena protection Allah jour qiyaamah.
A) Veut dire ki joine ene mousalmane avec objectif pou faire plaisir Allah Ta`ala. Pena aukene motivation pou joine li excepter pou faire plaisir Allah Ta`ala. Pe joine li selon Sunnah Nabi SAW: Tdonne 2 la mains, faire salaam et faire dua ki Allah pardonne nous. Et quand pe quitte li aussi, alors pe separer d`apres sunnah Nabi SAW avec la mains, salaam et duas. 

Q) Does a father have the right to put his son out of the house?
A) Yes, if the son is baaligh. In fact, the responsibility of the father towards the son is until when he becomes baaligh. But humanly speaking, this should be the last card in punishing a child. Please sms on 57921333 to specify on what reason the son was being evicted. 

Q) Is it haram to wish a christan “Merry Christmas”. Does the phrase mean that – Allah has got a son? 
A) Not permissible to say ”Merry Christmas”.

Q) In shariat how long can a married woman leave her husband when visiting? 
A) Shariah prescribe a weekly visit to father and mother only. It is prescribed only to do a ”visit” and not to stay. A visit of one or two hours weekly is sufficient. Unless she need to look after them. Else she will need permission for staying.

Q) Is smoking cigarette haraam? Because smoking cigarette don’t break wazu.
A) Not haraam, makrooh.

Q) Do you need ghusl while wearing a taweez?
A) No. It is in the cloth and can be worn as such in all conditions. 

Q) What should we do with old Quran whose pages are torn? 
A) Can be burnt to ashes. 

Q) I received a dua yesterday that plead to Allah to have goodness of cyclone. Can there be any good in a cyclone? 
A) Yes definitely. Our beloved prophet SAW asked that dua and hence definitely should be meaningful. The good of a cyclone is a beneficial rain, a wind that eliminate pests and nuisance insects and reset the number of birds, bat, wasps etc. A good speed of wind refresh the islands atmosphere and clean germs. 
A beneficial rain means no flood and sufficient rain for a year full stock Wallahou A`lam. 

Q) Is it permissible to say “macha a Allah mabrouk” to the owner of a cat whic gave birth?
A) Permissible.

Q) When reciting kalima before sleep, should we recite all 6 kalima or can we recite only the first 4? 
A) Can recite first 4. But better all six.

Q) Can I offer a friend a gift for her birthday without having the intention of celebrating birthday? If no, could you please indicate on which occasion can we offer someone a gift? 
A) No. Anyday, anytime, without specification. If your friend is same gender as you of course. 

Q) Can you please tell me the hadith that states when you visit a relative do not stay for long hours, hurry to go home? 
A) We know a hadith a hadith that says do not prolong your visit by a sick. The one mentioned is not according to our knowledge. But humanly speaking, then one should not annoy anyone.

Q) I forgot all my arabic knowledge and feel awkward since i feel i lack something. I want to learn arabic again to be able to read the Quran. Where can i learn arabic? 
A) Please phone on 57921333 to direct you to your gender course nearby. 

Q) Is the killing of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonist halal? 
A) No. Neither was their occupation halaal. 

Q) Can one sponsor or organise a walima for somebody? 
A) Yes, permissible. 
Q) What is bay’at? is it permissible in islam? 
A) Yes. Ba`at is to make a pact of repentence in the hand of someone pious so as to improve oneself spiritually. 

Q) My dad passed away last monday, 01.12.14. My brother’s daughter is getting married on the 08th of january 2015, kindly advise of my mum. Can she attend the wedding even if she is still in her iddat?
A) No she can`t.

Q) Is oral sex allowed?
A) No.

Q) What is the correct way of observing parda?is it compulsory to wear gloves and socks and face hijab on abbaya? 
A) Parda needs to dissolve the entire body including body in the cloth such that we cannot see the body and face totally. Recommemded to put glove and socks. Permissible to open hands and feet when necessary. 

Q) What is to be done if napak water falls on quranic ayat by mistake?
A) Wash it off. Then dry it. Do it 3 times. 

Q) Do muslim have the right to do meditation ? 
A) Yes, on Allah Ta`ala and ponder upon his greatness and His creation.

Q) Is it allowed in islam to do full body waxing? From your fatwa, I understood that we can expose the body till the navel only.
A) It is unethical to do body waxing. Permissible though. Yes, you cannot expose the area between navel and knees during waxing. Hence you should do your own waxing that part of the body. 

Q) I have already performed hajj in 2012, i know that once hajj is performed we return to a new born baby, that is all sins are forgiven. what about all the salaat i missed before performing hajj, do i need to replace them?
A) You will need to replace them still
Q) Sometimes people are bullyed and they commit suicide because of the moral harassment….Will Allah punish them for their suicide? 
A) Yes. Should have made the following dua if completely despondent: 

Quand fine degoute la vie ou envie mort

أَللّهُمَّ أَحْيِنِىْ مَا كَانَتِ الْحَيَاةُ خَيْرًا لِّى وَتَوَفَّنِىْ إِذَا كَانَتِ الْوَفَاةُ خَيْرًا لِّى

Allahoumma aHyini maa kaanatil Hayaatu khairan lee wa tawaf fani izaa kaanatil wafaatou khairan lee. 

O Allah ! Laisse moi en vie tanq qui la vie meilleur pour moi et donne moi la mort quand la mort meilleur pour moi. (Bukhari)

Q) If a person commits adultery, can he ask for forgiveness with Allah. is this sin forgivable?
A) Yes, adultery is a major sin, but if sincere tawbah is done, then it will be forgiven insha Allah. 
Q)It is recommended to give gifts on Ashoura. Can we buy gifts beforehand and offer them on Ashoura?
A)Yes, only to your wife, children and other family members that you normally spend on them.

Q)What is palita? 
A)Nothing Islamic that we know

Q) Is Jummah Masjid Halaal Certificate reliable? It is found at McDonalds.
A) Reliable.
Q)On eclipse day i read a lot of Allahu Akbr and did a lot of istighfar and also i asked Allah to pardon me a lot till the eclipse ended.Is it ok?

Q) Can husband and wife drink each other’s sputum during sex?
A) No. This is makrooh tahreemi and haraam

Q) My teeth are arranged in such a way in my mouth that it disturbs me, can I wear braces in this situation? 
A) Yes.

Q) Can a woman be president of a country? 
A) Not approved by shariah. In fact it is a sign of Qiyamat to assign women responsible of affairs(Tabrani) The holy prophet SAW said there is no benefit in a country that its chief is a woman. 

Q) Some people say that when we perform istikhara, it is Allah who decides for us. I wanted to know if one had a negative response through istikhara, will Allah make the person achieve what he wanted through a negative istikhara?
A) When the istikhara is negative, he should’nt do it. Otherwise, he will definitely get difficulties.

Q) Is it allowed in Islam to vote for the upcoming general elections in Mauritius? And is it allowed to vote a non-muslim or is it shirk or kufr? 
A) Permissible to vote. Please read the article ”Islam n`est pas intolerant.” On web.

Q) Are we allowed to vote?
A) Yes.

Q) Are women allowed to do politics?
A) No.

Q) What does it mean to give charity with the right hand without the left hand being aware of it?
A) Give charity secretly so that no one is aware of it. 

Q) What do you think of ISIS, the movement to create an Islamic caliphate? Can i join them? 
A) According to info available, they do not follow Islamic principles of judgement.

Q) Does God almighty forgive a person who did suicide? Rumors have it that the person is destined for hell forever.
A) It is a very grave sin. But we have hope that his imaan will save him from eternal hell. 

Q) What is the right of a wife against her husband?
A) To be fed, housed and be kept comfortable as per his means. To have intimacy with her at least once every four month. To act with politeness and gentleness towards her. Spending the night with her when the husband is around and has no other commitments. 

Q) For the 40 days of a deceased person.. What is the correct way of doing it ?
A) Nothing prescribed on 40th day. Yes, everyday individually, you may read, send sawaab for the deceased. 

Q) What is the dua of Manzil?
A) It is a collection of ayats of the qur-an and it is masnoon and sunnah. 
Q) You have said Al Azhar university allows TV. It also says niqab has no basis in islam at all. Is al Azhar reliable?
A) Some ulamas are for social medias. It does not mean that they are completely reliable. But it brings elasticity and rahmah in the issue. Niqab is proven by so many ahadiths and tafseers that going against it is no rahmah. 

Q) Please give me a dua or wazifa to become successful in my new tijarat [business] and become loved by my families and my parents and cousin.
A) Read tahajjud, read lot of istighfaar, open early in the morning and read 4 rakaats ishraaq 15 mins after sunrise. 

Q) Can i read the quran by heart without me having ghusl?
A) No. 

Q) Ene president mosque vende laviande degele pou laviande frais apres. li loue la moitie so batiment avec bookmaker. Eski nou capav faire namaz dan ca mosque la? 
A) Oui. Capave faire namaz la bas. Mais banne musalli bizin essaye faire mutawalli sorti dans jamaat afin ki li vine pieux. 

Q) Can one perform nafils for a deceased person?
A) Yes, laudable. 

Q) What are the ways to perform issale thawab for a deceased person?
A) Any act of physical or spending form is accepted when gifting the deceased. In ahadiths, we have sadaqahs, Hajj and also digging of well.

Q) If a muswalli arrived late such that the imam is about to start the khutbah, is it permissible for him to start the 4 rakat sunnah knowing that he won’t be able to finish before the khutbah. Must he read the sunnah even if the khutbah has started or must he read it after jum’ah salah?
A) No, don’t read. Replace the sunnah after jum’ah. Because Nabi (saw) prohibited from performing salah during khutbah.

Q) If a girl masturbates herself, is she tarnishing her chastity? 
A) Masturbation is haraam and a major sin. Girl or boy are the same.

Q) Which female sahabia passed away in sea war? 
A) Umme Haraam. 

Q) What is Ismul Azam? And how should one read it? 
A) A few wordings that contain the greatness of Allah that enhance acceptance of duas. Laa ilaa illaa anta subhanaka inni kountu minaz zalimeen is one of them.

Q) Is nose pierceing allowed? 
A) Permissible.

Q) What is the dua of Manzil? What is its benefit? Why should one read it daily?
A) Manzil is a masnoon set of ayahs that protect one from evil eyes, black magic, etc. It can be obtained in Islamic libraries. 

Q) My wife plucks her eye brows. She says the hair grows longer and also she is doing it for me. Only when i’m out of country she doesn’t do it. How can i stop her?
A) Plucking eye brows for aesthetics and beauty purposes is haraam and not permissible. But if it grows thick like men, then she is allowed to trim to that extent to effeminise the eye brows, nothing more. The holy prophet SAW cursed the person who trims eye brows, space between teeth, to put fake hair, etc. (Muslim) 

Q) When one committs suicide, does his soul wander around (i.e. it doesn’t go by Allah)? 
A) No. This is not true. If Allah didn’t forgive him, he will go to Sijjeen. 

Q) Is it permissible to buy consumable goods from a supermarket where wine and and loto are being sold?
A) Yes.

Q) Can Muslims practice yoga? 
A) No. It is a meditation exercise invented by and performed by hindu rituals. 

Q) Is it ok if a child wears taveez (yaseen or any other dua) while going to toilet or should she remove it. 
A) Ok if closed in a cloth. 

Q) What islam says about parents. We all have learnt that we must not say ouff to our parent when they request us to do something. But what if the request is against all members of the family. Is it permissible to denigrate someone just for the sake of our parents? What if the request is in the first instance not agreeable by me?
A) Not permissible to denigrate someone unjustly because of anyone, be it parents. You need to keep good ties also with all members of the family. Shariah prescribed limits to obedience of parents when there is disobedience to Allah Ta`ala. As such you should contact a alim on the issue. One option is contact or sms us the issue privately on 57921333. 

Q) I have a 7 year child who has phobias of blood, crowd & ors. I have been advised to consult a ‘Hypno Therapist’. I want to know whether this method (hypno therapy) is halaal? Is there any du’ah or aamaal that can be performed to rid of these phobias?
Note: A hypnotherapist: “Induces hypnotic state in client to increase motivation or alter behavior patterns: Consults with client to determine nature of problem. Prepares client to enter hypnotic state by explaining how hypnosis works and what client will experience. Tests subject to determine degree of physical and emotional suggestibility. Induces hypnotic state in client, using individualized methods and techniques of hypnosis based on interpretation of test results and analysis of client’s problem. May train client in self-hypnosis conditioning.”
A) According to these definition, it seems permissible to choose such treatments.

Q) Why i start crying when i read quran? 
A) This is the sign of imaan. 

Q) Can one read Durood Nariya and Durood-e-Fath? And what is its benefit? 
A) Avoid. Choose those of ahadiths.

Q) What is Douroud on Nabi SAW? 
A) Sending salutation on Nabi SAW.

Q) Are women allowed to drive?
A) Yes, under supervision of their mahrams.

Q) Is this book correct to read “Du’a-I-Ganjul-Arsh”?? If so what is its benefits? 
A) Not advisable.

Q) What should we read as Douroud on prophet Muhammad SAW? 
A) Swallallahou `Alaihi wasallam.

Q) How do you stay away from Zina?
A) By fasting continuously. Eating less and also keep steady with tahajjud and 5 salaahs.

Q) Can a woman do Fateha at home, any time and especially on Friday? 
A) Not sunnah. Rather read Qur-aan.

Q) Can i talk to my fiance before marriage on phone all day and night secretly?
A) No. Haraam. 

Q) Dua to get a job?
A) Read tahajjud and chaast salaah. Read Allahoummaghfirli 360 times daily.

Q) How can I gain confidence being a woman? 
A) By 5 salaahs, you would communicate with the ONE who will give you confidence.

Q) What is al hijamah? 
A) Cupping. Taking out excess blood by a traditional technic.

Q) How is Allah?
A) Allah Ta`ala is the most High and the Merciful.

Q) How can a girl who wants her life to change ask Allah for changes?
A) By lot of salaah and tahajjud.

Q) Is it true that Allah has already created our life partner and his name?
A) Yes

Q) Is the use of solar water heater permissible in Islam? 
A) Yes.

Q) How to put complete trust in Allah? 
A) Do 2 rakaats salaah daily and use your intellect and councelling and then keep all results for Allah Ta`ala.

Q) I keep ending up going on some websites which have nudity or videos , I have been trying so hard since years now and I repent after I sin but still end up doing it , i don’t know what to do anymore ? 
A) Wake up tahaujjud and do istihfaar that time. Keep doing salaah on time and also go in jamaat. Ask Allah Ta`ala with masnoon duas found in our book Masnoon Duas. 

Q) Is it true that ALLAH sees & counts the tears of a women when she cries? 
A) Allah Ta`ala cares for everyone especially someone in pain in tears.

Q) What should a girl read to ask Allah for sending her a good proposal? 
A) Allahoummaghfirli 360 times sehri times. 

Q)My sister and aunt aren’t married. what dua can they read? 
A)Read : 360 times Allahoummagh firli at sehri times

Q) Can we take photo of a married couple for their wedding? 
A) No.

Q) What if someone talks to us rudely or hurts our feelings, can we respond also or should we stay quiet?
A) Better stay quiet. 

Q) Do we get the same reward when we read quran in english or french as in arabic? 
A) No. Arabic more rewardable. 

Q) On my lounge wall the name of Allah has appeared, what does that mean?
A) Do more zikrullah.

Q) Can a female student go abroad to learn doctrine, law, dentistry or what else? 
A) No, unless accompanied by a mahram. If no mahram, then do local.

Q) What happens to a woman who passes in front of another woman who is praying by mistake? 
A) Sinful.

Q) Can we read Quran during zawaal?
A) Yes. 

Q)I asked Allah to show me a sign if He has forgiven me and i dreamt about facial hair grown on my lef t hand.
A)Should continue with istighfaar and crying tawbah

Q)You usually advice people to read Allahoummaghfirli 360 times at sehri time…Is it some 10-20 mins before Sehri or just at Sehri time? Please give details.. 
A)Start reading when sehri time indicated on calendar or web.
Q)Is it possible for an interpreted dream not to happen? 
A)Yes, sadaqahs and go in the path of Allah.

Q)Is it compulsory for a girl to wash her hair on bakrid day?

Q)Assalaamu’alaikum.I often see people covering all mirrors found around the deceased during a there any rules about that?
A)Wa alaikoumous salaam no such rules

Q)How to invite someone to islam? 
A)Read the kalimah and be pious.

Q) According to shahih bukhari what is the ruling on girls using jeans?
A) Not permissible to wear tight clothes. In bukhari hadith, the beloved prophet SAW wooed those women who imitate men.

عَنْ ابْنِ عَبَّاسٍ رَضِيَ اللَّهُ عَنْهُمَا قَالَ لَعَنَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ الْمُتَشَبِّهِينَ مِنْ الرِّجَالِ بِالنِّسَاءِ وَالْمُتَشَبِّهَاتِ مِنْ النِّسَاءِ بِالرِّجَالِ

Q) Where can a lady learn basic arabic to be able to read quran in arab instead of translated version? Any basic course in mauritius ? 
A) Yes. Come to Muslim Girl on Saturdays 10:30am or phone on 59511333.

Q) What does kufr mean? 
A) Renounce the qualities of Allah Ta`ala.

Q) Dua to get job transfer immediately?
A) Tahajjud and 360 times allahoummaghfirli. Be patient.

Q) Are books by ‘Harun Yahya’ ok ?
A) Instructively ok. 

Q) In about 2 weeks time, my family and I are going to shift into our newly built house Insha Allah. What are the duahs to read? What are the islamic rulings when moving to a new house? I am also feeling a bit scared as there are sugarcane and banana fields nearby. How can i protect myself and my children when i’m alone?
A) Give azaan there. Then follow these steps: click on this link: 

Read the duas before entering and leaving the house. 
Also read this duas after fajr and maghrib: Dua that Rasouloullah Swalallahou `Alaihi Wasallam taught Abu Darda r.a. for absolute security of the house (including fire, theft, etc): 

To be read after Fajr and after Maghrib:

أَللَّهُمَّ أَنْتَ رَبِّيْ لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا أَنْتَ، عَلَيْكَ تَوَكَّلْتُ وَ أَنْتَ رَبُّ الْعَرْشِ الْكَرِيْمِ مَا شَاءَ اللَّهُ كَانَ وَ مَا لَمْ يَشَأْ لَمْ يَكُنْ، وَ لَا حَوْلَ وَ لَا قُوَّةَ إِلَّا بِاللّهِ الْعَلِيِّ الْعَظِيْمِ، أَعْلَمُ أَنَّ اللّهَ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيْرٌ، وَ أَنَّ اللّهَ قَدْ أَحَاطَ بِكُلِّ شَيْءٍ عِلْمًا، أَللّهُمَّ إِنِّيْ أَعُوْذُ بِكَ مِنْ شَرِّ نَفْسِيْ وَ مِنْ شَرِّ كُلِّ دَابَّةٍ أَنْتَ آخِذٌ بِنَاصِيَتِهَا، إِنَّ رَبِّيْ عَلَى صِرَاطٍ مُّسْتَقِيْمٍ

Allahoumma anta rabbi laa ilaaha illaa anta, ‘alaika tawakkaltou wa anta rabboul’arshil kareem, maa shaa Allahou kaan wa maa lam yasha’ lam yakoun, wa laa Hawla wa laa qouwwata illaa billaahil ‘aliyyil ‘azweem, a’alamou annal laaha ‘alaa koulli shai in qadeer, wa annal laaha qad aHaatwa bi koulli shai in ‘ilman. Allahoumma inni a’ouzou bika min sharri nafsi wa min sharri koulli daab batin anta aakhizoun binaaswiyatihaa, inna rabbi ‘alaa swiraatim moustaqeem. (Baihaqui) 

O Allah ! You are my Rabb, there is no deity besides You. I put my trust in You and You are the Rabb of the noble Throne. Whatever Allah wishes, happens. And whatever He does not wish, will not happen. And there is no power or defense except Allah`s, the most High, the Greatest of all. I know that definitely Allah has power over everything and that Allah has encompassed everything in knowledge. O Allah, I ask You protection against the evils of my nafs, and against the evils of all living things, that You only have complete power over them. Definitely my Rabb is on the right path.(Baihaqi ;Hayatus Sahabah) Note that the Arabic formula should be read with the conviction over its meaning. 

You will be protected insha Allah Ta`ala. 

Q) Do we have to cook halwa on shab e baraat day? 
A) No.

Q) Meaning of acceptance from a boy’s family shab e barat without any hurdles means Allah’s sign to this relationship?
A) Good sign.

Q) Before reading this verse :’Rabbi inni lima anzalta ilaya min kyairin faqeer”.. after every namaz and ask Allah to send her partner and telling the kind of boy she wants should one read durood and surah fatihah? 
A) Ok. Good.

Q) Is there any benefit of reading ayat ul kursi before leaving the house? 
A) Yes.

Q) Any dua to pass my exams with flying colours? 
A) Wake up early, sleep early, read rabbi zidni `ilma, use miswaak, read qur-aan, safeguard your eyes against haraam, look for duas of people and finally read 5 times salaahs daily. Read the masnoon duas of the morning also. 

Q) I intend to construct a building very soon Insha Allah as all clearances have been obtained Alhamdulillah. Is there any specific dua to read before starting the construction? 
A) Give azaan there. Read ayatul kursi and 3 last surahs in each four corner. Then read 2 rakaats there. Read these masnoons duas also: 

Q) Is henna haram in islam?
A) No. Sunnah.

Q) How can I be more sociable and make people love me? 
A) Be more in ibaadah and zikrullah. Go in the path of Allah and also stay away from sins and from things of people.

Q) Why don’t we pray salah at the calendar time? Instead all daily salah are performed at a time specified.
A) Because we have recommended times also prescribed by the holy prophet SAW. Permissible for a lady to follow calendar time. 

Q) Can a raped girl marry ?
A) Yes. 

Q) Can we use panini maker?
A) Yes.

Q) Is it bid’ah to do isaal-e-sawab? Is it true that a deceased person receives the sawab sent to him/her?
A) To send sawaab for the dead is laudable and beneficial for the dead. Some ahadiths mentions that the dead wait for your sawaabs. A sahih hadith of Tirmizi reports the holy prophet SAW said: When a person dies, all his deeds are locked except from 3 things: 
1. he receives a sadaqah that people still benefit, 2. an Islamic education that he tought the living 3. a pious child that pray for him. 
As such it is permissible and laudable to send sawaab of any form to the dead and this has no definition of 40 days or not. Everyday, anyday and anywhere- no meeting condition attached to that. 

Q) Can you please give me some advices to work halal? 
A) Do not give less to the customer. Be honest in telling them the carrats and value of the jewellery. Also better give some minute weight more to the customer. Accept items sold to be returned to you in good condition. 

Q) Can we sell crosses, idols etc ? 
A) No

Q) If a father commits zina is it a curse for his daughters .Will they be punished for his sin? 
A) No. No gunah done by parents would be supported by children. Allah Ta`ala said: ”No one would lift the load(sins) of someone else.” (6:164) 

Q) How is reading 41 times Surah Fatiha in the morning useful to us? 
A) Quraan is a cure, a guidance and a blessing. So any part will benefit us. 

Q) Is a father allowed to bath or change the diapers of his daughter? 
A) Under age daughter, yes. 

Q) What is the best way to give sadaqa? 
A) Money to a close muslim relative.

Q) What are the benefits of giving food to animals, fish or birds?
A) It is a sadaqah.

Q) What can I do to become sharper? 
A) Wake up early, sleep early, read rabbi zidni `ilma, use miswaak, read qur-aan, safeguard your eyes against haraam, look for duas of people and finally read 5 times salaahs daily. Read the masnoon duas of the morning also. 

Q) Que pouvez vous dire sur le paralysie du sommeil?J’en ai fait l’experience plusieurs fois. 
A) C`est medicale. C`est normale. C`est un defaut du syteme nerveux.

Q) Pourquoi je tremble maintenant lorsque je lis le Quran a haute voix alors qu’auparavant ce n’etait le cas? 
A) C`est un bon signe. C`est la frayeur d`Allah.

Q) How to ask Allah for the pair He has created for me? 
A) During sehri time, read 360 times Allahoummagh firli. Be steady with salaah. 

Q) Can we give a non muslim zamzam water to drink? 
A) Yes, permissible. Tell them to drink for spiritual guidance.

Q) Is it allowed to make announcement in the masjid?
A) Since the beloved prophet SAW used to sit in masjid and sometimes be on mimbar to announce death of certain sahabas, then it is absolutely permissible to diligently put the announcement of death of muslims on a board in the masjid. Not sunnah to announce death on high pitch voice from the masjid for houses around it. Deaths of Zaid r.a., Ja`far r.a. and Abdullah bin rawahah r.a. was done in the masjid, on the mimbar.(bukhari)

عَنْ أَنَسِ بْنِ مَالِكٍ رَضِيَ اللَّهُ عَنْهُ قَالَ خَطَبَ النَّبِيُّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ فَقَالَ أَخَذَ الرَّايَةَ زَيْدٌ فَأُصِيبَ ثُمَّ أَخَذَهَا جَعْفَرٌ فَأُصِيبَ ثُمَّ أَخَذَهَا عَبْدُ اللَّهِ بْنُ رَوَاحَةَ فَأُصِيبَ ثُمَّ أَخَذَهَا خَالِدُ بْنُ الْوَلِيدِ عَنْ غَيْرِ إِمْرَةٍ فَفُتِحَ لَهُ وَقَالَ مَا يَسُرُّنَا أَنَّهُمْ عِنْدَنَا قَالَ أَيُّوبُ أَوْ قَالَ مَا يَسُرُّهُمْ أَنَّهُمْ عِنْدَنَا وَعَيْنَاهُ تَذْرِفَانِ

Q) Can one beat a child of six years for not praying?
A) No. Only when he is 10.

Q) What dua to read when seeing a dog which appears harmful? 
A) A’ouzou billah.

Q) Is it allowed to vote in Islam? 
A) Yes.

Q) What are the benefits of Istighfaar and Sadaqua?
A) Istighfaar cleans one`s sins, increase wealth and piety grades. Sadaqah takes out difficulties, cools Allah`s anger and take out the load from the joints of bones.

Q) My father joins a profit sharing business which guarantee a monthly dividend between 15% to 30% for up to 1 year. (with no guaranteed principal) My question is, is it permissible for me to market this profit sharing business and make out a sideline business agreement out of it with my potential client? The agreement shall stated that, i shall be the guarantor of the principal amount given for the purpose of the profit sharing business. In return, the client shall pay me 3% monthly dividend for the period of 1 year. In the event that the business collapse, i shall be liable to pay back the principal amount to my client.
A) No. Not permissible under the given details.. 

Q) Is it allowed to keep Bouba for baby at Home?? 
A) Take out its eyes and nose.

Q) My friend thinks she is going to die as she is suffering from a neurological disorder and she is cutting off from us then what to do to comfort her. 
A) Read 7 times sourah fatihah and blow upon her head.

Q) What is the appropriate time/lunar date for a woman to trim her hair? 
A) Women should only get rid of pubic and under arm hairs. This is recommended every week. Should not go beyond 40 days.

Q) If one have to teach how to draw animals and human beings, is art teacher as profession haraam? 
A) Art can be taught with non living things. I have seen artists that draw masjids, mountains etc only. 

Q) What’s the proper way of doing taleem?
A) Read loud three times. Sittingwith wudhu.

Q) What is the appropriate time for a woman to trim her hair if her hair is falling?
A) If medically prescribed by a pious doctor, then permissible to that extent. Anytime. 

Q) In the past my duas were generally accepted. However i committed a rather big sin which is irreversible and since then i noticed that my duas were less easily accepted. Do you think there is a link?
A) Yes surely. Do a greater tawbah and give sadaqah.

Q) All my dreams are related to marriage. What does it mean?
A) Happiness coming ahead

Q) Is software piracy permissible in Islam? For example Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office.
A) No.

Q) I don’t like to kiss my husband and don’t allow him also, is it a sin?
A) Yes, a sin to stop your husband.

Q) How to proceed with sadaqa in favour of my deceased daddy? Who should i give? 
A) Any poor muslim. Your intention will count.

Q) Can we give sadaqa to non muslim? 
A) Yes, but preferably to muslims.

Q) Is it true that there are 7 ways of reading Qur’an with tajweed?
A) 7 professional ways yes. Need a few years of study to know them.

Q) What’s the meaning of a dream of Jibra’eil (as)?
A) Good dream. Should read a lot of duroods.

Q) Is an imaam allowed to give iqamah?
A) Yes.

Q) There is a group called hib ul tarir in Mauritius preaching religion. What are your views on this group? Is it recommended for young boys to attend the lessons given by this group?
A) Avoid.

Q) What is ahad nama and what is its importance?
A) Contract. All contracts should be respected.

Q) If a boy commit zina with a girl and leaves her for no reason and the boy’s family blames the girl for nothing and separate the boy and the girl when previously they had accepted her and came at her house.So will the boy be punished for leaving the girl for nothing and for destroying her life??Is the girl an oppressed one? 
A) Yes, if the latter promised to entertain life with her.

Q) When a child or an adult takes medication for worms, should he take it at the end of the lunar e.g last day of Rajab?
A) Nothing prescribed as such.

Q) Is one allowed to marry in the month of Safar?
A) Yes.

Q) Can a haiza apply surma?
A) Yes

Q) Can someone read Manzil and blow in water and make everyone in family drink it and spread some drops around the house to be protected from Jinn and Shaytaan?
A) Yes.

Q) If a child is below 15 and he was making sound in the time of maghrib is it forbidden in islam?
A) No. But against etiquette and adab to shout out.

Q) Last night I saw a dream that my small son of 8 months is ill and his right hand n legs have got spoiled n hand have broken. he was on his grand mothers lap.i was crying but no one helped. 
A) You should be more constant to read salaah on time.

Q) Can we read say surah yasin with intention that it goes to parents, brother and sister who are still alive ? Or can that be done only for deceased persons ? 
A) Can be done for all, as per intention.

Q) Can we have sex nude? Or you supposed to wear clothes?
A) Can be nude. Better be nude and cover yourself with a sheet.

Q) Is someone who performs all her salah including tahajjud, considered to be pious if she backbites people?
A) Backbiting is a major sin. A backbiter is not pious.

Q) Can we attend a khatam with tilawat Qur’an only and food afterwards?
A) Not right.

Q) Can someone who has taken loan go for umrah?
A) Yes. 

Q) Is it permissible to kiss wife’s backside or viceversa?
A) Permissible.

Q) I dreamt that i went in a darga and there were three indecent girls. Interpretation please. 
A) Must have conviction on Allah Ta’ala. Seek assistance through Salah.

Q) What are the benefits of sadaqah?
A) Sadaqah cools the wrath of Allah Ta’ala. It cures the sick. It relieves and prevents difficulties. An investment for yield.

Q) What is the difference between jinn and shaytaan?
A) Shaytaan is a jinn. There are other jinns that are good and hence not shaytaan.

Q) My baby cries a lot. Any dua to make her stop crying?
A) Yes, read the protection duas on web.

Q) What should i do if people have cast a spell on me?
A) Read manzil everyday.

Q) Being pregnant, i keep having bad dreams about people in my family every night. What should i do?
A) Should read the duas for protection found on web.

Q) A muslim couple wants to adopt a baby. What are the procedures?
A) There are government procedures to follow first. Then may travel to Morocco or so and enquire by PM office. Should adopt a child of one year old so that the adoptive mother may breastfeed the baby. Since she will take medecine for that, then she will need time before the baby reaches 2 years old. Breastfeeding after 2 years does not count to make the child their milk child.

Q) Can we not reply to the salam of someone who has caused us pain?
A) No. Wajib to reply.

Q) Can i pretend to sleep when my husband wants to have intercourse in the middle of the night?
A) If the husband will get angry, then not allowed to that. If just had intercourse, then ok.

Q) What to say to a person when his wife/children/close relative etc has passed away?
A) Tell him to do sabar. Tell him that the beloved Prophet (saw) had lost all his family members during his life. Tell him that he would meet them in akhirah inshallah.

Q) I usually take 25 minutes to shower. I do this to make sure that im 100% clean for salah. Does mufti sahab thinks its correct? How much time should a normanl person take to shower?
A) Not correct. This is wastage. Only follow the sunnah way of ghusl. Niyah, wash hands, wash private parts, and then put water on shoulders and head. Then close tap to pass hands everywhere on the body. Rinse body and finish. 10 minutes ok. 

Q) Can a woman who has lost her hair due to chimio wear wig?
A) Rather do hair transplantation. 

Q) Any dua for hair loss?
A) Apply oil, read 3 Quls and blow on hands to pass on head.

Q) Is there any dua to stop making silly mistakes?
A) Wake up tahajjud and cry in salah.

Q) What must i do if namaz with jamat has started and i want to go toilet? And there is fear of missing jamat if i go toilet?
A) If badly in need to go toilet, then go toilet first. It is makrooh to read namaz while one has an urge to go toilet.

Q) What are the signs of a person who is affected by evil eye?
A) Sickness and weakness.

Q) I dreamt that some people came by my parent’s house to do aqeeeqah. Any meaning?
A) Yes. Insha Allah Ta’ala you’ll have happiness and progeny.

Q) Is it allowed for a woman who wears hijab to cut her hair?
A) No. It is mentioned in Fatawa Shami that it is sinful for women to cut hair. 

Q) What must be done to avoid fights between couples?
A) Eat together, partake the morcel in each other’s mouth, talk of common things and do taleem at home. Say Bismillah when entering home and say salaam loudly. Do two rakats when entering home.

Q) You mentioned that glands from cattler are haram. Please explain what is a gland?
A) It is a jelly like gland found near the skin of belly of the animal.

Q) Am i a mahram for my mother in law’s sister?
A) No.

Q) Why is it not allowed to eat divali cakes? Even if i know that the person has not done anything wrong with it?
A) Should not be so close to hindus that gifts are been exchanged.

Q) Is it allowed to buy land in sale by levy? Where the court sells the seized land of a person.
A) Yes, permissible.

Q) Whenever i defecate i have tendency to shower because i have feeling that water is not enough to make my anus clean to read salah. Also, because my body smells like feaces from the vapour of the feaces in the toilet. Is it correct?
A) Not correct. Should wash properly. May use soap. Then do wudhu.

Q) I dreamt that while cooking food my clothes caught fire. I was able to put it out without getting hurt. Any meaning?
A) Yes, do give sadaqah. And look at those who are poorer than you. Because jealousy of other people’s things causes fire to your action. Make duas for those whom you are jealous.

Q) In which country would you advise a girl to do further studies bearing in mind the islamic values inculcated in her? 
A) We don’t advise girls to go abroad to study. Because they need mahram to travel. There is no such environment in the world that is safe. They may study alimah in South Africa. Else we advise that they study online, distance learning.

Q) I dreamt that I was moving in a vehicle and I saw a colleague of mine from a past job walking on the streets. When he saw me in the vehicle, we both waved at each other. Is there a meaning? 
A) The path of career you chose is a good path.

Q) Should I wash my private part everytime white discharge comes out even if I am not married?
A) No. White discharge is pure and does not break wouzu. 

Q) I dreamt that a man was passing by in a car with ‘la ilaha illallah’ being played on loud speaker. Any meaning ?
A) You should increase your zikr and salaah, even in front of the public or family.

Q) Is it advisable to send a boy to Madina or Riyadh for further studies? 
A) I advise to study a full course on shariah at South Africa, Darul ulooms.

Q) My mother has a small debt at the bank. If I pay for it, will I get rewards from Allah?Will my dua get easily accepted after giving her the money? 
A) Yes. Insha Allah Ta`ala. Tell her to make dua for you.

Q) I was sitting on a chair in the afternoon and I was feeling asleep. I slept for a few seconds a couple of time and each time I dreamt I was saying ‘SubhanAllah’. Interpretation plz? 
A) A good dream. Be more regular with salaah and do wake up for tahajjud.

Q) In my family, my dad mom brother and his wife are always fighting with each other. They won’t do namaz. They have so much ego. We want peace, job and understanding.
A) Salaah salaah. Advise them on salaah. Do 10 mins Ta`leem of muntakhab ahadiths daily in front of them.

Q) I intend to go and work in Seychelles. I performed Istikhara salaat to see whether it’s a wise decision. I saw in my dreams that I was in a classroom and have forgotten all my Surah. Please advise on the way forward. 
A) This is a negative answer. Should not go forward to that job. Better work in your own country and have connection with your ulamas of your area.

Q) I love a hindou boy but we know that our relation is not going far. What should i do? 
A) Leave him at once. Turn to Allah Ta`ala for a good muslim boy. Tell your parents to look for someone. 

Q) If a person uttered a word of kufr, does this nullify his previous good actions? Should he perform his hajj again?
A) Yes. He must also re-do his nikah.

Q) Is it farz-e-‘ain to go in jamat? If a person does not go in jamat, is there any other way to strengthen his/her iman?
A) It is good to go in jamat. Other ways may not be as effective as jamat.

Q) I once assisted a ruqya session (nothing happened to me) but since then i’m scared of jinns. what can i do to stop fearing jinns? 
A) Think that you have angels around you protecting you against all evils. You have 360 around you. As such keep constant with salaah, do not lie and be always decent.

Q) I intend to apply for a permit for construction of a commercial building. Plse tell me which dua to read so that I may obtain the permit and is there any specific date/day that i should submit my application to the Authority concerned?
A) No specific day. You should read 2 rakaats and read dua of Haajah on the web and then proceed to your application. Else one may choose after Jum`ah salaah.

Q) I would like to know how to explain to someone that katam is just an invention and it has not been mentioned anywhere in quran or hadith. How to prevent people from doing it? 
A) Tell them that no sahabas did it. 

Q) What is majalis? 
A) Sittings.

Q) Where can i invest money in a halal way in Mauritius?
A) In halaal companies like Moulin de la concorde, Moroil, etc

Q) What is the meaning of batil? 
A) Falsehood.

Q) What is the meaning of “Ya Musabbe bal Asbaab” and its benefits? 
A) O the Controller of means. Can read in duas.
to kiss the area where we urinate. One should use the hands and fingers by that area to excite each other, but not the mouth.

Q) Can sadaqah be given to one’s parent? 
A) No. One should use own money to help parents. But one may give to a poor brother, niece or uncle, if they are poor.

Q) Are money obtained as dividend halal?
A) If the company deals on halaal transaction, then it is halaal.

Q) What solution would you propose for premature ejaculation? 
A) Should consume ”chick peas” or gram, take daily milk, honey, 2 eggs` yolk, zafran and some ginger. Then need to concentrate on zikrullah at tahajud times.

Q) Can you suggest some wazifah, duas or surahs to be read during pregnancy? 
A) Rabbi habli minas saliheen.

Q) What is Aqeeqah? 
A) To slaughter one goat for a baby girl or 2 goats for a baby boy as a light sadaqah for the baby. Recommended, not obligatory.

Q) I had the effect of an evil jinn on me. can a “hazrat, who said was curing me, touch my chest and belly, that is, skin to skin to make me vomit? does he have the right to touch a stranger woman for the sake of removing evil jinn?” 
A) No. This is haraam. This is zina. The so called ”hazrat” is a adulterer and is molesting abusing you because you are sick. Better contact someone pious for your treatment. Not an adulterer.

Q) I do not have urinary incontinence. but after I pee, some urine which has stayed in the urethra comes out and soils my underwear. It does not occur just after I pee but it usually occurs 3-4 hours after I pee. Does this invalidates the wudu? 
A) Yes. Should be cleaned also.

Q) What are the benefits of the 1000 times Allahoummaghfirli dhikr daily?
A) Istighfaar brings wealth, spouse, children and well being.

Q) Not all people in Mauritius have money to buy a house. In general we have to take loans…For us muslims, loans are haraam!! Can any scholar in Mauritius encourage some international islamic financial institution to lend money to us? 
A) Alhamdulillah, we are the ones who made effort for that. You may contact us on 57921333 on different possibilities that we had. 

Q) Why is it not advisable to marry a shia muslim? 
A) Shias are not muslims.

Q) What is the difference between Allahoumaigfirli and Astarfirullah? Which one is more powerful? 
A) Both ok. Both almost same meaning. O Allah, forgive me.

Q) Who are Shias and what are their beliefs? 
A) Shias believe that Hazrat Ali r.a. is the one who is the best amongst sahabas and that the imaamat of the ummah should be in his descendant. They believe that the Qur-aan is imcomplete and that 10 paras will be brought by the 12th Imaam soon.

Q) Is it permissible to donate blood?
A) Yes, permissible.

Q) You said to read ‘Allahoummar zouqni tayyiba, wasta`milni tayyiba’ to get the job which I want…How should this be read? Alone as a dhikr? In salaat? Plz specify… 
A) Read at tahajud times in ruku` and sajdahs.

Q) Is it islamic to invest in Gold? How about investing in Real Estate? 
A) Because Gold value keeps depreciating and investing in it means that the investor will make loss rather than profit!!!! Both investment Islamic. Real estate is more recommended though

Q) I intend to go to Canada with my family for immigration. What should i read to know if I have taken a wise decision for my family? What do you recommend? 
A) Do istikharah first. Then read Daily Allahoummaghfir li 1000 times.

Q) How do you interprete the crane crash in Mecca on 11.09.2015, the company named Ben Laden? Can it be seen as Allah’s anger?
A) I have written on the subject in the article : A call for concern and unity of the ummah. Read it on web.

Q) Mo ti p mank fajar pendant plisier jour lerla 1 jour mne rever bocu araigner p mars lor moi mais 1 la voix p dir moi pa peur zot inofencif sa, ki v dir sa?
A) Ena faiblesse physique. Guette ene docteur pou sa.

Q) We are Alhamdulillah 6 brothers and we have only one sister who is the youngest among us and about 7 years of age. We all love her a lot. I am newly married, and my problem is that my wife objects to my actions such as kissing my sister on her cheeks or forehead out of love or making her sit on my lap as well. Her point is that she is getting older and i should be avoiding such practices. Whats does shariah say on this matter and how should I be dealing with such problem. 
A) Diminish your cajoling…this is only jealousy that you will have to manage…but permissible until she gets about 9 years old.

Q) I have a 9 years old son & he is a hafiz coran of 10; Since we reached masjid first (most of the time) at Fajar time, is it permissible to give Azaan? Note that the President & all musallis are agreeable expect 1 committee member has requested me to confirm regarding my son’s age 
A) Since Azaan is an amanah, it is an important responsibility. So better wait until he is more mature. But still if he has given, then no need to regive.

Q) As from which age can our children (boys) go to Jamaat? 
A) 14 years

Q) From Ahadith I read that Rasoulullah Sallallahou alayhi wassallam has said he guarantees entry to Jannah for one who guards his tongue and private part from sin. Does it mean such a person when he dies a mu’min having stayed away from the above is guaranteed not to taste punishment of jahannam? What is the correct interpretation? Grateful for your guidance. I am asking this question because I have read that all Muslims will at some point be granted entry to Jannah on account of their imaan, but some only after passing through hell.
A) It means that the mu`min has guarantee, insha Allah, to die as a muslim. Because the holy prophet SAW is a guarantor of Jannah for that mu`min who controls his tongue and intimacy. There should always be a fear to die without imaan. Allah Ta`ala says: And let not you die except that you are muslims. The holy prophet SAW said that someone may be taking the whole journey on imaan, then on the last step, he did something kufr or so and lose imaan. Else it is an upgraded guarantee from the prophet SAW and may spare all azaab for that person. 

Q) According to scholars, when one has urine dribbling, one can use tissue layers in underwear to pray. I had this problem since Ramadan 2013 and coincidentally, my duas are not being accepted since Ramadan 2013. Are you sure this tissue solution is correct? 
A) Yes, any dripping of urine or blood should be tissued or cottoned so as to prevent it from spilling. Like a sickly person wear nappy and pray salaah in that nappy. But need to renew wouzu on each azaan time. If the dripping is not serious, then wait until it stops to pray salaah.

Q) In the morning, when I sleep after Fajr, my dreams are so lucid that I have the impression that it is real-life…But when I sleep at night, it is different…Do you know why? 
A) Because your sleep after fajr is lighter.

Q) Rouqiya for depression should be done after fard salaat…What should be done on Friday? Can I do Rouqiya for depression after Jummah Salaat because there is no Zuhr fard salaat at this time of the week? 
A) Can be done after every farz salaah. 

Q) To protect from eyes, you said “Read 3 times the last sourah and blow on your hands pass your hands over the body. perform this after fajr, maghrib and before sleep.” Instead of before sleep, can it be done after Isha? I sleep after Fajr in the morning. 
A) Yes, can be done.

Q) After farz salaat, I usually ask my personal dua because this when the dua is easily accepted…If I want to read the Rouqiya for depression, when should I do this? After my personal dua or before the personal dua? 
A) Before your duas, immediately after salaam.

Q) Can you please give me the tafseer for the below hadith: Abdullah bin ‘Amr bin Al-‘As RA reported: I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) saying, “When you hear the Adhan, repeat what the Mu’adhdhin says. Then ask Allah to exalt my mention because everyone who does so will receive in return ten rewards from Allah. Then beseech Allah to grant me Al-Wasilah, which is a high rank in Jannah, fitting for only one of Allah’s slaves; and I hope that I will be that man. If any one asks Al-Wasilah for me, it becomes incumbent upon me to intercede for him.” (Muslim) 
A) When someone read the du`as after azaan, then all this is achieved. You should click on the dua after azaan in masnoon duas section and you would read the translation there. The beloved prophet SAW requested us to read and duas for him to achieve the highest level in jannah and aakhirah.

Q) For long ejaculation you said eat grams. How to eat it, boiled or cooked or just soaked in water till spot comes? How & when to eat?
A) Eat daily in the morning. Breakfast.

Q) I had a look at Hajja Salaat online and I found info here: I compared the dua mentioned in it to the one you said. It’s different! Plz tell me which one is the correct one. 
A) There are lots of duas that have different formula due to different riwayats and source. As such, one may opt for anyone of them, as far they are not mawdoo`(invented hadith).

Q) I came across a “hadith” saying that if a people were not committing sins, Allah will replace them with another people which commits sins and will forgive them. It sounds contradictory because we are taught to keep away from sins. Please advise on the authenticity of the above and how it should be interpreted. 
A) The object of the hadith is the importance of tawbah. Not sinning. But tawbah.

Q) Can a hanafi do sajdah shukr? If yes, do we need wouzu for it? 
A) Yes, according to muhaqiqeen hanafi, since Abu Bakr and Umar r.a. did Sajdah Shukr during their khilafahs, the sajdah Shukr is permissible to be performed. Although it is better to perform 2 rakaats nafil shukr. 
Yes, wouzu is necessary for every kind of sajdah. Sajdah Shukr is to be with wouzou and turn towards Qiblah, then prostate in sajdah reading tasbeeh and duas.

Q) Is it permitted in Islam to make line (saff) in between pillars in masjid?
A) Yes, permissible. The reference is the hadith of Bukhari reported by hazrat Bilaal r.a. to Ibn Umar r.a. when in Conquest of Makkah, the prophet SAW prayed between two pillars in the Ka`bah. 

Q) I regularly receive messages from Jummah Mosque. Can you please explain the meaning of Igwarween Shareef? 
A) I looked in the Qur-aan and in the ahadiths and could not find any sahabah defining or performing Igwarween… 

Q) Any special dua to read when trying to conceive a baby with all good attributes (imaan, good manners, deen, etc) ? 
A) Rabbi hab li minassaliheen.

Q) A person follows the hanafi mazhab when he goes in a hanafi masjid and follows the shafi mazhab when going to a shafi masjid.
Is it right?
A) Its not right. Must choose only one mazhab. Should’nt change mazhab.

Q) Is menopause mentioned in the Quran and Hadith? How can women ease the symptons of menopause? 
A) It is a natural sequence of women and can be eased with natural medication like Soya milk and natural medication found at Mangue street, Port Louis. 

Q) Is the venom of snakes najis? They use it in some medecine.
A) First of all know that the status of snake according to fuqahas is alike to cats(Inayah). That is it is haraam to consume it, but because it stays in the house, then there is tolerance to them as far as their saliva is concerned. According to imaam Abu Hanifah and imaam Muhammad r.a., the mixture of saliva or rest over of a cat is makrooh tanzeehi(Shami). But according to imaam Abu Yousuf r.a., the rest over of a cat is not makrooh at all. He state his view basing on the hadith of Abu Dawood that hazrat Aisha r.a. asked the holy prophet SAW about the status of a food that the cat put its tongue and mouth in it. The holy prophet SAW replied:’’It is not impure. These are between those animals that stays around you in the house.’’ Hence shariah opens up a door of tolerance to these animals that stays around us including their rest overs. 
But imaam Abu Hanifah sees it complex because the saliva is derived from the flesh. And the flesh is haraam. And on the other side, there is permission from sunnah. As such he classifies it as Makrooh Tanzihi. If ever a cat drink or eat in a recipient, then if you are rich, better avoid it and throw it away. But if you are poor or lack water, then you may take out the portion near where it ate and may eat it. You may use the water if you are lacking water. 
But over here the venom of snakes are used as medecine and a necessity. As such basing on the necessity of the medecine, we may opt for the opinion of imaam Abu Yousuf who says that it is pure and consumable. As such it is permissible to take medecine containing venom. Wallahu A`lam. 
Note that Fuqahas considered those animals that you cannot stop them from penetrating the house like cat, rat, snake and the kind. And that dog is not considered between them. The saliva of dog is unanimously impure. In fact there is warning on those keeping dog as a pet and without necessity. 

Q) What does Ta`leem of Muntakhab at home mean? 
A) Read Muntakhab Ahadith, sold in Munir book shop, with family members. . 

Q) Does Monday night and Thursday night start on Sunday and Wednesday after maghrib respectively?
A) Yes. A day, in Islam, starts after the setting of the sun or maghrib time. 

Q) What has Rasoolullah Salllallahou Alayhi wasallam prescribed in terms of deeds to be performed to help us find light and help us to cross through the siraat bridge?
A) Strive for a strong imaan. This can only be attained by going out in the path of Allah. 

Q) I love the name mikaeel. can i name my baby mikaeel? 
A) Avoid. Choose other names like prophet names. We have a name book on web.

Q) Eski li bon pou lire Hizbul Azam? Hizbul Bahr? Et Dailailul Khayrat? 
A) Si possible ene reponse pou sak livre individuelle. JazakAllaah khayr Oui, tous sa la li ok, mais meilleur lire banne masnoon duas. Masnoon veut dire ce qui trouve dans Qur-aan ou dans hadith de Rasouloullah SAW.

Q) What happens to the soul of someone who commits suicide?
A) It will go to normal trend, in barzakh. Either to Illiyeen or Sijjeen.

Q) Is it true that Allah is always on His Throne in the seventh sky? 
A) No. It is not proper to describe Allah Ta`ala on the throne, limited by body and place.

Q) I have no brother. I got married and my husband lived together with my parents. My little sister aged 16yrs wants to accompany me and my husband for umrah.Can she? 
A) No, she can`t. 

Q) What dua can parents read for their children to succeed in academic studies and to choose a right career? 
A) Rabbi hab li minas saliheen. Hazrat Suleiman`s mother used to councel him to wake up for tahajud if he wanted to be affluent in dunya.

Q) Is it true that if you see a woman (you are a man), your wudu is nullified? 
A) No. 

Q) If a lizard walks on your feet, does your wudu become invalid? 
A) No.

Q) About fasting…If Sehri end time is 05:18..What is the last time to eat sehri if I want to fast? 05:18 or 05:17? Is it a sin if I still have food in my mouth at 05:18? Or should I finish eating by 05:17? 
A) You should finish eating and brushing your teeth at latest 5:07. 

Q) Can we take pictures of trees,cars, the sea etc (non-living things)?
A) Yes. Permissible.

Q) What is the importance of mazhab in islam? Why we are not allowed to change mazhab? 
A) Because you don’t play with the religion of Allah. We are prescribed to be obedient, docile and easy.

Q) I dreamt that a woman is inviting me to commit zina but i refused her. What does it mean?
A) Stay away from temptations. Get married if you not married yet. Fast on Monday and Thursday.

Q) I adopted a hindu new born baby and gave her an islamic name. Can i give her my name? 
A) Yes, permissible. I recommend that the wife gives her milk from her breast. Nowadays we have medication for that. This would prevent the complication of mahram tomorrow. Else know that the child is not your child. Hence she will not inherit you except what you have given her as gift during your lifetime and will of one third of your wealth. 

Q) Is there a sadaqaah for big sins except istighfaar? 
A) Yes. The holy prophet SAW said: ”Sadaqah appease the wrath of Allah.”

Q) There is lots of black ants in my house. What does it means? 
A) Nothing. You may get rid of them if they are a nuisance. You may read ayah 18 of sourah 27 and blow on them. 

Q) Can woman use bleach cream on face?
A) Permissible if done with natural colours of the face.

Q) Can we name a baby girl mariyah? 
A) Avoid this name. Put other pure muslim names. Find them on the web. 

Q) How thick can a prayer mat be ? what is the maximum thickness? 
A) The thickness that sajdah is ok. That is the face should not be hidden in it.

Q) My son will finish school next year InshaAllah. What dua can I recite so that my son chooses a career which is best for him? 
A) Read this dua: Allahoumma alhimhou marashida oumourihi wa arizhou min shourouri nafsahou. 

Q) Is it advisable to send children (boys) to study in European countries? Which country you would advise school leavers (boys) to go for further studies? 
A) Better send them to Pakistan, Malaysia or India.

Q) I am a married woman and have 2 children. I dreamt that I am getting married and was wearing a white dress. Interpretation plz. 
A) There will be a happy event soon insha Allah. In fact the most happy moments are moments that we follow the sunnah of Nabi SAW the most. Please improve your closeness to the prophet SAW by waking up to Tahajud and be more careful on your clothing, being more covered progressively. 

Q) I dream I kill my son.What is the meaning? He is less than 5 and he was ill.
A) It seems to us that you are giving too much of medication to him. You should rather use natural medication given in Qur-aan and sunnah for his early development. One may text on +23057921333 for more details.

Q) Can you please give me reference of the ayat Qur’an or hadith where it state oral sex and masturbation is haraam. Need to show same to a friend of mine.
A) During oral sex, semen is swallowed. Semen is impure and haraam. 
And the holy prophet SAW said that the one who masturbate, his hand would be pregnant on the day of qiyamah.

Q) Can we perform breathing exercises for weight loss?
A) Yes, permissible without Yoga or music.

Q) Can a muslim woman wear anklet?? 
A) Yes, without it making sound.

Q) Like any other girl, I also want to have a pious life partner. However, I am too shy to discuss this with my parents. Is there any dua (if possible with translation please)? 
A) Read Allahoummaghfirli 1000 times daily. O Allah forgive me.

Q) Do you advise muslim families to immigrate to Canada? 
A) No. The deeni environment in Mauritius is better.

Q) Is it advisable to send children in Canada for further studies? 
A) Better to Malaysia, Pakistan or India.

Q) Please translate Rabbi hab li minas saliheen.
A) O Allah grant me pious progeny.

Q) Is it true that resurrection of all human beings will be done at Arafat? 
A) No, in Jerusalem.

Q) Muslim weddings in mauritius are mixed gatherings, can I not attend such weddings even if it is a wedding of my close relative? 
A) You cannot attend. Go visit the relative at home before marriage and explain to them your difficulty to come to such weddings.

Q) As I don’t have sex experience, I want to know how to delay in discharging? as I will marry soon I fear that I may discharge too fast. is it permissible to take pills or what are the remedy? 
A) Permissible, not advisable. Take milk with egg yolk, honey, dates and za`fran daily. Eat chick peas (gram) daily and do physical exercises like walking or swimming. 

Q) Any hadith about wearing “bonnet”?
A) Yes, plenty of Ahadiths in Bukhari and Tirmizi on that the sahabahs had bonnet under their imamah. In fact imamah was the dress of man`s head.

Q) Is it persmissible to listen to Nasheed for e.g from Mishary Alafasy? 
A) They are ok when no musical instrument used.

Q) When one is eating and some food, such as ‘liquid’ egg, falls on the person’s clothes, does the person’s clothes become nampak?
A) No. Egg is paak.

Q) What should I do if I go to Jummah and while sitting down, I pee in my pants? Should I stay to offer Jummah even though my salat would be invalid, then pray Dhuhr when I return home? Or is it a sin if I stay to offer Jummah salat because I am not clean?
A) You should at once stand up and get out of the shar`ee masjid. Go to the toilet and clean yourself if possible. If not, then one should go home and clean himself and then if Jum`ah finished, one should pray Zohr.

Q) Can you please speak with the ulamas from arab speaking countries to speak with their people about not harassing muslim women and to solve problems by using shariah law?
A) Insha Allah, we will.

Q) Can I wear anklet with sound in privacy? 
A) Yes, not in public.

Q) Can I give food as sadaqa to someone who works at my place? 
A) Yes. 

Q) During JUMMAH time your wife wants to have sex with you. what should one do: (1): Go and Pray (2): Satisfy your wife for fear her committing zina?
A) Go pray your Jum`ah salaah. If you have time to satisfy her before that, then do it. Else do it after Jum`ah. If she can`t hold herself, then take her with you and make her stand outside until you finish Jum`ah.

Q) Why do we say salam when entering the Qabrastan? Does the murda hear and reply?
A) Our Prophet Muhammad (saw) has instructed us to do salam when entering the qabrastan. But only Allah can make them hear. According to some ahadith, they hear the footsteps of people walking.

Q) Is it true that ‘Attahiyat’, the dua which we repeat in our daily prayers, is part of conversation between Allah and our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW? 
A) Yes, some tafseer say so. But the beloved prophet SAW taught sahabah Attihiyyat to be read in salaah as he taught them sourahs.

Q) I joined a company in July 2013, with a condition that I need to pursue my studies, which the company would finance. Afterwards, I would need to work for one year (12 months) with them after completing my studies, else I will have to pay back the amount invested in my studies. Actually, I completed those studies in June 2014 and worked with them for 9 months and left because of very poor working conditions. They have never claimed the Rs. 60,000 invested in my studies, but as a matter of conscience, and being aware of the severity of debt in Islam; I would like to know if I should return them the full amount, since I had an agreement with them.
A) Yes, you should return whatever was agreed between you and them. The Qur-aan says:”And complete your agreements”.. 
Q) Is it true that we should not cut or sew (either paper or cloth) during magrib and night time? I have heard that this reduces rozi. Or is there any time when cutting or sewing is prohibited.
A) Not true. Nothing prescribed as per shariat.

Q) Is it obligatory or sunnat to prepare halwa for fateha for shabe baraat? or its just a tradition? can we do it with just somthing sweet like dates? 
A) Nothing sunnah on food on that day. 

Q) Quand la fille meure avant son père a t’elle droit a héritage en islam?
A) Non, elle n`heritera pas son père.

Q) Eski hanafi, shafei, malikietc ti existe dans l’epoque Rasoulloullah SAW? 
A) Non. Mais ti ena banne meme divergence entre sahabas. Et personne pas finne maltraitre kikene a cause sa banne divergence la. 

Q) According to a Hadith, the time between the 2 kutbas of Jummah is the time when duas are easily accepted? When is this time exactly? Also, if one asks dua during this period, can the person raise his hand and ask dua as usual? 
A) No one knows when is the accepted time on the day of Jum`ah. So one should not raise hands between two khutbahs for dua as it is not sunnah. Yes, one may ask dua in the heart between two khutbahs. Khutbah time, one is prohibited to talk, read salaah. And to tell someone to stay quiet also is prohibited. In fact the hadiths shows us that it is prohibited to put the finger on the mouth indicating someone to stay quiet,. If one does any of these actions or play with the cloth, then the sawaab of Jum`ah is lost. Read more in the book on Importance of Jum`ah on the web.

Q) I saw a coulevre in the room that i pray. is it normal or its a jinn? because i heard jinn comes in form of coulevre.
A) Announce that coulevre to ”On the name of Allah, leave the house” 3 times. If it does not react, then you may kill it.

Q) When I make dua, if I miss the part where I say the durood after I praise Allah, what should I do? 
A) Say it afterwards, when you remember.

Q) If you pee in your pants while praying and you still carry on praying, you are committing a sin. However, what happens if you peed in your pants (a small drop) but you are not aware? Is it still a sin? 
A) Yes, this is a major sin and kufr! Because reading salaah needs purity and wouzu. Continuing salaah without wouzu is kufr! You should break the salaah and go wash yourself and the cloth, then redo wouzu to do salaah.

Q) Any special dua to secceed in exams ?
A) Yes, read tahajjud, read Rabbi zidni `ilma in Sajdah of nafils and also read ”Allahoumma laa sahla illa ma ja`altahu sahlaa wa anta taj`alul hazana sahla iza shi-ta.

Q) I dreamt a beautiful baby girl and in the dream itself after some times my sister told me that the baby has died?what is the interpretation..The baby is unknown to me.
A) Wealth will come to you insha Allah

Q) I would like to know everything about katam. Why people do it? 
A) It is a tradition not sunnah.

Q) What should we do for ours duas to be accepted?
A) Eat that which is halal and pure. Don’t take anyone’s wealth. Stay away from harming and opressing others. Have fikr (worry) for your brother’s guidance. 

Q) Any special dua to secceed in exams ?
A) Yes, read tahajjud, read Rabbi zidni `ilma in Sajdah of nafils and also read ”Allahoumma laa sahla illa ma ja`altahu sahlaa wa anta taj`alul hazana sahla iza shi-ta.

Q) How thick can a prayer mat be ? what is the maximum thickness? 
A) The thickness that sajdah is ok. That is the face should not be hidden in it. 

Q) I have dreamt that one of my colleagues is trying to do harm to me. What does this dream mean and what shall I read to be protected from her? 
A) Do not eat anything offered by her. read daily morning, evening and at night: 3 last surahs of Quraan. Blow on your hands and pass over your body. Do this 3 times. Read ayatul kursi after each salaah. 
intention of sawaab.

Q) I want to put a big frame of Bismillah irRahman irRaheem in arabic letters on the wall in my bed room just over my head. Is it allowed? 
A) Allowed. Not recommended.

Q) I heard that to reverse hair loss, one can read Surah Fatiha 7 times, blow on your palms and wipe them over the entire head after every fardh salah. Is this true? 
A) Not sunnah. Can be done discreetly when alone.

Q) Is the sawab for reading Quran from the mobile equal to the one of the hard copy? 
A) Yes, but the book form is better. Mobile also permissible. Need to have wouzu if touching the Arabic text of Qur-aan.

Q) Can a mother kiss his married son on his lips? 
A) In our context, no.

Q) Can we perform breathing exercises for weight loss? 
A) Yes, permissible without Yoga or music.

Q) Is it true that the Name “Ahle sunnat wal Jamat” was mentioned by Nabi (SAW). Is it found in Tafseer Ibn Katheer of Ayat 106 of Surah Al Imran? 
A) The wording Ahle sunnah wal jama`ah comes from the wordings of the hadith that the beloved prophet SAW said: ”MA Ana `alahi wa ashabi”. That is all group will go astray except those following sunnah and sahabas` way. So Ahle sunnah means the people who follow the beloved prophet SAW. Al Jam`ah means the froup of sahabas r.a.

Q) Is musical instruments allowed in islam. if yes or no, is there any hadith to support it. Are we allowed to listen to music ?
A) No musical instrument allowed. The beloved prophet SAW said: ”I have ordered to destroy musical instruments…”(Ahmad, Tabrani)

قَالَ رَسُولُ اللهِ صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ: ” إِنَّ اللهَ بَعَثَنِي رَحْمَةً لِلْعَالَمِينَ وَهُدًى لِلْعَالَمِينَ، وَأَمَرَنِي رَبِّي بِمَحْقِ الْمَعَازِفِ وَالْمَزَامِيرِ وَالْأَوْثَانِ وَالصُّلُبِ

Q) Please teach me a sunnah dua for protection against the suffering of the sakraat ul maut and to have a good and non violent death 
A) Give sadaqah often. And read this dua 25 times daily: Allahoumma barik lana fil maut wa fima ba`dal maut.

Q) Does each person has a star and that star is linked to his life on earth? Does this exist in Islam?
A) No. It is haram and shirk to think like that.

Q) Any duah to fall pregnant ? 
A) Yes, go in jamaat with your husband. Then continue read this du`a: Rabbi habli minassaliheen. Tell your husband to stay in touch with us.

Q) If a cosmetic product contains alcohol can i use it?
A) Permissible if synthetic alcohol. 

Q) Can we sell crosses, idols etc ? 
A) No.

Q) Sometimes people are bullyed and they commit suicide because of the moral harassment….Will Allah punish them for their suicide? 
A) Yes. Should have made the following dua if completely despondent: 

Quand fine degoute la vie ou envie mort

أَللّهُمَّ أَحْيِنِىْ مَا كَانَتِ الْحَيَاةُ خَيْرًا لِّى وَتَوَفَّنِىْ إِذَا كَانَتِ الْوَفَاةُ خَيْرًا لِّى 

Allahoumma aHyini maa kaanatil Hayaatu khairan lee wa tawaf fani izaa kaanatil wafaatou khairan lee. 

O Allah ! Laisse moi en vie tanq qui la vie meilleur pour moi et donne moi la mort quand la mort meilleur pour moi. (Bukhari)

Q) If a person commits adultery, can he ask for forgiveness with Allah. is this sin forgivable?
A) Yes, adultery is a major sin, but if sincere tawbah is done, then it will be forgiven insha Allah. 

Q) Can we use hairgel?
A) Gel permissible if water goes through it. Oil is ok. But if it prevents water from going inside, then not permissible.

Q) What to do with broken hair in the comb or hair which falls out?
A) Must burry it.

Q) I am from Mumbai. Please advice on halal means of investment. I have heard about national pension scheme system. Is it ok to invest in this scheme? 
A) Please take advice from local ulamas on the issue. 

Q) Is there any physical description of Allah in the Quran?
A) No. But He is Nur (Light). He has enlighten the skies, the world, everywhere.

Q) Can a wife hit her hubby?
A) No. This is haraam.

Q) Should I wash both my blankets when I have a wet dream? 
A) No. Wash only where sperm fell.

Q) When we ask dua, can we visualise Allah as a light? If not how should we see Allah when asking duas? 
A) Rather think of the sifat or qualities of Allah Ta`ala. One may think of good for Allah Ta`ala. 

Q) I wish to read the English and Creole versions of the Quran. Which authors would you recommend? 
A) The Noble Qur-aan by Mufti Taqi Usmani.

Q) Should I love others more than I love myself? 
A) No. Love Allah and his prophet SAW more than anyone else and yourself. Look after the parents very well.

Q) Is there a dua in sunnah I can read to regrow my hair? 
A) Read 3 times the last sourah and blow on your hands and then pass your hands on your scalp. Do this 3 times. And perform this after fajr, maghrib and before sleep. Do patient and use oils on your scalp.

Q) Is it permissible to leave clothes hanging on the line whole night?
A) Yes permissible. Read Bismillah and then hang.

Q) What is Sifat? 
A) Qualities. 

Q) My son is 3 year & daughter is 6 years both are doing mischief very much any dua for that?
A) Read daily in the morning and blow on them: Urouzukuma bikalimatillahit taamati min kulli shaitaanin wa min kulli `ainin laamatin.

Q) Would like to know if a woman who is 50 years old and is diabetic and is not fit to have baby is pregnant, is ‘curtage’ allowed in this case ? 
A) Yes, if Dr Ghanty of Desforges street diagnose so. 

Q) Please translate Allahoummaghfir li. In which situation should we read this dua? 
A) O Allah, forgive me. Can be read anytime.

Q) Can Muslims practice yoga? 
A) No. It is a meditation exercise invented by and performed by hindu rituals. 

Q) Is it a gunah for a bachelor to watch porn movies ?
A) Yes. A major sin. This is a sickness and should be remedied with nikah, staying in the masjid and reading lot of Qur-aan.

Q) There is a website Do you think it is a good website to read quran in different languages? 
A) Not acquainted to it. 

Q) I know somebody who has jinn on him…sometimes, the jinn comes into his possession and he speaks with a different voice…The jinn seems to be good jinn because they get angry when non-islamic things happen. Is it ok to have good jinn in oneself? 
A) No. Should get rid of it..

Q) What happens to the ‘ruh’ (soul) of someone who sleeps? 
A) The Qur-aan says that it leaves the body and it is in complete possession of Allah Ta`ala. Some of them dies because Allah Ta`ala did not return the ruh. If you sleep with wouzu, it goes to make sajdah in front of Allah Ta`ala.

Q) What is the simplest darood…?? 
A) Sallallahou alaihi wasallam.

Q) What is the simplest way to praise Allah before duah…?? 
A) Alhamdulillah.

Q) What is the simplest way to ask duah….?? 
A) Read Alhamdulillah, then salallahou `alaihi wasallam. Then ask dua. Finish with Alhamdulillah and sallallahou alaihi wasallam.

Q) How to communicate effectively and be intelligent and wise?
A) Go in jamaat for 4 months.

Q) How should one ask dua in sajdah? 
A) In Arabic and in nafils only.

Q) How to be imbued with a joy of living? 
A) Look at those who do not have what favours you have. Then keep thanking Allah Ta`ala.

Q) Is there a dua for our life long development please? 
A) Yes. Keep doing salaah and good family ties. Go in the path of Allah (jamaat) time to time.

Q) I asked dua during Ramadan and Allah accepted my duas, Alhamdilillah!! I want to do special salaat to thank Allah…how should I proceed? 
A) Read 2 rakaats in non makrooh times and read Alhamdulillah bini`matihi tatimmus salihaat.
Q) Where does the rooh of a person goes when he is asleep?
A) By Allah. If made wudhu before sleeping then the soul makes sajdah in front of Allah.

Q) Can i consume pills that can delay my menstrual to go spa? 
A) No. Spa is not a necessity, but a luxe. But the pills may be used when necessary.

Q) I read about being closest to Allah in sadjdah. Does that mean i can make any duas after saying subhanarabbiyalaala. 
A) Only in tahajjud and only Arabic duas.

Q) I read that making istighfaar a lot helps a person have a better life. Does that mean making zikr like this: astaghfirullah al aliyyalazeem. Or istighfaar can be otherwise also? Whats the best way. 
A) Allahoummagh firli is the best.

Q) What’s the method of asking dua through the intermediary of Nabi (saw)?
A) O Allah, through the barkat of Rasoolullah (saw), accept my duas.

Q) At what time should one read kalima and should it be every single day. 
A) One can read any time. Good if read 100 times daily. Else recommended before sleep.

Q) Can a newborn baby see before 40 days? 
A) Yes.

Q) What is the dua for someone where by suffering from jinns? 
A) Shoudl read Manzil and blow over him.

Q) Can a mother buy stuff for her baby with money which she received as gift (for the baby)? Or must she keep it? Is it allowed to buy jewellery with the money for the baby?
A) If money is given objectively to please parents, and normally it is like that, then may spend as wish. If objectively, the child, then as wali, they may invest in gold. But should spend to benefit the child only.

Q) Whatever gifts a baby receives, or whatever the parents buy for her, e.g. a dress. Can they give it away when she becomes bigger? Or must they wait for her permission until she becomes baaligh?
A) Can be given away. Maqsood are parents not children. But if the maqsood is the child objectively, then should wait.

Q) If there is no one to look after a woman’s parents, can she bring them by her husband’s house? What if the husband refuses? What should be done?

Q) Is it OK to sleep nude? Science says it is good for the health? 
A) Not ok. It is against haya and imaan to sleep nude.

Q) Dua to be loved by Banii Adams?
A) Do actions constantly to please Allah Ta`ala. Then avoid sins. You would be loved by Allah first, then the angels and then finally by people.

Q) Please give me a wazifa or dua for having a baby girl and dua for barakat and success in work.
A) Read lot of Allahoummaghfirl.

Q) What are the Benefits of Istighfaar? 
A) Forgiveness of sins, solution of all problems and proximity to Allah Ta`ala.

Q) What is the ruling on women wearing high heels and what about high heels sound? 
A) It is not permissible to wear such heals that create sharp sound whilst walking. Allah Ta`ala says in the Qur-aan: ‘’And let them not stamp their feet to make known what they conceal of their adornment.’’(24:31)

Q) My daughter is pregnant. What would you recommend to read during pregnancy. 
A) Read sourah maryam. Eat dates and drink milk. Melon and pineapple are beneficial.

Q) How do I protect my family and my house from jinns? 
A) Read Qur-aan aloud at home.

Q) What is the rules concerning a child standing in the first saff, according to hadith?
A) Makrooh. Hadith of Abu Dawood says that children used to be at the back completely.

Q) When somebody kills a person and goes to prison, will he still pay for this crime after death? 
A) Yes, unless tawbah done.

Q) What do u think about Khutbah in creole ? 
A) It is a bid`ah and against the established sunnah. Please read the book on Jum`ah on web to find detailed explanation on the subject. 

Q) What are the benefits of doing cupping? Is this scientifically proven?
A) It is sunnah. Enough to do it. the beloved prophet SAW said that there is lots of remedy in it. 

Q) Because some people are jealous of my acheivements, I sometimes lie to them to protect me from their ‘eyes’. For e.g, when I get top grades, 90% in my university courses, I say to them I got only, say 67%. Is this haraam? 
A) Rather talk with ambiguity or ”parabole” ….”Pas mal…”

Q) Is it ok if a child wears taveez (yaseen or any other dua) while going to toilet or should she remove it. 
A) Ok if closed in a cloth. 

Q) What islam says about parents. We all have learnt that we must not say ouff to our parent when they request us to do something. But what if the request is against all members of the family. Is it permissible to denigrate someone just for the sake of our parents? What if the request is in the first instance not agreeable by me?
A) Not permissible to denigrate someone unjustly because of anyone, be it parents. You need to keep good ties also with all members of the family. Shariah prescribed limits to obedience of parents when there is disobedience to Allah Ta`ala. As such you should contact a alim on the issue. One option is contact or sms us the issue privately on 57921333. 

Q) What is to be done if napak water falls on quranic ayat by mistake?
A) Wash it off. Then dry it. Do it 3 times. 

Q) Do muslim have the right to do meditation ? 
A) Yes, on Allah Ta`ala and ponder upon his greatness and His creation.

Q) Is it allowed in islam to do full body waxing? From your fatwa, I understood that we can expose the body till the navel only.
A) It is unethical to do body waxing. Permissible though. Yes, you cannot expose the area between navel and knees during waxing. Hence you should do your own waxing that part of the body. 

Q) Can you please tell me the hadith that states when you visit a relative do not stay for long hours, hurry to go home? 
A) We know a hadith a hadith that says do not prolong your visit by a sick. The one mentioned is not according to our knowledge. But humanly speaking, then one should not annoy anyone.

Q) I want more children but my husband doesn’t. what should we do? 
A) Space 4 years between the children. Wait and make dua for him to understand. 

Q) My father wants me to, one day, become a manager of a big company to make him proud…If I strive for this, will this please Allah? 
A) Yes, mix also this in your ambition: to serve the community.

Q) Is it true that we should write ‘In Shaa Allah’ instead of ‘InshaAllah’ as the meanings are not the same? 
A) No. Nothing such. One should pronounce it properly

Q) Any islamic meaning of having bruises on legs without having being knocked with something? i heard it may be jinns… is it true? 
A) No. May be you are itching yourself during sleep. 

Q) Cote preuve ki bizin donne deux la main quand faire musafahah ? 
A) So preuve dans Bukhari ki Rasouloullah SAW ti mettre so deux la main entre la main de Ibn Mas`ood. Aussi imaam Bukahri finne amene athar ki banne grands ulamas dans troisieme generation ti pe donne deux la mains : 


بَاب الْأَخْذِ بِالْيَدَيْنِ وَصَافَحَ حَمَّادُ بْنُ زَيْدٍ ابْنَ الْمُبَارَكِ بِيَدَيْهِ حَدَّثَنَا أَبُو نُعَيْمٍ حَدَّثَنَا سَيْفٌ قَالَ سَمِعْتُ مُجَاهِدًا يَقُولُ حَدَّثَنِي عَبْدُ اللَّهِ بْنُ سَخْبَرَةَ أَبُو مَعْمَرٍ قَالَ سَمِعْتُ ابْنَ مَسْعُودٍ يَقُولُ عَلَّمَنِي رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ وَكَفِّي بَيْنَ كَفَّيْهِ التَّشَهُّدَ كَمَا يُعَلِّمُنِي السُّورَةَ مِنْ الْقُرْآنِ التَّحِيَّاتُ لِلَّهِ وَالصَّلَوَاتُ وَالطَّيِّبَاتُ السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكَ أَيُّهَا النَّبِيُّ وَرَحْمَةُ اللَّهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

Q) Can we make wudhu in wash basin found in a toilet? 
A) Yes, if it is clean.

Q) How many sajdas we have to make when reading Quran and how will we know when to make them? 
A) 14 sajdahs we have. Written by the ayah when to make sajdah. 
Ayats requiring sajdah tilawat:
Surah Al A’Raf (7) Ayat 206 
Surah Al Ra’d (13) Ayat 15 
Surah Al Nahl (16) Ayat 50 
Surah Bani Israil (17) Ayat 109 
Surah Maryum (19) Ayat 58 
Surah Al Haj (22) Ayat 18 
Surah Al Haj (22) Ayat 77 (Shafi) 
Surah Al Farqan (25) Ayat 60
Surah Al Naml (27) Ayat 26 
Surah As Sajdah (32) Ayat 15 
Surah Sa’d (38) Ayat 24 (Hanafi) 
Surah Hamim Sajdah (41) Ayat 38
Surah Al Najam (53) Ayat 62 
Surah Inshiqaq (84) Ayat 21 
Surah Al Alaq (96) Ayat 19 

Q) I wanted to know if it is permissible to talk in the bathroom not having the toilet. where only shower take place. if i talked for important info only. or by mistke. is it a crime. i read many place its not an issue and that important talk can take place like asking for water or towel but not unecessary husband acts hysterical with me , he doesnt allow a single word and acts harsh. i think there is much more important to learn and follow than this.but he makes an issue with that and i dont find any sense in that. what is right and wrong.
A) A few necessary words are tolerated even in toilets.

Q) Are we allowed to read Quran during Zawaal time? What time is it recommended NOT to read Quran? 
A) Yes. No such time

Q) What is douroud? 
A) Read Salaat and salaam on Nabi SAW. Sallallahou alaihi wasallam is a small douroud. Douroud Ibrahim that we read in salaah is the douroud that the prophet SAW most liked. 

Q) What duas can be read so that we are protected from the harm and loss that people can cause to us? 
A) Read the last 3 sourahs after Fajr, after Maghrib and before Sleeping. Read also ayatul kursi.

Q) Is it a sin if unintentionally I have not done sajda for an Ayat that required sajda tilawat?
A) In salaah, yes. But read astaghfirullah 3 times. Outside salaah, then you may do sajdah another time.

Q) Why not greet non muslims? 
A) One should be polite and greet them kindly without salaam.

Q) A person wisedh before dying that so an so person should perform my janaza salat. What to do?
A) A person`s wish or wasiyat of janazah should be followed. 

Q) Is it allowed to burn a qur’an in good condition since we are not using it? Got them as gifts. 
A) No. Give it to us. We will send where needed.

Q) When Isa A.S comes back to earth which mazhab will he follow? 
A) He will tolerate whatever the mazhab people are following. The beloved prophet SAW tolerated different opinions of sahabas in front of him.

Q) Can we read masnoon dua from the book without wazu. Can we also read dua from the book during periods?
A) Yes. Yes. But do not touch the Quraan Arabic text.

Q) Is Astaghfaar also a form of zikr or just a method to erase minor sins? 
A) A zikr that erases sins. Can do istighfaar for others also. Allahoumaghfirlahou.

Q) What is better to give as sadaqa? Food or money ?
A) Better to give money. So that with money, one may buy whatever necessities needed. 

Q) How can woman in the state of haiz pass the night of shabe baraat? 
A) By reading duas and zikrullah. Mainly it is to ask forgiveness. As such one may read this dua: Allahoummah innaka Afouwoun kareemoun,tuhibbul `afwa fa`fu `anni.

Q) Is masjid al aqsa and bait ul muqaddas the same. What about dome of the rock ?
A) Yes same. But the dome is not the masjid.

Q) Can we name a muslim baby girl – Taymiyyah?
A) No. Put rather Taslimah. It is better to put names that sound instantly muslims than putting names that will need research for us to know it is muslim 

Q) Any dua to get richer ? 
A) Yes, read tahajud salaah daily, read in sajdah in there: Allahoummagh firli 5 times. Then acquit all rights of parents and families. Also go out in the path of Allah.

Q) I forgot all my arabic knowledge and feel awkward since i feel i lack something. I want to learn arabic again to be able to read the Quran. Where can i learn arabic? 
A) Please phone on 57921333 to direct you to your gender course nearby. 

Q) Can one sponsor or organise a walima for somebody? 
A) Yes, permissible. Q) A daughter whose father passed away does she also have to sit for iddat. if yes how long? 
A) No iddat for daughter.

Q) What dua should one read to protect oneself before opening an envelope or gift from someone who practices ‘sorcellerie”? 
A) Read the last 3 sourahs 3 times each time blowing on there.

Q) In shariat how long can a married woman leave her husband when visiting? 
A) Shariah prescribe a weekly visit to father and mother only. It is prescribed only to do a ”visit” and not to stay. A visit of one or two hours weekly is sufficient. Unless she need to look after them. Else she will need permission for staying.

Q) Is smoking cigarette haraam? Because smoking cigarette don’t break wazu.
A) Not haraam, makrooh.

Q) If a father commits zina is it a curse for his daughters .Will they be punished for his sin? 
A) No. No gunah done by parents would be supported by children. Allah Ta`ala said: ”No one would lift the load(sins) of someone else.” (6:164) 

Q) My wife plucks her eye brows. She says the hair grows longer and also she is doing it for me. Only when i’m out of country she doesn’t do it. How can i stop her?
A) Plucking eye brows for aesthetics and beauty purposes is haraam and not permissible. But if it grows thick like men, then she is allowed to trim to that extent to effeminise the eye brows, nothing more. The holy prophet SAW cursed the person who trims eye brows, space between teeth, to put fake hair, etc. (Muslim) 

Q) When one committs suicide, does his soul wander around (i.e. it doesn’t go by Allah)? 
A) No. This is not true. If Allah didn’t forgive him, he will go to Sijjeen. 

Q) Is it permissible to buy consumable goods from a supermarket where wine and and loto are being sold?
A) Yes.

Q) I have a 7 year child who has phobias of blood, crowd & ors. I have been advised to consult a ‘Hypno Therapist’. I want to know whether this method (hypno therapy) is halaal? Is there any du’ah or aamaal that can be performed to rid of these phobias?
Note: A hypnotherapist: “Induces hypnotic state in client to increase motivation or alter behavior patterns: Consults with client to determine nature of problem. Prepares client to enter hypnotic state by explaining how hypnosis works and what client will experience. Tests subject to determine degree of physical and emotional suggestibility. Induces hypnotic state in client, using individualized methods and techniques of hypnosis based on interpretation of test results and analysis of client’s problem. May train client in self-hypnosis conditioning.”
A) According to these definition, it seems permissible to choose such treatments.

Q) Can a raped girl marry ?
A) Yes. 

Q) My 3year old son keeps on urinating in his pants, at night even when wearing diaper it leaks. When he wants to urinate he can’t wait and he messes his boxer.! what Duah can I read on him? 
A) Before he sleeps, read the 3 last ayahs of sourah Baqarah and also 3 last sourah and blow on him. If persists, then let us know. 

Q) I have a son of Six years old, he started learning surah lately so now he wanted to lead me during my salah at home. is this permissble in islam? 
A) Not permissible. A child cannot lead an adult in prayer. 

Q) If my penis is too small & I cannot satisfy my wife sexually, can I undergo surgical intervention to elongate the penis? 
A) No. It is not permissible to do so. 

Q) My dad passed away last monday, 01.12.14. My brother’s daughter is getting married on the 08th of january 2015, kindly advise of my mum. Can she attend the wedding even if she is still in her iddat?
A) No she can`t.

Q) Is oral sex allowed?
A) No.

Q) Is it haraam to go to UK to work instead of working in Mauritius? 
A) No. Permissible.

Q) Should we do rafulyadayn? 
A) No. Hazrat Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali r.a. did not do. 

Q) What is the dua for making intention of nafil ‘itikaaf?
A) Nawaytul `Itikaaf.

Q) Where can we buy ithmid surma in Mauritius? What are the benefits of putting on ithmid? 
A) Buy in Makkah. It improves eye sight and make the eyes beautiful. 

Q) I saw on Jum forum that ur certificate is not reliable. What is happening? Who to trust? 
A) This is not shariah. Shariah accepts even a simple muslim with knowledge`s testimony(Shami, Hidaya). You should ask them which fiqh book they are following. We are following this protocol and hence accept Jum and JM also. Halaal is a great work and we need them to enlarge the halaal certification. Finally the public would benefit. This is the meaning of the hadith that the holy prophet SAW said: ”Difference of opinion of my ummah is a Rahmat and a blessing.” 

Q) Does a women have to wear a niqab?
A) Yes, it is compulsory for a lady to wear the niqab. You may read the article ”La democracie du voile” on the web. 

Q) I usually dream “a dog is coming to bite me”.What does this mean? 
A) Enemy. 

Q) Do we have the right to stand and do salam in Islam?
A) No need. 

Q) What dua should we read to have a baby boy? 
A) Rabbi hab li minas saliheen. 

Q) I found my 3yr old son with his hands in his boxer while sleeping and smiling, is it normal? 
A) Ok, take it out and put him on the right hand side on the sunnah posture. Someone is unaware when sleeping.

Q) Is it true that a girl after her first menstruation or haiz should not go out side for three months?
A) Not true.

Q) Can we read stories from Quran book during period. Also my daughter will be going to school from this year where she has a subject of Islamic studies in which Islamic events are explained in story form. Can touch and read such type of books during period? 
A) Yes. But if ever there is Arabic Qur-aan text, then do not touch the Arabic text. 

Q)a) It is permissible to make masah on shoes? 
b. And is it permissible to pray in shoes? In the case like I’m an Engineering student…so we wear heavy safety shoes most of the time.
c. In the case wiping over shoes is prohibited; then can we wipe over socks and put on the shoes and pray in them?
A) a. No. 
b. No.  
c. No. You may wear mozas on complete wouzu and then make massah whole day on them. 

Q) a. What is the maslah over wiping over socks? 
b. We don’t have a prayer room on campus. Can we wipe over thick cotton socks that water don’t enter easily? 
c. Or is it restricted to leather socks only? 
d. What is the Hanafi view upon that? 
A) a. We cannot do massah on any kind of socks except the one with leather also called mozah. There is sealskin kind of sock that is impermeable and permissible for sock massah.
b. No. 
c. Only leather, yes. 
d. Clear only on those socks that is impermeable, can walk a few kilometres with it and do not allow entrance of dusts.

Q) A girl is newly converted muslim, she loves a muslim boy and he also does, can they marry secretly? 
A) No. Inform the parents and perform official nikah. 

Q) Is hair laser, i mean removing hair permanently, allowed in islam?
A) Permissible when necessary on body parts except on face.

Q) Can someone make nafil salaat of isaalé sawaab for a dead? Is this or the niyat bida and haraam? Does nafil salaat isaalé sawab exists? 
A) Yes. Permissible. Yes, basing on hadiths in Bukhari. 

Q) I have done Istikhara for 7 days but I did not get any special dream at all…what should I do? 
A) Follow the feelings of your heart. 

Q) What is the correct way of observing parda?is it compulsory to wear gloves and socks and face hijab on abbaya? 
A) Parda needs to dissolve the entire body including body in the cloth such that we cannot see the body and face totally. Recommemded to put glove and socks. Permissible to open hands and feet when necessary. 

Q) Is the killing of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonist halal? 
A) No. Neither was their occupation halaal. 

Q) Is it permissible for a mother to read istikhara namaz on behalf of her daughter? The girl loves a boy and the mother is reading istikhara to see whether to accept the proposal or not.
A) Yes. Permissible.

Q) There is a masjid that invites people for qiyaamul lail with jamat at 3: 00 o’clock in the morning. Is it permissible?
A) No. It is against sunnah.

Q) Ki veut dire ban dimounes ki vine ensam ek ki separer pour le plaisir d’Allah? Dans hadith ine mentionner ki sa categorie de personnes la pou ena protection Allah jour qiyaamah.
A) Veut dire ki joine ene mousalmane avec objectif pou faire plaisir Allah Ta`ala. Pena aukene motivation pou joine li excepter pou faire plaisir Allah Ta`ala. Pe joine li selon Sunnah Nabi SAW: Tdonne 2 la mains, faire salaam et faire dua ki Allah pardonne nous. Et quand pe quitte li aussi, alors pe separer d`apres sunnah Nabi SAW avec la mains, salaam et duas.

Q) Is it permissible to cut the hair into layers?
A) No.

Q) Is it allowed to kill a couleuvre when found in house? 
A) Yes, but announce before killing.

Q) Is it true that we should not read Quran 1/2 an hour before the magrib azaan? Or is there any specific time when quran should not be read? What is best time for wazifas (like if want to read 500 times darud or kul)? 
A) Not true. No such time. Best time for wazifah is after sehri, at the time of fajr, before sun rise. And also before sunset, after assr. 

Q) Is it true that a person’s life partner is written by Allah when he/ she is of three months in his/her mother’s womb? 
A) Yes, 4 months old baby. In fact all destiny is unrolled that time. Although destiny was written 50 000 years before creation of Adam a.s.

Q) Is it true that people can send jinns on others? can it affect intimate relations between husband and wife? 
A) Witch, yes. They may do ill magic to affect couple`s relationship. 

Q) I am married since 2 years. i dream of having babies frequently where i cannot handle..any meaning ? i heard its jinn.. is it true ?
A) Possible. You should have a test on it. may be you will have a baby insha Allah. 

Q) I am married since 2 years and know my husband since 5 years. We dont have the desire to go towards the other but it was not like that before. Can it be because of jinns or wrong doings of people? 
A) May be. You should see an amil to test you people.

Q) Can Allah change the destiny of someone?
A) Yes, through constant duas. There is a hadith in Tirmizi that the holy prophet SAW said: ”Nothing can change destiny but only duas. And nothing can prolong life span but good actions.” 

Q) Is it haram to wish a christan “Merry Christmas”. Does the phrase mean that – Allah has got a son? 
A) Not permissible to say ”Merry Christmas”.

Q) I dreamed that I was reciting the first 2 kalimas twice when something bad was on the point of hapenning..What does this mean? 
A) It means you should do more tawakkul in your daily issues. That is, use salaah, duas and sadaqah to solve your issues 

Q) Sometimes, when I ask someone for help he refuses, even though he can help me….. If in the future the same person asks me for help in turn, can I refuse? 
A) You may refuse. But it is better to help him. Allah 

Q) Can we use panini maker?
A) Yes.

Q) Is it bid’ah to do isaal-e-sawab? Is it true that a deceased person receives the sawab sent to him/her?
A) To send sawaab for the dead is laudable and beneficial for the dead. Some ahadiths mentions that the dead wait for your sawaabs. A sahih hadith of Tirmizi reports the holy prophet SAW said: When a person dies, all his deeds are locked except from 3 things: 
1. he receives a sadaqah that people still benefit, 2. an Islamic education that he tought the living 3. a pious child that pray for him. 
As such it is permissible and laudable to send sawaab of any form to the dead and this has no definition of 40 days or not. Everyday, anyday and anywhere- no meeting condition attached to that. 

Q) Can you please give me some advices to work halal? 
A) Do not give less to the customer. Be honest in telling them the carrats and value of the jewellery. Also better give some minute weight more to the customer. Accept items sold to be returned to you in good condition. 

Q) For the 40 days of a deceased person.. What is the correct way of doing it ?
A) Nothing prescribed on 40th day. Yes, everyday individually, you may read, send sawaab for the deceased. 

Q) What is the dua of Manzil?
A) It is a collection of ayats of the qur-an and it is masnoon and sunnah. 

Q) Can husband and wife drink each other’s sputum during sex?
A) No. This is makrooh tahreemi and haraam

Q) My teeth are arranged in such a way in my mouth that it disturbs me, can I wear braces in this situation? 
A) Yes.

Q) Does God almighty forgive a person who did suicide? Rumors have it that the person is destined for hell forever.
A) It is a very grave sin. But we have hope that his imaan will save him from eternal hell. 

Q) What does it mean to give charity with the right hand without the left hand being aware of it?
A) Give charity secretly so that no one is aware of it. 

Q) What do you think of ISIS, the movement to create an Islamic caliphate? Can i join them? 
A) According to info available, they do not follow Islamic principles of judgement.

Q) Can a woman be president of a country? 
A) Not approved by shariah. In fact it is a sign of Qiyamat to assign women responsible of affairs(Tabrani) The holy prophet SAW said there is no benefit in a country that its chief is a woman. 

Q) Some people say that when we perform istikhara, it is Allah who decides for us. I wanted to know if one had a negative response through istikhara, will Allah make the person achieve what he wanted through a negative istikhara?
A) When the istikhara is negative, he should’nt do it. Otherwise, he will definitely get difficulties.

Q) Is it allowed in Islam to vote for the upcoming general elections in Mauritius? And is it allowed to vote a non-muslim or is it shirk or kufr? 
A) Permissible to vote. Please read the article ”Islam n`est pas intolerant.” On web.

Q) Are we allowed to vote?
A) Yes.

Q) Are women allowed to do politics?
A) No.

Q) Do you need ghusl while wearing a taweez?
A) No. It is in the cloth and can be worn as such in all conditions. 

Q) My wife likes anal sex. Is it permissible?
A) This is a haraam practice and should not be done. The holy prophet SAW said: the one who did anal sex, he has denied and made kufr of what the prophet SAW brought.

Q) If a girl masturbates herself, is she tarnishing her chastity? 
A) Masturbation is haraam and a major sin. Girl or boy are the same.

Q) What should we do with old Quran whose pages are torn? 
A) Can be burnt to ashes. 

Q) Can one perform nafils for a deceased person?
A) Yes, laudable. 

Q) What are the ways to perform issale thawab for a deceased person?
A) Any act of physical or spending form is accepted when gifting the deceased. In ahadiths, we have sadaqahs, Hajj and also digging of well.

Q) Ene president mosque vende laviande degele pou laviande frais apres. li loue la moitie so batiment avec bookmaker. Eski nou capav faire namaz dan ca mosque la? 
A) Oui. Capave faire namaz la bas. Mais banne musalli bizin essaye faire mutawalli sorti dans jamaat afin ki li vine pieux. 

Q) I received a dua yesterday that plead to Allah to have goodness of cyclone. Can there be any good in a cyclone? 
A) Yes definitely. Our beloved prophet SAW asked that dua and hence definitely should be meaningful. The good of a cyclone is a beneficial rain, a wind that eliminate pests and nuisance insects and reset the number of birds, bat, wasps etc. A good speed of wind refresh the islands atmosphere and clean germs. 
A beneficial rain means no flood and sufficient rain for a year full stock Wallahou A`lam. 

Q) Is it permissible to say “macha a Allah mabrouk” to the owner of a cat whic gave birth?
A) Permissible.

Q) What is bay’at? is it permissible in islam? 
A) Yes. Ba`at is to make a pact of repentence in the hand of someone pious so as to improve oneself spiritually

Q) When reciting kalima before sleep, should we recite all 6 kalima or can we recite only the first 4? 
A) Can recite first 4. But better all six.

Q) Can I offer a friend a gift for her birthday without having the intention of celebrating birthday? If no, could you please indicate on which occasion can we offer someone a gift? 
A) No. Anyday, anytime, without specification. If your friend is same gender as you of course. 

Q) Does a father have the right to put his son out of the house?
A) Yes, if the son is baaligh. In fact, the responsibility of the father towards the son is until when he becomes baaligh. But humanly speaking, this should be the last card in punishing a child. Please sms on 57921333 to specify on what reason the son was being evicted. 

Q) Why is it that a woman is being cursed if she doesnt respond to the call of her husband on bed? Women also may feel lazy or tired. Why is a woman forced to obey her husband?
A) Because the obedience of husband is after Allah and Rasoul SAW. Because the husband has paid for the price of the intimacy of woman with mahr. Mahr that the lady asked in full satisfaction. Hence she cannot refuse him.

Q) My son is weak in his studies. What can i do? 
A) Give him milk before sleeping. Put him to sleep early. Wake him early. Then give him honey, badams and apply oil to his head. Make him learn in early morning. Then tell him to lower his gaze at school. Tell him to use miswaak on every salaah. Replace missed salaahs. Be hard working and place him in front of a good alim for his daily Qur`aan recitation. 

Q) Can we muslims meditate ? 
A) Yes. Best in tahajjud times. 

Q) Are we allowed to do Zikrullah even though we are not in state of wudhu? 
A) Yes, permissible. Read the masnoons duas on the web. . 

Q) Can we eat at a place where jummah mosque certificate is found?
A) Yes.

Q) Where can I get the masnoon duas on the web. Please give the web address. I cannot find them. 
A) Click on the following link:

Q) Can you please tell me the hadith that says when you visit a relative, hurry to return home.
A) I don`t know this one. I know of the one that we should be brief in visiting the sick. There are ahadiths that discourage women to stay over in a friend`s house. 

Q) Can I read Istikhara salah to know in which business to invest money? 
A) Yes. permissible.

Q) Can my husband be mahram for my little sister for umrah? 
A) No. He is not a qualified mahram abadi for your sister. 

Q) My duas are often easily accepted. Can I start a business with this skill? Or can I make dua for people in need and then ask them for free services in return?
A) It is haraam to take money on any ibadat, be it duas. 

Q) I heard people saying that during the burial of someone ONLY his blood relatives should enter the grave to lower the body in.I would like to know if there exist any proofs about it in either hadith or quran and whether it is something wrong to let non related people in.And also is the number of people to enter limited to 3?
A) The right of determining the place, time and who would conduct the salaat ul jazaazah is solely in the hand of the wali. The wali starts with the father of the deceased, the son or the brother of the deceased. If none are there, then the sons of those mentioned may decide for the mayit. Furthermore the imaam of the locality may read the salaah also. 
Nonetheless, the right to step in the grave also is reserved to the instruction of the wali. The wali may step down themselves or choose some other people to do it. It is better that those who are close to the mayit and particularly those mentioned step down in th egrave. But if not available, then the wali may instruct some people to do it. If no wali available, then any muslim man available should step down in the grave. In this case the husband also may step down the grave to put his wife in the grave.

Q) Which way of eating is better in Islam? Eating with hands or eating with spoon? 
A) The holy prophet SAW said: Eat with your right hand and eat in front of you. (Muslim). Hence hands is sunnah and better. 

Q) Eski li vraiment sunnat pou ene missier mete Imamah (Turban) ? 
A) Oui li sunnat pou missier mete Turban (`Imaamah). Parski prophete Muhammad SAW finne mete imaamah presque tout le temps dans so la vie. meme dans voyage, li ti pe mete imaamah noir. Prophete Muhammad SAW finne souhaitee ki nous mete ene l`embleme pou reconnaitre nous. Sa finne dire surtout apres ki nous finne lire ayat 3 :125 cote Allah Ta`al ape dire ki li finne envoye 5000 farishtas pou aide banne mousalmanes dans Badr. Allah Ta`ala dire ki sa banne farishtas la ti ena ene l`embleme avec zote pou reconnaitre zote. Selon Abdullah Bin Zubeir r.a., banne farishtas la ti ena imaamah lors zote la tete pareil couma Zubeir r.a. ti ena(Jami` Souyouti). Prophete Muhammad SAW finne souhaiter ki banne missiers mete ene l`embleme de imaamah lors la tete pou ki differencier zote depuis les zotes. 

Selon ene sahih hadith de Hakim, hazrat Huzeifah r.a. raconter ki li finne trouve 20 faristas lor cheval dans bataille de Khandaq(Ahzaab) et ki zote tous ti ena imaamahs lors zote la tete. 

Rasoul SAW finne dire ki difference entre imaamah de ene mousalmane et de ene non mousalmane c`est ki mousalmane la mete bonet enbas imaamah la-Sunnan. 

Aussi le prophete SAW ti mete imaamah noir lors so casque quand li ti faire victoire lors Makkah. 
Ene Tabi`i dire ki li finne trouve imaamah lors Hazrat Ali r.a. et ti ena 4000 dimounes ti derriere li et zote tous ti ena imaamahs. 

Donc li ene sounnat continuel pou mete imaamah lor la tete de banne missier. 

Plis beaucoup riwayats ena couleur noir. Apres sa prophete ti mete souvent imaamah blanc. Et temps en temps li ti mete Vert aussi. 

Donc banne missier bizin ena ene l`embleme de imaamah lor zote la tete et mete sounnat ki pou attire muhabbat de Rasouloullah SAW. 

Q) Is it permissible to heat food (ex : taking out a yoghurt pot out of the fridge and placing it in the sun so that it warms up a little before giving to baby)?
A) Permissible.

Q) What is the general Islamic ruling for a Muslim to eat in a non Muslim snacks or restaurant which is not certified by any halal authority?
A) One should first enquire, then eat. It is not mandotary to have a certificate for it to be halaal. Although it is more safer where it has a certificate. 
Q) I perform my namaz and keep roza, give zakaat etc but how to know whether a person has an imaan or not ? i fear i may doing things automatically without really having the ‘feel’. how to assess imaan? 
A) The holy prophet SAW gave some sighs of imaan. One of them, he said: ”When your good deeds makes you happy and your bad deeds make you regret, then you are really a believer.” Hadith reported by Tabrani and Mustadrak. 

Q) Is it true that Allah does not forgive those who speak ill of others? what if a person talks about issues that he has with another person just to confide and feel better while talking?
A) True. One should not talk ill of others only to relieve oneself. One should do other activities to relieve oneself from such thoughts. 

Q) Explain ayat 5:5 from Quran plesae. 
A) This is the traslation: «Vous sont permises, aujourd’hui, les bonnes nourritures. Vous est permise la nourriture des gens du Livre, et votre propre nourriture leur est permise. (Vous sont permises) les femmes vertueuses d’entre les croyantes, et les femmes vertueuses d’entre les gens qui ont reçu le Livre avant vous, si vous leur donnez leur mahr avec contrat de mariage, non en débauchés ni en preneurs d’amantes. Et quiconque abjure la foi, alors vaine devient son action, et il sera dans l’au-delà, du nombre des perdants.” 
Hazrat Umar r.a. prevented the muslims to marry non muslims ahle kitaab because the children of a muslim will become Christian.

Q) Are there muslim institutions or mosques which help needy people financially? 
A) We have a poor and needy monthly food distribution programme. You may call on 57921333 for more info.

Q) Can a woman go to a beautician for under-arm waxing?
A) No. These places are visited by men also. 

Q) What happens when a lizard urinates on the right hand?
A) Nothing. Not impure also.

Q) If someone’s husband passed away and she is young and have very young kids. After completing her Iddat at her husband’s house should she go and live with her parents because in husband’s house her husband’s brothers also live with his family. Second, in society usually people start to say ill things about her when the husband’s brother helps her in different problems although he is very good man and married. Please guide me what is according to Sunna best for her and mandatory to do for a widow.
A) It is better for her to stay in a secluded place and rent this one. Brother in law is definitely a havoc for a woman (hadith). Her parents’ place is better to live. 

Q) Who is buried in Haram? 
A) Lots of Nabis are buried in Haram. It is said that about hundred prophets are buried only by Ka`bah.

Q) Who built the Ka’bah first? 
A) The Angels were the ones who built it first.

Q) Is it true that on the day of judgment, we will raise up in Arafat? 
A) No. But the sight is like the sight of the day of judgement. We will be resurrected by Jerusalem.

Q) What is the explanation concerning “iqamah”, its wording should be said once according to the hadeeth in Bukhari, whereas in Abu Dawood and Timizi, it says its wording should be twice! Can you explain according to hanafi school?
A) Said twice. In saying it twice, you have included all riwayats. 

Q) Did hajrah (as) see angel jibraeel when he caused zamzam water to gush out? or only when she came back to her son that she saw the water already flowing? 
A) At that spot, no mention that she saw the angel. But the angel was definitely there. And it is not impossible for a muslim to see an angel.

Q) What does it mean when lizard make their usual noise..some people say that the lizard is replying to shaitan… 
A) No. They are doing tasbeeh. Everything make tasbeeh: Soubhanallahi wa bihamdihi. 
Q) I have several used clothes in good condition for adults and children which i would like to give to poor people. Can you please tell me where i can give these clothes? 
A) Try to give to Madagascar.

Q) Can you please elaborate on Qaseedah and Naat Shareef. Is it permissible to listen or recite them? 
A) Permissible if no shirk and no music.

Q) Is one allowed to marry one’s cousin’s son?
A) Permissible. 

Q) Eski ena Jum`ah pou madame? 
A) Non, pena Jum`ah pou madame. En plus ki ceki Bukhari finne meter comme titre dans so sahih ki pena Jum`ah pou madame, ena ene sahih hadith de Abu Dawood ki montrer ki Jum`ah li pas pou madame :

 – حَدَّثَنَا عَبَّاسُ بْنُ عَبْدِ الْعَظِيمِ حَدَّثَنِي إِسْحَقُ بْنُ مَنْصُورٍ حَدَّثَنَا هُرَيْمٌ عَنْ إِبْرَاهِيمَ بْنِ مُحَمَّدِ بْنِ الْمُنْتَشِرِ عَنْ قَيْسِ بْنِ مُسْلِمٍ عَنْ طَارِقِ بْنِ شِهَابٍ عَنْ النَّبِيِّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ قَالَ الْجُمُعَةُ حَقٌّ وَاجِبٌ عَلَى كُلِّ مُسْلِمٍ فِي جَمَاعَةٍ إِلَّا أَرْبَعَةً عَبْدٌ مَمْلُوكٌ أَوْ امْرَأَةٌ أَوْ صَبِيٌّ أَوْ مَرِيضٌQ) Can i have an updated list of e-numbers.
A) Send the message QNA HALAAL to 8386 from your mobile to have them on your mobile.

Q) Can i give sadaqah with the intention of spending a month of Ramadhan with maximum ibaadat?
A) Yes.

Q) Can a woman go to a beautician for underarm waxing, a place only for women? 
A) We don’t recommend such places. Permissible if only women and securely closed. But still there are fitnas nowadays between women and women. So better abstain.

Q) Is it permissible to wear jewelries made of copper, iron or other metals?
A) Yes

Q) I had a dream where i was trying to kill a scorpion but it kept getting away. i could only hit it before it went away and i could not get there any interpretation? 
A) Yes, you have not yet been able to overpower your enemy. Although you are trying, but more sunnah is needed for that. This enemy may be human or shaitaan, the greatest enemy of man. As such you should read lot of Hasbunallu wa ni mal wakeel and be steady with salaahs. During Ramadhaan, shaitaan are chained, so activate more effort on ibadat to be able to overpower your nuisance of life.

Q) Do all dreams have a meaning or are there some dreams which are well, just normal dreams? 
A) Not all dreams have meanings.

Q) Should we always try to search for the meaning of a dream or is it ok to just let them be?
A) Better ask only for peculiar and memorable dreams.  

Q) Si un persone pere a cause so famille invite la persone pou manger a cause li bien dan deen, eski la persone gagne droit refuse invitation pou manger et distancer un ti peu avec banla, meme cas pou so parents? 
A) Non. a moins ki ena kitsoze haraam autour sa invitation la. 

Q) Someone told me that sleeping with a virgin who is not your wife is like breaking down seven mosques, is this true?
A) It is a great sin to do zina with a virgin or with a non virgin. In zina, the imaan also is taken from that person during that time. 

Q) Can one read Qur’an from a booklet or on cellphone without wudhu? Is it a sin or is the sawab reduced?
A) It is not a sin, but one should make wudhu. If one touches the ayats of Qur’an on the cellphone without wudhu, then it is dangerous for his iman.

Q) Can we drink water from solar water heater? 
A) Permissible on the shariah standpoint.

Q) If you apply oil or cream on the feet, should you just wash your feet as usual as  you make wuzu, or should first wash with soap to remove all oil, etc? 
A) Can wash normally. 

Q) Can we hold the Qur’an and follow behind the imam during taraweeh?
A) No.  

Q) How to convince someone that oral sex is not permissible ? 
A) Tell him that if he likes drinking urine? Urine is impure and also is semen. So would you like to drink impure semen? As impure as urine.

Q) What’s the date of birth of Nabi (saw)?
A) 9th or 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal.

Q) Last Ramadan I made lots & lots of ibadaat, and made tons of dua witth sincerity. Not one of my duas has been accepted. Do you have an idea what I should do for my duas to be accepted? 
A) Eat purely halaal and keep faith that the duas will be accepted.

Q) When a person dies his book of a’amaal is closed. People say to read yaseen or to read the Quran for the deceased, he will get it there. Will the person really get the thawaab since his book of a’amaal is closed? 
A) Closed except for isaale thawaab (hadith).

Q) In case someone on whom injustice was done and the person did not forgive the wrongdoers and they pass away, will the person be in hellfire? 
A) Only Allah knows where they are. Justice will be done on the day of Judgement.

Q) Should one cover the head at night when sleeping? 
A) No. But do cover when going toilet.

Q) How to perform istikaara prayers correctly? 
A) Choose a non makrooh time and read 2 nafil and then read the dua-find in masnoon duas on web- and then decide.

Q) Where can I get Black seeds please? 
A) Falahi. Munir bookn shop. Else in Jhurry shop by the market. 

Q) Is naat premissible in islam?
A) Yes, with meaningful words and without music. 

Q) Are parents allowed to spy on mentally fit, adult children? 
A) Permissible in the correct intention

Q) Most of the children’s clothes nowadays have angry birds, Spider-Man, batman, Dora etc…. Can Muslim children wear these kind of clothes? 
A) Not permissible to wear clothes with images on. Makrooh to wear these in salaah.

Q) Can a woman wear shorts in her house. Where only her husband is present. Or does she need to cover her whole body in her home as well? 
A) Permissible to wear such clothes in the room for the husband. 

Q) When a non-muslim says Assalamoualaikoum what should we answer him? 
A) Wa alaik.

Q) If an imam wears jeans with back side open, is namaz acceptable …or we have to pray namaz again?
A) Pray namaz again.

Q) What is the law of smoking in Islam?
A) Makrooh tahzeehi. Detestable.

Q) Ki profit netoye masjid? 
A) 1. Li travaille de banne prophetes. 
2. Li amene beaucoup sawaab, 
3. Li amene muhabbat de Rasoulloullah SAW.

Q) Combien masjids bizin arranger dans ene l`endroit? 
A) Sa quantité masjid qui facilite dimoune pou faire namaz. Veut dire ki pas gagne droit arrange ene masjid ki pou faire division ou meme pou cause du tort dans l`endroit. Mais amene ulamas dans ou l`endroit pou conner ki bizin faire. 

Q) Sounnat pou parfume masjid vendredi? 
A) Oui, li ene sounnat pou parfume masjid vendredi. Hazrat Umar r.a. ti pe suivre sa sunnat la et Abdullah Abu Na`eem ti pe faire sa parfumer la chaque vendredi. Meilleur servi Ouds ou bakhoor-du bois parfumer. Servi itrs ou parfums liquide aussi. Ibn Majah, Abu Ya`laa et Ibn Katheer confirme sa hadith la. Bizin revivre sa sunnat la dans nous banne masjids. 

Q) Is it true that it is sunnah to place a miswak in the upper pocket? (chest pocket). If no, how did the blessed sahaba (ra) kept miswak? 
A) Not sunnah as such. But it is cleaner and more accessible in the upper pocket. One sahabi put it on his ears.

Q) During jumma khutba, where should we look? Look towards imam? 
A) Yes, it is sunnah to turn the face towards the imaam. Our sitting position should be normal and towards the qiblah. Not sunnah to attach hands as if in salaah.

Q) What is waqf mamnoo? 
A) A sign in Qur’an to show that it is not advisable to stop here during recitation.

Q) Can we speak about a non-Muslim and say he will never accept Islam? Is it good?
A) No. Not allowed to speak like that. We should fear for ourselves and make dua that we don’t die without iman and kalimah.

Q) Is it true that what a father says it is what Allah wants us to do? 
A) No doubt that we should listen to our father in the halaal and permissible wish that he has. We should not listen to him if ordering us to do haraam. Know the hadith that the satisfaction of a father means the satisfaction of Allah Ta`ala. When the father is angry at us, then Allah Ta`ala is also angry at us.

Q) I am 13 years old.  Would like to ask if u have pubic hair and shoot sperm without having a wet dream are u baaligh?
A) Yes, you are baaligh as soon as the first ejaculation (sperm coming out with pressure). Hence salaahs and rozas are all farz on you. Try to do all your salaahs and be a sahibe tarteeb: the one who has no qadha salaahs on his account. 

Q) What’s the sign of “waqf mamnoo”. Is it Laam Alif?
A) Yes Laam Alif. It is recommended to continue reading at this place and not to stop.

Q) Can we eat in the wedding of non muslims neighbour?
A) No.

Q) Expliquez le terme sahih, hasan et daif.
A) Sahih veut dire correcte de par narration et text. Hassan veut dire li correcte de par text et li bon de par narration. Hassan li aussi dire ki finne renforci li de par les zotes narrations. Da`eef veit dire ki ena narrateurs ki faible memoires dans hadith la. Pou maslas namaz, etc bizin prend sahih ou hassan. Mais da`eef capave servi li dans vertues ou ene du`a. 

Q) Can we have a clear explanation concerning the prayer (kataam) we keep until 40 days when a person passed away? 
A) As it is recommended that we should make lot of zikr, giving sadqah so that the deceased person can benefit from. There is no clause or condition of 40 days or so. Everyday, at anytime and individually one can benefit the died person by reading Qur-aan or any other zikr in his favour. Sadaqahs and other ibadats also can be done for him.

Q) What is the position of a muslim man who dies without a beard? Will he be punished in the grave? 
A) It is a major sin for a man to deprive oneself from beard. Beard is an obligation since the holy prophet SAW constantly kept beard and ordered so: ”Keep beard and cut your Moustache” (Ahmad, Nassai). The holy prophet SAW turned his face away from an Iranian that had no beard. We should ask protection from punishment and ask du`a for the deceased so as he may be protected. One cannot judge on the issue because it is Allah`s hand to punish or to forgive. Hence we are remained only with du`a or isaale sawaab for the deceased. 

Q) Everyday i read surah yaseen on my way to work, in my colleague’s  car. But he plays indian songs at that time. Is it permissible to read with music on?
A) Permissible, but do advise him time to time to turn off his music as you are reading Qur-aan.

Q) How to open someone’s eyes (eg husband) regarding abuse (financial etc) from his parents, which exceed son’s normal and expected duty ? 
A) Do Ta`leem of Muntakhab 10 mins daily at home. Then take him jamaat. Then link him to a `alim that may guide him. 

Q) Could you please give your informed opinion regarding the wahaabis who rule and control Saudi Arabia? I recently found out they came from a tribe which conquered the whole of Arabia by force and formed a monarchy with a dynastic rule. Are they opposed to the Hashemites? 
A) They are good muslims in faith and practice. Some of them follow the mazhab of Hambali while others do not follow anyone. Or they linked themselves to Ibn Taimiya and Albani.

Q) Is fondling with wife’s private part haram?
A) No. One may use fingers to do so. Not the mouth. 

Q) Is it permissible to use condoms for family planing? 
A) Permissible when necessary and with the permission of the wife. Conditions apply. Makrooh as such.

Q) What is Mehr Faatimi? Is it sunnah to ask an amount equal to Mehr Faatimi? 
A) It is the mehr that the daughter of rasouloullah SAW asked hazrat Ali r.a. Not sunnah as such since there are different mehrs that the prophet gave to his wives. And mahr has a minimum of Rs 1800.

Q) Is it recommended to attend Urs Shareef Kwaja Gharib Nawaz R.A at the Jummah Mosque? What does Urs mean? 
A) This is not according to sunnah of the prophet SAW.

Q) For ruqya, is it allowed to read surah Al-Baqarah in one go without stopping or can we read it with some pause? What day is it recommended to read it?
A) Can read with pause. Read the last two ayahs daily before sleeping. 

Q) What are the effects of reading surah Naas and blowing on someone or in someone’s direction ? 
A) Protection from eyes and evil effects.

Q) Which surah to read to stop getting angry ? 
A) Keep wuzu and read a’ouzoubillahi minashaitaani rajeem. 

Q) Where can i get a Qur’an with creole translation?
A) By Munir bookshop, Sir Virgil Naz street, Port-Louis.

Q) Eski sa dua ‘Allahoumma barik lana fi rajaba wa shabaana wa ballighna ramadana’ li correct sa d`apres hadith? 
A) Oui li correct, parski Abu Yousuf r.a. finne raporte sa hadith la de ene narration correcte (Ibn Mazoor). Dailleurs, finne ena ene plis grand groupe banne grand ulamas ki ti ena l`habitude lire sa dua la. Parmi la dans ena Ibn Jabarein, Sheikh Sudais, etc. Itihaf ahle imaan.

Q) Is a man allowed to refuse to have intercourse with his wife for one reason or another for example not feeling like it or sickness, tiredness etc or if displeased with his wife? 
A) Permissible for a specific reason for some time only. Not more than 4 months.

Q) To whom should we distribute charity? 
A) To the poor needy of your family and locality. We do have a group of Mauritian families and individuals that are Zakaat recipients. 

Q) I have heard a person on Qiyamaah will be burned for refusing to give alms. Is it true? 
A) True for the one who did not give Zakaat fully.

Q) I have developed habit masturbation everytime after ejaculatoion. I feel sinful and repent to never doing it again but after 1-2 days I do it again I want to come out of it what should I do and dont ask me to get married as I am still 15 what should I so ? I also wanted to ask that can I pray namaz after masturbating and doing ghusl or I have to wait for 40 days to pray namaz or read quran. 
A) Keep repenting after this sinful act. This is the only way out. And keep doing your 5 times daily salaah accompanied with some duas and tawbah after every salaahs. Then start keeping nafil fast continuously for 2 to 3 weeks. When you see that your sexual impulsion decreased, then start keeping only Mondays and Thursdays. Keep fast continuously, this is the prescription of the prophet SAW. Insha Allah, you will come out of this filthy act. In fact you should know that this act brings impotency in your thirties. When you would be married, then you will be weak and unable to satisfy your wife because of premature ejaculation. After that, some people cannot reproduce children because of this. This is a woe action that destroy one`s dunya and in the akhirat there is shame of having one`s arm pregnant in front of the whole humanity. 
Absolutely, you should pray and pray more. It is false conception to wait 40 days. In fact not only you would sinful for masterbating, but more gravely sinful by abandoning salaahs. In fact right after that action, do 2 salaahs of tawbah and be more regular with your 5 times daily salaah, whatever happens. Make tawbah nasuhah: that is make such a tawbah that you will never do it. insha Allah you will quit. Stay in the masjid for 10 mins daily at times of Ta`leem. Do Ta`leem of Muntakhab at home also. All this will empower you against satanic assaults. Keep some zikr like Astaghfirullah, dourouds and 3rd kalimah on your tongue whenever you remember.

Q) What is the sign of an accepted repentence? is there any ?
A) Yes. That person no more do those sins. Some ulamas says that darkness from the face vanishes and face is in a better condition.

Q) Ramadan is fast approaching. What advice can you give so as to increase the likelihood that my duas are accepted. 
A) Start fasting nafils and wake up for tahajud daily. Do ta`leem of Fazail Ramadhan at home.

Q) Is it permissible to donate blood? If one is sick and needs blood donation, can he/she take a non-Muslim’s blood?
A) In case of necessity all this is permissible.

Q) Is it permissible to wipe the face and body with the hands after making dua? 
A) Permissible. Mustahab on face.

Q) Which mehendi is halaal and safe to apply on the hands (the one available in cone).
A) Anyone that do not coat a thickness.

Q) I heard that anal intercourse is allowed but we have to pay sadaqaah afterwards, is it true? 
A) No, not true. It is haraam and a grave sin to approach the wife in the annus.

Q) What is makrouh tahreemi? 
A) Close to haraam.

Q) Can we read Quran when there’s Azan? 
A) Permissible. But better answer the azaan and continue. 

Q) Can you describe a Qariy for me?
A) In our context, a Qari is someone who master the pronounciation of the holy Qur-aan and is a specialist of the Qur-aan reading. 

Q) Is it true that Allah has 100 names. if yes what is the 100th names . I have heard that the person who knows about the 100th name will get jannat. is it true? 
A) Yes. 100th name is ‘Allah’. Hadith: the one who learn the 99 names of Allah would get jannah insha Allah. Find them on the masnoon duas book on the web. 

Q) Is solar water system permissible?
A) Yes

Q) Can we give zamzam and ajwa dates to a non-Muslim to consume, if the person is sick?
A) Yes, permissible.

Q) Is it permissible to stand and make istinja in the toilet where no one can see the person?
A) Yes, but it is makrooh.

Q) Is it permissible to consume pills such as viagra for more courage? 
A) Permissible.

Q) How does one answer the Azaan? 
A) Repeat the words except for hayya alassalaah you say laa hawla wa laa quwwata illaa billah.

Q) Is the instrument Daff permitted? 
A) Not permissible.

Q) Is listening to anasheeds without music (vocal only) permissible? 
A) Permissible if wordings are according to shariah.

Q) Please advice on Raf ul Yadayn. Should it be done or not? 
A) According to hanafis, we should not do it.

Q) Is muraqaba allowed in Islam?
A) Thinking about Allah and our relation to Him is an order of Allah. Pondering upon our actions is qualified as intelligent by the holy prophet SAW.

Q) When we read Quran, how wil we know when we should prostrate? And how should we do the sijdah ? 
A) There are 14 marked places in the Qur-aan for sajdahs. Else when you finished Qur-aan, then do 14 sajdahs.

Q) I heard that one should not put babies down on the floor, not even on a mat to play, as only deceased people are kept down. Till what age is this applicable? 
A) Not true.

Q) Did all the Sahabas had a sunnat beard?
A) Yes, by will, but some naturally did not have thick long beard. But no one trimed it below one fist length.Q) Can you elaborate your views on ‘imaam Gaffar’. People have a habit to cook ‘khir n puri n perform prayers on that particular day saying that it will bring barakah in the house. 
A) All this is not according to sunnah.

Q) What dua to read for protection against witchcraft?
A) Read Manzil, Ayatul Kursi, last 3 surahs and last 2 ayats of Surah Baqarah. But if you are been inflicted with witchcraft, you should consult an amil for treatment. Take a mahram with you to go there

Q) It is said that the dua of someone who eat haram is not accepted from Allah.What about someone who smokes cigarette? 
A) Cigarettes are Makrooh and not advisable to have. Sometimes Allah Ta`ala accept the du`a of a Kaafir also. So we cannot judge as such.Q) Where to buy Ihraam for Hadj in Mauritius? 
A) Find by Munir Book shop, ZAMYH and SIM.

Q) Can one listen to Qur’an while exercising and doing household work?
A) Permissible if attention is kept towards the qiraat. 

Q) Is it a sin to have ” naughty” thoughts during foreplay between spouses? 
A) A sin if your thoughts are made into actions. One should read the masnoon dua before approaching one`s spouse and also read a’ouzoubillahi minashaitaanirajeem.

Q) Is the du`a ‘’ Allahoumma barik lana fi rajaba was sha`baana wa ballighna Ramadhan’’ a correct du`a? Some say it is weak. 
A) According to a large number of ulamas, the hadith reached the degree of hassan since it is reported by a lot number of muhadithins: Ibn Manzoor, Mishkat, Kashful sitaar, Baihaqi and Kanzul Ummaal. Also there is an outnumber of ulamas accepted and read this du`a: The Qazi Abu Yousuf r.a., Sheikh An nawawi, Sheikh Sudais of Saudia Arabia, Sheikh Ibn Jabarein, Muhammad bin Ibrahim Ale sheikh of Saudia Arabia,etc. 
As such ulamas worldwide of this era and in the past kept reading this du`a and convinced that it was not invented, but a sunnah at the moonsight of Rajab. 
So please follow them and read Allahoumma barik lana fi rajaba was sha`baana wa ballighna Ramadhaan. 

Q) What dua to read for protection against jealousy?
A) Read the last three sourahs, blow on your hands and pass over the body. Do this 3 times, at three different times: after fajr, maghrib and fajr. 

Q) Eski ene madame gagne droit mette ene linge ki clere?
A) Li important ki ene madame mette banne habits ki epais et ki pas claire afin ki so le corps pas paraitre. Si ene linge claire, alors bizin prend ene lotte la toile pou servi comme ene dessous afin ki couleur la peau pas paraitre et aussi afin ki pas faire forme le corps. Ene recit de Abu Dawood kot la Rasouloullah SAW finne dire Dahya r.a. pou k iso madame met ene dessous enbas sa linge la. Et aussi hazrat Aisha r.a. finne prend ene horni ki ti claire de so niece Hafsah bint Abdur Rahmaan et li finne dechire li. Et puis li finne coude ene horni epais pou li. (Muatta Malik)  

Q) Who married Hafsah bint Abdurahman ibn Abi Bakr? Is it 1) Husain ibn Ali 2) Abdullah ibn Umar or 3) Abullah ibn Abas. 
A) She married first to Hussein Ibn Ali r.a. Then she married Asim Ibn Umar bin Khattab. Then Hazrat Aisha r.a. got her married to Munzir Bin Zubeir r.a.  

Q) Can you please tell me in which surah is it mentionned that Isa (as) will come again?
A) It is mentioned in Hadith. In Qur’an it is mentioned that everything our prophet (saw) said, is a divine revelation.Q) A muslim made zabah and when i saw the chicken, i didn’t notice any blood on the neck. Is it halal?
A) If the muslim informs you that he did slaughter the chicken and read Bismillah, then it is permissible for you to eat it. Unless you notice that it is really not slaughtered. 

Q) Which days should we fast for Shabe baraat? What are its rewards? Can you explain a bit on Shabe baraat? 
A) Read the article on Sha`baan. You may fast the maximum amount of days in Sha`baan. But you may fast also on the 15th itself. In fact Sha`baan is the month that our actions are presented in front of Allah. The prophet SAW fast that month because of that. The night of the 15th is very virtuous. It is said that Allah Ta`ala forgive many in that night. So sleep late and do more ibadats and duas.

Q) Is it a sin if you insult someone in your heart, someone who keeps pestering you? 
A) It is a sin when saying it purposely in the heart. One should do istighfaar on thaQ) Is reiki forbidden in islam ? 
A) Yes.

Q) Is it allowed to watch documentaries? 
A) Avoid. Permissible if educational. Q) Can you please let me know if there is a specific doa before the construction of a house. 
A) Read dua hajah found in masnoon duas on the web.

Q) My mother in law was a muslim but father in law is hindu…after some years  my mother in law started following islam….so which religion shd I follow? 
A) Islam is the religion to be followed. 

Q) A girl is not converted in Islam…but her mother in law forced her to do prayer and other islam ritiuals, is that good?
A) No. One should convince the heart of unicity of Allah. Then she will practice voluntarily.

Q) Nabi (saw) made reference to his Ummat in the ahadith; does the word Ummat include the Muslims only or the non-Muslims as well?
A) It includes both, each in their own context. There are two Ummats: Ummat-e-Da’wat and Ummat-e-Ijabat.Ummat-e-Da’wat are those who have not yet accepted Islam. And Ijabat are those who have accepted Islam. But Nabi (saw) was more concerned about the Muslims of his Ummat. 

Q) Sometimes when buying sim card, they give you free credit for calls and sms. Is it permissible?
A) Yes. 

Q) Est ce qui li permissible pou faire gref cheveux ? 
A) Gref cheveux li permissible dans ene cas bien grave. Par example, ene dimoune pas gagne en marriage acause ki li pena cheveux. Mais si pe faire li comme ene luxe, alors li pas bon faire changement dans le corps pou beaute. Donc bizin ecrire nous le cas et nous pou analiser si li necessaire pou sa dimoune la. 
Sinon cheveux ki tirer lor so lecorps pou remete li lor latete li paak. Deuxieme, li permissible pou faire sa l`operation la parce ki li naturel. Shariat reconnaitre ki ena ene cas cote la li permissible pou ene dimoune faire sa l`operation la. 

Q) Can women wear jeans in the house? Not jeans meant for men but jeans for women.
A) Jeans can only be worn in front of the husband in the room, not in the house. Because jeans does not satisfy the criteria of libaas, that is to cover and dissimulate the body physical silhouette, then it is not an Islamic compatible dress. 

Q) I have had a miscarriage at 8 weeks of pregnancy and would like to know when I can get back in a state of cleanliness and start reading salaat? Do I have to keep the 40 days prescribed when there is normal delivery? 
A) If the baby`s head, hands, etc are formed, then it is nifaas and one should count a maximum of 40 days for bleeding. But if bleeding stops before that, then one may take a bath and pray salaat. In case the foetus had no ”silhouette”, then a maximum of 10 days should be counted as haiz/menses. After 10 days, then one should bath and pray salaat. 

Q) My son is 2 year and i have no one to look after him when i bath, can i have my bath with him? 
A) No. You may have the trouser and T shirt on to bath him. Then when you put him in the room, then take your bath alone. It is haraam to expose one`s satar in front of children above 2 years old. 

Q) Where should we (ladies) dispose our used sanitary pads? 
A) It is better to put it in a box and bury it in the ground. But if difficult, then permissible to dispose of it in garbage. 

Q) When doing call of nature (urine and stool) can we clean with toilet paper only even if water is available? is that sufficient if there is no residual trace of waste after wiping off with toilet paper? 
A) For stooling, we absolutely need water to clean ourselves. One may use tissues for the time being and then later on use water to clean ourselves. As for a man, if urine did not outburst outside the front of the private part, then tissues are sufficient to clean it. but in case it outburst down, then he should absolutely use water to read salaah. A radius of 1.5cms is tolerable as impurity or a Rs5 coin. As for a girl, she should wash in all cases.

Q) What should i do if i happen to sneeze when i’m taking a bath or in the toilet? 
A) Do not say Alhamdulillah in the bathroom or toilet. One may say it afterwards. Q) I’m 18 years old and my beard started growing. i got very little hair, here and there on my chin and it doesnt look nice. can i trim it? i was told that even if its not beautiful sunna is to let it grow.
A) Let it grow, do not trim. It is wajib for you to keep beard. It is sunnah to cut the moustache short.

Q) What is the difference between surma ithmid and the normal kohl? 
A) Ithmid is a special sourma that is sold in Mecca and India that may be red or black. It is different from surma by its composition and properties. The holy prophet SAW said: Put sourma ithmid in your eyes, since it strengthen the eyesight and lengthen the eye lids.(Tirmizi) 

Q) Where soulma ithmid is available in Mauritius? 
A) Difficult to find. See munir falahi shop. 

Q) Can we use ittar which contain alcohol in it when going to the masjid?
A) Permissible. 

Q) Can we ask duah for our parents, still alive, so that Allah gives them jannah and forgives their mistakes etc? 
A) Yes. 

Q) I am looking for the fiqh books of Imam Abu Hanifa RA in English or French. Do you know how And where I can get it? 
A) There is Bahisti Zewar in English or French available in Munir book shop, Sir Virgile Naz street. P Louis. 

Q) Can I name a baby boy “Saee” or “Marwah”?
A) Not advisable. Find a meaningful name in our book on web. 

Q) Is it allowed to blow firecrackers for new year? It is a tradition of my family to wish each other by cracking firecrackers at midnight and eating cakes. Is it permissible?
A) No, it is not permissible to follow the traditions of other communities besides that of Prophet Muhammad (saw). 

Q) What should be done with very old and torn quran? 
A) One may burn it into ash. 

Q) What manzil should be read against the influence of jinn? 
A) The Manzil book that contain all ayats of the Qur-aan. You may buy one in any Islamic shop.

Q) Is a muslim woman allowed to listen to the khutbah and pray the jummah in the mosque? if yes ok, but if no why in saudi arabia women are allowed to perform the jummah prayer in the mosque?
A) No. We follow Qur-an and sunnah. According to a chapter in Bukhari, Jum`ah is not for women. As for haramain, we should bear in mind that many thousands daily perform umrahs and ziyarats that sometimes tangled travellers inside the masjid that time. Else administration on these masjids also does not encourage women doing salaah there. Please read the book on Jum`ah on the web.

Q) Are women allowed to go in a mixed gathering (men and women)?
A) No.

Q) Sometimes we want to get a work done and we know some relatives who work there. so we tell them to make sure our files get priority. is this permissible in islam? 
A) Permissible. Read 2 rakats before and ask dua, then choose the best permissible way you can get the work done.

Q) Is there Quranic verses or hadith which mention that celebrating birthday is haram? 
A) Yes. The holy prophet SAW said: ”The one who imitate any people`s customs, would be resurrected with that group on the day of qiyaamah”(Abu Dawood) Had there been birthday in Islam, then sahabas would have celebrated the birthday of the holy prophet SAW. But not one sahaba did so. As such this practice is alien to Islam and reprehensible.

Q) A person will be called by his father’s name or mother’s name on the day of qiyamat? if father, then how will isa (as) be called? 
A) By mother`s name. 

Q) Ki position de sa commerce ki finne faire l`heure Jum`ah ? 
A) Li ene pecher bien grave et li makrooh tahreemi pou ki ene missier continuer faire commerce apres premier azaan Jum`ah. Sa deal ki finne faire la li makrooh, pas li pas fasid (gater). Alors l`échange pou prend place et commerce la pou compléter, mais li pou makrooh et pou gagne grand gounah (Shami et Tahtawi). 

Q) A non-Muslim passed away. Can i go there to assist them?
A) NO. IT is not permissible to assist the rites of funeral of a non muslim. It is permissible to go visit them after a few days when there is no rites. It is not permissible to make dua for them. But you may present condolences. 

Q) Eski gagne droit louer avec la banque? 
A) Certaines ulamas finne donne permission. Dans Fatawa Mahmoodiyah et Fatawa Zakarya finne donne permission. 

Q) I just wanted to know is it permissible to do taweez for someone to love you with the intention of doing nikha? And is there any prayers for parents to accept the boy. 
A) Permissible if no shirk involved. But better to read ayat 63 0f sourah 8. But any contact or approach before nikah is haraam. One may persuade the parents and then obey them.

Q) Am I allowed to sterilise my cat ? because I neet to travel with it, according to the law it must be sterilised?
A) Permissible.Q) Are we allow to kill pigeon if it is becoming a nuissance and may cause harm to our health ? 
A) Yes, permissible.

Q) Can one dye the hair with henna though young, only to beautify oneself? 
A) Yes, sunnah.Q) If we give animals food, without knowing whether it is halal or haram, is it siinful? 
A) No.Q) Why the bride’s brother or father must place Quran on her head during rukhsati? 
A) Bid`ah. Not islamically proven.

Q) Can a Haiza put on sourma and attar? 
A) Yes.

Q) I have heard that women must perform ghusal while being seated only, is it true? 
A) It is sunnah to sit for wuzu and ghusl for men and women. Q) Are we allow to kill pigeon if it is becoming a nuissance and may cause harm to our health ? 
A) Yes, permissible.

Q) What to read when closing our doors and windows especially at night? 
A) Bismillahir Rahmanir raheem.

Q) What’s the difference between a nabi and rasool ?
A) Rasoul is a prophet that has a particular divine book revealed to him with the prescribed shariah. Nabi is a prophet that follows the divine book revealed before him and has no change in that revealed shariah.

Q) Can we keep the name yazeed?
A) Permissible, not advisable.

Q) Is it true that you must read 4th kalimah when passing by a mandir/church.
A) Yes, true for market place also.

Q) Can we give food and clothes to poor non muslims? Or should we give to muslims only? Which is more rewarding. 
A) More rewarding is to give to muslims. But it is permissible and considered as a good deed to give to poor non muslims. The holy prophet SAW once exhorted the sahabas to contribute to the well being of some new people that came Madinah.

Q) Does the Qur’an reveal the whereabouts of Hazrat Idris & Isa Alayhis Salaam? Are they both in Jannah? Since they were both taken away from Earth will they come back?
A) Yes. The Qu’ran says that these two prophets were taken to the skies. The holy prophet SAW did meet these two prophets during mi`raj. As for Isa a.s. we know that he will come to earth to accomplish some prophetic ordains of the holy prophet SAW. 

Q) Did Rasoolullah (saw) see Allah Subhaanahou wa Ta’ala on the night of Me’raj?
A) There are two groups of Sahabahs regarding this issue. One group says that Rasoolullah (saw) did see Allah Ta’ala as he (saw) went very close to Allah. And one group is of the opinion that Rasoolullah (saw) did not see Allah because Rasoolullah (saw) has said: “How can i see Allah?”. However, one who does good deeds and performs his five salah daily, inshallah he will see Allah in jannat.

Q) I heard it is not recommended to memorize after asr. 
A) Better to memorize before Fajr. But this is optional.  

Q) Who is Al Khidr? is he a Nabi? 
A) He is not a nabi since he had no real shariah to instruct people. He had ilm or an abstract ilm from Allah Ta`ala that he benefited people from difficulties of this world and hereafter. But he did not preach as a nabi. But some mufassir hold a different opinion. The holy prophet SAW said that we wished that Moussa a.s. would walk more with khidr so as we could know more on him. But since he did not, as such we do not know more on khidr.

Q) I have heard that clapping hands is haram? is there any hadith proving that? 
A) Clapping hands is associated with women in their salaahs. Men should say Takbeer or Allahu Akbar in salaah. (Bukhari)

Q) If there is no water facilities in public toilets, can we use wipes? 
A) You may use tissue itself to clean yourself. But if the impurity exceeds the area of a Rs5 coin, then you should absolutely wash with water after cleaning with tissues. In necessary conditions, if the impurity does not exceed rs5 coin, then only tissues can clean it and then you may pray salaah. 

Q) Can we thread the eyebrows?
A) No. It is haram.

Q) Will jannah & jahannam also be destroyed on yaum ul qiyaamah and rebuilt by Allah subsequently? Meaning the hoor ul ayn and other beings from jannah and hell, taste death as well? 
A) No. Jannah will not be destroyed.

Q) Is it permissible to keep cateau vert or other birds at home?
A) Permissible. 

Q) Do you know what I can do to get a full head of hair? What duas can I ask? I am desperate to get my hair back. 
A) Allahoumma inni a’ouzoubika min sayyi-il asqaam.

Q) A distant cousin of mine living with a non muslim man. She is now seriously ill. Her son has contacted us to arrange for a muslim burial after her death. Is this possible? As far as we know she has not rejected Islam. 
A) Yes, possible. Do visit her in this sickness and discreetly make her read the kalimah. 

Q) WHat you suggest me to do to make it for Jumaah since I have school at these hours of the day?
A) There is arrangement of Jum`ah every where for students. Which area are you?

Q) Is it allowed to have delivery in water? 
A) Permissible. 

Q) Is it true that the word IMAM should not be used in islam? 
A) We can use the word imaam in Islam for appropriate responsible personalities. The prophet used the word imaam for the one who perform salaah.. 

Q) My husband’s elder brother had a huge loss in business .there were many people ‘s money invested that were lost too. One person had a huge amount of money and he demanded that he wants the house in which my husband s parents live. They gave him the house. My husbands parents are living in their own house in a village. But my husband says that it’s obligatory on him to build a house for them. I don’t want that . I think it’s all three of my husbands brothers farz and not only my husband. My husband says what he will answer Allah when he will be asked about his duty and why he didnt build a new house for them. 
A) If you have your own house and living happily, then you cannot influence your husband`s decision to serve his parents.

Q) A friend was asking why muslim are so afraid of hell? 
A) Tell him that would he wish to burn his finger with fire? Had he burnt his finger ever and how painful it was. In the same way, we should be afraid of fire of jahannum since it burns to pain much more.

Q) I would like your opinion in light of the Qur’an and ahaadeeth whether all “conscious” beings are confined to planet earth alone excluding the possibility of humanoid lifeforms on other “habitable” planets being studied by scientists via telescopes. The subject seems to crop up quite frequently in the media and In Surah Faatiha the first ayah mentions Allah as rabil aalameen does alameen mean creation inhabiting the earth or worlds (planet earth and other here)? 
A) First of all, the sky is full with angels. The holy prophet SAW said that there is no space of 4 fingers up there but the angels are making sajdah in it. Secondly the ayah 39:68 Et on soufflera dans la Trompe, et voilà que ceux qui seront dans les cieux et ceux qui seront sur la terre seront foudroyés, sauf ceux qu’Allah voudra [épargner]. In fact through Mi`raj event we learn a lot of the space. It is full with farishtas, it has also some prophets and it is very very vast. 

Q) Is there any evidence from the prophet’s tradition or Qur’an where it is specified that one should replace deliberately missed swalaat? I understand that the prophet (saw) replaced swalaat he missed undeliberately. 
A) Bukhari: Hadith on Fajr Qada in travel. Hadith on Ahzaab when ASSR, Maghrib etc were replaced later in the night.  

Q) Why is it not permissible to celebrate eid millad un nabi (saw)? is it not a happy moment? 
A) Is it a happy moment on 12th Rabiul Awal, the date that the prophet left us? On top of that no sahabas did it. And yet they loved the prophet more than us.

Q) After shaving a new-born baby’s hair, must we weigh it and give the equivalent amount as sadaqah?
A) Give about Rs 300 as sadaqah. Because it normally weighs 4-5 grams; its value is approximately Rs 300 in silver. No need to weigh. After shaving it is good to pass za’fraan water over the head.

Q) People around me believes in bidaat, when I told them this is not good they dont take me into consideration, how should I deal with this matter? 
A) Make sabr and keep telling them with utmost politeness and better wordings. Dua in tahajud and visit them times to times is the way to take them out of that.

Q) Who are deobandis? 
A) Those who follow the exact shariah that the holy prophet SAW left for his ummah.

Q) I often see that married women or ladies who are to be married to a man carry the picture of their partner in their purse or have it on their computer. Is this allowed in islam?
A) Pictures not allowed in these mentioned cases. 

Q) Which dawah is more important: dawah to non-Muslim or dawah to Muslim? 
A) Both dawah are important and are to be done. But Dawah to muslims is more important because the prophet was told to look after the muslims rather than looking for new muslims. It is better to save the imaan of a muslim from apostasy rather than to have a new muslim. Read the surah Abassa.

Q) What does hiqmah means?
A) Hiqmah means to do something with insight and to think of the result well ahead. For example the Prophet Muhammad (saw) did not stop the bedouin from urinating in the masjid immediately. He allowed him to finish and afterwards called him and spoke to him nicely.

Q) I know someone who has a shop and sell groceries, he also sell Hindu prayer items. Is this allowed? Can we eat at this person and accept things from him and his family? 
A) Can eat by him and politely suggest him to discard these items. Can take gifts from him since his earning is mostly halaal.

Q) Surah al bakarah is said to remove shaytan, give cures to black magic, evil eyes and bring back health, peace in family and barakat in business. Since I work and back home have children and home to look after, could you please tell me if am unable to read the surah in one day, how many days should i take to complete the surah in order to get rid of any black magic if any? 
A) Rather read a piece of Qur-aan every day. For protection, read 3 last sourahs(Ahad, Falaq and Naas) then blow on your hands to pass it over your body. Read again and blow again. Do 3 times. Do this after Fajr, after maghrib and before sleeping. Insha Allah you will be protected.

Q) I have a question for my indian friend. He was here in work permit for 3 years and he fell in love my my aunty. There is a 30 years difference between them, is that illegal if they marry each other? Both are single and ready to get married. Can they do nikkah and convert into muslim? 
A) Permissible. Need to convert him sincerely in front of an imaam and then do sunnah (khatnah) and then proceed for wedding.

Q) Does kissing your parents on their forehead count as a blessings from Allah? 
A) Yes.

Q) Is it permissible to touch the kaaba and ask duah with Allah SWT? 
A) Yes, when multazam is difficult.

Q) Could you please elaborate on what is required for maintaining the ties of kinship and its rewardsKeep ties even they want to sever. 
A) Be always polite, forgive and visit them times to times. Send gifts and make salaams. One becomes rich and have a long life for keeping good family ties. 

Q) Every year it is customary for my colleagues to wish me “happy new year” I’m having issues with it as it is akin to immitating the non muslims. Grateful if you could advise me on the course of conduct to adopt. I have simply been replying back politely like best wishes to you as well etc.
A) Reply ‘’The same to you, as well.’ 

Q) Is it permissible to masturbate if not, that would lead to out of wed lock intercourse? 
A) Not permissible to masturbate. Either nikah or roza (fasting).

Q) My baby was born on 17 february 2012. He is still breastfeeding but the weaning process is under way. I would like to know when my baby will be two years old according to islamic calendar. I want to make sure he stops breastfeeding before it’s too late.
A) Take out 12 days from the birth date. 5th feb ok. 

Q) Can a girl who is 15 year old marry a boy who is 28 years old?
A) Follow the parents’ wish. 15 years is still too young. 

Q) Mountakhab Ahaadees so traduction en creole pas bon.
A) Nou finne essaye pou faire li. C`est ene zeleve ki faire devoir ki gagne bien ou bien gagne mal. Professeur pou corrige celui ki finne faire devoir. Zeleve disposer pou corrige so erreur. Mais celui ki pas finne faire devoir li ni pou gagne mal et ni li pou gagne bien, mais li pou reste en arriere dans so lesson. Li capave dire so camarade ki li finne gagne mal. Mais devant professeur so lizier, c`est celui ki finne faire devoir ki ene bon zeleve. Pas celui ki pas faire devoir et nek faire commenteur. Mo disposer corrige banne erreurs ki justifier. Sinon sa declaration la li banale pou nous parski nous travail pas arrete la. Li continuer.  

Q) When reading Qur’an translation or trasliteration and a sajdah ayat comes, do we need to make sajdah tilawat?
A) Not for translation, but for trasliteration must make sajdah tilawat.

Q) Can a woman add her husband’s surname to her name?
A) Permissible.

Q) Why are there so many sectors and which is the right path?
A) Follow Oulamas of Hanafis Deobandis. They are on Qur’an and Sunnah.

Q) Is it true that we should not remove white hair, as its a sign of ‘bonheur’ ? I’m in my twenties. 
A) It is rather an honour. Do not remove them for that.

Q) Ramadan is approaching and I badly need my duas to be accepted!! What can I do to increase the probability that my duas will be accepted?
A) You need to eat highly halaal food. Then avoid sins and especially sins with the eyes. Keep constancy in 5 times daily prayer and tahajud salaah. Make duas in all occasions. Insha Allah your duas will be accepted. 

Q) Everytime when i go to urinate i have to wait for 30 or 40 minute to do wudhu because of some urine left come out. i do every kind of action to take the urine out in toilet but in vain. can u please help?
A) You need to consult a Urologue doctor for medical advice. Either it is the prostate or the pipe muscles that has weaken. As such treat yourself medically. Drink honey in warm water after Fajr azaan and take a pinch of Black seed every morning. You need to treat it because salaah and other ibadats is not accepted without paaki and cleanliness.

Q) Can u tell me about adam a.s and eve? 
A) They are the father and mother of humanity. They were the first humans to be created. They were in Jannah and stayed there quite long. Then they came on earth separated and then joined in Arafah. They lived together until death on earth. They are buried over here on the planet earth.

Q) Is it allowed to sell Pooja Shop items like sindoor, dhan, seeds etc…alongside fruit business? 
A) No. Not permissible.

Q) Can 2 muslim brothers love each other so much that they agree to kiss each other on lips? 
A) No. Haraam in our context.

Q) Dua for getting a good job? 
A) Read Tahajud, 5 times daily salaat, give sadaqah of Rs1 everyday, keep good family ties and read lot of Allahoummagh firli.

Q) Can we buy food from a restaurant where they sell both halal and haram food, in take-aways?
A) Avoid. But if you are sure that there is no cross contamination, then it is permissible.

Q) Angels do not enter a house where there are pictures of Human beings and animals exposed. Does this apply to childrens books, clothes that contains pictures? 
A) Yes. Do cover them. 

Q) What is marhooms? 
A) Those muslims that are dead. 

Q) Is it true if we put animals into cages without any valid reason, then our wealth will descrease?
A) No, not true. 

Q) Is it allowed to keep sea turtle in a bassin in the house?
A) Permissible. Keep birds rather. Because it is said that the nature of animals affect our charater also. Birds are halaal and have soft hearts. Tortoise are haraam and considered as ”Unpure”. 

Q) My boy is 23mths and sleeps with me and my husband, most often he urinates at night and this gets on the bedcovers even though he wears diapers. Is this urine napak if this touch our clothes? What should be done in this situation? Please give me a duah. 
A) Yes napaak. Use napkins. Read the 3 last ayats of Baqarah and 3 quls 3 times blowing (read in masnoon duas) before sleeping and tell him to make wudhu. Parents should wake up for Fajr salaah.

Q) I heard that miswak is a very good way to clean the mouth. I’ve searched at Jumbo n couldnt find it. Can u pls tell me some place where i can find it? 
A) I know Falahi Munir book shop of Port Louis had in stock. 

Q) Sunscreen are usually water resistant; is wudhu valid with the sunscreen on or do we have to wash it first?
A) Wash it away first if it is a screen on the skin.

Q) Is it allowed to keep pool table (billiard) in the house? 
A) Permissible. 

Q) If a woman can’t wear any other clothes except for saree, is it permissible for her to wear it? She works hard, hence she wears clothes in which she is comfortable. She gets respiratory problems by wearing  other clothes. Note: she won’t be exposing her satar by wearing saree.
A) No, not permissible. She may choose another garment which has not religious attachment with it.

Q) How much gram of silver (ring) is a man allowed to wear? 
A) 4.2 grams.

Q) Can a muslim faith consume food at the marriage ceremony at the hindu faith?
A) No. Stay away from such functions and from such ceremonies.

Q) Are Muslims allowed to play chess?
A) Avoid.

Q) Hindus wear the churidar to go to mandir to pray. Should we muslims stop wearing the churidar? 
A) Churidar has nothing specific neither with hindus nor with Hinduism. As such, it is permissible to wear a common cloth like churidar. But one should not go out wearing churidar since it has slits and does not cover the body properly.

Q) If someone (adolescent) committed shirk without realising what he was doing and now being an adult realises that it was shirk…what will happen? will Allah forgive? 
A) Make sincere tawbah and give some sadaqah. Insha Allah Allah will forgive him.

Q) Is there any article on dream interpretation? 
A) Yes. Les realites des reves. But you may ask on an specific dream on the web. You may request privacy also if you wish. 

Q) Is there any sunnat way of moving house? what should one do beside azan? 
A) There are prescriptions mentioned in our masnoon dua book that you may look on the web: 

Banne du’a et procedure quand commence vive dans ene nouveau lacaze 

1. Faire wouzu et lire sa dua la :

اللَّهُمَّ اغْفِرْ لِي ذَنْبِي وَوَسِّعْ لِي فِي دَارِي وَبَارِكْ لِي فِيمَا رَزَقْتَنِي 

Allahoummaghfirlee zambi, wa wassi`lee fi daari wa baarik lee fimaa razaqtani. (Tirmizi) 

O Allah! Pardonne mo banne peches et agrandi/etendre mo lacaze et donne moi barakat dans ce qui To fine donne moi comme rizq (subsistence). Et lire sa dua` la dans chaque wouzu. 

2. Faire deux rakat namaz nafil et faire dua pou barkat et bienfait dans sa la caze la.

3. اللَّهُمَّ إنِّي أَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ جَارِ سُوءٍ فِي دَارِ الْمُقَامَةِ ، فَإِنَّ جَارَ الْبَادِيَةِ يَتَحَوَّلُ 

Allahoumma inni a’ouzou bika min jaari sou in fi daaril mouqamah, fa innal jaaral badiyati yataHawwal. (Musannaf ibn Abi Shaibah) 

O Allah ! Mo pe demande Toi protection contre ene mauvais voisin dans l`endroit d`habitation, parceki voisin de bedoinage li changer.

4.اللَّهُمَّ إنِّي أَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ جَارٍ عَيْنُهُ تَرَانِي وَقَلْبُهُ يَرْعَانِي ، إِنْ رَأَى خَيْرًا دَفَنَهُ، و إن رأى شرا أشاعه 

Allahoumma inni a’ouzou bika min jaarin `ainouhou taraanee, wa qalbouhou yar`aani, in ra-aa khairan dafanahou wa in ra-aa sharran asha`ahou. (Ibn Abi Shaibah). 

O Allah ! Mo pe demande Toi protection contre ene voisin qui so liyeux guette moi et so le cœur observe/surveille moi. Si li trouve kitchose bon, li garde li secret et si li trouve kitchose mauvais, li propage li. اَللّهُمَّ إِِِِنِيْ أَعُوْذُ بِكَ مِنْ شَرِهذَا الدَارِ وَ مِنْ شُؤُمِهَا وَ مِنْ ضِيْقِهَا . 

5 Allahoumma inni `a’ouzou bika min sharri hazad daari wa min shou`miha wa min diqiha.(Hadiths). 

O Allah ! Mo pe demande Toi protection contre le mal de sa lacaze la, so malheur et contre le fait qui li serrer. 

6. Lors chaque coin la caze, lire et puis souffler : 
Qul Yaa Ayyouhal Kafiroun 1 fois 
Qul houwallAllahou Ahad 1 fois 
Qul A’ouzou birabbil falaq 1 fois 
Qul a’ouzou birabbinnaas 1fois 
Lire au moins 100 fois istighfaar chaque jour: 
Oh Allah! Mo pe demande Toi pardon. 

Q) Is it permissible to wear rings made of plated gold/silver?
A) It is makrooh for women to wear rings made of anything besides gold and silver (shaami). Rings are makrooh, not bangles. Plated gold or silver is considered as metals other than gold and silver. Hence plated gold rings or plated silver rings are also makrooh. 

Q) Do we have to replace salaah after menses? 
A) No. 

Q) Is it allowed to pray behind an imam which make some errors in pronounciation when reading. The other masjid is far and i dont have transport facilities to go elsewhere. People cannot say anything because this create problem. Your advice please? 
A) If meaning is changing, then one should give luqmah or correct him in salaah. If not resolving, then should talk to the mutawalli. Once you have said the mutawalli in writing and the local representative, then continue reading your salaah except when you noticed change of meaning, then redo your salaah there.

Q) I cannot hold my wudhu for long due to gas problem, specially in Ramadhan. Please give a solution.
A) Eat vegetables and barley to be in good health. Consult a doctor. Stay warm and wear warm clothes to prevent cold. ”Toucmaria” may help you. 

Q) Can we put miror in the bedroom? Can it be placed infront of the bed? 
A) Permissible. Not advisable since it is not recommended to look at the satr of each other. 

Q) To whom can we give sadaqah and what is the amount to be given as sadaqah?
A) Sadaqah is recommended to give someone poor or in need of money or food. Better to look in your own family who has children and in need. One may give Rs1 as sadaqah to anyone that is apparently poor. But better that you give Rs1000 to someone whom you know personnally is in need. One may also slaughter a goat and distribute it among poor squatters in Vallee Pitot. No strict rules on sadaqah as compared to Zakaat. Better give everyday sadaqah or put aside in a box to give later on.

Q) If some pollution falls on wet clothes, should we wash the part which has been dirtied by the pollution or should we wash the clothes all over again?
A) ”Pollution” is not described here. If it is impurity, then only the place where it is impure may be washed. 

Q) Is it a must to use soap or savon to clean our clothes or just water is acceptable for our clothes to become clean? 
A) Because impurity goes normally when washed and squeezed with soap, it is better to use soap in all conditions. But if one washes the cloth with water with vigour to achieve purity, it is also possible. 

Q) Bowls made of gold/silver and plated gold/silver with duas written inside. Can one drink water from these bowls as means of shifa due to the dua? 
A) Only plated can be used. Not gold, not silver. 

Q) Can i name my daughter ” Maryam Haya”?
A) Yes, although maryam itself ok

Q) Can i know about a particular dua which i can read to get the job which I want?
A) Allahoummar zouqni tayyiba, wasta`milni tayyiba. 

Q) Is it permissible to talk while having a meal at the table? e.g family meals everyday. 
A) Do talk and do eat. It is permissible to talk during eating. Hadith of Rasouloullah SAW and Hafsah r.a. eating together and talking to each other.

Q) Some people claim that oral sex is permissible as long as there is no secretion? Is it true ? Even if one is wearing preservatives ? 
A) On what basis these some people are claiming it? But if these people does not have a stand without it, then I understand their point of view, as permissibility. 

Q) Does a woman have any duty towards her in laws who all live together, apart from normal routine matters like making salaam and replying to questions ? 
A) Respect and family tie is the duty. No imposition can be made on her as far as serving them is concerned. But if she does so, it will be much appreciable for her in this world and in the aakhirah.

Q) Is it true that Holy Prophet (sws) said that “If he had the power to make someone prostrate in front of another human, he would make the wife prostrate to her husband.”? 
A) It is true. Sahih hadith. The respect and obedience of the wife towards the husband is definitely one of the most important one. 

Q) About relationship of daughter and parents: Did Allah SWT and His Rassool (sws) ever say that once a daughter marries, she should forget about her parents and her parents are no longer her responsibility? 
A) No. But the holy prophet SAW in fact said that the husband has now a new father and a new mother-his in laws. Also the husband should keep good ties and relationship with his in laws. He should leave the wife go visit the parents every week or so. But the wife should not be too possessive on her parents such that every step, she will phone her parents for counselling. After marriage, counselling of collective couple issues should be done in the room between couple only. The husband should know that the parents of the wife are like his own parents. As such in any case, parents are inheritors of their own children.

Q) My daughter who is nearing 11 yrs old and my niece who is nearly 10 yrs have started growing breasts (small) and since a few weeks pubic hair, very minor, have started appearing. I would like to know whether this stage should be counted as puberty already even though they have not yet menstruated. 
A) No. But they are murahiqah. Which means ‘’near puberty’’. As such some maslas applications are same as puberty. As such, they should be dressed decently with interior ladies dresses and also should be aware that they should get rid of their pubic hairs. Make them punctual on their salaahs. 

Q) Please explain the terms Sanad and Matan.
A) Sanad means the lineage of narrations that is used by muhaditheen or those who specialised in hadiths. 
Matan: means the main core text of any book.

Q) Is it allowed to wear payal?
A) Payal without chimes is Permissible.

Q) Apart from interislam which site can we read quran?
A) We recommend that you read from the Qur-aan itself. As for the translation, we have the English translation of Ma`riful Qur-aan by Mufti Shafi`(r.a.) 

Q) How to know whether jinn (bad) is in a house? 
A) You will notice some kind of shadows and sounds or walking or displacing things.

Q) What is the consequence when people spy on muslims so that their privacy remains no more? 
A) Allah Ta`ala will open his faults in front of the whole humanity on the day of qiyamah.

Q) Is it allowed to laugh at people or make fun at them like some muslims do when the person concerned cannot follow 100% the religion?
A) Not allowed to laugh at anyone, even a kafir.

Q) Is there any dua and natural medine for premature ejaculation cure ? 
A) Yes. Keep your gaze down on ladies. Daily prepare a nabeez by putting dates in water at night and drinking it in the morning. Eat chick peas (gramme) and drink milk mixed with 2 yolk (yellow) eggs, za`fran, honey and ginger. Try to make daily 20 minutes exercise. Do not use cold water in toilet. Use warm water. And read this du`a lot: أَللّهُمَّ اقْسِمْ لَنَا مِنْ خَشْيَتِكَ مَا يَحُوْلُ بَيْنَنَا وَبَيْنَ مَعَاصِيْكَ وَمِنْ طَاعَتِكَ مَا تُبَلِّغُنَا بِه جَنَّتَكَ وَمِنَ الْيَقِيْنِ مَا تُهَوِّنُ بِه عَلَيْنَا مُصِيْبَاتِ الدُّنْيَا وَمَتِّعْنَا بِأَسْمَاعِنَا وَأَبْصَارِنَا وَقُوَّتِنَا مَا أَحْيَيْتَنَا وَاجْعَلْهُ الْوَارِثَ مِنَّا وَاجْعَلْ ثَأْرَنَا عَلى مَنْ ظَلَمَنَا وَانْصُرْنَا عَلى مَنْ عَادَانَا وَلاَ تَجْعَلْ مُصِيْبَتَنَا فِىْ دِيْنِنَا وَلاَ تَجْعَلِ الدُّنْيَا أَكْبَرَ هَمِّنَا وَلاَ مَبْلَغَ عِلْمِنَا وَلاَ تُسَلِّطْ عَلَيْنَا مَنْ لاَّ يَرْحَمُنَا
Allahoummaq sim lanaa min khashyatika maa yaHoolou bainanaa wa baina ma’aasweeka wa min twa ‘atika maa toubal lighounaa bihi jannataka wa minal yaqeeni maa touhawwinou bihi ‘alainaa mouswibaatid dounya wa mat t’inaa bi asmaa ‘inaa wa abswaarinaa wa qouwwatina maa aHyaytanaa waj’alhoul waaritha minnaa waj’al tha’ranaa ‘alaa man zwalamanaa wan swournaa ‘alaa man ‘aadaanaa wa laa taj’al mouswibatanaa fee deeninaa wa laa taj’alid dounya akbara hamminaa wa laa mablagha ‘ilminaa wa laa tousallitw ‘alainaa man laa yarHamounaa. (Tirmizi) 

O Allah! Accorde-nous Ta crainte aussi grande qu’elle puisse devenir un obstacle contre Ta désobéissance, et accorde-nous autant Ton obéissance afin qu’elle nous conduit a Ton paradis, et accorde-nous la foi a tel point qu’elle rende facile les difficultés de ce monde pour nous, et préserve nos oreilles, nos yeux et notre force pour leur utilisation dans toute notre vie et jusqu’au jour du jugement. Et venge-nous contre celui qui est notre ennemi, et ne nous fais pas encourir quelque perte dans notre foi (deen), et ne laisse pas ce monde devenir notre plus grand souci et le prix de notre connaissance et ne nous place pas sous l’autorité de ceux qui n’ont aucune pitié pour nous. 

Q) My uncle has made dua for my exams and he is now forcing me to help him in his business for free – he has a shop. He says that without him I would have failed my exams. Am I really supposed to help him for free? Can I ask for a salary? 
A) It is haraam to take favour from someone in exchange of ibadat (du`a). As such you should ask for a salary. 

Q) I’m always dreaming of seeing plane crashes. Any meaning to this? 
A) Yes, there is mismanagement of your responsibility. There is no equilibrium in your judgement and no shariah applied in some aspects of your life. Although you find yourself just. We recommend you to talk to a mufti about your daily routine so as to identify the mismanagement.

Q) What does the shariah say about the suffering of whales and dolphins while hunting them? 
A) The shariah prescribe that as far as possible, without reason, we should not cause harm to any insect or animal. When it is necessary, like to have food, then the holy prophet SAW prescribed to kill the animal in the best way that the animal does not suffer. It is reported in Muslim Shareef that the holy prophet SAW said: ‘’Allah has prescribed the best way in everything. If you kill, then kill with the best way. If you slaughter, then slaughter the best of way. One should sharpen his knife and relieve the animal.’’ Allah Ta`ala said in the holy Qur-aan: ‘’He is the one who created whatever is in the world for you.’’(2:29) As such whenever necessary for food or medication or any human necessity, it is permissible to kill an animal. But we have to use the method that would cause least suffering to the animal as indicated in the hadith of muslim shareef.

Q) What bleach is halaal in case it is not advisable to remove moustache? All the chemical agents has some coating effect according to my experience. 
A) Use natural ones. Please also make the research about whether mehendi does coating or not. Whether mehendi does not act as a dying agent on the hair or the skin? Then when you finished, then let me know about this experience!.

Q) Is it correct for someone to keep reading Qur’an, duahs etc all day long ? Agreed that we should read a lot but is there a limit ? Doesn’t that attracts jinns both good and bad ? What about time to be spent on household chores, cleanliness of house, etc ? 
A) It is laudable to read Qur-aan in the house. One may distribute one`s time so as to look after the house also. It does not attract jins, but it attract farishtas and blessings. Other members may help in looking after the house during her reading.

Q) I broke a promise that i had made to Allah. What should I do ? 
A) If you said the promise in words, then pay to a poor 10 times the sadaqatul fitr: (10 x 80 =) Rs800

Q) I know oral sex is makrouh tehreemi. How can i explain people this? Can you give me some proof from hadith so that it will be easy for me to explain this? 
A) Semen is impure. Tongue is noble and cannot be made to put the place of urine in the mouth.

Q) My husband put a condiiton before our nikkah that no TV will be allowed in our house after nikah, if a tv is brought in the house does this implies i am breaking a nikah condition and thus my nikah is nul? 
A) No, nikah will not be void. But it will be sinful for you to do that.

Q) What does zikr mean? What should one read in zikr?
A) Zikr means remembering Allah. Read 100 times astaghfirullah, 100 times durood shareef and 100 times third kalimah. Read it in the morning and after asr. 

Q) A wife cannot refuse his husband’s call to bed. But if the wife accept to, and she gets tired, but the husband want more, is it a sin for the wife? 
A) It is not a sin, but the wife should communicate to the husband her likings and disliking. As such she may be looked after better.

Q) I dreamt that a dog was chasing me. I was very afraid. What does this means? 
A) It means that there is an enemy that want to harm you. One should take protection through the last 3 surahs. Read them after fajr, maghrib and before sleeping.

Q) I read that the Holy Prophet prohibit games where one has to use dice. As such, can one play ludo, snake&ladder, monopoly ? Of course, we play it for fun, not for money. 
A) Permissible as long as it does not prevent us from establishing 5 daily salaah.

Q) Naming a new born child..How to proceed? 
A) Refer to an alim that both parents trust and then let him decide. One may suggest a few names to him and then he may choose the best name with the best meaning and taking into consideration our dialect so as to prevent that name from being distorted in future.

Q) While i was sifting my flour, i saw some worms in the sifter. Can i still use the sifted flour or should i throw it?
A) You may use the flour but do remove the worms.

Q) Is it permissible to read Quran in the kitchen and also in the bedroom please?
A) Permissible.

Q) Is it permissible to put cream on the sajdah mark which i have on my forehead, for it to be less visible?
A) Permissible but makrooh.

Q) At my place of work there are European style toilets. Many people use it and it is very dirty. Non muslims stand and urinate making it very dirty. We cant sit on it. Is it a sin if i stand and urinate?
A) No, not a sin. It is permissible to stand and urinate in circumstances whereby there are no other option than this toilet. But one should abstain to urinate towards the qiblah or giving back to the qiblah.

Q) Can we put a girl name “Awliya” ?
A) Awaliya is the plural of wali which means Saints. Better put waliyyah. 

Q) What doah should a mother read for her children to avoid cigarettes? 
A) Rabbana hab lana min azwaajina wa zurriyatina qurrata a`youn waj `al =na lil muttaqeena imaama.

Q) How to put on a kafan for the deceased?
A) Note that for a man there are three white sheets for the kafan:
1. Lifaafah: the biggest sheet which will cover the entire body, exceeding the head and the feet.
2. Izaar: sheet which will cover the head till the toes.
3. Qamees: sheet which will cover from the neck till the feet. 
First place the lifaafah on the ground, then the izaar over the lifaafah and then the qamees. Using a pair of scissors make a slit in the qamees (big enough) for the head to pass through it. 
Pass the mayyit’s head through the cut in the qamees and pull it down to cover the mayyit from the neck till the feet. Wrap the left side of the qamees on the center and then the right side over the left side. 
Now wrap the left side of the izaar and tuck it under the mayyit’s right side. Then wrap the right side over the left side. Do the same with the lifaafah. Tie a string by the feet, one in the middle and another one at the head. 
For a woman, there are two extra pieces of material: the khimar (scarf) and the khirqah (the sheet which covers from the chest till the thighs). 
Place the kafan in this order on the ground: 1. lifaafah, 2. izaar, 3. khirqah, 4. qamees.
After wrapping the qamees, divide the mayyit’s hair in two and place each of them on the chest (on top of the qamees) on the right and left side. Cover the hair with the khimar (scarf). Do not tie the khimar. 
Then start wrapping each sheet; left side first then the right side over it. Finally tie the three strings.

Q) If a child 15 years old informs you that he has started smoking, what to tell him in order to dissuade him? 
A) Explain the child that Smoking may cause sudden death, cancer, impotency, athma and always cause bad odour in the mouth and consume lot of money. Many careers have been ruined because of smoking. Because smoking is the road to bringing other smoke like Gandia,etc inside the lungs for same pleasures. Then drugs and hard drugs may ruin that person to death. So staying away from smoking would save his career and save his money also.

Q) How to control one’s anger? 
A) Stay with wuzu, stand long in tahajjud salaah, 5 times daily prayer on time and also keep doing lot of zikr during the day 100 times Subhanallahi walhamdulillahi walaailaaha illahou Allahou Akbar, 100 times douroud and 100 times astaghfirullah. 

Q) If someone made a good du’a for someone else (e.g. X), but that person (X) does not like that good thing, will that thing happen?
A) Making du’a against one’s will is also a du’a. Thus, Allah also accepts these kinds of du’as. In fact, it’s a means for curing jealousy i.e. making du’a for a person who one is jealous of.  

Q) Is reading naats permissible?
A) Permissible when no music nor extremes adopted in its wordings.  

Q) I have promissed to give my brother everything he wants as long as he does not go against the word of Allah. Have we committed a sin?
A) Not a sin until no sin is involved and that you do not break the promise. Do not promise the impossible. Better break such promise and give 10 sadaqatul fitr as fidya.

Q) Can we use permanent hair dye?
A) A lady may use non black bio type hair dye. 

Q) If I am not allowed to look at girls, how am I supposed to check whether I like the girl?
A) No. You are allowed to look at them in presence of her mahrams when intending to get married to her.

Q) What does it mean when someone dies with mouth open? 
A) The shariah did not specify anything to this aspect.

Q) The Qur’an commands us to respond to a greeting in a better manner than the one we receive. Kindly give us the correct view if we are greeted with Assalaamou alaykoum from a non muslim. Should we reply wa alaykoum Salaam? What if they add wa Rahmatoullahi wa barakaatou as well.
A) The better greeting is for a muslim. For a non muslim, the answer is found in Bukhari: Say ”Alaik”. 

Q) May i please know the du’a to have a pious husband with good character? 
A) Rabbana atina fidunya hassanah wa fil akhirati hassanah wa qina azabannaar. 

Q) What can i do to have a good character (not getting angry and be very humble and genuine to others)? 
A) Stay with wuzou, do sport and read Qur-aan aloud. Keep nafil rozas, visit graveyard frequently and give sadaqah almost daily. And know that causing harm to others would certainly cause harm to you. If I act gently to humans, Allah would be kind to me. 

Q) What does it mean when someone dies with his eyes open slightly?
A) It means that the person kept view of the ruh or soul when coming out. One should close the eyes softly and say Bismillah wa ‘alaa millati rasoulillah.

Q) Can u plz post some dua in arabic to become a good mother, have patience with my kids and so that they become obedient etc. plz send as as possible coz i really need it.

رَبَّنَا هَبْ لَنَا مِنْ أَزْوَاجِنَا وَذُرِّيَّاتِنَا قُرَّةَ أَعْيُنٍ وَاجْعَلْنَا لِلْمُتَّقِينَ إِمَاماً

Rabbana hab lana min azwaajina wa zurriyaatina qurrata a’younin waj`alna lil mouttaqina imaama. (Al Fourqaan: 74)

رَبَّنَا آتِنَا فِى الدُّنْيَا حَسَنَةً وَّ فِى الْآخِرَةِ حَسَنَةً وَّ قِنَا عَذَابَ النَّارِ 

Rabbana aatina fid dounya Hasanataw wa fil aakhirati Hasanataw wa qina ‘azaaban naar.
    لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا اللَّهُ الْحَلِيمُ الْكَرِيمُ سُبْحَانَ اللَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَرْشِ الْعَظِيمِ الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ أَسْأَلُكَ مُوجِبَاتِ رَحْمَتِكَ وَعَزَائِمَ مَغْفِرَتِكَ وَالْغَنِيمَةَ مِنْ كُلِّ بِرٍّ وَالسَّلَامَةَ مِنْ كُلِّ إِثْمٍ لَا تَدَعْ لِي ذَنْبًا إِلَّا غَفَرْتَهُ وَلَا هَمًّا إِلَّا فَرَّجْتَهُ وَلَا حَاجَةً هِيَ لَكَ رِضًا إِلَّا قَضَيْتَهَا يَا أَرْحَمَ الرَّاحِمِينَ
Laa ilaaha illallahoul Haleemoul Kareem, soubHaanallahi rabbil ‘arshil ‘azeem, alHamdou lillaahi rabbil ‘aalameen, as alouka moojibaati raHmatik, wa ‘azaa ima maghfiratik, wal ghaneemata min koulli birr, wassalaamata min koulli ithm, laa tad’a li zamban illa ghafartahou wa laa hamman illa farrajtahou wa laa Haajatan hiya laka ridwan illa qadwaitahaa ya arHamar raaHimeen. (Tirmizi, Ibn Majah)
Q) I have been given money by my boss to use for office expenses, and in his absence I placed the unspent amount remaining on his office table in a sealed envelope. I later found out the envelope was stolen and my boss never received his money. Must I refund him the stolen amount (about Rs1800)?
A) Know that the money is an amaanah or a trust in your hand. You are an ameen or a trustee. If the trustee faults in keeping the amaanah in a safe place, then he would be liable for the lost. But if he kept it in a safe place and still got stolen, then he would not be liable. So the answer is to you whether that office was safe place.

Q) What is the best day to start wearing hijaab? 
A) Today is the best day. In fact as soon as possible. One should make tawbah from the past life and adopt the will of Allah: hijab.

Q) Any duah or surah to read to have beautiful, healthy and obedient children? 
A) Rabbana hab lana min azwaajina wa zurriyatina qurrata a`youn waj `alna lil mutaqeena imaama. 

Q) I got money as gift for the occasion of New year. What should I do with it? 
A) Give it in sadaqah.

Q) Sometimes i hear azaan in my dream, is there any interpretation?
A) It is a good dream. This is an indication for you to propagate the values of deen to others. But for that, you need to learn more from ulamas.

Q) I’m madly in love with a boy, and he’s too,, but i’m afraid to let my parents know about us,,as its a bit early 4 us to get married, i really want to spend my life with him.. i don’t know if our destiny is right but i’m madly in love with him,, help me out. 
A) Love is a sickness without nikah. If nikah is not possible, then either you break with that person or you be patient until you may perform nikah. But in the meantime, you should stay away from all communications and meeting with that person. In fact the more communication, the more feelings will grow. So if nikah is not possible now, then cut all communications from him/her until Allah Ta`ala may open way for both of you. In the mean time, keep fast consecutively to repulse carnal impulsions.

Q) In my dream, I was reciting Surah Fatiha. What does this mean? 
A) Insha Allah, you would have cure for your internal sickness.

Q) Is right to vote in Masjid so as to select members of the committee according to Islam? A) It is something which is not completely Islamic, but its result is official and Islam accepts an official election. 

Q) What can we do for the Palestinians who are suffering? 
A) Here is Mauritius, we can make du’a. It is mentioned in Bukhari Shareef, that once the Prophet (saw) saw the fitnas and difficulties which will come on the Ummah, in his dream. So he got up and woke his family up to perform tahajjud salah to lighten the Ummah from those difficulties. A hadith in Tirmizi reports that the prophet (saw) was asked as to what du’a was the most accepted by Allah, to which Nabi (saw) replied: du’a at the time of tahajjud and after farz namaz. So it’s good to make du’a after farz namaz. Note that we lost about 5000 brothers and sisters, who were martyred by the Buddhist in Burma. Make du’a for them as well as for the Palestinians and Africans.

Q) I helped someone I know in completing his formalities by interceding on his behalf, with the intention of helping him out, and without expecting any reward from him. When his formalities were completed he offered me a box chocolates (Ferrero rochers) as a gift to express his gratitude. I politely declined but he would not take the gift back. Is the gift halal?
A) Yes, halaal.

Q) According to the Sunnah, Kohl is good for eyelashes. However, scientific studies shows that it is carcinogenic! Which one is true? 
A) The sunnah is true and scientists research is fake.

Q) What does ‘do cupping’ mean? 
A) That is see a traditional doctor and take out surplus blood of the body.

Q) I am an individual who is in lower 6 and now i am having some confusion whether being a muslim girl ,should i continue my academic life or should i engage myself in islamic education only.i want to become an alima.i made the namaaz istikhaara several times but i can’t have a clear heart doesn’t will to continue with the academic life and i fear if i may meet death though i have only 1 year to complete my academic education.on the other side, i fear my parents will be worried.i feel like renouncing this world and devote myself in religious practices and i am trying as much as i can but i fear if my parents will feel i cannot truly decide what will please Allah more.For how long should a girl be educated academically.I have good academic potential and i know i can bring excellent results but this will cause me to make less ibadat as i have tuitions and all.also, i fear when i go out to tuitions since there is gender mix and i don’t wear purda.Can you please help and may Allah reward you. 
A) It is not good to abandon studies. Complete the HSC private and you may follow alimah course locally in Taher Bagh.

Q) I have been invited to a fiancailles. Will I be sinning if I attend? Else what can I do to avoid hurting the people by not attending
A) Excuse yourself and tell that them directly that it is prohibited to do such intermingling functions that lead to zina between the engaged parties.

Q) What can i do to remove bad thoughts from my mind? 
A) Read: A’ouzou billaahis samee’il ‘aleem minash shaitwaanir rajeem

Q) Is reading the Quran with it’s translation on the side has the same reward as reading the quran with arabic only? I have heard that true tilawat is that of reading the arabic quran only. Is it true?
A) Tilawat reward is only when Arabic reading. But translation also carries reward.

Q) Can a man give Dawah or advice to a Ghayr Mahram? What limits should he observe? 
A) No. The man may give da`wa to the men folk of the lady and then inform him about the weekly assembly ta`lim in the locality. Then the Ladies should give da`wah to ladies.

Q) I dreamt of a man with shaved hair and islamic beard wearing the while clothes which one wear during hajj, he was talking to me while standing in the corridor in my house but i could not figure what he was saying. interpretation please?
A) Good sign.Q) I dreamt a strong lizard, whats the meaning of it?
A) Enemy gossiping.

Q) Who is more pious , a girl who knows the quran very well but hates to do namaz and never does her namaz or a girl who knows the quran very less but does all her namaz and loves to do it ?
A) Readind Qur-aan is mustahab and very recommended. But Namaz is fard and compulsory. As such the one who read her namaz is supposedly more pious.

Q) Is it good to use agarbatti?
A) Recommended to perfume house and masjid with perfumes.

Q) What is the significance of saying ‘Allahu Akbar’ in my dream? 
A) It is a sign of happiness coming.

Q) What is the meaning of a bad dream?A) A dream that carries news of hurt and disturbance to the person. In fact when one wakes up from such dreams, one has an unpleasant feeling. One should follow the following to save oneself from the ill effect of the dream:
When having a bad dream:
1. Spit (pretend to spit) thrice on your left side.
2. Read A’ouzoubillaahi minash shaitwaanir rajeem.
3. Change your position.
4. Do not narrate the dream to anyone.
5. Get up and read namaz.

Q) Can one fast on the 10th of Muharram only?
A) It is makrooh to fast on the 10th of Muharram only. One should join it with either the 9th or the 11th of Muharram.

Q) What is the sawab of fasting on the ninth and tenth of Muharram?
A) One year’s sins are forgiven.

Q) Ithmid c`est quoi ?
A) Ithmid c`est meilleur sourma ki gagner pou netoye ek renforci lizier. Gagne li a Makkah Madinah. Le prophete saw finne dire : Mete sourma ithmid parski li eclairci la vue, et li faire cils pousser. (Ibn Majah)

Q) Dans Surah Hujaraat v 6 , Allah pe dire nou bizin verifier news ki 1 ”wicked person” donne nous avant nous fanne nouvelle la. Eski ”wicked person” kapave incluir 1 musalmaan oussi ?
A) Oui, ene celui ki finne ena ene tort avant ki li finne cause menti.

Q) Is it permissible for a woman to consider a good friend as her brother?
A) No, haraam. In fact this is approaching to zina and fitnas. One should keep distance from all non mahrams men.

Q) Eski soeurs/freres depi meme papa mais pas meme mama reconnaitre devant Allah?
A) Oui. Appelle zote Allati. Et zote ena part dans heritage de coter Papa et aussi zote capave herite freres sœurs selon certaine.

Q) What is meant by masnoon dua?
A) Those duas mentioned in the Qur-aan, hadiths and mentioned by sahabas (r.a.).

Q) Does Clipping nails on Friday increase rizq?
A) We have not reached this riwayat. Although cleaning and shaving is mustahab every week.

Q) Ghibat means backbiting a muslim brother/sister. Is same applicable to non-muslims?
A) Yes.

Q) When i was 8 years old i dremt about the prophet Adam and his wife and till today i still have their faces in my mind. Prophet Adam (as)was sitting on the border of a pavement and distributing food to very poor children, the kids were like african..the background was that everything was made of stone everywhere and the prophet had a shawl around him. He was very handsome but old. What does this mean?
A) This is a good dream to dream of prophets. Insha Allah the one who saw that dream would benefit people.

Q) Dream interpretation: My father passed away and each time i dream of him, he is always with the guy i love..why is it so?
A) This shows that your lover should take your responsibility as a husband and not a lover..

Q) A person who commits zina, is his du’a accepted when he’s making dua for his children?
A) Yes, if he made tawbah. In fact, a person who makes sincere tawbah is like one who did not commit that sin.

Q) What is the meaning of having many ants in the house despite cleaning everyday?
A) Nothing. But there are ta`weezs that may help to get rid of them.

Q) Someone told me that we must be careful when doing certain wazifas, what does that mean? is there any danger?
A) Each wazifah contain a specific effect to the reader. It is not advisable for instance to keep on the air-conditioned even if it is already cold inside. Or you may take it as a medication. One should not overdose and follow the prescription of the doctor. So one need to consult an alim to see what you are reading are continuously beneficient. Some wazifas are not masnoon and should give place to masnoon ones.

Q) Is it advisable for a child to learn his academic lessons after Assr prayers?
A) Permissible. Together one is recommended to do zikr Allah before sunset.

Q) Why qiyaam ul layl done with jamaat in Masjid not permitted?
A) Only Farzs and Tarawihs salaahs are reported to be performed in jama`ah in Masjids. None other salaahs can be tolerated to take same envergure without concrete sunnah practice. As such tahajud as defined qiyamullail can only be prayed at home and individually as described by hazrat Aisha (r.a.).

Q) Is the dua of a person who smokes accepted? And the one who commits adultery?
A) Smoking cigarette is makrooh, but the dua of a person who smokes is accepted. The etiquette of dua is to clean the mouth before making dua. It is sunnah to use miswak after consuming something which has a bad odour.

Q) Is the du’a of a poor person, whom i gave him money, accepted?
A) Inshallah his du’a will be accepted. Allah Ta’ala does not reject the du’a of an oppressed person.

Q) At maghrib time one should close house openings. Does this include all windows & “limposte” of the house?
A) Windows and doors are to be closed.

Q) I heard that one should not sleep in complete darkness and should at least leave a small lamp lit. Is that true?
A) One may leave some light if that is not dangerous for catching fire. If danger exist for fire, then one may sleep in complete darkness.

Q) Is it true that one should not leave the clothes on the drying line at night?
A) Hadith mention that food or water recipients should be covered at night. But nothing is said about other things. As such it is permissible to leave the clothes on the drying line.

Q) What is miswak?
A) It is a stick that is used to clean the teeth and mouth. It is sunnah and pleases lot Allah Ta`ala.

Q) What to do with broken tasbihs?
A) You may keep it somewhere. Else you may burry it also.

Q) What to do when seeing a ‘couleuvre’?
A) Read A’ouzoubillah….. and read the last three ‘Quls”. Don’t regard every ‘couleuvre’ as being a jinn. If there is a fear of danger, than it is permissible to kill it.

Q) What is sunat muakkadah?
A) A sunnah that the prophet did not leave without any excuse. A continuous sunnah practiced by the prophet (saw).

Q) Is it true that if you thread your eyebrows, your namaz and duas are not accepted?
A) One who threads his/her eyebrows gets the curse of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). This curse is perpetual and continues until he does not stop from this act. But even then he should not loose hope in Allah and should continue making dua and ask for forgiveness. Allah does not reject the dua of that person who has hope of its acceptance.

Q) How to take out sadaqah?
A) You can take out any amount of money you wish and give to a poor person with the intention of pleasing Allah only and averting calamities and difficulties from oneself.

Q) What is the meaning of the name sufyaan?
A) The one who walks fast. An Arabic name.

Q) A married relative is engaged in adultery with a non-muslim, continues to do so after several warnings, must we keep ties with such a person?
A) Yes, break ties with him.

Q) Is it true that one cannot look into the mirrior at night? is there any hadith that says so?
A) No. In fact a woman is said to embellish herself for her husband to please him at night.

Q) A friend of mine recently told me that it is not allowed to place one’s bed next to the mirror, in such a away that our reflection is shown in the mirror while sleeping at night. How far is it true? is there any hadith that says so?
A) No source indicate this prohibition.

Q) What is the dua to guard against evil and die a muttaqi or even an abraar.
A) Change your environment for some time. Why not go in jamaat For a few days. This will preserve you from evil doing and room you in a good environment. Else read your 5 times daily salaah and do not miss them.

Q) According to hadith a jannati will get whatever he wishes in Jannah. Does that include nikkah to a girl whom he wished to marry on earth but who got married to someone else by Allah’s will ? Will Allah create another similar person for the Jannati?
A) You would not get the same girl that you loved in this world, since she is married to someone else. But you may ask Allah Ta`ala another hour (jannati woman) that ressemble exactly the one Allah created in this world and that you loved her. Furthermore, know that you would not feel bad in jannah against anyone and whatever misery and missed you had in this world would vanish on the first gaze of garden of jannah and its women.

Q) I have diabetes and hypertension, so how i should consume black seed?
A) You may consume them in the morning (quarter spoon in the morning).

Q) What are the benefits of miswak?
A) It pleases Allah Ta`ala.
It is a constant practice of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.
It cleans the mouth.
It attracts angels.
It increases memory.
It helps to pronounce kalimah at time of death.
In sahih hadith, it is said that the one who do miswaak in wudhu before salaah, his salaah would be 70 times more in reward than the salaah done without miswaak.
Miswaak is the only sunnah that the prophet did before wudhu, during wudhu and after wudhu. He used to do it when entering home and after eating. It is recommended before recitation of the Qur-aan and anytime anywhere, one may do miswaak. The last touch of the mouth of the prophet while dying was the miswaak of son of Abu Bakr(r.a.) with the Mubarak hands of daughter of Abu Bakr(r.a.) mixed with her saliva.

Q) Mo ena 1 belsoeur, nou pane gagne la guer jamais mais mo pa get along avec li, mo pa content so company. ki mo kpv fer? eski li vrai dans alame barzakh nu ti par le dos akoz sa em mo senti moi kumsa enver li.
A) Shariat finne oblige nous ki nous montrer bon manniere envers les zotes. Donc minimum c`est faire salaam et demande nouvelle. Sinon envoye ene a lot cadeau et faire dua en cachiete pou li. Li possible ki certaine evennement ou bien temperament finne eloigne entre zote. Mais li important ki nou respecter sakene, pas cause li derriere so le dos et faire sourire quand trouve li. Mais li permissible ki ou reste loin apres ki fini faire le minimum.

Q) Si ene dimoune a chaque fois li reve toilette (li trouve li meme pe faire besion), ki so signification sa et dimoune la ki bizin faire pou arrete gagne sa ban reves la?
A) Sa signifie beaucoup du bien et l`argent. Mais lire banne masnoon duas avant dormi.

Q) What is the sin for not wearing hijaab?
A) It is a major sin to uncover one’s satar. One becomes sinful that other people`s sin also.

Q) Can dreams be interpreted in Islam?
A) Yes.

Q) Eski gagne droit pliye pantalon a l’exterier ou bizin pliye li a l’interier pou fer cheville trouve??
A) Bizin garde li la haut cheville tous les temps. Coupe li et amene li la haut sans plier.

Q) Eski kaabaa trouve lor centre la terre?
A) Ka`bah li premier portion la terre ki Allah Ta`ala finne cree et li meme premier masjid. Makkah c`est premier la ville. Li pas drole ki li tombe geographiquement au centre de la terre.

Q) How can one be preserved against fitnah and evil caused by women?
A) Marry a pious girl and stay away from all others.

Q) When reading booklet of Surahs, is it compulsory for women to cover herself fully just like they cover when doing namaaz?
A) Satr should be covered. Satar is whole body except face, wrists of hands and below ankles.

Q) Did Nabi (saw) celebrate his birthday?
A) No.

Q) I heard people said that looking too much in the mirror reduce the noor that we have on our it true?? and also i heard a dua reading while seeing in the mirror, can i have it plz?
A) Look once in the morning and another time during the day.
Allahoumma anta Hassanta khalqi fa Hassin khoulouqi.

Q) A woman came to ask money as she is very poor but i didn’t have money with me but i told her to come in the afternoon with the intention to give her sadqa but she didnt come. i’m afraid if this can be a curse for me.
A) Give the money to another poor. You have not sinned by this action.

Q) Banne missiers pou gagne hour dans jannat et ban madame pou gagne zot missier, mais si missier la gagne jahannam lerla madame la ki pou gagner?
A) Madame la pou capave marier avec ene Jannati de so choix. Madame de Pharaon pou gagne comme missier Janaab Muhammad (s.a.w.)

Q) Will women get ‘’hourah’’ (male hour) in jannah?
A) No. There is no mention of hourah in ahadiths. But an unmarried lady will have the choice to marry a muslim male in Jannah. A widow that married again will have the choice to stay with one that she liked most in this world. The choice will be hers absolutely. That is why the holy prophet (saw) advised men to look after their wives properly, so that their wives may choose them in Jannah. Else a married lady that did not marry anyone after death of her husband will have no choice but her husband.

Q) Si ena manger in tasse dans les dents. Si mo tire li par ene baton, eski mo envale manger la ?
A) Non, selon hadith si finne tire par baton, alors pas envaler. Oui si finne tire par la langue, alors capave envaler.

Q) What can i do after cutting my nails i have no place to earth it. what can i do after reading islamic pamphlets.
A) Keep a pot of plant at home. The earth inside the pot may be used as a place to drop your nails. Islamic phamphlets can be burnt is you have no place to burry it.

Q) How can one correct his mistake if he has revealed private matters regarding his couple, and later learn that it was a sin?
A) Make tawbah and istighfar. Cover the mistake with gifts and no more treachery.

Q) How to make tawbah for a sin?
A) Regret, ask for forgiveness and address to Allah that you will not do again. Do repair the harms caused: replace salaahs or give back any stolen effects.

Q) Please provide a list of genuine person who can perform RUKYA in Mauritius. How to distinguish charlatans from genuine ones? It would be appreciated if the black magic topic could be explained thoroughly.
A) M Noorani Gooman is a genuine person. Else insha Allah, we will try to elaborate the subject.

Q) Eski doa capave change nous destin meme si line fni deja ecrire?
A) Oui. Nous finne gagne l`ordre pou faire duas. Nous duas pou amene nous vers ene meilleur destin. Destin c`est connaissance Allah lor nous la vie. Allah conner ki nou pou faire duas aussi.

Q) How much oil is sunnat to apply on hair and how often It is sunnah to apply oil?
A) The holy prophet’s hair had so much oil that a piece of cloth was used to prevent oil to stain the topi or the cloth. So apply oil everyday. Else do apply after Jum’ah Bath.

Q) On my birthday, if i take my family out for dinner in a restaurant is it like i am celebrating my bithday?
A) Non Islamic practice. One should abstain from such practice.

Q) A son in law, is he a mahram for a woman?
A) Yes, he is mahram of his mother in law.

Q) Should one pull the room curtain at night/before sleeping? Is there anything wrong if the curtains are left open for air circulation?
A) At maghrib time one should close house openings. But at night, one may leave open, on condition that others don`t see inside the house.

Q) Is it true that when a woman cuts her hair, even if it is not permissable, her salah will not be accepted the next 40 days?
A) Not true. But definitely cutting hair is a sin for a woman. It is a continuous sin and need for sincere tawbah. But this does not affect the daily salaah.

Q) What are the consequences of ghibat?
A) It’s a major sin and it’s like eating the flesh of your brother. Ask Allah for forgiveness and give sadaqah on behalf of the person you made ghibat of.

Q) When a pregnant woman sees a bad habit in somebody and she wants her unborn baby to be protected from it, ( that is not to have that bad habit when the baby is born ) what should she read? My other question is: does eclipse has any effect on a foetus?
A) Read: Allahoummah fazna minha. No omen attached to eclipse to anyone and not also for pregnant women. Eclipse is sign of Allah. As such ladies are requested to perform the eclipse salaah at home individually.

Q) Has Allah created human beings along with their destinies. Can duas change someone’s destiny? if so how can this change arise when someone’s destiny has already been written by Allah who no doubt knows everything?
A) The destiny is knowledge of Allah Ta`ala. Whatever will come, has come is in the knowledge of Allah. We are prescribed to ask dua and ask for betterment in this life and in the hereafter. As such the result of dua is definitive. There is a concept of Taqdeer Mu`allaq that define destiny as flexible to certain extent and changeable. Hazrat Ali (r.a.) described destiny as one person being able to lift one feet up and the other feet need to support him on earth. That is part of it fixed and part of it in our hand. But in fact the choice to be taken of what is in our hand also is known in the knowledge of Allah. As such all destiny are fixed by Allah. But the holy prophet requested that we make effort and make dua and hope good from Allah Ta`ala. Destiny is used for the sad past issues so that we should not regret on them.

Q) Who are Sayyids? Are they free from faults? Should we follow them?
A) Sayyids are the descendants of Hassan and Hussein (r.a.). We should give them due respect and help them with only lillah money or gift.

Q) What is the law pertaining to bags or something else been exchanged by mistake?
A) If someone’s shoes got exchanged in a masjid or someone’s bag got exchanged in the airport and by mistake he got someone else’s bag by him, then it is not permissible to use that bag or shoes. Because there is no clear proof to say that this bag or shoes belongs to the same person who took his bag or shoe. And even if the case is such, still it is regarded as a luqata because there was no mutual exchange in the transaction. It will be necessary to look for the owner. And if he can’t find the owner then he should give it in sadaqah on behalf of the owner, and if he’s poor himself then he may take it. Note: Luqata means a lost item found some where.

Q) I owe someone money but i am not finding him to return him his money. What should i do?
A) First you have to make a few public announcement in the press or on the radio. When you are convinced that the person would not come or say 3-4 months time elapsed after announcement, then give the amount of money that you owe in sadaqah in favour of that person. The sawaab will go to him. Sadaqah is meant to someone who is poor. But if ever that person comes later, then still you will have to pay him.

Q) Mo finne ramasse ene zanon lor chemin. Ki mo bizin faire ?
A) Bizin annoncer dans sa place la et dans radio ki ou finne ramasse ene zanon telle place. Attane 4 mois ki kikene vinne reclamer avec preuve de description. Si personne pas vini. Alors donne li en sadaqah lor nom sa dimoune la. Mais si ene jour propritaire vini, alors ou bizin rande li sa valeur zanon la.

Q) What must i do to memorize the holy quran easily and not forget it again?
A) Use miswaak, try to be regular with salaah and read whatever memorized in your nafil salaah.

Q) Is mehendi sunnah?
A) Yes.

Q) Is it true that if two muslims fight then until they don’t reconcile their ibadaats do not count?
A) There are such warnings for those who don`t reconcile over 3 days.

Q) I don’t have any solar water system, but my water tank is far from my bathroom. The water pipe (from the tank till the tap) which is 25 meters long, gets heated by the sun the whole day, thus providing hot water. I can’t wait and let the hot water run first and then use cold water; it will be a waste of water. I have to bath and make wudhu with this same water. What do you advise me to do?
A) You may use this water. Read the article:” A propos du chauffe-eau-solaire” on the web

Q) Would you, please, explain to me the Sunnah method of putting oil on the head?
A) Start with the right side of the head, then the left side.

Q) Why is it considered haram for women to drive in Arabia? Is women driving haram in islam? 
A) Because it is an exposure to the female in public. Drivers need their eyes to look and hence female eyes are to be watched during driving. Hence the government did prohibit driving as a closing door to fitnas and not as haraam. Not haraam since driving is to take the car from point to the other. If done as sahabiyahs and Hazrat Aisha or Asmaa r.a. did on their camels, with all due respect, then it is not haraam. Sometimes it becomes a necessity for some countries where there are insecurity that all movement can only be done in the car. But driving for a woman is not a necessity in most environment and should not be encouraged as such. One should evaluate one`s necessity and the mahrams may decide whether to teach their females to drive or not. 

Q) Is it permissible to tell my mother to ask doah with Allah for me or it is shrik?
A) It is sunnah to tell someone to make dua for you. It is not shir. 

Q) Is it a sin when someone look at pictures of the opposite sex? 
A) Yes, a grave sin. 

Q) Through which association can we send money for Syrian and Egyptian people?
A) We know private individuals that may help. If a male, then give it to Mufti on 7921333. If a female, then give it to Apa on 9511333. 

Q) Is there Jum’ah for women?
A) Jum’ah is the best day of the week for men as well as for women. But the ahadith are clear on the fact that there is no salat-ul-Jum’ah for women and neither does she have to take a ghusal on that day. Imam Bukhari has putup a title on it that there is no Jum’ah salah for women. Besides, women are supposed to perform all their salah at home. (Abu Dawood) 

Q) If someone is jealous of my happiness and success, can this jealousy harm me or can he pray that i become unsuccesful?
A) Jealousy may harm. To protect yourself from the harm of the jealous, read the Surahs 113 lot. After Fajr and after Maghrib read surahs 112,113 and 114 3 times. You may find in our masnoon duas book on web how to read and blow 3 times. As for his duas, they will not be accepted if his intention and motivation is unjust and unfair.

Q) Is the sunnah still valid if we drink milk at night but added with chocolate powder and sugar or should we drink pure milk?
A) Yes, one may do so as a rewardable action.

Q) If we seek sincere forgiveness of Allah for hurting a person and if we seek the aggrieved person’s forgiveness but the latter does not forgive us, can Allah still accept our repentance?
A) Repentance will only be complete if that paerson forgive you. Else you may send gifts and try to compensate the person in terms of good manners and salaams. Give some sadaqah in that person`s name and inform him.

Q) Is it compulsory to turn towards the qiblah while making dua?
A) No, one can make dua in any direction. But it is preferable, if done towards the qiblah.

Q) My cat gave birth to 5 kittens. I don`t want to keep them. I heard a hadith that leaving a cat unattended may lead to Jahannam. I am unable to take a decision. Please help me.
A) If the kittens reached that strength that they may look for food themselves, you may leave them in a public area whereby the kittens may find their living easily. We recommend that you leave them away from a residential area, so as not to bother residents. The hadith report about a person who tied the cat and still leave it unattended such that the cat could not go look for food. The hadith also mentioned that the cat could not go to look for food even from insects under the earth. As such, as long as you leave the kittens free in an open space, you will not be liable to zulm or injustice. Wallahou a`lam

Q) What is the meaning of ”satar” ?
A) Satar means the part of the the human body that is supposed to be covered. It is wajib to cover one`s satar.

Q) Is the written numbers “786” which mean bismillah true?
A) It is the numeric value of Bismillahir Rahmani Raheem.

Q) I have the opportunity of going to madressa only once a week and when in the state of haiz. My teacher opens the quran for me and then i read. Is it ok or are we wrong ?
A) It is wrong to read the Qur-aan during menses. As such in your menses, you may learn your duas and other lessons other than the Qur-aan.

Q) My husband doesnt like me going to seek the knowledge of deen. He says that this is not my priority and that i should look afer the house, child etc.. will it be a sin if i disobey him?
A) It is farz to seek that amount of knowledge that you may differentiate between halaal and haraam of your daily life. You may read bahisti zewar for basic masail and seek knowledge for necessary laws also through your husband phoning ulamas. Else you may follow basic courses offered by alimas throughout the island.

Q) Is it possible for a human to see angels?
A) Angels are made invisible for human eyes. But it is possible that a human may see angel, if Allah wishes. Some sahabas did see angels. As for one sahabi, angels used to shake hands with him. One sahabi described them as candle lights. As such it is possible to see angels. By the way do you know that at this very time there are 4 angels around you? One is for good counselling, one for writing good actions and others protect you from evil effects. They are like ‘’guard corps’’ that are as strong as sumos defending us against satanic assaults. But a lie or an evil act repel them away. Else it is a good intention to keep piety and cleanliness so as to see angels one day, but know that the Qur`aan ordained us that we should have faith on the unseen and one article of faith is to believe on the existence of angels. So we believe in them whether we see them or not.

Q) Is my nana/nani’s brother or my dada/dadi’s brother my mahram?
A) Yes, they are your mahram.

Q) There is a book by the name of Asmaa ul Husnaa, which gives the different virtues of reciting the 99 names of Allah. E.g. when reciting a certain name at a specific time and for a specific amount, it will bring such and such benefits. Is this not bid’ah? If not, then is there a daleel to prove its existence?
A) It’s not bid’ah as long as one does not make it obligatory on oneself. But indeed the names of Allah have a special effect. Allah Ta’ala Himself said to make dua by means of His attributes. Thus, one can make dua by taking the names of Allah for a good effect.

Q) Who is a wali?
A) A wali is one who take care that he or she is not soiled with sins. If he happens to sin and realised his mistakes, then he instantly repent

Q) Dans tout travail ena un ‘list of duties’ ki persone la suposer faire. Si li pa faire tout, eski so salaire toujour halaal completment?
A) Non. de protocol ou bizin complete tous travail pou merite sa salaire la.

Q) What is waqaf?
A) A waqaf is to transfer the ownership of a particular tangible asset in the ownership of Allah Ta`ala. The benefit and profit of the asset will be distributed and given to the benefit according to the formulated wish of the one who made waqf (waqif). Such that he may limit his waqf to himself, his children, except them or give away to the poor. In any case, any waqf should contain the clause that in the end had there no recipient of the waqf, the benefits of the waqf should go the poor muslims.

Q) Is it against sunnat to throw the date pits?
A) No, it’s not against sunnat.

Q) Eski capave envoye malediction lor ene dimoune ki finne nou boucoup du tort ? Ki banne repercusion de malediction ?
A) Malediction c`est faire ene baddu`a pou ki eloigne li avec benediction Allah. Donc li pas bon faire malediction lor ene musalmane. Si sa personne la li finne cause ou du tort, alors ou capave cherche avec Allah la justice. Mais souhetais ki eloingne li avec benediction Allah, li pas bon. Neanmoins si finne prononce malediction, alors si sa personne la pas merite sa malediction la, alors li retourne vers celui ki finne donne malediction.(Abu Dawood ; Tirmizi). Nous bizin aussi conner ki ene de banne raison ki amene dimoune dans jahannam c`est faire malediction pou narien.(Bukhari). Finalement nous bizin agir ou faire du tort dimoune de ene telle facon ki nous pas merite malediction dimoune. Parceki Allah Ta`ala li accepter ene malediction de ene opprime. ‘Pena rideau entre malediction de ene mazloom(injustement punis ou injustement prend so droit) ek Allah.’’(Bukhari) Ici pas finne mentionner musulman ou pas musulman. Donc en general nous pas gagne droit cause du tort n`importe ki etre vivant. Finalement Qur-aan finne envoye malediction collective lor banne dimoune coupable. Par example malediction Allah lor banne menteurs, mecrants,etc. Donc li permissible pou dire malediction collective lor ene certaine coupables d`apres Shariat. L`example de nous prophete(saw) ki meme apres ki banne habitants de Taif finne lapide li avec roches, li finne faire dua de hidayat pou sa banne la. Dans Uhud, quand le prophet finne tombe dans ene piege dans ene trou, li finne blesser et banne Kuffar finne envoye roche lor li. La aussi li finne faire dua et li pas finne faire bad dua :Oh Allah pardonne mo peuple.’’(Tabrani). Donc nous faire dua de hidayat et pardon pou meme banne celui ki finne cause nou du tort. Biensure si finne mort lor kufr, nous pas capave faire dua pou zote. 
أَنَّ النَّبِيَّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ بَعَثَ مُعَاذًا إِلَى الْيَمَنِ فَقَالَ اتَّقِ دَعْوَةَ الْمَظْلُومِ فَإِنَّهَا لَيْسَ بَيْنَهَا وَبَيْنَ اللَّهِ حِجَابٌ

قَالَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ إِنَّ الْعَبْدَ إِذَا لَعَنَ شَيْئًا صَعِدَتْ اللَّعْنَةُ إِلَى السَّمَاءِ فَتُغْلَقُ أَبْوَابُ السَّمَاءِ دُونَهَا ثُمَّ تَهْبِطُ إِلَى الْأَرْضِ فَتُغْلَقُ أَبْوَابُهَا دُونَهَا ثُمَّ تَأْخُذُ يَمِينًا وَشِمَالًا فَإِذَا لَمْ تَجِدْ مَسَاغًا رَجَعَتْ إِلَى الَّذِي لُعِنَ فَإِنْ كَانَ لِذَلِكَ أَهْلًا وَإِلَّا رَجَعَتْ إِلَى قَائِلِهَا َ

قالَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ لَا تَلَاعَنُوا بِلَعْنَةِ اللَّهِ وَلَا بِغَضَبِهِ وَلَا بِالنَّارِ

خَرَجَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ فِي أَضْحَى أَوْ فِطْرٍ إِلَى الْمُصَلَّى فَمَرَّ عَلَى
 النِّسَاءِ فَقَالَ يَا مَعْشَرَ النِّسَاءِ تَصَدَّقْنَ فَإِنِّي أُرِيتُكُنَّ أَكْثَرَ أَهْلِ النَّارِ فَقُلْنَ وَبِمَ يَا رَسُولَ اللَّهِ قَالَ تُكْثِرْنَ اللَّعْنَ وَتَكْفُرْنَ الْعَشِيرَ مَا رَأَيْتُ مِنْ نَاقِصَاتِ عَقْلٍ وَدِينٍ أَذْهَبَ لِلُبِّ الرَّجُلِ الْحَازِمِ مِنْ إِحْدَاكُنَّ قُلْنَ وَمَا نُقْصَانُ دِينِنَا وَعَقْلِنَا يَا رَسُولَ اللَّهِ قَالَ أَلَيْسَ شَهَادَةُ الْمَرْأَةِ مِثْلَ نِصْفِ شَهَادَةِ الرَّجُلِ قُلْنَ بَلَى قَالَ فَذَلِكِ مِنْ نُقْصَانِ عَقْلِهَا أَلَيْسَ إِذَا حَاضَتْ لَمْ تُصَلِّ وَلَمْ تَصُمْ قُلْنَ بَلَى قَالَ فَذَلِكِ مِنْ نُقْصَانِ دِينِهَا

Q) Ki sa veut dire Soubhanallah?
A) Veut dire ki Allah Ta`ala pena auquene defection, pena auquene manquement. Li Pure de tous banne defaut. Dimoune ena defaut : li pas ti la hier, li pou la dans 100 ans et so les dents ki li ena bientôt pou tomber. Allah Ta`ala ti la depuis tous les temps et li pou rester pou l`eterniter et li pas affaibli dans auquene facon.

Q) Is it sunnat to cover the head before entering the toilet?
A) Yes, it is sunnat. According to the hadith of Baihaqi Kubra, Rasoolullah (saw) used to cover his head before entering the toilet and he also used to cover his head before going to his wife.

 عن عائشة قالت كان النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم إذا دخل الخلاء غطى رأسه وإذا اتى اهله غطى رأسه
Q) Why is Urs Bid’ah?
A) Because the holy prophet and the sahabas did not practice it.

Q) I made a promise with Allah but i broke it twice, i fear Allah’s punishment, what should i do?
A) Give KAFFARAH of 10 people food. Else you may give cash ten times sadaqatul fitr.

Q) What is Hijama and Does Hidjama have a place in Islam?
A) Hijamah is sunnah and recommended by the holy prophet (saw). In fact every group of angel in Mi`raj (Ascention) advised our ummah to do hijamah as a cure.

Q) Mo ti envie conner qand ene mama in mort est ce qui so banne zenfant besoin pas sorti reste la maison pa ale mariage et so mari besoin reste la maison pas alle reste cor so soeur pendant 40 jours?
A) Non, pena deuille ni pou zenfant et ni pou papa. Pena 40 jours pou mayyit etc,.Q) Does giving dawah online bring same reward as meeting someone face to face? Bearing in mind that while giving dawah online allows one to interact with more people
A) Closest to sunnah is meeting people face to face. There is far more reward to meet humans for God`s sake than calling them online. But the internet is still a useful tool for da`wa.

Q) Can we participate in independence day ?
A) Independance day has no religious status islamically. But the celebration constitute music, dance, etc is definitely non Islamic.

Q) If an Imam has the habit (vice) of borrowing money from people and not returning it back, is it recommended for Musallis to do salaat behind that Imam? 
A) Salaah ok. But should inform others so as not to lend him anything.

Q) Please advise, is it permissible for a man and woman to live under the same roof if they not married and the parents allow it?
A) No. It is haraam. 

Q) Before sleeping i asked Allah to show me an indication if my life will ameliorate. i dreamt that i was pregnant with the boy i used to love and when i told him he left me.
A) That boy is not sincere. Leave him completely. 

Q) Is it permissible for a woman to do ghussl naked or shoul she cover herself? 
A) Permissible naked in a closed bathroom. 

Q) If one have somekind of addiction about having wild fantasy about having sex and the plessure, is the sin equal or same sin as having sex in real??and how’s the way to avoid and not to do that kind of thing??how to control the lust and make it go away? 
A) Not the same. One should fast a lot. Be more precautious on salaah. 

Q) It is very difficult for me to perform my salaah or even fast. how to overcome this? 
A) Do Ta`lim 10 mins daily of Muntakhab ahadiths.

Q) How to deal with waswasa when making wuzu and when in namaz as it affects me a lot and many doubts come into my head that maybe wuzu is not ok or forget rakaat in namaz??
A) Read after Fajr and Maghrib on your namaz place itself: Arouzou billahil azeem wa biwajhihil kareem minshaitaanir Rajim

Q) Is it mentioned in any hadith that one should stand towards the qiblah to drink zamzam water ?
A) A hadith in Muslim Shareef states that Rasoolullah (saw) drank zamzam water while standing. Hazrat ‘Abdullah ibn Abbas mentioned in Akhbaar Makkah that one should recite bismillah and drink zamzam water while standing towards the qiblah, in three sips and say: Allahoumma inni asalouka `ilmannafi`a wa rizqannafi`a washifa an min kulli da.

Q) Why is it not allowed to use products from dead sea ?
A) Read the article: ‘pollution de l`insoumission’

Q) Is the hair of a newly born baby napak? The hair which is not cut before aqeeqah? If i touch the baby can i pray my salah?..or i have to purify myself?
A) Hair is paak.

Q) How to do ‘aqeeqah’ according to sunnah?
A) After naming the child, choose the 7th day or any other day to slaughter a sheep for a girl and 2 sheep for a boy. The sheep should be 1 year old and healthy. Then proceed to put za`fran water on the child`s head. Then finally give some sadaqah on the child`s name. 

Q) Is it obligatory for a person to do aqeeqah if he cannot afford it due to financial problem? What should he do?
A) It is not obligatory to do Aqeeqah. Qurbani is obligatory if one has the means to do it. As such since aqeeqah is not obligatory, then give some sadaqah in its place. One can also send to India for Aqeeqah: Rs 800 a share.

Q) Must i take a bath or change my clothes or purify myself for performing salah after visiting a newly born baby in the hospital?
A) No. 

Q) I want to know if there is a way, istikhara etc, to know the marital status of a person? Like if she/he is engaged or married?
A) Suggest that you ask the person. A negative istakhara result may be indicative also. 

Q) Why is it that normal water should be drank by sitting and Zamzam should be drank while standing? 
A) Because the prophet SAW took the bucket of ZAMZAM and drank it while standing. And the prophet SAW ordered us to drink water sitting. 

Q) Why should one eat chickpeas when one has premature ejaculation? Is it possible to eat kidney beans or almonds instead? 
A) Medically (traditional medicine) recommends chickpeas. Better chickpeas. Put eggyolk, za`fran and honey in heated milk so as to enhance sexual power. 
Q) I love a guy! We were together for two months and a half! we loved each other dearly but because i fight with him everyday he left me! I love him and don’t want to lose him please help me what should I do? 
A) It was zina and adultery and attracted the Creator`s anger and wrath. That is why there was fight between you. You should do tawbah and istighfaar. We suggest that you sit and wait for a proper request for nikah. During that time, there are duas that can be done: Rabbi zawwijni zawjan salihan.

Q) I had asked you to suggest a dua for owning a residence of my own. You suggested” During each wouzou 5 times daily read: Allahoummagh firli zambi wa wassi`li fi daari wa baarik li fi rizqi. ” Please let me know how many times a day should i recite this dua if i miss any of the prayer during the day. 
A) Replace your salaahs. When replacing, then read the dua. It is very grave sin to read salaah outside its time. One should try to avoid this as the ahadiths is very severe on that.

Q) I stay in rented house. I wish to buy a house of my own. Pls suggest some dua to have my own house. 
A) During each wouzou 5 times daily read: Allahoummagh firli zambi wa wassi`li fi daari wa baarik li fi rizqi. 

Q) I was reading in your column about the punishments of masturbation on the day of resurrection. Will Allah forgive on that day if i was to ask for forgiveness and is there any cure for premature ejaculation in Islam? 
A) Yes, insha Allah, any sin will be forgiven if sincere tawbah done. See that everyday physical exercises are done. Eat eggs and milk mixed with dates. Also eat lot of ”gramme” or chickpeas. At the time of intimacy take time to arouse your partner and do not precipitate to penetration.

Q) How to send isaale sawab?
A) With the intention of sending sawab to a deceased person, do a good action or do something which will benefit the people in general. For example, the children the of Umme Ma’bad had dug a well for the isaale sawab of Umme Ma’bad. (Bukhari) 

Q) Is it a sin to ask Allah for too much? E.g I ask Allah that I get 3 times more profit than expected in my business instead of only 2 times more profit.. 
A) Not a sin to ask Allah Ta`ala a lot of things and profit as far as they are permissible.

Q) Is it haram to use bleach on face?
A) No.

Q) What is the meaning of hizbullah? can we put it as name for a person because we like the name so much?
A) Hizbullah means the group of Allah. Rather put Habibullah- the one who Allah love. 

Q) I would like to know if a lizard falls on me, is my ghusl broken?
A) No. Not true. 

Q) Do we get sawab when killing a lizard?
A) Yes, you do get sawaab when killing a lizard. If you kill it with one shot, then you get more sawaab.

Q) Mo tifille pe fair chambre apart, acoz so mari droguer, qui bizin faire Madame la ena raison. 
A) Bizin arête garson la droguer, sinon ou bellefille capave dimane talaaq pou sa raison la. Et Shariah pou protege sa madame la parski ene droguer ena grand possibiliter ki li gagne SIDA, etc. 

Q) I have seen the below question among latest questions on your web, i have not understood your answer, its not quite clear. on the day of Qiyama, isnt it that we will raise up in Maidan e Hashr, paralell with Arafat. as per the below answer, i understood that we will raise in Jerusalem please explain: 
Q) Is it true that on the day of judgment, we will raise up in Arafat? 
A) No. But the sight is like the sight of the day of judgement. We will be resurrected by Jerusalem. 
A) The hadith is in Ibn Majah: Hazrat Maimounah (ra) questionna le prophète Muhammad (paix soit sur lui) à propos de Bait ul Muqqadas. Il (saw) répondit: «C’est la terre du jour du jugement et c’est là que nous nous levrons. Visitez sa mosquée et priez là-bas, parce qu’une salaat fait là-bas vaut mille fois plus qu’ailleurs» (Ibn Majah) C’est une prescription religieuse que de visiter et prier à Bait ul Muqqadas. Read it fully in our article ”Defendons nous par des actions.” On the web. 

Q) In Islam can we name a child, Mirza? What is the signification and the meaning of the name Mohammad Mirza. 
A) Avoid such names that have a non Islamic representation. Mirza is the name of the pioneer of Qadiani sect. 

Q) Is hatta yoga permissble in Islam? What if a muslim is practising the hatta yoga, can one work with them?
A) Yoga has a Sanskrit origin and hence we cannot do yoga exercise. Our shariah prohibit us to emulate any ritual of any kind of any religion other than Islam. 

Q) My husband was a child of the bed. His mother was not Muslim when she met his father and had children with him. After having their oldest child, my husband, his father left when he was two years old. His father left due to issues that was going on between my husband’s mother and him when they were together. They had a chance to reconcile when my husband was sent to live with him when he was 14 yrs old, this is when he met me because his father had kicked him out and told him to go an explore NYC. Now in later years after sooo many failed attempts my father-in-law wants to come in his life and this time I believe that his intentions are clear, but my husband wants nothing to do with him because of how he abandoned him when he was young and how he mistreated him when his mother sent my husband to live with him when he was 14.
I feel as if I am stuck in the middle of it, but my husband told me, “find a daleel or hadith that states I have to show him respect as my father and I will.” He says that if Islam does not require for him to admit that they share blood then he will have nothing to do with his father. 
My main question is: Is there anything Islamic that states that a Kufar man who has a child out of wedlock with a women who then becomes Muslim may have the privilege to keep in contact and deal with the children that he had with her? Or are they the children of the bed and he has no right to neither of them to build a relationship with them?
A) The child born outside the bond of marriage is not the father`s child as per shariah. No inheritance, no family ties and no respect as father found in books. The holy prophet SAW said that the adulterer merit only stones to be pelted on him. Nothing more. 
But he is the means for him be born. As such fuqahas have expressed that the daughter born from adultery cannot marry the adulterer. Because he is the means for her to be born. As such there is a kind of consideration on that. But he is a human being and merit kindness as any human being. Even if a non muslim is in difficulty, we need to help him.

Q) Is it allowed to accept gifts and prizes in contest and quiz?
A) Yes, permissible.

Q) Les respects du qiblah et non pas appuyer son pied avec la ka`bah ? 
A) En bref, le Qiblah est le centre géométrique de la spiritualité et de respect. Au fait l`Islam nous enseigne le respect de la direction du qiblah en toute position de notre vie ou après la mort. Le saint prophète SAW a dit lorsqu`il était a Madinah : ‘’Lorsque vous partez au toilettes, ne faites pas les toilettes en faisant face vers le qiblah ou même ne lui tournez pas le dos. Mais plutôt tournez vous vers l`ouest ou l`est.’’(Bukhari) A noté que la direction du qiblah à Madinah est vers le sud. Donc le prophète a défendu de tourner vers le sud ou le nord et il a ordonné de tourner vers l`ouest ou l`est. Donc il est important de construire les toilettes en direction autre que du qiblah ou même a ne pas lui tourner le dos(Bukhari). Il est rapporté de Huzaifah et de Ibn Umar r.a. tous deux rapportant :’’ Celui qui a craché vers le qiblah, il aura son crachat sur son front le jour de la résurrection.’’(Abu Dawood, Ibn Khuzeimah) C`est pour cela qu`il est défendu de cracher vers le Qiblah. Il est rapporte de Ibn Umar r.a. qu`il est aussi défendu de cracher vers son coté droit. (Bukhari). 

Aussi il est défendu d`étendre ses pieds vers le qiblah. Les auteurs de Bahruraiq, fathul Bari, Urarul Ahkaam et Fatawa Hindiyah ont mentionnés ceci clairement puisque le symbole de la direction du Ka`bah est primordiale. Ainsi donc, même celui qui est alité doit pencher un peu son genoux afin de ne pas étendre son pied vers le qiblah(Muhit Burhani, BahrurRaiq et Dourarul Hukam) Au fait, pour comprendre, pourrait-on s`assoir devant le président avec ses pieds étendu vers lui? Soyons plus respectable envers les rites d`Allah. 


Ceci dit, l`événement qu`un policier a mit son pied appuyé vers la Ka`bah est une outrance des relaxations a ce sujet. Lisez sur Nous joignons les autorités saoudiennes à condamner ce genre de manque de respect des symboles islamiques, sans réserves. 

Nous invitons les autorités à vérifier et ainsi a corriger les directions des toilettes des hôtels construites dans les cites sacrées de la Mecque et dans des autres endroits. Aussi on devrait avoir une loi pour rédiger les directions des toilettes. 

Et aussi ceux qui ont visites la Mecque savent combien de relaxations les arabes ont sur l`issue d`étendre ses pieds vers le qiblah. Au fait, il y a eu trop des relaxations ces derniers temps que les repères de respect des sites sacres ont disparu ou même certains ont été détruites. Et encore combien de relaxation ont survécu sur l`abatage mécanique des poulets. Nous invitons les autorités à mettre le sérieux dans l`issue de la chair qui arrivent dans les villes sacrées afin que les pèlerins ne soient pas victimes des relaxations. Il faut exiger que l`animale soit égorgée a la main d`un musulman et non pas a la machine. Au fait toutes relaxations apportent des outrances et on abuse ou on a franchit des limites. Certains Hajees mauriciens ont eu des poulets frigorifiés complètement non égorgées dans certains supermarchés de la Mecque. Voila des outrances qu`il faut corriger due a des relaxations. Soyons plus sévère en matière de respect des rites et des symboles islamiques. Au fait savez vous qu`il est makrouh tahreemi d`égorger un animale autre que la direction du Ka`bah. Hazrat Ibn Umar r.a. ne consommait pas de cette animale. Mais aujourd`hui il est triste qu`on a ouvert la porte a tous ces fatwas commerciales pour finalement trouver le porc dans un chocolat. Nous sommes en tort. Parce que nous avons trop eut de relaxation ces derniers temps. Les outrances et les excès de ces derniers temps sont dues a cause de trop de relaxation sur la matière de la religion. Saisissons nous avant que d`autres excès se produisent !

Q) Is the duty of a man to provide/build a house towards his parents FIRST or his wife? 
A) It is the duty of a husband to house his wife, whether by renting or having it for his own. It is also his responsibility to look after his parents. The shariah teaches us a distribution of time and also financial responsibility between the two. Thus the husband may decide to build a house first for his parents, but put it on his name for not complicating inheritance later on. Then he may build his own later on. But he should house his wife in a decent renting house all the time.

Q) Some people make books containing surah yasin/mulk +duas and distribute with the hope that when people read it will benefit the marhoom/a. What’s your opinion about that? 
A) Insha Allah, it will benefit.

Q) When making action of issale sawaab for a dead person like reading quraan then distribute food. is there specific type of people the food given or everyone can eat it? 
A) It is not isaale sawaab to bring people to read and then to feed them. Yes, if you feed people without the reading condition, then you may feed relatives and non relatives, poor or rich, all will be isaale sawaab.

Q) Do every soul go to Barzakh; be it kafir or Muslim? Those souls who are getting azab, where are they, in qabr or barzakh?
A) Yes, they go to barzakh, but in different places. The good souls go to Na’eem, a place of peace and contentment. And the bad ones go to Sijjeen, a place of punishment. They are both mentioned in surah Mutwaffifeen in the Qur’an.

Q) Eski sa l`ordre Allah dans sourah Ahzab (33), verset 53 cote pe dire :’’Quand zote fini manger, disperser et pas rester pou rode cozer..’’ li applique ziste pou la caze prophet SAW ou bien li encore valide pou nous zordi ? 
A) Sa Ayat la finne revele dans circonstance de walimah de Umme Salmah r.a. quand quelques dimounes ti pe rester apres manger. Mais sa l`ordre ki apres manger bizin quitte sa place la et aller depuis sa li applique pou nous tous quand sa li pou donne difficulter sa la caze la. Si sa banne dans la caze la ouler ki nous rester, alors li permissible pou rester. Sinon permission pou reste dans la caze la ti ziste pou manger et non pas pou causer apres. Donc sa ayat la li pas ziste pou prophete so la caze, mais li pou tous musulmanes so la caze.

Q) I would like to ask some questions about Lucky Draw. I received some Lucky Draw Prizes Entry from a Magazine Company. I didn’t pay any money and request anything for that from them. They just sent to me by free. If I get a prize from them. Is it Halal to use? 
A) Lucky Draw without paying money is permissible. But because there is tashbeeh or resemblance between the haraam draw-paying lottery- and this one, then ulamas withdrew permissibility of this draw also. 

Q) I’m having sexual feelings for my aunty. What should i do to stop that?  
A) Keep fasts and stay away from her even during the day.

Q) Du’a to have a good baby.

A) رَبَّنَا هَبْ لَنَا مِنْ أَزْوَاجِنَا وَذُرِّيَّاتِنَا قُرَّةَ أَعْيُنٍ وَاجْعَلْنَا لِلْمُتَّقِينَ إِمَاماً

Rabbana hab lana min azwaajina wa zurriyaatina qurrata a’younin waj`alna lil mouttaqina imaama. (Al Fourqaan: 74)

Q) Du’a when seeing new moon?

A)  أَللّهُمَّ أَهِلَّه عَلَيْنَا بِالْيُمْنِ وَاْلإِيْمَانِ وَالسَّلاَمَةِ وَاْلإِسْلاَمِ رَبِّىْ ورَبُّكَ الله

Allahoumma ahillahou `alainaa bil youmni wal imaani wassalaamati wal islaami rabbi wa rabbukallah. (Tirmizi)

O Allah! Faire sa la lune la paraite devant nous comme ene source de benedictiones, de foi, de protection et d’islam. To rabb (O la lune) et mo rabb c’est Allah.

Q) Is it true that any woman who wears a gold necklace will have a similar one of fire put on her neck on the Day of Resurrection, and any woman who puts a gold earring in her ear will have a similar one of fire put in her ear on the Day of Resurrection?
A) No, not true. But there are such warnings for those who do not give Zakaat due on their jewelry.

Q) My eyebrows are thick and look like that of a man. Can I thread them?
A) If a woman threads her eyebrows to look beautiful and attractive, then it’s not permissible and there are severe warnings in the ahadith on this regard. But a woman who has thick eyebrows can thread them so much so that they may look like that of a woman. Q) Is it jaa’iz to sing or listen to a nazam/naat with the tune of a song?
A) It is not jaa’iz to sing or listen to nazams with music and nazams with the tune of songs. Similarly to read Qur’aan in the tune of songs, where one’s attention will go towards the song or one will get pleasure through it, is not jaa’iz.

Q) Can one make dua for forgiveness or intercede for a non muslim?
A) It is jaa’iz to visit a non-muslim or to express one’s condolence over their deceased but it is not jaa’iz to walk with their janazah or to make dua-e-maghfirat or intercede for them.

Q) I have heard that one cannot do ‘aqeeqa after the 40 days that a child was born. My son was born, we could not afford to do his ‘aqeeqa but now by the grace of Allah we are better off and can afford to do so. My son is 4 years old, can we do it now?
A) Yes, you can do it now.

Q) Is it ja’iz to recite a naat and to make zikr in jamaat?
A) Yes it is ja’iz.

Q) If we do not concentrate while making zikr, is it accepted?
A) Inshallah, yes.

Q) Is it true that a person knows about his death 40 days before he dies.
A) Not true. Only Allah knows that.

Q) Is it true that you have to respect qurbani meat? And does this mean when i’m cleaning the meat i must not throw the fat or give it to a dog otherwise it will be disrespectful? Someone told me i must burry it.
A) We should respect to the point that we should not sell the meat. Else you may eat, gift and store qurbani meat. To give the remains to dog or throw away does not contravene the etiquette of qurbani.

Q) For how many days can we keep our nail long ?
A) To keep long nails is against the Sunnah. Keeping long nails was considered as non civil practice and unsocial by sahabas. Hence it is not recommended since it may also prevent a pure complete wudhu cleanliness through accumulation dirts underneath nails. It is recommended as such to clean and shave every seven days. The limit to shave or remove hair under arm pit or private parts, cutting nails and trimming moustache is reported not more than 40 days. (Baihaqi) Beyond 40 days is makrouh tahreemi.

Q) Is the fear associated to eclipses (for example not going outside – especially for a pregnant woman ) found in Islam?
A) No. The holy prophet (saw) said : ‘’Eclipse is only but a sign of Allah’’.

Q) Before sleeping, i read kalimah in the heart is it accepted ?
A) Accepted, but more rewarded if pronounced.

Q) You state that whales and dolphins are fish. Can I check if this is a direct interpretation, or a factual issue? I would note that whales and dolphins are air breathing mammals and not fish. This of course affects whether they are halal. I would also note that their capture also requires extensive suffering for the animals concerned. Any guidance that you can provide would be most welcome. 
A) The shariah defines whales and dolphins as fish linguistically and also by category. The large fish that is reported in Muslim shareef to be consumed by hundred of sahabis is believed to be the whale. Shariah does not take scientists view into consideration in category or definition. 

Q) Please tell me concerning the type of socks on which massah can be made.
A) There was cotton socks in times of the prophet. But the socks on which is sunnah to make massah is not the type of our cotton socks. Yes if you have mozas or sealzskin socks which are impermeable, strong to walk with and prevent dirt inside, then it is permissible to do massah on it. It is reported in the last Hajj, the holy prophet SAW ordered those who had mozas to cut it below ankles(sunan). As such sahabas could walk the distance of easily 25 kilometres with such socks. That is why ulamas disagree to equate our cotton socks with them. As such it is permissible to make massah on mozas and not on normal cotton socks. 

Q) I have a three year old daughter. I read surah yaseen and last two verses of surah bakrah daily and blow on her before leaving the house for my job. At that time she is sleeping. Is it ok to blow surahs on the person who is sleeping? I have heard that when a person is sleeping, the soul is with Allah.
A) No problem to blow on sleeping persons. You may read as well: Ou’eezouki bi kalimatillahittaammati min koulli shaitanin wa haammatin wa min koulli `ainin laamatin. 

Q) A Quran has been torn away with time n can’t be used . What should i do with it?
A) Bury it or else burn it.

Q) Many youths want to practice the Deen but their parents are of the ‘liberal’ trend. Their parents find their avoiding gender mixed gathering, beard or jilbaab ‘backward’. How can they cope in such situations?
A) It is easier to practice deen in a good environment. To create deeni environment, home ta’leem and reading Qur-aan is important. Read salaah at home (nafl for men) and keep steadfast on sunnah. Be polite and respectful and also create your own pious friends environment. Else go masjid and girls may create a special place for their salaah and ta’leem. Fazail a’maal and Muntakhab ahadeeth are worldly accepted book. Wake up tahajud and make du’as for parents and oneself deeni conscious.

Q) Who is Dajjal?
A) Dajjal is a jew that will come and claim divinity and misguide lot of people to fire.

Q) Is pardah/niqaab obligatory? What is the status of a woman who wears pardah?
A) Pardah is obligatory in front of non-mahrams. The wives of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) used to wear pardah, thus a woman who wears pardah is closer to the sunnat of Nabi (saw).

Q) I wish bad for someone and it really happened. Now i want to repent, what should i do?
A) Give sadaqahs on the name of that person. And now wish good for that person.

Q) I hate everyone but for Allah’s sake i do no harm anyone. I forgot what is love for years, what should i do?
A) Make salaam to them and try to be polite at all times. Else read our article ‘’les ingredients de l`amour..’’ on the web to nurture your relationship at least with your parents and families.

Q) Is it true someone suffering from an incurable disease is a jannati?
A) No one can claim somebody else or himself as jannati. But there are sawaab and recompense for any hardship endured during sickness. As such for those who passed away it is better to say that ‘’the deceased was a good person and may Allah Ta`ala grant him jannatul firdost.’’

Q) Is it considered zina when a boy talks or sends sms to girls?
A) Yes, it is a kind of zina.

Q) What does Islam say regarding autopsy?
A) Performing an autopsy, on a human body voluntarily, is mutilating that body and forbidden according to shari’ah. In Abu Dawood, it is reported by our mother Hazrat Aisha (ra) that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said:” Breaking the bones of a dead person is same like breaking them when he is alive.” But since the law exhorts us to perform autopsy in certain cases, thus in this case of an involuntary autopsy, we can only make dua that the dead person doesn’t suffer. Wallahou A’lam.

Q) Can one address Allah as « You »?
A) Yes, with the intention of being close to Allah, not disrespectfully.

Q) Last time u said it is not true zat someone dont know his death 40 days before but my dear one died yesterday and she was talking about death in the last few weeks. Y?
A) We answered the question according to this Coranic ayah: ‘’And nobody knows as to where one would die.’’(31:34). In fact only Allah Ta`ala knows what will happen tomorrow(see same ayat). Destiny lies in His Hands only. Hence on a general basis nobody knows where and when one would die. But this does not prevent Allah to inform anyone of his last hour. May be your dear one was informed through strong thoughts in the heart. But nonetheless, this cannot be taken as a preset example, since these are exceptions. The general ruling is to prepare before death. The Holy Prophet(saw) said:’’The intelligent is one who control his desires and do actions for his betterment for the life after death. The stupid is the one who follow his desires and then hope on the mercy of Allah.’’(Tirmizi) As such one should always be in preparation of death rather than speculating his time of death. Wallahou a`lam. You may find the following Q&A on the web:
Q) Is it true that a person knows about his death 40 days before he dies.
A) Not true. Only Allah knows that.

Q) I wished death for someone and it really happened. Now I’m feeling guilty and want to repent. What should I do?
A) Only Allah Ta’ala decides when a person will die or not. As long as you are not a direct cause of his death, you are not guilty. But your dua/curse might have been accepted by Allah. You can make up for this by giving sadaqah on his behalf, or read Qur’aan and send its isaal-e-sawaab to him. From now on, wish good for everyone and forgive and forget.

Q) Is talking to a na-mahram a zinnah? ex:a boy talking with his girlfriend?
A) Yes, it is zina.

Q) What is the dua for selfishness?
A) Read the last three surahs.

Q) I recently watched a documentary on Osama Bin Laden and by his humble manner of speaking he appeared in every way to be a true Muslim and I am convinced he was truly a mujahid in the cause of Allah, and all that was said about him were abject lies. An ayat was quoted in the documentary Surah 2 Ayah 114 if i’m not mistaken in which it was stated to respond with transgression with an equal transgression meaning if a yahood killed a muslim we are authorised to do the same. However I also remember a hadith which mentions answering evil with good. Could you please give the correct view regarding the above. 
A) The Qur-aan and sunnah has prescribed to first give da`wah and invite others to Islam with gentle and wisdom words so as they may accept it. Islam has not come to oppress any society brutally without them being invited to Laa ilaaha illallah. We have also being instructed not to be forceful on a nation to accept Islam or even to enforce Islamic law on them without them being invited to submission. As such you cannot apply Islamic law on a people without them accepting it. Our era is comparable to the era of Makkah for the prophet SAW. We need to be patient and keep steadfast for inviting others to complete Islam. Then will come a time when Jihad will become necessary. It is said that one should have at least that level of enthusiasm to fight and give one`s life for the sake of deen to be a true muslim. But the time is for da`wah and tabligh. Allah Ta`ala said: ”Keep your hands down” and do not reply to the oppression of kafirs except by wisdom words to invite them to the truth. The Islamic activity of the time is da`wah and tabligh without violence. 

Q) Is it true that in this century (1400) the great signs of QIYAMAH will be apparent. For example: The fall of the zionist empire, the liberation of palestine, worldwide wars, the appearance of Imaam MEHDI, Etc.
A) One cannot denote a date for all this happenings. But one should always be prepared daily for all these happenings. Read the first and last 10 ayahs of surah kahaf for protection.

Q) I often ask myself but cannot find the answer as to why Allah does not end the crisis in Palestine and keeps strengthening the zionist jews who are incredibly strong militarily and causing grave injustices and suffering to the Muslims. My duas for the defeat of the jews for so long is not being answered. Why doesn’t Allah intervene?
A) Allah Ta`ala has His established principles and protocols. He will definitely not react against these principles. We can get an idea of His principles from the Qur-aan principally and also sunnah of Nabi (SAW). Allah Ta`ala has promised His help to those who are steadfast in creed and good actions. All muslims have creed Alhamdulillah, but we lack good actions. The main daily obligation is 5 times salaah. If we take a survey on that worldwide, we find that the percentage of muslims praying daily salaahs is below 10 %. 

Allah Ta`ala has promised His help when the majority of the muslims are pious. So we need 51% of muslims praying so as to start having the help of Allah. In brief if a society produce 51% of good deeds with imaan, then that society would be protected insha Allah. Furthermore, some ulamas advocate that together with good deeds, we absolutely need to change our daily life and clothing. Mu`aasharat or the way to spend our life need to be Islamic, then Allah Ta`ala help a muslim community. The wedding happening, the clothing, the way of eating, drinking and also social inter-action need to be Islamic for us to attract the mercy of Allah Ta`ala. 

Indeed we lack Mu`asharat in all over the world. That is why, we are suffering from our down fall and oppressions. But on the other hand, we have hope that all these suffering is contributing for the upliftment and strengthening of muslims worldwide. Allah Ta`ala said about Bani Israeel, that we have made them super power due to their patience that they undertook during their enslavement under the reign of Pharaoh: 

Et les gens qui étaient opprimés, Nous les avons fait hériter les contrées orientales et occidentales de la terre que Nous avons bénies. Et la très belle promesse de ton Seigneur sur les enfants d’Israël s’accomplit pour prix de leur endurance. Et Nous avons détruit ce que faisaient Pharaon et son peuple, ainsi que ce qu’ils construisaient.(7:137) 

And finally, we should know that the wheel of power and reign is distributed through time. Allah Ta`ala want to turn the wheel of power to the non muslims nowadays. That is why muslims should not go fight against this will. but rather be patient and keep faith in Allah to die as a muslim. During the era of Makkah, the holy prophet SAW did not answer any crime against muslims. It is the will of Allah for us to be patient under the Kafir reigh and besieges. Read this ayah: Si une blessure vous atteint, pareille blessure atteint aussi l’ennemi. Ainsi faisons-Nous alterner les jours (bons et mauvais) parmi les gens, afin qu’Allah reconnaisse ceux qui ont cru, et qu’Il choisisse parmi vous des martyrs – et Allah n’aime pas les injustes(3:140) 

Our work should be to strenghen the muslims through strengthening of salaah and deen conscious. We need to bring together the heart and muslim countries also. The upper hand of others is due also of our split in the muslim world. To remedy all this, we found the tabligh jamaat is an ideal path to take so as to contribute to the beneficence of the ummah. Good deeds, group work and concern for the ummah. 

Q) I washed my hair and when it became dry i combed it. While combing i saw soap powder on the comb. Must i replace the namaz which i read when my hair was wet?
A) No. The namaz is correct inshallah. You did pour water over your hair before putting soap.

Q) Is it true if we do not make du’a in arabic then Allah does not accept our duas?
A) No, not true. Dua can be made in any language.

Q) Are women allowed to listen to Qiraat during menstruation? 
A) Permissible to listen to Qiraats during menstruation. Not permissible to read.

Q) I thank you for your reply, which means the wars in Palestine and Kashmir also are legitimate jihaad. However I wish further to know in the Mauritian context how am I required to fulfill the obligation of jihaad or even whether I have a duty to engage myself “militarily” that is. What about jihaad fin naafs, is it dissociated from the military jihaad? 
Are there conditions attached before enrolment such as being trained for combat etc or having responsibility of a family and old parents to look after? Does the desire and intention to fulfill the command of Allah to carry out jihaad count at all if we do not take part being far away from the zone of conflict and due to the lack of organisation to enrol? 
Is one person absolved from military engagement if others are taking part in the war and we either support them through duahs and financial assistance to the victims of the war. 
I read that when Imaam Mahdi will appear there will be a requirement to pledge allegiance to him even if you “have to crawl over ice”. I have read that Amir Mu mineen will unify the ummah. 
The above questions have been troubling me since Osama Ben Laden had requested the muslims to take up arms, however I was confused regarding his modus operandi and terrorism is prohibited in Islam, I had doubts whether he was waging a genuine shariah war. (not observing the protocols of war) 
It is a fact that we seldom get discourses on them in the masjid except in “theory” i.e on the duty, merits and rewards of Jihaad and consequences of shying away from it, but we are not informed about what is involved and how to put it into practice. I have at the back of my mind the establishment of ALLAH’s Khilafah on earth which muslims must work on. 
I shall be grateful if you could provide a detailed and concise reply regarding the above issues to help understanding. 
I apologise in advance as this is a sensitive issue and I am only seeking knowledge which is deficient on my part on this matter. 
A) It is imcumbent upon every muslim to have a desire for jihad in the heart. The prophet Muhammad SAW said if someone does not have this feeling, then he may die as an hypocrites. But overhere in Mauritius and nearby Seychelles, we need the jihad to preserve and uphold the kalimah. This jihad is the most important. Without it, the people`s faith would pale up and may disappear. So come to Ijtima on 11th,12th and 13th April in Goodlands so as to learn more on the going out for da`wah and preserving deen. Numerous ayats of the Qur-aan do hold the concept of going in da`wat out of the country is the main jihad. So get ready to go 40 days in the path of Allah.

Q) Surah Hujurat: Ayat 9: Does this Ayat implies that we should not fight between sunnat jamaat, tabligh jamaat, tawheed etc. We should reconcile among each others and live as brotherhood. Please shed some light on this dear brother.
A) We are all brothers. Differences of opinion is not fighting. Sahabas had differences of opinion, but they never had grudge.

Q) Does reading Quran in translation that is in english, creole or french equal to reading Quran in arabic? Quran is meant to read and understand, isnt? So if one reads the translation, is the sawab equal to reading Quran in arabic?
A) No. Arabic Qur-aan more rewarding.

Q) Is wearing underwear mandatory in islamic dressing code? If one has worn his trousers without underwear, does he have the right to perform namaz in this condition?
A) No, wearing underwear is not mandatory. If satr covered, salaah ok

Q) I have learnt that women are not allowed to go in mixed gatherings including wedding of close relatives. In case of a wedding where as one of the duties of a muslim is to attend, what is the rule? Is there exceptions that they can go in market or shops but not in wedding? 
A) When there is haraam and halaal mixed up, then abstain. That it is a duty to answer an invitation. But it is haraam to have intermingled gatherings with the opposite sex

Q) There are conflicts and wars being currently fought in the middle east and other parts of the world and I would like to know when and how will the call for “real islamic jihaad” be made (in the military sense) and when conditions that applies to answer it or support it. My question is mainly due to the difficulty in identifying and differentiating between a real mujaahid and a fighter waging a political war (for example Palestinian statehood, independence of Kashmir etc) Grateful if you could shed some light on this issue please. 
A) Hazrat Mowlana Yousuf Binnory r.a. answered that even those fighters for their lands also is jihad. When the Kashmir issue was raised during his era, there were people questioning the fight as whether it was jihad or not. Then they concluded that it is factually jihad since the main aim is to uphold muslim faith and defend the muslims. Allah Ta`ala says in the holy Qur-aan: Et qu’avez-vous à ne pas combattre dans le sentier d’Allah, et pour la cause des faibles: hommes, femmes et enfants qui disent: «Seigneur! Fais-nous sortir de cette cité dont les gens sont injustes, et assigne-nous de Ta part un allié, et assigne-nous de Ta part un secoureur»(4:75) This ayat was revealed when there were a few muslims left in Makkah and were persecuted. As such Allah Ta`ala ordered the jihad to save them. 

Q) Can we mark with pencil on the Qur’an?
A) Yes, permissible. But you need to be paak.

Q) What is the meaning of seeing oneself flying in the sky?
A) It means that Allah Ta’ala has blessed you with great abilities. Use them to serve the deen of Allah. 

Q) Is masturbation a zinna?
A) Yes, it is zina with hand. There is severe punishment for this shameful act. Not only does that person may stand up the day of Judgement with his hands pregnant, but also he will have to face the shame in front of humanity. On top of that masturbation destroys health and causes impotency in middle ages. Premature ejaculation and sexual insatisfaction are result of masturbation that finally causes divorce. Scientist accuse masturbation as a major brain straining that result in some kind of guiltiness and depression. Students performance are clearly affected with such straining.

Q) Please explain the meaning of mustahab.
A) It’s act that is recommended and rewarded.

Q) How to protect my car against evil eye…ever since my husband bought it we are having problem with it….we are wasting a lot of money… 
A) Read masha Allah laa quwata illa billah and give some sadaqah.

Q) Can you please prescribe some duahs to help lessen the sufferings of our Palestinian brothers and sisters and protect them from the wanton aggression of the yahoods.
A) Read lot of Laa ilaaha illaa anta Soubhanaka inni kountou minazalimeen. Allah Ta`ala has promised to save the ummah on keeping on reading this kalimah/ayah.

Q) I wish to know whether a trustee or a testamentary executor is entitled to payment from the funds of a trust for his services. I have been entrusted with the task of distribution of funds to a beneficiary and as this task is outside my normal official duties I have been told I will get paid extra for this as it would be done outside business hours. 
A) Yes, if the trust owner or director(mutawalli) execute to pay you. The money is halaal as far as the issue is driving naturally with the will of the beneficiaries` owner. 

Q) Can we read the Quran behind somebody? It sometimes happens that I read some surah while walking. So it happens that I read behind people who are walking in front of me. 
A) Permissible. 

Q) I have been asking for a dua for quite long and it has not been accepted yet…What can I do for my dua to get accepted? 
A) Give sadaqah and do 2 rakaats nafil and make the dua. Keep hope. 

Q) What dua to read so as to be protected against jaadoo (sorcellerie) done through food?
A) Read:
A’ouzou bi kalimaatillaa hit taam mati min sharri maa khalaq three times. 
Bismillah hillazi laa yadwourrou ma’asmihi shai oun fil ardwi wa laa fis samaai wa houwas sam’ee oun ‘aleem three time. 
Ayatul Kursi. 
And the last three surahs three times and then blow. 

Q) Can i sell gold jewellery for men? ring, chain etc. 
A) Permissible. 

Q) Can a woman go to a spa for a massage in case she is having pain. Or if she wants to take it as an ayurvedic treatment. 
A) Yes, if these are only reserved for ladies and massage done by ladies. And that satr (between navel to knees) should not be uncovered to the lady also. 

Q) Is it permissible to put rukya (on youtube) in the house and listen?
A) Yes.

Q) One of my relatives has been harassing me in the past because he was jealous of my success…Now he is asking me for help..If I refuse, am I committing a sin? 
A) Help him to some extent. Sin, yes. 

Q) Is it mentioned in the Quran about the situation that is prevailing in Palestine, where hundreds of children have lost their lives? 
A) Yes, please read the different articles namely Defendons nous par des actions, l`emigration des palestiniens.

Q) Can we wear ‘protège-slip’ when performing salaat? 
A) Yes. I understand that this should be an underwear?

Q) What happens to the ‘ruh’ (soul) of someone who sleeps? 
A) Allah Ta`ala takes the soul by Him. Then He releases it if life is destined for that person. Then he wakes up. Else Allah Ta`ala holds the soul by Him and that person dies during sleep. ”Allah reçoit les âmes au moment de leur mort ainsi que celles qui ne meurent pas au cours de leur sommeil. Il retient celles à qui Il a décrété la mort, tandis qu’Il renvoie les autres jusqu’à un terme fixé. Il y a certainement là des preuves pour des gens qui réfléchissent.”(39:42). There are hadith that says the virtue of sleeping with wouzu, that the rouh goes and make sajdah of Allah. 

Q) If I receive gifts for my birthday, (although I don’t celebrate birthday), is it permissible to accept it? 
A) We suggest that you refuse the gift given on a non muslim way of celebration. 

Q) At what age must i child keep all his fast?
A) At the age of puberty. Otherwise at the age of 15, fasting become faraz definitely.

Q) Is shisha permissible? 
A) No. It is haraam because the holy prophet SAW said: ”All intoxicants are haraam.” (Muslim) 

Q) Which hotel in mauritius is halaal? 
A) Casuarina is ok with preavis on 57921333. 

Q) Did the prophet use to fast every Mondays and Thursdays of the month or the first Monday and last Thursday of the month? 
A) He used to fast almost all Mondays and Thurdays. (Muslim) 

Q) If I give money to beggar on the road without knowing if he/she is muslim, if they use the money in Haraam, will I be sin for that? 
A) No.Q) Is that hadith authentic ‘ Do not criticised as you will not die unless you experience what you criticised’
A) Yes.Q) If a person is not an alim or mufti and he gives fatwa,like he tells somebody you in zina while that person made nikka, is it called Kufr?
A) No.Q) Does mufti saheb allows to take bay’at (pledge) to mufti saheb?
A) Bay’at is done to someone who is qualified to do so.Q) Theres lot of black ants in my house, whats the meaning?
A) Read this ayat on the ants’hole ; ادْخُلُوا مَسَاكِنَكُمْ لَا يَحْطِمَنَّكُمْ سُلَيْمَانُ وَجُنُودُهُ وَهُمْ لَا يَشْعُرُونَ
Udkhulu masaakinakum, laa yahtimannakoum Sulaymanu wa junuduhou wa houm laa yash`ouroun.Q) Mufti saheb till today this web never ever took fault of any person, May Allah grant myself the humility of Mufti saheb, i don’t understand why our own ulama speaks like that for mufti saheb and there is more which our ulama speaks OPENLY. What should i say if somebody says something wrong on mufti saheb, I follow all muftis but i hate critism.
A) Yes, do keep good ties to every Ulamas. This is childish from some to openly take pen without thinking that they themselves told the public on their web that the issue of sending Zakaat abroad: ‘’Valeur du jour li pas Makrooh.’’ They wrote also on paper that not Makrooh. Then afterwards, it took them 5 years to realise their mistake and then they would only state on WhatsApp that it is in fact Makrooh to send abroad unless family or more needy abroad. Conclusion that these have these qualities with their education: shame, childish and poor of etiquettes. I have more mistakes of them in my memory file, but i will not write them. Because I am not childish and poor of etiquettes Alhamdulillah. There are other work of khair to be done in life. Q) After reading tashahud and durood in namaz, is it correct to do salam and raise hand and read ” Rabbana atina fid dunya hasana”?A) Recommended and Sunnah to do duas after Salaah. And raising hand is sunnah during duas.  Q) There was a man who used to pray tahajud everyday, one day after praying he felt a cold air behind him and someone could touching him. He got scared. Meaning of this cold air?A) Maybe a cold wind or may be farishtas. Q) Can a sick man use plastic chair in the masjid?A) Yes.
 Q) Can we fast ONLY the day of Ashura that will be on Sunday the 1st Oct?
A) Makrooh Tanzihi. Not advisable. Not sinful though.
What’s jaiz and what’s not
Q) Is working as a horse jockey halaal?
A) No Q) Can used condoms (containing the male sperm) be disposed in bins or is it better to do adopt another method?
A) Permissible, although better wash away the sperms before throwing in the bin.
Q) Is it permissible for a woman to visit kabrastan or even enter the kabrastan with no intention to ask duas for the person in the grave?
A) No.Q) Can one wear brand puma adidas crocs?
A) Permissible if hide the image. As it is makrooh to read salaah in those.  
Q) Are we allow to kill ants in islam?
A) Yes, if they are nuisance.
 Q) Is it permissable to raise your hand to your brother even in jest? 
A) Yes, but do also salaam. 

Q) Is it permissible to cut the hair into layers?
A) No.
Q) Is plucking eyes-brows permissible?
A) No, Haraam. The beloved prophet Swalallahou alaihi wasallam cursed such person.Q) Is it permissible for men to wear long trouser that goes all the way and hide the ankles? 
A) No. Makrooh Tahrimi.

Q) Is civil marriage allowed in Islam?
A) Permissible. Not advisable since it complicates shariat inheritance.

Q) Is fingering permissible? 
A) Permissible

Q) Is this video true: ?? 
A) Oral sex should be avoided as far as possible because it lead to haraam like swallowing semens, etc. But some couples complain that they are not aroused without it. Then it is permissible(without swallowing) in such a case. But try first with the hand and fingers using oil, etc. 

Q) Are women allowed to go to kabarastan (i) to perform namaz janazah (ii) to assist in the burial of the mayyat and (iii) to do ziarat? 
A) No. No. And No. 

Q) Is it allowed for a woman to be president of a country?e.g as it is in mauritius.
A) It is written in Shami that if a woman is made a leader, then her leadership is acceptable. But still, our leader is not a woman, but it is the prime minister of the country.

Q) I’m at work, can i read quran on line without wazou? 
A) Yes, but your fingers should not touch the Qur-aan page on the screen.

Q) Is it permissible in Islam for women to dye their hair (red, green, grey, etc..) and cut them short? Does their salaat count? If they want to perform Umrah or Hajj, is it permissible to go in such state? 
A) No. Not permissible to cut hair short for beauty purposes. Medical purposes permissible to the extent prescribed. Salaat count when they use such dyes that are not fancy colours, nor black but take the natural colours available in Bio. Remember that it is only a tangible layer that prevent water from reaching the hair. Tangible layer like paint, tinner,etc should be removed. Furthermore, no one prescribed to wash the fingers if tainted with ‘’medecine bleu’’ nor when ink dipped when applying finger prints. Besides, the prophet SAW used different materials to dye his hair Yellowish, blackish and also advised to colour the hair with mehendi (henna). We may advise individually on the issue. Please send a text on 57921333. 

Q) Why is it not permissible for men to wear platinum? 
A) Because men can only use silver ring of 4.2 gram maximum. Nothing more or nothing in other metals found permissible

Q) I would like to know the ruling concerning women hair cut. Is it allowed? My wife has short and uneven hair at the hairline and would like to know if she can have a very short haircut so that it grows back evenly with the rest of the hair. Is it allowed?
A) No. One cannot correct the hair with a cut. Yes, if there is medical reason ascertained by a pious doctor who prescribed a cut, then permissible to that extent. 

Q) Can Zamzam water be given to non muslim for shifaa? 
A) Permissible.

Q) Can a man wear platinium ring? 
A) No. 

Q) There is a course called actuary science in university. Is it permissible to study that?
A) No, not permissible.

Q) What are the acts permissible and not permissible during sexual intercourse. 
A) Licking the body except the penis, vagina and annus organs. Penetration on the vagina only. 

Q) Is there any punishment for abortion before four months? 
A) Yes, of course. But why was abortion performed? 

Q) Is it a sin to read and hold a Qur’an without wudhu? 
A) Yes, a very grave sin. In fact some fuquhas have qualified this act of Kufr and denial of deen.

Q) I have read that there is no Jummuah prayers for women, so how come we perform these prayers in Haram Shareef and Madina?
A) In Madinah itself it was more than famous that there is no juma`ah for women. Hazrat Umme salamah said so in front of all the sahabas present. There is no official call for them to come there. 

Q) Are women allowed to put lipstick? 
A) Permissible only if non mahrams do not see them. It is recommended to put lipstick in the bed room for the husband.

Q) Are we allowed to keep an aquarium in the house?
A) Permissible. 
Q) Eski gagne droit mett cercle ledent? 
A) Pou ene necessiter oui, mais pas pou beauté.

Q) Sometimes it happens that after cooking a vegetable we notice a small insect in it while eating. Must we throw the food or can we still eat it?
A) Remove the insect. It is permissible to it the food.

Q) Is tooth crown allowed in Islam?
A) Allowed as a medical option, not for aesthetical reasons. 

Q) What is the Islamic point of view of keeping fish and other animals in aquarium and bassin outside the house? 
A) Permissible. 

Q) Can cow and goat meat be cooked together?
A) Permissible. 

Q) Can a girl wear more than one earings. is it makrooh? 
A) Permissible by the ear lobes. 

Q) Is it permissible to wear rings made of plated gold/silver?
A) It is makrooh for women to wear rings made of anything besides gold and silver (shaami). Rings are makrooh, not bangles. Plated gold or silver is considered as metals other than gold and silver. Hence plated gold rings or plated silver rings are also makrooh. 

Q) Is oral sex permitted in islam? if my husband love this practice?
A) Oral sex is makroohe tahreemi and not permissible. But if relationship cannot have without it, then live with it and do istighfaar. 

Q) I went to Madinah qabrastaan and there was someone mentionning that the prophet ordered us to take out shoes in qabrastaan. I did not hear such from our ulamas. So should we take out our shoes in qabrastaan Mufti? 
A) First of all, there is a hadith that says that the holy prophet(peace be upon him) called a sahabi to take out his shoes mentioned in Abu Dawood and other kitaabs. But it is important to note that we need to put this hadith to the picture of sunnah that the sahabas lived through their lives. We find that generally the sahabas did not take out their shoes in the cimetry. Hence the hadith mentioned is an exception as per the general rule. Furthermore, there was no such order for any other sahabas to remove their shoes in any other occasion. But in fact the holy prophet peace be upon him did say another general hadith that mentions that people wear shoes during burials. It is reposted under the authority of Bukhari that when someone is put in the tomb, then two angels come to the dead almost instantly after burial that the dead can still hear the walking sound of the shoes of the people above him. As such it is permissible to wear shoes in the cemetery. Muhadithins explain the other hadith as an exception based on these grounds: impurity in the shoes of the latter, to teach him humility and prevent him walking on the tombs as mentioned that he was in fact walking on the tombs. Wallahu a`lam.

عَنْ أَنَسٍ رَضِيَ اللَّهُ عَنْهُ عَنْ النَّبِيِّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ قَالَ الْعَبْدُ إِذَا وُضِعَ فِي قَبْرِهِ وَتُوُلِّيَ وَذَهَبَ أَصْحَابُهُ حَتَّى إِنَّهُ لَيَسْمَعُ قَرْعَ نِعَالِهِمْ أَتَاهُ مَلَكَانِ فَأَقْعَدَاهُ فَيَقُولَانِ لَهُ مَا كُنْتَ تَقُولُ فِي هَذَا الرَّجُلِ مُحَمَّدٍ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ فَيَقُولُ أَشْهَدُ أَنَّهُ عَبْدُ اللَّهِ وَرَسُولُهُ فَيُقَالُ انْظُرْ إِلَى مَقْعَدِكَ مِنْ النَّارِ أَبْدَلَكَ اللَّهُ بِهِ مَقْعَدًا مِنْ الْجَنَّةِ قَالَ النَّبِيُّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ فَيَرَاهُمَا جَمِيعًا وَأَمَّا الْكَافِرُ أَوْ الْمُنَافِقُ فَيَقُولُ لَا أَدْرِي كُنْتُ أَقُولُ مَا يَقُولُ النَّاسُ فَيُقَالُ لَا دَرَيْتَ وَلَا تَلَيْتَ ثُمَّ يُضْرَبُ بِمِطْرَقَةٍ مِنْ حَدِيدٍ ضَرْبَةً بَيْنَ أُذُنَيْهِ فَيَصِيحُ صَيْحَةً يَسْمَعُهَا مَنْ يَلِيهِ إِلَّا الثَّقَلَيْنِ

Q) If i have put mehendi paste on my hair and want to perform salah without removing it (for it to stay longer in my hair and hence giving a nice colour, so can i make masah over it? will the masah count or should i wash it and then perform salah? 
A) No, you cannot make massah on a mehendi hair. Yes if the hair is plaited or made a ”poutou” ie attached on the top of the head, then it is permissible to leave the attached in mehendi and do massah on the cleaned front part of the head. At least one quarter of the head`s hair should be cleaned and made massah.
Q) Please advise whether it is permitted to dye hair using (i) mehendi (ii) colorant purchased in supermarkets and (iii) colorant in hair salons.
A) Permissible when no coating and when they are of natural colours.

Q) There is a project to allow organ collection from dead person. I would like to know whether this is allowed in Islam or not.
A) First of all we should know that our body is the property of God and we cannot dispose or cut it as we wish. Allah Ta`ala has said:’’ There is no altering of God’s creation.’’(30:30) There are specific ordains as to how to proceed with even the hairs of our body. The tafseer Bahr ul Muheet of the said ayah quotes the following hadith: Le prophete a maudit les tatoueuses, celles qui se font tatouer, celles qui epilent leurs sourcils et celles qui espacent leurs dents pour beaute, celles qui font des changements sur la creation d`Allah-Bukhari. Hence during our lifetime we are not allowed to change any physical aspect of our body for aesthetical(beauty) purposes nor can we cut a piece of our body to give to someone else. This is the general verdict as for our body is concerned. In this aspect suicide is condemned by shariah and castration has been prohibited by Bukhari and Muslim ahadiths even in extreme poverty circumstances. 
Since there is a hadith in Abu Dawood that says to break the bones of a dead is alike breaking it during his lifetime, we conclude that it is not permissible for us to dispose or cut the dead body as we wish. Kitaabs mentions that if the person had gold teeths, then we should not try to excavate the teeth after his death. In fact we should take extreme care of the body while bathing and walking with it. The term of the body`s respect is to return it to its origin: the earth.
Furthermore the human body is honoured by Allah and its sanctity exceed all creation. Thus we cannot cut or take parts of the body even if he has signed his permission. Because its sanctity, its property, use and ordains are from Allah Ta`ala Himself and we are all bounds dead or alive to his orders. We cannot transact or sell His property because it is against its sanctity. In fact even in the battle field, we are not allowed to mutilate dead bodies of enemies(Bukhari). 
Thus it is against Islamic principle to collect dead organs from dead bodies, even they are donated. 

Q) Is it permissible that a girl does rebonding (lissage permanent) to her hair? Does this process form a coationg to the hair or not so as not to have a doubt that wazou is counting or not?
A) If coating involved, then not permissible.

Q) Can women go to masjid for jumu’ah prayer? 
A) No. In fact there is no Jum`ah for women. (Bukhari)

Q) Is using a pen having gold parts in it permissible or Haraam or Makroo? 
A) If the gold is 9 carats, then it is permissible to use it for men and women. But if the gold carrat is 12 or more carrats, then it is not permissible for men to use it.

Q) Is reading of novels permissible as long as it does not contradict our ‘Ibadah time? 
A) Permissible when they are clean and does not lead to reading adultery or misbehaviour.

Q) Is it permissible to do zikar, to read darood shareef or any dua for protection in state of janabat? 
A) Yes, permissible.

Q) Is is okay to take hookah without tabacco? 
A) Makrooh. Avoid.

Q) Is it permissible to accept a gift from a conventional bank and use it?
A) No, not permissible. 

Q) Is making ourself having sexual pleasure haram? 
A) Yes, haraam. Allah Ta`ala has made halaal Nikah and anything besides nikah is not permissible (slavery is abolished). 

Q) Why is the engagement ceremony (fiancailles) haraam according to islam? 
A) Because it encourages intermingling of genders and open the way to adultery for the engaged couple.

Q) Is it permissible to take pills before sexual intercourse due to increase of sexual desire, impotent, etc…
A) Not advisable. But one may take natural boosters like this potion: glass of milk, put 2 egg yolk inside, one large spoon of honey and some za`fran (safron). Eat some Ginger and grams as well. Walk briskly for 30 minutes every day.

Q) Is making oneself have sexual pleasure haram? What should one do to repent? 
A) Yes haraam. Repent sincerely and then control your eyesight and keep rozas.

Q) I have a son who writes with his left hand. Fortunately we’ve succeeded to change his eating habits from left to right hand…but what about writing? Is it permissble to write with left hand?
A) When a handicap, then tolerable. This case is tolerable.

Q) Is dental bleaching permissible?
A) If bleaching means only to whiten the teeth without changing the physical structure of the teeth, then it is Permissible.

Q) Can a 9 years old girl fall in love with an 18 years old boy , is it permissible ?
A) Not permissible since this kind of relationship does not enhance nikah in our society.

Q) There is this brother, Maher Zain, who makes anasheeds but he uses many musical instruments in making them. Is it permissible to listen to such kasidas?
A) Not permissible to listen musical songs of Maher Zain. He is an open sinner and indulging muslims in haraam music.

Q) Are women allowed to wear contact lenses?
A) Simple contact lenses can be used for helping the eye only. But those contact lenses that are for beauty purposes, then some ulamas are against that.

Q) Can a person drink his own semen?
A) No, haraam. Semen are impure and not consumable according to shariat.

Q) Can women have a nose piercing?
A) Yes, permissible.

Q) Can women drive? 
A) Permissible with conditions

Q) What are the islamic views regarding those who celebrate new year and exchange gifts on that date?
A) Not permissible. The holy prophet p.b.u.h. said :” those who imitate a people, then he will be considered between these people.” (Abu Dawood) Celebration of new year is a Christian event and hence should be avoided.

Q) Is it allowed for a woman to do invitro to have children?
A) No. Invitro carries lot of aspect that is not shrariat compliant: Opening of satar in front of doctors without necessity, introducing foreign matter inside the body and may be carrying other men`s baby and not her husband`s. That is why we have closed the door to invitro.

Q) I stopped smoking, but stil need something to replace it. Can I chew tambacoo of indian origin?
A) No, but take a miswaak and chew it. Miswaak pleases Allah, cleans the mouth and helps to pronounce the kalimah at time of death.

Q) Can we accept a dinner invitation from a relative or neighbour who plays lottery? Can we eat by them?
A) If they have other halal income, than it is permissible to eat by them. Take a gift with you with the intention of exchanging it with the food.

Q) If i have to lie to patch up with my husband is it a sin?
A) Yes, a major sin. A sin does not save you, but rather you will need to lie more and more and lying destroy a person. Truthfulness save a person.

Q) Can i trim my hair as it has ‘fleuri’ and will not grow any longer now because of this. And i always wear jilbaab and scarf and therefore i don’t have any intention of showing off my hair. If i trim it by even 4-5cm ,it will grow longer.
A) Consult a skin doctor and take his advice if there are no other alternative than cutting them. Yes, if there is a medical view that cutting your hair will improve your hair, then it is permissible to cut only that amount that is necessary.

Q) Is it allowed to implant tooth made of silver, gold or precious stones?
A) As a matter of necessity and having no better alternative, one may use silver or gold for implants. But if the case is not a necessity, but rather an aestheticor fashion, then it is haraam to use gold for men and precious stones for both men and women. In fact there are ahadiths that mention that those who purposely space their teeth or change the creation of Allah for fashion purposes, then one is liable to the curse of Allah.

Q) Is taking our photos permissible? Can we have photo shoot?
A) No. Photos are permissible only in necessary conditions.

Q) Is it permissible to install and use water from a solar water heater as currently being provided by Development Bank of Mauritius?
A) I am not aware of the conditions that Development bank give facilities and hence cannot comment on the financing side of the question. But as for solar water, it is permissible to use it. better choose those which have tubes so as to satisfy some criteria on safe side. You may read the article on the web on the issue. 

Q) Can a woman remove hair from her leg?
A) Permissible, though it is against the respect (adab) of a person.

Q) Can i cut my hair which is very curly. It is difficult and time consuming to comb my hair and i dont have time. I work with my husband, and have 2 kids. It is 10 cm from my shoulder. My hair falls off too much also. Is it permissible to cut? It is really not for beauty.
A) If there is medical reason, then it is permissible to cut the minimum so that to cure the sickness. But lack of time and it being curly are not valid reasons to cut them.

Q) Is taking pictures haraam?
A) Not of non living things.

Q) Peut on entrer dans les toilettes lorsqu’ on porte sur soi le Qur’aan dans une saccoche autour du cou et a l’intérieur des vetements, lors du hajj, si on est seul?
A) Sous conditions rapporté et par nécessité mentionné c`est permissible.

Q) Is it true that watching film or series about vampires are more haraam than to watch other series or film? is it disliked by Allah to watch about vampires?
A) All are not permissible to watch equally. In fact those films that incite or explicitly show shirk and other religious rituals are to be most likely more evil than others.

Q) Is it permissible to write romantic poems?
A) Yes, for your partner.

Q) Is long talking on mobile phone haraam?
A) Long talking to a non mahram (someone who you can contract nikah with) is not permissible. In fact it is haraam since this lead to adultery. Allah Ta`ala say: ”And do not approach adultery. Indeed, it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way.” (17:32) But if one is talking to someone of same gender and is talking work or licit discussion, then it is permissible provided that salaah times are respected.

Q) Is cracking knuckles haraam?
A) No. But makrooh in masjids and in salaah.

Q) Is it permissible to play poker on phone without betting?
A) Permissible, makrooh. Not permissible if it distracts oneself from performing salaah.

Q) Is it permissible to stop someone from wishing Eid mubarak to other people he/she has wrong thoughts about these ppl?
A) That day is a day of happiness. Forget about bad thoughts and greet them with salaam and ”Taqabbalullah minna wa minka.” May Allah Accept our ibadah and yours also. A minimum of good character is necessary for any human being. And the minimum greeting and talking to your own gender or mahrams is the Eid day. Visit the eid day close relatives and those that you don`t meet. These etiquettes are not applicable for non mahrams and those that fitnah may take the upper hand.

Q) Is it allowed for a woman to wear men’s jeans (solely in her house)?
A) No, not allowed. The holy prophet (saw) cursed those women who imitate men and those men who imitate women. (Abu DAwood)

عَنْ النَّبِيِّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ أَنَّهُ لَعَنَ الْمُتَشَبِّهَاتِ مِنْ النِّسَاءِ بِالرِّجَالِ وَالْمُتَشَبِّهِينَ مِنْ الرِّجَالِ بِالنِّسَاءِ

Q) It is said that perfume is a sunnah. Can one use perfume containing alcohol with the niyyah of sunnah?
A) Can use.

Q) Can the nails be flushed in the toilet after clipping?
A) No. Rather put them in the soil or inside the soil in a flower pot. A part of a human should be disposed underneath the soil so much so not to be seen.

Q) Is it allowed for a group of women to travel for a day or to trip outside the city without a mahram?
A) From a shar`ee standpoint it is permissible if they travel a destination that is less than 77 kms. If it is 77kms or more, then definitely they are obliged to have their respective mahrams. But still without a necessity such trips should be avoided unless there are acceptable reasons.

Q) Is is permissible to fall in love if I am 16 years old?
A) Love without nikah is a sickness. To fall in love at 16 is an immature state of love. But we recommend taqwa and self control that is necessary at this age. Fasting and spending your Ramadhaan in reading Qur-aan and salaahs would keep yourself away from zina. At this age a few steps towards the imaginary love world may lead to the zina disaster. Cut all communication and meetings during the sacred month of Ramadhaan and develop a love and seclusion towards Allah Ta`ala. Allah Ta`ala is the one that can save your love and you should fear that He may turn away your lover`s heart.

How many hearts were sealed yesterday.
Today they are empty of their love.
May be they caused Allah`s wrath.
By their actions blinded by so called love.
Only one love will survive.
The one that started before your mother knew you were there.
A love in the pre-natal era: The almighty`s love!
Moulded you by His wish, Blew in you His Soul
So be His servant and be loyal to Him.
He will submit to your will His creations.
Your lover is no more but one of His creations.

Q) Is it allowed for travellers to keep Quraan in the pocket of their kurta? If permissible, should the quraan be kept somewhere else before entering toilet?
A) Allowed. Put the Qur-aan somewhere else before entering toilet.

Q) Can a girl apply nail polish when she is menstruating and remove it afterwards when she perform ghusl?
A) Not permissible.

Q) There is a widow and her 2 girls live nearby. i offer her sadaqua every month. in some occasion like shabebaraat she got food more than she need like take away briani and she give it to me. can i eat it? i feel odd to take it but she said she has no one to give.
A) You may take it if she offers you. It is no more sadaqah once in her hands.

Q) Can i often give my sadaqah to my maid?
A) Permissible.

Q) Eski gagne droit senti alcohol pu faire la tete arret faire mal?
A) Pas recommender. Plutot senti termogene.

Q) I am a niqaabi woman staying in london. Is it allowed to unveil my face after veling it due to jobs rules? But hijab is allowed.
A) Not allowed. Niqaab is wajib and since you are not at the point of having no food, then you still need to wear it at all cost.

Q) Can we listen to qaseedah burdah?
A) Yes.

Q) Is organ transplantation in case of chronic severe disease permissible?
A) Permissible, although not recommended.

Q) What does Islam says about a muslim going out with friends who are having alcohol drinks?
A) Not permissible.

Q) Is it permissible to make fun of a non-muslim behind his back?
A) No, haraam.

Q) Is it a sin to kill insects like ants, bees, wasps which have entered in the house?
A) It is a sin unless they are source of difficulty.

Q) Can i cut nails after maghrib?
A) Yes.

Q) If i’m sick and need blood, can i accept a non-muslim’s blood?
A) Yes, in case of necessity.

Q) Eski banne tifille gagne droit mette pantalon jeans? meme si li met li ek 1 linge ki nivo genou??
A) Jeans li faire forme lecorps. Ene linge li bizin couvert le corps et pas faire forme le corps. Donc c`est pour sa ki banne ulamas finne empeche mete jeans excepter dans la chambre intimement avec so missier. Donc plutôt li mete pantalon ki couvert le corp et pas faire forme le corps.

Q) Is abortion before 4 months not a sin?
A) It is still a sin, but it is a crime after 4 months.

Q) Is it permisible for a women to wear clothes which are sleeve less in her house alone? Is it true u need to cover your satar at home and for men wat is there satar at home wen alone?
A) Permissible when alone and sure that no one will see you. Not obligatory to cover head at home. But stay descent and well covered since you are being seen by farishtas. Men should always cover between navel and knees at all times, even at home. The habit to stay nude even when alone is denoted by fuqahas as the habit of a fasiq (open sinner).

Q) I have some doubts about blood transfusion. I wanted to know if it is allowed to give blood.
A) Permissible, although due to health risks, some ulamas reserved their verdict on the issue.

Q) And can a muslim accpet blood from a non muslim?
A) Accepting blood is permissible only in case of extreme necessity. Hence when extreme necessity is found, then one may accept other people`s blood.

Q) Can a woman learn how to drive?
A) Yes, but under a mahram’s control.

Q) Can women undergo cosmetic surgery to please their husband?
A) No. It is haraam to change any part of the body except for medical or shari` valid reasons.

Q) Can a sister help his sick brother to take a bath?
A) As far as possible, one should pay a man to do that job. Not permissible for a lady to see even her sick mahram`s satr.

Q) Is Euthanasia permisible?
A) Euthanasia is a crime according to shariah. Killing someone to relieve his suffering is like killing him in good health.

Q) Is it permissble to wear teeth braces? Don’t it imply altering the way we were created?
A) Permissible only when medically necessary.

Q) Is it really haraam to say happy new year just like that?
A) Not permissible to imitate other communities as such.

Q) The supermarket where i always do my shopping is giving away lotteries when the customers spend a certain amount of money. Can we participate in such lotteries?
A) No, not allowed.

Q) Please elaborate on how to let the beard grow because it’s confusing when i find some Ulama shaving or cutting their beards short. Is this permissible?
A) It is wajib to grow beard a fist length. Not permissible to grow less than that.

Q) My beard diminishes in thickness when I let it grow more than a fistful. Does Shari’ah allow me to trim it to a fistful or is this considered a sin?
A) You are allowed to trim until the fist. You are not allowed to cut less than a fist, although it becomes thin.

Q) Is it permissible for a wife (during menstruation) to play with her husband’s private part until he ejaculates?
A) Yes permissible. But not with the mouth.

Q) Is kissing the cover of the Quraan after after recitation, permissible?
A) Permissible, recommended.

Q) Is a woman allowed to take the plane alone? Her husband will drop her at the airport and her daughter and son in law will be waiting for her at her destination.
A) No. The woman should travel with a mahram.

Q) Is female circumcision part of Islam?
A) No. But this practice may be found in some Arab countries.

Q) Is it not permissible for men to colour their hair, even with natural and halaal-origin colours?
A) For men, they may choose mehendi colour or dark brown.

Q) What is the difference between makrooh-e-tanzihi and makrooh-e-tahrimi ?
A) Makrooh means disgusted. Tanzihi is disgusted and tahreemi means very disgusted and close to haraam.

Q) Is it faraz or sunnah for a man to keep his beard?
A) It is wajib and compulsory to keep one fist length beard.

Q) Is colouring of hair permissible?
A) Permissible for women if use natural colours and use those colours of halaal origin.

Q) Is it haraam for a male to wear a red shirt?
A) No. Makrooh

Q) Why red colour is makrouh for man?
A) The holy prophet expressly showed dislike for its use for male. It is a colour for women.

Q) Are non-married muslim girls allowed to wear makeup?
A) Not allowed in front of non mahrams

Q) Is practising yoga or watching yoga permissible in Islam?
A) No. Find the reasons in the article ‘’Cohesion interreligieuse’’ on the web

Q) Can a woman take off her hijab for medical reason?
A) Other options are available other than the normal hijab wearing. For example, just put a cloth on the head and drop it on the face. Else such sick women should abstain to go out unless of extreme necessity.

Q) Are we allowed to eat at a non-muslims place if the latter invited us?
A) If the food is of halaal ingredients, it is allowed. But care should be taken not to continuously eat by non muslims. We should keep a diplomatic polite relation with them at a distance.

Q) Is it bad to make fun of a muslim name? for example mocking that it is a girls name. what are the concequences?
A) The Qur-aan condems severely this act :” How bad is it, to insult one’s brother after having faith.” (Hujuraat: 11). It is called fisq or sinning openly by the Qur-aan. In fact any act that may indirectly hurt a muslim is condemned by the shariah. To giggle or to mock at a muslim is far more serious. There is no tawbah except if the latter forgive. Breaking the heart of a muslim is worst than breaking the Ka`bah itself.

Q) Is YOGA without any readings/prayers (i.e. only yoga postures) permissible?
A) Not recommended. Please read the article on Cohesion interrreligieuse. The alternative is to find any comfortable postures and inhale deeply and exhale. Some sheikhs advised to inhale with the light pronounciation of ‘’Allaa’’ and exhale with ‘’hou’’.

Q) Can we read the soft copy of the Quran? is the reward the same as when someone is reading a hard copy?
A) As far as your reading is concerned, you would receive the same reward of reading whether you are reading from a lap top or from the hard copy. But reading on a hard copy is still closer to the sunnah.

Q) Fatwa on keeping a dog.
A) Not permissible as a pet. In case of necessity, it should be kept at a distance. Read the article: Le chien en perspective on the web.

Q) Is it permissible for a woman to cut her hair?
A) No.

Q) Is it haram to dream about a non-mahram girl?
A) Dream is not from the conscious mind and hence we are not liable to dreaming of haraam. But still dreams are influenced by our eyes, ears and mind. As such we should abstain of looking at haraam or listening to haraam with our conscience.

Q) What does the sharia says about dictatorship?
A) Shariah does not support dictatorship. Islam promote a just leadership counselled by muslim jurists. Under muslim rule, even the church may function with democracy.

Q) Eski capav fume mass?
A) Non, li haraam pou fume mass.

Q) Is it permissible to send salaam to Nabi (saw) through a person who is going for hajj or umrah on our behalf?
A) Yes. In fact the practice of sending salaam to someone not present is a sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.). During the night of Mi`raj or ascension, the prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) told the prophet Muhammad (saw) to convey his ummah salaam (Tirmizi, Tabrani). At that time the ummah of the prophet was not present there. Furthermore there are narrations that sahabas telling dying person to convey salaam to whom they meet after death (Ibn Majah, Ahmad, Baihaqi) As such it is permissible to tell someone going for Hajj and Umrah to present salaam to the prophet (saw) on your behalf.

Q) Is girl practising masturbation a sin?
A) Yes, it is a sin.

Q) How to stop masturbation?
A) Fasting consecutively do stop surplus sexual desires.

Q) Is oral sex a sin?
A) It is a major sin. It is makrouh tahreemi, that is disgusting and near to the limit of haraam

Q) Are we allowed to give sweets to friends because we have succeeded an exam?
A) Yes, it is a good practice.

Q) What is the reason, why muslims can’t celebrate birthdays. Any proof?
A) Celebrating birthdays is not an Islamic practice. Had there been any birthday to be celebrated, we would have celebrated the birthday of the chief of two worlds: sayidina Muhammad (pbuh). Neither the prophet celebrated his birthday, nor any sahabas or companions celebrated his birthday. The practice originated from non Islamic horizons. So whoever practices such alien tradition is jeopardizing his own eternity: ‘’the one who imitate any people is counted as if between them.’’ (hadith)

Q) Is it permissible for either men or women to dye hair apart from using mehendi? Does women have the right to cut their hair?
A) Natural colour permissible other than black. Not permissible to cut hair.

Q) Is it lawful to wear skin of sheep that hasn’t been made halal?
A) Permissible.

Q) Is it permissible to wear cap made from wolf skin? is it allowed for prayer too?
A) Permissible. Yes

Q) Is it ok to have artificial bird and butterflies exposed in the house?
A) Not allowed.

Q) Fume tabac (considere com 1 drogue maintenant), fume la mente, epices, ou les zot kitchoses com canabis, opium, fruit, eski li halal pou fumer? si li haram, eski ghusl anuler?
A) Non, pas halaal puisque zote amene soulaison. Wuzu casser et non pas ghusl.

Q) Can we participate in games on radio?
A) It is permissible to participate in games that do not involve gambling, exposition of female voice and body in public, etc. Since games on radio may involve one of these conditions, then it is better to abstain.

Q) Are women allowed to wear abaya with beads/stones (pierre) on it and perform salah?
A) Permissible. Though it is not good for women to wear attractive abaya to go out.

Q) Are women allowed to apply mehendi on their hands?
A) Yes, recommended.

Q) Eski gagne droit fume shisha?
A) Pas gagne droit.

Q) Are womwn allowed to pluck their eyebrows and wear pants, even if they are loose pants?
A) It is makroohe Tahreemi and haraam to pluck eyebrows. The hadith of Bukhari clearly states that the holy prophet Muhammad may peace be upon him has explicitly cursed all those who pluck their eyebrows or eyelash, those who put tattoos, those who open spaces between teeth for beauty purposes and those who change the physical characteristics that Allah Ta`ala created them with.
 لَعَنَ عَبْدُ اللَّهِ الْوَاشِمَاتِ وَالْمُتَنَمِّصَاتِ وَالْمُتَفَلِّجَاتِ لِلْحُسْنِ الْمُغَيِّرَاتِ خَلْقَ اللَّهِ فَقَالَتْ أُمُّ يَعْقُوبَ مَا هَذَا قَالَ عَبْدُ اللَّهِ وَمَا لِي لَا أَلْعَنُ مَنْ لَعَنَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ وَفِي كِتَابِ اللَّهِ
Deduced from the hadith also is that plastic surgery for beauty purposes is not permissible. Ladies may wear pants under their cloaks and robes. But these pants should be categorised as ladies pants. Unisex or men style pants are completely haraam. The holy prophet(saw) cursed men that wear or act like women and also cursed ladies that act or wear like men. (Bukhari)
 عَنْ ابْنِ عَبَّاسٍ رَضِيَ اللَّهُ عَنْهُمَا قَالَ لَعَنَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ الْمُتَشَبِّهِينَ مِنْ الرِّجَالِ بِالنِّسَاءِ وَالْمُتَشَبِّهَاتِ مِنْ النِّسَاءِ بِالرِّجَالِ

Ladies should not wear only pants, even loose ones, in public since to dissolve the silhouette of the body is wajib and obligatory. Pants do not hide the silhouette of the body.

Q) Is it permissible to read the same surah everyday in Tahajjud?
A) Permissible.

Q) If we play Rummy, satat, etc with playing cards, is it haraam or not?
A) Those games are permissible on condition that they do not cause harm in performing salaah. There should not be money gambling in them also

Q) is abortion jaaiz? what if both husband and wife are not ready for a child?
A) Not permissible after 4 months.

Q) Is it haraam for a woman to eat a left over of a non mahram?
A) Yes.

Q) Are men allowed to wear silver bracelet and necklace/
A) No.

Q) I would like to know if an islamic woman in our modern world can deliver a speech on an islamic issue on television?
A) Not allowed.

Q) Is a muslim woman allowed to vote for a leader according to islamic laws?
A) Permissible. When asked, women may express their opinions in any councils.

Q) Are perfumes containing alcohol permissible to use?
A) Synthetic alcohols are permissible.

Q) Are women allowed to cut their hair?
A) No, not allowed. Allah Ta’ala beutified man with beard and woman with her hair.
وفيه: قطعت شعر رأسها أثمت ولعنت

Q) My husband likes short hair so i cut mine but when i go out i put my hijab. Is it a sin?
A) It is a sin to cut one`s hair. There is danger of curse in such acts of changing the creation of Allah. You cannot obey the creation in disobeying the Creator. As such stop cutting hair and do comb it on head to appear short.

Q) Eski ene madame gagne droit epile cheveux lor so le corps ? et lors so visage si moushtache epais ? mone tande ki ena malediction lor sa madame ki corrige so sourcil, eski li vrai ?
A) Comprend ki ena quatres qualites cheveux lor le corps.
1. Ene qualite cheveux ki li obligatoire pou nou tirer ou razer avant 40 jours: banne cheveux enbas le bras et cote partie privee.
2. Banne cheveux ki obligatoire garder : pou ene madame cheveux lor so la tete et pou ene missier cheveux so la barbe.
3. Banne cheveux ki lor le bras, lor le dos la jambe et lor l`estomac,etc .
4. Banne cheveux lor figure. Selon hadith de Baihaqi, li obligatoire pou razer ou epiler banne cheveux ki trouve en bas les bras et cote partie prive jusqua 40 jours. Li recommender pou madame li epiler et missier razer chaque semaine ou chaque Vendredi. Ene madame li pas gagne droit taille cheveux lor so la tete. Li peche et ena mention de malediction dans taille cheveux(Shami). Ene missier pas gagne droit raze la barbe. Li bizin garde la barbe ziska longeur de ene poignet(Bukhari) Ene missier ou ene garson bizin soit taille cheveux lor la tete partout egale ou laisse pousser partout egale. Pas gagne droit raze ene partie et laisse ene partie.
 عَنْ النَّبِيِّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ قَالَ خَالِفُوا الْمُشْرِكِينَ وَفِّرُوا اللِّحَى وَأَحْفُوا الشَّوَارِبَ وَكَانَ ابْنُ عُمَرَ إِذَا حَجَّ أَوْ اعْتَمَرَ قَبَضَ عَلَى لِحْيَتِهِ فَمَا فَضَلَ أَخَذَهُ
Banne cheveux ki lor la jambe ou l`estomac, le dos etc li contre respect pou tire zote, mais sinon li pas peches et li permissible pou tire zote. Banne cheveux lor figure : Pou ene missier li corrige moushtache et garde la barbe. Ene madame pas gagne droit tire cheveux lors o figure a moins si li faire li paraite comment missier. Si sourcil epais ou moushtache epais et faire li paraitre comment missier, alors gagne droit coriger afin pou faire paraitre feminin. Mais conner ki le prophete Muhammad(saw) finne envoye malediction lor sa madame ki epil sourcil.
 لَعَنَ عَبْدُ اللَّهِ الْوَاشِمَاتِ وَالْمُتَنَمِّصَاتِ وَالْمُتَفَلِّجَاتِ لِلْحُسْنِ الْمُغَيِّرَاتِ خَلْقَ اللَّهِ فَقَالَتْ أُمُّ يَعْقُوبَ مَا هَذَا قَالَ عَبْدُ اللَّهِ وَمَا لِي لَا أَلْعَنُ مَنْ لَعَنَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ وَفِي كِتَابِ اللَّهِ

Donc pas depasse limite dans pou coriger. Seulement pou efiminise visage ki gagne droit corrige banne cheveux lor visage.

Q) Are perfumes containing alcohol denat permissible?
A) Permissible

Q) Eski gagne droit mete mehendi Tattoo?
A) Non, pas gagne droit. Tatoo li haraam et ena mention malediction lor la. The hadith of Bukhari clearly states that the holy prophet Muhammad may peace be upon him has explicitly cursed all those who pluck their eyebrows or eyelash, those who put tattoos, those who open spaces between teeth for beauty purposes and those who change the physical characteristics that Allah Ta`ala created them with.

Q) Is it a sin if i remove the hair on my legs? for a girl?
A) Not a sin. But bear in mind that removing them will cause them to grow thick and uncomfortable. Then later you will feel uncomfortable until you remove them. Thus you will endure discomfort.

Q) Is it a sin if i remove the hair on my hand and the mustache?
A) For a boy, it is not a sin to remove moustache. For a girl, it is not permissible unless it is thick and look like a boy. Then one may remove to look like a girl. It is not advisable to remove hair on hands of boy or girl, although it is not a sin to do so.

Q) Is it permissible to watch erotic films?
A) Haraam

Q) Are girls allowed to wear lipstick, in private or public?
A) Lipstick is permissible only in private in front of mahrams.

Q) Is it allowed for a young man of less than 30years to dye his hair black if he has too many white hair?
A) Not black. He may choose brown or mehendi colours.

Q) In which way is the profession of lawyer permissible?
A) It is permissible when defending and speaking the truth ; not defending criminals or oppressors

Q) Are women allowed to wear mehendi ?
A) Yes.

Q) Is it permissible for a Muslim to celebrate Valentines day?
A) No, it is not permissible, because it’s of Christian origin and not Islamic. The official organization of Malaysia called JAKIM has issued a press release to discourage the Malaysian from celebrating this event. Moreover, love is something that should be expressed everyday between couples, and not on one specific day. Our prophet Muhammad (saw) has taught us to love each other and to increase our love by giving gifts, by making salaams, etc. Note that Islam makes it clear that love before nikah is a sickness. For more details on how to increase love, read the article “Les ingrédients de l`amour et de la haine » on the web.
Q) Are women allowed to wear saree?
A) No.

Q) Are we allowed to listen to anasheed with Islamic messages but having musical instruments in the background?
A) No.

Q) Can I participate in a feast associated with the new year just to avoid breaking family ties?
A) No.

Q) Is the food offered by the family of the deceased in a mayyat permissible in Islam?
A) Yes, it is permissible.

Q) Is one allowed to go to a ‘katam’ late and not eat anything, so as not to break family ties?
A) Yes, permissible.

Q) Is it recommended to watch THE ARRIVALS?
A) Many books and theories like ‘’the arrivals’’ have been written and proposed on the subject of the coming of Dajjal and also the Mahdi. But none can we confirm nor comment besides the textual prophecies of their coming. Nonetheless, whenever their happenings, we or our progeny should protect ourselves from such dreadful eras. The best protection is to read the surah Kahf or its last 10 verses. When the prophet was being asked ‘’when is the Last Day’’? The answer came from Allah:’’What have you prepared for it?’’(Qur-aan). We better prepare for on coming fitnas and tribulations with salaah and Qur-aan and learning and teaching the education of deen. In fact to promote the education of inheritance of Qur-aan(Mirath) would in fact be a factor to keep all these eras far. Wallahou a`lam bissawaab.

Q) Is it permissible for a man to shave the hair on his chest?
A) Yes, permissible.

Q) Are we allowed to watch goon?
A) No.

Q) Is it allowed to participate in birthdays and to eat birthday cakes?
A) No, if the person knows it’s a bithday party then avoid.

Q) Can a woman put perfume containing alcohol and perform salaah?
A) Yes.

Q) Is it permissible for a man to wear red colour shirt?
A) It is makrooh.

Q) What is the law pertaining to perfumes containing alcohol
A) If the alcohol, used in perfumes or itr, is made of grapes or dates, then it is napaak and It is not jaai’z to use it. But if it is made of maize, corn, potato, rice or petrol etc, then it is not napaak and it is jaai’z to use it. If someone applied this perfume and read salaah, his salaah will be correct and he won’t have to repeat his salaah.

Q) Is it permissible to kiss the Qur’aan?
A) It is jaa’iz and correct to kiss the Qur’aan or put it against the eyes or forehead and it is even proven from some sahabahs.

Q) Is it permissible to wear ties?
A) It is not permissible to wear ties because it is in the form of a cross, which is the sign of Christians and our prophet (saw) has prohibited us from resembling them.

Q) Is is permissible to dye the hair?
A) It is makrooh-e-tahrimi to dye one’s hair with black colour, otherwise it is jaa’iz to use other colours (with condition that there shouldn’t be a coating over the hair).

Q) What is the law pertaining to beard?
A) Beard is the sign of a muslim and it is the sunnat of all the prophets. It is a sign of nobleness and it is the beauty of the face and it is through the beard one can differentiate between a man and a child. Therefore it is waajib to keep beard, the amount of a fist and it is a major sin to trim or shave the beard before it reaches this amount. Chapter regarding eating and drinking

Q) Is it permissible to pluck and eat fruits from the tree without the permission of the owner?
A) It is not permissible to pluck and eat fruits from a tree without the owner’s permission even if it’s fallen on the ground.

Q) Is it permissible to sell items which has images of living things? In the same way is it permissible to advertise such things? please need your help so that i can carry on with my business.
A)No, it’s not permissible.

Q) Are we allowed to colour the hair black?
A) Not allowed except for valid reasons. Fuqahas excepted a white haired husband to die his hair black for a young wife. Else generally texts are clear on its impermissibility. White hair is appreciated as a grace and honour and Ibrahim(a.s.) was honoured with white hair. Else mehendi and brown colour is permissible. Wallahou a`lam.

Q) Are we allowed to feed pigeons?
A) Permissible and rewarded since every good done to any living thing is a sadaqah. But beware that their feeding and their coming do not cause any discomforts to your neighbours.

Q) Are we allowed to listen to nasheed with daff in the background?
A) Not permissible since the Daff beat in anasheeds nowadays sound like music. Music with instruments or without instrument like synthesized music are all haraam.

Q) If it is permissible for women to drive, then what about the hadeeth ‘ La anallaahul furooj alas surooj’
A) This hadith is not sahih and not strong enough to be taken into consideration for a ruling. There are sahih ahadiths that report that women sahabas did ride animals. But you should know that Islam discourages women to go out except for their necessities and needs. To go for an outing with the husband is also allowed since in a hadith, the prophet called for a camel and put hazrat `Aisha on it and drove to the countryside of Madinah Munawwarah (Abu Dawood).

Q) Are we allowed to kill spiders because we are extremely afraid of them?
A) Allowed for the said reason, but better put medicine to keep them away and prevent them suffering.

Q) I am invited for a dinner but when I turn up, it is a birthday party. What should I do? Do I eat the food?
A) Better excuse yourself from the party. Else you may sit and advise calmly that birthdays are not shariat compliant. The party does not affect the permissibility of the food.