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Q) I have fractured my leg and i have to do toilet and motion on my bed. Also i cant take bath so how can i be pious so i can read some dua or quraanic aayat from mobile?
A) Yes. Do tayammum on a natural rock. Then do your salaah in that position. And read qur-aan also. Do duas any time. Do not leave salaahs. Do your salaahs on time. This is piety.
Q) I have both parents, and both in lacs also. My husband like or love only his parents and his family. As far as my parents are concerned  as if they dont exist. He takes me to visit my parents every 40 days, sometimes 2 months. What should I do?
A) You go visit your parents as often as once a week. Do ta`lim at home.

Q) I have learnt it is sinful to create artificial space in teeth etc for purpose of beautification. what happened to me is that i had a root treatment in my front teeth and dentist told me i can remain like this after the root treatment but eventually i will need to put a crown because my teeth was too broken off and in the future crown will be required or teeth will fracture later. so instead of waiting for it to fracture, we decided to put the crown to prevent fracture in the long run. now i am wondering if i make mistake in putting crown n if my ghusl is valid? or i should have waited for teeth to break then put it? if the crown in my case is not allowed, so i would prefer to give it up but then i will need to extract the remaining teeth. pls advise on islamic ground if i sinned. i am mostly concerned if my ghusl is valid as i am not able to wash the teeth under the crowned teeth as it can only be removed by a dentist. 
A) Ghusl valid. Your case was medical and not for beauty. So tolerable and halaal. 

Q) The environment at work is not very good. Could you please give me a dua to read to protect myself against jealousy and bad intention of my colleagues at work?
A) Read 3 times the last 3 surahs(Ahad, falaq, naas) and then blow on your palms to pass on head and front body. Do this 3 times. And do it after fajr, maghrib and before sleeping. 

Q) My husband dreamt that me and him riding on the beach then visiting aquarium lots of fishes..etc meaning please
A) Fruitful life coming Insha Allah
Q) I’m 30 yr old muslim married woman i did a premarital sex sin before marriage. I’m hiding this sin to my husband and i’m  very much tensed please tell me what to do?
A) Hide it until death. No words or confessions in Islam. Make sincere tawbah and do istighfaar suffice to delete this sin completely in your account book. Do good deeds to cover up.
Q) I did ishtikhara and asked Allah for sign if someone is good for me, I got good dreams and good feelings but recently we did not get in contact for 5 days. Does this means an indication he is not mine?
A) Having contact before nikah is haraam. Negative signQ) I ask for a sign and dream that i went shopping with my mum.It rained heavily for about a few secs. We bought things and i even got hurt on my knee when i was entering a shop. A boy was looking sadly at me and it was silent.Then i went from there. Meaning
A) NegativeQ) I perfomed one umra. now keeping money to go umra by palestine. because maybe in 6 years my name will come out for hajj is that ok.? So i rather go palestine then will go for hajj. advise please.
A) Ok.

Q) I asked for a sign and i dreamt i was sitting with my family,my brother who does not like me let me sit on his sofa,then i sat near my sister on bed and watched t.v,later mum came and we were together. Meaning?
A) Negative sign.

Q) I read istikharah dua and dreamt about having family moments with dad mum and tasting coranssol fruit for first time and smiling and forgot the rest.. Meaning?
A) Positive Meaning
Q) When a mother curses her child it is sure to happen sooner or later. this is what i have learn, But what about if the child is not at fault the curse is sure to happen but what about the mother, will she get punishment from Allah?
A) If the child caused trouble to the mother, then fear of some of the cursing may take effect. But not at fault at all, then should not worry. The mother at fault should make tawbah and istighfaar. Women cursing for nothing lead to punishment in hell fire.Q) If somebody dreams about blood? can it be a good sign? or only bad sign? JazakAllah.
A) Negative sign
Q) I asked for sign and i dreamt that a cruise ship was sinking in the ocean but we were rescued, a boy went in the cruise and i also joined him but the cruise sink and we were rescued by dolphins, and we friends went in to the sea and started laughing, meaning?
A) Negative results.Q) Please help me in deciding what should i do if someone rejected me and then comes back after one year and want to remain forever. Should i accept him as i always asked du’a to make him return, i also did isthikhara.
A) Yes, through your parents approval. 
Q) My daughter had a dream that i gave birth to twin boys. Any meaning?
A) Read manzil dailyQ) How should i make someone forget about my past? Any dua? As this is becoming a huge hurdle in my path..
A) Give him gifts and please him in the halal way.Q) Having done istikharah and asking sign from Allah and getting positive sign and feelings, so should i consider all these as taking things forward?
A) Yes, through your parents. 
Q) I dreamt my doctor told me i had breast cancer and something about it being 90% , not really treatable. i started crying etc.. meaning? 
A) Give sadaqahs. Be more regular with salaahs and Qur-aan reading. Take your medical check up, etc.

Q) In my dream i saw that in the sky it was written Allah and Muhammad in arabic but when i was going to take a picture,i saw it on a wall instead of the sky.plz interprete. Q) One year before i was rejected and a few days back the boy told me that he wants me back in his life..Since he went i always asked Allah to make him back and i had no interest in accepting other proposal..Should i accept him back as we have done zina?
A) Can accept after informing parent

Q) Should a girl hide her sins she did in past with boyfriend to her husband? As she is scared the truth might come out? 
A) Yes, do hide and make crying sincere tawbah. 

Q) What should a girl do if she is forced to marry someone not of her choice and there is no one to help her in her family.And they keep telling her that her dad home is not hers.She is stressed.What should she do in this case? 
A) Obey parents and do get married as with time, love will come Insha Allah. One may refuse such proposal that is unacceptable by the girl.

Q) What should one read when a girl is always mistreated from her family? Every time she does something whether good or bad she is ill treated. She does not get love which she should have got. What dua can she read?
A) Read Allahoummaghfirli 360 times at sehri times. Also read 2 rakaats at 10 am 

Q) I was asking dua after salaat the other day in Masjid for around 20 minutes and afterwards a friend of mine, who was looking at me, laughed at me because I was asking for too long..Should I ask dua for less time? 
A) No. Continue asking hours of duas. In fact Allah Ta`ala like long duas. The beloved prophet SAW used to ask duas long night through. 

Q) I dreamt a big brown and black spider in my house, what does this mean?
A) Nothing serious. Read the protection duas morning and evening. 

Q) I asked Allah if i will get my pair this year and i dreamt that i got a proposal and i accepted it and my heart was beating fast. Our dad accepted without any hurdle and i even went to see his house. Meaning of this. 
A) Soon great news.

Q) I did Istikhara Salat the other day and I dreamt of a very beautiful bathroom-like place with very beautiful green and blue…Is this positive? 
A) No.

Q) I asked Allah for a sign and i dreamt that my left hand was full with henna.Meaning of this please. 
A) Good sign.

Q) Very often friends at school tell me it is unfair to pray and ask Allah to help with exams since not everybody does this? How should I reply them?
A) Tell them that my Allah is happy when I ask Him. And He is unhappy when I don’t ask Him.

Q) I was rejected from a boy’s family for no reason and they told me that i wil not get anyone in my life.Will their words come true?As i have full faith in Allah. 
A) No. You should reform your spirituality to Allah Ta`ala and then Allah Ta`ala will open your way to happy companions during this life. 

Q)My brother in law having lot of problem in his life. One brother tell his mother to sacrifice a goat on his land and distribute the meat to non Muslim. Is it permisible? 
A)And why he mentioned only non Muslim. Slaughter yes. Distribute to poor muslims.

Q) I was abused when i was young with my male cousin brother in laws especially, I made sincere tawbah even for them of what they did to me but till today this always make me sick n sad..i cried a lot thinking of these things, i spoke to Allah that please take all these things from my mind..please advise me mufti saheb..DjazakAllah..
A) After salaah, put your right palm on your forehead and read; ” Bismillahillazi laa ilaaha illaa houwar rahmanur raheem Allahoumma azhib ‘annil hamma wal huzna. Read 3 times. You should tell your parents because else this can cause you harm internally. Q) In society, there are a lot of fake people. They are your friends only when they need you & when they don’t need you, they don’t even talk to you. Can one refuse to help such people since they “use” you?
A) Permissible, Although Sunnah teaches us to be gentle with everyoneQ) I asked a sign if he is my pair and dream about my marriage with him, I was dressed in white gown and went outside i covered my head and my 2 brother held my hand to take me to sit, I was happy and I met my family before entering the car..Meaning?
A) Good SignQ) After performing salaah can one imagine that the cloth was dirty on the basis of shariah?
A) Imagination No, If impurities found, then should clean and redo salaah
Q) 1 year before i was rejected and a few days back the boy told me that he wants me back in his life.Since he went i always asked Allah to make him back and i had no interest in accepting other proposal.Should i accept him back as we have done zina? 
A) Yes, but this time he should ask your hand through your parents for an official nikah.
Q) I dreamt that i was getting married to the boy i love but due to something which happened i got married to my friend who is a girl. And upon realizing this, i annulled the marriage and got married to the right guy. What does this mean?
A) Redo istikharahQ) All my dreams was indicating happiness and marriage proposal and recently the one who i always loved and always asked Allah for, came in my life suddenly. Should i assume that he is the 1 whom i have been getting good signs?
A) yes 
Q) I ask a sign and i dream attending wedding..A man asked mum if she will go mehendi and agree..He insulted her about the dressing..A lady insulted her..I took her side.The man told me i like reply back i said no i took my mum side..Meaning?
A) Negative sign

Q)I ask a sign and dream about 3 girl whom 2 i know.They were wearing gold colour hijab and were smilling at me and i think they were taking photos.Meaning? 
A)Positive sign

Q)I asked my mum to do Istikhara for a project I want to do. She did not tell me the outcome yet. However, I dreamt that she came to me & told me she got a positive sign and I can go ahead with my project. Interpretation please? 
A)Go aheadQ) I dreamt that my ex bf sent my friend a message telling me that he loves me a lot but he can’t come.But recently in real he txt me and wants to come back forever in my life.Is my dream an indication to accept him? 
A) Do istikharah.

Q) I ask a sign and dream about 3 girl whom 2 i know.They were wearing gold colour hijab and were smilling at me and i think they were taking photos.Meaning? 
A) Positive sign

Q) I asked Allah for a sign and i dreamt that i found a memory card which i had lost 2 yr before.Meaning. 
A) Good sign.

Q) I dream that i was standing outside and facing my house, suddenly a girl came from behind and held my hand, when i turned i saw that she was dressed in white dress wearing hijaab and i recognise the girl, does this have any meaning.?
A) If istikharah was done, then positive sign. 

Q) I asked for a sign and dreamt about people with body defect coming towards me.I think i was curing or helping them.Then a hijabi girl was at my window knocking i got scared and forgot the rest.Meaning?
A) You need more tahajjud, beauty in your ibaadah and istighfaar at sehri times. Need to come closer to sunnah and Islamic dress. 

Q) I ask for if i will get my life partner and dream about me standing outside and talking to my mum through a window and a handsome boy came and i felt shy.Meaning. 
A) Soon good proposal Insha Allah. 

Q) I have a bitter past which i don’t want anyone to know but it is coming in my present.I ask Allah lots of dua but still it is a hurdle.Please help. 
A) Wake up tahajjud and cry for your past sins. 

Q) I ask for a sign and dream that i got brown spot on my whole neck.In real i got a few sun spot.What is the meaning of this? 
A) Negative sign. 

Q) I Asked for a sign and I dreamt about the same person I want. We Were Fighting In A Very Happy And Playful Way But Someone Across The Room Looking At Us And Dont Want Us To Be Together. Please Explain What Does It Mean.
A) A good sign.

Q) If I need to do istikharah for 7 days, does it have to be consecutive? What happens if one day I do not have time and do not manage to do it for consecitive days, even though I did it for 7 days? Does it count? 
A) No need consecutive. 

Q) I dreamt that a girl around 16 years came to my room and told me she was interested in me for a relationship. Interpretation please? 
A) Insha Allah proposal coming soon… 

Q) I am getting brown spot on my skin.Is there any dua to read to get rid of as its not contageous. 
A) Read 7 times surah fatiha and blow over olive oil and apply on skin. 

Q) In past i did zina which was unsuccessful anal sex with a boy who left despite promising to marry me.I did repentence.Will i get pardon? 
A) Insha Allah.

Q) I did Istikhara Salat for an investment the other day & dreamt that I wanted to masturbate but each time there were people around me & could not do it due to the lack of privacy…Is this positive dream?
A) No.

Q) I made Istikharah to ask Allah to guide me in an investment which I want to make. I dreamt of a lot of red hearts on a pink background. Is this a positive answer? 
A) No.

Q) I dreamt i was applying henna but i started crying as my sis did not apply full mehendi on my left hand.My sister applied the mehendi correctly and i smiled.On my engagement my left hand did not had mehendi but i was happy.Meaning of this. 
A) Days of happiness coming Insha Allah. 

Q) My sister and aunt aren’t married. what dua can they read?
A) Read Allahoummagh firli 360 times tahajjud times. 

Q) If I do Istikharah Salat for something and I dream of something which makes me happy when I wake up, is this a positive? If I dream of something which makes me sad/frightened when I wake up, is this a negative? 
A) Yes. 

Q) I ask for a sign and dream that i was going out happily with a boy.I think it was my husband or fiancee.Meaning? 
A) Good sign. 

Q) I dreamt of my two uncles who were smiling and my mother in law who came towards us. All three of them have passed away. Any meaning please? 
A) One should turn attention towards preparation for the akhirah. 

Q) I dreamt that i have lost my virginity with my ex boyfriend and i was holding a drop of blood on my finger and showing to him.What does this mean when in real im a virgin and single. 
A) A dream from shaitaan. Blow slowly 3 times on your left and read Arouzoubillahi minashaitaanir rajim. 

Q) Is there any dua to ask Allah to make everyone forget about my past as it is a hurdle in my future path.Even though im still repenting my past is coming in my present.And i want to get rid of it forever. 
A) Yes, read 3 times after farz namaz putting right palm over forehead: 

Q) I want a dua to overcome a heartbreak and ask Allah for sending me a good spouse.Please give me a dua?
A) Read Allahoummagh firli 360 times at sehri times. 

Q) Why do i always pass through dificult times and always have sorrows. And everyone i love go far away from me. Is it because im bad as i always get into problems?Or is it because Allah is guiding me towards good?
A) Life is a mixture of happiness n sorrows. But Quran promises happiness after sorrows. So be patient. 

Q) I have 3 children girl 12 years old, boy 9 years old, girl 6 years old. younger girl is ok but boy and last girl fight against each other they do get up early for school, don’t eat too much and don’t listen to parents, any wazifa or dua for children to become more obedient and respectful, jazakALLAH.
A) Children follows the footsteps of their parents, so both parent should well behave in front of children. Tawbah and sadaqah repairs should be done to correct the past, then diminish screen viewing(Tv internet games) time. The main source of ‘instability’ is there. then establish Ta’leem in the house. when children will hear the peaceful ayah,hadiths and sahabas, then will they react peacefully.

Q) Can any scholar help in finding out truth if my husband has cheated on me? I have heard that there are some who help in this situation is it true? 
A) Our prophet SAW recommended to think good even in doubtful situation. Hence stay with him and forget the doubts. 

Q) I have been doing isthkara for long time but I am still not getting an answer? I am not sure whats going wrong? I do the procedure correct but still not getting any hint. 
A) Please follow the flow of the heart at this time. This is the result of the istikharah. Else wait for one two weeks.Q) What do i do in situation where after doing istikhara, i feel nothing as to whether i should go forward with the decision or not. i do istikhara for things which require long term commitment, but i feel nothing. 
A) Redo the istikhara.

Q) Is it permissible for a mother to read istikhara namaz on behalf of her daughter? The girl loves a boy and the mother is reading istikhara to see whether to accept the proposal or not.
A) Yes. Permissible.

Q) My baby doesnt sleep and she cries non stop at night. Could you suggest a dua i could read for her to sleep?
A) See a doctor and give the child mother’s milk. Read the following dua and blow on the child: 
Ou’eezouki bikalimaatillaahit tammaati min koulli shaitwaanin wa haammatin wa min koulli ‘ainin laammatin.
Read it after fajr and maghrib and blow on the forehead.
Then also write the 3 last surahs on a piece of paper and fold it to put on the child. 
Do read 3 last surahs and blow on her especially every night.

Q) I often dream of toilets and this disturbs me mentally. What is the interpretation?
A) You have too much attention drawn on material and dunya. You need to increase time given to Masjid, salah, zikrullah, ta’leem and give attention to your family also.

Q) I had the following dream. I was travelling by car with my parents. We passed by a mountain and I saw mud sliding / flowing down its slope. We continued our way when I saw a small rock falling from another mountain. As we got nearer to the mountain bigger rocks started falling. People were escaping trying to avoid the falling rocks. We were able to get to safety even after some rocks fell on our car. What is the meaning of this ? 
A) Gunah causes difficulty to one`s living-Hadith. One should avoid even sins considered as small. In fact accumulation of small gunas causes lots of difficulty to one`s living. 

Q) I dreamed that I was reciting the first 2 kalimas twice when something bad was on the point of hapenning..What does this mean? 
A) It means you should do more tawakkul in your daily issues. That is, use salaah, duas and sadaqah to solve your issues 

Q) My husband smokes weed, also known as gandia, everyday and he smokes it becoz of stress. Is it permissible?
A) It is haraam for him to smoke this. Tell him to leave it slowly slowly. Wouzu breaks when he smoke it. And also know that he should continue salaah even in those days he smoked. He need only to have wouzu and be sober to pray. 

Q) I am a married lady with a child and often I dream of having intimacy with women. I read my Kalimah and 4 quls and ayatulkursi before sleeping.
A) May be you go in Spas and open your satr in front of women. One should not open knees, thights and below navel in front of ladies also. Avoid talking about sex in front of other ladies also. 
Q) I asked a sign and i dreamt that i was out with my friends and dad saw me and called me and i went to him,my friends asked me who it was and said was someone i know,After returning home i said to dad to wear proper clothes to go out and he smiled. Meaning?
A) No sign
Q) I met a brother 2months ago, we decided to go further with aqdun parents told me to invite him, and all they said was that he should wait for me till I am through with my masters in two years time. is it permissible to wait? 
A) Yes, if you both do not commit zina. Else it is recommended to perform nikah as quickly as possible when one found her pair.

Q) Sometimes, when I ask someone for help he refuses, even though he can help me….. If in the future the same person asks me for help in turn, can I refuse? 
A) You may refuse. But it is better to help him. Allah Ta`ala said: ”Repulse bad with the best possible way..” 

Q) I have an uncle. He is extremely jealous and he insults me very often in public to humiliate me. How should I deal with such person?
A) Stay silent and smile. Then talk of another conversation. 

Q) I dreamt that i had stomach cancer and that i started treatment…meaning? 
A) Give sadaqahs. Keep fasts and use miswaak.

Q) What should I do if my duas during Ramadan are not answered? Even when I pray during Laylatul Qadr, the duas are not answered!!
A) Be hopeful, insha Allah they will be answered soon. Should you have sowed a tree, how much patience is observed to have fruits? 

Q) If my penis is too small & I cannot satisfy my wife sexually, can I undergo surgical intervention to elongate the penis? 
A) No. It is not permissible to do so. .

Q) Several time, i dreamt of bad cats, white in colour, attacking me or trying to bite me. What is the interpretation please?
A) You should pay attention to upbringing of your children or your little ones. Take care of your food and family (halal food). Put your surrounding on salah.

Q) I dreamt that someone has given my mother a black mascara for eyelashes and she gifted it to me.What does this mean?
A) Insha Allah, your mother will benefit your material life and your character

Q) I asked Allah to show me a sign if i will get my life partner this year and i dreamt about something which i forgot but i remember the word marriage.Please indicate this.
A) Continue with tahajjud. Insha Allah soon coming

Q) I am losing my hair and I am not yet married….Is there someting islamic I can do to make my hair re-grow ?? 
A) Put oil and do massage of the head. Read 3 last sourahs and blow on hands to put on head. 

Q) My 3year old son keeps on urinating in his pants, at night even when wearing diaper it leaks. When he wants to urinate he can’t wait and he messes his boxer.! what Duah can I read on him? 
A) Before he sleeps, read the 3 last ayahs of sourah Baqarah and also 3 last sourah and blow on him. If persists, then let us know. 

Q) Why am i dreaming the same 3 boys who was once my friend often? 
A) Do istighfaar. Don’t follow dreams

Q) I keep seeing raw meat in my dreams everyday and I get meat in a bag and go around 7 times on everyone in the family and put it outside and I do Sadaqah every morning but still I keep seeing dreams about meat. I would like to have some help with what else I can do to stop these dreams. 
A) Purify your tongue from backbiting and gossiping.

Q) I saw a dream that people were digging. After digging deeply, hard rocks were there. Some people were saying: we think in previous years some people were staying here. Please interprete the dream. 
A) You should obey your elders in issues pertaining to you. 

Q) My husband is cheating on me and lying to me. What shall I do? 
A) Sabr and salaah. Allah Ta`ala prescribed us to ask for His help with Patience and engrossed in long salaahs. Do 10 mins Ta`lim of muntakhab daily at home in front of the family. 

Q) I dreamt that i was angry at my mum for having messed my wardrobe and i insulted her.What does this mean? 
A) You should be more tolerable towards parents. But one should not tolerate that they cause harm to one`s marital life. 

Q) I dreamt that i was in the bathroom and suddenly smoke started coming from the light.I was scared and quickly went out.Just then the light fell down.I called my dad to show him.I said to myself in the dream that Allah has saved me.What does it mean? 
A) Give sadaqahs. Obey your parents. Look after them, this is your best action after salaahs. 

Q) My husband is having an extra marital affair. When he is at home he wants to have sex with me but without using any protection. Can i refuse him as i’m afraid he might have some illness? 
A) Yes, you may refuse him if you have proof on the danger of his relationships.

Q) I dreamt that my sister was pregnant when in real she is childless and suddenly my mother just scratch my right hand and on my arm got a cut like a small hole and it was yellow and red inside.The dream was after fajr. Please interprete this? 
A) Read manzil daily.

Q) I asked Allah for a sign after namaz fajr and i dreamt that my sister is cutting a red cloth to make a trouser for me. What does it mean?
A) Not a positive sign.

Q) A boy i knew from my tertiary course sent a wedding proposal as he likes me and i like him as well, his family also seems to like me. the boy came to see me at my house and talked to my parents. following that, we went to their place recently and my parents did not like it much there, they feel i wont be happy due to distance from my place which is quite far and the environment at his place is very different from mine, our cultures are very different. i performed the ishtikaara namaz and the response i got was a scary feeling which persisted since beginning despite the fact that i do like the boy, and from my parent’s reaction, i can say tht they still feel reluctant and hesitant about it. they asked for some time from the boy’s side before giving an answer. i’m in a dilemma, i dont know exactly what to do, i do not want to break anyones heart, the boy insisted with his parents that he wants to get married to me and they are fed up waiting for an answer from my parents side. the boy and i sort of know each other for a whole year now. we do like each other although we have been having some kind of misunderstanding problem often which seem to sort out later on after much patience and time! on the other hand, my parents feel all of this is a bad idea, and i do not wanna go against them, i insisted a lot that they consider his proposal because i know the boy but i will never go against my parents final decision. i do not wanna hurt the boy’s parents nor him, nor my parents feelings in all this. please advise me!
A) You will need to make a decision that will be in your favour. You cannot decide for someone else’s favour while causing harm to yourself. So refuse the marriage proposal. Because istikharah was negative. And your parents know you better than yourself. 

Q) Mone faire ene reve ki mone enfermer dans ene place ki noir et la porte la ine ferme lors mo li pied et en realite dans mo lasam ena ene la table. Mo lipied in rentre enba la table la et mo pas pe capave tire li. Alors mo frere in tende tapaz lin vin getter. Couma lin rentre dans mo lasam mo someil in casser et lin demand moi kin arrier. Mone racont li mo reve. mo ti envie conner ki sa reve la pe dire.
A) Manque imaan et ibaadat. Sorti dans jamaat augmente imaan et ibadat. 

Q) I dreamt that i got a brown horse and i was holding its reins while walking and then i sat on it and i was very happy. Please interprete this. 
A) Insha Allah a life partner soon. 

Q) Why do i always remain sad and stressed? And during these times i do istighfar.
A) Soon you will be happy and wealthy with the benefits of istighfaar. One should think on the gravity of one`s sins and with regret read Astaghfirullah. 

Q) I dreamt about my hair being black and wet and i straightened it and it became very long till my ankle and straight and dark black. What does it mean? 
A) Beauty. Physical beauty. Be more covered and descent in your clothing.

Q) I have this dream everytime that my husband divorced me and i am married to another man but i want to be with my husband again i cant understand why this dream repeats again and again.he is loyal and me too. we love each other truly.
A) It means that you both should keep tongue safe and pure.

Q) I have a lot of money issues. I work everyday but no peace and I want to get relief from debts. I have no hopes anymore. I always think of suicide as last option from worries. 
A) Read 5 daily salaahs on time. Wake up for tahajud and read 360 times Allahoummagh firli sehri time. 

Q) I have been a depressed person for quite long and it has prevented me to live properly….Can dua remove the depression completely from my life? 
A) Yes, read this:

Q)I dreamt I was reading surah al-ikhlas to remove some ‘jinn’ which was found on my praying clothes…I was determined to remove it during the dream. Do you think it means something?
A)I actually read this surah a lot of times in salaat. It is good, but better read other surahs also.

Q)I dreamt that I was sitting in a mosque with a piece of paper with me and a pen then I wrote 3 letters on the paper. Can you interprete this ? 
A)Good dream

Q)I dreamt that i saved my friend as she had sit under water like taking a dip and i swam to help her and brought her to shore when in real i don’t know how to swim.Please interprete this. 
A)Insha Allah you will be beneficial to your friend`s guidance. But first you need to perfect your salaah, tahajud and reading sunnah daily-Muntakhab Ahadiths.

Q)I always dream that my mother in law is fighting with me. in reallity she does.but why i am having such dream…
A)Fear. Give some sadaqahs   

Q)I want to get a good handsome suitable life partner but i’m too shy to tell my family.In this case how should i ask Allah for Dua?
A)Should make dua and talk to mother 

Q) I want to settle down have a good job and get married but I don’t have any idea where to start. any advise ? 
A) Start with regular salaahs and tahajjud. Go jamaat 3 days

Q) I asked Allah if He has forgiven me and i dreamt about a woman checking if my hair, hair eyebrow is brown.Meaning of this. 
A) Keep doing istighfar
Q) I dreamt about my own marriage but i was not happy about the place where my marriage was being held and i told my sister i wish this could happen at my place.Then i told my sister to use blow dryer to make my hair.Please interprete this.
A) Soon will marry insha Allah.

Q) I have this recurring dream where my mom and i are fighting bitterly. I feel that she’s being so bad to me. there’s so much darkness and fear and ill feelings in those. i wake up quite shaken. those dreams feel so ” evil” it disturbs me. any meaning?
A) Should perfect characters. Read Aroubillahi… 3 times and make as if spitting 3 times when waking up, then nothing will happen. 

Q) Due to some unknown reason a girl has been rejected.Which dua should the girl read to ask for the pair that has beem created for her.
A) Read lot of Allahoummaghfirli. 

Q)Which dua can a girl read in order to make things better at home and to always be blessed by Allah? 
A)Rabbana atina fiddunya hassanah…. 

Q) Dream about working in a pharmacy with a friend and suddenly went near a pond where a uterus was killing people.Meaning of this? A) Keep your connection with salaah and jamaat 

Q) I dreamt that i asked a boy who supposedly i loved in the dream to break my virginity but he refused.In real im single but wishing to get a good husband.Meaning of this.
A) If it was an istikharah, then it is a negative sign to that person. 

Q) I dreamt that there was a lady ghost who entered me and i started reading ayatul kursi and she came off me but still i held my mumls hand and continued reading ayatul kursi. Meaning of this. 
A) Should read manzil daily. Read the 3 last surahs at the 3 occasions said in the MASNOON DUAS on web.

Q) I dreamt that my in-laws were against me and i was holding a beautiful child who was smiling at me and he was reciting surah fatiha,what does it mean? 
A) Pious child insha Allah will cover the bitterness of life trials. So do sabr and keep with salaahs. 

Q)I asked Allah to show me a sign if he has forgiven me and i dreamt that we were having a family moment when suddenly my bro in law called my sis and scolded her.My sis went aside and told her husband she loves him.Please interprete.
A)Keep family ties of female gender

Q) I dreamt that I went to the seaside with my family and relatives. Then, when the time came, I left them and walked to a closeby masjid to pray…Can you interpret? 
A) Should be more regular with salaahs.

Q) Frequently dreaming about my own marriage when in real im not committed to anyone.Meaning of this. 
A) Soon coming insha Allah.

Q) I asked Allah for a sign and i dreamt about receiving a letter from my dad’s sister,There was 3 pages and i read 2 and left for her home and i stayed there but did not do magrib namaz but was in wudhu.Is it a positive sign. 
A) Yes. 

Q) I dreamt that my friend is getting married to someone i know. there were few people in the house, i left the wedding and met another friend on the road who was going to the wedding. plse interprete.
A) There will be happiness and progress in your life insha Allah.

Q) I asked for a sign and i dreamt that i was doing wudhu. And also i was reading some verses or kalimah and i think i read Surah Fatihah. Meaning?
A) Very good sign. Should do lots of istighfaar at sehri time.

Q) I dreamt that i met my friend in a market and we were buying vegetables, there were many people. Plse interprete. 
A) A simple dream like this can be only the scenario of imagination.

Q) If I get something positive in a dream after doing Istikhara Salaat, what will it be? Will it be green/white colour in the dream? 
A) Describe the dream if any. Else follow the heart after 7 days of istikharah. 

Q) I dreamt that i was getting married to a man in his 30s when im only18 .And i was feeling shy in front of people.Meaning of this. 
A) Good dream. Happiness coming. 

Q) I asked for a sign and dreamt about eating a briyani which was for 2 days before. 
A) Good sign. 

Q) I did Istikhara to know whether an investment would be good/bad, in terms of profit. I dreamt a man wearing golden-like clothes with a long white hat on his head approached me & told me not to worry & that he will invite me for any wedding ceremony he can.
A) Good dream.

Q) I asked for a sign and i dreamt of someone delivering a baby.Meaning. 
A) Good sign. Patience and taHAJJUD. 

Q) I asked for a sign and i dreamt that i was fighting with my brother and there was a twin sister of mine but does not look alike me and in real i don’t have twin sister but en elder sister. Meaning? 
A) Should improve character by showing more kindness and politeness. Otherwise, people will be repulsed.

Q) I dreamt that it was my marriage.We were dressed in white and were smiling but when I was asked to sit near the groom i was refusing.The boy was young and handsome.In real i don’t have anyone in my life and i’m young.Meaning of this please. 
A) Soon insha Allah a good proposal. Do accept it. 

Q)I dreamt that i was angry and i slapped a boy.Then i got proposal from 3 boys including the one i slapped,in different country.After thinking i accepted the 1 i slapped.Please interprete this?
A)A slap of proximity. Do istikharah for your choices 

Q)I dreamt that my sister told me that i was already married to his nephew.I was tensed when i was not even aware of it.In real i’m not even engaged with someone.Please interprete this.
A)Soon good news.

Q)Recently I dream that I saw the moon for eid ul fitr , does this have any meaning?
A)Happiness, problems solved and openness in your life.

Q) I dreamt that i was walking with my father when in real i don’t go anywhere with him and everyone was staring at me,And some was laughing at me.I was feeling odd.What does it mean?
A) Should be more parents caring. 

Q)I dreamt that my money box was full and had plenty of money.Please interprete this.
A)Full of rizq and sustenance. Should try to give sadaqah daily

Q) Before sleeping i asked Allah to show me an indication if He has forgiven me and i dreamt about the boy i was in a relationship with and all our misunderstandings got cleared. And i read his meassages without his knowledge.PLease interpret this?
A) Insha Allah, Tawbah accepted.

Q) In today’s time, what’s your advice about a girl who finished her HSC? What should she do? 
A) Learn deen and become an aalimah. Together with it, learn also household chores. When you become an aalimah, you’ll be able to preserve yourself against the fitnahs of this actual time. Stay away from facebook and internet

Q) I am 34 and due to financial constraint, I cannot get married… I have to work first and save money before getting married. Is there an age after which I will not be able to get married? 
A) No. But we suggest that you look for a poor girl. She will accept any condition. Read your salaah daily and read lot Allahoummaghfirli. 

Q) My husband is addicted to porn movies. I always tell him it is haram. I’m fighting with him since 10 years, but he doesnt listen. What can i do?
A) Try to make him do all 5 times salaah on time, in the masjid. Else encourage him to do it at home. Then do 10 minutes of ta`lim or reading a book like muntakhab ahadith for 10 minutes daily everyday. Make him understand that he would not wish to have a son in law with such disgusting habits. Having vice to look at sex is a sign that he like to have sex, may be every second day. So, as a wife, decorate yourself for him and please him as he wish and talk to him of what posture he like, etc. As a wife, you would channel out all his sexual desires and this would stop this pornographic vice insha Allah Ta`ala. I would make du`as and you also make du`as during tahajjud times.

Q) I am 24 and my parents still think its too early for me to get married. I feel depressed, they don’t give marriage much importance as I am independent. Any solutions please?
A) Yes. You need to present your case to a mowlana or a mufti so as they may look for a pious husband for you. The beloved prophet SAW taught us to disobey parents when they are initiating us to sin. 24 years old is a pressing age for you to get married.

Q) I have done istikhara to know whether it is good to apply for a job and I had a nice dream. I dreamt about a bathroom which was beautifully coloured green in a building. But I did not get the job. Can you give me interpretation plz? 
A) Maybe you would get another job soon insha Allah.

Q) I have not got a marriage until now partly due to my ugly teeth. Can I use braces to correct them?
A) Consult a dentist. Yes, if medically supported. 

Q) I had a weird dream i kissed my brother enjoyed den saw my elder sister with my brother they were too making love in another dream and in third dream saw my brother trying to see my dead sister naked she screamed and hide behind my mother plzz help me my brothr is 16 i m 19 elder sister 22 and elder sister was 24 at time of death.
A) First of all, cover yourself properly at home as outside also. Be decent in front of your family members. Mahram terminology have paled nowadays. The beloved prophet SAW prophesised that a time will come when the blood family would cohabit each other. This happened before Him also. So you and other sisters also should always keep their room door closed and cover fully the body when coming out of the room. Be distant physically even to your father and also your brother. Then advise your brother to keep fast a lot. A 16 year old youngster experience lot of sexual appetite and hence he is advised by the beloved prophet SAW to keep fast consecutively. 

Q) I am newly married but i dont feel the need to go towards my husband. Same for him too which doesnt seem normal for married couple. Can you please help. 
A) This need to be corrected. See a doctor for nutrition and communicate with each other for each other`s likings. Find time to appreciate each other`s body and words. Read verse 63 of sourah 8 and blow on sugar, tea etc that both will eat or drink 

Q) I love a girl who does not even know me. I need to get a good job & earn enough money to propose her Nikah. I dreamt I was chatting online with her about her worklife etc and when I woke up in the morning, I was happy! Interpretation plz? 
A) You may propose her parents for a future nikah. Insha Allah, she will accept.

Q) I dreamt a cousin of mine built a house next to that of a pious muslim mathematics teacher which I had. In the dream I visited my cousin & while passing by, the teacher’s door was open & I saw Allah written in Arabic on green background. Interpretation? 
A) You may adopt a teacher career insha Allah.

Q) I am a married person. I have three children. My vacation is due for one month. Can I do intercourse daily?
A) Yes, permissible. But beware to prepare your partner and caress well before intercourse.

Q) My wife is becoming ”big and fat”. I keep telling her to start doing exercise but she do not listen to me. I feel discourage, nervous since this causes problem during sexual intercourse. What should I do? 
A) This is an issue that the couple need to heal. And it will not heal with harsh words nor swearing. You both need to sit and talk about it in the room, holding her hand. Then make dua in tahajud. The wife may be stressing or feeling depressed which might also be the cause for her to consume more. You both may consult a nutritionist so as to reduce fats in food.

Q) Recently my parents came 2 know that my sister bunked extra classes 2 meet her boyfriend & although I knew , I didn’t tell them anything . My sister had promised 2 not do it again but she re-bunked classes. Last night I kept on crying because I didnt know if I should tell them . Should I tell them ? I’m scared they will be depressed because I know they love us a lot and are working hard to raise us. I don’t want anything 2 happen 2 them .. Plz tell me what I should do. 
A) Inform them discreetly so as they may raise you people up better and with better eyes. But tell them to enquire from school so as your sister does not doubt you. Keep on informing them because they need to correct you people as and when necessary. If you do not inform, you would be guilty of her sins

Q) My parents want to get me married. But I am scared that the man who will marry me will reject me on the first night itself because I do not have a beautiful body. please help me. 
A) Do you have any defect in your body? If yes, then should tell him before hand. Else know that muhabbat comes in the eyes from Allah Ta`ala. So turn to him in tahajud and everything will be ok insha Allah.

Q) I have three elder sisters..i love them so parents too..but i always feel that i am the bad one in my family..who creates problem..who cannot keep quite when my sisters are in an argument with their husband..i don’t give any peaceful life to my parents..insha Allah i am getting married this parents feel scared about me so much..i had a small argument with my brother in law whom i consider as my second dad..i love my family so much..i wana be a good girl..i wana be polite..i wana control myself..i don’t wana create any more troubles to sisters had gone through a lot because of me.
A) Stop talking for the hours you are at home, except when necessary. When sleeping count the number of words you have talked, and everyday be more concise. Be brief. Do not talk in other conjugual matters, it is against shariah. Read as much as possible: Douroud shareef, laa ilaaha illallah, 3rd kalimah and astaghfirullah each for 300 times.

Q) Sometimes i dream swimming in sea water and at other times swimming in muddy water or river. What does this mean please? 
A) This means that one should purify the pathway of the day to do more good actions and meetings. One should continue the zikr of Allah during the day and read one`s salaah on time. Also one should read more Islamic books rather than other books.

Q) I did my istihara prayer for the past two days, the first day i didnt have any dreams. This morning i dreamt of my small cousin playing a game in which he was digging the soil and removing some bricks in the soil. Shall i take this as a negative answer or continue doing the prayer?
A) It is negative answer.

Q) It’s been five years now since my  husband is cheating on me. Everyday before he goes to work, i tell him not to meet other women and he tells me ok inshallah he won’t. But he still goes. When i ask him about that he tells me he is not to be blame. It’s Allah who makes him do that. Please clearify this for me.
A) It’s true that Allah alone makes everything possible. But each person is responsible for his own actions and will be accountable for them.
On the day of Judgement, no one will have the right to say that it’s Allah who made him do his actions. Thus, it is not good to do something and blame Allah for that. Everyone will be accountable of his actions. 

Q) I always dream of my father who passed away whenever in the dream i deliver a baby. why this? 
A) Read the precautionary ayats and sourahs against jinnaat and evils. It seems that may be there was a jin on your father that want to possess you. Read the manzil and you will find the duas in the masnoon duas on the web. 

Q) I dreamt of snake colour yellow, green and brown in my yard…. interpretation plz.
A) Small snakes. Inshallah lots of worldly wealth will come to your house.

Q) If a wife wants to cook separately (not with inlaws), will she be sinful for doing so?
A) No. It’s obligatory for a husband to provide his wife with seperate cooking facilities.
Q) Before I read one of your answers I was really happy and satisfied that whosoever I may marry I would do it for Allah and I shouldnt regret if I dont get to marry the one I love. But your answer was that there would be no choice for woman in jannat she will have to stay with the same worldly husband.  That has really made me sad and it seems as if all hopes have died. 
A) Allah Ta`ala has blessed us with his pure deen in this world. He has established the democracy between man and woman to have nikah and stay pure. No one can force a woman to marry a man, except with mutual agreement and permission of each side. Yet He has made lawful for a lady to ask the unwanted ‘divorce’. But He has not made lawful disobedience and ‘disorders’. He wish that every child be born under legitimacy of nikah and every woman be legitimately consumed. 
On the contrary is to cohabit as wish and wherever be-Al `iyazoubillah. This is disobedience and cause disorders. No woman would have legitimacy and honour of being a spouse of a husband. And children would be born with one parent and would not have the care of both parents. Hence this is an anti-islamic scenario that prevails mostly in Europe and America. This causes harm to the society and due to no grace and honour, there is lot of crimes and violation on women. 

This is why Allah Ta`ala prescribe Nikah and purity during this life.  

Likewise, He do not wish to create such disorders on the day of qiyamah that each spouse be going wherever she wants. But because the sky is more pure, our grandmother Hawa will be in the custody of our grandfather Adam a.s. Allah Ta`ala do not want to be unjust towards the husband that he wants to have his partner during his lifetime be by him in Jannah. But those whose husband died, then remarry, then these will have the choice to choose between the spouses they had in this world. The holy prophet SAW said in this meaning: Live well with your wife during your lifetime. Since if after your death, she remarries, then she will choose the husband that behaved better towards her on the day of qiyamah. (Daarul Qutni)

Yes, you should know that this is the promise of Allah when entering Jannah: ‘’Et il y aura là [pour eux] tout ce que les âmes désirent et ce qui réjouit les yeux;» – et vous y demeurerez éternellement.’’(43:71) 

He will not breach His promise. As such, he will change the characters of people of Jannah and will purify them from jealousy, hatred, harshness,etc. As such your husband will be as you had wish in Jannah. Your husband will have the option to take the face that you would love in Jannah. 

Jannah is not monotone. Jannah is full of activity, pleasure, change and improvement. And this will never end. 

Q) I am a new convert and my parents do not know about this. i cannot do all the 5 salaah. is this a sin? i also wont be able to fast on ramadan, is this a sin? i cant yet reveal the truth to them.
A) Ok. Keep your faith. But still try to the best in the beginning to fulfil the salaah and fast. Fasting can be done without anybody noticing. As such you may fast without your parents noticing. Salaah can be done in your room or your working place also. See these options may be materialised and be independent financially so as to look for a new place to practice your deen fully. 

Q) Once my mother in law told me bad things which hurts me a lot. Since then i dont get into deep conversation with her though we live in the same house. I dont no why but i cant forget those words she told me. Am i making gunah? 
A) No, but try to make salaam and talk even superficially. By you doing so, you would solve many family pressures in that house. Try to make du`a for her in secret and be respectful to her. 

Q) If someone hurts & insults you again and again despite you dont deserve it, and in anger you curse the person, is it allowed? 
A) It is permissible in extreme cases to curse someone, but it is better to avoid to do so. Better postpone to tahajud time for an equilibrium decision. If suffering, then ask justice from Allah. It is reported that if the curse was not justifiable, then the curse fall upon the person who said the curse himself. Q) What is the interpretation of reading la hawla wa la quwwata illa billa hil aliyil aziim in dream?A) A good dream. One should go in the path of Allah and talk much on that Allah is the doer, Allah is the Creator

Q) I am madly in love with a girl but I do not think she likes me…What dua can I read to make her fall in love with me? 
A) Make istikharah, then go decently to the family and propose the girl. Either she will accept or she will refuse. Know that love without nikah is a sickness. 

Q) It will soon be 2 years since i have been married and one year since i have had miscarriage.. I have applied all the instructions of the doctor but i can’t get pregnant. Please could u help me. 
A) Tell your husband to meet me. Start going 3 days jamaat and also Read tahajud with this dua in sajdahs: Rabbi hab li minassaliheen. 

Q) I dreamt I was performing salah alone, then after a few days I dreamt I’m performing salah along with many women wearing jilbab and today I heard the tasbeehaat we read during salaat in a melodious voice… interpretation plz.
A) This is a good dream. Continue your zikr, ibadat and khidmat. But be concerned about others also. Establish a weekly home ta’leem for ladies in your house through your masjid’s mashwara. Do Muntakhab ahadith ta’leem. Invite to participate.

Q) I dreamt that 7 members of my family passed away. What does this mean? 
A) One should pray salaahs on time. Possible that you are praying assr salaahs before time. 

Q) I’ve heard that if one’s husband tells her to remove hijab she has to obey. is it true? is there any hadith proving that? 
A) No. In fact the qur-aan and hadiths says that we should disobey any creations if he is ordering us to disobey the Creator: Nous avons commandé à l’homme [la bienfaisance envers] ses père et mère; sa mère l’a porté [subissant pour lui] peine sur peine: son sevrage a lieu à deux ans. «Sois reconnaissant envers Moi ainsi qu’envers tes parents. Vers Moi est la destination. 15. Et si tous deux te forcent à M’associer ce dont tu n’as aucune connaissance, alors ne leur obéis pas; mais reste avec eux ici-bas de façon convenable.(31:14-15)
Imam Tirmizi put up a chapter particularly on that there is no obedience of creations in disobedience of the Creator. Hence do not obey anyone in concern of taking out pardah. Pardah is an obligation for a muslim lady. 

Q) I am 30 years old.I got married in june 2011 & unfortunately my marriage ended after only 3 months due to my husband bad habits of gambling.Since then i have been so much affected and disturbed. I have been receiving proposals but i am facing obstacles and having so much difficulty to accept..nothing is working out for’s been 4 years since he gave me talaq, i have not been able to redo my life..i am getting depressed since so long & cannot manage those suffocating many times i feel because of my ex husband my life has ruined, he has got married again…pls advice me what i should do abt my depression & what i should to get a good proposal?
A) All this was written. No nostalgia. Look forward. Accept any good proposal. Read your salaah constantly on time. And read tahajjud. Read Allahoummagh fir li 360 times sehri times. Read this dua right after farz salaah: Bismillahillazi laa ilaaha illaa houwar Rahmanur Rahim Allahoumma azhib `anni hamma wal houzna.

Q) I dreamt about the last day on earth.The country of india had disappeared on the map and the sky started becoming dust. And soon i arived near a river where i had to cross a bridge. There were people who said “if your soul is pure you will be able to cross the bridge otherwise you will be drowned and whoever has evil heart can hold the hand of a pure heart and cross the bridge. Then i started to cross it without any difficulty and i helped someone. Then we arrived on the other side of the river and we were told to wait for judgement. i started saying “ya Allah forgive me” continuously. 
A) This is a good dream. Insha Allah you will go through tribulations safely. Keep steady with salaahs and duas. And be in touch with pious and educated alimas

Q) I’am a girl of 20 years. I always wanted to start my own business and become a successful entrepreneur. Is there any dua which can help me choose the right career path and which can help me succeed in my professional life ? And a dua which can help me improve my memory ?
A) We suggest that you accept the proposal of a businessman so that you may councel him according to your ambitions. Allahoumma Khirli wakhtar li. Rabbi zid ni `ilma

Q) How can i protect myself from zina of the ear? i always hear evil talks like backbiting,slander,boastful evil talk,filthy language,useless gossip,fun type talk,taunt,abuse from my family member and how can i protect myself from zina of the ear ? i have heard some hadith about it  and some about the ties of holding kinship how can i balance good relation with all ? coz they always use filthy words. 
A) Very easy. Stand up and leave the room whenever there are haraam happening. When talk finished, then come back there.

Q) I dreamt that women and girls were telling me I am good looking and that is why they were nervous to talk to me. Could you interpret?
A) It means that until now you have not done zina, Alhamdulillah. But from now on, you should keep yourself away from zina so as to preserve your spiritual beauty. Indeed zina destroys the life beauty of a man or a woman.

Q) My mother dreamt that she saw the words Allah Jalaluhu in Arabic on top of a very tall building. She said that she has a good feeling about the dream, hence must be a good dream. can you please interpret? 
A) Should increase Salaah, Zikrullah and Qur-aan tilawat.

Q) I am very much husband wants me to make my eyebrows and become fashionable. i am very simple. when i said no to him he started liking othet women and make friendship with them. he wants me to change myself. What should i do. 
A) Explain to him that it is haraam to do so. Allah Ta`ala holds the breath of anyone. So fear Him. Do not disobey Allah Ta`ala. Be fearful to Him..He will provide you with everything including husband. Do 10 minutes Ta`leem at home.

Q) I have dreams where i’m having very bad arguments with my mom. there are some terrible feelings of fear and anger and darkness. meaning? 
A) Give sadaqah. Be steady with salaahs and do daily zikrullah: 100 times Astaghfirullah, 100 times Dourouds and 100 times soubhanallahi walhamdulillahi wa lailaaha illallahou wallahou Akbar. Do morning and same in afternoon.

Q) I dreamt that while travelling in the bus, i saw Allah’s name written in the sky. What does it mean?
A) It means that you should remember Allah Ta’ala more and be more steadfast on salah.

Q) I am a muslim girl and want to marry a hindu guy. that guy also loves me but my parents are not accepting it. whta is the dua that i can pray so that my parents get ready and that the guy’s parents are ready. 
A) Please cut all communications and all meeting with a hindu. Allah Ta`ala has prescribed us to abstain from such marriage: ”And do not marry men that are idol worshippers until they become muslims.” (2:221). As such, abstain from such haraam love and insha Allah, Allah ta`ala will open your way later on.

Q) I’m a muslim sister who’s just started to practice my deen but I have big problem as in jahiliya days I posted picture of me without hijab and they have been taken by an anonymous. I have tried contacting then begging them to take them off but they won’t respond. I ask forgivness form ALLAH but I fear I still might be sinning as I feel guilty I really need a solution after begging the person she still won’t remove them.
A) Take legal councelling on the matter. See if there is case for pursuit. Then, do not pursuit, but rather threaten the person to pursuit. Else give some sadaqahs everyday and make 100 times astaghfirullah as well.

Q) I am working in a private firm as a secretary. My job and working atmosphere is good. we have namaz arrangement also. My problem is that i have a guilt that i cannot spend much time with my duaghter. I have thought of doing something from home (work from home) but will it be like na-shukri to my present job? (i feel why to do experiment when Allah has given rozi) (I have to work due to financial isssues.). Pls advice. 
A) It is better to work from home. But if you can`t, then continue until you are financially better. 

Q) If a married women has sex with another man and she accepts her sin to her husband can her husband forgive her? 
A) No need to confess to the husband. Should have made a secret sincere tawbah to Allah Ta`ala and leave the sin. The zina does not affect the nikah with the husband. The husband may cohabit with the wife. Although zina is a very grave sin and we should always stay away from it at all times. 

Q) Im a muslim girl from a good muslim family, ive been involved with a guy for about a year.. we wanted to get married but my family kept refusing.. we then commited zina once.. i regret it n everyday i cry n i don’t know what to do.. we broke up about a month ago coz he didn’t know what to do.. i kept begging ma fam, i kept trying.. n nothing.. Now they brought another guy home for me, n i feel that i don’t deserve to marry anyone coz im no longer a virgin.. i was always this good girl that never even kissed a guy before him..i don’t know what to do.. i don’t know if i can lie to him about me being a virgin.. coz obviously when we married he’ll know the truth.. N i can’t lie about something like that, he seems like a very good boy n islamic.. but all i think about is ny ex bf.. i love him n i don’t know how to make my family approve.. what do i do? 
A) Hide your sin and hide your body. Get married to the man that your family brought and make tawakkul on Allah. If he ask you after marriage, tell him that you lost it in an accident. 

Q) I love a guy who is non muslim but converted into islam, we both want to marry each other but his parents are against him for accepting islam..Please tell me anything to make my parents agree and his too.. 
A) We suggest that you put this situation in front of alim of your area. You may call us also. +23057921333. 

Q) I have dreamt several times that my house is on fire. What does it mean? 
A) Give some sadaqah and make ta`lim at home. It means that your house is having too much sins and images that cause the fire. Be regular with salaah yourself and give order for salaah in the house. 

Q) I dreamt of my husband from whom I’m separated. I am hurting him n in return he is making me laugh. I was crying literally in my dream. what does it mean? 
A) From Shaitaan. Read a’ouzoubillahi minashaitaanir rajeem.

Q) Often my dreams are so realistic that I woke up crying literally ? Does it mean something?
A) Yes. It means that your heart are crystal clear. Keep the heart away from evil thoughts of others and talking bad of others. 

Q) I plan on getting engaged in two months with my partner, both muslim, my parents explained to me everything and would love to help make it happen, my partners parents keep telling him they are worried about the engagement because they believe my parents want him to ‘support me’ financially but i clearly explained to him that my parents do not ask for him to support me until we get married two years later, his father, keeps saying he’s never heard of an arab muslim engagement where the man does not support the women his fiancé. I am right in this situation correct? I would still be living with my family while being engaged so if you could answer my question , muslim engagements do not require the man to support the women financially. He is 21 & i am 18. (They are worried because he has no money and is currently studying in university ) 
A) It is a fact that someone need not support financially a fiancé. But one should know that when a lady and a boy love each other, then they should perform nikah as soon as possible . Living in communication without nikah is haraam. 

Q) My husband is doing wrong things. we got married its been 3years and he lie a lot. please suggest something i can do.
A) You should consult an alim or someone trustworthy in the family to talk to you and him together. Else try to make him read salaah regularly. This will help insha Allahou Ta`ala. 

Q) I have a friend very close to me. we love each other. i want to ask is it allowed for us to kiss each others lips..and want to ask about my mistake…as we know that satr from women to women is from belly button to knee..once my friend played with my breast..we regret a lot afterwards was that a sin. and what shall we do for tawbah. 
A) Know that only in Nikah of a man and a woman that touching allowed. Else girls touching girl is zina and such a zina that is worst than zina between a boy and a girl. This friend is a destruction for your akhirah, so leave her. You need first to regret, then promise not to do again for tawbah. As such you need to leave such company that would pull you to such low and filthy act. 

Q) There was a sister who loved a boy before she get married, now after marriage, she still think of him, have all kind of though of him, she still talk to him, without ever meeting him, without doing any zina but she do has the intention to meet him one day. And both of them still love each other is it forbidden to talk to him? is it forbidden to meet him. even if they will meet like this, without zina, without touching, only meet .
A) Yes, haraam to talk, message or communicate with him. If she cut all communication, soon she will forget him. Else note that this will lead to divorce. So she better stop such haraam. You can`t eat from your husband and now longing for someone else. 

Q) Please give me zikar or wazifa to increase my rizkh and financial and to fullfill my family needs allah hafeez.
A) Keep steadfast with farzs salaahs and nafil salaahs. Then complete 1000 times Allahoummaghfirli daily. Also spend most of your free time, besides family time, in masjid. Try to start your work early in the morning. Avoid sins

Q) I am trying to have a baby for 1 year. But, failed. I am physically totally perfect to have a baby. Beside, I found some one cut my eye lashes, its been 4 times, I don’t know what to do? Can you give me some doa to get protection from evils activity. 
A) Insha Allah you would have a baby. First you should read Manzil everyday. Then the couple should be regular in salaahs. Then they should do ta`leem everyday of Muntakhab Ahadiths for about 15 mins. Then they should go in jamaat for 40 days. When finished all this, then contact us for an specific dua. 

Q) I always dream of me and my school friends in a classroom.I don’t miss them infact Im not in touch with everyone of them?does it have any meaning? 
A) One has to listen to the parents, elderly persons around one to achieve maturity in life. One should avoid wasting time in games and should do more salaah everyday. 

Q) I often dream of me being nude and trying to hide myself from everyone?what it means?
A) It means that you are wearing tight clothes. The holy prophet SAW described a person wearing tight clothes that the silhouette is visible as nude. (Muslim)

Q) I often dream of my father’s death or something bad happening to him?what does it mean? Is he alive? 
A) Then inform him to give more sadaqahs, keep steadfast with salaahs and prepare more for Akhirat.

Q) I am a Muslim of 30 years old. I’m unmarried. I was raped by a powerful old man at the age of 15 or 16. My family doesn’t know about it, we belong to a very poor family, I just kept it secret because I don’t want my parents to face any difficulties in the society because of me, even nobody except my younger sister knows about it. My family tried a lot to find out someone for me to marry. Lots of people come to see me but unfortunately no one accept me. I’m a teacher of Quran. I always try to do zikar as much as I can but my bad luck that my desires of having a relationship with a man (sex) are increasing day by day. I know it’s a gunnah but I can’t control myself of thinking this. Even during namaz n fast. Please help me stop this sin.
A) Make sabr and keep fast even after Ramadhaan. Insha Allah, Allah Ta`ala will open way soon. Keep reading Allahoummaghfirli and laa ilaha illaa anta soubhanaka inni kountou minazzalimeen. But our advice is to inform your parents of your need to get married and of the rape history. 

Q) If a person is doing some sort of Gunnah but at the same time he is asking for forgiveness but still repeats that Gunnah and again asks for forgiveness and again repeats due to the influence of satan. What is the ruling for such a person?
A) According to ahadiths, Allah Ta`ala would forgive the person if he makes sincere tawbah each time. 

Q) I have dreamt of a bedroom with several door openings which remain open, in fact there are no doors in the entire house. I am lying on a bed covered with a sheet and people keep coming to ask me permission to use things or access parts of the house toilet, bath, food etc. Can you help me get the meaning. Is it about death?
A) You need to spend more on orphans (children without parents), give food to poor people and invite pious people and family to dine in your house. Try to be regular with Chaast Salaah: 2 nafil at 11am. Spend according to your capacit.

Q) Following my question : I dream of having a car accident frequently.. what does this mean ? No I am single. I am a student. Age: 21 years old.
A) Then you should give some sadaqah. Control your temperament as bad temperament lead to breaking friendship ties. Be polite and tolerant.

Q) I wore parda for many years but i now realise that i am keeping it on because i am scared of other people’s thought on me. What must i do? 
A) Any good action started sincerely will be rewarded by Allah Ta`ala. Do not pay attention to people and keep wearing pardah, the model cloth of a muslim women. In fact a masla for villagers teaches us that in case we are going toilet in the forest, then we should cover ourselves away from people`s gaze. But during the night, one may sit anywhere nearby because no one may see us. As such you should cover your face because of strange man may see your face.

Q) When i breastfeed, i don’t have any sexual desire, am even reluctant about it. I love to breastfeed and my husband want me to breastfeed because buying milk will be costly. But he told me it is ok, he will wait. What must be done?
A) The Quran prescribes mashwara and mutual consent on this issue: Et les mères, qui veulent donner un allaitement complet, allaiteront leurs bébés deux ans complets. Au père de l’enfant de les nourrir et vêtir de manière convenable. Nul ne doit supporter plus que ses moyens. La mère n’a pas à subir de dommage à cause de son enfant, ni le père, à cause de son enfant. Même obligation pour l’héritier. Et si, après s’être consultés, tous deux tombent d’accord pour décider le sevrage, nul grief à leur faire. Et si vous voulez mettre vos enfants en nourrice, nul grief à vous faire non plus, à condition que vous acquittiez la rétribution convenue, conformément à l’usage. Et craignez Allah, et sachez qu’Allah observe ce que vous faites.(2:233) 
Hence we suggest that you make consultation with your husband. Better to breastfeed baby and one may start giving him also powdered milk as one quarter of the feeding. 

Q) I dreamt that my grandmother (who is stiill alive) is dead and i’m reciting surah mulk for her..after some times i was writing the translation of surah mulk in my dream. Does this dream has any interpretation?
A) Tell your grand mother to read sourah mulk and to turn her attention more on aakhirah. You also read sourah mulk daily. 

Q) I often dream having relations with others, other than my husband. i heard its jinns. is ir true?
A) May be it is because of indecency when you walk on the street. When your clothes are tight and other eyes make zina, then you are also accountable to this zina. That`s may be indicating your dream.

Q) I dreamt several times that my husband is leaving me. Any meaning ? 
A) This indicate stubbornness from your part. You need to see the likings of your husband and then put it in you. 

Q) I talked to my Mother in law in a vulgar way (on phone) and told her that i wanted to kiss her and hold her breast to suck milk as a little baby. Since my childhood I didn’t have mother. She died when I was only 6 years old. Every time I miss her a lot. So I respect my mother in law and love her like my real mother but I did this above mention for 3 nights on phone call not in real. I need to clarify some points please. 1. Is it unforgivable sin? 2. Is my wife Haram for me now? 3. Is there any Atonement or penalty?
A) 1. No. You may ask tawbah. 
2. If you did not do it in real, nor have you touched the mother in law with lust, then your wife is not haraam. But if you touch her with lust, then definitely your wife will become haraam. 
3. Sincere tawbah and keep distance from your mother in law. Talk seldom and when necessary.

Q) My husband often dreams that dogs are trying to attack him or he is chasing them away…what does this mean? what does fighting dogs in dreams mean? 
A) Enemies. One should take precaution and read protective duas against jealousy and enemies. Read 3 quls after maghrib, FAjr and before sleeping. See masnoon duas on the web please

Q) I had a dream where I was saying Ayatul Kursi to a person…What does that mean?
A) It means that you should try to improve your knowledge and then pass it on to others. 
Q) I dreamt that my nani (who is dead) called my mum to wish for her birthday. any meaning ? 
A) It means that you people are not doing much for isale sawaab of your nani. Read some quran everyday for her isale sawaab.Q) I have been married for 11months. However my husband and i dont have intercourse often since i tend to focus on issues i am not happy about with his parents (live in same house). Any solution? 
A) It is better to live separate, in a nearby house. In case you both can afford a rented house/flat, then it is incumbent and obligatory on the husband to provide a separate accommodation for his wife. This will bring comfort, love and affection for the after Esha fondling. 

Q) My husband and his family dont realise that i dont have any duty towards his parents. I work and got my own things to do. This gives rise to disputes. Waht to do? 
A) Times to times, do please him also. Like 2 days in the week do whatever he like you to do for his parents.
Q) Can a lady make zikr without covering her head?
A) Yes.

Q) I often dream of breastfeeding a baby, the baby is unknown to me..what is the interpretation please? 
A) It can also mean the influence of a jinn on you. So read manzil daily and the 3 quls 3 times after Fajr, Maghrib and before sleeping. 

Q) What does dreaming often of toilet and urinating means?
A) It means dunya or worldly attachment. One should administrate his attention and time to akhirah as he dream of toilet. Give more time to masjid/mussalah and Qur-aan reading daily. Also go in jamaat so as to spend more time for akhirah. 

Q) I’m married but my husband is abroad. And i often feel so disturbed because i could not control myself when i mistakenly see a bad photos or pictures..My mind goes again and again to it. And at times i do bad to can i control this and what islam tells about this?
A) Keep fast constantly for weeks. Then inform your husband so as to meet him more frequently. Also read the 3 last sourahs when such things happen. Try to divert your attention to other things.

Q) I dreamt about white and black spiders coming after me. What is the interpretation of this dream please? 
A) Too much haraam food consumption annihilate the protection of good actions. Haraam food influence the person to do haraam deeds. One should take out some time for his deen everyday and every week. 

Q) I dreamt a little girl with penis..what does this dream means? 
A) Need more info on the person

Q) In my dream i recited ayat ul kursi. Any interpretation plz? 
A) You should recite it after every salaah time. It is an indication for you to read precautionary ayahs against evil eyes and spells.

Q) I dreamt that my uncle slit my belly and was removing blood with a syringe and when i cough i saw my intestine, after that my belley was sewed and i  was wondering whether to do a cesearean or not..what does this dream means? is it a bad dream? 
A) Your uncle means mamou or chacha or Khalou? What is the relationship between you and uncle lastly? 

Q) I shall be grateful if you could tell me whether it is permissible to give the name “Muhammad” to a baby boy without additional forenames. I have read that a child named Muhammad due to love for Rasoulullah Sallallahou Alayhi wa sallam will be blessed and be righteous and he along with his father will be made eventually to enter Jannah. I also read no person who are named Ibraheem and Muhammad will be protected from sins and won’t be sent to Hell. Can you confirm the veracity of the above please? 
A) It is a laudable initiative and very virtuous to name someone Muhammad. But until now I did not read any hadith on the virtue of this. The last Imam mahdi will be named Muhammad also.

Q) What is the punishment for muslims who harm muslims with their actions and words? 
A) It is a grave sin and if not settled here, on the day of qiyamah the oppressed will take loads of sawaab from the oppressor.

Q) I have a friend who is unfortuantly addicted to marajuana (weed) he has been smoking this for some years now. he has been trying very hard to quit and he manages to for month but always goes back to the habit. the problem he is facing is that he will be making nikah in the next 40days and i have been trying to encourage him to quit . i am worried that his nikah will be null and void as he will still have the weed in his system. is this true does it make the nikah invalid?
A) No, not true. It does not invalidate the nikah. Marajuana is haraam. He needs to do tawbah sincerely and quit this habit. But this habit will not affect his nikah nor his dua`. If you know about this habit, then inform the in laws so that they may help him out of this bad habit.

Q) If a person is so old/sick that he cant perform wudhu or tayammum for salah, what must he do? 
A) One must help him to do his tayammum at least. Else he should read salaah like this. 

Q) Is it allowed to do plastic surgery on the face to please the husband? 
A) No, haraam.

Q) Can we make a duah for a good non-muslim friend for Allah to guide him into Islam? 
A) Yes, for a living person.

Q) Who was the Nabi whom Allah had kept asleep for 100 years and then he made him to wake up? 
A) Uzair a.s. 

Q) I suffer from continuous leaking of urine after urination. It takes me a lot of time to stop the urine after I go to the toilet. When I wake up for Fajr, I have to wake up 2 hours earlier to be able to stop the leak on time!!! Do you have a solution? 
A) You should consult a doctor or urologist first. Then know that you are a ma`zoor(a disabled) according to shariah. As such you may put some tissue or whatever suitable for you for the urine not to drop down to earth. Then make a wuzu for every azaan time. Hence you would continue salaah even if you are dripping during salaah. But renew your wuzu for every azaan time. The wuzu would expire at next azaan or at when going toilet, bleeding or sleeping,etc. It will not break with dripping.

Q) Is there any duah when someone has poor appetite? 
A) Yes read surah fatiha 7 times and then blow on water to drink. Then eat some kalounji (black seed) everyday. Take milk and dates during breakfast and drink soups. 

Q) I dreamt of a man with shaved hair and islamic beard wearing the while clothes which one wear during hajj, he was talking to me while standing in the corridor in my house but i could not figure what he was saying. interpretation please?
A) Good sign.Q) Is it advisable for a child to learn his academic lessons after Assr prayers?
A) Permissible. Together one is recommended to do zikr Allah before sunset.. 

Q) I always dream of me and my school friends in a classroom.I don’t miss them infact Im not in touch with everyone of them?does it have any meaning? 
A) One has to listen to the parents, elderly persons around one to achieve maturity in life. One should avoid wasting time in games and should do more salaah everyday. 

Q) I often dream of me being nude and trying to hide myself from everyone?what it means?
A) It means that you are wearing tight clothes. The holy prophet SAW described a person wearing tight clothes that the silhouette is visible as nude. (Muslim)

Q) I often dream of my father’s death or something bad happening to him?what does it mean? Is he alive? 
A) Then inform him to give more sadaqahs, keep steadfast with salaahs and prepare more for Akhirat.
Q) What should someone do if he has hurt his mother badly? 
A) One should first ask her forgiveness and compensate with looking after her everyday, spending on her and if possible take her umrah. if she passed away, then keep good relations with the relatives of your mother.

Q) I loved a guy since 7 months.he told meevrything about his past.Actually he was comitting zinah and he got engaged.His engagement even broke up coz of a woman who cme to create rifts in their relationship.After dat he met me, he is nw a completely changed man,He practice his deen and even repent of wat he did in the past.He alwys tell the truth and b frank wid me.My parents is nt accepting the proposal due to his past behaviours.but i knw he is perfect for me.he nw is afraid of Allah’s wrath a lot.please advice me or what can i read to make my parents accept him.
A) Since your parents are in your benefits since your birth, then you should be careful towards the new repented man. Put the issue in front of your parents and tell them that he repented. if they refuse and refuse you also towards the man. Nontheless if your relationship to him is now physical, then to prevent Zina, cut all communication and meeting with the man. But if he is committing Zina with you, then leave this man definitely.

Q) I love a boy & he loves me too, its official (family members knows about it) but the boy don’t want to make nikkah, he asked me to wait for him. what should I do?
A) If you both are of mature age and the boy is financially sound, then there is no reason to wait. Love is a sickness without nikah. We suggest that you both consult an alim for your case. If your lover refuse, then do not wait for him.

Q) The boy i love, his mother does not like me. Why do i dream of her everyday that she like me and smile at me in my dream? 
A) Insha Allah you may look after her later.

Q) I am suffering from hormonal imbalance due to which my periods are irregular. almost whole month there is spotting except few days due to which I miss my salah?I have heard it is permitted to offer salah under this condition? what should I do? 
A) Please text your days on 57921333. Else haiz is when there is flowing of blood. Not spots. But if your have had a specific days, then it change everything. The spots in those days would be haiz. Do text us for clarification. 

Q) Can any scholar help in finding out truth if my husband has cheated on me? I have heard that there are some who help in this situation is it true? 
A) Our prophet SAW recommended to think good even in doubtful situation. Hence stay with him and forget the doubts. 

Q) I have been doing isthkara for long time but I am still not getting an answer? I am not sure whats going wrong? I do the procedure correct but still not getting any hint. 
A) Please follow the flow of the heart at this time. This is the result of the istikharah. Else wait for one two weeks.

Q) What do i do in situation where after doing istikhara, i feel nothing as to whether i should go forward with the decision or not. i do istikhara for things which require long term commitment, but i feel nothing. 
A) Redo the istikhara.

Q) My baby doesnt sleep and she cries non stop at night. Could you suggest a dua i could read for her to sleep?
A) See a doctor and give the child mother’s milk. Read the following dua and blow on the child: 
Ou’eezouki bikalimaatillaahit tammaati min koulli shaitwaanin wa haammatin wa min koulli ‘ainin laammatin.
Read it after fajr and maghrib and blow on the forehead.
Then also write the 3 last surahs on a piece of paper and fold it to put on the child. 
Do read 3 last surahs and blow on her especially every night.

Q) I often dream of toilets and this disturbs me mentally. What is the interpretation?
A) You have too much attention drawn on material and dunya. You need to increase time given to Masjid, salah, zikrullah, ta’leem and give attention to your family also.

Q) I have to take a loan. Is it allowed? I don’t have any other choice.
A) Not allowed.

Q) I had the following dream. I was travelling by car with my parents. We passed by a mountain and I saw mud sliding / flowing down its slope. We continued our way when I saw a small rock falling from another mountain. As we got nearer to the mountain bigger rocks started falling. People were escaping trying to avoid the falling rocks. We were able to get to safety even after some rocks fell on our car. What is the meaning of this ? 
A) Gunah causes difficulty to one`s living-Hadith. One should avoid even sins considered as small. In fact accumulation of small gunas causes lots of difficulty to one`s living. 

Q) My husband smokes weed, also known as gandia, everyday and he smokes it becoz of stress. Is it permissible?
A) It is haraam for him to smoke this. Tell him to leave it slowly slowly. Wouzu breaks when he smoke it. And also know that he should continue salaah even in those days he smoked. He need only to have wouzu and be sober to pray. 

Q) I have married a woman 5.5 year back as my second marraige we consumed nikah within 3 month she went form me we nevr sopekn or met for 5.5 year is still our nikha alive. 
A) Nikah is still valid until talaaq given. 

Q) I am a married lady with a child and often I dream of having intimacy with women. I read my Kalimah and 4 quls and ayatulkursi before sleeping.
A) May be you go in Spas and open your satr in front of women. One should not open knees, thights and below navel in front of ladies also. Avoid talking about sex in front of other ladies also. 

Q) I met a brother 2months ago, we decided to go further with aqdun parents told me to invite him, and all they said was that he should wait for me till I am through with my masters in two years time. is it permissible to wait? 
A) Yes, if you both do not commit zina. Else it is recommended to perform nikah as quickly as possible when one found her pair.

Q) Several time, i dreamt of bad cats, white in colour, attacking me or trying to bite me. What is the interpretation please?
A) You should pay attention to upbringing of your children or your little ones. Take care of your food and family (halal food). Put your surrounding on salah.

Q) If a woman get depressed very often..she just can’t and don’t want to do anything during these depressed moments. What can be done?
A) Read the ruqya for depression in masnoon duas on the web at every salaah time. Take a 15 mins walk every day and know that everything has been written long ago and we need only to take full benefit of life.

Q) I am 32, ugly, poor with bad health and a lot of white hairs! No women wants to marry me!!! What dua can I read to make a beautiful woman fall in love with me? Please help me!! 
A) If you don`t have anyone in Mauritius, you may travel abroad to marry. There your beauty will be accepted insha Allah.

Q) I’m in a great problem,, i want to go and study in another country but my mom do not agree with me, what should i do so that she can acccpt my decision?
A) If you a girl, then we are in the same opinion as your mom.

Q) There was a time when I used to describe the physical appearance (using hurtful terms) for those I do not get along with. Today I regret a lot. Will Allah ever forgive me? Which duah can be read so that those persons as well forgive me? 
A) You may give sadaqah on their name and make tawbah.

Q) Dua to stop wasting money?
A) Visit orphans and homes so as to ponder upon their poverty.

Q) Under what conditions can a parent send his daughter for University education abroad? Is Malaysia a suitable destination?
A) Under no condition, distant learning may be an option.

Q) A man or woman who is not married yet is considered as a non-Muslim? Because there is an interpretation that says that the one who is not married is not from amongst the Muslims.
A) Yes they are Muslims if they believe in Allah and His Prophet (saw). If their aqidah is complete, then they are complete Muslims. Mariage is sunnat and is highly recommended for the one who has the means and maturity. And one who does not have these two things, the Prophet (saw) said he should fast.

Q) My mother is hindu and shes been having dreams of (ganesh) telling her that i am god,worship me. and also my mom told me that since some days she stopped praying,but after her dream she will pray again.can you explain this please? 
A) This is shaitaan that came and inciting her to shirk. One should read lot of A’ouzoubillahi minashaitaanira jeem. Shaitaan has vowed to deviate man from straight path. 

Q) I have only one brother, (no sister), and my husband is very jealous of my brother. He hates him so much that he does not want ‘our children to come in his shadow’. Is this attitude permissible in islam? 
A) No, unless with reasons. If your brother is a drug addict or a sexually obsessed, then I may understand his stand to protect his children. But without any reason, he should not express his jealousy like that. But this is a good sign for you. He loves you and want to possess you completely and want to protect his children. Tell him to express himself to Mufti Mackoojee, so as to confirm his stand. We amy advise as suitable insha Allah. 

Q) What does it mean if someone dreams of his marhoom father in law who ate some food and left some of the food. The dreamer was eating the rest of the food but not all the food.
A) It means that the inheritance of the father in law would benefit the son and insha Allah the grand son also. 

Q) I dreamt last night that I am having intercourse with my husband and during that he gave me a bowl of urine to drink. What does this mean? 
A) This indicate that you are practicing oral sex with your husband. Oral sex is makrooh tahreemi. By you putting the penis of your husband in the mouth, he is making you swallowing impure residues found there: semen, lubricated secretion, urine remained in there, etc. As such you both should make tawbah and istighfaar on this action. Try to get rid of it as soon as possible. If difficult, then try to decrease the time for it. some ulamas said that oral sex lead to impotency and decrease sexual power after some time. As such, after licking over the body(except private parts), then as quickly as possible do penetration intercourse. 
It is difficult to get rid of a bad habit, but you both should talk over it and refrain from such evil action. Should you continue drinking urine, if ever you had this bad habit for years? Knowing that urine damge your body health and poison your blood. Then make tawbah and istighfaar before this evil act of oral sex poison your marital life and your relationship with Allah Ta`ala. Give some sadaqahs as this evil act has spilled over its boundaries.

Q) I desperately lack self confidence and i am full of all sort of negativity and fears. I always compare myself to others and find myself very little. Please give me any dua or wazifa to help me gain confidence & be more at peace with myself…precise when to read?
A) Wake up for Tahajud daily. In your tahajud, during your ruku`, after 7 times soubhanarabiyal azeem, read SoubhanakAllahoumma rabbana wa bihambika Allahoummaghfirli 7 times. Do same in Sajdah after Soubhanarabbiyal A`laa. Be humble and repent as if you had done a big mistake. Then do all your 5 times daily salaah on time. 

Q) What does it mean if someone dreams of flying white horses? 
A) It means lot of khair will come in that person`s life. 
Q) Which taveez can be use against ants?
A) Read this verse and blow on them and by their holes:
يَا أَيُّهَا النَّمْلُ ادْخُلُوا مَسَاكِنَكُمْ لَا يَحْطِمَنَّكُمْ سُلَيْمَانُ وَجُنُودُهُ وَهُمْ لَا يَشْعُرُونَ

Yaa ayyahunnamlud khoulou masakinakoum laa yahtimannakoum soulaimanou wa jounoudouhou wa houm laa yash `ouroun. (27:18)

You may contact Mowlana Noorani Gooman of Masjid Derby Curepipe for this issue. If not resolved, then we may help inshallah.

Q) A boy/girl fall in love with someonr but thair parents have objection with this relationship. The boy/girl is having difficulties to forget the lover. What can he/she do to forget the lover.
A) Read the dua of ”Ruqya for Depression” available on web in masnoon duas.

Q) Is there any specific dua that can be read for Allah to accept our wishes?
A) You may use the names of Allah. Find the 99 names in masnoon duas. You may read: Ya Allah, Ayatul Qursi and Allahu laa ilaaha illaa hou. Wa `anatil woujouhou lil hayyil Qayyoum.

Q) I often dream of swimming in deep water. In the last dream my mother was besides me and we were watching a big rock and waves were coming towards us till the water level reached our chest. Any interpretation for this dream? The person is in the thirties, ambition: be a laywer, fight for peace for countries at war and be one of the ulamas. the person is already a professional. 
A) This is a good dream. Insha Allah he/she will become a alim/a. Sea water is pure, interactive and provide food also. Ilm or deeni education has all these qualities. Insha Allah your mother may benefit from such an initiative. One should take the path of ilm when seeing such dream. This is a call from Allah Ta`ala.

Q) What is the dua against laziness?
A) Dua against laziness and other important issues:

  أَللّهُمَّ إِنِّىْ أَعُوْذُ بِكَ مِنْ عِلْمٍ لاَّ يَنْفَعُ وَقَلْبٍ لاَّ يَخْشَعُ وَدُعَاءٍ لاَّ يُسْمَعُ وَنَفْسٍ لاَّ تَشْبَعُ وَمِنَ الْجُوْعِ فَإِنَّه بِئْسَ الضَّجِيْعُ وَمِنَ الْخِيَانَةِ فَإِنَّهَا بِئْسَتِ الْبِطَانَةُ وَمِنَ الْكَسَلِ وَالْبُخْلِ وَالْجُبْنِ وَمِنَ الْهَرَمِ وَمِنْ أَنْ أُرَدَّ إِلى أَرْذَلِ الْعُمُرِ وَمِنْ فِتْنَةِ الدَّجَّالِ وَعَذَابِ الْقَبْرِ وَفِتْنَةِ الْمَحْيَا وَالْمَمَاتِ، أَللّهُمَّ إِنَّا نَسْئَلُكَ قُلُوْبًا أَوَّاهَةً مُّخْبِتَةً مُّنِيْبَةً فِىْ سَبِيْلِكَ، أَللّهُمَّ إِنَّا نَسْئَلُكَ عَزَائِمَ مَغْفِرَتِكَ وَمُنْجِيَاتِ أَمْرِكَ وَالسَّلاَمَةَ مِنْ كُلِّ إِثْمٍ وَالْغَنِيْمَةَ مِنْ كُلِّ بِرٍّ وَّالْفَوْزَ بِالْجَنَّةِ وَالنَّجَاةَ مِنَ النَّار

Allahoumma inni a’ouzou bika min ‘ilmin laa yanfa’ou, wa qalbin laa yakhsha’ou, wa dou’aain laa yousma’ou, wa nafsin laa tashba’ou, wa minal jou‘e, fa innahou bi’sal dajee’ou, wa minal khiyaanati fa innahaa bi’satil bitwaanatou, wa minal kasli wal boukhli wal joubni, wa minal harami, wa min an ouradda ilaa arzalil ‘oumouri, wa min fitanatid dajjaali, wa ‘azaabil qabri, wa fitanil maHyaa, wal mamaati. Allahoumma innaa nas alouka qoulooban aw waahatan, moukhbitatan, mouneebatan fee sabeelika. Allahoumma innaa nas alouka ‘azaa ima maghfiratika, wa mounjiyaati amrika, was salaamata min kulli ithmin, wal ghaneemata min kulli birrin, wal fawza bil jannati, wan najaata minan naari. (Mustadrak Hakim)

O Allah! Mo pe demande Toi protection conte connaisance qui pas beneficial, et le coeur qui pas peur (Toi), et du’a qui pas etre accepter, et desir/nafs qui pas satisfait, et conte faim intense, parcequi li ene mauvais compagnon, et conte malhonnetete, parcequi sa (montrer) ene mauvais nature, et conte paresse, et l’avarice, et lachete, et conte extra vieux l’age et conte ene l’age cot mo vine unitule (mohtaaj), et conte dajjal so corruption, et punition qabar, et banne (mauvais) epreuve de la vie et la mort. O Allah! Nous pe demande Toi ene le coeur qui humilier, obeissant et incliner vers To chemin. O Allah! Accorde moi To pardon absolu, et deliverance conte tous banne difficultes, et assurance contre tous banne peches, et ene grand part de banne bon actions et reussite par jannat et deliverance conte du feu l’enfer.

Q) A woman wants to give birth in a clinic but her husband wants her to go to a hospital; not because of financial problem, don’t know for what reason. What she do?
A) If the husband is well off, than it is better for him to look for female gynocologist and nurses in a clinic, so that to avoid other men from seeing the private part of his wife. But if the husband cannot aford it, than he’ll be obliged to take her to the hospital.

Q) I took money from my family once, without their permission. Now i’m regretting a lot and i don’t have courage to tell them.What should i do?
A) Give them the money as a gift, but make intention that you are returning the money you took before. It is necessary to return them that money, unless you ask for maaf and they forgive you.

Q) Is there a special dua for someone who often has miscarriages?
A) Read sourah Maryam often. Then eat dates and drink milk.

Q) I dreamt that i’m reading manzil. What does this mean please? 
A) It means that you should be always protected by those ayats of protection. 

Q) During intercourse with my wife, if baby wakes up, can my wife feed him or ghusal is necessary first? 
A) Ghusl will be necessary in any case of penetration from the husband`s side. Ghusl will be on both. It is not ethical to feed the baby during intercourse. This is reprehensible. Ghusal not required when feeding baby.
Q) I love a girl so much and she also love me her mother and my mother only knows that i love her but not that she also loves me her mother says that if in my future i get a permanent job and love her the same way as i do presently she will be ready for our marriage but i am having problem that in what earnings her family will be ready to give her hand in my hand and i am also very nervous in talking with her family that will they accept me or not is there any dua or anything to do so they accept me in what i earn in future or whatever i earn in future as i want to become a teacher so i will not get more than 20000 to 25000 a month so please help me.
A) Keep steady with the 5 salaats, wake up for tahajud and make dua. Soon the family will accept you Insha Allah. 

Q) A pious woman is regularly being sodomized by her husband. This disgustful act is being done while she is deeply asleep and is powerless towards her husband. She still loves her husband and doesn’t want to leave him. Please advice what can be done. 
A) Do collective ta`lim at home of muntakhab ahadeeths, encourage husband to read 5 times daily salaat and encourage husband to fast on Monday and Thursday. Read lot of laa ilaaha illaa anta soubhanaka inni kountou minaza limeen.

Q) I often dream toilet..interpretation of dream? 
A) Dunya and money will come to you. 

Q) Dreamt of feaces and toilets. any meaning ? 
A) Same as above.

Q) Shrouding an alive baby in my dream….what is the interpretation? 
A) Will need more detail on your particulars. Please phone on 57921333 to give the details and more precision for this dream. 

Q) Is it permissible to change my name in case i don’t like the name my parents gave me?
A) Permissible, but it is sunnah to keep the name your parents gave you.

Q) I’m in a great trouble so what should i do to remove this problem on me?
A) Read lot of Astaghfirullah and Allahoummaghfirli.

Q) Can i have a dua to my hair falls a lot?
A) Apply olive oil. Read the 3 last sourahs and blow on hands, then pass over hair. You may consult a doctor to see what may improve them. Q) A dua to marry the boy of our choice and make family agree with it?
A) Allahoumma khirli wakhtar liQ) I feel desperate. I’m so afraid of dying. Can you plz help me by giving me a dua to overcome such feelings?
A) Allahoumma barik li filmaut wa fima ba`dal maut.

Q) What can i do so that the parents of the guy i love accepts me?
A) Read lot of allahoummaghfirlee at tahajud time and during the day.

Q) I love a boy but i’m afraid to tell my parents about this because they might not like it. What can i do or read in order for my parents to accept without any problems?
A) Love is a sickness without Nikah. The decent way that shariah prescribe for a girl to proceed for nikah is through her parents or guardian. If your lover is the right pair, then one should not wait to go through informing parents on the issue since the prophet prohibited time consuming on nikah. Remember that two over three love are fancies and does not endure married life later on. As such cut all communication from your lover, make istikhara and inform your parents. Make this dua: O Allah give me happiness in this life and in the hereafter. Your parents may consider your choice and you may appreciate their choice for you.

Q) I stopped eating beef and chicken and eat fish only. What’s your opinion?
A) We request that you continue eat fish and add only meat to that. Beef meat is a sunnah and good for the body. Else you may refrain from chicken since they are not healthy. 

Q) What dua shoud parents read for their children to obey them?
A) Parents should first of all themselves be good role model for their children. Regular salaat and qur-aan of the parents would contribute that the children follow the same steps. Then the parents should give proper time to the children and correct them slowly with wisdom. Regular assessment of the child and explaining to them the benefit of being truthful, honest, pious and abstaining from sins would contribute to their wellness and progress during their lifetime. Be polite to them so that they may take politeness from you. Be honest to them so that they may be honest to you. When the boys grow up, send them for a 3 days jamaat scout. This 3 days jamaat will construct in them respect, responsibility and self respect. Girls may accompany their mother and father to jamaat also. This bring one in a pious environment and fruitful company that may model our future generation. Else do make dua in tahajud time and after farz namaz: Rabbana hab lana min azwajina wa zurriyatina qurrata a`youn waj `alna lil mutaqina imama.

Q) I know a muslim boy. He loves a hindu girl. They are together for almost 1year now. They know that whatever they are doing are not right and they are trying they full best to break this relationship but in vain. They have been attached too much to each other thats why. So i really need your advice in this..
A) At this stage, we recommend that the boy persuade the girl to convert into Islam and then make nikah with her.

Q) Why can’t we sometimes control our sexual desires though we try our best?
A) Keeping nafil roza continuously may help to keep oneself from overwhelming sexual desires. Human nature is made to have a life partner. As such one may look for a wife so as to better control sexual desires.

Q) I am a married woman and i frequently dream that i am having sex with a boy that i loved before. And whenever i have such dream i fight with my husband. Can you plz help. 
A) This is bad thoughts from Shaitaan and one should read lot a’ouzoubillhi minashaitaani rajeem. When you make such a dream, follow the following procedure found in the masnoon duas on the web. 

When having a bad dream :
1. Pretend to spit on your left side three times.
2. Read a’ouzoubillah hi minash shaitwaanir rajeem.
3. Change position.
4. Do not tell everyone about the dream.
5. Wake up and read namaz.
6. Look for someone who has knowledge of deen so that he may tell you it’s interpretation. 
7. Some dreams have good meanong while others bad. 

Q) My partner smokes. What can i do to make him stop it and also how to encourage him read his namaz?
A) This advice is when nikah partner is meant by the question: Give him a miswaak as a gift. Then tell him that you feel nauseas when you smell a smoking mouth. Encourage him to perform at least maghrib salaah everyday. Else, tell him that today no maghrib, then no good food for dinner. But when he perform his maghrib, then please him in every way. Progressively bring him on 2 salaahs, so that one day he performs 5 times daily salaahs.

Q) What to do if one’s husband gets pleasure in chatting with other ladies online?
A) Try to attract him to the bed almost every night. Take care of make ups and whatever he likes every night. When someone eats at home, he won`t feel hungry for outside junk food. Make dua in tahajud and do ta`leem of muntakhab ahadiths at home.

Q) What du’a can a child recite daily in order for him to remember his lessons?
A) Rabbi zidni `ilmaa. Put oil on the head and eat 7 badam without skin everyday, and one full spoon of honey and use miswaak.

Q) Please give a dua for a person to have raham on people.
A) Give food to poor people with your own hands and sponsor some orphans. Cajole children and read Allahoummaj `alni raheeman wadooudan.

Q) Is there any dua to become beautiful and get rid of pimples?
A) Stay with wuzu, read the 5 times salaah, read laailaha lot. And do cupping, drink olive oil and apply olive oil on the skin. Read the masnoon dua while looking in the mirror.

Q) One of my dearest person is sick….plz tell me some dua’s i could recite for his wellness.
A) Read this du`a: Allahoumma rabban naas, laa shafi illa shifa ouka, ishfihi shifa an laa youghadirou saqaman.

Q) Any duah / way to forget / get over hurtful past and experiences with others to be able to move in life? 
A) After salaah read the foolowing dua: Bismillahillazi laa ilaaha illaa houwar rahmanuraheem allahoumma azhib `annil hamma wal houzna.

Q) What can I do to get rid of hypocrisy from within myself ?
A) First of all always speak the truth, fulfil your promises and do not fear but Allah. Read this dua and stay away from music and haraam or doubtful food or money.

وأعوذ بك من الفقر والكفر ، والفسوق ، والشقاق ، والنفاق والسمعة ، والرياء

Q) Can i please know the dua to have a baby boy?
A) Allah Ta`ala alone decide on that issue. But if one wishes to have a baby boy, then a few actions may be observed and then the du`a may be effective insha Allah:
1. First go every 3 months in 3 days jamaat with your husband/wife.
2. Wake up tahajjud both and supplicate Allah Ta`ala to have a pious son.
3. Read a lot of Rabbi habli minas swaaliheen.
4. Thank Allah Ta`ala on whatever child Allah Ta`ala gave you.

Q) I have been doing istikhara for about 2 days now and I had a dream today, in my dream I saw a very very beautiful scenery of mountains and I kept saying subhan’Allah and couldn’t resist not to. After a while I looked around and saw the kabah (from a height) then I was just about to make dua to Allah about my intention and the reason why I’m doing the istikhara for. When I was just about to, people start shooting and I get scared and start wondering what’s happening. Then I woke up. Can you kindly please tell me about what this dream means and if it has any relation with my istikhara? I am doing my isitikhara for a spouse which I like. To see if he is better and good for me in my religion, my life and my end (akhira) so please let me know. 
A) It is a negative sign for the spouse you are looking at. May be your family would not accept the spouse and this would cause upset in your life. 

Q) I previously had my haiz for 5-6 days. After my third delivery and cesarian, doctor tied my Fallopian tube. Ever since, now five yrs almost, each month I bleed for 5-6 days normally then till the 9-11 days I got brownish spots once or twice daily. It always happens that during the 7th to 11 th days, I stay dry for nearly 24hrs then again one brownish spot. Doctor says it is normal when fallopian tube is attached. Kindly advise when ghousl should be done since i am confused. 
A) Haiz is the continuous bleeding of minimum 3 days for every cycle of 15 days or more. Hence you should bath when the ”perle blanche” comes white on the 6th day. The other occasional spots after that are negligible and only wouzou would be necessary when it comes out.

Q) When my husband does swalaat at home, he recommends us to do duahs through the ‘sadqa of Holy Prophet saw’ and he explained to me that Allah has promised his nabi saw that all his wishes will be granted and we should ask our duahs through this promise and not direct to Allah SWT. From childhood, I have been taught to address my duahs to Allah alone. Am I right to disagree with him? 
A) Your husband is wrong in this matter. You should not follow him in this respect.

Q) What does seeing oneself pregnant in dream means? 
A) There may be effect of jinnaat on you. Read manzil daily and the 3 quls and blow on hands to pass on the body: 3 times at three different occasions: Fajr, Maghrib and before sleeping. 

Q) In my dream, i replied the salaam of my marhoom grandfather? What does it means? 
A) This dream indicates that your grand father is in good conditions in qabr, insha Allah.Q) I dreamt a weird dream I dreamt that I was pregnant by the man I love before marriage but my parents were supporting me. I was in the hospital’s toliet and the water broke. I was searching for my doctor, i don’t know how I ended up on the sugery chair and the baby was coming out with out pain or yelling a baby boy and the man I love kept on disappearing but he was there. I went to his dad in his house on my own to show them his grandchild. he mentioned that return the money first and I was like what money. I felt so rejected and that his son dint tell them and then I woke up. What does that mean ? I’m not married. We do talk and see each other !!! His dad knows about me but my parents don’t know anything about him. we r serious about each other !! 
A) The dream shows a negative sign on that man and his family. I suggest that you finish your illegal relationship because this may ruin your life. Tell your parents to look for someone for you to marry.

Q) I saw a dream that i am remarrying to my husband in our new house and our house is full of our relatives and friends i am wearing red colored bride dress the same one which i wore in my first wedding. 
A) Good dream. You need to look at what are the expectations of your husband and be obedient. Set up a quran/ zikr time daily. 

Q) Please give me a dua or wazifa to become successful in my new tijarat [business] and become loved by my families and my parents and cousin.
A) Read tahajjud, read lot of istighfaar, open early in the morning and read 4 rakaats ishraaq 15 mins after sunrise.

Q) I dreamt that my Hindu friend told me that from his scriptures, he could see that he would be the father of one son. In real life, he already has a son…In my dream, I replied to him that from Quran, I cannot see such things for me. Interpretation plz. 
A) You should distant yourself from non muslim`s invitation, sitting with and talking freely with them. 

Q) I dreamt of a muslim man having the red thread that hindus wear around their wrist on his wrist.what does this mean? 
A) One should preserve one`s imaan and read kalimah a lot daily. Keep distance from non muslims. Be polite, diplomatic but not close friends.

Q) I dreamt that i’m pulling out a roll of plastic bag from mouth but it wouldn’t end.
A) One should control the wordings that one pronounces. Backbiting and accusations, lies should be avoided.

Q) I dreamt of the Kabaa. With the black cloth and golden arabic writings on it. Does it mean anything? 
A) Yes. Insha Allah Ta`ala you will go for Hajj.

Q) I dreamt of a black snake coming towards me. What does that mean? 
A) Enemy. Read the protection duas and give some sadaqahs.

Q) I dreamt that my mum is to perform umrah in very few days? I felt very happy coz my mum is a widow and has no sons and is waiting for a mahram. she has with great difficulty saved a lot of money to perform hajj one day. how do you interpret this?
A) Insha Allah she will go for hajj soon. 

Q) I dreamt that while she was frying something my mother’s 2 fingers were cut and were literally fried. can you please interprete this for me as i’m really scared. 
A) Give sadaqah. Give sadaqah. Give sadaqah. Indeed May Allah save your family from pains and sudden death. Ameen. 

Q) I dreamt that all my teeth were falling out. What does that mean? 
A) Aging and physical weakness. Take natural physical boosters.

Q) What is the meaning of dreaming cleaning the house?
A) You should read more Qur-aan, absolutely avoid gossips or hearing gossips and finally read manzil in that house.

Q) I love a muslim boy and we love each other very much and we both want to get married after just 2 years; when he gets a job and settles down. But there is a problem in his sex. His sex pains all the time and the dr. said that pain goes if u have sex. Is it permissable to have sex in this case?
A) No. Haraam. Completely haraam. Only after nikah.

Q) I finished my Nikah in Last Month. She is living with her parents and the wedding will be in August 2016. My issue is that i saw my wife before my Nikah and i spoke with her. After nikah, when i saw her, she is not like the lady which i saw before my Nikah. Completely different from her speaking, behavior, her face. After two days, i express my problem with my sister and she felt the same what i felt. I tried a lot to convince me that she is your wife and i have to love here and take care very well. But, i could not accept all these things and i feel too much pain in mind. My wife is liking me too much and she is interested on me very well. Please help me what i will do on this subject. I completely changed a lot, i cannot sleep very well and very lazy in all my subject. 
A) After nikah, shaitaan makes effort to dispel happiness of the couple. But you need to perform 5 daily prayers and keep faith in Allah and try to look after the wife. Shaitaan always shows haraam as beautiful and halaal as ugly.

Q) One of my mother’s friend dreamt that my mother was wearing a white dress but with some brown spots. Can you interpret plz? 
A) Your mother should avoid public gosips and talks. Be brief in talking and be more at home.

Q) My father tried to rape my sister. What should I do? Can i leave him?
A)You should try to look for a safe place to live. Go to your grand mother mother`s side. Or to your mother.

Q) I dreamt that a couple of jinns in a room were going to harm and I was scared….then I remembered that I can recite 1st Kalima & was no more scared. Plz interpret. 
A) Read Qur-aan aloud in that place.

Q) I dreamt that my parents were talking against me and heard my brother saying they should get me engaged to the boy whom he knows. 
A) You should be more in house and less communicative to outside world. Restrict your chats to only your girl cousins and your mahrams.

Q) I am married to a man who has got four children. They are all adults and two are married. I want to know my duty and my rights towards them. 
A) They are your mahrams and you cannot marry them. There is no obligation on you towards them. They need to respect you as a mother in law

Q) I’m married. I was having problems with my husband. During that time i was supported by a male colleague who is married as well. We started to become very close and have feeling for each other. We did istikarah to know whether we may be together. I did for me and my husband and on the first day i dreamt of my husband with a white shirt, on second day i dreamt of a green object. I did namaaz for me and the person and on first day i dreamt about a red object, second day i saw a girl dressed in black crying as she was unhappy, third day i dreamt of a red object, forth day of a white car and fifth day of red object. The person also did istikarah and he saw me in a white dress and a white room, then on other days he saw black things. Can u please interprete the dreams we saw and guide us.
A) You shoud stay with your husband. Leave and distant yourself from the other guy. If possible change dept in your work. 

Q) I dreamt my husband is having an affair with another women. Can you please interprete.
A) From shaitaan. Read Arouzoubillahi…

Q) I had a nightmare where my cousin confessed that she had strangled her sister in a fit of anger. i found myself in a fix whether i should expose her. Meaning?
A) It means that there may be family discords coming. So give sadaqah and live without great comments with family ties.

Q) I dreamt that a beautiful girl in her early twenties with pale skin was telling me each time that she is my mother. I told her that my mom is older etc but she insisted that she is my mom. Interpretation please. 
A) Should be more careful and obedient to parents even after marriage.

Q) I dreamt I was walking nude in public…Then when I realised this, I went to hide under a table….Could you please interpret?
A) It means that your clothing are too tight and you should also wear under clothing.

Q) I have semen leakage problem, plz if you have some solution plz help me. 
A) Do consult a doctor or an urologist for that medical problem. We advise that you bring your food consumption on natural and raw food. Eat ”Gramme” daily and do physical exercise for 30 minutes everyday. Else on a masla point of view, wuzu break on abnormal semen dripping. If it drips continuously, then do a wuzu on every azaan time. The wouzou will not break if it drips between that salaah time (e.g. Zohr salaah time). But one need to redo wouzou for the next salaah time. One may read salaah with drippings in the underwear or tissues while suffering medically. 

Q) Mo ena 1 problem avec mo etude ki a chaque foi mo comoposer mo pa passer, mo faire maximum mo capave et plus mo lire mo banne doa mai mo return back., i dnt no wat to do. this yr is the lst 1 so plz help me..
A) Pas tous dimoune briller dans tous secteurs. Ou capave douer dans les zotes kitsozes. Donc essayer sa l`annee la, sinon essaye pou devellope banne les zotes profession qui ena trait avec la pratique.

Q) I commit a sin called zina. Every time i commit this sin i regret afterwards and make tawbah. After some time i do it again, regret and ask tawbah again. What should i do to stop this sinful act?
A) Fast continuously. Go out for four months jamat. At least, during this period of time you’ll stay away from this sin and your environment will improve. Many people, who were committing this sin, changed through jamat.

Q) Dreaming much often of toilet, seeing oneself (faire besoin) in toilet. Please give me its significance.
A) This means that you will become richer and dunya will come to you. But you should now focus more time and money for your investment in aakhirat since you will be well off. Too much time in toilet is not good. Take a rest from dunya and go for 40 days jamaat and stay for whole Ramadhaan I`tiqaaf is a good pause for your spiritual health. 

Q) What does it mean if you dream someone frequently? 
A) Depends in what circumstances you are dreaming of him/her. More details should be given.

Q) I dreamt all my teeth are falling out. Many times I have had such dreams, Any interpretation? 
A) One should take care of one`s spiritual and physical health. In fact teeth falling out is an indication that one`s diet and way of living is causing ill effect on the body. Then one should not talk bad of others since this is detrimental to spirituality. After wuzu, stand up and drink from the tap of water. 

Q) I dream of having a car accident frequently.. what does this mean ? 
A) Are you married? what work do you do?
Q) I asked a sign if a certain boy is my pair and I dreamt that I was in a different house sleeping next to my mum and there was something like spirit in next room, I was scared and hug my mum to sleep and read ayatul kursi and dua, what does this mean?
A) Negative sign.  

Q) I asked a sign and i dreamt about everyone going in different county for work and i was worried if there will be guests when i get married. Meaning?A) Negative sign.

Q) I am being oppressed by my boy friend’s family.. what should i do ? My boyfriend was beaten up by his father and he kept him locked inside the house. His father even threatened to kill us if we meet .. 
A) We advise that you follow your parents wish. Still your dua to meet your boy friend also is not acceptable since it is haraam to meet outside nikah. Since the situation is deplorable, then step back and inshA Allah you will have another one as your pair. Read 5 times daily salaats and tahajuds. 

Q) Is it advisable to let an unused house to a non-muslim? 
A) Permissible. Put these clauses in the contract: 
No construction of idols on the property. 
No right to sell liquor. 
No right to use as temple. 
No right to sublet.
No right to cause disturbance to neighbour or any distortion in the use of property.
No right to perform religious activities on the property.
Should you contravene these clause, then consider this contract null and void. 

Q) Is it permissible for men to remove chest hair (permanently) till belly? 
A) Not advisable. 

Q) My husband had a bad dream about my little daughter of 3 years last night. The next morning she voimitted for about 2 hours. what do you advise us? 
A) Read the duas for protection on the child every morming and blow on her. Ou’eezouki bikalimatilla….. 

Q) I saw a scorpion in my bathroom last week then today i dreamt of a scorpion walking on me. any meaning ? 
A) Scorpion is ennemy. Read the last 3 surahs frequently for protection.

Q) Is thinking of doing something wrong a sin, just like you did it?
A) No. Evil thoughts are not sins normally. But thinking bad of a person or having evil thoughts of someone, then istighfaar should be done. Because the Qur-aan says that some thoughts are sins. The hadith of Muslim shareef says that ”It is sufficient as a sin to think low of your muslim brother.” As such, thoughts are sins. 

Q) My mother in law had the following dream. She took my six year old son to some place (actually a house where a deceased family used to live long ago) and she went inside leaving him outside. She thought he would be ok and know his way. Then while inside she realised it was a mistake and went to fetch him. But he had disappeared and she searched for him in vain. Any meaning to this nightmare?
A) She should be spending more time in making zikr and salaah. Tell her to read at least one quarter parah daily and read the following zikr: 100 times Allahoummaghfirli in the morning and at night 100 times. Dourouds in the morning and at night 100 times. Soubhanallahi wal Hamdoulillahi walaa ilaaha illallahou Allahou Akbar in the morning and at night.

Q) I am a girl and i have a lot of pimples, spots, scars on my face, i used so mny things but there’s no change until now, so what can i do and read in order to have great satisfaction,..because im ashamed to go out and face people as my face is too ugly with this..
A) First of all do not be ashamed of something that is not sinful. The prescription of the holy prophet (saw) to anybody sick is sabr and patience. It is said that any pain or bodily sickness wash away sins until one becomes sinless. But do note that sinful is to expose one`s face in front of non mahrams. Take it as a call from Allah Ta`ala to veil yourself. Nonetheless, note that olive oil is used to apply on face and whole body. Do cupping on your back and as per prescribed. A lady only may do cupping on you. Smell the scent of Oud. And also do drink Parafin oil or Tepson salts to cleanse stomach. Else do not miss to read the last 3 sourahs (Ahad, Falaq and Naas) and blow on your hands and then pass them on your face and body. Do it 3 times after Fajr, Maghrib and before sleeping. You may continue even if your are not reading salaah.Q) I have an uncle. He is extremely jealous and he insults me very often in public to humiliate me. How should I deal with such person?
A) Stay silent and smile. Then talk of another conversation. 

Q) What should I do if my duas during Ramadan are not answered? Even when I pray during Laylatul Qadr, the duas are not answered!!
A) Be hopeful, insha Allah they will be answered soon. Should you have sowed a tree, how much patience is observed to have fruits? 

Q) Mone faire ene reve ki mone enfermer dans ene place ki noir et la porte la ine ferme lors mo li pied et en realite dans mo lasam ena ene la table. Mo lipied in rentre enba la table la et mo pas pe capave tire li. Alors mo frere in tende tapaz lin vin getter. Couma lin rentre dans mo lasam mo someil in casser et lin demand moi kin arrier. Mone racont li mo reve. mo ti envie conner ki sa reve la pe dire.
A) Manque imaan et ibaadat. Sorti dans jamaat augmente imaan et ibadat. 

Q) A boy i knew from my tertiary course sent a wedding proposal as he likes me and i like him as well, his family also seems to like me. the boy came to see me at my house and talked to my parents. following that, we went to their place recently and my parents did not like it much there, they feel i wont be happy due to distance from my place which is quite far and the environment at his place is very different from mine, our cultures are very different. i performed the ishtikaara namaz and the response i got was a scary feeling which persisted since beginning despite the fact that i do like the boy, and from my parent’s reaction, i can say tht they still feel reluctant and hesitant about it. they asked for some time from the boy’s side before giving an answer. i’m in a dilemma, i dont know exactly what to do, i do not want to break anyones heart, the boy insisted with his parents that he wants to get married to me and they are fed up waiting for an answer from my parents side. the boy and i sort of know each other for a whole year now. we do like each other although we have been having some kind of misunderstanding problem often which seem to sort out later on after much patience and time! on the other hand, my parents feel all of this is a bad idea, and i do not wanna go against them, i insisted a lot that they consider his proposal because i know the boy but i will never go against my parents final decision. i do not wanna hurt the boy’s parents nor him, nor my parents feelings in all this. please advise me!
A) You will need to make a decision that will be in your favour. You cannot decide for someone else’s favour while causing harm to yourself. So refuse the marriage proposal. Because istikharah was negative. And your parents know you better than yourself. 

Q) I am losing my hair and I am not yet married….Is there someting islamic I can do to make my hair re-grow ?? 
A) Put oil and do massage of the head. Read 3 last sourahs and blow on hands to put on head. 

Q) I saw a dream that people were digging. After digging deeply, hard rocks were there. Some people were saying: we think in previous years some people were staying here. Please interprete the dream. 
A) You should obey your elders in issues pertaining to you. 

Chapter Of Nikah
Q) Can one do nikka with a pregnant woman?
A) Yes. But should not cohabit with her, unless she bears the husband’s child then they may cohabit.

Q) Can a boy wear engagement ring and wedding ring?
A) Yes, of only silver not exceeding 4.37 grams
Q) Can a boy and a girl do court marriage as they want to marry then later do nikkah with family consent?
A) No

Q) If a girl of age 15 do nikkah but do not tell her parents and live with her parents….will any change occur in her body?
A) Yes, if she get close to her husband. 

Q) Is it true that Allah increase our sustenance and independance when we get married. I am currently not eligible for marriage based on financial grounds. 
A) Yes, it is true. Take courage and get married. But should do 5 times daily salaahs on time. And try to wake up tahajjud. 

Q) I am a girl of 29 years and i have made nikaah without my wali. i was present at the time of the nikkah. Recently i have read on the internet that the marriage of a woman without her wali is invalid. iis my nikah invalid? what should i do?? 
A) Valid if done in front of 2 witnesses and wordings properly formulated. 

Q) Is it permissible to get married without parental consent? Is it a sin for having marrying someone whereby parents have been refusing?
A) Permissible for a baaligh girl, but this practice is reprehensible and definitely not advisable. 

Q) Is it fair to put Quran over the head of a muslim bride during ruksati in islam?
A) No

Q)What does Mehre faatimi means?
A)It is the mehr that  Hazrat ali r.a. asked Fatimah r.a.
Q) I know we can marry a christian or jew woman but are we allowed to marry an agnostic woman. Need some good clarifications on these.
A) No permissible. In fact, fatwa is against marrying a Christian and a jew.

Q) At what age a girl is recommended to get married? 
A) 20 years. 

Q) What is the best dua for a girl to ask Allah for a good and handsome spouse? 
A) Rabbana hab lana min azwajina wa zurriyatina qurrata a`youn waj`alna lil muttaqina imaama. 

Q) If a girl is doing a second nikah, is it obligatory for her parents to do a walimah again because she wants it simple. 
A) Not obligatory. Can do a family dinner as it is sunnah.

Q) I got married with my girlfriend some times back so that we do not commit zina but now since we have to face our parents, we don’t want to break their heart by telling them what we did without their consent. Can we redo nikaah for them in this case ?
A) Permissible.

Q) What should a wife do if the husband wants to have intercourse even if he knows his wife has got her menses? 
A) Should satisfy the husband by her hands and other parts of her body. Sodomy is haraam. 

Q) Should my muslim fiancee meet my Christian parents before we marry? I am a convert to islam and I have met a man who wants to marry me. He is living in Europe and I am in the US. I want to marry and go live with him. However, I do want him to meet my parents.
A) Not obligatory. It is advisable to meet them though. 

Q) How will we know who is our life partner?
A) Istikharah. 

Q) Aslm. I know it is permissible to marry a chriswtian and a jew woman under certain conditions. What is the rule on marrying an agnostic woman with the same intention of bringing her to accept islam? Thanks
A) Wa alaikoumous salaam, not permissible
Q) If a woman has accepted islam but not her husband, what should she do? Can she continue living with him?
A) She should encourage him to accept islam and warn him that his refusal will cancel their marriage. Then if he refused, then inform MFC to terminate the marriage. Then after 3 haizs she may remarry a muslim.

Q) Can a Hanafi girl marry a maliki boy?
A) Permissible.

Q) Can an orphan woman make her friend’s husband her wali for her nikkah? If family is not around. 
A) Yes, permissible if she is 15 years old or more.

Q) If i kiss my wife on her lips for more than an hour, is it haram?
A) No.

Q) Is the date, time and place of nikah predetermined before birth?
A) Yes. 

Q) Is the life partner predetermined before our birth?
A) Yes

Q) Is it true that a husband cannot look at his wife nude? 
A) Not true. Permissible.

Q) Is it allowed in islam to do nikkah for sexual purposes and then break the nikkah ? Can a muslim person do that ? Even if both partners agree on it ? 
A) Permissible if nikah done normally without time framework

Q) Is it farz for a girl to get married when she is a baligh?is it farz for her and her parents to get her married as soon as possible after she becomes a baligh?
A) No. She should be mature enough to be able to manage a house, look after a family, etc. Because our physical and mental constitution are now getting weaker, we find that the mature age for marriage for a girl is 19 years old.

Q) Is anal sex permissible in islaam for a wedded couple? Can my husband penetrate my anus and ejaculate when im having haiz? 
A) No. This is completely haraam and prohibited.

Q) Can a wife prevent her husband from kissing her private parts if he likes to do so. Some ulemas say that this is allowed.
A) Should prevent.

Q) I would like to know that if a boy has promised a girl to do nikah with her by using Allah’s name and some years later they broke up.. is the promise still valid?
A) Promise if unaccomplished, then kaffarah should be given. Rs 750 as at December 2015.

Q) Is it allowed in islam to have a nikah (private) done between a girl and a boy so that they can keep contact, then after a few months have them have another nikah where all relatives will be invited? 
A) Permissible. 

Q) Can husband and wife bath together?
A) Yes.. 

Q) Can husband and wife swallow each other’s saliva while kissing?
A) Yes.

Q) How to increase sexual appetite between husband and wife ? 
A) Oud, dates, meat and rest are the ingredients. One need to know the member part of the upper part of the body that enhance excitement to the partner. The husband may finger the wife. Caress and kiss are the first steps to excitement. 

Q) Can we perform nikah after consuming alcohol?
A) Yes.

Q) Can we kiss wife private parts and also she can kiss my penis?
A) This is makrooh tahrimi and not permissible to kiss each other`s private part. Our tongue is meant to read the Qur-aan, kalimas, etc and should not be down trodden 
Q) C’est quoi la valeur du meher d’aujourdhui? Est-ce vrai que la fille doit pouvoir vibre avec cet argent là pendant 3 mois et 10 jours au cas ou il se passe qulq chose?
A) Minimum Rs 1600. No maximum. Mehr Fatimi: Rs 75000.
Faux 3 mois…

Q) What do you think about a second nikah ?
A) It is sunnah. But Allah Ta`ala advises us to keep only one when fear of injustice.

Q) A dua to make parents approve their son’s choice to marry the girl he loves. 
A) Read tahajjud and read the dua of Hajah found on web.

Q) What dua to read to reconcile between a couple, who are staying seperate?
A) Read verse 64 of Surah 8 and blow on the food they eat.

Q) A muslim girl is willing to get married to a non muslim. Apparently the boy doesn’t want to convert to islam. How can i advise the girl?
A) Allat Ta’ala created us and He creates love between spouses. He will not last those Muslilms love towards non-Muslims. One should be afraid of being thrown in hell, because this relationship implies zina, shirk and maybe consumption of pork and alcohol.

Q) Must a married woman pour water on her entire hair everyday for the Janaba bath if her husband meets her everyday? 
A) Yes, obligatory. unless she has sinus problems, then you may contact us on 57921333.

Q) I am a sunni muslim and i love a suni guy who is not from the same country as i am. we are living away from our parents and want to do a nikkah but I don’t want to tell my parents about the my nikkah yet as the guy is still a student and not fully established? we plan on telling my parents after he graduates and gets a good job. is the nikkah permissable? 
A) If you are baligha or adult, then permissible.

Q) Je suis une croyante et je dois renouveler ma carte d’identite j’ai deja fait le nikah mais pour le mariage civile laquelle vous me conseillez; le separation ou le coree du bien?
A) Vous pouvez proceder avec votre nikah nama sans le marriage civile. Sinon faites la separation du bien.

Q) If a husband has sexual relationship with another woman, does his nikah break? 
A) No. 

Q) Can a Sunni Muslim marry get married with a Shia muslim ? I am a Sunni muslim and I have the intention to ask a Shia muslim for nikaah. I pray 5 times daily, I do tahajjud once a week and I ask lots of Duah so that I can guide her to the right path with the help of Allah. Any more suggestion about this ?
A) Not permissible. We do not advise on such errands.

Q) Can a Sunni Muslim get married with a Shia muslim ?
A) No.

Q) Does the husband have to support his family affter he is married?
A) It is the husband who has the responsibility towards his family.

Q) Is nikah accepted when the girl has her menses?
A) Yes.

Q) What is meant by nikah qubool?
A) Accept the proposition of nikaah.

Q) I was going to marry a girl who is a Non -Muslim but, is ready to convert to Islam.But, the problem is that lately I came to know that she had Physical relationship with someone else and he too was a Non-Muslim. When I came to know about all this, I dropped the idea of Marrying her. but, still there is a guilt in my mind that what I did was not right. Thus, I would request you to kindly suggest me that what I did was right or should I Marry her even after knowing that she had physical relations in the past with a Non-Muslim guy.
A) It is your feelings towards her that may drive for a good decision. If you cannot digest the ”betrayal” and it washed most of your feelings, then do not marry her. especially if she lied to you. But if your feelings towards her is still strong and you cannot go without her, then forgive her and marry her.

Q) If a husband is already in 1 nikah and insist of making a second nikah is it allowed?
A) Allowed. But better look after one family as the Qur’an recommends.

Q) I asked a girl to marry me and she refused because I am poor. What can I do to become rich? Are there any duas to become rich quickly?
A) Read astaghfirullah a lot and read 5 times daily salaats.

Q) Can a husband kiss (without sucking) his wife’s private part?
A) No.

Q) If a girl made istikharah for marriage and she got a positive answer but the boy got a negative, should they get married or not. (the girl is still in her first nikah and waiting for divorce so as to marry him).
A) Both should redo istikharah AFTER the lady got the divorce and after iddah.

Q) If one partner does shirk, is the nikaah still valid? By shirk i mean going to dargas or to imaams to ask them to do duas for them or reciting the prayers of the kufaar but without truly believing in it.
A) Nikah is no more valid if one partner did shirk.

Q) If a couple contracts nikah and comsummate their nikah a year after, is the nikah stil valid?
A) Yes, valid.
Q) Suppose a boy and a girl wants to consumate as they are hiding their wedding from their parents.Can they consumate in a “chambre a louer”?
A) No, this can be detrimental for both. Do everything officially. Else wait. Q) For how long can a girl stay at her parent house after Nikah if the boy is not financially ready to take her responsibilities and expenses?A) Can stay for years.
Q) Is it permissible a couple engage in sexual relationship during pregnancy?
A) Permissible. The holy prophet SAW did not stop the sahabas on that issue.

Q) A man lives with his wife in his parents house in one room, and a small part as her kitchen. The wife finds her uncomfortable and she always ask her husband to build a house. And the man is not financially stable. What does the husband have to do?
A) We suggest that the husband rent a house so as to give the complete right of the wife. In this way, the children also may have space to sleep and live.
Q) I saw a girl in my dream whom i like and had not talk to her for many years but I don’t want any relationship with her before marriage.
A) So propose to her family and marry her.
Q) Can a couple sleep together before nikkah if the girl has a problem and only intercourse can help. But cannot perform marriage soon? And can ask pardon after that?
A) No. Haraam. Soiled forever. Very Haraam.

Q) How to convince someone to accept to get married? Any dua?
A) Read istighfaar a lot for him/her. Allahoummagh fir la hou(Male) OR Lahaa(Female)Q) Is nikkah possible with foster brother’s elder brother?
A) Yes if no milk in between them.
Q) Is a man allowed to finger his wife if she want it this way. if yes, does she have to do ghusl?
A) Yes, recommended. No, unless she experienced orgasm and ejaculate.

Q) I’m a baaligh girl. i’ve made nikah in presence of only two witnesses (one being my husband’s father and the other is his cousin (male and mature). Is the nikah counted?
A) Nikah is counted.

Q) Can i perform nikah with my cousin (my mother’s sister’s daughter)?
A) Yes, it is permissible to perform nikah with one’s cousin. Of course, the condition of mutual consent of the girl is essential for the nikah. Read more about nikah on

Q) I want to ask, if at the time of nikaah the girl’s parents did not give their consent but no shariah compliant reason was there, will it be a trouble for both the bride and the groom to be together in jannah? 
A) You need to describe how the nikah was done? You were present? Or the father was there? What did he say? What the witnesses said? Tell me these details first. 

Q) I would like to know what is the difference between Nikkah and ruksathi. And if Nikhha already done not Ruksathi and girl living with parents who is responsible for girl expenses.
A) Nikah is the contract of marriage according to shariah whereby there is consent proposal on one side and acceptance on the other side, in front of minimum 2 muslim men (read article on the subject on the web). Rukhsati is the departing of the girl from her home to the husband`s home. Rukhsati can be made long after nikah as arranged.
After nikah, it is the husband who should take the expenses of the wife. If the girl is not stopping the husband to cohabit with her or to touch her, then the expenses is definitely on the husband. But if the wife is holding herself from touching her or kissing her, then the husband may refuse for the expenses.
Before nikah, the parents are responsible. And after nikah, husband is responsible.

Q) Can two persons who love each other a lot have nikah, but never have sexual contact because they do not like it?
A) Permissible in front of two male muslim witnesses.

Q) Can a nikah be valid after conversion into Islam, BUT before circumcision?
A) Valid.

Q) My wife likes anal sex. Is it permissible?
A) This is a haraam practice and should not be done. The holy prophet SAW said: the one who did anal sex, he has denied and made kufr of what the prophet SAW brought.

Q) My sister loves a boy and wants to perfom the nikkah soon in the halaal way but she can’t tell our parents because of fear. What should she do?
A) We should be ready for their refusal and follow their wish. Because they know better for our future and better pair. The shariah promote a spirit of equilibrium society whereby we know who is the wife of who. Secret nikahs complicate a recognition in the Islamic society. Although permissible, secret nikahs are against the spirit of the Qur-aan. In fact Allah Ta`ala said that we should take the wife with the permission of the family:”So marry them with the permission of their responsible parties and give them their due compensation according to what is acceptable. [They should be] chaste, neither [of] those who commit unlawful intercourse randomly nor those who take [secret] lovers.”(4:25) This ayat clearly indicate that it is against the spirit of Nikah to keep a secret relationship. That is why the holy prophet ordered us to make i`laan of nikah in masjids:”Announce the Nikah and do it in Masjids..”(Tirmizi) As such it is either you proceed to the enduring and sunnah way to inform the parents or take the secret underground cul de sac. Inform your parents and follow their councelling.

قَالَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ أَعْلِنُوا هَذَا النِّكَاحَ وَاجْعَلُوهُ فِي الْمَسَاجِدِ وَاضْرِبُوا عَلَيْهِ بِالدُّفُوفِ قَالَ أَبُو عِيسَى هَذَا حَدِيثٌ غَرِيبٌ حَسَنٌ فِي هَذَا الْبَابِ وَعِيسَى بْنُ مَيْمُونٍ الْأَنْصَارِيُّ يُضَعَّفُ فِي الْحَدِيثِ وَعِيسَى بْنُ مَيْمُونٍ الَّذِي يَرْوِي عَنْ ابْنِ أَبِي نَجِيحٍ التَّفْسِيرَ هُوَ ثِقَةٌ

Q) I know a couple who are in nikah but live separately. Sometimes the boy goes to meet the girl but have not yet comsumed nikah for four years. Now they are doing nikah again and this time the boy will take the girl at his place. is this nikah allowed in islam?
A) Nikah is permissible, but in fact not necessary since already done. But the couple may make intention of tajdeed nikah or renewal of nikah which is recommended.

Q) My husband often asks me for sodomie which i always refuse. Last time i got so angry when he asked me again, that i called him kafir without knowing it is very sinful to call a muslim kafir. I regret a lot for saying this word. Is my nikah still valid ? 
A) Your nikah is still valid. In fact the holy prophet SAW has warned sodomists as ”Kafir”. As such you have not sinned. But still, the one who practice such act is not kafir by aqeedah, but kafir on the words of the holy prophet SAW. Do read on the subject in the articles on the web. 

Q) Is it true that we should not read Quran 1/2 an hour before the magrib azaan? Or is there any specific time when quran should not be read? What is best time for wazifas (like if want to read 500 times darud or kul)? 
A) Not true. No such time. Best time for wazifah is after sehri, at the time of fajr, before sun rise. And also before sunset, after assr. 

Q) What should two people who truly love each other and if the boy is not financially stable and both are the age to marry and the boy is refusing due to this reason. What should be done in this situation?A) Keep fast and stay distant.

Q) Is there an age limit to get married?A) No, But should be prepared to be a couple mate.
Q) Is it true that a person’s life partner is written by Allah when he/ she is of three months in his/her mother’s womb? 
A) Yes, 4 months old baby. In fact all destiny is unrolled that time. Although destiny was written 50 000 years before creation of Adam a.s.

Q) Is it true that people can send jinns on others? can it affect intimate relations between husband and wife? 
A) Witch, yes. They may do ill magic to affect couple`s relationship. 

Q) I am married since 2 years. i dream of having babies frequently where i cannot handle..any meaning ? i heard its jinn.. is it true ?
A) Possible. You should have a test on it. may be you will have a baby insha Allah. 

Q) Is there any problem in keeping 3 nikkahs same day?
A) No. 

Q) Is it necessary to make physical relationship after nikah…if women don’t want to have.
A) Not necessary to have physical relationship. One may convene rukhsati after Nikah. After Rukhsati, physical relation may be established and then one may do walimah. The holy prophet SAW did nikah and consumed the nikah only after 2 years with Hazrat Aisha r.a. 

Q) What is mehr fatimi? 
A) The value mehr that Hazrat Fatimah r.a. asked hazrat Ali r.a. at times of marriage.

Q) Does a married man need written consent from his first wife for second marriage? As per islamic law in Indian law.
A) No. No written consent needed. 

Q) Is it a sin to not get married?
A) Not sunnah. It may be permissible to stay bachelor to serve the deen of Allah TA`ala like Imam Nawawi(r.a.) or Hazrat Yahya(a.s.). But still it is not on the beloved way traced by the holy prophet peace be upon him. Allah Ta`ala has preferred the way of the sunnah and has proclaimed: ”Only if you follow him, then will you achieve true guidance.”(24:54) Because of the danger of zina, Allah TA`ala ordered us to marry and also the holy prophet SAW clearly said:”O you the Youth! Those of you who can get married should get married.”(Bukhari)And those who cannot get married because of finance or any other reason, then they should keep fast(roza). As such the ideal sunnah is to get married to preserve one`s chastity and staying bachelor without any valid reason is reprehensible.

Q) What is the responsibility of a husband to his wife after nikaah?
A) To look after her with care and finance, providing her with a house, food , clothing and make ups.

Q) Can a lady who follows the hanafi fiqh get married to a man who follows the tawheed group? 
A) Permissible although not advisable. 

Q) Does merely saying you cant stay with someone nullifies the nikah? 
A) No. 

 Q) Can a guy do nikkah without his father’s approval? In fact at first the father gave his consent then he started thinking about age gap and he his money minded. Can the guy do nikah? He works also.
A) Permissible, but the boy should be independent financially and can provide for a house for the wife.

Q) How to know whether the person you are about to marry is indeed the right person made for you while problems keep on cropping up as the wedding is nearing and doubts cropping up now ?
A) The istikharah can help in this issue.

Q) What if a wife doesnt allow the husband to ejaculate outside her vagina?
A) That is her right. Then it is makrooh to oppose her right.

Q) Can somebody marry two sisters of same blood relationship and live with both ? Is such a nikah ( both) valid? Are the persons concerned commiting sins? What does the shariah recommends in such a situation?
A) Not permissible to marry two sisters at the same time. Yes on is committing zina with the second one. The first nikah to the first sister is valid, but the second one would never be valid during the nikah of the first one. One can only perform nikah with one sister only. Unless one wish to divorce the first one and then after iddah, one may marry the second one.

Q) I am in love with a woman who has slept with a lot of her past boyfriends outside of marriage. I am a virgin. Am I allowed to marry her?
A) Permissible.

Q) Is it allowed for a muslim couple to do a civil mariage after nikah or is it considered as a tradition of the kaafir?? 
A) Permissible if needed. But do “separation du bien” so that it does not complicate the issue of inheritance and asset use during lifetime.

Q) Is it true on the day of nikkah someone has to hold the quran for the bride?
A) No.

Q) Is it allowed for a 75 yrs old man to keep a woman at home to help him look after his wife who is suffering from Alzheimer or should he do nikah with her first?
A) No. Yes, he may perform nikah, then permissible.

Q) When is one allowed to do nikah secretly?
A) Nikah can be performed in the presence of two witnesses. But it is highly recommended to take permission form the girls’s parents for an official nikah.

Q) Can a non-muslim father stand as wakeel for his muslim daughter for her nikah? Is the nikah acceptable?
A) No, not acceptable.

Q) Is civil marriage permissible in islam?
A) Permissible when necessary under the policy of ”separation du bien”.

Q) I’m 23 and i love a muslim boy age 25, he is independent.. we are suppose to get married next year. by the permission of both our parents. in order to avoid zina, can we get married secretly? he is unable to control his desires.. we want to do it in a halal way.
A) Permissible, not advisable. Permissible to perform nikah in front of two male muslim with proposition and acceptance in the past tense. But what if your engagement break? Then you will be a woman already and yet, not officially married. That is why it is not advisable.

Q) Is it permissible to give mehr in other form than money? e.g gold, pocessions, premisses…etc? 
A) Permissible to give mehr in other assets form. There is a minimum mehr, though. Find it on the web.

Q) I wanted to know what are the responsibilities of the husband in the house. In what way should he bring help to his wife concerning the household tasks as well as caring after the children?
A) The husband should look after the financial matters of the home. He should spare time for the children upbringing and also to the wife. He should look after the wife satisfying her psychologically and physically.

Q) If a woman does not want her husband to perform second nikah. Can she say that in the wedding contract?
A) Yes, one may mention this in the nikah contract. This clause would be considered as a ”promise” clause and treated as such.

Q) Concerning marriage, If a boy is pious and has a good character but the girl is not physically attracted by him, what does islam say about it?
A) Nikah is not advisable. Physical attraction and appreciation is important for a nikah duration.
Q) If a boy and a girl have already agreed to get married, can they talk on the phone before nikah?
A) No, it is haraam to speak, sms or mail each other unless a nikah is performed.

Q) What are the rights of a boy who wants to get married to a muslim without the permission of his dad?
A) First of all, it not advisable to marry without the consent of the parents. But still it is permissible for adult muslims to decide on their marital choice on their own. The rights of any couple are fully distributed as per shar`ee rulings. In brief the husband should cater the expenses and house of the wife. The wife should answer the husband when called to intimacy and look after the house. You may read on web the different rights of husband and wife on web.

Q) Is it right for a Muslim girl to use the surname of her fiance before nikkah? 
A) No. Not permissible to do proximity with Fiancée without nikah.

Q) Is nikah valid if a girl gets married without the consent of her father, the boy being a muslim and the parents of the girl previously agreed and then refuse to get the daughter married to the boy?
A) The nikah will be valid if the lady is adult (got her menses). But if the father claim for a dissolution, he has the right to do so because it has affected his reputaion. But dissolution are accepted on a religious mismatch only.

Q) If my mother-in-law says things that hurts, can my husband and i go stay somewhere else?
A) If a husband has the means, he should provide a separate quarter for her wife to stay. Therefore, it is good if the husband separates the wife and the mother according to shariah.

Q) I want to know about the duty a husband should accomplish towards the wife and children. Does it mean that the wife has to obey and look after the in-laws and forget her parents?
A) The wife has no responsibility towards the inlaws.

Q) Est-qui nous gagne droit marier civil? Si oui, Ki facon? Core ou core et bien.
A) Marriage civile li complique possession du bien dans la vie et aussi distribution heritage apres la mort. Donc tanque possible evite marriage civile. Mais si bien bizin alors marier avec separation du bien. Mais si finne marier corps et bien, donc lerla prepare ene testament cote ene notaire pou faire distribution heritage selon:” Mohammedan law of Inheritance.” Ou capave renseigner lor web lor distribution de ou du bien comment pou faire selon Islam.

Q) The Quran mentions that it is permissible to marry people of the book (christian and jews). Is this still valid? If yes, does it not contradict the verse that says “… today I have perfected your religion. No other religion will be accepted except islam …” If not, would that mean we are rejecting a quranic verse?
A) Note that the permission for a muslim male to marry a jew or a Christian woman is a Coranic permission which have conditions attached to that. Ulamas have discouraged such practice since children upbringing and halaal diet would be washed away in such cases.

Q) What must the wife do if her husband no longer wants to have sex with her? The wife always embellishes herself infront of her husband but to no avail?
A) There are 2 reasons that may be: first the husband may be having affair besides his wife. And secondly may be the husband is sick. See the in and out of the husband if he is having sex elsewhere and try to stop him. Else if he is sick, then see a doctor to strengthen him physically.

Q) Can your husband look at your body after performing wudhu?
A) Yes.

Q) What is the importance of Mehr Faatimi? Can a person give it later after Nikah, even if a lower amount was mentioned in Nikah? 
A) Mehr of Hazrat Fatimah (ra). If already set then no need to adjust mehr.

Q) For how long is nikah valid without rukhsati and at what condition it becomes invalid?
A) No timing. Only Talaq.

Q) Is it a sin to drink from the same glass of your future husband?
A) Yes. 

Q) Can a girl and a boy do nikah in presence of only 2 witnesses?
A) Permissible, but not to be done.

Q) I am a woman, Is it permissible to marry my daughter to the son of my khala?
A) Permissible.

Q) Any duah to increase intercourse between husband and wife ? And also to fall pregnant ? 
A) Yes. Physical exercise accompanied with eggs yolk in the morning in milk, zafran, honey and chickpeas during the day. Go jamaat couple and read Rabbi habli minas saliheen at tahajjud times. 

Q) I have a fight with my wife and after that she went home with her father and its 6 months now and she is still staying there. I tried to convinc her but now she doesn’t want to live in my family as she wants me to leave my mom and dad and then only we can stay together. She is working in a school now without asking me . Can u please advise me. Is there anything like the Nikaah will be Haram or something?
A) Nikah is valid. We suggest that you both summon MFC for a solution by muslim scholars: 2128667. 

Q) Engaged for 3 years, parents plan to get us married when guy is in med school, we want a nikkah as soon as possible due to possibility of zina. We talked to our parents they said wait, what should we do? 
A) We advise that you cut all relation with him because nikah has to be celebrated officially. The Qur-aan advise us strongly to take the girl by the permission of the parents. Allah Ta`ala says: ” . Et épousez-les avec l’autorisation de leurs maîtres (Waliy) et donnez-leur un mahr convenable; (épousez-les) étant vertueuses et non pas livrées à la débauche ni ayant des amants clandestins.”(4:25) 
You should be aware that a nikah in front of two muslim friends: I have given myself in your nikah for Rs 2000 and the boy says I have accepted you in my nikah is totally valid, but not recommended and not advisable. This is because, there is no responsibility of marriage in such nikahs. It is done to save the couple from sex in haraam or zina and also to stay as boy friend and girl friend as such. Such nikahs done on a basis of boy friend and girl friend is against the spirit of nikaah as the Qur-aan says: ” ni ayant des amants clandestins.” 
Although in front of the society they are not married yet, although they are. But the couple may separate tomorrow and the girl would be no more a virgin. Be aware that the boy would be more free and less responsible in such conditions to play or abuse of the girl`s future. He may take advantage to have sex with the girl and then later on leave her, as boy friend do with girl friends. That is why the holy prophet SAW prescribed nikah only on those youths who can take responsibility of marriage. Clearly mentioned in Bukhari, the holy prophet SAW said:”O you the youths! Those who can afford to marry, do get married. And those who cannot afford should fast. Hence if your future husband is not ready to house you, spend on you and stay with you as a husband should do, then he should fast. The sunnah prescription in such circumstances is fasting and not perform secret nikah. We have witnessed such secret nikahs ending badly for the young girl. She is not a virgin and yet seems unmarried and expected to be so. Furthermore, the sunnah order us to make i`laan and announce publicly the nikah in masjid. So that no difficulty happens that when you would propose an unmarried girl, she may be in the nikah of someone else, without anybody knowing. Not even the parents. 
So take your responsibility and wait for the official marriage so as both of you may take real couple responsibility. And also cut all connection and phoning in the meantime. This is more secure for you and your future. Until then you both should fast. 

Q) I just wanted to ask i recently had my nikkah done. However i know i did my wudu wrong and missed some parts of it out. Does that mean my nikkah has not been accepted. I did not touch a Quran but did repeat words from the molvi. im just really worried. 
A) Nikah ok even without wuzou. 

Q) During the periods of the wife if the couple got engaged in sexual relation will it be considered as a sin? what can be done if this was done in the past?
A) It is a major sin to have sexual relation during menses. In fact the ahadiths condemned severely the couple who penetrate through menses. One should repent and make sincere tawbah if this happened. On top of that one may give sadaqah also.

Q) Est ce que le nikaah est toujours valide si un couple s’est separe pendant 3 ans sans aucune relation maritale et que apres il decide de revivre ensemble. Jamais il n’a prononcer le mot talaak.
A) Oui toujours valide. Vous pouvez consommer sans renouveler le nikah.

Q) How to proceed to nuptial night according to sunnah? 
A) The husband hold the hair of the wife and read the dua u’a quand fine fek marier 
1. Faire 2 rakats namaz nafil ensemble : madame deboute completement derriere et suivre dulha dans namaz. Et puis faire duas et faire sa du`a la :

اَللهُمَ بَارِكْ فِي أَهْلِي وَبَارِكْ لَهُمْ فِيَّ وَارْزُقْنِيْ مِنْهُمْ وَارْزُقْهُمْ مِنِيْ ، وَاللهُمَ اجْمَعْ بَيْنَنَا مَا جُمِعَتْ ، وَفَرِقْ بَيْنَنَا مَا فُرِقَتْ إِلى خَيْرٍ 

Allahoumma baarik fi ahli wa baarik lahoum fiyya warzouqni minhoum warzouqhoum minni wallahoummaj m’a bainana maa joummi`at wa farriq bainana ma fourriqat ilaa khairin. (Durre mansoor) 

O Allah met barkat dans mo madame et accorde mo madame barkat dans moi, et accorde moi rizq avec zote et accorde zote rizq avec moi et reuni en nous ceki ena de bien pou reuni et separe nous de banne kitsoze ki bizoin separer pou amene nous vers bienfait. 

2. Et puis garson attrape cheveux devant de la fille et lire sa du`a la :
اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَسْأَلُكَ خَيْرَهَا وَخَيْرَ مَا جَبَلْتَهَا عَلَيْهِ وَأَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ شَرِّهَا وَمِنْ شَرِّ مَا جَبَلْتَهَا عَلَيْهِ 

Allahoumma inni as alouka khairahaa wa khaira ma jabaltaha `alaihi wa a’ouzou bika min sharriha wa sharri ma jabaltaha `alaihi.(Abu Dawood)

Oh Allah mo dimane toi meilleur de sa fille la et meileur de so nature et mo dimanne toi protection contre le mal de sa fille la et le mal de so temperament. 

Du`a avant alle dans menage :

بِاسْمِ اللَّهِ اللَّهُمَّ جَنِّبْنَا الشَّيْطَانَ وَجَنِّبِ الشَّيْطَانَ مَا رَزَقْتَنَا 

Bismillahi Allahoumma jannibnash shaitwaana wa jannibish shaitwaana maa razaqtanaa. (Bukhari) 

Mo commencer par le nom d`Allah, Oh Allah eloigne nous contre shaitaan et eloigne shaitaan avec ce ki To pou donne nous (zenfant).

Q) After nikah, in how many days should the couple consume their nikah, taking into consideration that the husband and wife are not living togetherbut in same country and intend to live together a few months later.
A) Any number of days that is mutually agreed.

Q) Although I am married, I commit many sins linked to sexuality because my wife cannot satisfy me sexually? What is the solution?
A) Your wife may masturbate you if necessary. We will need more details on the matter. Another option may be a second wife. You may phone on 7921333 to give your marital insatisfaction details.

Q) Duah to get a good boy for nikah?
A) First you need to be a good girl and pious. Because Qur-aan talks of good pious boys are liable to good pious girls. Sinful boys are linked to sinful girls: Le fornicateur n’épousera qu’une fornicatrice ou une associatrice. Et la fornicatrice ne sera épousée que par un fornicateur ou un associateur;(Sourah Nur: 3) Furthermore Allah Ta`ala says in the same sourah: Les mauvaises [femmes] aux mauvais [hommes], et les mauvais [hommes] aux mauvaises [femmes]. De même, les bonnes [femmes] aux bons [hommes], et les bons [hommes] aux bonnes [femmes].(3:26) You may read also in tahajjud times and after daily 5 salaahs: Rabbana hab lana min azwajina wa zurriyatina qurrata a`youn waj`alna lilmutaqeena imama.

Q) Can a wife do masturbation for her husband until he ejaculates?
A) Yes.

Q) Mo madame donne ti baba du lait. Eski mo gagne droit boire lait mo madame?
A) Non, li makrooh tahreemi et haraam.

Q) Is a girl allowed to make a condition before getting married that her husband should not take a second wife as long as she’s alive? If already married, can this be asked?
A) Yes this condition is acceptable between parties.

Q) My parents are refusing to accept the girl whom I love. For reasons, she is divorced and older than me. I have performed the Istikhara prayer several times and dreamed of masjid each times. If I marry her, will I commit a sin against my parents?
A) No. You may marry her.

Q) If a husband calls his wife to his bed and she refuses the angels will curse her. But if sometimes she doesn’t want to have sexual relation so can’t she refuse his husband?
A) The core explanation is that one should accomplish the right of each other in Nikah. The opening to Zina, adultery, extra marital affairs may be linked to lazy sexual habit between married couples. As such shariah close the door to all these mess by compelling the wife to respond to the halaal husband. Else make the husband happy by other means and words before sleeping. Because the hadith also mentions that the husband being unhappy.

Q) A man has 2 wifes but the first wife does not accept the nikah, is the nikah accepted and I want to know the rules.
A) The nikah is accepted. The man should share nights between the two wives according to sunnah, unless the wife forgo her rights like Hazrat Sawda (ra)

Q) Is it a crime to look for a good man in view to marriage for my daughter?
A) It is not a crime to look for a pious man for your daughter. Rather the man folk of the family should look for a pious husband for the girl

Q) If a female gets into physical relation with any other man, does her nikaah get dissolved automatically or still she is in Nikaah?
A) No. The nikah is still valid. But she will need to secretly make tawbah sincerely not to redo again. She should hide this grave sin and repent for not redoing it. she does not have to say it to the husband also. 

Q) It’s been one year since I’ve done nikah with my wife in a masjid on a Friday. However, we recently found out that our marriage might not be valid. Girl’s parents didn’t have an Islamic reason to reject me, other than I wasn’t of their ethnicity (Afghan). I’m from Kazakhstan. Hence, we have done the nikah by ourselves with 2 witnesses and a wali who is an imam (in the masjid).The problem here is that the wali of the girl, as we recently found out, is a Sufi imam. And we are sunni muslims. Now, we’re 90% sure our marriage is probably not valid since Sufis do a lot of bidah (inventions) in Islam. Our concern is also that we are not sure what to do now regarding the following: 
1) Should my “wife” now cover herself up when in my presence? 
2) Do we have to stay far away from each other for now until the nikah? We live in the same house and I can go somewhere else until the proper nikah is done. 
The imam said that he is following the Ahl al Sunna wa Jama’a but we think he is sufi due to his clothes and also because the masjid itself is known as a sufi mazjid in our area. But we didn’t know at the time of course. We thought it didn’t matter. We also don’t know any other name for Sufi (so not sure if it’s from the Barelvi area of India) but we do know that the vast majority of that masjid consist of people from Surinam and Pakistan. 
My wife was indeed present, yes. There were 2 witnesses (both practicing Muslims), an imam, my wife and I in the room, so 5 people in total. The imam first asked my wife if she notified her parents that it is her nikah today. The imam knew that he was my wife’s wali and he knew the reason (due to her parents’ rejection of me). The imam then asked my wife 3 times if she wanted to marry me and she answered “I do” 3 times. My wife wanted to have the minimum mahr and the imam calculated how much the minimum requirement would be in euros. Imam said 50 euros. And the imam asked me also after my wife 3 times and I accepted the marriage. The imam pronounced our full names and our fathers full names before asking us if we accept the marriage. At the end he made a dua to ALLAH swt for us to have a blessed marriage. 
A) Since your wife was present and she is adult, then her proposal of nikah is sufficient and we do not need any wali in between for the validation of the nikah. It seems to me that the imaam was qualified to perform the nikah since he did take the couple`s father`s name. The nikah seems valid provided that these type of proposal was done: Wife: ‘’I have given myself in your marriage for 50 Euros.’’ Husband: ‘’I have accepted’’. If you are in doubt, then do this declarations in front of two muslims. This process is called tajdeed nikah or revalidation of the nikah which is recommended nowadays for all. Because sometimes one may say kufr words unknowingly that invalidate the nikah. Sufis are muslims.

Q) Is it permissible for a girl who is divorced and completed idah to perform a second nikah with another boy without informing him about the previous nikak in fear of rejection? 
A) She should inform him. The aspect of whether she is virgin or not is a main difference in shariah and its application. A rejection after marriage would be worst than informing him before marriage. In fact in shariah, such rejection would be accountable on such issues. 

Q) Is it sunnat for men to kiss there wife when they come home?
A) You may read the sunnah duas found in Masnoon Duas. Bismillah, salaam, and good words are sunnah. But time to time it is sunnah to kiss before leaving home.

Q) Is it true marrying cousins is makrooh?
A) No. In fact the prophet did marry his cousins.

Q) Is it lawful for the husband to play with his wife’s both private parts using hands and vice versa?
A) It is lawful to caress with hands only the vagina and not the anus. The wife may use oil, etc to caress the penis part of the husband and not the anus.

Q) Does islam allows the husband to beat his wife?
A) No. Husband has no right to beat the wife. He may take a miswaak stick and lightly hit her, when necessary. And that also should not be hard stick beat. But light beat. Nothing more. This is permissible and not an order. The beloved prophet SAW never hit anyone or anything.

Q) Any suggestion for husband who take too long to ejaculate? (even wife is pleasant and beautiful). Is there anything to eaten or drink? 
A) There are places over his body that you will have to caress that he would ejaculate quicker. So during intercourse, look for that and then caress there or kiss there.

Q) When should nikah be held, before walimah or after it? 
A) Before.

Q) When making love with my wife, a liquid comes out from her vagina. Does this break Wudhu or Ghusl? 
A) With penetration, ghusl break.

Q) If a hindou couple accepted Islam, do they need to perform/renew nikah?
A) No. If they accepted islam together, they’ll be husband and wife in Islam. No need to perform nikah.

Q) During intercourse, by mistake my penis went inside my wife’s anus. Is my nikah broken? 
A) No. Nikah did not break. Do tawbah and istighfaar.

Q) Is it permissible to kiss my wife (on mouth) and put the chewed food from my mouth into hers?
A) Persmissible, if your wife accept it. 

Q) What is the dua to get married soon?
A) Read Allahoummaghfir li 360 times at sehri time.

Q) I need your advise regarding my nikah. My nikah was done on papers. i mean only one witness came to me and advise where i have to sign on nikah contract. verbally i was not asked about my consent so is my nikah valid? Same day i informed my mom that y didnt wakeel or witness asked me about my consent. why proper islamic procedure was not followed?? She simply smiled and said nikah process was conducted. please clarify in accordance to the light of sunni muslim islam say in this regard? Few months later me and my husband had arguments on phone. He was extremely angry and he gave me 3 divorces on phone before ruksati .. later he told me that he was not aware about 3 divorce considered 3 for girl who has no physical relation with husband. he thought three talaq at one time is considered as one divorce. So kindly advise if my marriage is over. Can i remarry my husband without halala? Me and my husband really dont want to end our marriage. 
Note: We didn’t spend any time together (in a closed room), not even ten minutes.
His exact words were: mein talaq deta houn. He said this 4 to 5 times
A) Ok, given the information that you have not consumed your marriage and that your husband said ‘’I am giving you talaaq’’ a few times, then you have separated with your husband with only one Talaaq ba-in. Only one talaaq has taken effect. The rest is null and void since you have not consumed your marriage yet. Furthermore, you had no iddah for this talaaq. Since you want to continue with your husband, then you will absolutely need to do nikah again in front of two witnesses. This time, be sure that you have given your permission for nikah. Know that one talaaq out of 3 has taken effect. 2 talaaq remaining to make you two haraam completely. So do not pronounce talaaq before long term consultation and final decision. Shami, Bahr

Q) I am a christian by birth. I loved an islamic boy. He taught me about islam and made me to understand about islam i really accepted islam and talked to the boy’s parent. They accepted me because now by heartly i was islamic girl. I am following all islamic conditions. The problem is my parents are not accepting our marriage. I need my parents too accept. please suggest me some sura my parents should turn to my favor. 
A) Your religion and deen is more important than the wish of your parents. You should rather follow the path of Islam and get married as soon as possible. The blessings of Allah is more important than anything.

Q) Can a virgin marry a man who has committed adultery? 
A) Permissible if the man made tawbah.

Q) Can husband and wife swallow each other’s saliva while kissing?
A) Yes.

Q) What is Mehr Faatimi? Please elaborate on minimum mehr.
A) Mehr Faatimi is the mehr that Hazrat Fatima (ra) requested for her nikah. A lady has a value in Islam. At her offer of wedding she has the right to ask for a mehr. The Qur-aan has given the democracy to women to ask whatever they wish. But a minimum limit is 10 dirhams (hadith) and its value nowadays is Rs 1800.

Q) How much monthly expense in terms of money should a husband gives his wife?
A) The money that the husband spend on his family depends on the financial condition of the husband. Allah Ta`ala says: Let him (the husband) who has abundance spend out of his abundance and whoever has his means of subsistence straitened to him, let him spend out of that which Allah has given him; Allah does not lay on any soul a burden except to the extent to which He has granted it; Allah brings about ease after difficulty. (7:65) As such the husband may spend how he can averagely from Rs 3000 to Rs 10000.

Q) Mem si ene missie fini tire so ration du moi li bisin don so madam n somme pou so personal monthly expense? et si madam la travaille?
A) Selon moyen, ene missier donne so madame ene pocket money pou permette li acheter ou garder pou li. Meme si madame travail, li bizin accorde li.

Q) Is using a condom halal in islam? As we are not ready to have children.
A) Permissible with the consent of the partner. Although the main objective of marriage is to increase progeny (Qur-aan). The holy prophet (saw) encouraged us to have more children so as to increase the ummah. (Hadith)

Q) Can a wife take her husband’s last name after marriage…can she keep her father’s last name adding her husband’s to that? is it haraam?
A) All this is permissible as far as the names have good meanings.

Q) Is it permissible to suck my wife?
A) It is makrouh tahreemi and haraam to practice oral sex.

Q) What is the dua to get married soon?
A) Read Allahoummaghfir li 360 times at sehri time.

Q) If a wife is not adapting herself in the environment of her husband and asks the latter to move out, shoulh he do so??
A) No. We should try to resolve the matter by dialogue, passive actions, else refer the case to someone you both trust. Else Muslim Family Council is a neutral platform that may be chosen as a last card.

Q) Apres ene la geurre entre couple li vinne dificile pou ene madam satisfaire so mari physiquement, puisque mari la in blesse so dinite…b eski dan sa cas la madam la gagne gunnah si li pa p satisfaire so mari sexuellement?
A) Blessure ki finne gagner, bizin essaye gueri li. Lire l`article ‘;Les ingredients de l`amour et les ingredients de la haine.” Sur le web. Sa couple la bizin essaye pou choisir banne paroles et actions ki pou amene l`amour dans zote couple.

Q) Is the use of contraception (Condom etc) permissible according to shariat for newly married couple so that they can know each other better?
A) If there is genuine necessity qualified by pious doctor, then permissible with permission of the partner.

Q) Is it permissible to get married without parental consent? Is it a sin for having marrying someone whereby parents have been refusing?
A) Permissible for a baaligh girl, but this practice is reprehensible and definitely not advisable.

Q) What is the right of a wife against her husband?
A) To be fed, housed and be kept comfortable as per his means. To have intimacy with her at least once every four month. To act with politeness and gentleness towards her. Spending the night with her when the husband is around and has no other commitments. 

Q) Does those people who practice goon are from shia community? can we get married to them?
A) It depends on their creed. If their creed is same like ours, their azaan and qiblah are same like ours, then you may get married to them. But if their creed on prophecy, their stand of Abu Bakr and Umar as better than Ali differs, then you cannot marry them.

Q) I just found out my husband is having an affair with one of his ex-students, i’m so shocked. Please help. I found out their chat logs. A) Islam teaches on the first instance dialogue. You need to choose a time to talk to your husband alone. Ask him the truth and evaluate how far this ‘’affair’’ reached. If he says that it is only chatting, then inform him that it is haraam what he is doing. Else if he admit that there is a physical relation already established, then know that it is still haraam without nikah. Then you may evaluate your feelings towards him having a second wife. Know that sabr and patience will bring fruit in these circumstances. Although not recommended, but in most circumstances wives submit one divorce/talaaq request if the husband insist on 2nd nikah. But we need to bear in mind that if we have children, then turn towards Allah to give you the necessary sabr to go through this trauma. All this may be a scenario of an affair issue. But best is to talk and act with wisdom and do not haste. Particularly if you have children, then your husband is the best father for your child. Dua and patience is best food during such circumstances. You may inform us time to time for advice.

Q) Can a man marry a second wife without informing his first wife?
A) Permissible, although undignified.

Q) If a baaligh girl is in parda and her parent are looking for a boy to marry her, how will the boy see her when he will come home or can you suggest the step to proceed for the boy?
A) She will dress decently and unveil the face for that time that the boy will visit her in front of the parents.

Q) What is the appropriate dua to read so that my family accept the girl i love and get us married?
A) Be regular with your 5 times daily salaah and make dua after salaahs. Wake up for tahajud and cry or else make like crying asking Allah TA`ala for help. Else make istikhara again since the parents` reluctance should be considered for our own benefit. Read lot of rabbana hab lana min azwajina wa zurriyatina qurrata a`youn waj`alna lil mutaqeena imama.

Q) Is it necessary to consumate the marriage before the reception ?
A) Not necessary. In fact reception (walima) may be done after nikah and before consumption of the nikah. Although the prevailing sunnah is to do reception (walima) after consumption.

Q) Can one marry his own cousin?
A) Yes. Nabi (saw) got married to his cousin too.

Q) What should be done if the husband cannot give his wife her rights to have a seperate quarters not because of financial problems but because of his parents?
A) It is incumbent upon any well off husband to accommodate his wife in a separate home. Accommodation is compulsory for a husband towards his wife. The holy prophet(saw) said : ‘’Fear Allah concerning for women, …their rights on you is that you have to feed them and house them decently..’’ (Muslim). As such, even if the parents object for accommodating the wife, the husband should still give a separate house to the wife. The parent should be attended separately at different times and the wife should be attended separately particularly after Maghrib and at night. The wife may sue the husband in the court of Allah on the day of Qayamah on this issue. As such the husband should give the rights of the wife as prescribed by the shariah.

Q) Is it permissible to ejaculate outside so that my wife doesn’t fall pregnant?
A) Permissible, with the permission of the wife.

Q) Can a woman have intercourse with her husband at the end of her changes, before taking ghusal?
A) If your aadat (no. of days you normally get your changes) is of ten days, then at the end of those ten days, you can have intercourse without taking ghusal. But if your aadat is less than ten days, then you must take a ghusal first or you must wait until one salaah time passes.

Q) I had sex with my husband at night and took ghusal straight after having relationship. When I woke up for fajar I saw some liquid coming out from my vagina. Is this sperm? Must I repeat my ghusal? 
A) No need to repeat ghusl. This is called vaginal humidity and same as perle blanche and hence pure and does not break nor wouzu nor ghusl.

Q) Is it true that the duas of married people are more easily accepted than the duas of people who are single? 
A) Yes. It is true. 

Q) My wife dont want to have sex,cause she dont like it.what can I do now ? 
A) Consult a doctor. It is important to know her libido so as to enhance your couple life. You need to find out on her body that would excite her libido.

Q) Is ghusl wajib on both husband and wife if the husband had intercourse without ejaculation?
A) Yes. Ghusl wajib on both.

Q) Is it true marrying cousins is makrooh?
A) No. In fact the prophet did marry his cousins.

Q) Is a husband permitted to drink his wife’s milk?
A) No. Makrooh tahreemi.

Q) Is a walimah offered before the consummation of marriage haraam?
A) No. Walimah done after nikah before consummation is also sunnah.

Q) I performed my own nikah with a woman without any witness. This is because, the country where i’m actually staying in has no masjid and no alim or Muslim to stand as witness. Is my nikah counted?
A) No, nikah without witness is not counted. Must find two Muslim man. The woman should say in front of them: i gave myself in your nikah for mahr Rs 5000. The man must reply immediately in front of the witnesses: i have accepted you in my nikah..  
Q) Are husband and wife allowed to suck each other’s private part in islam?
A) This act is makrouh and disgusting (Fatawa Hindiya). Such acts are shameful and against Haya and ‘’pudeur’’. The example of the prophetic life, which is meant to be followed, is such that Hazrat `Aisha (r.a.) said that she never saw the intimacy of the prophet (saw). (Shamail Tirmizi).
The mouth is a respectful part of a human body. We have been prescribed to keep the mouth clean and pure since the mouth is used in reading qur-aan. The tongue is to pronounce the Mubarak name of Allah. As such to below one`s mouth to such an extent that to swallow impurities (mazi or semen) is not permissible. Yes the prophet recommended caress with hands and kissing before relationship. But the mouth should not used on intimacy parts. Wallahou a`lam.

Q) Does sugar water have any importance in nikah?
A) No. This practice has no source in shari’ah.

Q) Is it necessary for a lady to say infront of two witnesses that she has accepted to get married to a man or can she just tell it in front of one witness and her future husband? 
A) No. Two witnesses besides her husband. That is there should be 4 persons: bridegroom, bride and 2 witnesses.

Q) I’m in a great trouble. My family got me married to a guy at home. Nikkah nama was not present there. Just only a simple man came with him. From my side my whole family was there but i was not happy for this marriage. i was weeping that time. My father said qubool hai 3 times not me. The guy who is reading nikkah is not right. He just took 2 minutes and said ameen nikkah done. After that my parents sent me with him. l stayed with him 1 month. He left me. He was not a good guy. I hate him. After 1 year he came back and asked to go with him. I refused. Is the nikkah still valid ? 
A) If you did not say yes or approve at the time of nikah, then this nikah may be broken by your mere saying that you did not approve at all this nikah. Say it in front of the parents and all those present at that nikah. 

Q) How many types of nikah are there? Some people do a nikah during the engagement and than redo the nikah when performing the wedding reception.
A) There is only one type of nikah. But there is Tajdeede Nikah (renewall of nikah). In the engagement, perform a nikah. And when performing the wedding reception, renew the nikah. It is recommended to perform the nikah in the masjid and announce the nikah. And if renewing the nikah, one should announce before the nikah: this is a renewal of the nikah. 

Q) I madly love a girl, so the girl also but it’s too early to marry so what should we do?
A) Keep fasting for consecutive days and stay away from communicating with her.

Q) I need help on knowing if i should get a nikkah with my fiancé of 3 years without our parents approval because they want to wait for him to be settled first. They are accepting of our marriage but at the right timing.
A) Permissible if the girl is above 15 years, islamically. 

Q) I am in my early thirties, can I get married to a man who is in his early sixties? I have heard that it should not be done. 
A) Permissible. But see if the person is physically fit. You may marry and keep a choice of talaaq that you would hold.

Q) I just found out i had had sex with the sister of my fiancee in the past can our marriage still go on please?
A) On a shariat perspective, your nikah will still be valid with your fiancée. But tawbah and istighfaar should be made to wash away those sins. The liberal attitude of parents is responsible for such complications. These messes may complicate a couple`s life because of irreparable past mistakes. That is why the shariah condemned zina. The prophet(saw) stressed on immediate nikah after both parties have mutually agreed for marriage. Else ponder also if this will not complicate your relationship with your future wife if she happen to know about this issue.

Q) During Nikah, if both parties along with the witness agrees not to disclose the amount of Mahr given publicly, and say that, “an amount agreed by both parties”, is this valid? 
A) Valid. 

Q) One should not contract civil marriages as it complicate things later on, if, a divorce takes place. But after Nikah, what should the name of the wife be? Mrs (name) (surname) .. The surname will be that of the father, or the husband? 
A) Better to keep one`s name as it is. Civil marriages complicate ownership during lifetime and also inheritance distribution after death. 

Q) I was abt to get married in September. However, in March, my fiance broke our engagement of 1 and a half year and said he does not know why but he does not love me anymore. His family also want him to marry me but he is refusing now. I am still hoping him to come back. Should I make istikhara to know if I should wait for him? 
A) We suggest that you find out whether he is going out with someone else. Then accordingly forget him.

Q) Is an adult girl allowed to marry without the permission of her parents? 
A) Permissible, but strongly not advisable. The Qur-aan prescribe marriage from the permission of responsible parties. Marriages done without permission of parents does not last since there is no duas of parents for this couple.

Q) I have a boyfriend. We are together since 1 year now. He told his friend to tell me that he no longer loves me. I asked his sister to ask him if he loves me, he said yes. But each time he sees me, he tries to avoid me. I’m totally shattered and heartbroken. I tried to stop loving him but could not. His mom knows about us but my parents dont know anything. His mom is thinking to get us married when we will be of an age where we can perform nikah. How do i confirm if he loves me or not? 
A) That relationship was haraam and cannot endure. Better wait when at nikah age, then ponder on your choices. But do not take a step without your parents` consent.

Q) Eski ene missier bizin prend permission avec so madame pou li faire ene deuxieme nikah et si li gagne ene refus ki deen islam dire lor la?
A) Li pas ‘bizin’ prend permission, mais humainement li capave informe li. Madame la ena so droit d`expression pou refuser, mais shariat laisse le choix libre a le mari pou faire ene deuxieme nikah ou bien non. Lire nous l`article ‘’Le contrat du marriage : nikah’’ sur le web cote la fin le prophete finne empesse so zendre faire ene deuxieme nikah. Le Saint Prophète (saw) avait défendu à son gendre Ali de prendre une deuxième épouse afin de préserver l’équilibre conjugal. L`equilibre conjugale li important pou developpement zenfant et prosperite de ene couple.

Q) I have been rejected by many girls for mariage and I am 39 already. I pray 5 times per day + tahajuud but still I do not get any girls. Is it haram if I do not marry? 
A) Not haraam if you don`t have a pair. But haraam to practice sins like masturbation, adultery,etc. We request that you go India and import a muslim spouse from there.

Q) If a man married more than once, who will be his wife in jannat? 
A) If the wives had only one husband, then all of them will be his wives in jannah. If the wives had another husband(died or given talaaq) before their nikah to him, then the wife will choose the one who was more polite to her between her husbands that she had. 

Q) If a husband calls his wife by “maman” like how his children does, is it a sin?
A) Permissible. Better will be to say “mother of so and so”, meaning Umme (the child’s name), e.g. Umme Luqmaan.

Q) I have been married since 23 years. It was a nikaah that was performed. We do not have any proof or paper to certify it except photographs. Now we have to give evidence to the ministry that we are married. Can you please tell me if somebody can help me to get a nikaah paper as the imam who performed our nikaah is no more. Do you know if we qualify for the muslim personal law . 
A) I suggest that you contact muslim Family council on this issue on 212 8667. For the time being, find two muslim witnesses that are responsible in your masjid that may witness your nikah.

Q) Is it necessary to drink ‘sugar water’ to accomplish a nikah? 
A) No. This is an innovation and bid`ah.

Q) My sister is a divorcee and the guy is a bachelor, they got engaged but fear that the relation that they are in and waiting for my parent to decide when to fix nikah date might leave them to stay in a haraam relationship, is it permitted for them to do a nikah in secret just to be sure that they are in a halaal relationship and renew the nikah when our parents decide the date? 
A) Permissible. Should do if fear of sins.

Q) I am marrying a girl who want to apply some conditions before Nikkah. What are the proceedures?? 
A) Conditions are allowed in Islam and should be honoured after marriage. Provided that these conditions are tolerable by the shariah. What are the conditions?

Q) If a girl is pregnant before nikah. Now a days pregnancy 6 month complete but both agree upon nikah. Is nikah allowed before delivery? 
A) If the girl is convinced of the boy who made her pregnant, then she should contract nikah with him as quickly as possible. So as to deliver at least 6 months after nikah. If less than that, then the child is illegitimate and would be attached only to the mother.

Q) I love a boy and the boy’s mother and his family does not accept me. plz give me a dua that will help me make place in his mother and family’s  heart.
A) Do your parents accept the boy? If yes, then tell them to look for him or someone else for your marriage. If they don`t know, then there is no khair in this kind of relationship. 

Q) Mo ti envi conner ki veut dire mehr. Combien mehr bizin donner et eski capave donne li en forme bijoux?
A) Mehr c`est le prix ki ene madame demander comme dotte en marriage. Minimum de Rs1600 et pena maximum. Li bon demande Rs 10000 mehr. Oui ou capave demande en bijou.

Q) Can two people make nikah only for intercource with no other obligations and with intention that at anytime they can divorce when they want to for different personal reason like the one might now find a partner to make nikah with on all aspects of nikah?
A) Permissible if done in front of two muslim male witnesses. 

Q) Is it okay to pray for a boy for marriage who is already been engaged with his cousin as decided by family. can I contact for some more questions answer on email.
A) Prayer is permissible. But nothing more. The holy prophet SAW said: ”A lady should not act such a way that take out from the plate of another lady to serve her own plate.” That is one should not cause divorce or severe the already engaged persons to have oneself engaged to him or to marry him. Yes, if you only want a place in his life without severing your relation to them, then permissible. But this is nowadays rare… 

Q) I’m in love with a boy and we want to perform our nikah but i dont want to stay with him after the nikah immediately beacuse we are still studying. So can the nikah be performed? 
A) Can be performed in front of two male mulim witnesses. 

Q) I am getting marriage after few days and i do not have any idea of nikah, namaz, dua and how to behave with wife on first night. So please explain me.  
A) While alone, on the first opportunity, read 2 rakaats of salaah, putting the wife at the back completely, following you. 
Then read the following dua that :

اَللهُمَ بَارِكْ فِي أَهْلِي وَبَارِكْ لَهُمْ فِيَّ وَارْزُقْنِيْ مِنْهُمْ وَارْزُقْهُمْ مِنِيْ ، وَاللهُمَ اجْمَعْ بَيْنَنَا مَا جُمِعَتْ ، وَفَرِقْ بَيْنَنَا مَا فُرِقَتْ إِلى خَيْرٍ 

Allahoumma baarik fi ahli wa baarik lahoum fiyya warzouqni minhoum warzouqhoum minni wallahoummaj m’a bainana maa joummi`at wa farriq bainana ma fourriqat ilaa khairin. (Durre mansoor) 

2. Then hold the hair of the forehead of the girl and read this du`a :

اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَسْأَلُكَ خَيْرَهَا وَخَيْرَ مَا جَبَلْتَهَا عَلَيْهِ وَأَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ شَرِّهَا وَمِنْ شَرِّ مَا جَبَلْتَهَا عَلَيْهِ 

Allahoumma inni as alouka khairahaa wa khaira ma jabaltaha `alaihi wa a’ouzou bika min sharriha wa sharri ma jabaltaha `alaihi.(Abu Dawood) 

Keep talking to the girl…keep her distract and then when she is ready, you may proceed for intercourse.. 

Before intercourse, read:

  بِاسْمِ اللَّهِ اللَّهُمَّ جَنِّبْنَا الشَّيْطَانَ وَجَنِّبِ الشَّيْطَانَ مَا رَزَقْتَنَا 

Bismillahi Allahoumma jannibnash shaitwaana wa jannibish shaitwaana maa razaqtanaa. (Bukhari) 

Act kindly and with honour. 
You may gift her, not sunnah though.

Q) I am 21, I want to see my future life partner, i don’t like any girl nor want to marry anyone but just have wish to see who will be my life partner in future?
A) Sorry? No one knows the future. Only Allah Ta`ala knows the future. But Allah Ta`ala has prescribed good pairs for good people. So be good, be regular with salaahs and be chaste, insha Allah, you will have a good partner.
Q) Is it true If a girl is not getting married and she wishes to get married, she should take ghusl (bath) with water in which surah TA HA has been dissolved and by the will of Allah (s.w.t.) she will get married.
A) Not to my knowledge. Rather wake up tahajjud and read 360 times Allahoummaghfirli

Q) Should a girl marry a guy whose family has asked from another than Allah and has repented a lot?
A) Avoid, unless sincerely repented.
Q) I have married a woman 5.5 year back as my second marraige we consumed nikah within 3 month she went form me we nevr sopekn or met for 5.5 year is still our nikha alive. 
A) Nikah is still valid until talaaq given. 

Q) Can a woman perform second nikah before sitting for iddat of her first nikah?
A) No, not allowed to perform second nikah until the iddat is not completed. Iddat is a period of three full haiz (menstruation) which she got after the talaaq. If she performed nikah in iddat, the nikah is void and she is committing zina. 
Chapter Of Talaaq
Q) What is the meaning of talaaq e bain?
A) A talaaq with emphasis that separate between a husband and a wife in such a way that nikah will be necessary before cohabitation during iddah or after iddah.
Q) Husband gave one divorce (talaaq) by saying ” I am giving you one divorce but he said it twice” It will count 1 divorce or 2?
A) 1 Talaaq Ba-in

Q) How to know/prove if a girl already got her khula?
A) Need details regarding the khula
Q) I would like to ask about Talaq. If someone says during usual fight with his wife: go get lost from here or go to your parent’s home or i left you, and this was said many times at different occasions. Did Talaq take place or not? And what does Kinaya means?
A) Not Talaaq unless the husband did the intention of Talaaq with these words. Ask the husband about his intention. Else saying such words without intention of talaaq does not affect the nikah. 

Q) Do we need witness when a husband gives talaaq to his wife ?
A) No. But for administration purposes, he may be asked to certify the talaaq.

Q) I have been living at my parents place for last 10months. Since then my husband never contacted me or provided a single rupee to me and my daughter. Now I am asking for talaq. Whose responsibility is it to help us financially during this period? 
A) Your husband should provide you with all expenses until talaaq pronounced. Else your close relative or zawil arhaam should help you, if they are rich. Starting with your parents, brother, uncle and cousins, whoever is rich.

Q) I don’t want to go back to my husband since I believe he cheated on me. but I also don’t want talaq coz I still love him and also I don’t have any strong proof to prove my point. what can I do? can I stay away whole life from my husband without talaq? 
A) No. You will need to clarify and decide. Our councel is that you go to your husband since at this time, he has the authority of shariah to call you by him. But you may contact the MFC on 2128667 if you are unwilling to return or want clarification on the issue.

Q) A daughter whose father passed away does she also have to sit for iddat. if yes how long? 
A) No iddat for daughter.

Q) I have married a woman 5.5 year back as my second marraige we consumed nikah within 3 month she went form me we nevr sopekn or met for 5.5 year is still our nikha alive. 
A) Nikah is still valid until talaaq given.  

Q) I don’t have any contacts with my husband for the past two years.. He has not provided me nd my child a single rupee since he left abroad,, now I have asked for divorce and I’m to get it,, should I stay iddah in this case since I have to look after my daughter. 
A) No. You will have to contact an official office that deal with these issues. These ulamas will look into in the issue to break the nikah. Remember that without talaaq or faskh through this office, you will not be free from this nikah. If you are in Mauritius, then phone Muslim Family Council 2128667. 

Q) A person commits a sin, the latter has an option to repent to Allah, by asking forgiveness. If a husband gave 2 talaak to his ife, can the latter repent / ask forgiveness to Allah SWT about this kind of act?
A) Tawbah yes. But the talaaq will still count

Q) In what circumstances can talaq be given and what’s a valid reason to put an end to nikah?
A) Incompatibility, physical inability, insufficient finance, etc. MFC is there to analyse all these complaints.

Q) If a woman has her menes and husband sends letter giving talaak, is talaak counted?
A) Talaaq will count.

Q) My wife left me and my 3 year old son today. I want to give her talaaq. i want to know how to proceed? 
A) Send her: ”I….have given you …..1 talaaq-e-bain.” Inform the related muslim authorities of nikah of your decision. Date that letter or message. 

Q) Can a woman’s Wali grant a khula?
A) If she appointed him, yes. But the wordings should be precise: I have done khula` with you in return with Rs 10000. There is no such thing returning Mehr

Q) My wife left me and she took my 3yr old son also. But i dont want to give her talaq. she told me that she will not come again to stay with me…What should i do?
A) Put your case in front of the responsible ulamas of your area. Mauritius: Muslim Family Council.

Q) If a husband says to his wife ‘go to your parent’s place and don’t ever come back here’ in anger, does it count as talaaq? 
A) No, unless he made intention of talaaq. 

Q) I did a nikah years ago. My husband gave me talaaq. I did not meet him at all for some years and I had more than 3 menses during that time. I don’t have any witness for the idaat period. Is the talaaq complete? Iddat starts when you received your talaaq. So count 3 full menses as from after your talaaq.
A) If you can say the imaam celebrating your nikah to confirm the talaaq from your ex husband. Else permissible for you to marry if you know you have had your talaaq.

Q) A divorcee woman contracts a secret nikah with a married man since 11 years from now. the husband continues to live with his first wife & the divorcee woman lives with her son alone. Not after 11 years, the woman wish to make Doah that she gets a husband who will accept her & her son in front of the society. There’s no problem between her & her secret husband. They were happy like this. but now the woman feels lonely & cannot handle her son alone. She even informed her secret husband abt her intention to do nikah. The husband accept to free her if she get someone good & responsible. Is it permissible for her to ask such Doah to Allah Taala? 
A) Yes, permissible.

Q) My sister is seperated from her husband since 10 months, Now her husband gave her talaaq. Does she need to wait 3 periods months more before she starts to search for another man? What we need to do if she gets marriage proposal during the 3 months?
A) Yes, 3 full menses before looking or talking on marriage. It is haraam to look for a man during that time. Postpone the proposal if it comes before that. 

Q) I have a sister and she has been given all her talaaqs. Wanted to know if they can reconcile? 
A) Cannot reconcile if have given 3 talaaqs. She should marry someone else.

Q) If a husband has given his wife two talaak and they live separetely since three years. Can the husband remarry her? 
A) Yes, can return but should redo nikah in front of 2 male witnesses. Our answer to talaaq is only valid for the given version. 

Q) My husband gave me one talaq-e-baa’in in a letter by post. What should i do now?
A) You need to sit for iddat for 3 haiz period. If you got the talaq while you were in your haiz, then you must count three seperate haiz (not counting the haiz in which you got the haiz). You can still reconcile if both of you 

Q) In what circumstances can talaq be given and what’s a valid reason to put an end to nikah?
A) Incompatibility, physical inability, insufficient finance, etc. MFC is there to analyse all these complaints.

Q) The husband of my daughter wants to give her talaak. he expressed his view clearly and wants me (his mother in law) to know his decision. on the other hand my daughter has fallen in love with another man when she is still in nikkah with her husband. the fact that her husband wants to divorce her is arranging her situation so that she can get settled with the other man as soon. so i wonder after her husband is giving her talak, is it obligatory that she keeps 3months 10 days iddaat still as in her case she is doing zinnah and i really dont think that during this iddaat days she is stay without having any connections with the man. its importance to note that for several months she is not having any maritial relationship with her husband. knowing the actual situtaion we want to maary her as soon as possible to avoid her falling deeper in zinaa. please advise your comments.
A) It is compulsory for her to observe the iddah period of 3 haizs (menstruations). If she got the talaaq during a haiz, then she should observe three other haizs as iddah. In fact the shariah forbade to talk about another marriage before iddah finishes. But here I am reading something very filthy and shameful happening. As parents you should stop your daughter to have extra marital relationships. Tawbah should be made and come on pure Islam. One may fast consecutive days and wake up for tahajjud for help to come out of the sins. We have noted that those who contravened the iddah period does not have a successful married life.

Q) My question is can I get back with my ex husband? I asked him 4 a divorce in which case he refused then he asked for his mehr and wedding ring back which I had given him and he sent my belongings with a letter in which he states that he grants me my talaaq bain-e.. Its been almost 2years and recently he contacted me and wants to get back together and he says the ullama he has spoken to says we can get back together.. I would like to clearify if this is true and how do we go about it? 
A) Permissible if he gave one or two talaaqs ba-in. But you will need to redo nikah again. 
Q) I’m a nikahfied girl and wants khula because of incompatibility and some other issues. Should I do idaat process?
A) Khula takes places when a verbal proposition of a sum of money(Not mahr) from the wife’s side to the husband ‘’I have made khula with you on that sum in return of talaaq. And the husband accept and take the money. There is no such thing as returning mahr to the husband as khula.Q) Can I wear my Ex husband ‘ s jewellery after divorcing him? and does my new husband have a right to stop me from wearing that jewellery which is mine now? 
A) Yes. No. But since it is annoying to remind him of your previous husband, it is requested that you sell these to buy new ones.

Q) Sometimes if we have a dispute my husband tells me to ask my dad to come and take me, is talaaq applicable here? 
A) No. Unless when saying you to go, he made intention of talaaq.

Q) Three years ago, i was going to make a second nikah but my first wife did not agree with it. During a dispute, she asked me to give her talaaq and i gave her one talaaq. After that i made nikah with another woman and i got separated with my first wife. Now my first wife is pretending that she is still in my nikah and that i only said talaaq once. Is it true that she is still in my nikah?
A) If you did not have sexual intercourse with her (the first wife) after giving her talaaq, then she is separated from you. This one talaaq is sufficient to separate between you and her

Q) Is it possible for a man to give talaq through letter?
A) Permissible. If you are giving, then give only one talaaq-e-ba in.

Q) If a husband says he gives talak to his wife in his heart and does not pronounce it, does it count as talak? 
A) No. As far as talaaq is not pronounced, it is not counted. 

Q) Can a man who divorced his wife, visit his mother in law and stay there till late. sometimes they stay alone and sometimes the man stay with his sister in law..! 
A) No, this is not permissible.

Q) During a dispute on phone with my wife, i asked her if she wanted talaaq. I said the word thrice, did our nikah break?
A) No, but word did you use?

Q) My sister asked for divorce from her husband (1 year ago), and the husband gave 1 twalaaq, now he is asking for half the mehr back.
A) 0ne talaaq was sufficient to separate between your sister and her husband. If the nikah was consumed, i.e. they had sexual relationship, then the husband has no right to ask for the mehr. But if the nikah was not consumed and they never had an intimate time alone for 10 mins, then the husband has the right to ask for half mehr. In the case that there was consumption of the nikah, then it would be a major sin to ask for the mehr, since the money is already for the wife and the husband has absolutely no right to ask for it.
The Qur-aan condemns this: Que vous ayez donné à l’une un enorme richesse, n’en reprenez rien. Quoi! Le reprendriez-vous par injustice et péché manifeste? Comment oseriez-vous le reprendre, après que l’union la plus intime vous ait associés l’un à l’autre et qu’elles aient obtenu de vous un engagement solennel? (4:20-21)

Q) Pls advise in a case, where a husband decides to stay away from his wife during 4/5yrs but still living under same roof?
A) This couple should refer their discord to a alim or to the muslim family council.

Q) Is one allowed to leave her husband because the latter did not respect the conditions made before wedding- eg. to have a separate house after wedding?
A) No. But there may councelling by an `alim on these issues.

Q) If someone gave his first Talaaq to his wife, does the husband still has responsibilty towards the wife on foods and needfull staff. Also what if the wife left his house after the first talaaq was given, does the husband still do has to provide foods n needs meaning about food n staff??? 
A) If the wife left the conjugal roof, then there is no expenses due on the husband. But if she return, then the husband need to provide for her roof, food and living expenses during her iddah. Bahr ur Ra-iq:

وَفِيهَا أَيْضًا الْمُعْتَدَّةُ إذَا خَرَجَتْ مِنْ بَيْتِ الْعِدَّةِ تَسْقُطُ نَفَقَتُهَا مَا دَامَتْ عَلَى النُّشُوزِ فَإِنْ عَادَتْ إلَى بَيْتِ الزَّوْجِ كَانَ لَهَا النَّفَقَةُ وَالسُّكْنَى

Q) Si 1 couple ki in vivre deux mois en separation- sakene vivre kot so parent- pan garde contact ditou et aster kan madame la p dmane misier la so decision: msiier la repone: madame in lib aster li kpv fer cki li envi, et ki li pu vivre kuma etranzer ek madame et li confirmer ki li nepli bzin madame la aster. ki ou conseille mwa dans sa cas la?
A) Bizin demande missier la: eski li finne faire l`intention talaaq quand li finne dire ”Libre et faire ceki li envi”? Si li finne faire l`intention talaaq, alors talaaq finne porter. Si li finne dire sa sans l`intention talaaq, alors pena talaaq. Ou encore dans so nikah.

Q) I am not able to take decision of my talaq. inspite of doing isthkara for many days can I ask any of my well wisher or any pious person to do it for me? can I count on their decision after them doing it? 
A) Yes, you may do so. Choose an alim that you trust to perform this operation.

Q) Is it permissible for a woman wearing niqaab to live under same roof with her husband when talaaq had alreay been pronounced?
A) If iddat has finished, then it is not permissible for her to live in the same house with an strange man. In fact with talaaq, the husband is now an strange man to his wife. “if 3 talaaqs have not been pronounced, then you may redo nikah with your husband. But after 3 talaaqs, then you will not become halal to your husband but after halaalah.

Q) Talaaq fini prononcer, pou refaire nikkah avec premier missier,madame la bizin faire lautre nikkah et talaaq. Eski li bizin consomme so deuxieme nikah avant li done talaaq
A) Mo comprend ici ki ene missier li finne donne so madame talaaq(3) et li pe envie retourne ek so madame. Donc pe demander si pou organise nikah madame la et apres sa deuxieme missier donne li talaaq. Sa appelle sa pe organise halala et li pas permissible pou faire sa. Ena Allah so malediction pou celui pres pou faire halaala et celui pou kip e faire halaala. (Abu Dawood)

قَالَ إِسْمَعِيلُ وَأُرَاهُ قَدْ رَفَعَهُ إِلَى النَّبِيِّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ أَنَّ النَّبِيَّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ قَالَ لَعَنَ اللَّهُ الْمُحَلِّلَ وَالْمُحَلَّلَ لَهُ

Q) Can a woman leave her husband because he made a 2nd Nikkah?
A) No, this is not a shar`ee reason.

Q) May Allah forgive me but my mom is very hot tempered and likes to spends money on useless things. Earlier my mom and dad both were working. My dad used to give all his earnings to my mom which she never saved. Now the problem is both are retired however my mom gets pension whereas my dad has nothing. He even have some problem in his leg due to which he cannot walk much. She keeps on yelling at him. She told him talaq 3 times left the house and came to my house for 1 night to stay. I somehow managed to send her home next day but the situation remains the same. Someone told me that it is kind of khula and it also affects the children (a kind of manusihat) comes on the well being and prosperity of children. Is this true. Pls advice. 
A) A woman cannot give talaaq to her husband. It is not khula. Until the husband does not pronounce Talaaq, the wife will stay in the nikah of the husband. Not true that separation of parents would affect as mentioned. If you can help your parents financially, that may improve situation. It is said that whatever a child have should be at the disposal of the parents. 

Q) I got to know my husband has been cheating on me with a non muslim. i really dont know what to do. 
A) Talk to him. Forgive him and try to hide the issue. Else you may put the case in MFC 2128667. 

Q) Do i have to give my ex-wife a talaaq, who went to another country and didn’t return? She did nikah with someone else, so did i. It’s been 20 years since our separation.
A) If you never gave her a talaaq, then give her one talaaq-e-ba’in to separate from her. Inform her about it so that she may validate her nikah after 3 months or after 3 haizs since the talaaq was given.

Q) What is khula?
A) Khula is the proposition on the wife`s side of a valuable (jewelry, money,etc ) to the husband in exchange of her talaaq. The husband may accept or refuse the khula` proposition. In case he accepts the offered money, then she would automatically have her talaaq. Care should be taken in formulation of the khula in front of the husband: ”I have done khula with you with the jewelry that you offered me.”

Q) A man gave talaaq to his wife, must he inform two witnesses about this?
A) No, but he should inform the wife.

Q) I separated from my husband 14 months back since he cheated on me.I m depressed a lot n often dream of him.recently I dreamt that he is telling me that is doing second marriage for his parents and crying pleading not guilty.what it’s mean? 
A) Do put an alim between you to see what can be done to save your marriage. If talaaq pronounced, then how much? Phone on 57921333 for precise info on the issue of whether can return or not. 
Q) Is it a sin to make dua to bring back a person who says his wife is back even after saying 3 times talaaq. We loved each other but due to misunderstanding he stopped talking to me. i want him back
A) It is a sin to live together after 3 talaaqs. One should encourage such couple to stay separate and make their way to a new life with new pairs. 

Q) I want to give my wife Talaaq. i want to know how to proceed.
A) Do consult a learned person to evaluate your situation vis a vis your wife. Then only you may pronounce ”One Talaaq Bain” by words or may send a message also. No need to give 3 talaaqs because this will close all doors almost forever. 

Q) My husband gave me one Talaq-e-Baa’in but now we are deciding to reconcile. If my iddat is completed, can i reconcile or not?
A) Must perform the nikah again with 2 witnesses. In all cases need to redo nikkah

Q) If a girl accepts to perform nikah because of her parent’s emotional black mailing but now she cant take it anymore. And the husband doesn’t want to give her talaq. The wife doesn’t want to go for khula. Is there any other way for seperation?
A) No. Muslim family council may help. 

Q) After divorce who will have rights to carry 8 month boy baby. Mother wants her baby and father also wants his baby. 
A) An 8 months baby should be kept by the mother according to shariah. At this time, her milk, her care and her compassion is needed to be given to the child. On the 7th birthday-7 years-, the child will be under the father`s custody. In any case, the expenditure of the child from birth falls on the father only.

Q) I married a man who was already married. It was his second marriage. I had intention of halala while according to him, he had intention of marriage. On the day of nikkah the marriage was consumated. And later he went to another city where he was posted and I came back to my home. The marriage was secret and undeclared. I got influenced by the nikkah and it became difficult for me to demand divorce, although I did many times. But whenever I did so, he stopped replying me and taking my calls. And when I wanted to talk to him normal and casual he didnt attend me. Before nikkah he showed great interest in me. Then whenever I complained that he doesnt talk to me, doesnt give me time, he would say he was busy and then again disappeared. Finally, I upset and disturbed, asked him if he wanted to carry on this nikkah, he told me as long as I wanted and had no problem. But he refused to declare our marriage and told me that he would ask me to leave in case I ask him to do so. I only asked to check him though. During the two and half months of our nikkah he emphasized that he would not divorce me unless I see him once more for sex. But it was not acceptable to me as he never treated me as his wife, seldom talked to me, and if I was not given the rights of a wife , then why should I be responsible for fulfilling his sexual needs. I was distressed and tortured by his indifferent behaviour. I refused to see him and got divorce. Did I commit a sin by not seeing him?
A) First of all it seems that there was a kind of mutual arrangement from thebeginning you two for him not to give you your full rights as a wife. Thatis that you two would see each other from times to times only. Then in thatcase the husband did not fail in his rights. But he is wrong to seldom talkto you and ignored you completely.But in your case, you refused him to meet you for cohabitation which wasnot right. But know that such secret nikahs does not last and finish likeyours. It was a sin though from your side to make halala because organizinga halala is wrathful. The holy prophet cursed the one who purposely marryfor halala purposes. Furthermore the holy prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said that Makeannouncement of nikah in masjid. That is a bond of marriage is to be madepublic and known and then live like normal couples in the society. Thesunnah of nikah endures and enhance any nikah. This is the general rule thatwould prevail until the end of the world.

Q) A woman works and her husband passed away. Can she go to work even if her iddat has not ended? If no, then in one case can she go out?
A) If it’s necessary for her to go work to earn a living, then it is permissible during the day only.

Q) Mo fine tender ki si mo dir mo madame “to le dos pareil kuma le dos mo mama”sa veut dire ki mo fine donne li talaq.est ce que li vrai sa kozer la? 
A) Si ou finne dire sa avec niyat talaaq, alors ene talaaq ba-in pou porter. Si ou pas finne ouler separer ar ou madame par sa parole la, alors pena narien. Si ou pas finne ouler talaaq, mais ou finne envie faire haraam lor ou sa madame la sans ki casse nikah, alors li pou haraam lor ou tanque ki pas paye kaffarah. Kaffarah li valeur 10 sadaqatul fitr ou Rs 700.

Q) I married a man. The man is a good person. I married him only because he wanted to marry me. Deep inside, I don’t have love for him. Since he wanted to marry me, I tried to marry and see what it gives. After staying sometimes with him, I’m not feeling okk at all. As a woman, since I don’t love him, it’s difficult for me to engage in sexual relationship. I’m getting depressed, I can’t continue to live like this, I know he won’t give me talaaq. Sometimes, in depression, I tend to think things like suicide so on. Plz, help me, What can I do ? I can’t continue to live like this ?
A) You may contact MFC if you are in Mauritius-2128667. Else contact an official office of your country. They may listen to both of you.

Q) Someone said to his wife: ‘’We will go on different ways’’ and the husband insisted that he meant talaaq. Does talaaq occur? 
A) Acording to Fatawa hindiyah, one talaaq ba-in occurred by the wording ‘’We will go on different ways’’. Because the word road and way is used in kinayah or wording that people normally use to separate with their wives or meaning talaaq. 

Q) Me and my wife have been living separately in 2 different bed since nearly 11/2 years but under the same roof. Actually this was caused by a familial problem and my wife thought I was culprit.In fact I asked her forgiveness in front of my whole family and 2 sons but still she is adamant to become as before and the distances and clash continues. I asked the interference of Imam and Mutawali but no change. After these lonely moments, I have started developing no feelings and love towards her and since the beginning we do not talk to each other. We are not attracted to each other in any way may it be mutually or sexually. One day when we had an argue she told me I am free and I can go search for someone else and she wants to live her life and search for someone else too. Is our nikaah still on? Can I perform another nikaah as I have met someone and we want to get married and perform nikaah. Is my wife still in nikaah with me? I still carry my duties as a husband and give her all her needs. I am 40 and my wife 36. The one I have met is 21 but still she wants to marry me.What must i do in this case as we both are aware that her parents will not accept for this nikaah because of our age difference. But still we want to live together and even rent a house for this purpose. 
A) You will need to decide on your continuous relationship with the wife. She is still your wife. Since you have 2 kids, we recommend that you try to mend a last time on the issue. If failed, then give her only one talaaq and separate with her. she will not stay in the same house, as she will be a stranger. Else keep her in nikah. Then only you may consider to take another one. But if you are doing zina already with the girl, then nikah is the immediate cure. 

Q) I am living separately from my husband for about a year. He had not pronounced talaq verbally in front of anyone then. But recently I got to know that he’s saying we are divorced and he had given talaq. Does it ends our marriage?does it counts as talaq? 
A) No. But you need to ascertain this declaration in front of two muslim witnesses.

Q) If a muslim couple shows theire privates parts before nikkah what law and rule in islam for that? 
A) This is completely haraam and sinful. A nikah needs only 2 persons to hear the proposal and acceptance of the couple. 

Q) A sister has left her husband due to domestic violence and is still in nikah. She wants to know whether she needs to seek for his permission in regard to her movement especially as far as her child is concerned.
A) If the husband is providing for the monthly expenses, then because she is still in her nikah, then she will need to seek permission. But if the latter no more spend on her, then she may go out even if he refuses. As far as the child is concerned, if he is spending on him, then he has right over the child. But if he does not spend on the child, then the mother may upbring the child as wishes, but should inform the husband if ever she is emigrating. Should she wish to be free, then she should ask for talaaq. She may put the case to muslim family council. 

Q) According to Islam can a woman divorce her husband? I live in Bangladesh, according to the law of the land of Bangladesh, I have the right to divorce my husband. But I would like to hear from you, what is the right procedure of divorce for a muslima as I do not want to by far the Islamic Shariah law.
A) A woman can ask for divorce on valid shar`ee grounds only. Some valid shar`ee grouds are violence, impotency and drug addiction or anything that may cause direct harm to the wife. But she may approach the Muslim Family Council of Mauritius for Mauritian cases so as to scrutinise the reasons of divorce. Else she may propose the husband a khula`. As such she may say: I have done khula` with the jewels that you offered me. But know that khula` will only take place if the husband accept to take the jewels. Then she would be divorced.

Q) A woman is divorced and has a daughter. The woman did a second nikah now, is the second husband a mahram for the daughter?
A) Yes, he is a mahram for her.

Q) I need to know the following about a case where talaaq was given: First talaaq was given 10 yrs ago and then the couple was together again (the next day they resumed together). Now two talaaqs have been given at the same time. Does this mean that the marriage has been cancelled?
A) Unfortunately all 3 talaaqs are counted. They can`t stay together unfortunately.

Q) My wife and i are already divorced according to law. I need to give her the talak’s now. What is the best solution in doing so? Can i sent it written to her?
A) Give only one talaaq ba-in. This would be enough to separate between you and your wife. It is better that you come to Muslim Family Council to officialise this talaaq. Else write it in front of two witnesses and then read it infront of them.

Q) If someone says that there is no such thing that a lady should sit in iddat, does that person become a kafir? Does her/his nikah breaks?
A) Yes. Should reread kalimah and redo nikah. 

Q) Is it a form of talaaq when a husband tells his wife to leave home because he no longer needs her in his life? 
A) No. But still we need to ask the husband if ever he has done intention of talaaq. If ever he did intention of talaaq with these words, then it is a talaaq ba-in.

Q) If a man betrays his wife, the wife can leave him but without giving talak does the nikkah continues ?
A) Nikah is still valid and continues until and unless talaaq is pronounced. But a suspended woman that her husband is reluctant to give her talaaq may approach the Muslim Family Council for a plaint. The Jurist there may judge the talaaq case.

Q) Is Halaalah allowed in Islam or is it a sin? Some ulama say it is permissible to make a second nikah with the intention to ask for divorce so as to return with the first husband.
A) It is not permissible to organise halaalah. According to one hadith of Abu Dawood, Allah’s curse is on that person who does halaalah deliberately and also on that person for whom the halaalah is been made. Halaalah is something that should happen naturally, in a way that if the woman did nikah with another person and it so happened that he also gave her talaaq (without the intention of making her halaal for the first husband).

 حَدَّثَنَا أَحْمَدُ بْنُ يُونُسَ حَدَّثَنَا زُهَيْرٌ حَدَّثَنِي إِسْمَعِيلُ عَنْ عَامِرٍ عَنْ الْحَارِثِ عَنْ عَلِيٍّ رَضِيَ اللَّهُ عَنْهُ قَالَ إِسْمَعِيلُ وَأُرَاهُ قَدْ رَفَعَهُ إِلَى النَّبِيِّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ أَنَّ النَّبِيَّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ قَالَ لَعَنَ اللَّهُ الْمُحَلِّلَ وَالْمُحَلَّلَ لَهُ

Q) What is the difference in the consequences of giving one or three talaaq?
A) After one talaaq, one may recontract nikah with that person later on. But after 3 talaaqs, one cannot recontract nikah with that wife.

Q) Is it true that if a divorced woman remarries, she loses custody of her children?
A) Yes it is true. She should give the child to the father. Note that from baby to 6 years the child should stay by the mother. But as from 7 years the child should be in the custody of the father according to shariah.

Q) Si un homme prononce le mot talaq a sa femme trois fois dans un moment extreme colere sans intention,est-ce que le divorce conte?
A) Oui. Et le couple ne pourra pas cohabiter ensemble a vie.

Q) If a man in a moment of anger has given his wife 3 talaak, does it count as one talaak and are they allowed to stay together or not? What should they do? 
A) 3 talaaqs given is counted as 3. Hence the couple cannot live together. They should choose to spend the life with another halaal life partner. They should forget each other.

Q) Does telling one’s wife to go away while angry breaks the nikah?
A) No, except when intention of talaaq was made.

Q) A lady is divorced but does not want to be with her ex husband in jannah, she wants to be with someone else in jannah, is it possible? She does not want to hear from her ex husband neither in dunya nor in akhirah. 
A) Possible. She may remarry a better person. Then She will choose.

Q) What is the hukm of a woman being divorce while breast feeding and in addition, she doesn’t menstruate till after she weed the baby, can she get married during this time? 
A) No, unless she menstruate 3 full menses. One may take medication for that.

Q) I have khula in 2013 December 9th and did not stay back in house and completed my idaat for 40 days… i am finding it difficult to find a good proposal now. what should i do now.
A) Iddah is 3 full menses. If you are older than 55 years, then 90 days. Tell your parents to look around and talk about you in front of others. Also you may look for someone pious and that would look after you. May Allah Ta`ala open your way. Wake up for tahajud and read 360 times Allahoummagh firli at sehri time.

Q) A couple is having lots of problems regarding peace between husband and wife, and daughter- in law with mother in law and father in law…. My question is: how to know if the couple is affected by evil eyes or djinn and what and how to find solutions through Hadith and quran?
A) You should contact a serious `amil to detect whether it is an exterior evil or a mere inadaptation. A serious amil is M Noorani, masjid Derby Curepipe. We suggest that the husband should rent a house nearby and separate his wife from the mother in law and father in law. Then they may meet up every week or so.

Q) I need to know if a girl left her husband because she has fallen in love with someone else and she is pregnant now but she wants this to be in proper halal way of nikkah can you kindly give me a soultion to that. Do i need to have an abortion? Can i not marry this person ?
A) First she will need to have talaaq from the husband. If he refuses, then she may approach the marital office of her area to dissolve her marriage. If she happens to have talaaq, then she will observe a iddah until she delivers the baby. Only then she may marry the other person. In a whole, the baby if after birth is rejected by the first husband, then the baby will be called and linked to the mother only. But if the husband approve the baby, then the cost of living of the child will be under the father. The mother will look after him until 7 years old. After 7 years old, the father will look after him. This is the shariah ruling on the issue. You may communicate us intermediaryly to have circumstantial maslas.

Q) I would like to know what happens to divorced women when they will enter janah? Will there be a companion for divorced women who do not re marry, in janah? 
A) Yes, she would choose there from the different husbands that she had over here. That is why the holy prophet SAW prescribed men to act gently towards the wife, so that she may choose us up there. Else know that your husband would be a changed person in Jannah.

Q) Can a man give talaq to a woman when she is pregnant? 
A) Yes, permissible. And know that the child will be in the custody of the husband unless he denies him as his child.

Q) I’ve been separated from my husband since 5 months because he was having an affair with another woman. now he’s not willing to give me divorce although he is still after the other woman and I do not want to return back to him. What should I do?
A) You may approach the Muslim Family council for that issue. I suggest that you may forgive him if he is sincere. Else, you may propose him to accept a sum of money in exchange of talaaq. This is called Khula`. 
Q) A man had a dispute with his wife and since then the couple are staying separately, each by their respective parents. Can the husband take the jeweleries back from his wife which he had given to her?
A) If he had given it as gift or mahar, then it is not permissible for him to take them back. The wife has the right to keep the jeweleries even after divorce.Q) Is Allah’s curse on a person who gives talaaq to his wife?
A) No. Allah’s curse is not on such a person. Our prophet Muhammad (saw) did give talaaq. And in certain conditions, after a reunion in Muslim Family Council, talaaq becomes inevitableQ) A couple is having some problems in their marriage, so they staying separate. Each one of them is staying by their parents. Should the husband send the monthly expenses to his wife? Or is it not necessary, because the wife works?
A) If the husband asks the wife to come back but she refuses, than she does not deserve the expenses. But if the wife wants to come back and the husband is refusing, than she is deserving of the expenses. The fact that the wife works does not absolve the husband from his responsibility of giving expenses. According to shariah, even if a woman is rich, the husband should give her the necessary expenses.

Q) My wife andi had an argument and i have said to her “here is your car keys and your house keys bye bye ” meaning i left you” but i dont think my intention was clear and firm of divorce brother. i think i just said these words without thinking about it. i think i was just angry and wanted to punish her or make her worry and i don’t really know what my intention was when i said these words. i left the house but came back after 20 minutes when my anger was cooled and we said sorry to each other and continued normal, and we never had anything like that again. i don’t think i was ready to divorce her but i was angry with her and i am having doubts of my intentions when i said these words. i’am just confused this happened 8 months ago and now she is pregnant. please help having known these words could be considered divorce i am 100% sure i wouldn’t have said it. i love my wife and i think the reason why i said these words is because i wanted her to stop this arguments.
A) Without intention of divorce, no talaaq occurred. 

Q) If a wife has left her husband and stay at her parents house and then ask her husband to give talaq because she doesn’t want to go back to him. When the husband came to give talaq the mother of the wife doesn’t allow the husband to give talaq and made an emotional blackmail to her daughter by saying she will leave the house and stay in a convent if she take the talaq. In this case what happens?
A) If talaaq was not pronounced verbally or not already written, then the lady is still in the Nikah of the husband. But if already written in a letter or already said, then even if the lady refuses to take the letter or refuses verbally, she still would be separated from the husband. 

Q) I want to ask about halala. My ex-husband want to re marry me for our child’s future. So in islam does the pre plan halala nikah permisible? If yes, then how long i have to stay in 2nd marriage? And in the second mrriage is phisycal relationship nessesary? and what is the iddat period after divorce from 2nd marriage?
A) Pre-organized halala is not permissible. In Abu Dawood, the holy prophet SAW said that Allah sends His wrath upon the one who organize to perform a halala and also for whom the halala is objectively done. (Abu Dawood)

أَنَّ النَّبِيَّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ قَالَ لَعَنَ اللَّهُ الْمُحَلِّلَ وَالْمُحَلَّلَ لَهُ 

But you may find someone to perform a sincere nikah, with the normal procedures of a nikah respected. You may hide inside you that you would ask for talaaq later on. And in no case should this be mentioned to the nikah party. If mentioned, then it is preorganized. 

At least one penetration of the penis inside the vagina is necessary for the nikah is said to be consumed. Only after that, then you may ask him for talaaq. This is on him to accept your request or refuse.

If talaaq was given, then you will have to observe 3 haizs or 3 full menses as iddah. During these 3 haizs, you cannot perform nikah, nor talk about nikah. Only after that iddah that you may perform a nikah with your ex husband. 

Q) I would like to know if, during her iddah period, can a widow go and spend a few days at her married daughter’s place to avoid being too much alone, of course provided that she remains in the house, does not go out in public and correctly observes the rules of iddah. 
A) Not permissible unless getting sick or medical purposes.

Q) Is it ok if i stay with my husband only because of my children? We are married since 15 years and have 3 kids. But my husband and i are not happy together.
A) If three talaaqs are not been pronounced or you are not seperated due to a talaaq, than you may stay with your husband. Even if you are not happy together, but because nikah is still valid between you two, you may stay together; even if you are not sleeping together. 

Q) If a wife has been given one talaaq , should the couple re do nikah before living together again?
A) If the iddah (3 menses) have elapsed after the talaaq, then definitely, the couple should redo nikah in front of 2 witnesses. If during iddah and the Talaaq was given in direct words (i.e. I gave you talaaq), then the husband need only to say: ”I have taken you back in my nikah”. Then they may cohabit together without nikah. 

Q) What is the duty of the husband towards the wife and kids after a divorce? Is it true that the husband has to pay everything for his ex wife (house, food & expenses)?
A) No. The husband needs to only pay for the expenses of the kids. Except that if the wife is breastfeeding the child that she may charge for that. Else the father need to house, pay expenses, feed and cloth the children promptly.

Q) I married a person who did not give me mehr…He persuaded me that there is something called mehr fatimi and that mehr can be cancelled if i say mehr huwa. And i did so because he forced me to say so after the nikkah. Our marriage did not work because he sexually abused me several times. I left him and came to my parents for almost 2 years. After that i asked for a divorce and he just said that u are free from this marriage and u may contract another one anytime u want….Now alhamdulillah i am married again but my former husband who did not give me mehr did not pronounce the word talak and this bothers me…Can u help by giving me advices.
A) You were divorced by his words ”you are free..”. But still you needed to wait for three haiz or menses before contracting another nikah. From your version, the mehr fatimi is still due on your former husband.

Q) Is divorce permissible if a husband cannot give his wife her rights and cannot keep her happy?
A) Divorce is permissible whenever marital life becomes impracticable. Although the couple may undergo difficult times, they may find themselves in happy times later. Since every case is diffirent from the other, it is prudent to present your case in front of the Muslim Family Council.

Q) My wife left me since mid last december, but i didn’t give her any talaaq and I have no intention of doing so because all I want is her to come back. Since how long may i consider her to still be in my nikah?
A) She would be in your nikah until and unless you give her talaaq. But she may consider to summon a demand for talaaq in the Muslim Family Council who will judge according to shariah. Else if this is not coming right, then we suggest that you free her with peace and such both may end this nikah without causing difficulty to each other.
Q) If a couple sign a legal divorse paper, but did not say 3 times talaq,is the divorce accepted in shariah?
A) The signature on a divorce paper does not nullify the nikah. Hence a talaaq should be given to separate the couple. Very important to note that one talaaq is Sufficient to separate the couple. Three talaaqs is a harm and irreparrable.

Q) While my husband and i were having a dispute, he told me to go and find another husband? Did talaaq take place?
A) If the husband had meant talaaq by this phrase, then one talaaq-e-baa’in will fall. If he had not made any intention, then nothing will fall. However, it’s quite dangerous to play with these kind words. Read our book “Pour l`amour d`Allah, ne prononce pas talaaq.’’

Q) A couple stayed away from each other for more than two years and didn’t have any marital relationship during this time. If now they want to start their lives together again, will they have to make nikah again?
A) No. The nikah is valid as long as talaaq didn’t take place.Q) A man gave his wife three talaaqs at once. Can the couple reconcile later ?
A) No. The three talaaqs has fallen, thus the couple will not be able to reconcile.
Q) A woman had sex with someone else beside her husband. Is her nikah with her husband broken?
A) No. But she should make lots of tawbah and ask Allah for repentance for this sinful act.
Q) Comment divorcer avec sa femme ?
R) La shariah a prescrit plusieurs étapes avant le divorce : 1. Dialogue entre couple. 2. Action passive et active de la part de l`époux envers l`épouse. 3. Mettre un arbitre neutre et sincère pour essayer de sauver le couple. 4. Et si les étapes franchies n`ont pas été réussies, alors le mari prononcera seulement un talaaq ba-in pour rompre leur relation nuptiale. Mais après ils peuvent refaire le nikah pour revivre leur vie conjugale. Mais au cas où il a prononcé trois talaaqs, alors ils ne pourront pas contracter le nikah. Chacun doit chercher plutôt un moyen halaal pour vivre.

Q) If a woman was given a talaaq today, when can she perform another nikah with another man?
A) The iddat or the period of time which a divorced woman should respect before making nikah with someone else is of three haiz (menstruation). During this period, she should stay at home, and she should not wear make-up, beautiful clothes and perfumes.

Q) My husband sent sms to my father, sister and brother not 2 me but he used 3 talaaq words with my name, did talaaq occur? i am in kuwait. Nikah also was performed here. Kuwait law said it is considered as a 1 talaaq. What is your opinion? 
A) You have had 3 talaaqs even if he did not write to you. This law that 3 equals 3 talaaqs is from whence hazrat umar r.a. and there is ijma and concensus on the issue. 

Q) I dont want to be with my husband he abused me mentally and physically I want to get out of this marriage and now I love someone else and want to get marry to him. My husband knows this but still just to harase me he is not giving me talaaq. If someone has changed his or her religion still nikaah will remain or it will get dissolved automatically?
A) If someone went out of Islam even for a second, the nikah is dissolved. May Allah Ta`ala protect us from such a grave step that may lead to eternal hell fire. If one pass away in such a state, then would go straight in jahannam. Put your case in MFC for your khula`: phone on 212 8667.

Q) I am married and have two kids and now when my kids are of 17 and 18 yrs , my husband has left three of us, it has been six months although we stay in same city. My husband doesnot either call us or even meet us. how can this marriage be defined now, can we meet him and try to convince each other to stay under one roof. or will this marriage be considered a case of divorce..? 
A) Your marriage would be still valid until talaaq is pronounced. You cannot marry another one until talaaq not given, and iddat be observed. Try to convince him to follow the pathway of the noble sunnah to have a family life. Else contact the nearest Islamic organisation to remedy the situation between you and your husband.. 

Q) For how long should a woman, whose husband has past away, sit for iddat?
A) The iddat is of four months and ten days or 130 days. If the husband died on the first of a hijri month, then she will sit for iddat for the four months that follows together with ten days from the fifth month.  

Q) I am not able to take decision of my talaq. inspite of doing isthkara for many days can I ask any of my well wisher or any pious person to do it for me? can I count on their decision after them doing it? 
A) Yes, you may do so. Choose an alim that you trust to perform this operation.

Q) I have been living at my parents place for last 10months. Since then my husband never contacted me or provided a single rupee to me and my daughter. Now I am asking for talaq. Whose responsibility is it to help us financially during this period? 
A) Your husband should provide you with all expenses until talaaq pronounced. Else your close relative or zawil arhaam should help you, if they are rich. Starting with your parents, brother, uncle and cousins, whoever is rich. 

Q) I don’t have any contacts with my husband for the past two years.. He has not provided me and my child a single rupee since he left abroad,, now I have asked for divorce and I’m to get it,, should I stay iddah in this case since I have to look after my daughter
A) No. You will have to contact an official office that deal with these issues. These ulamas will look into in the issue to break the nikah. Remember that without talaaq or faskh through this office, you will not be free from this nikah. If you are in Mauritius, then phone Muslim Family Council 2128667. 

Q) I don’t want to go back to my husband since I believe he cheated on me. but I also don’t want talaq coz I still love him and also I don’t have any strong proof to prove my point. what can I do? can I stay away whole life from my husband without talaq? 
A) No. You will need to clarify and decide. Our councel is that you go to your husband since at this time, he has the authority of shariah to call you by him. But you may contact the MFC on 2128667 if you are unwilling to return or want clarification on the issue

Q) If a woman has her menes and husband sends letter giving talaak, is talaak counted?
A) Talaaq will count.

Q) If I tell my wife if you continue to pursue in such and such direction: “I’ll give you talaaq” Does it count as a talaak? 
A) No. Talaaq is counted in present or past tense, except if attached to a future condition. 

Q) If I tell her to go or leave the house does it count as Talaak. In my mind I had no intention of giving Talaak to her in both cases. 
A) No, it is not counted as talaaq unless purpose intention is made.
Latest questions
Q) Is it permissible for a wife to masturbate her husband if the husband wishes so?
A) Yes.Q) How to dispose of Islamic books that is not being used/read? What about Quran CDs that is also not being used.
A) Burn. Supposed to bury, but because no facility for that and because it is illegal to throw in the sea.Q) Is there a Dua to increase love between a newly married couple? There is no intimacy, how to make one’s partner feel love and intimate toward his/her partner
A) Read verse 63 of surah 8 and blow over foodQ)  I dreamt i got severe lower back pain and only one side lf my back was paining a lot and burning, what does this mean?
A) See to parent’s relationship and their families relationship be acquitted properly Q) Is nutmeg halal?
A) Ok if not intoxicating.Q) Eski gne droit manze poule kan voyage dan Air mauritius.
A) Choose veg.
Q) I love a boy and parent are not accepting him for valid reason. We’ve already committed zina. How should I make my parents accept him?
A) Tell them the truth so that they may marry you with him.Q) Is it permissible to drink non-alcoholic beer like Barbican produced in Arab country?
A) No. all such ‘’ non alcoholic’’ beverages are not considered halaal.Q) Is brand L’oreal halal?
A) Ingredients?Q) Ou kapav explike en details couma assize fer namaz pou ban dimoune ki assize lor chaise? Eski bzin latable?
A) La table non. Assizer depuis commencement. Sajdah plis verser ki ruku.

Q) I love a boy but my parent are not accepting as he is not that successful in life but he is trying hard and also has deen.What dua shall i read?i love him for his Deen
A) Long tahajjud. Else obey your parents. Unless fear of zina, if mature adult, then permissible

Q) si ene dimoune fine intekal et li ena ban roza ki li pa fine remplacer, ki besoin fer
A) Donne valeur 1 sadaqatul fitr pou chaque roza. Pas obliger. RecommenderQ) Is deer/cerf halaal?
A) Yes, if made zabah.Q) I’m hearing Azaan often when it’s not even time for Azaan.What does that mean
A) Do more salaah and nafils: ishraaq, chaast, awabeenQ) Couma fer pou tire zakat en avance par 1-2 annee si bizin?
A) Calcule banne du biens qui ou ena et ki pou continuer existant et tire 2.5% de sa valeurQ)) How to repent from backbiting?
A) Increase the zikr of Allah and wake up for tahajjud before sehri.Q) Eski delo zamzam boire debout ou assizer? Banne imam ki suiv madhab hanafi dire boire debout ki sunnah.
A) Si pena place cote ou eter,debouter. Si ena place, assizer. Sunnah pou faire duas avant boire.Q) Is revitalose(ampoule) halal?
A) Oui.Q) Im not getting married nor getting a proposal. I ask a lot of duas and do namaz. What dua can I read?
A) InshaAllah soon. Never be despondent on Allah ta’ala. He will open a way soon Q) Is complan halal?
A) Yes.Q) Is a girl at fault if her father always be rude and swearing and don’t talk to her for 3 months every year for things that he is wrong and cannot accept being told in good manner? What does islam say about that?
A) At least do salaam to the father and be obedient. She will not be responsible for rudeness and unfair approach of the fatherQ) Any dua for marriage as the girl is suffering at her place. Parents don’t care about her. She always cry and make dua and wants to get married for the sake of Allah.
A) Long crying tahajjud and read this during ruku n sajdahs: Allahoummagh firliQ) Eski madam gagne droit travay en public lor chemin? seki met pardah?
A) Non, Mais permissible pou celui ki pena moyen de vivreQ) I dreamt that one of my teeth broke and i was hiding it when talking. 
A) Stop backbiting and do miswaak. Start taking natural supplements to avoid old age painsQ) Im a young girl of 22 years old and want to get married but my mom always tell people that I’m too young whenever people ask if i get proposal.
A) Tell her that it is you that should accept or refuse proposal. Accept the proposal yourself if he pleases youQ) Dua manzil svp?
A) Manzil li ene collection de ayahs et surahs ki Rasouloullah Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam finne instruire comme protection contre jinnat, sorcellerie, lizié, etc. Celui ki pena li, capave whatsApp nous lor 57921333 pou gagne li en pdf. 

Q) Eski ggn droit boire medecine tousser biocalyptol? ena 96% ethanol ladan
A) Non, ena lotte ki pena lalcoolQ) If someone committed anal sex and repents after that.Will that person be forgiven?
A) Insha Allah, on the sincere tawbah that one will never commit that again Q) If someone has intention of anal sex but does not know if she was really penetrated.Will that couple be forgiven if not had sex really?
A) Ji insha Allah. The annus is full of virus, sicknesses and infections. So beware that it is against the natural way that Allah Ta’ala wanted us to intimate Q) Who are surtees in the muslim society?
A) Those whose ancestors came from india, from the gujrat region of surat and its neighbouring villagesQ) Mehr faatimi?
A) Rs 75,000.Q) I dreamt i hide something from a man and rushing towards the end of a building and i was pregnant.The building collapsed upon the man’s request and i thought of my husband and unborn baby while trying to save myself but did not succeed.
A) Read manzil daily.Q) Ki rezon valable mo kapav dman divorce?
A) Incompatibilité, missier incapable, missier brutale, missier pas capave nouri ouQ) Are himlaya wellness capsules halaal?
A) Seems ok as per indregients available.Q) Is it allowed for female to wear pants of jeans materials even if not tight?
A) No.Q) Mo papa in done moi bijou kado, mo pu done mo tifi li ena 1ans, eski bizin tir zakat lor bijou la?
A) Non. zakat commence payer 1 ans apres ki finne vine baligh.

Q) Is protest (manifestation) legal in Islam?
A) There is a diligent way of opposing without breaking rules and rightsQ) If i spend on my family in terms of food on the day of ashura. But the food will be consumed on sunday after sunset, will it be counted as spending on ashurah or it will be counted as 11 muharram?
A) Counted on 10th because spent on 10th Q) Eski gagne droit tire zakaat en avance? pou 1-2 ans?
A) Oui, lors du bien existant Q) Are ahmadees/qadianis muslims?
A) No

Q) Is albarakah and century bank halal?
A) It is closed now

Q) Dua for making parents agree for marriage.
A) Crying in tahajjud.Q) Jannat de ene madam divorcee trouv enba ki sanla so.lipied?
A) Embas li pied so parents.Q) Ruling about husband making 2nd nikka. Is it obligatory to seek permission from his first wife.
A) No permission needed.

Q) Is the aid money given by government during covid-19 halal to accept? Given that we do not know where exactly it is coming from (maybe interest sources).
A) Most of government income is from taxes. Hence HALAAL to consume such aid n also old age pensionQ) Is prayer valid if someone wear garments under ankles for men?
A) Makrooh. Valid thoughQ) Si kelkun ki ti supozer ale Hajj sa lannee la mais pas fine kpv akoz corona et si arriver li fini intekal ziska lannee prochaine. Eski li parmi ban hajee?
A) Si jamais line faire hajj, alors li pou bizin faire hajj coute ke coute. Mais li bizin faire wasiyat ki si li mort ene dimoune alle faire hajj pou li.Q) I dream that my sister gave birth to a beautiful girl and i was so happy that i looked after the baby girl and she started to talk really quickly.Note that I’m unmarried and my sister is childless.What does this mean?
A) Insha Allah she will have child and you will be married soon Q) How to use blackseed oil to heal pimples on face?
A) Apply with cotton. Else use olive oilQ) Is apple cider vinegar halaal?
A) Yes.

Q) Husband/wife lives separately already 8 years. Now wife wish to get talaaq to re marry and husband won’t give talaaq. What to do in this case. jazakAllah.
A) Should see muslim family council.Q) What is meant by tahleel? What is the correct way of doing tahleel for a deceased person? Is it allowed to gather people to do tahleel for a deceased person?
A) Not sunnah to read laa ilaaha.. in group.Q) Is there any dua against evil eyes as I’m noticing since I’m being successful in life I’m getting lots of pimples which I never had in life.
A) Put olive oil.Q) Is my husband a mahram for my mother?
A) Yes.Q) Eski ou kapav explik kuma lire 3 Qul et souffler dans lamain avant dormi?
A) Souffler dans la main et apres passe la main entire lecorps.Q) What is meant by ‘’evil of old age’’?
A) Sins of old age?Q) Dua to get married please?
A) Read lots of istighfaar.Q) Eski li permissible pou travail comme agent ban produits pou ban business multilevel marketing kuma Frederic M, Yvre rocher, avon, concept etc..?
A) Depends condition. Avon ok.Q) How to make niyyat for qadha umri last and do we pray same as regular prayer i.e 2 rakaats fajr, 3 rakaats magrib and others 4 rakaats?
A) Yes, the last you missed, do same farz amounts including witr.Q) Any dua to read  to hide someone’s flaw and make parents accept marriage proposal?
A) Allahoumma sallim sallimQ) Eski parda(couvrir figure) obligatoire?
A) Oui.

Q) Is it permissible to give interest money to someone in need? Or gift to someone?
A) In need okQ) Si ene madam fine gagne so period pendant shawaal et pa ress moins ki 6 jour pu shawaal terminer et li pa pou reussi gard 6 roza shawaal? Eski kapav gard mem apres mois fini,et pu gagne sawaab la?
A) Non.Q) Is wine vinegar halaal? Its included in so many foods these days like mayonnaise. Etc..
A) Yes.

Q) Is balsamic vinegar halaal?
A) Yes.Q) Mo papa fine mort e kit 5 enfants ek nu mama. Ki sanla bizin initier la partage de heritage entre nou tou?
A) Tous zenfants et mama. Mama 1/8.  7/8 entre zenfants. Garson gagne 2 fois plis qui tifille.Q) Is it allowed for man to listen to female qaris reciting Quraan on youtube?
A) No.Q) What is the punishment for someone who commited zina?
A) Very grave sin. Should so tawbah.Q) Si kelkun mort jour vendredi, eski li epargner de azaab qabr ziska qiyamaat?
A) InshaAllah.

Q) Is it allowed in islam to name a girl child followed by father’s name. Like SAIRA SHOWKAT, SAIRA is girl child name and SHOWKAT is father’s name.
A) Not advisable. Q) If a woman is divorced two times,does that mean she don’t have any honour anymore? i want to know what islam said about it
A) No such thing. She may remarry.Q) Is nutmeg halal or haram?
A) No. Unless intoxicate.Q) Assalamualaikum, Is old age pension safe money?
A) Wslm. Yes.Q) I am a doctor and my wife a nurse and sometimes our working shift coincide with taraweeh prayer time. Are we sinful if we miss taraweeh?
A) Sinful to neglect sunnah muakkadah. If free before sehri, then do it before sehri. Q) Swalaat ishraak et Duha c’est la meme chose ou c’est different? A quelle heure doit on les accomplir plus precisement?
A) Non. Ishraaq 15 minutes après lever soleil. Chaast, environs deux heures de temps apres lever soleilQ) Salaam Can u explain if it is permissible to celebrate birthday and cutting cakes etc pls
A) No.Q) I usually fast on Mondays-Thursdays. This means that I will fast for 8 days during Shawaal. Should I fast the 6 days, to get the reward for 1 year fasting, separately or will these Mondays-Thursdays fasts be enough?
A) You may continue to fast as much as you can during this month.Q) Can u please tell me that dua for good/pious companion which you had sent via whatsapp.A) *Reported in Bukhari, Alhamdulillah, that `Alqamah came to Syria and read 2 rakaats in Masjid. Then he made this du`a: ‘’Allahoumma Yassir li Jaleesan Saalihan’’ ‘’O Allah path my way easily to sit with a good companionship.’’ I came to a group of people and I sat. Soon an old person came and he sat by me. I asked others about this old personality and they informed me that he is Abu Darda r.a. So I told hazrat Abu Darda r.a. about the du`a I made for good companionship and that Allah Ta`ala has made me sit with him.**Hazrat Abu Darda r.a. asked me : ‘’From where are you ?’’ So I told him that I am from Kufah. So Hazrat Abu Darda r.a. told me: ‘’Don`t you people have the senior Mufti named Abdullah bin Mas`ood r.a. who always used to accompany Rasouloullah Swalallahou `Alaihi Wasallam wherever He went, take his shoes, take his cushion and other hygienic utensils/means? Don`t have Hazrat Ammaar r.a., the one who Allah Ta`ala protected him from Shaitaan, on the words of Rasouloullah Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam? And don`t you have Hazrat Huzeifah r.a. the secretary of the secrets of Rasouloullah Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam?’’ So I replied yes to all these questions.*صحيح البخاري – ()حدثنا إسرائيل عن المغيرة عن إبراهيم عن علقمة قالقدمت الشأم فصليت ركعتين ثم قلت اللهم يسر لي جليسا صالحا فأتيت قوما فجلست إليهم فإذا شيخ قد جاء حتى جلس إلى جنبي قلت من هذا قالوا أبو الدرداء فقلت إني دعوت الله أن ييسر لي جليسا صالحا فيسرك لي قال ممن أنت قلت من أهل الكوفة قال أوليس عندكم ابن أم عبد صاحب النعلين والوساد والمطهرة وفيكم الذي أجاره الله من الشيطان يعني على لسان نبيه صلى الله عليه وسلم أوليس فيكم صاحب سر النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم الذي لا يعلمه أحد غير صحيح البخاري – ()حدثنا سليمان بن حرب حدثنا شعبة عن مغيرة عن إبراهيم قال ذهب علقمة إلى الشأم فلما دخل المسجد قال اللهم يسر لي جليسا صالحا فجلس إلى أبي الدرداءفقال أبو الدرداء ممن أنت قال من أهل الكوفة قال أليس فيكم أو منكم صاحب السر الذي لا يعلمه غيره يعني حذيفة قال قلت بلى قال أليس فيكم أو منكم الذي أجاره الله على لسان نبيه صلى الله عليه وسلم يعني من الشيطان يعني عمارا قلت بلى قال أليس فيكم أو منكم صاحب السواك والوساد أو السرار قال بلىQ) Eski zakat ul fitr obligatoire? Kisana bizin tire sa? Eski ene missier tire pou madam et enfants aussi? Couma nous besoin tire sa dans ene situation couma confinement? Kisanla nou done li?
A) Zakaatul fitr wajib lors adulte ki ena moyen de so part et de la part de so banne famille dependant lors li. Donc ene missier pou donne rs 80 a banne pauvres musalmane pou li et rs 80 pou so madame. Rs 80 pou chaque zenfant. Donc li responsabilité de ene père de famille ki ena moyen pou acquitte sadaqatul fitr de so part et de la part de so famille pendant Ramadhaan, au plus tard avant namaaz eid. Si pas finne donne sa wajib la avant namaaz eid, alors li ene pecher. Bizin faire tawbah et istighfaar et acquitte même somme dans sadaqah après namaaz eid.Q) As per sharia, how often can a woman goes to parents house? And how many days can she stay?
A) As per shariah a weekly visit of a few hours should be sufficient. Unless, her parents require attention/khidmah. Then all children including daughters should share the looking after the parents

Q) How is Eid prayer to be done during lockdown? Is it obligatory? And are those sinful who miss the Eid prayer?
A) Wajib if 4 adult males available. Else read nafils n do istighfaar. Not sinful due to health curfew

Q) Ki meilleur pou fer dan 10 dernier nuit? Lever fer namaz heure tahajjud ou complete quraan?
A) Tous les deux tahajjud.Q) Eski nou besoin remplace ban namaz rate akoz haiz? Et roza?
A) Namaz non. roza oui.Q) Can a woman perform I’tikaaf at home?
A) Yes.

Q) I see in your Halal & Raraam section a list of resturants of halal food in Saudi. does that mean that not all food in saudi is halal?? Insha Allah i shall be going Hajj next year and i now have fears that eating haram food might invalidate my hajj!
A)  When there, eat fish veg n only these approved restaurantsQ) Is it the duty of the wife to cook for the husband and family? Is she sinful if she does not do that and the husband who cook instead (because no food will be available then)?
A) It has been the practice of our mothers, the wives of Rasouloullah Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam, and also the daughters of Rasouloullah Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam to cook for their respective families. In the Qur-aan, Hazrat Ibrahim as went to address his wife to cook for some foreign guests.  فراغ الى اهلهفجاء بعجل سمين And the Quran prescribed the women to stay at home and look after the education of the family. Also Rasouloullah Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam prescribed the chores inside the house for Fatimah ra and the works in the yards or outside the home to hazrat Ali ra. All this indicate that the wife has the duty to cook. But times to times the husband may help her in this task, because Rasouloullah Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam was helping his wives at home. كان خادم اهلهQ) Wife’s parents and siblings keeps telling her to come stay while also constantly calling day and night even during prayer times wasting beneficial time for ibadah and quran. what should be done? this is becoming an issue.
A) The wife should be made to understand that her world is around her husband now. Her well being, her honour and ibaadah is in her home. Limit communication and visit weekly parents and the husband should provide for a separate house for his familyQ) Is I&J still halaal?
A) I&J fish ok.
Q) Mo vende linge (churidar) etc depuis lakaz, eski pou zakat mo bizin considere prix ki mon aster ou prix mo vender?
A) Prix vender pendant sa ramadhaan la.Q) I live with my wife and child of 4 years old. Since masjids are closed during lockdown, can I pray jummah with my wife or I need to pray zohr salaat. Some applies for eid salaat?
A) Zohr. You need a minimum of 4 adult males for jum’ah conditions to be fulfilled.Q) Does one has to pray taraweeh?
A) Taraweeh is sunnah muakkadah. Sinful to leave out.Q) Wife calling parents often e.g 3-4 times daily and this becoming an issue if said to limit that and this is having an impact on marital and family life? What should be done?
A) She may call once daily for 10 minutes. She may visit weekly onece. She should attend to household management more.Q) Assalamuralaikum, ene imam heure p faire salaat. Lor 2em rakaat aulieu assize pou ahtahyat line fini leve lamoitie,heure fine remind li lin re assize, eski ti bzin faire sajda sahu et si pan faire eski salaat pou compter?
A) Sahus bon. Mais compter sans sahus.Q) Eski ena zakat pou tire lor dimoun ki doi nous?
A) Oui si ena espoir ki li pou retourner.Q) Ene personne san acourant lin met dhuile dan oreille pendant ki li ti roza, ki li bizin faire?
A) Replace 1 roza.Q) Si ene personne ena 60 roza pou remplacer eski li gagn droit paye ene dimoune pour emplace li?
A) Non.

Q) What do you recite during sujood?
A) Same sajdahs tasbeehQ) Kan pe dire faire wazou dan ghusl, eski bizin faire li complete kuma nu faire pou namaz ou bien just gargarise, brosse ledent et mette delo dan nene?
A) Faire completeQ) Does fingering a woman nullify the man’s fasting?
A) No, But it breaks the fast of the woman. This is makrooh because it calls to sex, one should abstain from sex and all its calling during fasting.  Read our list of breaking fasts.Q) My husband passed away and whenever I pray after his death I feel im doing sijdah on his chest.
A) Do isaale sawaab for him daily individually.Q) Is there 72 virgins in heaven?
A) According to some reliable riwayats 70.

Q) What is the price of gold 18 carat and 22 carat to remove zakat. jazakAllahu khair
A) 18 carats : Rs 170022 Carats : Rs 1900Q) Eski ene la chambre reserver pou faire namaz,eski nou capav construir ene lot la chambre lahaut(met etage) la chambre namaz.
A) OuiQ) Eski corona li ene punition ou ene test depi Allah?
A) Test pou musulman et punition pou celui qui pena croyance. Lire plis lors web. Mo finne ecrire lors la.Q) Can one married a girl after kissing her?
A) Yes. Do tawbah though

Q) Henna hair dye contain Barium peroxide, citric acid, sodium sulphite and Para Phenylene diamine, is it permissible to use?
A) Yes, not black or fancy colourQ) Is dying of coronavirus shaheed?
A) yes, shaheed in aakhirah. But not like shaheed in the battlefield,

Q) Est ce qui Maulana Saad coupable pou seki fine arrive dans Markaz dans linde?
A) Oui, li finne manque faqaahat pou arrette tous quand maladie finne declarer. Raiwind aussi finne faire meme erreur. Shariah prescrire qui nous reste dans la caze dans nous lendroit dans sa banne moments la.Q) Salam. Please explain what is biswah as a family was ill and has gone to a imaam and he told us that she suffer from black magic. How to get rid of this? plz help
A) wassalam, read manzil daily Q) If we are infected and transmit on a disease like the Covid 19 to someone and that person died as a result, will we be responsible for that death in front of Allah?
A) No, but we should take the necessary precautions

Q) Salaam mufti, Kindly clarify to me that in view of the present confinement. If I can make my jummah and esha salaat and the tarawi by following the imam of makah throught the arabe channel and iqra channel. jazakAllah
A) Waralaikoumousalam no cannot.Q) Is it necessary to do kaffara before the nikkah was performed as i made some oath with Allah by reciting kalma? It’s been 2 years of my nikkah i didn’t give kaffara and didn’t seek forgiveness before nikkah as i forgot. Is my nikkah valid???
A) Kaffarah of what? No description here.Q) If  a drop of urine drop in a container of water, does this make the whole water impure?
A) yes, if the container is not like a large pool.

Q) Is Malt d’orge halaal?
A) Yes.Q) If we look at a woman’s satr accidentally while fasting, does it break our fast?
A) No.Q) I saw a man riding a donkey. He stopped and asked me with whom I was. A boy came and said to him I was looking for an imam to learn tajweed. He said he don’t teach and he gave me a plate of rice. I made the boy eat and shared with others.
A) Should not regret on missed things of life. Look forward of what Allah ta’ala has given you.

Q) Is brewer yeast halaal?
A) YesQ) Is rain water blessed? Using it for ruqyah?
A) Yes.Q) My mom recently passed away and left some wealth and properties in her name. my dad is asking what do we divide her belongings? We are 3 children, 2 sisters, 1 brother and my dad.
A) Yes divided :Father : 12/48Son : 18 / 48Daughter : 9 / 48Q) Is it obligatory to go to jummah prayer when it is raining heavily or there is a cyclone?
A) In case of class 4 and road to masjid endangers one’s life and well being. Then one should pray at home. Shariah has given permission for such circumstances to pray at home, same during health/epidemic lockdowns and curfews.Q) Taking a nap after zohr is sunnah. But everytime I take nap I always wake up with anger and I get this feeling that I am wasting my time and I have done nothing in my life and I am a loser.
A) A nap is sunnah before zohr. This is a brief time of bap. And not sleep. So 20 minutes before zohr makes your body more fit to tackle the challenge of life.

Q) I dreamt of an young imaam with red beard and an old beautiful lady. What does this mean?
A) Lust for dunya. Try to go in the path of Allah/jamaat.Q) Si ene madam  enceinte gagn bebe dan lopital public, et cest ene docteur missier ki banal fine attribuer et zot pas pou changer mem si fer demande pou ene madame pou get li kan accoucher etc.. est ce qui li permissible?
A) Oui permissible.Q) Eski nou kapav pass devant ene dimoune ki pe fer namaz sans ene sutra? Couma 1 metre devant li?
A) Non, metre ene latoile devant li deboute et lerla passer.Q) Is it true one must not wear an ornament only in one hand or foot? Must we always wear ornaments like bracelet, ankle chains in both hands or feet?
A) Recommendation for socks,shoes etc.. ornaments permissible in one hand.
Rasouloullah Swalallahou Alaihi Wassalam used to mostly wear his stamp ring on the left hand,small finger.Q) Are dolls and animals toys allowed for children?
A) No. unless instructiveQ) Can I wear an ankle chain?
A) Female yes, without sound.Q) Are we considered sinners just because we receive interest on our savings account? Our system in such that we need to have a bank account. I neither use the interest money nor have the intention to earn interest.
A) Not sinners if taken out from the account and give to the poor.Q) Eski donne azaan dan qabrastan apres enterre murdah?
A) Pas sunnah. Bid’ahQ) How to use zamzam water for curing pimples?
A) Can use directly on skin.

Q) Is propolis capsules from BEE health Uk halaal? It contains gelatine bovine?
A) Permissible.Q) I dreamt of someone sending me messages and exactly 2 days after the same person sent me message in real. What does it mean?
A) Soon good tidingsQ) When I was doing namaz I saw a boy prostrating and making dua. What does this mean?
A) Pious companion.Q) What happen to a person who swears at the time on anger then regret after that?
A) Do tawbah and istighfaar and give sadaqah on the name he oppressed.Q) Is it possible to dream about something and exactly same thing happens in real?
A) Yes.Q) Dua for coronavirus?
A) Allahoumma inni arouzoubika min sayyi-il-asqaam.Q) I Would like to know if you offers Islamic courses to new reverted in islam. Djazakallahu khayran.
A) Yes, my friends do. Please send me your access area and we suggest. Male or female?Q) I dreamt of red rose flowers blossoming from the rose my sister gifted me. What does that mean?
A) InshaAllah your hope will open from the family of your sister.Q) How to get very good memory to memorise Qu’ran? Like photographic memory? Any tips duas or foods?
A) Save the eyes from sins, keep away from sins, keep closeness to long nafil salaahs, eat almond, do miswaak and put oil on head.Q) Eski ene garson ki fek arrive age puberty kapav deboute temoin si so mama pe fer nuvo nikka?
A) Oui.Q) My dentist will file and correct my molars teeth to prevent food from being stuck in between to avoid decay. He told me he can file the incisors to make them equal in length also. One is longer than the other. Is it allowed for man?
A) Permissible medically. Not aesthetically.Q) If we mistakenly eat something that was haram without realising it then later we found out. What do we have to do?
A) Tawbah. Only tawbah and cover it with good actions like Sadaqah.Q) Eski apprend Quran par Coeur ou apprend arabe avant?
A) Par Coeur.Q) Comment bizin divise part heritage pou ene misier qui fine mort et in quitte ene madame, ene garson, et deux filles? Combien pour chacun zot part?
A) Madame : 4/12Garson : 14/32Fille : 7/32

Q) Is palmolive soap halaal?
A) Yes.Q) Should we shave moustache or trim it?
A) Trim very short.Q) Eski mine Apollo halaal? Ena dire zot met lagraisse animaux kuma porc ladan?
A) Non li okQ) Does 3 talaaq at once count as one or three?
A) Count as three.Q) Who was salahuddeen ayyubi?
A) A pious muslim conqueror who captured Palestine again from Christian in 1174 solar calendar.

Q) Is it sunnah for men in islam to keep long hair or just a custom?
A) Not sunnah. A few riwayats can be interpreted in travelling days of Rasouloullah Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam. Else the established sunnah is that earlobe limit should be respected.Q) Is it allowed to work as veterinary? If we sometimes have operations on dogs,pigs etc?
A) PermissibleQ) I love someone but he is not a virgin. Should I continue and make him meet my parents?
A) Depends on many factors like piety, tawbah done, salaah, halaal revenue work, no vies, etc to be considered.Q) How many rakaat istihadah has?
A) Question not clear.Q) I have someone in my life and looking forward to make him meet my family but just when im about to make a step forward I get some problem with that boy and I dream of another boy and see him in namaz.
A) Depend on what age you reached. If you already slipped in zina, then go forward for the first positive istikharah

Q) Comment fer tayyamum etape par etape?
A) Niyat. Tappe lamain lors la terre or roche et pass lor visage, retappe lamain lors laterre et passe lor lamain et le bras y compris coude.Q) Is domino’s halaal?
A) See certificate. okQ) Is medical insurance permissible?
A) No.Q) Are doux products halaal?
A) No.

Q) Eski mo garson endroit servi Largent linteret ki mo fine gagner? Aulieu mo done li ene lot dehors?
A) Non bzin donne ene misere en dehors.Q) Where did Adam and Eve met after they were sent down on earth? And where did they land on earth?
A) Some narrations say they separated and they met in Arafah.Q) Is it permissible for a man to work as a genecologist if there are female doctors?
A) PermissibleQ) I work as a driver and sometimes the last passenger I drop off is a woman. It means that I have to drive some distance alone with her but I don’t talk to her, should I continue to do this job?
A)  Yes, don’t talk to her and don’t look at her in  the mirror. Put her at the back in the passenger seat.Q) I dreamt of being hugged by a cat?
A) InshaAllah a good companion soon.

Q) Eski li permissible et recommender pour lire Dalail Ul khayrat (Livre avec plis ki 800 Duroods) toule jour?
A) OuiQ) Who are the salafis? Are they muslims on the straight path?
A) An extreme group that has cut off from the mainsteam chain connected to our salafe saaliheen ( pious elders)Q) I dreamt of a boy who told me to pinch him and I did so and then when I pass on a remark he got angry and stop talking to me I got scared. Meaning
A) Not the right partnerQ) I dreamt of a girl having jinn on her and staying by my place. I got scared of her and took Quran in my hands and reading Ayat ul kursi a lot and telling my parents to let her go. Meaning?
A) Read manzil daily

Q) I am looking for the hadith pertaining to correct posture during sijdah specially regarding elbow?
A) Man when individual salaah open and raise elbow up. In jamaat can’t open but keep up. Women wrap elbow with body and stick on ground.Q) Why am I frequently dreaming of same boy whom I never met. Meaning?
A) Soon good news insha Allah.Q) A partir ki l’age puberte de fille et garcon d’apres deen?
A) 15 Ans. Mais si haiz entre 9-15 ans alors puberte pour filles. Et garcon ejaculation suffit puberte avant 15 ans.Q)  Can we vote in general elections?
A) Yes.Q) Est ce qui dargah ek mazaar ena so place dan islam ou non?
A) Visite qabr et faire salaam mourdah li sunnah. Mais pas gagne droit demande qabr narnier.Q) I dreamt my mother intekal and I did not cry or inform anyone. When she got buried I started crying and then I saw her sitting and felt happy. Meaning
A) She should increase Aakhirah preparation.

Q) Is it allowed to do namaz for yaum ul nabi but days before you have drink alcohol.. what can be done to do with missed yaum ul nabi’s prayer?
A) There is no such yaum ul nabi salaah. And even if alcohol drank-which is a grave sin-then tawbah should be done and can pray salaah right after being sober.Q) Can an imam perform nikah of a young girl who is pregnant from the man she is going to marry?
A) Yes.Q) How to stop hair loss? Should we apply olive oil on hair or drank the olive oil?
A) Apply olive oil and read 3 last surahs and blow on hands to pass on scalp.Q) Will 3 talaaq counted if the husband mentioned it in state of sihr on him?
A) If not in state of mind,then not counted.Q) I have some health issues. My body is here but mind is travelling. Like my mind thought of something then I get satisfied by it. Its like my rooh is working on me.
A) See a doctor. Then read manzil daily.Q) Why eyes in a clothing is not permissible wearing?
A) Any living thing cannot be worn.

Q) How to stop hair loss?
A) Olive oil and 2 last surah.Q) Is it permissible to skip one Jummah and work for the general elections. Counting of votes will be effected on Friday 08 november?
A) NoQ) Can I do Asr salaat at 15.30?
A) No.Q) Does women have voting rights?
A) Yes, according to constitutionQ) Ki meilleur fer umrah ou aide kelkun ki dan le besoin?
A) Tous les deux bon, si fini faire umrah sa lannee la, alors aide dimoune. Sinon umrah meilleur.Q) Is it right for daughter to wash father’s panties?
A) No.Q) How to remove pimple and red marks on face? Any dua apart 2 last surah?
A) Use olive oil and honey.Q) I would like personally to know whether 0.0% vintense wines would be considered to be permissible to drink for a muslim?
A) Not permissible.

Q) Can muslim smoke weed?
A) No. HaraamQ) A female relative is sick from jinn possession. Any contact of a genuine raaqi?
A) Read manzil daily.Q) Eski talaaq pu compter si mo misier in dir moi ‘’ mn dne toi to 3 talaaq ene sel kut’’?
A) Oui.Q) What is the meaning of attaining Allah’s piety?
A) Pious to avoid all haram and makroohs.

Q) How to know if we are descendants of Muhammad S.A.W?
A) From grand parents lineage ascendants.Q) Is listening or reading naats permissible?
A) Yes, without music and shirk.Q) Can a girl travel with her non muslim mahram?
A) Yes, if he is a trusted respectable person.Q) Are there any known descesdants of prophet Muhammad(pbuh) today? If yes where are them?
A) Yes. Nazir family in portlouis is from the family of Rasouloullah SAW.Q) I dreamt of a room in my house which was possessed but I got nothing but I saw myself looking at the mirror while standing in that room and recired ayatul kursi. Meaning?
A) Read manzil daily.Q) How to purify and fix our hearts?
A) Through zikrullah.

Q) Can we hold and feed baby with milk in bottle with left hand and when feeding baby holding baby with right hand?
A) Permissible. Better other way. Say bismillah before drinking.Q) Eski canard ek cerf halaal pour manger?
A) Please ask JUM on 240 04 39Q) Koman besoin faire boir black seeds dapres sunnah? Et koman pou trouv so bienfait?
A) Meilleur prend ene pincee de grain de black seed tous les matins.Q) Eski nous bwar delo zamzam debout ou assizer? Et eski besoin dans direction qibla?
A) Recommender debouter. Permissible assizer. Et recommender faire dua avant boir. Dua vers qiblah.Q) Is there any kind of ibaadat on ashura?
A) Roza and spend more on dependants.

Q) How to stop being obsessive about eating and tempted even when not hungry?
A) Stay away from table, fridge and kitchen. Only when necessary you eat and leave in a small amount.Q) I’m dreaming quite often of people attacking and trying to harm me. What does it mean?
A) Sadaqah and Tahajjud.Q) What is the meaning of this name Rukhsaar?
A) As beautiful as cheek.Q) Should one have a valid reason to ask for talaaq?
A) Yes. Sinful to break the bond of marriage without reason.

Q) If 2 persons say qubool 3 times on phone and by mistake what will happen?
A) Nothing.Q) Can I use zamzam water on my face to remove pimple red marks?
A) Yes.Q) How to become a friend of Allah? Can we become one even if we repent after sinning a lot?
A) Yes. A repented one is alike one without sins. (hadith)Q) Any proven or tested weight loss program by scholars in islam with tips and a whole day example?
A) Fasting with little iftaar and sehri.Q) I saw a dream where I was reading surah Nur and there was an unknown girl sitting besides me helping me read. She was dressed in black jilbab and hijab.
A) Not positive sign.

Q) I dreamt of a girl dead due to being possessed and recently she was possessed and got well. What does this mean?
A) Read manzil daily.Q) L’importance muharram? Qui nous besoin faire?
A) Mois sacree. Garde beaucoup roza. Pas mofine.Q) Any dua or anything to do for woman to give normal delivery?
A) Read Surah Maryam a lot.Q) Eski poule laviande halal dan lopital ou clinik kuma darney welkin etcc?
A) No info.

Q) Is drinking nabidh(dates soaked in water) sunnah?
A) Yes. Maximum 2 nights.Q) Can we do aqiqa in Muharram?
A) Yes.Q) How to stop being constantly hungry and over-eat everyday?
A) Try to fast nafil. And avoid sitting long on eating table. Drink a lot of water half an hour before food.Q) My father had a dream that he cut bedsheet into half with hands ( really he cut bedsheet) next day,he woke up and looking to bedsheets 2 pieces and he was shocked and laughing. Meaning?
A) He should control his tongue and nafs.Q) I dreamt that I was near a haunted river and read ayatul kursi to protect me while drying clothes. I was alone and little scared then a boy came and I followed him and a lady told me we don’t go there. Meaning?
A) Should avoid proximity with non muslims.

Q) Is rocomamas halaal at grandbaie lacroisette?
A) Not listed.Q) How to stop overthinking and feeling insecured?
A) Involve in zikrullah and Quraan recitation.Q) Eski gagn droit rentre dans ban l’assurance medical?
A) Non.Q) Are all sea food halaal?
A) No. only fish halaal.Q) Eski gagn droit fer ban zenfan met ban vetement ceki ena tikomik lor sa?
A) Non.Q) What to do to stop proscratinating and feeling tired in doing good deeds like naafil ibaadats?
A) Listen to its virtues everyday. This is why homes where fazail a’maal are read are full of ibaadats.Q) Qui sanla ki so role bizin occupe lakaz (fer louvraz,manger etc? et occupe zenfant? Madam ou les deux?
A) Normalement louvraz lacaze li pou madame. Et travail dehors pou missier. Mais rien empeche missier pou suive le prophete Muhammad S.a.w et aide so madame. Missier bizin elver zenfant avec ban heritage bon manniere et education.

Q) Est ce que surma protégé contre les mauvais oeil?
A) Possible.Q) Comment faire tayammum?
A) Niyah et passe lamain lor roche. Lerla passe la main lor figure. Repasse lamain lor roche et passe lor deux lamain inclus coudes.Q) What can one do to reach the stage of dreaming of Nabi saw?
A) Read lots of durood.Q) Si boeuf mank 1 mois (juste 23 mois) pou gagne 2 ans, permissible ou non pour faire qurbani?
A) Non.Q) Qui nous lire quand faire zaba? Obligatoire dans direction qibla quand faire qurbani?
A) Bismillahou  Allahou Akbar. Pas obligatoire mais sunnah muakkadah.Q) Apres nifaas 40jours. Si continue saigner, kan faire komense faire ibaadat norma? Kuma pou diferencier kan haiz ou istihadah? Et kuma pou koner si haiz ou istihadah sa?
A) Apres 40jours, vivre normale.Haiz commencer apres 15jours depuis dernier haiz/nifaas.Istihaadah c’est quand saigner avant 15jours ou quand haiz depasse 10jours.Q) Heritage de ablaye ndiaye pere de cinq filles et d’une epouse une soeur avec 3 garsons heritage estimee a 30000000.
A) 5 filles recoit :16/24Epouse : 3/24Soeur : les restes : 5/24Q) Can a man drink his wife milk from breast?
A) No. this is not permissible.

Q) Eski li permissible ou non pou travaye dans labank et lassurance?
A) Non.Q) Does firaasah(know about a person just by looking) still exist among people nowadays?
A) Yes. Pious people.Q) Si ene personne fine deceder, li ti ena assurance vie, lassurance fine done la famille ene somme d’argent, li halal ou haram pour servi?
A) Non, servi ziste capital ki finne paye l’assurance.

Q) Can we give interest money to our relatives like father brother sister etc, if not then to whom?
A) Poor relatives not father or son.Q) We forgot to weight our baby’s hair after shaving? Any estimate grams of hair? Also to give in silver only or maybe in money?
A) Give Rs 600Q) komier nom Allah ena? 99 seulement ou plis? Et ki plus grand nom?
A) Plis. Allah.Q) Does Allah forgive zina? How to repent from zina?
A) Yes, tawbah not to do again. Do a lot of good actions, and sadaqah to cover up.Q) Eski ene zenfant gagn droit beneficier de Largent ki ene parent done so zenfant si parent so travay ene kitshoz ki haram, eski li halaal pou zenfant la servi?
A) Non. amoins pena choix. Retourne ene cadeau parents ou promettre pour retourner apres.

Q) Qurbani done in india and receive 30lbs meat here in Mauritius, is it ok please?
A) No guarantee. Better do Mauritius.Q) Is coca cola and pepsi halaal ou haram?
A) Permissible.Q) Si nous mort pendant ki nous nom lor waiting list hajj icc et nous pas gagn locasion fer hajj, eski nou compte parmi ban hajee?
A) Non. faire wasiyat pour kiken faire hajj de ou part.Q) Where is Allah? Everywhere or above the heavens and throne?
A) Everywhere. He is the light that illuminate the universe(Quran)Q) Ena ban brosses pour cheveux ou pour peinture lakaz etc qui faire avec poil porc, eski li permissible pour servi sa?
A) Brosse non. pinceaux peinture oui.

Q) Ruling about woman exposing awrah before male staff and doctors during child delivery at public hospital?
A) There is a medical necessity for women. If no female staff then permissible.Q) Kan ene madame mort, kuma so heritage faire? Parey kuma pou ene missier ou different?
A) Chaque cas heritage different.Q) Can we save or spend gift money to our young children by family and friends in ways we think best or need their permission and approval first?
A) Money given objectively to children should be spent on children themselves or keep for them. Sha’riah does not accept permission of a child.Q) Si nous doit kiken Largent mais nous pena et nous donne ene kitsoz mem valeur ek seki nou doit et la personne la accept. Eski li valid?
A) Oui si la personne au courant et li accepter.

Q) Si kelkun ena linteret Rs 2000 et li ena ene objet valeur Rs2000 et li besoin argent, eski li kapav done sa objet la en chariter dans place cash la?
A) NonQ) How to make use of money that closes one give to babies and young children? If we use it on them like clothes, can be given to charity without their permission later?
A) No charity permissible. Use on them, unless families gave to both parents and children then you may use as per necessity.Q) Can a person read another one’s mind and know what is he thinking?
A) Possible through duas and tahajjud. Very rare though. And sometimes it does not happen.Q) Madame ena droit mettre surma pour sorti?
A) Oui.                          Q) Awrah de enfant garson et fille? Et a partir ki lage fille besoin couvert?
A) Minumum awrah a partir 6 ans.

Q) Is chelsea’s cup and coffee cake at curepipe halaal?
A) Not listed.Q) Servi cosmetics seki ena lalcol halal ou haram?
A) Permissible.Q) Is there any dua for red pimples without heeling?
A) Last 2 surahs and blow over hands to pass on there.Q) Eski ban medecine seki consommer ena ene ti % alcol permissible? Couma sirop touC etc? et pour ban seki passe exterieur?
A) Evitez. A moins pena les zotte options et li prescrire.

Q) Nifaas li comier jour? Si continuer saigner apres la quantiter jours, qui nous bizin faire?
A) Maximum 40 jours. Apres sa vivre normal.Q) Parfois ban la vanille ena alcohol. Eski nous kapav servi sa?
A) Oui.Q) Is miss daisy bisrot rosehill halaal?
A) No.Q) Si papa change nappie de bebe fille, est ce qui gagne droit trouve partie priver ou mem toucher quand nettoyer de bebe fille?
A) Oui.

Q) How to stop listening music?
A) By listening Quraan and Anasheeds.Q) Is kinder halaal ou haram?
A) Yes.Q) My elder cousin male dreamt that he and I were fighting at masjid Al Aqsa. Note that my cousin is possessed by jinn but now alhamdullillah he is ok as a raaqi has performed ruqya on him.
A) Good dream. Try to wake up tahajjud and keep up with salaahs.Q) Is it permissible to kiss sexual parts by using plastic bag?
A) MakroohQ) Is it a sign of evil eyes getting pimples without heeling?
A) No.Q) Faire manifestation, gagne droit ou pas?
A) Pas islamic

Q) Is ice cream ‘Scoops’ halal? It contains E471 and made in Palestine according to the label?
A) Ok. Can be taken.Q) During a bad dispute with his wife, a man says 3 times or more..nikka casser? Without having the intention to do so, can you please advise if their nikkah has broken and what should be done?
A) Without intention no talaaq.Q) How to increase memory?
A) Miswaak, badam and tahajjud.Q) Madame fer video call avec parents jour et nuit dans chamber a coucher, permissible ou pas?
A) Pas bon. Bizin vivre so lavie familliale.Q) Kifer dan lakaz mayyat bizin couver laglass?
A) Pas sunnah.

Q) Interest is haraam. Does this imply only interest received or interest paid also?          
A) BothQ) If I have done a lot of errors in past, does not pray/fast and now repent sincerely. Will everything be forgiven?
A) Should pray regularly. Then only hope for forgivenessQ) Does Allah forgive shirk?
A) Yes, with sincere tawbah of not falling into it.Q) Is it permissible to have a tattoo?
A) No.Q) Ene madam bizin permission avec so missier pour faire video call avec parents, soeurs, freres, famille?
A) Ene deux fois par semaines : Parents non. Les zotes dans mois 1 ou 2 ok si pas mete desordre dan menage.Q) If a girl commited adultery before marriage, does she need to inform the boy she is going to marry that she is not a virgin?
A) No.Q) Saucisse farmstead halal ou haram? Si haram qui mark ceki halal?
A) Depuis Afrique du sud, vender pres avec casernes portlouis 5765 99 58Q) I was praying 4 rakaats fardh Isha. During second rakaat in tashahud after saying attahiyat I said Allahoumma and then stopped and carried on with the third and forth rakaats. Is salaat valid?
A) Yes.Q) Is it obligatory to write the will for inheritance before death? Or the job can be done by heirs after death(by dividing islamically).
A) If fear of dispute, then should write, permissible to leave for heirs when no issues on disputes.Q) What is the meaning the dream of a person who oftenly dreams of Tsunami?
A) Give sadaqah. Trouble ahead.

Q) Gard labarbe sunnah or fardh? Est ce qui li ene peche si nous pas garder? Et pour bonnet?
A) Wajib. Oui pecher. Bonnet sunnahQ) Si ene missier pas envi gagne encore enfant ou madame la, mais lot partner la envi. Couma pour resourde ene problem pareil?
A) Donne conseil et encourager et enplus dua dans tahajjud.Q) If we tell the truth about an issue ( include those involved) to someone for him to know. Is this backbiting?
A) If to prevent harm from someone, then permissible.Q) Is sweet foods offered by other religions on their special occasions, is halaal to eat?
A) No.Q) Is mozzarella cheese halaal?
A) Yes.Q) Which oil to use to get maximum hair and beard growth?
A) Olive and coconut.Q) Which is better to memorise without understanding or to understand and reflect upon the verses of Quraan even if not memorised?
A) Memorise.Q) Eski ena lespoir ene dimoune seki pa hafiz, seki trouve hifz dificil mais toulejour recite Quraan et reflecter lor ban versets la forme parti ban dimoune de Quran?
A) OuiQ) Si nous oublier donne zakat ul fitr ki nous besoin fer? Nous fine fer ene pecher?
A) Oui donne sadaqah sa valeur la aster.Q) Eski li permissible pour ale manger dans walimah marriage ki nous inviter dans lasalle kot ena mixiter? Ou la music etcc? Ou nous ena droit refuse invitation dans sa case la?
A) Accepter carte invitation gentillement et informe li nous pas pou capave vini acause mixiter.

Q) Tips for grooming, to get big healthy and full sunnah beard?
A) Oil and combs.Q) Est ce qui nous capave retard Aqeeqah si dans famille pour gagne 2 bebe pres pres et nous attane fer pour les deux ensam? Ou obliger fer saken lor 7em?
A) Permisible faire apres.Q) Lobane allume dans lakaz ena so place chaque vendredi dans islam?
A) Recommender.Q) Is tamtam halaal?
A) Avoid.Q) Kot sa kapav fer hifz region b.bassin ou rosehill?
A) Ml Khatib : 5744 46 48Q) If we help someone to do a sin he didn’t do before then later we regret and repent from, but the person will still do it. Will we still be accountable for?
A) Now, first advise him a few times to abandon that sin. Then only tawbah can be accepted.Q) Is it a sin upon a person if someone forgot some Quran after memorising. If not revised well?
A) According to some ulamas, if one can read in Qur-aan until old, then no problem if forgotten.Q) Est ce que c’est sunnah quand faire wudhu,lave labouche et le nez en meme temps?
A) Non sunnah separer.

Q) If I kill an animal by accident, a dog cat etc will I be punished on judgement day for taking a life?
A) NoQ) Is hotel awali bel ombre food halaal?
A) No, should enquire on spot and verify that they separate menues.                             Q) What is the neiki (Reward) that somebody gets for converting someone?
A)  All sawaab of that person during his life will be credited to him inshaAllahQ) I asked for a sign to choose between two. I saw the boy I love at my place. I was washing my shoes and he wanted to help me. He then sat at the dining table and was talking to my dad. My dad asked him to take out his shirt. Can you please interpret..
A) Well speak to your dad first. There seems to be family inappropriate.

Q) Is taking and saving pictures for memories on mobile permissible in islam?
A) Yes for a purpose.Q) Is shaving head only for baby boy or both and girl? Also how to apply saffron on the child’s head after shaving? Do we have to soak the strands in water an to apply the water or apply the strands directly or otherwise?
A) Both, put it in water and pass on scalpQ) What ibadaats to do on the night of Laylatul Qadr?
A) Best salaah, then quraan then duas Allahoumma innaka afouwoun tuhubbul afwa fafu annaaQ) Last week while doing ghusl I sniffed water and by mistake it entered the nasal cavity and came back of my mouth, but I am sure I did not swallow the water. Will my fast still count?
A) Fast ok if not swallowed but replace 1 precautionary.Q) I am 30,not married. I operated epididymits. My body produces more sperm and it cause congestion. This cause pain in lower abdomen. I don’t  get wet dreams frequently for sperm to discharge by itself. In this case is it allowed to take it out by using hand?
A) No, you should get married. If nothing local then import.Q) I am in love with a hindu boy, he wants to convert to islam to get married to me, but after wedding we will have to live in the same yard as his parents. Should I go forward with him? Or should I just accept a proposal of a muslim boy?
A) No. do not go forward. The Quran says that a muslim is far better to marry than a non muslim.Q) Eski gagn droit teint cheveux blanc kan roza?
A) Yes mais pas noir.Q) A non muslim friend dreamt about me talking with a handsome guy. What does that mean?
A) Good news soonQ) Is it permissible to sacrifice only one sheep for a baby boy for aqiqah?
A) Yes then later recommended another oneQ) My fiancé has periods in ramadhan during her fast now she has some yellow colour water emiting from her penis which does not include blood does her fast invalidated or not.
A) It depends on her haiz days starting or finishin. Inform on 5792 13 33

Q) Eski li permissible pou lire witr 1 ou 5 ou 7 ou 9 rakaats?
A) Non lire 3. 

Q) Is shaving head only for baby boy or both baby boy and girl? Also, how to apply saffron on the child’s head after shaving? Do we have to soak the strands in water and apply the water or apply the strands directly or otherwise?
A) For both, soak spanish saffron in water and then put it on the shaved scalp.Q) Eski Facebook halaal pou servi?
A) We do not advise dua to excessive harm to muslim lifeQ) If a woman is bleeding very little only between magrib, every day is it permissible for her to perform salaat.
A) Yes.          Q) I asked for a sign before sleeping and I dreamt that my sister has died. And I was crying loudly with my parents. Does this dream has any meaning.
A) Negative signQ) How to calculate the seventh day after a child is born.
A) The eve of that day next week unless the child is born at night.

Q) Is ghusl obligatory for someone who is having spot bleeding?  
A) No. should describe whether it was haiz expected date or ending of haiz, etc Q) Due to a cyst a woman gets spot bleeding for more than 15 days, can she fast on the 11th day and perform salaat even though she is having spot bleeding?
A) It seems a sickness istihaazah and not haiz due to abnormal spotting trend. She may fast and prayQ) For Sehri is it recommended to read Ällahoumma assoumo radhan laka ….”      
A) Yes. Niyah of fasting is importantQ) Est ce qui ene dimoune kine pren ene loan, ki dans dette besoin toujours paye zakaat si li ena ene somme nisaab en main ou dans compte bancaire?  
A) Non, si loan depasse so largent

Q) Eski gagne droit pren cash ki lassurance donner pou chak jour en attendant ki loto reparer au lieu ene vehicule remplacement? Si non, eski nous gagne droit pren vehicule remplacement la? Ou bien les deux non?     
A) Vehicule oui. Pas casseQ)  Any islamic advices on how to lose weight and stay healthy?
A) Eat 1/3 stomach, drink 1/3 stomach and 1/3 keep for air. Eat when hungry.Q) Aslm mufti saab. Ou ban sms bien beneficial, Alhamdulillah. Ti pou content si kapav fer annonce aussi kan ena ban evenements ou programs kuma ijtema etc a travers akoz parfois pas trouve ban affiche.          
A) Ijtimas are decided by mashwaras that avoid all these type of advertisementsQ) Assalaam. I dreamt of sitting on khobar with someone i know and love. Guests were talking to the groom and during the conversation with them he mentioned the word wife. (the dream was exactly like a wedding).What does this mean?       
A) Wslm, if grave was in your dream, then this is negative signQ) Is elgydium anti-carie toothpaste halal
A) PermissibleQ) How does girl do taraweeh at home?Should we recite durood after every 2 rakaat?        
A) 2 by 2 read the last 10 surah in the first 10 rakaats and reread the same in the second batch of 10 rakaats. Then read witr 3.

Q) Is vinaigre balsamic halal
A) YesQ) While praying Witr salaah, I heard the Fajr Azaan. Will the Witr salaah count in this case?
A) Count InshaAllah. Better read witr before sleeping.Q) Is ghusl obligatory if seen a nake girl i am a boy is ther any evidence?
A) No ghusl unless ejeculated.

Q) how many roza is there for Shabebaraat ?
A) 15th Sha’baan only permissible.Q) Can i take pictures of my Hand? Or ls it haram.
A) Permissible for a purpose

Q) M Aminophenol is in hair dye is halal
A) Permissible. Not black nor fancy colours.Q) What is the matter that has taken from white to white night, is the first letter from five letters: It is mentioned in the Quran that the food is forbidden, it is permissible to drink, it is permissible for a man to use it three times a day.
A) Repharse the question please.

Q) I dreamt of a beautiful girl whom I have never met in my life the other day. I had a happy feeling after waking up. What is the meaning?
A) Good news soon.Q)  Assalamualaikum Maaf question la unpeu behaya… Eski li permet dans haidh ki mo Mr li cares mo p.prive ziska mo faire orgasm. Ek lerla mo Mr li ejaculates between my legs( not inside vagina). Mo haidh li pour 10 jour ek sak 15 jour mo gagne haidh.
A) Non. permissible seulement pour porte en linge couvert ombrille jusqua genoux et ou missier caresse la haut.Q) Can a husband practice cunninglingus on his wife if the latter wants it to have orgasm
A) MakroohQ) Is Pelicaen Belgian Chocolate with ingredient NOTE : Emulsifier (E322 (soya), E471) halal or haram?
A) Yes Q) Is it allowed for a husband ti lick the pussy (sex) of his wife? The wife likes it and reaches orgasm with it.
A) MakroohQ) Did nabi e kareem sallallahu alaihi wasallam fast during Rajab? If yes, how much? Did he fast the whole month?
A) He advised sahabahs to fast lot in sacred months including rajab.Q) My mother has been doing Fajr Salaat 1 minute after Sehri time because she likes doing Salat as soon as possible. However, Fajr Salaat starts 5 mins after Sehri time. Does her Fajr Salaat still count?
A) RedoQ) Assalamoualaikoum, kan pou re ena ijtema? mo ti participer la derniere fois,  ti bien beneficial, Alhamdulillah. Si pou ena, date et place?
A) InshaAllah soonQ) Miniroulés de LU halal ? Il contient E471
A)  Yes
Q) I made dua a lot about someone I love and ask Allah whether he will be in my destiny, that night I dreamt I was travelling by car with him and my mom. What does this dream signify?
A) Do sabr and lots of salaahs.Q) Est ce que les femmes ont le droit de porter leur pantalon jean sous leur jilbaab?
A) Jeans qui ne sont pas collees oui.Q) Is menstruating blood impure? And is woman impure because of not able to pray?
A) Blood impure. Impure because of mense sickness. A sickness liable to all healthy women.Q) I dreamt of a baby girl who came and I played with her like my child and then a moment came when someone told she must go. Meaning?
A) Read manzil daily.Q) Eski obliger fer testament avant nous mort?
A) Oui, si peur qui pou ena discussion apres la mort. Sinon recommended.

Q) Couma eski nous kapave calculer par nous pour koner ki sanla eligible pour recevoir zakat? Par exemple parmi nous banne famille mem.
A) Celui ki pena Rs 30,000 ou plis du bien enplis.Q) Im frequently dreaming about the boy I love but we are not in contact in real.
A) Send your proposal.

Q) I was praying fardh dhuhr when I thought my wudu broke. I panicked and stopped praying. Then I realised that wudu did not break and re started the fardh dhuhr. Will the salaah I did count? I know that it is forbidden to break a fardh salaah but will I be forgiven?
A) InshaAllah count.Q) Ki bizin fer pour overcome paress?
A) Wake up tahajjud and read fajr.Q) Muslim baby girl names?
A) See on

Q) How is nisaab for zakaat at RS 30000 if we calculate that its from either 595 grams of silver or 85 grams of gold? E.g if we take silver price, 595 grams of pure silver is about RS 20 per gram, so that will be around RS 11900.
A) Evaluate your jewellery by a jeweller, if both together reach or exceed Rs30000 then zakaatable.Q) I dreamt several times that I am in Saudi Arabia with my family and once that I got a job in Makkah together my wife and children there. What is the meaning?
A)  If not gone for hajj. Please prepare to go. It seems that the haram is calling you.Q) A lizard crawled on my right leg fingers? And I am unmarried. Any bad effect?
A) No.

Q) Can we use interest money to spend on pets like buying pets or foods for them?
A) No. interest should be given to poor muslims.Q) Is cigarette smoking haram or makrooh?
A) Makrooh tanzihi.Q) Mo fine fer ene reve kot nous pe ale ene fami pour namaz fajr dans ene zoli masjid dans ene zoli lendroit?
A) InshaAllah soon improvement in your dunya life and spiritual life.Q) Are the permissible meat slaughtered by the people of the book for us eat?
A) No unless sure that they took Allah’s name and slaughtered properly. No other name or ritual done besides Allah’s name.Q) Eski kapav paye ban frais qui labank prend ene pourcentage par transaction avec linteret ki mem labank donner?
A) Non.Q) Labank prend ene % fee quand reload so prepaid card? Eski kapab paye sa frais la ek Largent linteret ki labank donner sans ki servi ceki rester?
A) Non.

Q) Is using VISA prepaid card halaal? Banks charges card fee and reloading fees for each transactions. Are these interest?
A) Permissible as per description.Q) I work in office, and I wear clothes that are not washable regularly, so can I offer salaah in that same cloth that I wore in the state of menses(no stains or anything on the clothes),if no do I have to change the scarf and the cap I wear below it also?
A) Permissible if no impurity on it.

Q) I dreamt my mother has been dead and I uploaded a status saying this, people commented amen. Meaning?
A) Tell mother to increase her ibaadahs and tilawat.Q) The other day I got a serious problem at dhuhr time and after I managed to do wudu to pray, there was only 2 mins left before end time, I prayed 4 rakaats farz only and completed 3 mins after end time. Is my prayer valid?
A) Yes inshaAllah

Q) What is the 2 last surah?
A) Surah 113 Falaq and Surah 114 Naas.Q) I got a problem for fajr salaat,there was just enough time to reas 2 rakaat before sunrise. I choose to pray 2 rakaat farz and the prayed 2 sunnah 30min after sunrise, is this ok?
A) YesQ) I accidently pushed my mom in anger but did not meant to do that,I’m feeling guilty. What should I do?
A) Ask forgiveness, do her khidmat and buy gift for her.

Q) My grandmother passed away and she never performed hajj. 
After her death, we gathered her jewellery and her money 
at bank and found that her wealth was sufficient for her 
to perform hajj. Is it compulsory for us to perform hajj 
on her behalf?
A: Know that the condition for hajj to be farz on a lady, 
that during any hajj period of her life, she had not only 
the money to pay for her own hajj, but she should be 
wealthy enough to sponsor her mahram`s hajj. If your 
grandmother`s surplus assets(jewellery,cash, business 
stock,etc) could afford for two hajj package, then only it 
would have been compulsory for her to perform hajj.
Should hajj have been farz on her and she never performed 
it, then it was farz on her to make somebody make hajj for 
her on her behalf during her lifetime or else it was wajib 
for her to write a will to errand somebody to do hajj on 
her behalf after her death.
If she made any verbal wish or written will during her 
life, then it would be compulsory for the heirs to fulfil 
her will from her estate. The wasiyah or the will to 
errand somebody to perform hajj on her behalf after death 
will be valid up to the limit of one third of the whole 
estate. If ever the hajj package expenses exceed one third 
of the estate, then the will not be fulfilled unless the 
heirs accept to give from their shares. Else the amount of 
money of the will may be given to someone who accept to 
make her hajj on that limited amount. Wallahou a`lam 
Q: My cat gave birth to 5 kittens. I don`t want to keep 
them. I heard a hadith that leaving a cat unattended may 
lead to Jahannam. I am unable to take a decision. Please 
help me.
A: If the kittens reached that strength that they may look 
for food themselves, you may leave them in a public area 
whereby the kittens may find their living easily. We 
recommend that you leave them away from a residential 
area, so as not to bother residents. The hadith report 
about a person who tied the cat and still leave it 
unattended such that the cat could not go look for food. 
The hadith also mentioned that the cat could not go to 
look for food even from insects under the earth. As such, 
as long as you leave the kittens free in an open space, 
you will not be liable to zulm or injustice. Wallahou 
a`lamQ: Mo ene madame ki pena mahram pou alle faire hajj. Eski 
hajj farz lor moi, meme si mo pena mahram? Si pas finne 
gagne mahram, eski mo bizin faire wasiyat?

A: Hajj li vine farz lor ene personne quand li ena le 
moyen. Moyen dans sa context la li signifier so banne 
depenses de so voyage, depenses pendant voyage, depenses 
pendant so sejours dans Makkah ziska ki li retourne so la 
caze. Et li bizin kite depenses pou so la famil pendant so 
labsence. Si li pena sa quantiter moyen la alors hajj pas 
vine farz lor li.

=>Quand a ene madame li bizin ena ene quantiter moyen ki 
suffit pou li et ki pou suffit pou sa mahram ki pou 
accompagne li pou ale faire hajj. Si li ena depense ziste 
pou li meme,  alors dans sa cas la, hajj pas pou vine farz 
lor li. En cas li ena le moyen pou li  et sa mahram ki pou 
acccompagne li la, alors hajj pou vine farz lor li.
Mais comprend ki ene madame pas obliger pou faire hajj 
tanque ki li pas gagne ene mahram pou accompagne li. Si 
jamais na pas finne gagne ene mahram pou accompagne li 
jiska la mort, alors li bizin fini faire ene testament a 
so banne heritiers pou kikene faire hajj après so la mort.
Ene wasiyat(testament) li pou applicable seulement pou ene 
tier de so du bien entire. Mais banne heritiers capave 
cede zote part pou accomplete sa heritage la.
suffit pou li et ki pou suffit pou sa mahram ki pou 
accompagne li pou ale faire hajj. Si li ena depense ziste 
pou li meme,  alors dans sa cas la, hajj pas pou vine farz 
lor li. En cas li ena le moyen pou li  et sa mahram ki pou 
acccompagne li la, alors hajj pou vine farz lor li.
Mais comprend ki ene madame pas obliger pou faire hajj 
tanque ki li pas gagne ene mahram pou accompagne li. Si 
jamais na pas finne gagne ene mahram pou accompagne li 
jiska la mort, alors li bizin fini faire ene testament a 
so banne heritiers pou kikene faire hajj après so la mort.
Ene wasiyat(testament) li pou applicable seulement pou ene 
tier de so du bien entire. Mais banne heritiers capave 
cede zote part pou accomplete sa heritage la.Q: I missed one rakat with the imam. Forgetfully I made 
salaam with the imam. After a few seconds I realised that 
I have to complete my salaah. I stood up and completed the 
one rakaat. Will sajdah-e-sahw be waajib or not?
A: On the condition that you did not perform(after your 
mistaken salaam with the imam) any action that may break 
your salaah, like talking, turning your chest away from 
the qiblah for 45 degrees or more, or do any action that 
one would judge that you are not in salaah, then only you 
may stand up to complete your salaah. If you did any of 
these actions, then the whole salaah has to be done again.
Else if you did not do any action that may break your 
salaah after the mistaken salaam, then the masla is that 
if you made salaam exactly with the salaam of the imam or 
before the salaam of the imam, then sajdah-e-sahw will not 
be waajib. And if you made salaam after the salaam of the 
imam(even slightly afterwards), then sajdah-e-sahw will be 
waajib; and generally people tend to make salam after the 
imam’s salaam, thus sajdah-e-sahw will be waajib. (Durre 
mukhtar, Badai-sanai`)
Q) Is peg-32 allow to eat in islam?
A) Name product and country origin.Q) I dreamt that I went to cut my hair straight for growth but the hair dresser cut it really short and I was not happy and scared.
A) Should put more trust in Allah and live more on taqwa.Q) Is cheese president mozzarella and cheddar halaal?
A) Yes.

Q) Any surah to read for pimples on face?
A) 2 last surahs and blow over hands to pass over face.Q) How to get rid of laziness?
A) Sleep early and wake up for tahajjud, fajr and then pray ishraaq.Q) Eski li permet pour prend lintere pour remplace kass proper ki finne perdi?
A) No.Q) I dreamt my sister and brother in law was talking about a guy whom I like and sister asked brother in law to call him and he said he was on voice call. I think they were asking him for marriage? Meaning?
A) Soon good news inshaAllahQ) Ingredients dans les maquillage qui l faut eviter svp?
A) Animals et insects.Q) I dreamt of someone who has been ignoring me and whom im waiting for his message inboxed me and said he was busy,what does this mean?
A) Patience. Q) Can a muslim write poems?
A) Yes, those in limits of shariah and without shirk.Q) Can a teenage boy have a teenage girlfriend?
A) No haram.

Q) I dreamt my marriage was settled and the boy’s mother wanted to make the wedding happen but my parents were out of country. Meaning?
A) May be your parents not consented.Q) I bought channel face powder, it contains carmine. Is it haram to use on face?
A) Not haraam.Q) Dois je toujours porter le hijab devant mon beau-frere?
A) Oui.Q) It is said that in a wife husband relationship, foreplay is permissible, can we have more details please. JazakAllahu khairan.
A) Foreplay recommended before intimacy, mouth to skin, not private parts and hand to skin and private parts not annus.

Q) Which parts of the body is it necessary for a woman to cover ?
A) When going out whole body and face. In house from ankles to shoulders in front of mahrams.Q) Assalamualaikum. Is it permissible to use vanilla extract containing 35% alcohol?
A) Synthetic alcohol ok. Q) In extreme circumstances, can I do Isha salat after midnight? Does it count as qaza in that case?
A) Not qaza. But makrooh. Permissible with valid reasons.Q) What about perfume with alcohol? Can you still wear them and do swalaat? Should we avoid?
A) Yes, if strong, then avoid during salaat with jamaat. Q) If I make salaam a little bit after imaan makes salaam in jamaat, will my salaat count, or does my salaat end as soon as imaan completes salaam? Meaning that I should redo the salaat.
A) Count. Counted and end with imaam’s salaam.

Q) If you have just enough time to read 8 rakat tahajjud & make 5 mins dua or read 4 rakaat tahajjud & make 15 mins dua, which one is better and why?
A) 8 Rakaats and duas. Duas can be made after sehri alsoQ) I dreamt that my brother ‘s friend suicided because of him.Meaning.
A) InshaAllah wealth.Q) I am considering to buy make up like lipstick or any other make up, which ingredients should I take into consideration before buying ?
A) Yes. Avon without carmine.

Q) Is the dua made between 2 arabic qudbah on Jummah easily accepted? What should be read during this time?
A) Not sunnah. But one may say duas in heart. Q) Are husband and wife allowed to hold hands in public?
A) Yes. Q) Is My grandma’s brother my mahram ?
A) Yes.Q)  I have been asking for a dua for 2 years now and there have not been major improvements. From your experience, should I continue to ask this dua or should I stop wasting my time?
A) Can continue. Allah taa’la will either give you that or something better for you in its place.Q)  Si mo gagne travail dan gouvernment a travers backing politique. Eski la paye pu halaal?
A) Yes.

Q) Can i use face vegan cream which has triethanolamine?
A) YesQ)  I dream that i was invited at my ex bf’s house.I entered his kitchen and his mom welcomed me happily and said you came finally. I was glad that his house was neat and then i went home to drop my dirty slipper and returned there.MeaningA) Should wake up for tahajjud and keep 5 times daily salaah. Try to read more Quraan.Q) Is it permissible to watch firecrackers on eve of new year?
A) Not advisableQ) How to avoid wet dream when sleeping at night?
A) Reas the last 2 ayahs of surah Baqarah.Q) I have diabetes and does my wudhu breaks everytime I prick my finger to test my blood sugar?
A) Wudhu breaks yes.

Q) I dreamt me of being in madina but was present in makka..
A) Good dream. Without Madinah, Makkah will not have been established. You need to read more duroud on Rasouloullah Swalallahou alaihi wasallam and apply more sunnah in your daily life  Q) Both my wife and I work. My wife is pregnant. Is it a sin if she continues to work after her maternity leave?  
A) The house is the place and the protection area for any woman. Hence before or after pregnancy, if no need for her to work, it is better for a woman to stay at home Q) I dreamt i got diarrhea                                                        
A) Should go in the path of Allah. Too much of dunya lust and engements.Q) Est-ce-qui nous capave lire (i) après sami-Allahuliman hamida ‘rabbana lakal hamd hamdan Kaçiran twayyiban moubarakan fih et (ii) dans sijdah ‘ Soubhana Rabbial’aalah wabihamdihi? 
A) (i) oui, recommender.
(ii) non. dans nafil oui          Q) I dream that i was going to meet the boy i love and i was happy and i met my bestfriend and she told me to do makeup and put on lipstick on my lips.I was so happy and waited for the boy but he did not come. Meaning           
A) Patience. Great day coming Insha Allah          Q) Is there any specific dua to read when drinking zamzam water?
A) Nothing masnoon. Reported from Ibn Abaas r.a. Allahoumma inna nas alouka ilman nafi`a …..Can read any duaQ) Is my paternal oncle my mahram?
A) Yes.Q) Suis-je obliger de porter le voile devant mon beau-pere? Est il un mahram ou pas?
A) Pas obliger devant beaupere. Mahram oui. Retirer voile, parlez mais gardez distance.

Q) Est ce que les mahram de ma mere sont aussi mes mahram?
A) Non, pas tous. Il faut specifiquement demander. Q) Can I cut my hair very little every 3 months only to keep it healthy?
A) No, unless medically prescribed.

Q) Eski li obligatoire pour ene madame metre pantalon ou chus faire namaz si so vetement couvert so lipied.
A) Non,mais faudrer pas la haut cheville paraitre quand faire sajdah etc..Q) Does mufti advises to eat farmstead sausages?
A) No.Q) Can a muslim be a singer ( not naats) and pray at the same time?
A) Singing with musical instruments is a major sin. So a good muslim cannot be such.Q) Is domino’s pizza Mauritius halaal?
A) Ok with certificate.Q) I know chirstmas and new year is not for us. But what if we go out and do some shopping.
A) Permissible.

Q) Some non muslims are asking why muslim don’t slaughter fish?
A) Because God created it pure already.Q) Eski comprime Imodium pour diare gagne droit boire?
A) Permissible. Better avoid because of side effects.

Q) Assalamuralaikoum, is ‘Daktarin gel’ ( used for ‘’zaf’’ in the mouth,which contains Ethanol(alcohol) halaal or haram? Please advise. jazakAllah.
A) Avoid. Choose non alcoholic.Q) Have we the right to say bonjour or reply to it?
A) Yes.Q) Le nombre d’eau a consommer par jour d’apres sunnat ?
A) Apres chaque wouzu environs 500 ml. Q) Assalamualaikum am planning to name my daughter alisha.can I have the meaning please
A) Not suitable. Please see on web different suitable names for muslimsQ) Im frequently dreaming about sleeping with someone quite clearly.What does this mean?
A) Read manzil daily.Q) Qui l’heure makrooh pour faire esha salaat durant la nuit?
A) Apres mi-nuit.Q) De l’eau zamzam capav boire meme assizer ou pas vers qibla?
A) Oui.Q) Are hydroxy prophyl ester, lanolinate, squalane, a 4538077891 C12-151,meta formate, pentaerythrityl tetraisostearate and a 19140 hala al in lipstick?
A) We need origin and name of product.Q) I dreamt i slept with the boy whomi love’s brother and i was quite happy.
A) Good news soon.Q) A qui point la voix ene madame bizin ete dans namaz?
A) Doucement, seulement la levre qui pronouncer sans voix.Q) Assalamuralaikum i have learnt that it is advisable to read surah yasin after maghrib prayer and Surah Mulk after esha prayer. Is it advisable or bid’aa to read Surah Wakeeah after maghrib and Surah Naba after Assar ?
A) Not Bid’ah.

Q) After toilet and washing, a drop of urine may come out unknowingly. Are we still clean to perform salaat?
A) No, should try to clean it before salaah. So verify before salaah.Q) Is parmesan cheese halaal?
A) Halaal safe.Q) After sexual relation and performing ghusl, a drop of sperm may come out unknowingly. Shloud we perform ghusl again?
A) No, but wash that place and redo wudhu.Q) Someone is suffering from hemorroids, after toilet, despite cleaning a liquid keep coming for sometime. Is he still clean to perform salaah?
A) No. should wash and clean. Should wait until clean for salaah.Q) Eski biscuit boudoir halaal?
A) Yes.Q) Why should we go to Madina first in umrah? It is a sin if a group goes to mecca first?
A) Not a sin. Some ulamas prefers Makkah as first destination. While others Madinah, then Makkah. Makkah Mukarramah is far more virtuous than any city in the world.Q) I dreamt I slept with someone and was half naked but was happy.
A) Insha Allah good news soon.Q) Do we have the right to keep dolls in the house?
A) No, unless eyes distorted.

Q) Est ce qui bonbon lapain gagne droit manger?
A) No.Q) Eski medicament spasfon kapav boire?
A) Non. spasfon lyoc est permissible et halaal.Q) What to do if a husband force his wife for anal sex?
A) Should try to get an alim to make him understand. Else you may put this case in front of muslim family council or nearest nikah/talaaq office.

Q) Is all butter can be consumed,any brand to avoid?
A) Butter on the market are ok.Q) I intend to go umrah soon inshaAllah. where can we purchase halaal food in mecca and madina?
A) See on else send us a whatsapp on +230 792 13 33Bismihi Ta`ala*HALAAL FOOD AND ZIYARATS INFORMATION UPDATED RAJAB 1439.**DURING ALL YOUR TRAVELLING, CHOOSE VEGETARIAN AND AVOID CHICKEN AND MEAT MENUES DUE TO RAMPANT MECHANICAL SLAUGHTERED MEAT/CHICKEN IN THE WORLD. READ ON**Bear in mind that ONLY those restaurants or take aways that use chicken and meat from Saudia Arabia itself that are guaranteed halaal. Those that use imported meat or chicken are not halaal because they are mechanically slaughtered. The vast majority of restaurants in Makkah and Madinah use imported meat and chicken that are not approved halaal. Important that you verify yourself the origin of the sachet of chicken because we found that restaurant keepers lie.Names of chicken/meat farms that are from Saudia Arabia and are hence HALAAL SAFE : 1.      Alyoum (Al-Maraa’i), اليوم2.      Fakieh,  فقيه3.      Al-Wataniyah,الوطنيه4.      Intaj, إنتاج5.      Al-Akhwain, الأخوين6.      Al-Tanmia التنميه************************List of halaal restaurants :1. Al Tazaj B.B.Q. Chicken-Makkah Hilton.2. Al Tazaj B.B.Q Chicken – Makkah Jabal Omar (Hilton Suites/Hyatt/Conrad)3. Al Tazaj B.B.Q. Chicken-Madinah near Quba.4. Reedan in Al Aziziyah, Makkah.5. Al Qaraat Restaurant-(North section) Madinah Munawwarah. (Only verified chicken but pls verify before buying)6. 
(مطعم امل نكهة جنوب أفريقيا) South African taste
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Mufti Ayoob Mackoojee
+23057921333Q) For umrah where is it recommended to go first. mecca and madinah?
A) Madinah.

Q) Is biscuit royal dansk from Denmark halaal?
A) Avoid.Q) Please can you give this dua ‘’Allahoummajma’bainana fully? As I am not understanding.
A) O Allah get us together.Q) Quand li yeux bater mofine sa?
A) No.Q) I dreamt that I was lying and my brother put black spider on my face,and telling me not to open my eyes but I did so and thought he was joking, I screamed and break 1 spider into 2. Meaning.
A) Nothing meaningful.

Q) Can one continue read salah if the sun is rising?
A) Yes the fajr of that day. do istighfaar after that. Q) Are Maybelline all baby lips halaal?A) Ingredients.Q) Eu,Anne fresh hair removal cream are halal?
A) Ingredients?Q) I am constantly sad, I try to do zikr but I cannot get rid of my sadness, it makes me weak.
A) Look in the future with hope that your duas will be accepted.Q) All bio amla shampoo halaal?
A) Halaal safe. Q) Kohe nor company Tibet soap in all form are halaal?
A) YesQ) Is l’oreal skin perfection cream halaal or not?
A) Ingredients.

Q) Is cadburry chocolate halaal?
A) South African ok without gelatine and e120 Q) Which dua to read to get someone we love as life partner?
A) Allahoummajma’ bainana.Q) What is manzil?
A) A collection of verses and surahs that Rasouloullah swalallahahou Alaihi wasallam taught us for protection.

Q) I love someone and wish him to be my life partner and us together in jannah, can I make dua for this to happen?
A) Yes.Q) Does safar mean one should travail in the month of safar?
A) No.Q) Jinn exists. What to read to protect ourselves from being trapped by the jinns?
A) Yes, read manzil daily.Q) Is Allahntoin halal ingredient which is found in?
A) Yes.Q) Is it true that dua can change something that has been previously written? And can be re written with the power of dua?
A) Yes. We are prescribed to make duas.

Q) Why it is NOT recommended to replace namaz after asr prayer. I
heard that there is no swalaat after Asr have been prayed.
A) After asr jamaat, one may pray assr of that day if not yet read and can
replace farz salaahs also. Farz salaah replacement-other than assr of that
day- can be done until 15 minutes before sunsetQ) Me and my husband have been trying to have children for the past 4 years.
The doctors can not find a specific reason as to why we cant, just my
husband has an average sperm count. We decided to go for ivf after alot of
consultations and just before we did treatment i had a dream of a lady who
came to me with a dead chicken and a taweez and told me to wear it. I
refused saying no this is black magic. And she said that you will not have a
child unless you wear this. The ivf failed without a known cause.
Could this dream have any significance to our fertility? We both have often
come out in unusual unexplained rashes and boils since we got married.
A) It is only with Allah Ta`ala`s will that one may
conceive. As such one should turn to Allah Ta`ala for approval. 
We recommend the principle of prophets who had children in old age: 
1. Go in the path of Allah
2. Wake up tahajud and read Allahoummaghfirli 360 times at sehri. 
3. give a small sadaqah daily in a box and give weekly to some poor. 
4. read this a lot and in your nafils salaah: Rabbi Hab li minas saliheen.  

Q) What does it mean when you dream of dogs running behind you? and my wife is dreaming that something bad is happening to me very often, what does it mean?
A) Enemies, should give sadaqah, read protection duas and be vigilant. best way to see far is through tahajjud Q) How do jinn hug someone when he or she is sad?
A) I am not aware of this.Q) If sehri time is 04.28 a.m at what time should i start doing the 360 Astaghfirullah dhikr? at 04.28 a.m or some 10 minutes before 04.28 a.m? please clarify.
A) At 4.28  Q) The other day i fasted a nafil. however when i did aftar, i made a mistake,and did it 5 minutes before actual time. only after hearing azaan after 5 minutes i realised i made a mistake should i re do the fast?
A) Yes, should replace.Q) I dreamt that i made caramel flan successfully and it came out good but it was very small. i was happy as previously made one was not good. but when tasted it was not a good taste. Meaning?
A) Insha Allah soon good news.Q) Why did people consider month of safar as bad luck etccc???
A)This is wrong and has no shariah supportQ) What are punishment of masturbating?
A) It is a major sin. In hadiths, the hands of the person would be pregnant dishonoured on the day of judgement. The young person become old prematurelyQ) Asalamualaikoum. i need a advice, i am a married woman, but i have a habit of watching haraam movies to satisfy myself though im married. each times after doing this action i regret and i speak to Allah i want to stop this, please advice how i can end this in my life.  requesting if u can make dua for me. 
A) Wa alaikoumous salaam, you should have more intercourse with your husband. Talk to your husband on the issue and try to solve the enigma together. Be reguslar with salaahs and tahajjud salaahs 
Q) What should a woman do when her husband is cheating on her? Please advise he is not accepting that he is cheating but the wife knows.
A) Trust the husband until found visible clues.Q) Is chocolate lindt halaal?
A) Hard one without filling okQ) A couple facing problems in terms of communication and understanding each other. Any dua/ advice to revive the love/strengthen the relationship between the husband and wife please.
A) Read verse 63 of surah 8Q) I heard that it is not recommended to travel by ship/going on cruise etc as thereis fire under water. Is it true from an Islamic point.
A) The hadith is cancelled with other hadiths showing that sahabahs would travel safely on boats. So muhadithins says that those hadith that show dander was because people did not master sailing as yet. Afterwards when sailing was mastered. Then it became permissible and safe.  Nonetheless, air travel is better than sea travel because the longest travel of mi’raj was done by air travel.Q) Eski traitement intrauterine insemination IUI permissible en islam?
A) Permissible if from husband and that no haram means or action indulge.

Q) Est ce qui ene poignet de labarbe c’est Sunnah ou plus?
A) Wajib ene poignet, Sunnah sa quantite la.A) Please read on web.Q) If a woman died in a state of haidh, must she be given ghusal mayyat?
A) Yes.

Q) Is it true that prophet saw had the choice to decide whether to stay alive
or to die?
Have all the prophets been given the above choice?
Can someone choose to follow all school of thoughts?. That is, he takes one
thing from hanafi madhab and one thing from Hanbali madhab and so on?
if not, what is the raison behind this and on what bases is it prohibited ?
A) Wa alaikoumous salaam, yes, Allah Ta`ala gave him the choice. 
not reported so. 
No. One should follow only one mazhab. 
Read on that it is sunnah to follow only one mazhab. Taqleed
was well established between sahabahs
If cant find, send us a whatsApp on 57921333  A) Permissible as family spacing means. But not to limit the number of children, unless medically prescribed.Q) Is it advisable to go on cruise ship? Please advice.
A) Permissible.Q) I am intending to go umra, can you please advice which group to go.
A) We have lots of friends doing, please contact us on 5 792 13 13Q) If a person swore(promise) using Allah’s name when he/she was angry. Has it been accepted?How to repent?
A) Not sinful to swear, although not noble.
If swore on Allah`s name, then should be completed
If not completed, then should give kaffarah

Q) Is britania biscuit halaal? Products of Italy haram?
A) Halaal suitable.Q) My friend having problems in her marriage with her husband, what can one advise.
A) They should both consult an experienced well versed mufti and try to solve to problems according to shariah.Q) Did nabi saw wore brown color judba. Like badam color, is it Sunnah that color or permissible.
A) Sunnah and permissible.
Q) What does this dua mean ‘’ Aouzoubillahissamee’oul aleem minashay twaan nir rajeem?
A) I seek protection in Allah the All hearing the All knowing against shaytaan,the rejected one.Q) Can I have a special dua for when feeling worried and having lots of waswas?
A) Read  lot of Laa ilaaha ilaa anta subhanaka inni kountou minazalimeen.Q) Is there any dua to read to protect oneself from a person?
A) Yes. Hasbunallahou wani’mal wakeel.

Q) What is sijjeen?
A) A place dreadful place in abode reserved for punishment of non muslims.Q) I dreamt going to a house where there was a big grey cat. That cat when seeing me approached me and put its legs on me as if it wanted me to caress. Please interprete.
A) InshaAllah soon a pair/development in your life.Q) Assalamuralaikum Mo ene convertie mais mo Mr pire muslim mais li pas pratiquant eski li grave.
A) Waralai koumousalam. Oui, bizin avoye li dans jamat.Q) Is candia whipping cream or cooking cream ok?
A) Ok.Q) Banks give pens as a gift like for their marketing can one use it?  i ahve pens and diary offered by sbm or mcb, can it be used?
A) No. Not permissible.
Q) Is it permissible for a couple to sleep together on the very day of nikah? Is it true that some people say that a couple should not. Please clarify this?
A) Advisable to sleep together on the first night.Q) Aslm, is mannat permits if yes what type of mannat can be made thanks.
A) Permissible, not advisable. Better give sadaqah on the ambition that one has. All permissible mannat permissible. 

Q) What does it mean by spending on ones family on the day of Ashura?
A) To increase expenses on them by buying gifts/food or give them money. No spendthrift.Q) Can we buy gifts for our relatives before Ashura and then give them on the day of Ashura? Will the reward be same?
A) Yes.Q) Is it Sunnah or nafil to fast on Ashura?
A) Mustahab.

Q) Eski nu gagne droit ale get ghoon, get tape ou pike ou nirport quoi? Et ki so consequence si ale get sa?? Et ki so consequence lors ene couple ki fin ale get ghoon ensam?
A) Ghoon non. Non. Gunnah si guetter. Comme si finne participle dans ene bid’ah. Couple nika ok.Q) Is colgate toothpaste which Is made in china and distributed by south Africa halal?
A) Avoid china.Q) What does it mean when I dream about lizards often and I dreamt about buying a snake and it got lost in my house?
A) Be aware of enemies that can seems innofensive.Q) Will I be sinful if I fast only one day in Ashura?
A) Makrooh tanzeehi. Not sinful. Not recommended.

Q) Besides the event of karbala what are the events happen in muharram?
A) Infact, karbala occurred about 61 hijri, that is 50 years after the demise of Rasouloullah swalallahou alaihi wasallam. The beloved prophet swwlalallahou ‘alaihi wasallam predicted that his beloved grand son would be martyred. And the beloved prophet swalallahou alaihi wasallam did not not prescribe anything to that matter.
It is Sunnah to fast on the 10th muharram due to different victories that muslims had on that date in the past. Sunnah to accompany one day before or after 10th. Read the articles virtues of muharram on web.Q) Is sea harvest ok?
A) Original ok.Q) Is it permissible to clap hand?
A) Clapping hand is rather for woman during salah. Men should say takbeer.Q) Is it true that one should avoid taking help or funds from kuffar for building a masjid?
A) Yes, to avoid non muslims ‘ influence in the masjid.

Q) Est ce qui barakat aller quand baleyer la maison le soir?
A) Non.Q) I am frequently dreaming about me getting married to the one I love but for the time being in real life we just took a break for him to concentrate on his future. So what does this mean?
A) insha Allah soon married.Q) Is there any toothpaste one should avoid using?
A) Yes, colgate except for south Africa.

Q) Which school of thought is best tawheed Sunnah jamaat and tabligh jamaat and why?
A) Tabligh jamaat’s tawheed and faith is more anchored and follow must the Sunnah to be called Sunnah jamaat.Q) What is a mazhab?
A) Following a set pattern orginated from SunnahQ) Tell me which mufti in fatwa in halaal and haram chocolates.
A) Tell me ingredients and country.

Q) How to use zuriat fruit for conceiving?
A) Nothing in Ahadiths. Should consult traditional doctors. Go in jamaat with husband and read rabbi hab li minasaliheen in tahajjud times.Q) E471 in Elle&vire cooking cream,is it halaal safe?
A) Ok.Q) How to perform salaat if someone passing of wind every frequently, what should be done?
A) Then do one wouzu for every azaanQ) What to do if you oftenly meets a person who complains a lots.
A) Remind him of favors surrounding him.

Q) Assalamuralaikum, please could you tell me why a person who has to perform qurbani is restrained from cutting his nails and other hairs during 10 days of dhul hijjah.
A) Waralaikoumous salam, recommended. A kind of sacrifice, respect and resemblance with hajis.Q) Is miko halal?
A) Avoid, dairy maid halal.Q) I heard when a person dies read 3 qul to send thawaab of katme quraan. If im in my menses can we read?
A) No.Q) If a person don’t follow a mazhab will he be sinful?
A) In danger of being sinful.Q) Will a person be sinful if he give less mehr like 500rs? Is it advisable to give 27.50 rs as mehr?
A) Sinful if mehr is below minimum amount. Minimum amount nowadays is rs 1600. The set 27.50 is an innovation.
Q) Will qurbani be wajib on me explain,example im not rich but I just have 30,000rs in bank just like nisaab amount? Do I have to make qurbani?
A) Yes, if financial position as it is.Q) Is it Sunnah for woman to perform ghusl on jummah or is it for man only?
A) Sunnah for men only. Sunnah for woman to do it weekly any day though.Q) How can one stop himself from backbitting?
A) By increasing zikr and occupying oneself from idle time. think how aweful if someone backbitting on you.Q) Quand bizin garde roza Arafat ici Maurice?
A) Selon Maurice so la lune.Q) Is it permissible for a woman to dye hair with the product belle color?
A) Depending on colours.

Q) Is it permissible for a muslim woman to withness the slaughter of an animal just like that?
A) Yes if no intermingling of sexes.Q) Does alien exists according to islam?
A) If aliens are those living outside planet earth, then yes the sky is full of angels.Q) What can one do if one feeling some guilt in their heart?
A) Do istighfaar a lot. Do lots of good actions.Q) Can a woman wear leather?
A) Yes, if covers her properly.

Q) Is my dibel fries ok?
A) Ingredients? Country?Q) Ena beaucoup personne zotte faire qurbani pour zotte zenfan sans faire pour zotte. Eski qurbani conte sa?
A) Qurbani li wajib lors adultes qui ena moyen. Donc li grave si parents ena moyen et pas finne faire pour zotte. Qurbani pas wajib pour zenfan pas baligh.

Q) Sehri time was 05.19, I prayed 8 rakaats tahajjud before fajr, but completed ` minute after sehri time, i.e 05.20. will my 2 last rakaats tahajjud still count? The first 6 rakaats were completed before 05.19?
A) Yes inshaAllah.Q) Est ce que c’est permettre de baleyer la maison le soir?
A) Oui.Q) Can one fast the next day of bakreed?
A) No, consecutive days not permissible.Q) Est ce que gagn droit joue qui veut gagner de million? Ene nouveau programme qui faire a Maurice et participer question et reponse.
A) Eviter.Q) What are the best deed and dua to ask on Arafat day?
A) That you become mustajabud da’awat.

Q) Can a wife have more power in a house?
A) No.Q) Is Malaysian products halaal safe?
A) Ok with Jakim Logo, but still need to verify ingredients.Q) Is Elle&Vire cooking cream halaal safe?
A) Yes.Q) Is beauty salon business halal? According to shariah?
A) No info.Q) Can I take one share qurbani for my small baby 1 year old in making niyah Allah protects him?
A) Yes, but take for you first.Q) Is fruit Sunnah to eat before or after meals?
A) Before.Q) Should we not fast on the day that the hajees are in Arafah?
A) No, we should not fast according to information got on net, phones,etc but fast according to your moon sighted by naked eyes. First of all, we should know that our deen has been completed on the day of Arafah. In the Hajjatul Wada`, the last hajj of the holy prophet SAW, on the Friday, when all sahabas were gathered in Arafah, then this ayah was revealed:’’Today, I have completed your religion.’’(Sourah 5: Verse 3) As such, we should know that technology, worldwide exchange of information instantly, etc would not an already completed deen. Nothing is to be add to that, nor would be substracted.If a time comes that lost all technologies or all fuel got finished and the sun pales up, then there will be no energy to allow us to communicate with each other. We would return to primitive means again. And in fact, there are ahadiths that mentioned that at the end of times, horse would be a means of transport. The well(puit) would again be a source to have water. As such in those times, we will not be able to communicate with each other so quickly, so we would fast according to our moon sighting. Not sooner than 100 years ago, everybody was fasting according to their moon sighting. As technology and information will not change our deen.Furthermore, some advocates that since we have information we should follow the given info. But we find a sahih hadith in Muslim shareef that tells us that sahabas in Madinah ignored the information they received on the moon sighting in Syria. Although Syria was the capital of the Islamic empire, but still all the sahabas of Madinah Munawarah followed the moon sighted in Madinah. Nor was there imposition to follow the moon of Syria.Since the day of Arafah is the 9th Zil Hijjah, then it is incumbent to follow one`s own sighting and not of Saudi. The day the hajees are getting together in Arafat is for them especially. As such, we would fast on the date of 9th of Zil Hijjah in your particular country.  Please see for a more detailed answer on the qna  ‘’When to fast to Arafah’’.

Q) I have a question.  i wanted to ask if I drink alcohol and if i have nikkah in 20 days is it valid? 
A) Wa alaikoumous salaam yes. Should do tawbah though

Q) Aslaamualaikum Hazrat.Please confirm. Which, 10 days are more virtuous in the eyes of Allah?
A) Wa alaikoumous salaam, last ten days of Ramadhaan. 
Q) Assalamualaikum,agar koi jaan boojh k zilhajja k phehle din baal katwale to uski qurbani hoti ya nahi hoti..jaldi jawab de to mehrbani hogi..AllahafizA) Wa alaikoumous salaam, ji hogi Q) Is it Sunnah or mustahab to fast on Arafat day?A) Yes, Arafat Sunnah. Q) What is the essence of that sacrifice of Ibrahim As or as we say Qurbani? What are the purpose..?A) We wrote on that. See on web. Q) Any reason why did Allah choose Ibrahim As for the test of his son?A) A great test of love. One son he had in the old age and was tested to sacrifice him for Allah ta’ala.

Q) Is l’oreal mabyline lipstick halal? And is body shop products halal?
A) We need respective ingredients of the products.Q) How to dispose torn pages of Quran?
A) May burn.Q) What are the rewards for fasting all 10 days of zil hijjah?
A) Please read on web.Q) Is it Sunnah or mustahab to fast for 10 days of zil hijjah?
A) Mustahab.Q) Time for sehri for tomorrow 13 aug  2018?
A) See on web.

Q) Does eclipse have any connection to islam?
A) Yes, we wrote on the subject on the web.Q) Is sesame oil can be consumed?
A) Yes.Q) Is it Sunnah to sleep or lie down between 2 rakaat of fajr.
A) Sunnah yes, for the one who spent most night in ibaadah.Q) Is chamdor champagne sans alcohol can drink?
A) No.Q) I saw a light trace of haiz then morning and evening nothing came out, how many salat should I wait?
A) If expecting your haiz that day,then wait. Because a drop during expected days is haiz. When sure no haiz, then replace and pray. But if not expecting then replace and pray. 

Q) Can we listen to quran(instead of music) to reduce stress?
A) Yes.Q) Does ‘’café de la presse’’ holds a halal certificate?
A) Not listed.Q) Covering face for a woman in hajj is necessary?
A) Yes, with a casquette to prevent veil to touch face.Q) What is the fatawa rulings regarding videos or taking pictures,I saw many ulamas says its jaiiz to take video for propagating deen.
A) Permissible for a purpose and an islamically accepted reason.

Q) How are chicken and cow slaughtered in Mauritius, is mechanical
slaughtering permissible
A) Not permissible. Mauritius free from mechanical slaughtering.Q) When new birth baby after inportance of
islamic azan but azan is mistake ,in this case give me islamic solution?
A) Redo azaan in right n iqaamah on leftQ) Is M and M fruit and nut halal from china?
A) No Q) My sister passed away a year ago due to cancer, she was a private person.
Due the time we about to give her body a wash 2 relatives came in, saying
they wanted to help. I was going to ask them to leave to give my sister’s
body privacy. My mother told me that the law states once someone enters this
wash area you cannot ask them to leave. Throughout the time my mother washed
my sister. These 2 ladies we’re trying to get glimps of my sister’s body.
It’s been over a year and I am questioning myself should have I just ignored
my mothers request and protected my sisters body by asking them to leave.
A) THEY SHOULD HAVE LEFT. There is privacy right in this issue

Q) Is kissing allowed in Ramadhan?
A) Not advisable.Q) Is hunting Sunnah?
A) Yes.Q) Is it true there won’t be animals in Jannah?
A) Not true.Q) After giving 3 talaaq to wife, is there a way to return together as couple? Possible to do nika again? Whats the procedure?
A) No, unless she marries another one, consummate, and then receive talaaq.Q) If a husband have 2 wives. From the first wife he has a son in law. Does the 2nd wife has to make parda from the first wife’s son in law?
A) Yes.Q) Im a revert, I have 2 daughters one baligh one non baligh. Both still non muslim. Now im married to somebody else. And we made niyat to go umra. Will my new husband be mahram for my daughters? And does both girls have to read kalima?
A) For them to go umrah, they need to be muslims. Yes husband mahram for daughters. But they should keep distance.Q) All shampoos face washes are considered like soap. Are they all too halal lije soaps?
A) Read ingredients.Q) Assalam je reve souvent de ma mere qui est intekal depuis 7 ans la derniere elle etait en train de faire salaat pouvez vous interpreter pou moi jazakallah
A) Recitez le coran dans sa faveur tous les jours. 

Q) If I smoke weed before going for hajj is my hajj accepted?
A) Indeed a great sin, should do tawbah. Can proceed for hajj for route of forgiveness and change. Plead Allah Ta’ala in arafah to clean you from this filthy vice.Q) Are all soaps halal?
A) Yes.Q) For surah yaseen ayat 21, why do we say ittabiru not attabiru. how come alif have a zer on it?
A) Alif is wasli, that is an alif brought to support the verb.

Q) Why the person who works in bank does not have the same priviledge as the one who does not work in bank in islam?
A) Income is not from pure earnings.Q) I heard if you apply some type of mehendi, wudhu won’t be valid? Is that true?
A) Nothing such.Q) Is there replacement for witr salah?
A) Yes, should be replaced.

Q) Is sneakers from japan halal?
A) Ok if not from pig.Q) Is farmstead sausages halal?
A) Not listed.Q) Is diisostearyl malate, pretrolatum, caprylic , capric dimethicone in makeup products are halal?                                              
A) Avoid.Q) Si dans ene boeuf 7 dimoune prend part qurbani, 1 dimoune la travail labank, eski Qurbani conte et pour banne lezotte dimoune la boeuf la pour haram?
A) Tous pas pour compter, Donc banquier prend part touseul.

Q) A girl was born but haqeeqa was not done, the girl is now 18yrs old. Must we do the haqeeqa now or not? Or what to do in its place?
A) Recommended yes.Q) Are krill halal?
A) Not listed.Q) Is wheat germ oil halal?
A) Yes.Q) Is brewer’ yeast halal?
A) Yes.

Q) Is stillmans and fair and lovely halal?
A) Ingredients?Q) Viviscal is a good product to promote hair growth for hair loss problems. It contains shark and mollusk powder. Is it halal in this case?
A) Yes.Q) Is it a respect if one pass by a masjid and make salaam?
A) Read durood by passing masjid.

Q) Are all comestics halal except containing carmine and alcohol? Those containing animal based glycerine and other such things are halal?
A) Not necessarily. Need more ingredients details.Q) Is laser halal on woman body and face?
A) Permissible for body face hair removal.Q) Is it good to believe in good omen?
A) Yes.Q) If after 1st talaaq fall in, now after fews years the husband wants the wife back? How to proceed?
A) Should redo nikkah.

Q) Can we give a non muslim friend interest money as wedding gift?
A) No. to a poor.Q) What to do with the fallen hair?
A) Burry if possible.Q) Can we do kulli as well as nose water wudhu?
A) Not Sunnah.Q) Till when can I greet my family eid mubaruk..most of my family I am meeting them now.
A) Ok. Can greet.

Q) Permissible de manger chez quelqu’un qui travaille a la banque?
A) Non.Q) Is kfc mc Donald halaal?
A) See certificate okQ) What should a wife do if her husband bets? Will be answerable for that?
A) Only advise good. She is not answerable.Q) If a husband leave his respond about him for years. Can she re marry without her divorcse as no contact from the husband?
A) No. should proceed to the official office of your area to break the nikkah/faskh.

Q)) Are musarrat misbah cosmetics halaal?
A) Ingredients? Country?Q) If I miss 1 rakaat behind imam and when he does salaam both sides by mistake I did the salaam on the right side then remembered I missed 1 rakaat but still got up to replace the rakaat will it be accepted.
A) Yes, if one still stayed in the salaah posture and did not talk.Q) Islamic ways to have longer sexual intercourse with my wife?
A) Cleanliness and good food. Clean from oral sex and brutality. Have a caressful of foreplay and fingering. Use olive oil if necessary. Respect wife as a human partner. The wife should be active also reciprocating movements and turning over the husband turn to turn. Good food means bio eggs, milk, honey, Spanish saffron and lots chick peas.Q) Can we replace nafil swalat the day itself?
A) Yes. A care for chaining ibaadats. Not replacement as such.Q) If a husband give one talaaq then he don’t take his wife back before her 3 iddat. Will they have to be separated after that? Divorce fully takes place?
A) Yes.Q) About ghusl, is it niyat or dua? And where to do niyat/dua? Inside or outside bathroom. Give some explanation please. Thank you
A) Niyat/intention sufficient. Ok inside. No lip. Heart action.Q) If I did namaz esha fardh only no witr should I replace witr as qaza?
A) Yes, if sehri went by.Q) Dreaming about a friend’s mom died 3 days ago and did not get any news. Got the news after 3 days. Meaning.
A) Advice for more preparation for aakhirah.Q) I gave somebody zakat money to give poor people. Now he lost his wallet and the zakat money. What should be done with the zakat money.
A) Should be re given.

Q) If a pregnant lady can’t fast should she give fidya also?
A) No. She should replace afterwards.Q) Which is best to do replace qadha then 6 shawaal or what?
A) If qazas from other years, then start qazas. Else if only this year then start nafils.Q) Which kinder chocolate should avoid?
A) Rafaleo.Q) Is it true there are places to visit underground madina. Is it Sunnah to visit and how?
A) Sunnah to visit all places that rasouloullah Swalallahou’Alaihi wasallam went.

Q) Is lux soap halal? I heard it contains pig fat.
A) Halal.Q) Is max factor face finity foundation 3 in 1 contain halal ingredients? Check online ingredients list.
A) Avoid.

Q) Is there any dua for good death?
A) Yes. Live pious life and give lots of sadaqah and you will die prosper.Q) I heard for woman to go masjid is not preferable but it is jaiz if a woman to read namaz behind and imam, maybe at home in jamaat but not going in masjid. Am I correct?
A) Not correct. Read individually, read on web.

Q) Est ce que c’est oblige de remplacer les roza que dans le lundi ou jeudi? Ou on peut le faire pendant les autre jours?
A) Les autres jour ok.Q) Namaz eid permissible pour les femmes? Dans la plaine?
A) Non. Lisez sur le web qu’il n’y a pas eids salaahs et jum’ah pour les dames.Q) Is it true there is no salaatul ishraaq on eid day? Any reason.
A) Yes. The salaah is eid salaah which is wajib.Q) For zakat on stock does the stock have to be for one year like nisaab for rs 30,000 for year kept.
A) No. all that are present in balance.Q) In timetable of salah on web, its said 5.25 sehri and 5.30 fajr. At what time should I stop earing for sehri?
A) 5.20Q) If vomit comes till throat but do not come from mouth but can sense it..does roza breaks?
A) No.Q) About call of imam ali A.S. Earning rozi is better in which place in town or out of town.
A) Call of imaamAli is a shia belief. Not muslim. In town.Q) How many gram of gold should have so that can take zakat?
A) 86 Gram.Q) Eski islam encourage manisfestation? Example contre banne kitshose pe legal haram?
A) Non.
Q) Which malta can consumed? Malta 3 cheval ou qui lequel.
A) None.Q) Is it sunnah to read salaah at home behind your husband?
A) No. permissible only at times.Q) Est ce qui couler vert pale periode sa? Est ce qui li conte dans period?
A) Dans la fin periode oui, pas au commencement.

Q) My sister works in a bank and she gave rs 500 and I have small debts. Can I pay my debts.
A) Yes. 

Q) Husband and wife had sex in the night during ramadhaan but was late to make ghusl and already time for sehri. Will fasting be accepted? Any advice about this?
A) Yes. Can make ghusl after sehri. Take care not to swallow any water.Q) Playing with private part at night during Ramadhan but not ejaculate. Before sehri I want to pee but while doing so some semen got out the same time. Will fasting and namaz fajr be accepted?
A) Yes. If you had some semen trace before peeing, then wajid to do ghusl.Q) Which surah is best to read after namaz fajr?
A) Surah yaseen.Q) I dreamt about refusing to a boy whom I have no proposal on real and he asked for which reason I did not say anything. What does this mean?
A) Do istikharah.Q) I know that after drinking alcohol, after 40 days ghusl will be accepted. Is it the same with other haram products such as cannabis?
A) This is not true. No such thing that ghusl or salaah cannot be done.

Q) If I don’t have nisaab should I give fitra?
A) Yes. If well off.Q) Is tahiyyatul masjid and tahiyyatul wudhu can be done 5 times we go the masjid?
A) Can be done. But tahiyyatul masjid Sunnah muakadah once daily.Q) Eski roza casser si ene personne al rass ledent. Ou met anesthezi? Ou faire netoiyage ledent?
A) Non, faudrer pas envaler narien.

Q) Is it a sin rubbing private with brother but wearing clothes?
A) Yes.Q) Is glycerine in cosmetic halaal?
A) Yes.Q) If you dream that you are dying what does it mean?
A) Should increase preparation for akhiraah.Q) What ibadahah do you advice to do during last 10 days of ramadhaan?
A) Lots of nafil salaah and duas.
Q) Me and my husband will travel for hajj this year and have already settle our hajj fees to our agents which is RS 257,000. Please advice. If I need to take out zakat from the 257,000
A) If already given then no zakat.Q) Are max factors products halaal?
A) Avoid.Q) Can i sex my wife after iftar in Ramadhan?
A) Yes.Q) Husband does not love the wife anymore. Husband curse, disrespect and avoid the wife for more than 2 months. Is divorce a solution as wife is still young?
A) No. Time to interdialogue with him and then bring neutral pious arbitrators between you 2.Q) Why is not advisable? Reference the following . is it advisable to adopt a child if my wife is barren? A. no permissible though.
A) Mahram issues. Inheritance issue. If adopted before 2 years old and milked the baby then ok.Q) Is it advisable to adopt a child if my wife is barren?
A) No. permissible though.Q) For iftar is it Sunnah to eat dates then water? Or water then dates? Which one is Sunnah?
A) Dates then water.

Q) I got fever and very bad sore throat, now in namaz I cant read loud very difficult to read. Even to read quraan im closing my mouth. Basicly I cant read properly with makraaj etcc.. what should I do?
A) During individual salaah or tilawaat pitched voice is not necessary. Pronunciation sufficient.Q) I have piles problems. Does It breaks fast if I put my gel inside as its very sore.
A) If reached about 2 centimetre inside the anus and reached the place where suppositories reach, then fast broken. So apply aoitment but not that deep that you go though that deep.

Q) How to register to sms service?
A) Send REG to 5792 13 33Q) What time in Mauritius can we start reading chaast salaah?
A) 10 a.mQ) In Ramadhan should I make tilawaat more or should I replace my qadha salaah as farz salaah have soo much reward?
A) Do both half half.Q) Do we have to read taawuz or tasmiyah before surah fatiha in 2nd rakaat?
A) If reading individually or imam, read only tasmiyahQ) I know a close family she is very sick with jinn and witchcraft. Amil said it’s the last stage of jadoo. Pls advice. Nothing I having a positive effect on her.
A) Read manzil by her.

Q) Can we eat sadia from brazil?
A) No.Q) I must go to a hotel. Any hotel that serve halaal food?
A) Nothing yet listed.Q) Is Moir’s jelly halaal?
A) Avoid.

Q) Eski phlegm depi nene ki rentre dans la gorge anule roza?
A) Non Q) Avan sehri mo ti servi dentifrisse pou brosse ledent. Le matin pe gagne gout doux dans la bouche, eski li anule roza?
A) Non.Q) In islam does the father have to face any consequenses if the son of his denies to accept his wealth, due to some act of father?
A) No. but if father and son are muslims, then obligatory for father to do will according to Quraan and hence proportion the share of the son.Q) Is it a must to finish one katam in Ramadhan or more?
A) Sunnah. Not obligatory.

Q) In case a girl is having her menses in Ramadhan, can she read Quraan on mobile phone?
A) No. Read on web that during menses cannot read quraan.Q) For taraweeh should a man goes only one masjid or can he go different masjid, in that he won’t get full quraan, is it ok?
A) Ok, permissible, but missed the best. Better and recommended for us to have a full khatme listeningQ) Eski metadone li couma ene ladrogue ou medecine ? kapav faire namaz si in fek boir ?
A) Li ene medecine si finne prescrire. Attane un peu avant faire namaz.

Q) Is it good to ask dua before iftar because they are accepted easily. if i ask dua for 30 mins before iftar, will all of it counted as dua before iftar or will only duas asked 5 mins (within this 30 mins period) before iftar count as “dua before iftar”?
A) 30 mins better and will be counted before iftaar.Q) Do men need to bath after masturbation for taking fast.
A) Yes Q) Can we read quraan in english without any arabe word without wudhu?
A) Yes.Q) How should someone who missed fasts during several years make up?
A) Try to replace twice weekly: Mondays and Thursday.Q) There is a hadith which says that dua made when fasting is easily accepted. Is it the dua made at any time during the fast or is it talking specifically about dua made just before breaking the fast?
A) Both meaning can be taken. Whole fast or when iftaar.Q) Should one pray witr before going to sleep after esha. Even though he/she will wake up for tahajjud and then witr. Or can one avoid it since he/she will wake up to pray tahajjud and then witr?
A) Better after esha, before sleeping.Q) If one breaks nafil and Sunnah roza should one replace it?
A) Yes.

Q) When fasting, am I supposed to eat sehri food right before sehri time or can I eat sehri 2 hours before sehri time?
A) Can eat 2 hours before. But better finish sehri at about 10 minutes before sehri times.Q) If I finish doing magrib nafl salaah 2 minutes after 25 minutes window one is supposed to complete salaah after start of magrib time( I have already completed fard & Sunnah winth this window) what happens, does my salaah count?
A) Counted inshaAllah, magirb farz should be done right after sunset and azaan and makrooh to retard, Sunnah recommended right after farz. But nafl can be read before esha time enters. You may notice on web that magrib enters at about 1 hour and some minutes after sunset.Q) During ramadhan can I do more than 8 rakaats tahajjud per night? Or should I stick to the Sunnah which is 8 rakaats per night?
A) Can do more also. But better to lengthen the 8 to more long rakaats reading quraan slowly and audibly.Q) I know a young man of 22 who had terminal lung cancer. Doctors gave him 4 months to live. He went to umra and asked Allah that if he is saved from cancer, he will serve Allah’s deen. He was then cured. Does Allah accept ‘’ chantage’’?
A) This is not chantage. This is duas. All these wordings are permissible in duas. A mannat is permissible. That is to attact a conditional sadaqah/ or action in fulfilment of a duas. Although better to do the action first and then make duas.Q) When one sneezes when asking dua, should the person say Alhamdulillah? Or should one skip this, just like during salaah?A) Do say Alhamdulillah and then continue dua. Because this one also is a dua.Q) If I start 2 rakaats dhuhr salaah Sunnah before end time at ( 15:30) But finishes after end time at (15.23), does my 2 rakaats count? End time for dhuhr was 15.22.
A) Counted. See the Hanafi ending time on webQ) When fsting, can I eat only one date for iftar ( I do this to get more time for magrib salaaah and I usually eat dinner after magrib salaah, instead of 3 dates. Is 3 dates better than one date? If yes how?
A) Sunnah to eat more than 1. Permissible 1. Ok if hunger don’t disturb the concentration and devotion in magrib salaah.Q) Some people have depression and as such have no choice but to take anti-depressants prescribed by doctors. Do their ibadaah such as salaah etc count since there is drug in their body?
A) Yes. Counted. InshaAllahQ) After asking for dua I say ‘’ Subhana rabbika rabbil izzati amma yasifun. Wa salamun alal mursalin wal hamdu lilahi rabiil alamun then say durood. Instead of saying the whole durood, can I just say ‘’ Allahumma salli ala muhammadin?
A) Yes.
Q) When doing ghusl, I wash my private part (im a man). After ghusl when I wipe myself, I sometimes see some liquid coming off my private part front hole. Maybe it is the water used for ghsul or maybe not. Does this mean that I have to re do ghusl?
A) No, no need to do ghusl. But need to re do wudhu. 
Masaa’il on Cellphones, Internet &TV
Q) Is it wrong to watch tv news actualities happening in mauritius?
A) Permissible as described. But because wrongs are majority, then that is why ulamas give against fatwa.
Q) Is it permissible to play video games like PC, PS3 and XBOX 360?
A) It is not advisable to play such games since they prevent one from farz salaahs. But if one abstain from music, hard playing and regular with salaahs, then still not recommended, but permissible.
Q) Are we allow to watch cartoons,whats the side effects,and many people allow their kids to watch it?
A) Not advisable
Q) I want to know on television, what is permissible to watch. Is it haraam to put television in our bedroom. 
A) Do not put tv in the house

Q) Is it allowed to put pictures of butterflies in the house? Similarly, is it allowed to put photos of birds, where the eyes cannot be seen, in the house?
A) No. Nabi (saw) said: Angels do not enter a house where there are photos or dogs.

Q) Why is it not allowed to take pictures of living things? 
A) There is different opinions on that as far as modern photos are concerned. 

Q) Is taking modern pictures ie from mobiles and digital cameras permissible? What about videos? I am confused about the matter since you said there are different opinions. 
A) Permissible according to fatwa of Egypt and Mufti Taqi Usmani. But avoid when unnecessary as a matter of precaution and ihtiyaat.

Q) Can i sell my TV which i had bought with halal money from a non Muslim so as to regain some of my money?
A) Permissible.

Q) Is it allowed to watch news, taraweeh and documentaries on television?
A) Yes, but it is a sin to leave the TV on for watching other stuff.

Q) Is it permissible in Islam to have one’s photograph being shot for weddings eid days or any events?
A) Pictures are not permissible except by necessity. Hence ID card, passport, money are all necessities. Hence not permissible for archive or memory purposes, but only when in necessity. 

Q) Many individuals either snap a photo of bull or video recording of it , how far is it halal to do such indecent act? 
A) Camera should not be used but only when necessary.

Q) My concern is that is it permissible for muslim girls or boys to get into social networking such as facebook, Hi5 or even chatting on themobile. In the negativity, I strongly recommend that this message becommunicated to all muslim brothers and sisters through newsletters and evenin jummah khoutbah.
A) It is worthy to note that the Qur-aan mentioned the positive effects of wine and gambling, but because of their overwhelming ill effects, they have been made haraam. Muslims should judge honestly and weight the detrimental effects of facebook and Twitter under the same scrutiny. We do not deny the positive contribution of the network, but on analogical basis, muslims should absolutely abstain from any platform that approaches to adultery and betrayal between couples. Wallahou a`lam.

Q) Facebook is right for a muslim to get access??
A) Muslims should know that the ill effects of Face Book is more than its good effects. Hence you are being made responsible to stay away from such platforms that approach you with evil.Q) What is the law pertaining to ringtones with music?
A) It is not jaa’iz to put ringtones with music on cell phones.

Q) Can one use Qur’aanic ayat as ringtone?
 A) It is not jaa’iz to use Qur’aanic ayats as ringtone because it is disrespectful to the Qur’aan.

Q) Is it jaa’iz to sms strangers (na mahram)?
A) Smsing strangers (na mahram) is just like speaking face to face to them and is not jaa’iz.

Q) Is it jaa’iz to send picture messages, videos or songs on cellphones?
A) It is not jaa’iz and it is a great sin to send picture messeges (of living things), videos or songs on cell phones.

Q) Is it jaa’iz to sell cell phones with defects?
A) To sell cell phones with defects in cheaper price without informing the buyer of its defect is deceiving that person and our prophet (saw) has prohibited us from doing so.

Q) Is it jaa’iz to play games on the internet?
A) If playing games on internet, or cell phones leads to leaving out a fardh (e.g salaah) then that game becomes haraam. And if it leads to leaving out a waajib (e.g witr salaah) then the game becomes makrooh-e-tahrimi. And if it leads to leaving out a sunnat or mustahab then it becomes makrooh-e-tanzihi.

Q) I don’t go to cinema’s, but i heard that if you go to cinema with your hubby your nikah will break.. Is this true? 
A) Not true. But surely going cinema is an act of fisq and open sinning whereby ONLY sincere tawbah may erase such evil act.

Q) Is it permissible to play games on mobile phones?
A) Permissible when put on mute (without music) and when does not prevent oneself from salaahs.
Buying and Selling
Q) Is it permissible to sell clothes with photos on it?
A) Permissible, but better avoid.

Q) Can we sell toys like dolls and figurines like batman and transformers?
A) No

Q) Which business does mufti advises a person to do in these times?
A) The counselling of Rasouloullah towards business it to quest for the halaal types

Q) I want to buy a car but i heard the leasing is haraam. But somebody told me that there is something called islamic leasing offered by bramer? is it permissible to operate with that ?
A) No info on such halaal lease.

Q) I am on the verge of doing a business. I would like to know how the Prophet (saw) has taught us the way to do business and the % profit to take. 
A) The holy prophet SAW taught us to be honest, frank and gentle while doing business. Do business to expose the islamc values and character. That business that is done on honesty and no ambiguity would have barakah(hadith) Lots of rules on business itself. Do ask us as you proceed. If the customer accepts without forcing the price you are offering him, then the shariah allows even double rate profit. That is it has to be done with full consentment. Also the price should be known with the quality of the product. 

Q) I need your guidance regarding Foreign Exchange dealings. Is is permissible to operate a Foreign Exchange business ? I have given some highlights below regarding certain main activities where no interest is charged to customers. 
1. Forex exchange dealers buy foreign currencies at a price and sell same to customers at a higher price. That is, with a profit margin. Almost same like other traders who buy and sell goods at a profit . 

A) Ok, if in possession at time of dealing. 

2. Forex exchange dealers make Telegraphic transfer on bahalf of traders regarding importation of goods and services. In this case also, the forex dealers make a profit on the currency rate. 

A) Ok. 

3. Forex dealers may buy foreign currency online through stock brokers for performing their transactions. 

A) Permissible only if possession is taken fully. Need a second before selling the product. One may ‘promise the customer’ a currency without dealing. 

4. The value of foreign currencies fluctuate everyday on stock markets depending on market demand and supply. 

A) This is only permissible when in your possession. I valued a transaction against shariah last time in FOREX since there is no ‘’Possession ‘’ involved and lot of speculations. 

5. Speculation for a rise or fall in currency value is closely followed by these dealers. For example, if they have enough money, they can buy the maximum amount of a falling currency so that when selling the same currency, they will get a higher profit. 

A) Yes if they really possess them when buying them.

You should understand that currency is a treated by shariah as a product. For you to be able to trade a product, you should be in the possession of the product. You have no right to exchange same currency or same product with differences (rupees with rupees, for instance). Yes you may exchange Euro against Dollars that have different prices. Without taking actual or factual possession, you cannot trade in forex. Factual means in your account, such that if it is loss, then it is loss as a liability to you. You may take commission or profit as far as the two parties mutually agreed and that the commission amount is finally known between them at transaction time. Any change in amount due to time factor is interest. Any exchange between same products should be done in cash and at par. Since exchange of currencies is a liquidity product (like gold and silver), then you will need to do the exchange cash and not credit. That is one hand giving and one hand receiving. In case that credit is inevitable, then make your debtor your wakeel or agent to exchange the currency. Then it will be permissible since they have not dealt, but agented him. 

Q) Can we buy article in hire purchase? If it is permissible how shall we proceed?
A) No. It contains non shariat clauses that makes it non shariat compliant

Q) I am a commission agent, can I take commission from my client and at the same time take the discount offered from the ordered goods?
A) No. Unless the client is aware that you are taking from the other party. And both has to be defined at term of transaction. 

Q) I would kindly like to know if it is permitted to make use of credit cards, such as for purchasing goods online etc.
A) Permissible when fund is available on account and no interest or unislamic conditions involved. Ulamas do use those credit cards that offers facility without interest. But I have seen Barclays one do charge interest at any time. Need to see other banks

Q) What is the dua to read or put to have baraqa at home or business? 
A) Read lot of astaghfirullah, read 5 times daily salaahs, and also tahajjud. Stay away from sins and keep good family ties. 

Q) Should i remove the head of the models (mannequin) in my shop?
A) Yes, remove it.

Q) I am having an opportunity to buy a piece of land. I wish to know if there is any person/group of person/organisation who may grant a loan in an islamic way.
A) Nothing islamic in view.

Q)In a business, how much profit are we allowed to make? what are the rules pertaining to starting a small business just to help my husband?
A)All profits percentage permissible. Permissible if you have no direct contact with clients.  

Q) Is it permissible to buy tickets for the stadium?
A) Buying tickets for stadium and watching matches will only be permissible when the players’ satar is covered and there is nothing unislamic (against shariah laws) going on there. If gheir-mahrams are playing in the stadium, or the players’ satar is not fully covered, or any other unislamic thing is going on there, then it will not be permissible to buy or sell tickets or to even watch the match.
Chapter of interest
Q) Can we use Al-Barakah’s services for financial projects? 
A) Need details regarding the procedures of the transaction

Q) Can we keep money in the bank as fixed deposit in order to gain a higher return? will it be considered as haram source of income? 
A) No. Yes haraam. 

Q) What can I do with the interest gained on the money I keep at bank? Should I give as sadaqah? 
A) No. You should give to a poor muslim without intention of sawaab. 

Q) My husband takes loan for his business and pays interest on it. Only now i came to know about it. What should i do to get halal rizq for my children and i?
A) If the business is halal, then the rizq is also halal

Q) I need to buy a land and build a house to get married. I need to borrow money for this. However, Al Barakah Coop does not give enough for my project. Can you recommend an institution which lends halaal money? 
A) None.
Q) As you are aware in Mauritius we have not a proper islamic finance institute that can help us start a business. In this case is it permisible for us to take a loan from the bank to start our own business?
A) No.Q) Is interest allowed in a non muslim country?
A) No. 

Q) I have interest money from bank can i pay car insurance with that money?
A) No. Only can give to a poor muslim, without intention of sawaab. 

Q) Is it halaal for a muslim to work at a bank?
A) No.

Q) Can Al baraka finance my business if I have 1/4 of the money with them as Action ? I’m trying to open a bakery which will cost me 1.5M 
A) You should enquire from them.

Q) Is it haraam to work for a non islamic bank?
A) Should avoid.

Q) Can we rent a building to an insurance company?
A) Permissible. 

Q) Can we rent a building to someone who will do insurance activities? Is the income from the rent halaal? 
A) Yes. Halaal according to the Imaam A`zam, Imaam Abu Hanifah r.a.’

Q) Is there any real and trustworthy Islamic Bank in Mauritus? 
A) Nothing yet.

Q) I have to take a loan. Is it allowed? I don’t have any other choice.
A) Not allowed.

Q) I currently work in the IT sector in a software company. I got a new IT job: in a Bank. Can I accept the offer? If not, why? I understand that working in a Bank with interest is haraam. But I will be working in the IT department of the Bank
A) No. They will prepare your pay packet with interest profits. 

Q) I want to buy a car but i heard the leasing is haraam. But somebody told me that there is something called islamic leasing offered by bramer? is it permissible to operate with that ?
A) No info on such halaal lease.

Q) Can we use interest money to pay for the medecines of a non-Muslim?
A) No. Interest money should only be given to poor Muslims.

Q) Is it permissible in Islam to subscribe to a pension plan?
A) No. Unless that it is compulsory and non optional.

Q) How can money received from interest be used? 
A) Give to zakaat recipients without sawaab intention. 

Q) Since interest is haraam, can muslim needy people use this money to buy food? 
A) Yes, for them it is halaal. Like Zakaat becomes halaal and pure for them.

Q) Is it permissible to purchase adult diapers for my sick mother with interest money?
A) No. Not permissible.

Q) How can i prevent my business of gold jewelry to involve interest? 
A) Deal with prices when exchanging jewelries. That is do not exchange silver with silver or gold with gold. Do not give credit when changing gold with gold. 

Q) Can a customer reserve a jewelery then pay it with monthly installment (without interest), note that the price of gold fluctuate, is there riba in it?
A) Not advisable to sell on credit. But better tell the customer to assign you as an agent and wakeel to perform the transaction. You be the wakeel or agent to sell the gold. Then you may accept the advance payment. Then when paid, then you become the seller and sell it to the customer.

Q) Can a customer give me gold for a jewelry and pay the difference with money, is it riba? 
A) Yes, it may be riba. Because any exchange of gold on credit or in different weights leads to riba. But the way to do it halaal is that you should buy the gold given on a given rupees price. Then from that price and added money you may sell the jewelry you would make in exchange of money and not gold.

Q) In which bank can we take a loan? It is urgent and we don’t have any other way out except for a loan. 
A) Consult Al barakah co-op and see if they can help you out. Send us details of their financial propositions so as we may assess them.

Q) Is the accounting profession halal ? As it involves recording interest.
A) Halaal if you avoid involving with interest projects directly. That is, involving your expertise, proposition and participating in the approval of the project.

Q) Is it allowed to replace interest money we have used out of compulsion with ornaments which we have worn many time? 
A) Yes, given that it is sold and the money be given in sadaqah.

Q) Why is insurance not allowed in Islam? Not even health insurance? 
A) Because of 3 reasons: Interests involvement, Qimaar or the issue of gambling and Gharar is the case of too much risks factors interference. 

Q) Is the century bank islamic facilities in accordance to the laws of shariah?
A) Not approved.

Q) Are shares of Air Mauritius halal? 
A )Ordinary shares volatile dividend are ok. But should tell in the assembly to stop haraams on board.

Q) Where can we invest In Mauritius without getting interest? 
A) You can invest in ordinary shares in halaal companies.

Q) Is it permissible to invest in Mauritius Housing Company LTD with the intention of using that money later on for building my house? If no, what are the reasons that does not allow us to do so? 
A) No. There are interest involved in such investments.

Q) If a company gives money on loan to people for a determined period with a profit margin, all mentioned in a contract. Is it permitted to include on the contract that a fine of a certain amount will be charged if the time limit is not respected? In this context, the person is fully aware before taking the loan. Even if the exact amount as profit is mentioned to the person before taking the loan? If am not wrong the Islamic bank works in this manner?
A) No. All described is haraam. In fact all of it is called interest and cannot be named profit. Any exchange of liquid money that has a deferred difference is defined as interest. If they work like that, then it is not Islamic.

Q) Please give a brief explanation on interest.
A) There is two interest defined in the Qur-aan and sunnah: 
1. Ribal Qur-aan : any surplus of amount claimed without any exchange of goods or services, but claimed because of elapsing of time. Loans based interest, late payment fees and penalty fees are its examples. 
2. Ribal Ahadiths: exchange with differences between identical specified products that are weighed or measured by volume. And also exchanges on credit between gold and silver or their similarities: currencies.

Q) Please advise whether contributing to a pension fund is permissible, on the basis that the contribution is invested subsequently invested in shariah compliant companies. Upon maturity, we then receive the return + contribution. 
A) No voluntary pension fund permissible. Shariat compliance finances are a myth and all are deception. Stay away from all these deceivers.

Q) Nowadays it is very hard to get a job, but if you give bribe, you can get one. Will the income received from such a position be halaal? And if interest money are used to pay for such bribe? As witnessed, even islamic schools take bribe to employ people. 
A) Taking bribe is definitely haraam. Giving bribe is not permissible unless for a necessity or for a needful specific purpose. If someone is in a need of a job, then tolerable to give a minimum amount to get the needful. Income will be halaal. Interest money cannot be used as such. It is a shame that muslims have reached this limit. May Allah save us all from such imourity. In fact it is better to look for a simple work than looking for a big salary job attached with the condition of a bribe.

Q) Please advise on islamic view on pension funds (voluntary by an individual, compulsory as required by employer, etc).
A) Compulsory permissible, but with certain conditions. Voluntary not permissible.

Q) Taking house on lease and giving the same house on rent is permitted or not ?
A) There are conditions attached to such transaction for them to be shariat compliant. But since they are not locally abide, then such transaction is not permissible.

Q) Why is it not permissible to invest in insurance for life or education?
A) Interest is involved in such plans.

Q) If a person takes loan to pay his debts and expand his business, can we eat at his place? does all his revenue become haram?
A) If the nature of his business is halaal and most of his earnings is of halaal income, then it is permissible to sit and eat by him. Go there to talk on the bad consequences of interest and also take fruit juices as gift to them. You will give the gift in exchange of the gift that you will eat. Hence the food was bought and not taken freely. 

Q) Can we accept a gift from someone who has purchased it with interest money and if we do than what should be done?
A) No. One should give any interest to poor muslims.

Q) How can i prevent my business of gold jewelry to involve interest? 
A) Deal with prices when exchanging jewelries. That is do not exchange silver with silver or gold with gold. Do not give credit when changing gold with gold. 

Q) Which bank (International) provides loan which is halaal? 
A) None.

Q) Is it permissible to pay taxes with interest?
A) Since government use taxes to pay the public services of hospital, street lighting, education and other public security services, and we use these services, then it is compulsory to pay taxes with halaal money. But in most countries, the government impose different type of taxes that they take more than what they are offering. The shariah condemn and administrate any Zulm or over imposed levies on any one. But in any case, because it is the country`s law, one should abide and pay all taxes imposed by the government. Nonetheless, an issue arise that if there is interest accrued in bank accounts, can we pay those unfair taxes with interest money? Different scholars expressed their views here under:
According to Fatawa Daru Uloom Deoband, Fatawa Rahimiyah, it is permissible to pay income taxes with interest money:

[2] س= اسی طرح بینک میں رقم رکھی جاتی ہے اس پر جو سود ملتا ہے یہ، یا اسی طرح سرکاری ادارے پوسٹ آفس کی جمع شدہ رقم کا سود اپنے استعمال میں لانے کی،حکومت کے ٹیکس میں،یا موٹر کے انشورس میں استعمال کرنے کی گنجائش ہے؟
ج= ڈکخانہ اور بینک سے جو رقم سود کی ملی ہے۔ اسے اپنے ذاتی کام میں استعمال کرنے کی اجازت نہیں ہے۔البتہ حکومت جو ٹیکس عائد کرتی ہے، یا میونسپلٹی مکان پر جو ٹیکس لگاتی ہے۔یا موٹر کا انشورنس حکومت کی طرف سے لازمی ہے۔اس میں اس رقم کے ادا کرنے کی گنجائش ہے۔ فتاوی رحمییہ ج3ص174

س= حکومت کی جانب سے جو ٹیکس عائد کئے جاتے ہیں جیسے ہاوس ٹیکس،انکم ٹیکس،کیا ان ٹیکسوں کی ادائیگی کے لے بینک کی سودی رقم استعمال کی جاسکتی ہے؟
ج= بینک کے سود کا اصل مصرف تو غرباء اور مساکین ہیں رفاہ عام کے کاموں میں بھی صرف کیا جاسکتا ہے،خود منتفع نہ ہو لیکن اگر حکومت کے ان ٹیکسوں کی بھر مار سے تنگ آگیا ہو اور ان کی ادائےگی میں یہ رقم استعمال کرنے کی پر مجبور ہو تو گنجائش ہے بلا مجبوری استعمال نہ کرے۔ فتاوی رحمییہ ج6ص136

س= میرا روپیہ بینک میں جمع ہے،میں اس کے سود سے انکم ٹیکس ادا کرسکتا ہوں؟ اور یہ جائز ہے یا نہیں؟
ج= بینک میں روپیہ داخل کرکے سود لینا حرام ہے لیکن جس کا روپیہ بینک میں داخل ہے اور بینک سے اس کو سود ملے تو اس رقم سود کو وہاں نہ چھوڑنا چاہیے کہ چھوڑنے میں وہ روپیہ عیسائیوں کو بغرض تبلیغ مذہب دیا جاتا ہے بلکہ وہاں سے لے کر غرباءوفقرائے مسلیمن کو دے دیا جائے، اپنے کسی صرف میں نہ لایا جائے، اور انکم ٹیکس کے ادا کردینے کی بھی اس میں گنجائش ہے۔ فتاوی دارالعلوم دیوبند ج14 ص496
Furthermore, there is a principle in shariah that whenever an unjust revenue came from a source, then if there is an unjust demand from that particular source, then one may offset the unjust demand with the unjust revenue as in hidayah:
وَلَهُ أَنَّهُ تَمَكَّنَ الْخُبْثُ مَعَ الْمِلْكِ ، إمَّا لِأَنَّهُ بِسَبِيلٍ مِنْ الِاسْتِرْدَادِ بِأَنْ يَقْضِيَهُ بِنَفْسِهِ ، أَوْ لِأَنَّهُ رَضِيَ بِهِ عَلَى اعْتِبَارِ قَضَاءِ الْكَفِيلِ ، فَإِذَا قَضَاهُ بِنَفْسِهِ لَمْ يَكُنْ رَاضِيًا بِهِ وَهَذَا الْخُبْثُ يُعْمَلُ فِيمَا يَتَعَيَّنُ فَيَكُونُ سَبِيلُهُ التَّصَدُّقَ فِي رِوَايَةٍ ، وَيَرُدُّهُ عَلَيْهِ فِي رِوَايَةٍ لِأَنَّ الْخُبْثَ لَحِقَهُ ، وَهَذَا أَصَحُّ لَكِنَّهُ اسْتِحْبَابٌ لَا جَبْرٌ لِأَنَّ الْحَقَّ لَهُ .

As such Hazrat Mufti Radha Ul Haq of Darul Uloom Zakarya and hazrat Mufti Ahmad Khanpuri of Darul Uloom Dabhel said in their respective fatwa books that it is permissible to pay income tax with interest generated from government owned banks or government based financial institutions.
As a conclusion, one may pay ‘’Income tax’’ with interest money. But it is not permissible to pay road tax, VAT, bank fees, ‘’contravention’’, build toilet etc with interest money.

Q) Can we give something to get licence not money.
A) Bribe is not permissible.

Q) Is there any bank in Mauritius that does not offer interest?
A) Bramer bank has an account for Hajj that does not have interest.

Q) Can we take an education plan from an insurance company for our children?
A) No. In fact no insurance plan match shariat compliance.

Q) The company where I work provides medical benefit to all employees. Is it allowed to claim the medical insurance?
A) No. Such policies involve riba, interest and great chances: Qimaar. All this are haraam.

Q) Is it permissible to take a life insurance and health insurance schemes offered by insurance companies?
A) No.

Q) Can we accept scholarship and stipend given from a bank if one’s parents’ financial income is not enough to pay the fees for the university?
A) No. These are haraam interest loans that should be avoided.

Q) In which case can a person take loan ?
A) In no case. Loan is haraam and one should find a halaal way to finance his activities.

Q) Can a muslim take loan?
A) No. Interest is haraam as per Coranic verses.

Q) Can a customer reserve a jewelery then pay it with monthly installment (without interest), note that the price of gold fluctuate, is there riba in it?
A) Not advisable to sell on credit. But better tell the customer to assign you as an agent and wakeel to perform the transaction. You be the wakeel or agent to sell the gold. Then you may accept the advance payment. Then when paid, then you become the seller and sell it to the customer.

Q) Can a customer give me gold for a jewelry and pay the difference with money, is it riba? 
A) Yes, it may be riba. Because any exchange of gold on credit or in different weights leads to riba. But the way to do it halaal is that you should buy the gold given on a given rupees price. Then from that price and added money you may sell the jewelry you would make in exchange of money and not gold.

Q) Can a current account be used to avoid interest money?
A) Yes, you may use a current account to avoid interest.

Q) Is MCB educaton plan halaal. You contribute money in the plan. They invest the money and you earn profit as they say. 
A) Not permissible. 

Q) Can i send interest money to the people of Syria who are suffering from the atrocities of war?
A) Yes.

Q) I have money & I want to invest it since leaving it in the bank will generate interest which is of no use to me! What halaal investment can I make?
A) We hope soon we may help in this direction.

Q) Is it permissible to sign a contract to be the doctor of an insurance company?
A) Not permissible when optional. But if the contract of the work deduces obligatorily the amount before monthly income, then some ulamas said it is permissible.

Q) Is it permissible to take loan? is there any alternative?
A) No. Albarakah may be.

Q) Is it permissible to give interest money to a non-muslim n if its so how can he/she use it?
A) No. Interest money is due to muslim Zakaat recipients, without intention of rewards.

Q) Is working in an Insurance company like BAI or any Banks halal?
A) No, unless no other job.

Q) One of the conditions attached to my credit card is that interest applies after 45 days if full payment is not effected. Even if I usually pay off the whole within the time limit so as to avoid the interest, is the card and transaction halaal?
A) Ok as per info given.

Q) Can I sign a contract where the condition of riba is clear? For example the contract of a credit card?
A) Not advisable.

Q) Are credit cards haraam? Even if we pay before the time limit and thus avoid riba?
A) Credit card that is free from interest is ok. One need to see the conditions and actual application in using these cards and should not have unislamic conditions. If no other unislamic conditions are made throughout the credit, then it is permissible to use when you will pay on time or you have money on your account.

Q) Century banking is offering loans according to islamic finance. Is it permissible?
A) According to details that we got, it is not approved and not permissible.

Q) Can we give interest money to someone going abroad to perform an expensive operation/surgery?
A) May give, without any intention of sawaab.

Q) Is it permissible to work for someone whose salary is from haram source? E.g. a maid works for someone who works in a bank.
A) Permissible to work for him if he has another halal means of income. Otherwise must look for another work.

Q) When buying a certain amount of provisions in a supermarket, sometimes they give you a ticket. After drawing lots, you may receive a gift. Is it permissible to take these gifts?
A) Avoid, becasue it resembles lottery.

Q) Can we take insurance on pension plan?
A) No.

Q) My understanding was that Leasing is islamically permissible – since I am getting a car (which does not yet) belong to me in exchange for a monthly payment for a certain period of time. Is my reasoning correct? How then is a finance lease different from ijaara? From what I understood from a practical point of view – when I take a finance lease, I make a deposit, decide on the duration and the residual value. As for ijaara, it is the same as the above except that the car insurance is included in the monthly payment. 
A) The conventional lease contain other clauses like late payment fee, insurance, etc that cause the contract non shariat compliant. Ijarah was a myth and not applied fully as we prescribed the clauses. Moreover, a lease is better than a loan. Find the facility of Al Barakah Co-op that may offer a better shariat way to buy a car.

Q) Can we use Medical Insurance provided by our company whereby we contributed a part of the premium monthly and our company pay the rest valid for one year. 
A) Not optionally. But if the company oblige you and cut it before salary, then permissible. 

Q) Is it considered haram to be a car salesman?
A) No

Q) Is it considered haram to be a real estate agent.
A) No. The commission has to be defined.

Q) Is being a real estate agent haram?
A) No. 

Q) Is HSBC Amanah Term Investment Account halaal? 
A) Not according to our knowledge. 

Q) Is investing in Bramer Asset Managment Halal? More specifically, investing in Discretionary Portfolio Management Services (DPMS)? Is dividend same as interest in that case? 
A) Interest. Haraam. 

Q) Is there any Halal way to invest my money in Mauritus? The sharia compliant investments proposed by our banks are they really sharia compliant? 
A) No. Al Barakah or any halaal company for shares.

Q) I work in company that provides my wife and me with an insurance plan but I do not contribute in the insurance, not a cent is being deducted from my salary. It’s the company that manages it. I pay only a percentage of the excess. Is it haraam? 
A) No. 

Q) Is money obtained fromVAT lucky draw of MRA halal? 
A) According to info available, the VAT draw has no money input and is completely away from all conditions of Haraam draws and hence permissible and halaal. Should its conditions resemble Haraam draws like lottery, then the fatwa also changes. Read the Article on Jeu du Hasard on web.

Q) Can someone take interest to repay interest on loan taken?? 
A) No

Q) How to use interest received from bank? Can we give it to poor people or use the money for the construction of toilet? Please clarify. 
A) No toilet construction or no other payments. Only give to poor muslims without 

Q) What about pension plans? Apart from the one provided by my company or govt, can I take another pension plan? 
A) No. If the pension plan in your work optional, then you should not go for it. Yes, if it is as the government one, that is obligatory before salary, then permissible.

Q) I took a loan in the past and I am still am paying this off. I have just realised how wrong i was and have asked Allah to forgive me. I hope and trust that he will do so. My question is what do i do now. I have built a house and bought a car with this money. I have also started a small business with it. Now do i have to destroy the house and car (or sell them and give away the money). How about the business do I need to close it down. Is there a way for me to keep those things and use them and make them Halaal?. 
A) First you need to do sincere tawbah and then do not ever mingle in interest. Ulamas have advised that you give sadaqah every month so much so to compensate the loan amount month by month. A purification process may help to filter the loan into halaal money. Account for a sadaqah amount to poor people and continue do it for years until you reach loan amount. 

Q) How do we deal with interest generated by savings accounts? Is it that we should withdraw it and give in charity without expecting any rewards in return?
A) Yes, the interest accrued should be given to a poor muslim without intention of sawaab.

Q) I have saving accounts in banks like MPCB, MCB and SBM in Mauritius. As we know, savings accounts generate interest. is it permissible these savings accounts for the purpose of safe keeping money from getting stolen only?
A) Yes, permissible. But interest should be accounted and given to poor needy muslims. 

Q) Can a muslim work in a bank where they do “money conversion”?
A) Not bank.

Q) Medical insurance permissible?
A) As per info available, none are fully shariat compliant

Q) If a person has passed away but has an amount of interests accumulated over many years at the bank, should the relatives of the deceased do the necessary to retrieve and withdraw the totality of the accumulated interest?or is it allowed to just ignore the past amount and withdraw and discard only new interest that is credited to his account? Also can we pay income taxes with interest money?
A) You will have to calculate the amount of interest accrued on the account. The money without interest on the account is an inheritance that has to be distributed to the inheritors. But the interest is a haraam money that has to be distributed to the poor. Better distribute it collectively. But if the heirs wish to distribute their share of interest themselves, then do give it to them according to their share of inheritance

Q) I am a barrister working as legal adviser of the MRA…Every thursday before the supreme court, portions of land are sold…sale by levy…most of these sales are due to the fact that the borrower has not been able to pay a loan and the lender sells the land to get back his money. I was thinking whether it is halaal to buy these land before the court given that the loan obviously involved interests. ?
A) It is permissible for you to buy land seized by the court. Since you would be dealing with the court as a seller and you the buyer, the issues pertaining other dealings before that is negligible. As a matter of masla it is permissible to but seized lands and seized products.

Q) I lent interest money to a non-muslim. What happens if ever he doesnot give back the money? Do I have to replace it with my halaal money?
A) It is incumbent upon you to replace the money and give away to the poor. You are not supposed to lend such money. Its recipient is to a poor person. Nonetheless if he returns you, then you may give to the poor.

Q) Are we allowed to pay fines for road traffic offences with money obtained from interest?
A) No. Interest money are supposed to be given to Zakaat recipients without any intention of sawaabs.

Q) Are we allowed to invest in shares of a bank like MCB?
A) Not allowed.

Q) Can we use interest money to pay for the medecines of a non-Muslim?
A) No. Interest money should only be given to poor Muslims.

Q) Both of my parents work, my mother’s salary goes in paying for the loan they took to build our new house. My father has a “compte courant”, i dnt knw how it is called but, at the end of the month, his company puts his salary in that account. Almost all the money is spent on necessities and a few remains in that account. Can interest accumulate on this type of account. It yes how do i manage when they give me my pocket money to go to uni or to buy my clothes etc..?? My mother also has some money left on her account, and most of the time it’s her who gives me money for clothes and my father gives me money 4 daily transport and other basic necessities…..what should i do?
A) Inform your parents that consuming interest is haraam. Tell them that at least do not spend on you that money. You may consume the money that they give you since it comes from the account that the salary is credited. Unless you know for sure that it is interest money, you may consume without any problem.

Q) A relative of mine owns a restaurant and he had to close the restaurant for 1 month since he went for umrah. There are 2 hindu women who work in his restaurant. They are poor, one of them is a widow and both have kids. Since he did not work for 1 month, he does not have income to give them salary for that one month when the restaurant was closed. can he give them interest money for that one month only? 
A) No, you cannot dispose of interest money but in the hands of poor muslims. One cannot use interest money to pay salaries.

Q) A relative has contracted a loan from a bank. Now he is having difficulties to settle the loan as he is not working. Can he use interest money obtained from other relatives to settle the loan? 
A) Permissible if not sahibe nisaab.

Q) I lend someone money, he invested it in an illegal business that is haraam. After some months he returned me my money. Is the money halaal or haraam?
A) The capital money you lent is halaal to take back. Hence the money returned back as capital is halaal.

Q) Can money obtained from interest be used to buy detergents used in toilets?
A) No. It can only be given to a recipient of Zakaat without intention of reward.

Q) Can we pay ceb water telephone bills or pay car insurance, declaration, road tax with interest money or any such money?
A) No. Interest money should be given to the poor without any hope of reward.

Q) Do we have to deduct interest earned in the calculation of zakaat?
A) Yes. But give away to poor without intention of sawaab.

Q) If I badly need to borrow money & Century Banking Corp is not a solution, what should I do?
A) Take a lease. 

Q) A friend of mine has some debt. I would like to know if I give him interest money which I have, to return his debt, of course without sawaab’s intention, is it permissible?
A) No. Give the interest to a poor rather. 

Q) Are the services offered by the Century Banking Corporation accepted by Islam?
A) No. 

Q) I want to avoid interest! how to save money?? can we have a savings account but we do not use the interest? 
A) Yes. Give the interest to a poor muslim. 

Q) How to save money islamically in MRU? Do we have any interest free saving account available?All my salary goes to my saving account…what should i do?
A) Al Barakah offers some..

Q) Do we have any islamic pension fund in mauritius? are those provided by Bramer Bank allowed? i work in the private sector and the pension to be provided by the government is very minimal. so how to proceed? 
A) None. Please keep your money and give a determined amount of sadaqah monthly, insha Allah you will be rich in your last days

Q) What is the status of insurrance in Islam?
A) General insurance include these 3 non shariat compliance: Interest, Uncertanty and gambling. As such the unanimity of ulama classify general insurance as haraam. But those dealings that have non of the 3 items mentionned above should be shariat compliant.

Q) I know of a non-muslim who lives on interest money and he also takes cake orders. Is it jaiz for me to buy cakes from him?
A) On a dealing point of view, it is permissible to deal with non muslims even in such cases. But on a piety point of view, it is better to deal with muslims particularly when concerning food items.

Q) Is buying of shares in a company permissible in islam?
A) Only if the company deals mainly with halaal and permissible dealings. Only ordinary volatile dividend shares are permissible.

Q) Currency business Halal or Haram?
A) The business of currency exchange is permissible. The only care should be taken is that the transaction take place on cash. Else one may agent the changer if he delivers on credit.

Q) Can we pay income tax with interest money?
A) No. Interest should go into the hands of a person who deserves zakaat, without the intention of reward.

Q) Is it permissible for muslim to invest their money in insurance such as life or for education?
A) Not permissible.

Q) Is it jaaiz to have a medical insurance, which is compulsory as per rules of the company which am employed? The scheme refunds part of costs incurred for the treatment and medicines against a monthly premium paid.
A) Not permissible.

Q) Do we receive interests from banks or is it dividend? As far as i know, banks use our money to invest and the profit received is shared among clients. Now, the money may have been invested in companies which we do not know if they are “halaal” or not. But the question remains that is the money received is called dividend or interest?
A) Interest is fixed return on money. Banks give interest and not dividends on money banked with them. Undisputedly interest is haraam to consume.Q) Can interest be used for top up and for buying mobile stuffs?
A) No. Find on web the recipient of interest money.

Q) Is investment in BAI Takaful permissible?
A) Since investment in Takaful provide a dividend/ premium as per profit ratio yearly. The dividend is as such Halaal suitable.

Q) I’ve had interest credited to my account. Can I give it to the needy? Else what can I do with it?
A) Interest should be given to a poor person who has no nisaab (Rs 35 000) in cash nor in values. There is no reward for giving away interest, but rather a responsibility for the account holder.

Q) Is it allowed to have a savings account? It generates interest.
A) Allowed but give away interest.

Q) Can I pay a fine with money acquired from interest?
A) No.

Q) Can interest money be used to pay car insurance?
A) No. Interest money are meant to go in the hand of a zakaat recipient without intention of sawaab. See our Zakaat guide on the web

Q) If insurance is haraam, what is to be done in case of car insurance? It is compulsory and there is no alternative.
A) Insurance is haraam for these three reasons: 1. Riba(Interest), 2. Qimaar(gambling) and 3. Gharar(high risk factors). In the case of car insurance, the law is obligatory to this effect. Then `ulamas has given permission to the extent of the necessity. But more tolerable is the third party insurance(tiers). Whereby there is no exchange of money and hence no riba, Qimaar are found. Gharar is eliminated since it is only a one way coverage as analogue to mowal mawalat(a contract between a new muslim and a muslim in the same schema). We recommend then to opt either for third party insurance or for those insurances that do not yield money but rather give a service or repair the car itself. Hence the 3 above mentioned would not be raised.

Q) Can i pay the interest of my loan with interest that my friend is giving me??? stanger dar uloum,, allow me???
A) No.

Q) Can interest money be used to help the families of the bangladeshi who died in the accident?
A) Can.

Q) Someone openly states that he has a fixed deposit and he uses the interest for his expenses. Can I take gifts from him or eat the food that he offers to me?
A) It is permissible to accept if that person has halaal earnings and we do not know exactly from which money he bought the gift. Else if he largely uses interest money, then in case of necessity (like a member of family) accept it and give it to someone who is poor. Else you may accept and give a gift in exchange as a price for his gift. Wallahou a`lam.

Q) Can interst earned be used to reimburse loans?
A) No.

Q) Is it haram to take a loan with an interest?
A) Yes.

Q) What is the rule pertaining to riddles in newspaper which are based on interest?
A) It is not correct to accept prizes obtained by giving the right answers of riddles in newspapers because it consists of gambling and interst, which are both haraam.

Q) What is the law pertaining to site?
A) Site is permissible because it’s a means of helping one another and it is a qardh-e-hasanah. However if a person wants to quit in the middle, permission should be granted to him and his money should be returned to him. And if he dies his money should be given to his inheritors.
Q) What is the law pertaining to lotteries?
A) The money received from lotteries is normally more than the amount paid for the tickets and this is called interest and is haraam. A person buying lotteries is not even sure of winning or loosing. And the money received is not the outcome of the person’s effort, infact it’s based on mere luck which is called gambling and is haraam.