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Q) Is cod liver oil and whey powder HALAL?
A) Yes. 
Q) Is the eagle brand’s strawberry jelly halal? 
A) Oui 

Q) Can one consume Nando’s sauce that sell in supermarket
A) Yes.
Q) Is eating mushrooms permissible?
A) Yes.  
Q) Is Nona kenkucky powder halal?can i use it in the preparation of Fried Chicken at home? 
A) Yes. 

Q) Are plain bread, pain au chocolat, and pain au fromage at Spur, Winners or Monoprix halal?
A) Avoid. It doesn’t meet halal standard.

Q) Is saf instant yeast containing yeast, E491, E300 halal?
A) Yes. 

Q) Is eating of mushrooms allowed?
A) Yes. 

Q) Are the following chilli sauces from Yeo’s halaal? Chilli sauce & Chilli with Garlic sauce. If not any halaal alternatives Is Sun GLory ketchup halaal safe? 
A) Yes, ok.

Q) Are the pur samoosa from Saudi Arabia halal? It contains E 282.
A) Yes.

Q) Tea bag “bois cherie” or “Corson” with Vanilla halal?
A) Yes.

Q) Can you please advise which halaal soy sauce and oyster sauce to buy?
A) Soya sauces from Malaysia ok. Oyster not suitable for consumotion.

Q) Can we use mushrooms, is it halaal, if yes what brand can we use?
A) Yes. Use the ones in Food lovers.

Q) Are vahine products halal?
A) Vahine product contain Carmins E 120 and hence haraam. 

Q) Can you please tell me if La Cheminee breads at rue Desforges are halal, I mean do they use the halal brush? 
A) One should avoid La cheminee.

Q) What is your information on whey powder?
A) Whey powder on the market in terms of information available is halaal safe. 

Q) Curcuma plus emulsion from indonesia halaal?
A) Avoid.

Q) Is weetabix halal?
A) Yes, halaal safe.

Q) I would like to know if hair gel (Taft Power Gel-Extreme Invisible No. 5) is halal to use? Ingredients: Aqua, VP/VA copolymer, PVP, tetrahydroxypropyl ethylenediamine, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, phenoxyethanol, carbomer, PEG-32, parfum, panthenol, PEG-12 dimethicone, propylene glycol, benzophenone-4, linalool, PEG-14M, hexyl cinnamal, methylisothiazolinone, benzyl alcohol, alpha-isomethyl ionone, geraniol and citronellol. 
A) Avoid. 

Q) I would like to know if the “pain au fromage” from Jumbo Score is halal to consume? Ingredients are: levure, eau, sel, farine, ameliorant et fromage rape.
A) Avoid.

Q) I wanted to know if maize in preserved cans are halal? The problem most of them comes from china. 
A) Avoid china. Take from Thailand or South Africa.

Q) I wish to know if Robertsons spice (meat tenderiser) or chicken spicy from South Africa is halaal which is indicated on its packing. Its helpline is 0860-331-441. I bought them at Shoprite in Trianon.
A) Permissible. But rather choose Steers or Nandos sauces.

Q) Is Lipton Ice Tea halaal? 
A) Halaal safe.

Q) Are U food products halal, ice creams etc?
A) Avoid. Choose Nestle or Dairy maid. 

Q) Deemah Fig and date bars from Saudi Arabia contain glycerine. Are they halaal?
A) Halaal suitable. 

Q) Is green tea ‘made in china’ the one which the box is color green is halaal?
A) Green tea ok.

Q) Is Deemah fig bars from Saudi Arabia halaal? 
A) Ok if no E120.

Q) Is pruneaux d’Agen made in France halaal? 
A) Yes. 

Q) In bagatelle and many food places are not certified by Jum or Mufti Saheb, can we buy chips only from kfc?
A) Avoid

Q) Can you please tell me if Nutella containing Lactoserum en poudre halal? Similarly is cote d’or chocolate containing lactoserum en poudre (de lait) hala? 
A) Halaal suitable.

Q) Is copain pains halaal, sold by baguette magique ?
A) Halaal safe.

Q) Gelatine Bovine is certified halal. It is commercialized by NJC marketing and is been sold in Sik Yuen and London Way. Is it really halal?
A) No, it is not halal. You can get halal gelatine from Pakistan on this number: 5 776 01 445 776 01 44.

Q) Which cream is halal? 
A) Roselle, President is halaal safe.

Q) Is Moir’s Products Halaal? For eg Moir’s Cerises?
A) Moir`s without gelatine are ok.

Q) Moir la vanille, includes alcohol..so how come it’s halal? 
A) We have verified that the alcohol is from a synthetic solution. 

Q) ROBSON made by CIE LKS halal? 
A) Ok.

Q) Are Robbson and Moir’s flavours Halaal? 
A) Moirs is halaal suitable. 

Q) Is elle&vire creme cuisson halal? what about other elle&vire products?
A) Halaal suitable. Do read ingredients 

Q) Are food containing vanilla essence halal? 
A) Halaal suitable. 

Q) Is Vanillin halaal. It is contained in some chocolates. 
A) Halaal suitable. 

Q) Is mine appollo halal? 
A) Halaal safe. 

Q) Is Maggy chicken cube halaal? 
A) From South Africa, they are ok. 

Q) Maggi chicken cubes in india is it halal? 
A) Halaal suitable. 

Q) Maggie cubes, which is used in soups, from Malaysia contains real chicken, as said on the package. It is certified from Muslim societies in Malaysia but I am not sure if it is halaal. Are the chicken from Malaysia generally halal? Can I consume this product or should I preferably avoid it? 
A) For the time being stay away from meat products from Malaysia, Australia and Europe. 

Q) Is fish falvoured sauce from Thailand halal? The brand is Nice Food. 
A) Ok, if there is no oyster or crab in the ingredient. 

Q) Is tabasco halal safe? 
A) Halaal suitable. 

Q) Are all tomato ketchup halal? 
A) All Gold is ok. 

Q) Which chilli sauce and ketchup are halal? 
A) The ones from Malaysia and South Africa are ok.
Q) Is siaw ‘Yeos’ OK?
A) Ok. 

Q) Can we eat piment Rodrigues? I’ve heard that food from Rodrigues should be avoided as they use pig’s manure in plantation.. Is it true? 
A) Doubtful, unless taken from known safe places. One may enquire from local Muslims. 

Q) Is Agar Agar jelly powder or stick halaal?
A) Ok if no gelatine. 

Q) Is moirs jelly halaal? It contains gelatin bovine and certifies halaal. Product from SA. 
A) Not listed. 

Q) Where can we find la mousse noir halaal from Indonesia or Malaysia? 
A) Only Yeos can from Malaysia ok. Else other not available. 

Q) Chinese black jelly is it halal? 
A) Permissible.

Q) Sunny la mousse noir halaal?
A) Not listed. 

Q) Is la mousse noir halal? 
A) La mousse noir from Malaysia or Indonesia is halal safe. But the one from China, from the industry of “Animal and Produce” is not halal certified. 

Q) Is kellogs cornflakes from south africa halal? 
A) Halaal safe. 

Q) Peanut butter highway crunchy from malaysia got E 471 in it, is it halal? 
A) Halaal suitable. 

Q) Is lavazza coffee halaal? 
A) Halaal suitable. 

Q) Is McCoffee halaal? 
A) Halaal safe. 

Q) Is Ovaltine halaal? 
A) Halaal suitable. 

Q) Is lecithin de soja halaal? 
A) It is a halaal safe ingredient. 

Q) Is olive oil ‘carbonnel’ halal ? 
A) Halaal safe. 

Q) Is canola oil halaal safe? 
A) Yes it is halaal safe. 

Q) Is Hemp seed/hemp seed oil halal?
A) It is a plant and halaal when not consumed as an intoxicant. But if it intoxicate, then it is haraam. The holy prophet SAW said: All intoxicants are haraam. (Muslim)

Q) Is the trade mark Amora Halaal safe? 
A) Rather Nola. 

Q) Is Moutarde Amora halal? 
A) Avoid. Take the one from SA.

Q) Is Ducros moutarde halal?
A) Avoid. 

Q) Is it permissible to consume “vinaigre de cidre avec 0.03% d’alcohol” ? 
A) If alcohol is an added ingredient in the vinegar, then avoid using it. 

Q) Is vinaigre de vin found in salad seasonings halal? 
A) Although halaal suitable, but those salad dressing should be avoided on the basis of ihtiyaat (precaution). 

Q) Products with spirit vinegar halal or haraam? 
A) All vinegars are halaal safe. 

Q) Heard that all mushrooms come from China. Its doubtful that they may be grown from pig’s mature. Are they recommended? Are there any safe mushroom ? 
A) Even if they are grown such, they are still halaal. but avoid packed food from China.

Q) Is Gelatine Bovine Halal or Haram?? In Marshmallo it has been approved Halal.. 
A) No. Only Aurangzeb gelatin is approved halaal. In fact no marshmallow is certified halaal. 

Q) Is Royal Jelly found in certain pharmaceutical products and energy drinks halaal? 
A) Royal jelly is halaal safe. 

Q) Is QBB halaal safe? 
A) Yes it is halaal safe. 

Q) Is mother’s choice halaal? 
A) Yes. 

Q) Are SUNNY products halaal safe? 
A) Not listed. 

Q) Are CASINO brand food products halaal ? 
A) Ok if no gelatine, wine and E 120. 

Q) Which potato fries (also known as french fries) are halal to use? 
A) McCain.

Q) Is jam and mine apollo and fromage cheesedale doubtful?
A) Jam South Africa ok, Mine apollo ok, Cheesedale ok.

Q) Is casino Apple cider vinegar halaal?
A) Yes.

Q) Can hanafis use oyster sauce?
A) No. Oyster not permissible for hanafis.

Q) In meriiboy there is E471 can we consume it?
A) Avoid.

Q) The halal certified restaurants is it still halaal?
A) Yes.

Q) Can we consumed brand Casino like chips veggies etccc
A) Need ingredients.

Q) Is hollywood chewing gum halaal?

A) Avoid.

Q) Halaal Noodles?

A) Esko & Co Ltd, Mine Jam, Tasty Meal Ent. Ltd, T&T Int. Foods LTD, Super Fondent Mine Frais, Wenaxe Co.Ltd

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