Miscellaneous hajj maslas

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Bismihi Ta’ala

=> Foreign Hajis that arrived in Makkah should know that they are musafir and traveller unless they are staying 15 days or more before heading to Mina on the 8th Zul Hijjah.
Mina and Makkah are two different places and hence not accounted together.

=> Travelers need not do annual qurbani on the 10th Zul Hijjah. Only hajj rituals and sacrifice necessary according to maslas of hajj.

=> Since tawaafe ziyarat or tawaaf of hajj done between 10th morning and 12th before sunset is farz and very important for Hajj, we request that ladies consult a gynecologist to regulate their menses away from these dates: 2nd September to 5th September 2017. Ladies are excused and can perform tawaafe ziyarat even after 12th. But we aware of difficulties of tickets, hajj groupings traveling and no tolerance of prolongation of visas,etc.

=> A lady that sees herself without capacity to do tawaaf before leaving due to her menses, should perform the tawaaf in that condition and give a camel in Mina as kaffarah. Without this tawaaf, she will not be halaal for her husband. That is why we advise medication to prevent such complications. Ladies during menses are excused for tawaafe wida or farewell tawaaf but not excused for Tawaafe Hajj/Ziyarat.

=> When finishing all rites on 12th or 13th Zul Hijjah, do stop at Al Abtah, even for a few minutes. Because the beloved prophet Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam stopped there. The khulafa rashideen also made sure to stop there also. Make duas there. This is a left out sunnah.

=>Hajis are representatives of the ummah in the plain of Arafah. As such do remember the ummah in your duas in Arafah. Try to stand in duas from after Zohr on the 9th till assr time or before sunset. If cannot stand, sit and make duas. Do not fast that day in Arafah. As representatives of ummah, please do not waste time from Zawaal 9th till sunset in Arafah.

=>Do all your salaahs on time except during the night of Muzdalifah. Do Maghrib and Esha together with one azaan and one iqaamah when reaching Muzdalifah even late at night.

The crux of a hajj mabrur is to take patience and tolerance throughout the paces of Hajj. Do not oppress others through mass crowds. If oppressed, do not retaliate. Observe all rites of Hajj precisely.

Mufti Ayoob Mackoojee
Hajj Maslas ; +230 792 1333

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