Memories of Hazrat Mufti Meerun R.A

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Bismihi Ta`ala 


 Hazrat Mufti Meerun sahab r.a. was a down to earth humble person from youth. Although he was brilliant, he kept this character of fondness and humility to all his surroundings. This humbleness makes him approach Hazrat Mowlana Masihullah r.a. a lot. He told me that Mowlana Masihullah r.a. was very close to him. He even informed Mufti Sahab that who he will give khilafat and who he will not give. Such closeness is quite rare.  

When Mufti Sahab came Mauritius, he was first an Islamic teacher. Then he undertook the difficult task of leaving teaching as school teacher to dedicate himself for ifta without any salaries. Hazrat Mufti Sahab worked all these years in Jamiat without taking a pay! He encouraged others to do so. He undertook the work of Qadha in Muslim Family Council without a pay for nearly 30 years. He believed that we should spend whatever we have in our hands for the upliftment of deen. 

He would take his little money he had to put petrol and travel long distances to give a deeni talk. He believed that partaking deeni knowledge would eradicate all innovations and extremism in the world.

 I was close as a son to him. He said it to me himself. Like every love brought jealousy, hazrat Mufti Sahab warned me. On the last day of his life, he phoned me and addressed me some words of kindness. 

His beauty is that although he disagreed academically with someone, he never kept grudged from him. As head of ulamas, he would carefully place his words and initiative. Although at his age, he welcomed development like the initiating effort that I did Alhamdulillah to write in newspapers, to set up a web, the halaal initiative and also making night talks in masajids. Some of them I am only initiator and then other ulamas were asked to look after. He applied a strict ruling of taking the majority of ulamas on collective decisions, even if that was against his will. 

We used to go out for a ride at night. When he used to get into my car, if he found a piece of paper(even a supermarket receipt) down, he would pick it up. And then say: ‘’I don`t like any paper to be down. Because paper has been accepted as a means of education.’’ Even in office, he had a special bin for used papers to be treated with respect or burnt. 

He discouraged legal marriage because it tampers the family drive at home and also complicate the Islamic inheritance scenario. He believed that a legal divorce document does not mean a talaaq. 

He was a moderate Mufti that accepted new concepts and new ideas. He was severe against innovations and had great respect for ulamas deoband. He once dreamt that he was with his ulamas colleagues in the aakhirah. You see, there is a tendency that ulamas coming from Jalalabaad would see themselves closer to their jalalaabadis than others. I have seen this worldwide. Well, in his case, he would be equally attention to everyone irrespective to wherever he was qualified. He used to go out in tableegh for one day and would encourage ulamas also to take part in tableegh work.

  In the beginning, I used to tell him that we can invite such and such ulamas who is an international orator to Mauritius. He replied to me:’’Then we will rely only on imports! I believe a lot that our local young ulamas can talk good!’’ He opened up opportunities for our young ulamas to develop and stand in front of the public. He would correct them discreetly and with due respect even if they were as young as his sons. There are lots of things to be said about him. Without exaggeration, I could write books on our travel together. But I would time and again I would say them in their proper circumstances.

   A legacy that he cultivated for 40 years. A unity that he thoughtfully fine tuned. A continuous effort that include writings, talks, social interaction and family life. This is definite that he can`t be copied. But still, may Allah Ta`ala give us the courage to undertake the same steps. Ameen.     

Mufti Mackoojee

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