Medical sunnah against Covid-19

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Alhamdullilah, insha Allah, we have the cure for this virus in honey and black seed.

 Don’t you worry my people. Do you effort and hv tawakkul in Allah. I’m telling my patients to get their body strong despite being old and having comorbidities. The effort we need to do is as follows: Take VITAMIN C, VITAMIN D,WATER Gargle salt water in the morning.AND as per the hadith of our beloved prophet SAW, let’s not forget to have pure HONEY and black seed. Pure honey and black seed ever morning has the COMPLETE cure for this virus. Let’s all hv tawakkul. May Allah protect us all. Let’s make our effort and  Remember protective duahs. Also let’s ask for forgiveness from our LORD ALLAH SWT.Jazak Allah Khair Take precautions of reading protective duahs daily. Contact Mufti Mackoojee for these protective duas: +23057921333

 Don’t fear this virus.Dr Irfaan Khadaroo

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