Meat, Chicken & Fish

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Q) Is seara chicken steak halaal?
A) No.
Q) Is prodigal chicken halaal?
A) Yes.

Q) Did mufti approve chantecler and chantefrais?
A) Yes.

Q) What are halal brands of local chicken products?
A) All major farms are certified halaal Alhamdulillah. Chantecler, innodis,….

Q) Is frozen chicken in Saudi (jeddah) by sadia and perdix halal?
A) No. Watani that is slaughtered by hand ok.

Q) Ostrich meat from South Africa is on sale at supermarket. The cardbox has a sticker mentioning that it is imported by ireland blyth. The sticker also has the south africa halal logo. How can i ascertain it is halal?
A) Only if there is SANHA logo, then ok.

Q) Are food products under the trade mark “Al-Islami” from Dubai halaal?
A) According to information available, this product does not conform to the Codex halaal norm of halaal slaughtering.

Q) Is it permissible to consume chicken that are pre-stunned (they are still alive but unconcious) when they are slaughtered?
A) Yes if Bismillah is pronounced upon it?

Q) Which chicken burger and chicken saucisses are halal in mauritius?
A) Lezita

Q) Is farmstead chicken nuggets and farmstead chicken fingers are halaal?
A) Avoid.Q) Is south african beef meat sold at monoprix halal? can you certify the genuineness of african halal authority?
A) South Afican National Halaal Authority(SANHA) is genuine.

Q) Is label 60 chicken halaal?
A) Yes.

Q) One great alim advised us not to eat polony sausages,what does mufti saheb advises us?
A) Permissible if of halaal origin,but healthwise not advisable.Q) Are “lezita” chicken products from turkey halaal?
A) Yes. They are halaal.

Q) Voici les codes dans le jambon de poulet…estceque c’est halal?…E254, E262, E452, E451, E450, E621, E150, E124, E551.
A) Evitez.

Q) Are Chantefrais and it’s chicken derived (recently launched jambon de poulet, mortadella, chorizo) halal?
A) We have been able to have chantefrais fresh chicken halaal suitable. We will soon do on its by products insha Allah.

Q) Est-ce que Chantecler est Halaal?
A) Oui, maintenant les poulets Chantecler sont certifies halaal. Alhamdulillah. La ferme de poulets respecte les protocoles du zabah sur les normes internationales.

Q) Which frozen mutton meat is halaal??
A) South Africa mutton ok.

Q) Is dewfresh burger halal?
A) No.

Q) Steaks and other products made by STEERS and FISHAWAYS halal? 
A) Not listed.

Q) Is seara product halaal ?
A) No.

Q) Is Tilly sausage from France halal?
A) Not listed

Q)Is eating mushrooms from china halaal?
A)Fresh mushroom ok.

Q) Is prodigal chicken certified by HRC?
A) Yes.

Q) Is prodigal krispy halal?
A) Halaal safe.

Q) Is I&J beefers halal or not?
A) Halaal suitable.

Q) Is the meat (beef, chicken) from panagora halal?
A) Not listed.

Q) Is saussice farmland halaal?
A) Not listed.

Q) Eski saussise doux halaal?
A) Non. 

Q) Which burgers and sausages are halal?
A) FRY`S and the ones from Turkey are halaal safe.

Q) Are FRY’S sausages from South Africa halal?
A) FRY’S sausages are not from meat origin. It is pure vegetarian and certified by SANHA.

Q) Are Sadia products halal?
A) No. All Brazil, Belgium and European meat products does not satisfy our halaal standards.

Q) The chicken prepared by dead feed of animals is haram or halal?
A) Poultry eating dead feeds should be kept 3 days away from such foods and then be slaughtered.

Q) Is it permissible to eat the guts and lungs of a cow?
A) Yes.

Q) Is prodigal chicken nuggets halaal?
A) Not yet listed.

Q) Is it permissible to eat bone (chicken)?
A) Yes.

Q) Is frozen meat from Australia halal?
A) It is Mushtabah (i.e. there is doubt in it being halal or not). Avoid.

Q) Is buffalow meat mince product India halal ?
A) Yes. Halaal.

Q) Is islami burgers steak etcc halal? Its new on market.
A) Not listed
Q) My uncle told me that he heard on the radio that its makrooh to eat beef’s *trip* and *royon*. Is it true?
A) Not true. Permissible. Only 7 not permissible: blood, glands, bladder, bile bladder, sex of male and sex of female and also testicles.

Q) Pls do confirm if Shoprite (P.L/Trianon)’s beef in trays Halaal safe?
A) We do not advise to buy from supermarkets since they always alter their suppliers.

Q) Are frozen foods Spring Home from Singapore halaal?
A) Not listed.

Q) Why is sains product (with your halal stamp) sold at abbatoir roche bois no longer halal?
A) Lately we had some changes in certification of meat and chicken products. Hence this brought changes down to their respective supplies.

Q) We saw chicken that comes from Brazil, Belgium and France being cut with machines. There are no Muslims making zabah there. Is it halal?
A) No it is not halal and one should avoid buying these chicken. Some of these chicken have come on the Mauritian market and some in take-away. Precaution should be taken. That’s why, as much as possible, one should not eat outside food.

Q) Is eating intestine or pancreas, called “trip” in Creole allowed? Is It halaal? If yes, how can we consume it and if no, why cannot we consume it?
A) Permissible. Wash it.

Q) Are sausages from Brazil halal, which are sold on Deforges street?
A) No.

Q) Is poulet point-frais halal?
A) Halaal suitable.


Q) Is lobster makrooh?
A) Not permissible.

Q) Is there any fish which must not eat besides the makrooh ones?
A) All fish are ok to eat.
 Q) Is glenrick doubtful?
A) No.

Q) Which fish balls are halal?
A) The one from Malaysia and do not contain crab, etc.

Q) Is fish without scales like marlin halaal?
A) Yes.

Q) Are shrimps fully halal for Hanafis?
A) According to Mufti Laajpuri of Rander, it is halaal. Kazakh Allah Khair.

Q) Is ayam brand tuna from thailand halaal?
A) Ok, read ingredients.

Q) Is Ayamas , DoDo and I&J frozen products halal? 
A) I&J ok. Avoid the rest. 

Q) I read in halal and haram food that octopus Is not permissible. May I know why? As I know all sea food is halal if not cooked with anything haram.
A) It is not a fish. Else the ahadiths do indicate on Crab and frog AS NOT PERMISSIBLE because they are from the ”insect and disgusted type of animal”.

Q) Please advise if octopus is HARAAM? if so why?
A) Octopus is not permissible since it is in the insect category and not fish. Hanafis cannot eat Octopus.

Q) Is crab Haraam?
A) Crab also is not permissible for same reason as above.

Q) Is it fine to consume snacks which has like crab prawns etcc flavour?
A) Avoid
Q) Are seafoods like octopus, prawns, oysters, calamari halaal?
A) Except for prawns, others are unanimously not halaal.

Q) Why shrimps are halal and not crab?
A) Because some Oulama say that shrimp is a fish. But as far as crab is concerned, all the Oulama say that it is not a fish.

Q) Is it halaal to eat Prawn, Lobster, etc?
A) Some ulamas gave permission on prawns, but others said it is not a fish and hence not permissible. If you find it a fish, then you may eat it. else abstain. Lobster is not permissible.

Q) Can we eat (1) ti sevret sec, (2) ti sevrete rouge la riviere?
A) Certain Oulama have given permission.

Q) Can we eat everthing which comes from the sea? example: shark, dolphin, crab, oyster, calamari.
A) We can eat all fish: shark, dolphin, whale are fish. All non fish like oyster, calamari, crab and cray fish are not halaal suitable.

Q) Is surimi (i.e. ground fish) halal from Indonesia? There is no red color like crab stick. The brand is fish long.
A) Fish is ok. But do read ingredients. Indonesia can be consumed, but when no crab and oyster added to the fish.

Q) Can we eat caviar?
A) Typical caviar has fish eggs and masalas. If no haraam ingredients are added to it, then caviar is halaal safe to eat.

Q) Whale is like a fish but is a mammal. Is it halaal?
A) It is halaal because it is under fish category according to shar`ee linguists.

Q) Can we eat ‘tiger-shark’?
A) Yes, halaal.

Q) Is boulettes Dodo halaal?
A) No.

Q) Why are crustacean not halaal safe?
A) Because they are not fish.

Q) Eski gagne droit mange sushi?
A) Sushi préparé avec poisson, crab, crevettes, etc. Donc si li contenir banne crustacés, alors pas gagne droit mange li. Mais si li contenir seulement poisson, alors gagne droit manger.

Q) I got small salted sharks as gifts; can i eat them, otherwise what should i do with them?
A) You can eat them.

Q) Is Sealord Fish Fingers Classic Crumb from New Zealand halaal?
A) If no doubtful ingredients (see our halaal guide), then ok.

Q) Which fish fingers are halal? 
A) I&J and Harvest are both halal when of original flavor. 

Q) Are sea harvest fish fingers from South Africa halal because they contain e471? 
A) Ok if original flavour. 


Q) Can Muslims eat deer?
A) Yes. You can find halal deer by Abdur Rashid Madho, l’escalier and Midlands, where our halal logo is found.

Q) Is deer meat sold in Lolo supermarket halal certified?
A) Must ask from where does it come.


Q) Green field lamb, is it certified halaal?
A) No.

Q) Where can we find halal sheep in Mauritius?
A) Karan from shoprite are ok.


Q) Besides Mc Cain can we consume others frozen chips?
A) Yes, The ones carrying the SANHA logo.

Q) Can we eat horse meat? Is it halal?
A) No, not in Mauritius. But, if the horse is no more useful for race etc. and you slaughter it the halal way, then it’s permissible to eat.

Q) Is it halal to eat animals having webbed feet like ducks and goose? I heard some people saying it is makrooh but if the web is cut then it becomes halal?
A) It is halal to eat these birds when they are slaughtered properly.

Q) Is duck halal suitable? If bought alive and cut according to Shari’ah i.e. someone in the family will make the zabah.
A) Yes, duck is halal to eat.

Q) Are muslims allowed to eat rabbit and hare?
A) Yes, when made zabah on the name of Allah.

Q) Is every part of a ‘khinzir’ haram?
A) Yes.


Q) Is beef gelatin from Malaysia halal?
A) No.

Q) Is beef gelatin halal?
A) No. Auragzeb gelatin is ok.

Q) Is Gelatine Bovine Halal or Haram?? In Marshmallo it has been approved Halal..
A) No. Only Aurangzeb gelatine is approved halaal. In fact no marshmallow is certified halaal.

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