Masaa’il on Cellphones, Internet &TV

Q) Is it wrong to watch tv news actualities happening in mauritius?
A) Permissible as described. But because wrongs are majority, then that is why ulamas give against fatwa.
Q) Is it permissible to play video games like PC, PS3 and XBOX 360?
A) It is not advisable to play such games since they prevent one from farz salaahs. But if one abstain from music, hard playing and regular with salaahs, then still not recommended, but permissible.

Q) Are we allow to watch cartoons,whats the side effects,and many people allow their kids to watch it?
A) Not advisable
Q) I want to know on television, what is permissible to watch. Is it haraam to put television in our bedroom. 
A) Do not put tv in the house

Q) Is it allowed to put pictures of butterflies in the house? Similarly, is it allowed to put photos of birds, where the eyes cannot be seen, in the house?
A) No. Nabi (saw) said: Angels do not enter a house where there are photos or dogs.

Q) Why is it not allowed to take pictures of living things? 
A) There is different opinions on that as far as modern photos are concerned. 

Q) Is taking modern pictures ie from mobiles and digital cameras permissible? What about videos? I am confused about the matter since you said there are different opinions. 
A) Permissible according to fatwa of Egypt and Mufti Taqi Usmani. But avoid when unnecessary as a matter of precaution and ihtiyaat.

Q) Can i sell my TV which i had bought with halal money from a non Muslim so as to regain some of my money?
A) Permissible.

Q) Is it allowed to watch news, taraweeh and documentaries on television?
A) Yes, but it is a sin to leave the TV on for watching other stuff.

Q) Is it permissible in Islam to have one’s photograph being shot for weddings eid days or any events?
A) Pictures are not permissible except by necessity. Hence ID card, passport, money are all necessities. Hence not permissible for archive or memory purposes, but only when in necessity. 

Q) Many individuals either snap a photo of bull or video recording of it , how far is it halal to do such indecent act? 
A) Camera should not be used but only when necessary.

Q) My concern is that is it permissible for muslim girls or boys to get into social networking such as facebook, Hi5 or even chatting on themobile. In the negativity, I strongly recommend that this message becommunicated to all muslim brothers and sisters through newsletters and evenin jummah khoutbah.
A) It is worthy to note that the Qur-aan mentioned the positive effects of wine and gambling, but because of their overwhelming ill effects, they have been made haraam. Muslims should judge honestly and weight the detrimental effects of facebook and Twitter under the same scrutiny. We do not deny the positive contribution of the network, but on analogical basis, muslims should absolutely abstain from any platform that approaches to adultery and betrayal between couples. Wallahou a`lam.

Q) Facebook is right for a muslim to get access??
A) Muslims should know that the ill effects of Face Book is more than its good effects. Hence you are being made responsible to stay away from such platforms that approach you with evil.

Q) What is the law pertaining to ringtones with music?
A) It is not jaa’iz to put ringtones with music on cell phones.

Q) Can one use Qur’aanic ayat as ringtone?
 A) It is not jaa’iz to use Qur’aanic ayats as ringtone because it is disrespectful to the Qur’aan.

Q) Is it jaa’iz to sms strangers (na mahram)?
A) Smsing strangers (na mahram) is just like speaking face to face to them and is not jaa’iz.

Q) Is it jaa’iz to send picture messages, videos or songs on cellphones?
A) It is not jaa’iz and it is a great sin to send picture messeges (of living things), videos or songs on cell phones.

Q) Is it jaa’iz to sell cell phones with defects?
A) To sell cell phones with defects in cheaper price without informing the buyer of its defect is deceiving that person and our prophet (saw) has prohibited us from doing so.

Q) Is it jaa’iz to play games on the internet?
A) If playing games on internet, or cell phones leads to leaving out a fardh (e.g salaah) then that game becomes haraam. And if it leads to leaving out a waajib (e.g witr salaah) then the game becomes makrooh-e-tahrimi. And if it leads to leaving out a sunnat or mustahab then it becomes makrooh-e-tanzihi.

Q) I don’t go to cinema’s, but i heard that if you go to cinema with your hubby your nikah will break.. Is this true? 
A) Not true. But surely going cinema is an act of fisq and open sinning whereby ONLY sincere tawbah may erase such evil act.

Q) Is it permissible to play games on mobile phones?
A) Permissible when put on mute (without music) and when does not prevent oneself from salaahs.