Make the change this Ramadhan

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It is reported on the authority of Mustadrak Hakim that once the Prophet SAW told the companions to come near the mimbar. He then ascended the pulpit. When he climbed the one step, he said ‘Ameen’. He repeated, “Ameen” when he climbed the second step. He uttered ‘Ameen’ when he climbed the third step. When the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) descended the pulpit, the companions told him that they happened to hear something new today. The beloved Prophet SAW told them. Hadrat Jibreel came to me when I ascended the first step he cursed, “WOE TO HIM WHO ON SPITE OF HAVING BEEN PROVIDED THE MONTH OF RAMADHAAN FAILS TO OBTAIN FORGIVENESS. I said, “Ameen”. When I climbed the second step the angel cursed him who fails to send blessing on the Prophet after listening to his name. I said “Ameen”. When I climbed the third step the angel cursed “Woe to him who finds either one and both of his parents in old age, and yet is not able to enter Heaven”. I said “Ameen” (Mustadrak Hakim)

So we need to have forgiveness from Allah this Ramdhaan, else we are in danger of the curse of the beloved prophet SAW. The beloved prophet SAW indicated 3 actions to have forgiveness: It is reported on the authority of Bukhari that the who fast whole month of Ramadhaan with yaqeen(conviction) and hope of reward, then he will be forgiven all his past sins. The same promise with the same yaqeen comes on reading salaah during the nights of Ramadhaan(Taraweeh).

Besides these actions, we need to read lot of Qur-aan Kareem. Because the month of Ramdhaan is the month Qur-aan. It was revealed in Ramadhaan and also abundantly read by the prophet SAW and sahabas. At least one complete reading is necessary, else 2 or 3 khatams is laudable.

And also we need to improve some aspect of our life during this Ramadhaan. If you had no beard, then start growing one with final decision to keep it even after Ramadhaan.

If a lady was not in pardah, then great time to start veiling one`s face during the sacred month of Ramadhaan! Try it insha Allah, you will see that it is very easy to make that change during these days.

Today is Jum`ah, so read lot of Douroud on Nabi SAW and preserve our fast with lowering gaze, stay away from backbiting and keep away from sins. The beloved prophet SAW said: ‘’The best day is Friday. So read lot of douroud upon me, because it is presented before me..’’(Abu Dawood)

After reading this, evaluate yourself and see where you lack from the sunnah of the beloved prophet SAW and step forward to adopt that sunnah for life.

Do inform us of your initiative.

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