Madinah Ziyaarats*

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*with Ml Abdullah Jeena*                📌Whatsapp                   *00966507038182*  *_Three different Ziyaarats_* _____________________________ 

1. *Madinah Ziyaarat* – We stop and climb off at 3 places (Masjid Quba, Uhud, Masjid Qiblatayn) but pass by around 45 places  (explained from bus)Approximately 3 hrs  

2. *Badr Ziyarat* – We  point out various places of significance along the way, stop at *2 wells* en-route to Badr, pass by and make dua at the *Cemetery of the Martyrs* at Badr, visit *Masjid al Areesh* and the actual *battlefield*. Leave as soon as possible after Fajr, return before 11 am, Insha’Allah. 


 3. *UHUD IN DETAIL*  !!! *Visit Uhud* and listen to a detailed description of the Battle of Uhud. First travel to *Al Baydaa and the  Ghabah Forest* area and listen to relevant incidents related to the area._(Braai camel burger meal at Baydaa Mountains included.) _ 

_Now doing this after Fajr till around 9 am (so that we don’t miss any salah in Masjid Nabawi) Insha’Allah_ 

*Selected Days for UHUD in Detail*_(Subject to no of persons interested for a particular day)_——————-———————————We go in a 30 seater coaster or 50 seater bus so you will be with other English speaking persons, Insha’Allah.————————————————- *DAYS* –

*Madinah Ziyaarat* on Saturdays and some other days subject to numbers.  –

*Badr* on Sundays and Thursdays  –

*Uhud in Detail* on Tuesdays Insha’Allah  _All Ziyaarats are subject to number of people interested for particular days, Insha’Allah_ ============================= 

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