Importance of being a believer

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In the world of creation, man distinguishes himself by means of these specific aspects; his handsomeness, his intelligence and his values. Since he is blessed with an aesthetic physique, that increases his prestige which in turn allows him to maintain his supremacy over his surroundings. In addition, it has allowed him to control the dimensions of earth, water and open space. Having arranged these materials himself, he has developed the art of maneuvering with ingenuity the gaseous liquid and solid resources of nature. Moreover, he has succeeded in subduing the aspects of land and sea and in imposing his supremacy over them. The distinctive factor which sets him apart from other creatures is his intelligence.

In life, one has to very often make choices. Sometimes, there are multiple alternatives. Now and then, one is bound to overcome very difficult obstacles. Whatever the circumstances, human instinct demands that the choice be intelligently made so that the ensuing consequences are better. In this way, Islam has triumphed during each era of human history. Islam not only contains religious directives, but at the same time includes scientific concepts.

Medicine and Islam

It is thanks to the Islam of the Middle Ages that Europe and Africa have benefited from the scientific, mathematical, medical and alchemical contributions that we know today. Alchemy is an Islamic science, whose name, Al Kimiya, was made up of the chemical and alchemical sciences put together. In an edition of the United Nations published on the history of medicine, it is written as follows: “From Spain and North Africa through the central lands of Egypt, Syria and Iraq, to Iran and India in the East, and over a period of roughly twelve centuries (from the middle of the 8th to the present century), Islamic medicine has shown great variation and diversity.” Distillation owes its invention to Abul Qasim, an Arab Physician of the 10th century. Algebra (Al Djabar), the branch which Al Khwarizmi had developed, has established the basic platform which today is used for communication in the information system of the 20th century. Astronomer Omar Khayyan, among others, has altered the manner in which stars and planets are observed, while during that period, the Greeks were only thinking about the horoscope. Having reached the 21st century, modern man feels he is more powerful and stronger than his ancestors. He has shortened his journeys to only a few hours whereas his grandfather used to spend months in travelling. Medical drugs are developed and are produced thanks to specialized research. One discovers the world of “micro-anatomy”. Man tries to foresee probable changes in weather, but unfortunately he is overtaken by a tsunami! Other more complex diseases appear and, unfortunately, the threats are of a worldwide dimension. The mad cow disease, the avian fever and swine fever: like the waves of the sea, they follow each other. Hazrat Huzaifah (ra) has reported having heard the Prophet of Allah (saw) informing him about the tribulations which would come like the waves of the sea. (Sahih Muslim)

The Protection of Islam

Islam explains that such tribulations are the result of human actions. Our mother Zainab (ra) asked the Prophet (saw): “Will the curse engulf us in spite of the fact that there are pious people among us.” The Prophet (saw) replied: “Yes, if the evil has spread around.” (Bukhari)

In so far as we tolerate unreasonable actions, everybody runs the risk of perishing. Allah Ta’ala has stated: “Corruption has appeared on land and in the sea because of actions people have committed with their own hands.” (Ar-Room: 41)
“Follow the natural pattern on which Allah has created human beings.” (Ar-Room: 30).

Islam has protected us by warning us about narcotics and drugs. It protects us also in the same manner against animals which are dangerous because of the germs they carry.

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