Flaw around foreign qurbani

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Bismihi Ta`ala

Beware that there has been a research lastly of the Southern Hemisphere ulamas on the issue of Fake Foreign Qurbani happening around the world. There is no generalisation but we should be more careful on Foreign Qurbani uprising around us.

1. First of all, know that the sunnah teaches us to do Qurbani with our hands or else witness the qurbani ourselves.(Bukhari)

2. *Secondly, there is no guarantee of quality of Qurbani chosen by a third party in a foreign land. Age of animal, physical eligibility, etc are not guaranteed.

3. *Thirdly, there has been past records that some people only eat up the Qurbani fees money and did not perform qurbani at all!

4. *Fourthly and not least is the Wakalah or Agency maslah. According to Fiqh, it is not permissible to hide the profit made in such a wakalah or agency of foreign Qurbani. Such agency should clearly give account to the person about the details of the wakalah agency. In Imdaadul Fatawa, M Thanwi clearly state that a person taking money for a work should inform the payer about how much profit is being taken. This is the general rule of such foreign wakalah.

5. *The Foreign Qurbani organisers unfortunately hide the profit and do a camouflage and cover up with their religious organisations or personal motives. Religious or not, according to the maslah, you should have open up the account detail of the money of the payer.

6. *Often they advocate that they have full authority of the payer to act how they like with the money. This is not true because a person would choose the least price for his qurbani. Unfortunately some organisers and even some ulamas do cover up in that issue to obtain a large profit and hide it from the payers.

7. *Organisers should submit an open transaction report each year to inform the payers of their wakalah and agency of the full transaction and profit realised. Whether that profit enrich some Madrassahs or its well lookers…

8. *I have personally seen some agents or organizers doing these cover ups for a third party and then get obtain umrah tickets, monthly allowances etc after Eid ul Adhaa for maximazing trading qurbani transaction!

9. *Since there is personal profit motive in there, the posters and announcement of these foreign Qurbani should not be done in Masjids nor on masjid boards. The beloved prophet Swalallahou `Alaihi Wasallam prohibited business motive initiatives in the masjid.(Tirmizi)

10. *Finally, Qurbani is not objectively to eradicate poverty. But rather to uplift the symbol of Allah.(Surah 5:verse 2) This is attained fully by doing Qurbani in your environment with your hands or at least in front of you.

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