Chapter of Nikah

Q) Can one do nikka with a pregnant woman?
A) Yes. But should not cohabit with her, unless she bears the husband’s child then they may cohabit.

Q) Can a boy wear engagement ring and wedding ring?
A) Yes, of only silver not exceeding 4.37 grams
Q) Can a boy and a girl do court marriage as they want to marry then later do nikkah with family consent?
A) No

Q) If a girl of age 15 do nikkah but do not tell her parents and live with her parents….will any change occur in her body?
A) Yes, if she get close to her husband. 

Q) Is it true that Allah increase our sustenance and independance when we get married. I am currently not eligible for marriage based on financial grounds. 
A) Yes, it is true. Take courage and get married. But should do 5 times daily salaahs on time. And try to wake up tahajjud. 

Q) I am a girl of 29 years and i have made nikaah without my wali. i was present at the time of the nikkah. Recently i have read on the internet that the marriage of a woman without her wali is invalid. iis my nikah invalid? what should i do?? 
A) Valid if done in front of 2 witnesses and wordings properly formulated. 

Q) Is it permissible to get married without parental consent? Is it a sin for having marrying someone whereby parents have been refusing?
A) Permissible for a baaligh girl, but this practice is reprehensible and definitely not advisable. 

Q) Is it fair to put Quran over the head of a muslim bride during ruksati in islam?
A) No

Q)What does Mehre faatimi means?
A)It is the mehr that  Hazrat ali r.a. asked Fatimah r.a.
Q) I know we can marry a christian or jew woman but are we allowed to marry an agnostic woman. Need some good clarifications on these.
A) No permissible. In fact, fatwa is against marrying a Christian and a jew.

Q) At what age a girl is recommended to get married? 
A) 20 years. 

Q) What is the best dua for a girl to ask Allah for a good and handsome spouse? 
A) Rabbana hab lana min azwajina wa zurriyatina qurrata a`youn waj`alna lil muttaqina imaama. 

Q) If a girl is doing a second nikah, is it obligatory for her parents to do a walimah again because she wants it simple. 
A) Not obligatory. Can do a family dinner as it is sunnah.

Q) I got married with my girlfriend some times back so that we do not commit zina but now since we have to face our parents, we don’t want to break their heart by telling them what we did without their consent. Can we redo nikaah for them in this case ?
A) Permissible.

Q) What should a wife do if the husband wants to have intercourse even if he knows his wife has got her menses? 
A) Should satisfy the husband by her hands and other parts of her body. Sodomy is haraam. 

Q) Should my muslim fiancee meet my Christian parents before we marry? I am a convert to islam and I have met a man who wants to marry me. He is living in Europe and I am in the US. I want to marry and go live with him. However, I do want him to meet my parents.
A) Not obligatory. It is advisable to meet them though. 

Q) How will we know who is our life partner?
A) Istikharah. 

Q) Aslm. I know it is permissible to marry a chriswtian and a jew woman under certain conditions. What is the rule on marrying an agnostic woman with the same intention of bringing her to accept islam? Thanks
A) Wa alaikoumous salaam, not permissible
Q) If a woman has accepted islam but not her husband, what should she do? Can she continue living with him?
A) She should encourage him to accept islam and warn him that his refusal will cancel their marriage. Then if he refused, then inform MFC to terminate the marriage. Then after 3 haizs she may remarry a muslim.

Q) Can a Hanafi girl marry a maliki boy?
A) Permissible.

Q) Can an orphan woman make her friend’s husband her wali for her nikkah? If family is not around. 
A) Yes, permissible if she is 15 years old or more.

Q) If i kiss my wife on her lips for more than an hour, is it haram?
A) No.

Q) Is the date, time and place of nikah predetermined before birth?
A) Yes. 

Q) Is the life partner predetermined before our birth?
A) Yes

Q) Is it true that a husband cannot look at his wife nude? 
A) Not true. Permissible.

Q) Is it allowed in islam to do nikkah for sexual purposes and then break the nikkah ? Can a muslim person do that ? Even if both partners agree on it ? 
A) Permissible if nikah done normally without time framework

Q) Is it farz for a girl to get married when she is a baligh?is it farz for her and her parents to get her married as soon as possible after she becomes a baligh?
A) No. She should be mature enough to be able to manage a house, look after a family, etc. Because our physical and mental constitution are now getting weaker, we find that the mature age for marriage for a girl is 19 years old.

Q) Is anal sex permissible in islaam for a wedded couple? Can my husband penetrate my anus and ejaculate when im having haiz? 
A) No. This is completely haraam and prohibited.

Q) Can a wife prevent her husband from kissing her private parts if he likes to do so. Some ulemas say that this is allowed.
A) Should prevent.

Q) I would like to know that if a boy has promised a girl to do nikah with her by using Allah’s name and some years later they broke up.. is the promise still valid?
A) Promise if unaccomplished, then kaffarah should be given. Rs 750 as at December 2015.

Q) Is it allowed in islam to have a nikah (private) done between a girl and a boy so that they can keep contact, then after a few months have them have another nikah where all relatives will be invited? 
A) Permissible. 

Q) Can husband and wife bath together?
A) Yes.. 

Q) Can husband and wife swallow each other’s saliva while kissing?
A) Yes.

Q) How to increase sexual appetite between husband and wife ? 
A) Oud, dates, meat and rest are the ingredients. One need to know the member part of the upper part of the body that enhance excitement to the partner. The husband may finger the wife. Caress and kiss are the first steps to excitement. 

Q) Can we perform nikah after consuming alcohol?
A) Yes.

Q) Can we kiss wife private parts and also she can kiss my penis?
A) This is makrooh tahrimi and not permissible to kiss each other`s private part. Our tongue is meant to read the Qur-aan, kalimas, etc and should not be down trodden 
Q) C’est quoi la valeur du meher d’aujourdhui? Est-ce vrai que la fille doit pouvoir vibre avec cet argent là pendant 3 mois et 10 jours au cas ou il se passe qulq chose?
A) Minimum Rs 1600. No maximum. Mehr Fatimi: Rs 75000.
Faux 3 mois…

Q) What do you think about a second nikah ?
A) It is sunnah. But Allah Ta`ala advises us to keep only one when fear of injustice.

Q) A dua to make parents approve their son’s choice to marry the girl he loves. 
A) Read tahajjud and read the dua of Hajah found on web.

Q) What dua to read to reconcile between a couple, who are staying seperate?
A) Read verse 64 of Surah 8 and blow on the food they eat.

Q) A muslim girl is willing to get married to a non muslim. Apparently the boy doesn’t want to convert to islam. How can i advise the girl?
A) Allat Ta’ala created us and He creates love between spouses. He will not last those Muslilms love towards non-Muslims. One should be afraid of being thrown in hell, because this relationship implies zina, shirk and maybe consumption of pork and alcohol.

Q) Must a married woman pour water on her entire hair everyday for the Janaba bath if her husband meets her everyday? 
A) Yes, obligatory. unless she has sinus problems, then you may contact us on 57921333.

Q) I am a sunni muslim and i love a suni guy who is not from the same country as i am. we are living away from our parents and want to do a nikkah but I don’t want to tell my parents about the my nikkah yet as the guy is still a student and not fully established? we plan on telling my parents after he graduates and gets a good job. is the nikkah permissable? 
A) If you are baligha or adult, then permissible.

Q) Je suis une croyante et je dois renouveler ma carte d’identite j’ai deja fait le nikah mais pour le mariage civile laquelle vous me conseillez; le separation ou le coree du bien?
A) Vous pouvez proceder avec votre nikah nama sans le marriage civile. Sinon faites la separation du bien.

Q) If a husband has sexual relationship with another woman, does his nikah break? 
A) No. 

Q) Can a Sunni Muslim marry get married with a Shia muslim ? I am a Sunni muslim and I have the intention to ask a Shia muslim for nikaah. I pray 5 times daily, I do tahajjud once a week and I ask lots of Duah so that I can guide her to the right path with the help of Allah. Any more suggestion about this ?
A) Not permissible. We do not advise on such errands.

Q) Can a Sunni Muslim get married with a Shia muslim ?
A) No.

Q) Does the husband have to support his family affter he is married?
A) It is the husband who has the responsibility towards his family.

Q) Is nikah accepted when the girl has her menses?
A) Yes.

Q) What is meant by nikah qubool?
A) Accept the proposition of nikaah.

Q) I was going to marry a girl who is a Non -Muslim but, is ready to convert to Islam.But, the problem is that lately I came to know that she had Physical relationship with someone else and he too was a Non-Muslim. When I came to know about all this, I dropped the idea of Marrying her. but, still there is a guilt in my mind that what I did was not right. Thus, I would request you to kindly suggest me that what I did was right or should I Marry her even after knowing that she had physical relations in the past with a Non-Muslim guy.
A) It is your feelings towards her that may drive for a good decision. If you cannot digest the ”betrayal” and it washed most of your feelings, then do not marry her. especially if she lied to you. But if your feelings towards her is still strong and you cannot go without her, then forgive her and marry her.

Q) If a husband is already in 1 nikah and insist of making a second nikah is it allowed?
A) Allowed. But better look after one family as the Qur’an recommends.

Q) I asked a girl to marry me and she refused because I am poor. What can I do to become rich? Are there any duas to become rich quickly?
A) Read astaghfirullah a lot and read 5 times daily salaats.

Q) Can a husband kiss (without sucking) his wife’s private part?
A) No.

Q) If a girl made istikharah for marriage and she got a positive answer but the boy got a negative, should they get married or not. (the girl is still in her first nikah and waiting for divorce so as to marry him).
A) Both should redo istikharah AFTER the lady got the divorce and after iddah.

Q) If one partner does shirk, is the nikaah still valid? By shirk i mean going to dargas or to imaams to ask them to do duas for them or reciting the prayers of the kufaar but without truly believing in it.
A) Nikah is no more valid if one partner did shirk.

Q) If a couple contracts nikah and comsummate their nikah a year after, is the nikah stil valid?
A) Yes, valid.
Q) Suppose a boy and a girl wants to consumate as they are hiding their wedding from their parents.Can they consumate in a “chambre a louer”?
A) No, this can be detrimental for both. Do everything officially. Else wait. Q) For how long can a girl stay at her parent house after Nikah if the boy is not financially ready to take her responsibilities and expenses?A) Can stay for years.
Q) Is it permissible a couple engage in sexual relationship during pregnancy?
A) Permissible. The holy prophet SAW did not stop the sahabas on that issue.

Q) A man lives with his wife in his parents house in one room, and a small part as her kitchen. The wife finds her uncomfortable and she always ask her husband to build a house. And the man is not financially stable. What does the husband have to do?
A) We suggest that the husband rent a house so as to give the complete right of the wife. In this way, the children also may have space to sleep and live.
Q) I saw a girl in my dream whom i like and had not talk to her for many years but I don’t want any relationship with her before marriage.
A) So propose to her family and marry her.
Q) Can a couple sleep together before nikkah if the girl has a problem and only intercourse can help. But cannot perform marriage soon? And can ask pardon after that?
A) No. Haraam. Soiled forever. Very Haraam.

Q) How to convince someone to accept to get married? Any dua?
A) Read istighfaar a lot for him/her. Allahoummagh fir la hou(Male) OR Lahaa(Female)Q) Is nikkah possible with foster brother’s elder brother?
A) Yes if no milk in between them.
Q) Is a man allowed to finger his wife if she want it this way. if yes, does she have to do ghusl?
A) Yes, recommended. No, unless she experienced orgasm and ejaculate.

Q) I’m a baaligh girl. i’ve made nikah in presence of only two witnesses (one being my husband’s father and the other is his cousin (male and mature). Is the nikah counted?
A) Nikah is counted.

Q) Can i perform nikah with my cousin (my mother’s sister’s daughter)?
A) Yes, it is permissible to perform nikah with one’s cousin. Of course, the condition of mutual consent of the girl is essential for the nikah. Read more about nikah on

Q) I want to ask, if at the time of nikaah the girl’s parents did not give their consent but no shariah compliant reason was there, will it be a trouble for both the bride and the groom to be together in jannah? 
A) You need to describe how the nikah was done? You were present? Or the father was there? What did he say? What the witnesses said? Tell me these details first. 

Q) I would like to know what is the difference between Nikkah and ruksathi. And if Nikhha already done not Ruksathi and girl living with parents who is responsible for girl expenses.
A) Nikah is the contract of marriage according to shariah whereby there is consent proposal on one side and acceptance on the other side, in front of minimum 2 muslim men (read article on the subject on the web). Rukhsati is the departing of the girl from her home to the husband`s home. Rukhsati can be made long after nikah as arranged.
After nikah, it is the husband who should take the expenses of the wife. If the girl is not stopping the husband to cohabit with her or to touch her, then the expenses is definitely on the husband. But if the wife is holding herself from touching her or kissing her, then the husband may refuse for the expenses.
Before nikah, the parents are responsible. And after nikah, husband is responsible.

Q) Can two persons who love each other a lot have nikah, but never have sexual contact because they do not like it?
A) Permissible in front of two male muslim witnesses.

Q) Can a nikah be valid after conversion into Islam, BUT before circumcision?
A) Valid.

Q) My wife likes anal sex. Is it permissible?
A) This is a haraam practice and should not be done. The holy prophet SAW said: the one who did anal sex, he has denied and made kufr of what the prophet SAW brought.

Q) My sister loves a boy and wants to perfom the nikkah soon in the halaal way but she can’t tell our parents because of fear. What should she do?
A) We should be ready for their refusal and follow their wish. Because they know better for our future and better pair. The shariah promote a spirit of equilibrium society whereby we know who is the wife of who. Secret nikahs complicate a recognition in the Islamic society. Although permissible, secret nikahs are against the spirit of the Qur-aan. In fact Allah Ta`ala said that we should take the wife with the permission of the family:”So marry them with the permission of their responsible parties and give them their due compensation according to what is acceptable. [They should be] chaste, neither [of] those who commit unlawful intercourse randomly nor those who take [secret] lovers.”(4:25) This ayat clearly indicate that it is against the spirit of Nikah to keep a secret relationship. That is why the holy prophet ordered us to make i`laan of nikah in masjids:”Announce the Nikah and do it in Masjids..”(Tirmizi) As such it is either you proceed to the enduring and sunnah way to inform the parents or take the secret underground cul de sac. Inform your parents and follow their councelling.

قَالَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ أَعْلِنُوا هَذَا النِّكَاحَ وَاجْعَلُوهُ فِي الْمَسَاجِدِ وَاضْرِبُوا عَلَيْهِ بِالدُّفُوفِ قَالَ أَبُو عِيسَى هَذَا حَدِيثٌ غَرِيبٌ حَسَنٌ فِي هَذَا الْبَابِ وَعِيسَى بْنُ مَيْمُونٍ الْأَنْصَارِيُّ يُضَعَّفُ فِي الْحَدِيثِ وَعِيسَى بْنُ مَيْمُونٍ الَّذِي يَرْوِي عَنْ ابْنِ أَبِي نَجِيحٍ التَّفْسِيرَ هُوَ ثِقَةٌ

Q) I know a couple who are in nikah but live separately. Sometimes the boy goes to meet the girl but have not yet comsumed nikah for four years. Now they are doing nikah again and this time the boy will take the girl at his place. is this nikah allowed in islam?
A) Nikah is permissible, but in fact not necessary since already done. But the couple may make intention of tajdeed nikah or renewal of nikah which is recommended.

Q) My husband often asks me for sodomie which i always refuse. Last time i got so angry when he asked me again, that i called him kafir without knowing it is very sinful to call a muslim kafir. I regret a lot for saying this word. Is my nikah still valid ? 
A) Your nikah is still valid. In fact the holy prophet SAW has warned sodomists as ”Kafir”. As such you have not sinned. But still, the one who practice such act is not kafir by aqeedah, but kafir on the words of the holy prophet SAW. Do read on the subject in the articles on the web. 

Q) Is it true that we should not read Quran 1/2 an hour before the magrib azaan? Or is there any specific time when quran should not be read? What is best time for wazifas (like if want to read 500 times darud or kul)? 
A) Not true. No such time. Best time for wazifah is after sehri, at the time of fajr, before sun rise. And also before sunset, after assr. 

Q) What should two people who truly love each other and if the boy is not financially stable and both are the age to marry and the boy is refusing due to this reason. What should be done in this situation?A) Keep fast and stay distant.

Q) Is there an age limit to get married?A) No, But should be prepared to be a couple mate.
Q) Is it true that a person’s life partner is written by Allah when he/ she is of three months in his/her mother’s womb? 
A) Yes, 4 months old baby. In fact all destiny is unrolled that time. Although destiny was written 50 000 years before creation of Adam a.s.

Q) Is it true that people can send jinns on others? can it affect intimate relations between husband and wife? 
A) Witch, yes. They may do ill magic to affect couple`s relationship. 

Q) I am married since 2 years. i dream of having babies frequently where i cannot handle..any meaning ? i heard its jinn.. is it true ?
A) Possible. You should have a test on it. may be you will have a baby insha Allah. 

Q) Is there any problem in keeping 3 nikkahs same day?
A) No. 

Q) Is it necessary to make physical relationship after nikah…if women don’t want to have.
A) Not necessary to have physical relationship. One may convene rukhsati after Nikah. After Rukhsati, physical relation may be established and then one may do walimah. The holy prophet SAW did nikah and consumed the nikah only after 2 years with Hazrat Aisha r.a. 

Q) What is mehr fatimi? 
A) The value mehr that Hazrat Fatimah r.a. asked hazrat Ali r.a. at times of marriage.

Q) Does a married man need written consent from his first wife for second marriage? As per islamic law in Indian law.
A) No. No written consent needed. 

Q) Is it a sin to not get married?
A) Not sunnah. It may be permissible to stay bachelor to serve the deen of Allah TA`ala like Imam Nawawi(r.a.) or Hazrat Yahya(a.s.). But still it is not on the beloved way traced by the holy prophet peace be upon him. Allah Ta`ala has preferred the way of the sunnah and has proclaimed: ”Only if you follow him, then will you achieve true guidance.”(24:54) Because of the danger of zina, Allah TA`ala ordered us to marry and also the holy prophet SAW clearly said:”O you the Youth! Those of you who can get married should get married.”(Bukhari)And those who cannot get married because of finance or any other reason, then they should keep fast(roza). As such the ideal sunnah is to get married to preserve one`s chastity and staying bachelor without any valid reason is reprehensible.

Q) What is the responsibility of a husband to his wife after nikaah?
A) To look after her with care and finance, providing her with a house, food , clothing and make ups.

Q) Can a lady who follows the hanafi fiqh get married to a man who follows the tawheed group? 
A) Permissible although not advisable. 

Q) Does merely saying you cant stay with someone nullifies the nikah? 
A) No. 

 Q) Can a guy do nikkah without his father’s approval? In fact at first the father gave his consent then he started thinking about age gap and he his money minded. Can the guy do nikah? He works also.
A) Permissible, but the boy should be independent financially and can provide for a house for the wife.

Q) How to know whether the person you are about to marry is indeed the right person made for you while problems keep on cropping up as the wedding is nearing and doubts cropping up now ?
A) The istikharah can help in this issue.

Q) What if a wife doesnt allow the husband to ejaculate outside her vagina?
A) That is her right. Then it is makrooh to oppose her right.

Q) Can somebody marry two sisters of same blood relationship and live with both ? Is such a nikah ( both) valid? Are the persons concerned commiting sins? What does the shariah recommends in such a situation?
A) Not permissible to marry two sisters at the same time. Yes on is committing zina with the second one. The first nikah to the first sister is valid, but the second one would never be valid during the nikah of the first one. One can only perform nikah with one sister only. Unless one wish to divorce the first one and then after iddah, one may marry the second one.

Q) I am in love with a woman who has slept with a lot of her past boyfriends outside of marriage. I am a virgin. Am I allowed to marry her?
A) Permissible.

Q) Is it allowed for a muslim couple to do a civil mariage after nikah or is it considered as a tradition of the kaafir?? 
A) Permissible if needed. But do “separation du bien” so that it does not complicate the issue of inheritance and asset use during lifetime.

Q) Is it true on the day of nikkah someone has to hold the quran for the bride?
A) No.

Q) Is it allowed for a 75 yrs old man to keep a woman at home to help him look after his wife who is suffering from Alzheimer or should he do nikah with her first?
A) No. Yes, he may perform nikah, then permissible.

Q) When is one allowed to do nikah secretly?
A) Nikah can be performed in the presence of two witnesses. But it is highly recommended to take permission form the girls’s parents for an official nikah.

Q) Can a non-muslim father stand as wakeel for his muslim daughter for her nikah? Is the nikah acceptable?
A) No, not acceptable.

Q) Is civil marriage permissible in islam?
A) Permissible when necessary under the policy of ”separation du bien”.

Q) I’m 23 and i love a muslim boy age 25, he is independent.. we are suppose to get married next year. by the permission of both our parents. in order to avoid zina, can we get married secretly? he is unable to control his desires.. we want to do it in a halal way.
A) Permissible, not advisable. Permissible to perform nikah in front of two male muslim with proposition and acceptance in the past tense. But what if your engagement break? Then you will be a woman already and yet, not officially married. That is why it is not advisable.

Q) Is it permissible to give mehr in other form than money? e.g gold, pocessions, premisses…etc? 
A) Permissible to give mehr in other assets form. There is a minimum mehr, though. Find it on the web.

Q) I wanted to know what are the responsibilities of the husband in the house. In what way should he bring help to his wife concerning the household tasks as well as caring after the children?
A) The husband should look after the financial matters of the home. He should spare time for the children upbringing and also to the wife. He should look after the wife satisfying her psychologically and physically.

Q) If a woman does not want her husband to perform second nikah. Can she say that in the wedding contract?
A) Yes, one may mention this in the nikah contract. This clause would be considered as a ”promise” clause and treated as such.

Q) Concerning marriage, If a boy is pious and has a good character but the girl is not physically attracted by him, what does islam say about it?
A) Nikah is not advisable. Physical attraction and appreciation is important for a nikah duration.
Q) If a boy and a girl have already agreed to get married, can they talk on the phone before nikah?
A) No, it is haraam to speak, sms or mail each other unless a nikah is performed.

Q) What are the rights of a boy who wants to get married to a muslim without the permission of his dad?
A) First of all, it not advisable to marry without the consent of the parents. But still it is permissible for adult muslims to decide on their marital choice on their own. The rights of any couple are fully distributed as per shar`ee rulings. In brief the husband should cater the expenses and house of the wife. The wife should answer the husband when called to intimacy and look after the house. You may read on web the different rights of husband and wife on web.

Q) Is it right for a Muslim girl to use the surname of her fiance before nikkah? 
A) No. Not permissible to do proximity with Fiancée without nikah.

Q) Is nikah valid if a girl gets married without the consent of her father, the boy being a muslim and the parents of the girl previously agreed and then refuse to get the daughter married to the boy?
A) The nikah will be valid if the lady is adult (got her menses). But if the father claim for a dissolution, he has the right to do so because it has affected his reputaion. But dissolution are accepted on a religious mismatch only.

Q) If my mother-in-law says things that hurts, can my husband and i go stay somewhere else?
A) If a husband has the means, he should provide a separate quarter for her wife to stay. Therefore, it is good if the husband separates the wife and the mother according to shariah.

Q) I want to know about the duty a husband should accomplish towards the wife and children. Does it mean that the wife has to obey and look after the in-laws and forget her parents?
A) The wife has no responsibility towards the inlaws.

Q) Est-qui nous gagne droit marier civil? Si oui, Ki facon? Core ou core et bien.
A) Marriage civile li complique possession du bien dans la vie et aussi distribution heritage apres la mort. Donc tanque possible evite marriage civile. Mais si bien bizin alors marier avec separation du bien. Mais si finne marier corps et bien, donc lerla prepare ene testament cote ene notaire pou faire distribution heritage selon:” Mohammedan law of Inheritance.” Ou capave renseigner lor web lor distribution de ou du bien comment pou faire selon Islam.

Q) The Quran mentions that it is permissible to marry people of the book (christian and jews). Is this still valid? If yes, does it not contradict the verse that says “… today I have perfected your religion. No other religion will be accepted except islam …” If not, would that mean we are rejecting a quranic verse?
A) Note that the permission for a muslim male to marry a jew or a Christian woman is a Coranic permission which have conditions attached to that. Ulamas have discouraged such practice since children upbringing and halaal diet would be washed away in such cases.

Q) What must the wife do if her husband no longer wants to have sex with her? The wife always embellishes herself infront of her husband but to no avail?
A) There are 2 reasons that may be: first the husband may be having affair besides his wife. And secondly may be the husband is sick. See the in and out of the husband if he is having sex elsewhere and try to stop him. Else if he is sick, then see a doctor to strengthen him physically.

Q) Can your husband look at your body after performing wudhu?
A) Yes.

Q) What is the importance of Mehr Faatimi? Can a person give it later after Nikah, even if a lower amount was mentioned in Nikah? 
A) Mehr of Hazrat Fatimah (ra). If already set then no need to adjust mehr.

Q) For how long is nikah valid without rukhsati and at what condition it becomes invalid?
A) No timing. Only Talaq.

Q) Is it a sin to drink from the same glass of your future husband?
A) Yes. 

Q) Can a girl and a boy do nikah in presence of only 2 witnesses?
A) Permissible, but not to be done.

Q) I am a woman, Is it permissible to marry my daughter to the son of my khala?
A) Permissible.

Q) Any duah to increase intercourse between husband and wife ? And also to fall pregnant ? 
A) Yes. Physical exercise accompanied with eggs yolk in the morning in milk, zafran, honey and chickpeas during the day. Go jamaat couple and read Rabbi habli minas saliheen at tahajjud times. 

Q) I have a fight with my wife and after that she went home with her father and its 6 months now and she is still staying there. I tried to convinc her but now she doesn’t want to live in my family as she wants me to leave my mom and dad and then only we can stay together. She is working in a school now without asking me . Can u please advise me. Is there anything like the Nikaah will be Haram or something?
A) Nikah is valid. We suggest that you both summon MFC for a solution by muslim scholars: 2128667. 

Q) Engaged for 3 years, parents plan to get us married when guy is in med school, we want a nikkah as soon as possible due to possibility of zina. We talked to our parents they said wait, what should we do? 
A) We advise that you cut all relation with him because nikah has to be celebrated officially. The Qur-aan advise us strongly to take the girl by the permission of the parents. Allah Ta`ala says: ” . Et épousez-les avec l’autorisation de leurs maîtres (Waliy) et donnez-leur un mahr convenable; (épousez-les) étant vertueuses et non pas livrées à la débauche ni ayant des amants clandestins.”(4:25) 
You should be aware that a nikah in front of two muslim friends: I have given myself in your nikah for Rs 2000 and the boy says I have accepted you in my nikah is totally valid, but not recommended and not advisable. This is because, there is no responsibility of marriage in such nikahs. It is done to save the couple from sex in haraam or zina and also to stay as boy friend and girl friend as such. Such nikahs done on a basis of boy friend and girl friend is against the spirit of nikaah as the Qur-aan says: ” ni ayant des amants clandestins.” 
Although in front of the society they are not married yet, although they are. But the couple may separate tomorrow and the girl would be no more a virgin. Be aware that the boy would be more free and less responsible in such conditions to play or abuse of the girl`s future. He may take advantage to have sex with the girl and then later on leave her, as boy friend do with girl friends. That is why the holy prophet SAW prescribed nikah only on those youths who can take responsibility of marriage. Clearly mentioned in Bukhari, the holy prophet SAW said:”O you the youths! Those who can afford to marry, do get married. And those who cannot afford should fast. Hence if your future husband is not ready to house you, spend on you and stay with you as a husband should do, then he should fast. The sunnah prescription in such circumstances is fasting and not perform secret nikah. We have witnessed such secret nikahs ending badly for the young girl. She is not a virgin and yet seems unmarried and expected to be so. Furthermore, the sunnah order us to make i`laan and announce publicly the nikah in masjid. So that no difficulty happens that when you would propose an unmarried girl, she may be in the nikah of someone else, without anybody knowing. Not even the parents. 
So take your responsibility and wait for the official marriage so as both of you may take real couple responsibility. And also cut all connection and phoning in the meantime. This is more secure for you and your future. Until then you both should fast. 

Q) I just wanted to ask i recently had my nikkah done. However i know i did my wudu wrong and missed some parts of it out. Does that mean my nikkah has not been accepted. I did not touch a Quran but did repeat words from the molvi. im just really worried. 
A) Nikah ok even without wuzou. 

Q) During the periods of the wife if the couple got engaged in sexual relation will it be considered as a sin? what can be done if this was done in the past?
A) It is a major sin to have sexual relation during menses. In fact the ahadiths condemned severely the couple who penetrate through menses. One should repent and make sincere tawbah if this happened. On top of that one may give sadaqah also.

Q) Est ce que le nikaah est toujours valide si un couple s’est separe pendant 3 ans sans aucune relation maritale et que apres il decide de revivre ensemble. Jamais il n’a prononcer le mot talaak.
A) Oui toujours valide. Vous pouvez consommer sans renouveler le nikah.

Q) How to proceed to nuptial night according to sunnah? 
A) The husband hold the hair of the wife and read the dua u’a quand fine fek marier 
1. Faire 2 rakats namaz nafil ensemble : madame deboute completement derriere et suivre dulha dans namaz. Et puis faire duas et faire sa du`a la :

اَللهُمَ بَارِكْ فِي أَهْلِي وَبَارِكْ لَهُمْ فِيَّ وَارْزُقْنِيْ مِنْهُمْ وَارْزُقْهُمْ مِنِيْ ، وَاللهُمَ اجْمَعْ بَيْنَنَا مَا جُمِعَتْ ، وَفَرِقْ بَيْنَنَا مَا فُرِقَتْ إِلى خَيْرٍ 

Allahoumma baarik fi ahli wa baarik lahoum fiyya warzouqni minhoum warzouqhoum minni wallahoummaj m’a bainana maa joummi`at wa farriq bainana ma fourriqat ilaa khairin. (Durre mansoor) 

O Allah met barkat dans mo madame et accorde mo madame barkat dans moi, et accorde moi rizq avec zote et accorde zote rizq avec moi et reuni en nous ceki ena de bien pou reuni et separe nous de banne kitsoze ki bizoin separer pou amene nous vers bienfait. 

2. Et puis garson attrape cheveux devant de la fille et lire sa du`a la :
اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَسْأَلُكَ خَيْرَهَا وَخَيْرَ مَا جَبَلْتَهَا عَلَيْهِ وَأَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ شَرِّهَا وَمِنْ شَرِّ مَا جَبَلْتَهَا عَلَيْهِ 

Allahoumma inni as alouka khairahaa wa khaira ma jabaltaha `alaihi wa a’ouzou bika min sharriha wa sharri ma jabaltaha `alaihi.(Abu Dawood)

Oh Allah mo dimane toi meilleur de sa fille la et meileur de so nature et mo dimanne toi protection contre le mal de sa fille la et le mal de so temperament. 

Du`a avant alle dans menage :

بِاسْمِ اللَّهِ اللَّهُمَّ جَنِّبْنَا الشَّيْطَانَ وَجَنِّبِ الشَّيْطَانَ مَا رَزَقْتَنَا 

Bismillahi Allahoumma jannibnash shaitwaana wa jannibish shaitwaana maa razaqtanaa. (Bukhari) 

Mo commencer par le nom d`Allah, Oh Allah eloigne nous contre shaitaan et eloigne shaitaan avec ce ki To pou donne nous (zenfant).

Q) After nikah, in how many days should the couple consume their nikah, taking into consideration that the husband and wife are not living togetherbut in same country and intend to live together a few months later.
A) Any number of days that is mutually agreed.

Q) Although I am married, I commit many sins linked to sexuality because my wife cannot satisfy me sexually? What is the solution?
A) Your wife may masturbate you if necessary. We will need more details on the matter. Another option may be a second wife. You may phone on 7921333 to give your marital insatisfaction details.

Q) Duah to get a good boy for nikah?
A) First you need to be a good girl and pious. Because Qur-aan talks of good pious boys are liable to good pious girls. Sinful boys are linked to sinful girls: Le fornicateur n’épousera qu’une fornicatrice ou une associatrice. Et la fornicatrice ne sera épousée que par un fornicateur ou un associateur;(Sourah Nur: 3) Furthermore Allah Ta`ala says in the same sourah: Les mauvaises [femmes] aux mauvais [hommes], et les mauvais [hommes] aux mauvaises [femmes]. De même, les bonnes [femmes] aux bons [hommes], et les bons [hommes] aux bonnes [femmes].(3:26) You may read also in tahajjud times and after daily 5 salaahs: Rabbana hab lana min azwajina wa zurriyatina qurrata a`youn waj`alna lilmutaqeena imama.

Q) Can a wife do masturbation for her husband until he ejaculates?
A) Yes.

Q) Mo madame donne ti baba du lait. Eski mo gagne droit boire lait mo madame?
A) Non, li makrooh tahreemi et haraam.

Q) Is a girl allowed to make a condition before getting married that her husband should not take a second wife as long as she’s alive? If already married, can this be asked?
A) Yes this condition is acceptable between parties.

Q) My parents are refusing to accept the girl whom I love. For reasons, she is divorced and older than me. I have performed the Istikhara prayer several times and dreamed of masjid each times. If I marry her, will I commit a sin against my parents?
A) No. You may marry her.

Q) If a husband calls his wife to his bed and she refuses the angels will curse her. But if sometimes she doesn’t want to have sexual relation so can’t she refuse his husband?
A) The core explanation is that one should accomplish the right of each other in Nikah. The opening to Zina, adultery, extra marital affairs may be linked to lazy sexual habit between married couples. As such shariah close the door to all these mess by compelling the wife to respond to the halaal husband. Else make the husband happy by other means and words before sleeping. Because the hadith also mentions that the husband being unhappy.

Q) A man has 2 wifes but the first wife does not accept the nikah, is the nikah accepted and I want to know the rules.
A) The nikah is accepted. The man should share nights between the two wives according to sunnah, unless the wife forgo her rights like Hazrat Sawda (ra)

Q) Is it a crime to look for a good man in view to marriage for my daughter?
A) It is not a crime to look for a pious man for your daughter. Rather the man folk of the family should look for a pious husband for the girl

Q) If a female gets into physical relation with any other man, does her nikaah get dissolved automatically or still she is in Nikaah?
A) No. The nikah is still valid. But she will need to secretly make tawbah sincerely not to redo again. She should hide this grave sin and repent for not redoing it. she does not have to say it to the husband also. 

Q) It’s been one year since I’ve done nikah with my wife in a masjid on a Friday. However, we recently found out that our marriage might not be valid. Girl’s parents didn’t have an Islamic reason to reject me, other than I wasn’t of their ethnicity (Afghan). I’m from Kazakhstan. Hence, we have done the nikah by ourselves with 2 witnesses and a wali who is an imam (in the masjid).The problem here is that the wali of the girl, as we recently found out, is a Sufi imam. And we are sunni muslims. Now, we’re 90% sure our marriage is probably not valid since Sufis do a lot of bidah (inventions) in Islam. Our concern is also that we are not sure what to do now regarding the following: 
1) Should my “wife” now cover herself up when in my presence? 
2) Do we have to stay far away from each other for now until the nikah? We live in the same house and I can go somewhere else until the proper nikah is done. 
The imam said that he is following the Ahl al Sunna wa Jama’a but we think he is sufi due to his clothes and also because the masjid itself is known as a sufi mazjid in our area. But we didn’t know at the time of course. We thought it didn’t matter. We also don’t know any other name for Sufi (so not sure if it’s from the Barelvi area of India) but we do know that the vast majority of that masjid consist of people from Surinam and Pakistan. 
My wife was indeed present, yes. There were 2 witnesses (both practicing Muslims), an imam, my wife and I in the room, so 5 people in total. The imam first asked my wife if she notified her parents that it is her nikah today. The imam knew that he was my wife’s wali and he knew the reason (due to her parents’ rejection of me). The imam then asked my wife 3 times if she wanted to marry me and she answered “I do” 3 times. My wife wanted to have the minimum mahr and the imam calculated how much the minimum requirement would be in euros. Imam said 50 euros. And the imam asked me also after my wife 3 times and I accepted the marriage. The imam pronounced our full names and our fathers full names before asking us if we accept the marriage. At the end he made a dua to ALLAH swt for us to have a blessed marriage. 
A) Since your wife was present and she is adult, then her proposal of nikah is sufficient and we do not need any wali in between for the validation of the nikah. It seems to me that the imaam was qualified to perform the nikah since he did take the couple`s father`s name. The nikah seems valid provided that these type of proposal was done: Wife: ‘’I have given myself in your marriage for 50 Euros.’’ Husband: ‘’I have accepted’’. If you are in doubt, then do this declarations in front of two muslims. This process is called tajdeed nikah or revalidation of the nikah which is recommended nowadays for all. Because sometimes one may say kufr words unknowingly that invalidate the nikah. Sufis are muslims.

Q) Is it permissible for a girl who is divorced and completed idah to perform a second nikah with another boy without informing him about the previous nikak in fear of rejection? 
A) She should inform him. The aspect of whether she is virgin or not is a main difference in shariah and its application. A rejection after marriage would be worst than informing him before marriage. In fact in shariah, such rejection would be accountable on such issues. 

Q) Is it sunnat for men to kiss there wife when they come home?
A) You may read the sunnah duas found in Masnoon Duas. Bismillah, salaam, and good words are sunnah. But time to time it is sunnah to kiss before leaving home.

Q) Is it true marrying cousins is makrooh?
A) No. In fact the prophet did marry his cousins.

Q) Is it lawful for the husband to play with his wife’s both private parts using hands and vice versa?
A) It is lawful to caress with hands only the vagina and not the anus. The wife may use oil, etc to caress the penis part of the husband and not the anus.

Q) Does islam allows the husband to beat his wife?
A) No. Husband has no right to beat the wife. He may take a miswaak stick and lightly hit her, when necessary. And that also should not be hard stick beat. But light beat. Nothing more. This is permissible and not an order. The beloved prophet SAW never hit anyone or anything.

Q) Any suggestion for husband who take too long to ejaculate? (even wife is pleasant and beautiful). Is there anything to eaten or drink? 
A) There are places over his body that you will have to caress that he would ejaculate quicker. So during intercourse, look for that and then caress there or kiss there.

Q) When should nikah be held, before walimah or after it? 
A) Before.

Q) When making love with my wife, a liquid comes out from her vagina. Does this break Wudhu or Ghusl? 
A) With penetration, ghusl break.

Q) If a hindou couple accepted Islam, do they need to perform/renew nikah?
A) No. If they accepted islam together, they’ll be husband and wife in Islam. No need to perform nikah.

Q) During intercourse, by mistake my penis went inside my wife’s anus. Is my nikah broken? 
A) No. Nikah did not break. Do tawbah and istighfaar.

Q) Is it permissible to kiss my wife (on mouth) and put the chewed food from my mouth into hers?
A) Persmissible, if your wife accept it. 

Q) What is the dua to get married soon?
A) Read Allahoummaghfir li 360 times at sehri time.

Q) I need your advise regarding my nikah. My nikah was done on papers. i mean only one witness came to me and advise where i have to sign on nikah contract. verbally i was not asked about my consent so is my nikah valid? Same day i informed my mom that y didnt wakeel or witness asked me about my consent. why proper islamic procedure was not followed?? She simply smiled and said nikah process was conducted. please clarify in accordance to the light of sunni muslim islam say in this regard? Few months later me and my husband had arguments on phone. He was extremely angry and he gave me 3 divorces on phone before ruksati .. later he told me that he was not aware about 3 divorce considered 3 for girl who has no physical relation with husband. he thought three talaq at one time is considered as one divorce. So kindly advise if my marriage is over. Can i remarry my husband without halala? Me and my husband really dont want to end our marriage. 
Note: We didn’t spend any time together (in a closed room), not even ten minutes.
His exact words were: mein talaq deta houn. He said this 4 to 5 times
A) Ok, given the information that you have not consumed your marriage and that your husband said ‘’I am giving you talaaq’’ a few times, then you have separated with your husband with only one Talaaq ba-in. Only one talaaq has taken effect. The rest is null and void since you have not consumed your marriage yet. Furthermore, you had no iddah for this talaaq. Since you want to continue with your husband, then you will absolutely need to do nikah again in front of two witnesses. This time, be sure that you have given your permission for nikah. Know that one talaaq out of 3 has taken effect. 2 talaaq remaining to make you two haraam completely. So do not pronounce talaaq before long term consultation and final decision. Shami, Bahr

Q) I am a christian by birth. I loved an islamic boy. He taught me about islam and made me to understand about islam i really accepted islam and talked to the boy’s parent. They accepted me because now by heartly i was islamic girl. I am following all islamic conditions. The problem is my parents are not accepting our marriage. I need my parents too accept. please suggest me some sura my parents should turn to my favor. 
A) Your religion and deen is more important than the wish of your parents. You should rather follow the path of Islam and get married as soon as possible. The blessings of Allah is more important than anything.

Q) Can a virgin marry a man who has committed adultery? 
A) Permissible if the man made tawbah.

Q) Can husband and wife swallow each other’s saliva while kissing?
A) Yes.

Q) What is Mehr Faatimi? Please elaborate on minimum mehr.
A) Mehr Faatimi is the mehr that Hazrat Fatima (ra) requested for her nikah. A lady has a value in Islam. At her offer of wedding she has the right to ask for a mehr. The Qur-aan has given the democracy to women to ask whatever they wish. But a minimum limit is 10 dirhams (hadith) and its value nowadays is Rs 1800.

Q) How much monthly expense in terms of money should a husband gives his wife?
A) The money that the husband spend on his family depends on the financial condition of the husband. Allah Ta`ala says: Let him (the husband) who has abundance spend out of his abundance and whoever has his means of subsistence straitened to him, let him spend out of that which Allah has given him; Allah does not lay on any soul a burden except to the extent to which He has granted it; Allah brings about ease after difficulty. (7:65) As such the husband may spend how he can averagely from Rs 3000 to Rs 10000.

Q) Mem si ene missie fini tire so ration du moi li bisin don so madam n somme pou so personal monthly expense? et si madam la travaille?
A) Selon moyen, ene missier donne so madame ene pocket money pou permette li acheter ou garder pou li. Meme si madame travail, li bizin accorde li.

Q) Is using a condom halal in islam? As we are not ready to have children.
A) Permissible with the consent of the partner. Although the main objective of marriage is to increase progeny (Qur-aan). The holy prophet (saw) encouraged us to have more children so as to increase the ummah. (Hadith)

Q) Can a wife take her husband’s last name after marriage…can she keep her father’s last name adding her husband’s to that? is it haraam?
A) All this is permissible as far as the names have good meanings.

Q) Is it permissible to suck my wife?
A) It is makrouh tahreemi and haraam to practice oral sex.

Q) What is the dua to get married soon?
A) Read Allahoummaghfir li 360 times at sehri time.

Q) If a wife is not adapting herself in the environment of her husband and asks the latter to move out, shoulh he do so??
A) No. We should try to resolve the matter by dialogue, passive actions, else refer the case to someone you both trust. Else Muslim Family Council is a neutral platform that may be chosen as a last card.

Q) Apres ene la geurre entre couple li vinne dificile pou ene madam satisfaire so mari physiquement, puisque mari la in blesse so dinite…b eski dan sa cas la madam la gagne gunnah si li pa p satisfaire so mari sexuellement?
A) Blessure ki finne gagner, bizin essaye gueri li. Lire l`article ‘;Les ingredients de l`amour et les ingredients de la haine.” Sur le web. Sa couple la bizin essaye pou choisir banne paroles et actions ki pou amene l`amour dans zote couple.

Q) Is the use of contraception (Condom etc) permissible according to shariat for newly married couple so that they can know each other better?
A) If there is genuine necessity qualified by pious doctor, then permissible with permission of the partner.

Q) Is it permissible to get married without parental consent? Is it a sin for having marrying someone whereby parents have been refusing?
A) Permissible for a baaligh girl, but this practice is reprehensible and definitely not advisable.

Q) What is the right of a wife against her husband?
A) To be fed, housed and be kept comfortable as per his means. To have intimacy with her at least once every four month. To act with politeness and gentleness towards her. Spending the night with her when the husband is around and has no other commitments. 

Q) Does those people who practice goon are from shia community? can we get married to them?
A) It depends on their creed. If their creed is same like ours, their azaan and qiblah are same like ours, then you may get married to them. But if their creed on prophecy, their stand of Abu Bakr and Umar as better than Ali differs, then you cannot marry them.

Q) I just found out my husband is having an affair with one of his ex-students, i’m so shocked. Please help. I found out their chat logs. A) Islam teaches on the first instance dialogue. You need to choose a time to talk to your husband alone. Ask him the truth and evaluate how far this ‘’affair’’ reached. If he says that it is only chatting, then inform him that it is haraam what he is doing. Else if he admit that there is a physical relation already established, then know that it is still haraam without nikah. Then you may evaluate your feelings towards him having a second wife. Know that sabr and patience will bring fruit in these circumstances. Although not recommended, but in most circumstances wives submit one divorce/talaaq request if the husband insist on 2nd nikah. But we need to bear in mind that if we have children, then turn towards Allah to give you the necessary sabr to go through this trauma. All this may be a scenario of an affair issue. But best is to talk and act with wisdom and do not haste. Particularly if you have children, then your husband is the best father for your child. Dua and patience is best food during such circumstances. You may inform us time to time for advice.

Q) Can a man marry a second wife without informing his first wife?
A) Permissible, although undignified.

Q) If a baaligh girl is in parda and her parent are looking for a boy to marry her, how will the boy see her when he will come home or can you suggest the step to proceed for the boy?
A) She will dress decently and unveil the face for that time that the boy will visit her in front of the parents.

Q) What is the appropriate dua to read so that my family accept the girl i love and get us married?
A) Be regular with your 5 times daily salaah and make dua after salaahs. Wake up for tahajud and cry or else make like crying asking Allah TA`ala for help. Else make istikhara again since the parents` reluctance should be considered for our own benefit. Read lot of rabbana hab lana min azwajina wa zurriyatina qurrata a`youn waj`alna lil mutaqeena imama.

Q) Is it necessary to consumate the marriage before the reception ?
A) Not necessary. In fact reception (walima) may be done after nikah and before consumption of the nikah. Although the prevailing sunnah is to do reception (walima) after consumption.

Q) Can one marry his own cousin?
A) Yes. Nabi (saw) got married to his cousin too.

Q) What should be done if the husband cannot give his wife her rights to have a seperate quarters not because of financial problems but because of his parents?
A) It is incumbent upon any well off husband to accommodate his wife in a separate home. Accommodation is compulsory for a husband towards his wife. The holy prophet(saw) said : ‘’Fear Allah concerning for women, …their rights on you is that you have to feed them and house them decently..’’ (Muslim). As such, even if the parents object for accommodating the wife, the husband should still give a separate house to the wife. The parent should be attended separately at different times and the wife should be attended separately particularly after Maghrib and at night. The wife may sue the husband in the court of Allah on the day of Qayamah on this issue. As such the husband should give the rights of the wife as prescribed by the shariah.

Q) Is it permissible to ejaculate outside so that my wife doesn’t fall pregnant?
A) Permissible, with the permission of the wife.

Q) Can a woman have intercourse with her husband at the end of her changes, before taking ghusal?
A) If your aadat (no. of days you normally get your changes) is of ten days, then at the end of those ten days, you can have intercourse without taking ghusal. But if your aadat is less than ten days, then you must take a ghusal first or you must wait until one salaah time passes.

Q) I had sex with my husband at night and took ghusal straight after having relationship. When I woke up for fajar I saw some liquid coming out from my vagina. Is this sperm? Must I repeat my ghusal? 
A) No need to repeat ghusl. This is called vaginal humidity and same as perle blanche and hence pure and does not break nor wouzu nor ghusl.

Q) Is it true that the duas of married people are more easily accepted than the duas of people who are single? 
A) Yes. It is true. 

Q) My wife dont want to have sex,cause she dont like it.what can I do now ? 
A) Consult a doctor. It is important to know her libido so as to enhance your couple life. You need to find out on her body that would excite her libido.

Q) Is ghusl wajib on both husband and wife if the husband had intercourse without ejaculation?
A) Yes. Ghusl wajib on both.

Q) Is it true marrying cousins is makrooh?
A) No. In fact the prophet did marry his cousins.

Q) Is a husband permitted to drink his wife’s milk?
A) No. Makrooh tahreemi.

Q) Is a walimah offered before the consummation of marriage haraam?
A) No. Walimah done after nikah before consummation is also sunnah.

Q) I performed my own nikah with a woman without any witness. This is because, the country where i’m actually staying in has no masjid and no alim or Muslim to stand as witness. Is my nikah counted?
A) No, nikah without witness is not counted. Must find two Muslim man. The woman should say in front of them: i gave myself in your nikah for mahr Rs 5000. The man must reply immediately in front of the witnesses: i have accepted you in my nikah..  
Q) Are husband and wife allowed to suck each other’s private part in islam?
A) This act is makrouh and disgusting (Fatawa Hindiya). Such acts are shameful and against Haya and ‘’pudeur’’. The example of the prophetic life, which is meant to be followed, is such that Hazrat `Aisha (r.a.) said that she never saw the intimacy of the prophet (saw). (Shamail Tirmizi).
The mouth is a respectful part of a human body. We have been prescribed to keep the mouth clean and pure since the mouth is used in reading qur-aan. The tongue is to pronounce the Mubarak name of Allah. As such to below one`s mouth to such an extent that to swallow impurities (mazi or semen) is not permissible. Yes the prophet recommended caress with hands and kissing before relationship. But the mouth should not used on intimacy parts. Wallahou a`lam.

Q) Does sugar water have any importance in nikah?
A) No. This practice has no source in shari’ah.

Q) Is it necessary for a lady to say infront of two witnesses that she has accepted to get married to a man or can she just tell it in front of one witness and her future husband? 
A) No. Two witnesses besides her husband. That is there should be 4 persons: bridegroom, bride and 2 witnesses.

Q) I’m in a great trouble. My family got me married to a guy at home. Nikkah nama was not present there. Just only a simple man came with him. From my side my whole family was there but i was not happy for this marriage. i was weeping that time. My father said qubool hai 3 times not me. The guy who is reading nikkah is not right. He just took 2 minutes and said ameen nikkah done. After that my parents sent me with him. l stayed with him 1 month. He left me. He was not a good guy. I hate him. After 1 year he came back and asked to go with him. I refused. Is the nikkah still valid ? 
A) If you did not say yes or approve at the time of nikah, then this nikah may be broken by your mere saying that you did not approve at all this nikah. Say it in front of the parents and all those present at that nikah. 

Q) How many types of nikah are there? Some people do a nikah during the engagement and than redo the nikah when performing the wedding reception.
A) There is only one type of nikah. But there is Tajdeede Nikah (renewall of nikah). In the engagement, perform a nikah. And when performing the wedding reception, renew the nikah. It is recommended to perform the nikah in the masjid and announce the nikah. And if renewing the nikah, one should announce before the nikah: this is a renewal of the nikah. 

Q) I madly love a girl, so the girl also but it’s too early to marry so what should we do?
A) Keep fasting for consecutive days and stay away from communicating with her.

Q) I need help on knowing if i should get a nikkah with my fiancé of 3 years without our parents approval because they want to wait for him to be settled first. They are accepting of our marriage but at the right timing.
A) Permissible if the girl is above 15 years, islamically. 

Q) I am in my early thirties, can I get married to a man who is in his early sixties? I have heard that it should not be done. 
A) Permissible. But see if the person is physically fit. You may marry and keep a choice of talaaq that you would hold.

Q) I just found out i had had sex with the sister of my fiancee in the past can our marriage still go on please?
A) On a shariat perspective, your nikah will still be valid with your fiancée. But tawbah and istighfaar should be made to wash away those sins. The liberal attitude of parents is responsible for such complications. These messes may complicate a couple`s life because of irreparable past mistakes. That is why the shariah condemned zina. The prophet(saw) stressed on immediate nikah after both parties have mutually agreed for marriage. Else ponder also if this will not complicate your relationship with your future wife if she happen to know about this issue.

Q) During Nikah, if both parties along with the witness agrees not to disclose the amount of Mahr given publicly, and say that, “an amount agreed by both parties”, is this valid? 
A) Valid. 

Q) One should not contract civil marriages as it complicate things later on, if, a divorce takes place. But after Nikah, what should the name of the wife be? Mrs (name) (surname) .. The surname will be that of the father, or the husband? 
A) Better to keep one`s name as it is. Civil marriages complicate ownership during lifetime and also inheritance distribution after death. 

Q) I was abt to get married in September. However, in March, my fiance broke our engagement of 1 and a half year and said he does not know why but he does not love me anymore. His family also want him to marry me but he is refusing now. I am still hoping him to come back. Should I make istikhara to know if I should wait for him? 
A) We suggest that you find out whether he is going out with someone else. Then accordingly forget him.

Q) Is an adult girl allowed to marry without the permission of her parents? 
A) Permissible, but strongly not advisable. The Qur-aan prescribe marriage from the permission of responsible parties. Marriages done without permission of parents does not last since there is no duas of parents for this couple.

Q) I have a boyfriend. We are together since 1 year now. He told his friend to tell me that he no longer loves me. I asked his sister to ask him if he loves me, he said yes. But each time he sees me, he tries to avoid me. I’m totally shattered and heartbroken. I tried to stop loving him but could not. His mom knows about us but my parents dont know anything. His mom is thinking to get us married when we will be of an age where we can perform nikah. How do i confirm if he loves me or not? 
A) That relationship was haraam and cannot endure. Better wait when at nikah age, then ponder on your choices. But do not take a step without your parents` consent.

Q) Eski ene missier bizin prend permission avec so madame pou li faire ene deuxieme nikah et si li gagne ene refus ki deen islam dire lor la?
A) Li pas ‘bizin’ prend permission, mais humainement li capave informe li. Madame la ena so droit d`expression pou refuser, mais shariat laisse le choix libre a le mari pou faire ene deuxieme nikah ou bien non. Lire nous l`article ‘’Le contrat du marriage : nikah’’ sur le web cote la fin le prophete finne empesse so zendre faire ene deuxieme nikah. Le Saint Prophète (saw) avait défendu à son gendre Ali de prendre une deuxième épouse afin de préserver l’équilibre conjugal. L`equilibre conjugale li important pou developpement zenfant et prosperite de ene couple.

Q) I have been rejected by many girls for mariage and I am 39 already. I pray 5 times per day + tahajuud but still I do not get any girls. Is it haram if I do not marry? 
A) Not haraam if you don`t have a pair. But haraam to practice sins like masturbation, adultery,etc. We request that you go India and import a muslim spouse from there.

Q) If a man married more than once, who will be his wife in jannat? 
A) If the wives had only one husband, then all of them will be his wives in jannah. If the wives had another husband(died or given talaaq) before their nikah to him, then the wife will choose the one who was more polite to her between her husbands that she had. 

Q) If a husband calls his wife by “maman” like how his children does, is it a sin?
A) Permissible. Better will be to say “mother of so and so”, meaning Umme (the child’s name), e.g. Umme Luqmaan.

Q) I have been married since 23 years. It was a nikaah that was performed. We do not have any proof or paper to certify it except photographs. Now we have to give evidence to the ministry that we are married. Can you please tell me if somebody can help me to get a nikaah paper as the imam who performed our nikaah is no more. Do you know if we qualify for the muslim personal law . 
A) I suggest that you contact muslim Family council on this issue on 212 8667. For the time being, find two muslim witnesses that are responsible in your masjid that may witness your nikah.

Q) Is it necessary to drink ‘sugar water’ to accomplish a nikah? 
A) No. This is an innovation and bid`ah.

Q) My sister is a divorcee and the guy is a bachelor, they got engaged but fear that the relation that they are in and waiting for my parent to decide when to fix nikah date might leave them to stay in a haraam relationship, is it permitted for them to do a nikah in secret just to be sure that they are in a halaal relationship and renew the nikah when our parents decide the date? 
A) Permissible. Should do if fear of sins.

Q) I am marrying a girl who want to apply some conditions before Nikkah. What are the proceedures?? 
A) Conditions are allowed in Islam and should be honoured after marriage. Provided that these conditions are tolerable by the shariah. What are the conditions?

Q) If a girl is pregnant before nikah. Now a days pregnancy 6 month complete but both agree upon nikah. Is nikah allowed before delivery? 
A) If the girl is convinced of the boy who made her pregnant, then she should contract nikah with him as quickly as possible. So as to deliver at least 6 months after nikah. If less than that, then the child is illegitimate and would be attached only to the mother.

Q) I love a boy and the boy’s mother and his family does not accept me. plz give me a dua that will help me make place in his mother and family’s  heart.
A) Do your parents accept the boy? If yes, then tell them to look for him or someone else for your marriage. If they don`t know, then there is no khair in this kind of relationship. 

Q) Mo ti envi conner ki veut dire mehr. Combien mehr bizin donner et eski capave donne li en forme bijoux?
A) Mehr c`est le prix ki ene madame demander comme dotte en marriage. Minimum de Rs1600 et pena maximum. Li bon demande Rs 10000 mehr. Oui ou capave demande en bijou.

Q) Can two people make nikah only for intercource with no other obligations and with intention that at anytime they can divorce when they want to for different personal reason like the one might now find a partner to make nikah with on all aspects of nikah?
A) Permissible if done in front of two muslim male witnesses. 

Q) Is it okay to pray for a boy for marriage who is already been engaged with his cousin as decided by family. can I contact for some more questions answer on email.
A) Prayer is permissible. But nothing more. The holy prophet SAW said: ”A lady should not act such a way that take out from the plate of another lady to serve her own plate.” That is one should not cause divorce or severe the already engaged persons to have oneself engaged to him or to marry him. Yes, if you only want a place in his life without severing your relation to them, then permissible. But this is nowadays rare… 

Q) I’m in love with a boy and we want to perform our nikah but i dont want to stay with him after the nikah immediately beacuse we are still studying. So can the nikah be performed? 
A) Can be performed in front of two male mulim witnesses. 

Q) I am getting marriage after few days and i do not have any idea of nikah, namaz, dua and how to behave with wife on first night. So please explain me.  
A) While alone, on the first opportunity, read 2 rakaats of salaah, putting the wife at the back completely, following you. 
Then read the following dua that :

اَللهُمَ بَارِكْ فِي أَهْلِي وَبَارِكْ لَهُمْ فِيَّ وَارْزُقْنِيْ مِنْهُمْ وَارْزُقْهُمْ مِنِيْ ، وَاللهُمَ اجْمَعْ بَيْنَنَا مَا جُمِعَتْ ، وَفَرِقْ بَيْنَنَا مَا فُرِقَتْ إِلى خَيْرٍ 

Allahoumma baarik fi ahli wa baarik lahoum fiyya warzouqni minhoum warzouqhoum minni wallahoummaj m’a bainana maa joummi`at wa farriq bainana ma fourriqat ilaa khairin. (Durre mansoor) 

2. Then hold the hair of the forehead of the girl and read this du`a :

اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَسْأَلُكَ خَيْرَهَا وَخَيْرَ مَا جَبَلْتَهَا عَلَيْهِ وَأَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ شَرِّهَا وَمِنْ شَرِّ مَا جَبَلْتَهَا عَلَيْهِ 

Allahoumma inni as alouka khairahaa wa khaira ma jabaltaha `alaihi wa a’ouzou bika min sharriha wa sharri ma jabaltaha `alaihi.(Abu Dawood) 

Keep talking to the girl…keep her distract and then when she is ready, you may proceed for intercourse.. 

Before intercourse, read:

  بِاسْمِ اللَّهِ اللَّهُمَّ جَنِّبْنَا الشَّيْطَانَ وَجَنِّبِ الشَّيْطَانَ مَا رَزَقْتَنَا 

Bismillahi Allahoumma jannibnash shaitwaana wa jannibish shaitwaana maa razaqtanaa. (Bukhari) 

Act kindly and with honour. 
You may gift her, not sunnah though.

Q) I am 21, I want to see my future life partner, i don’t like any girl nor want to marry anyone but just have wish to see who will be my life partner in future?
A) Sorry? No one knows the future. Only Allah Ta`ala knows the future. But Allah Ta`ala has prescribed good pairs for good people. So be good, be regular with salaahs and be chaste, insha Allah, you will have a good partner.
Q) Is it true If a girl is not getting married and she wishes to get married, she should take ghusl (bath) with water in which surah TA HA has been dissolved and by the will of Allah (s.w.t.) she will get married.
A) Not to my knowledge. Rather wake up tahajjud and read 360 times Allahoummaghfirli

Q) Should a girl marry a guy whose family has asked from another than Allah and has repented a lot?
A) Avoid, unless sincerely repented.
Q) I have married a woman 5.5 year back as my second marraige we consumed nikah within 3 month she went form me we nevr sopekn or met for 5.5 year is still our nikha alive. 
A) Nikah is still valid until talaaq given. 

Q) Can a woman perform second nikah before sitting for iddat of her first nikah?
A) No, not allowed to perform second nikah until the iddat is not completed. Iddat is a period of three full haiz (menstruation) which she got after the talaaq. If she performed nikah in iddat, the nikah is void and she is committing zina.