Chapter of interest

Q) Can we use Al-Barakah’s services for financial projects? 
A) Need details regarding the procedures of the transaction

Q) Can we keep money in the bank as fixed deposit in order to gain a higher return? will it be considered as haram source of income? 
A) No. Yes haraam. 

Q) What can I do with the interest gained on the money I keep at bank? Should I give as sadaqah? 
A) No. You should give to a poor muslim without intention of sawaab. 

Q) My husband takes loan for his business and pays interest on it. Only now i came to know about it. What should i do to get halal rizq for my children and i?
A) If the business is halal, then the rizq is also halal

Q) I need to buy a land and build a house to get married. I need to borrow money for this. However, Al Barakah Coop does not give enough for my project. Can you recommend an institution which lends halaal money? 
A) None.

Q) As you are aware in Mauritius we have not a proper islamic finance institute that can help us start a business. In this case is it permisible for us to take a loan from the bank to start our own business?
A) No.Q) Is interest allowed in a non muslim country?
A) No. 

Q) I have interest money from bank can i pay car insurance with that money?
A) No. Only can give to a poor muslim, without intention of sawaab. 

Q) Is it halaal for a muslim to work at a bank?
A) No.

Q) Can Al baraka finance my business if I have 1/4 of the money with them as Action ? I’m trying to open a bakery which will cost me 1.5M 
A) You should enquire from them.

Q) Is it haraam to work for a non islamic bank?
A) Should avoid.

Q) Can we rent a building to an insurance company?
A) Permissible. 

Q) Can we rent a building to someone who will do insurance activities? Is the income from the rent halaal? 
A) Yes. Halaal according to the Imaam A`zam, Imaam Abu Hanifah r.a.’

Q) Is there any real and trustworthy Islamic Bank in Mauritus? 
A) Nothing yet.

Q) I have to take a loan. Is it allowed? I don’t have any other choice.
A) Not allowed.

Q) I currently work in the IT sector in a software company. I got a new IT job: in a Bank. Can I accept the offer? If not, why? I understand that working in a Bank with interest is haraam. But I will be working in the IT department of the Bank
A) No. They will prepare your pay packet with interest profits. 

Q) I want to buy a car but i heard the leasing is haraam. But somebody told me that there is something called islamic leasing offered by bramer? is it permissible to operate with that ?
A) No info on such halaal lease.

Q) Can we use interest money to pay for the medecines of a non-Muslim?
A) No. Interest money should only be given to poor Muslims.

Q) Is it permissible in Islam to subscribe to a pension plan?
A) No. Unless that it is compulsory and non optional.

Q) How can money received from interest be used? 
A) Give to zakaat recipients without sawaab intention. 

Q) Since interest is haraam, can muslim needy people use this money to buy food? 
A) Yes, for them it is halaal. Like Zakaat becomes halaal and pure for them.

Q) Is it permissible to purchase adult diapers for my sick mother with interest money?
A) No. Not permissible.

Q) How can i prevent my business of gold jewelry to involve interest? 
A) Deal with prices when exchanging jewelries. That is do not exchange silver with silver or gold with gold. Do not give credit when changing gold with gold. 

Q) Can a customer reserve a jewelery then pay it with monthly installment (without interest), note that the price of gold fluctuate, is there riba in it?
A) Not advisable to sell on credit. But better tell the customer to assign you as an agent and wakeel to perform the transaction. You be the wakeel or agent to sell the gold. Then you may accept the advance payment. Then when paid, then you become the seller and sell it to the customer.

Q) Can a customer give me gold for a jewelry and pay the difference with money, is it riba? 
A) Yes, it may be riba. Because any exchange of gold on credit or in different weights leads to riba. But the way to do it halaal is that you should buy the gold given on a given rupees price. Then from that price and added money you may sell the jewelry you would make in exchange of money and not gold.

Q) In which bank can we take a loan? It is urgent and we don’t have any other way out except for a loan. 
A) Consult Al barakah co-op and see if they can help you out. Send us details of their financial propositions so as we may assess them.

Q) Is the accounting profession halal ? As it involves recording interest.
A) Halaal if you avoid involving with interest projects directly. That is, involving your expertise, proposition and participating in the approval of the project.

Q) Is it allowed to replace interest money we have used out of compulsion with ornaments which we have worn many time? 
A) Yes, given that it is sold and the money be given in sadaqah.

Q) Why is insurance not allowed in Islam? Not even health insurance? 
A) Because of 3 reasons: Interests involvement, Qimaar or the issue of gambling and Gharar is the case of too much risks factors interference. 

Q) Is the century bank islamic facilities in accordance to the laws of shariah?
A) Not approved.

Q) Are shares of Air Mauritius halal? 
A )Ordinary shares volatile dividend are ok. But should tell in the assembly to stop haraams on board.

Q) Where can we invest In Mauritius without getting interest? 
A) You can invest in ordinary shares in halaal companies.

Q) Is it permissible to invest in Mauritius Housing Company LTD with the intention of using that money later on for building my house? If no, what are the reasons that does not allow us to do so? 
A) No. There are interest involved in such investments.

Q) If a company gives money on loan to people for a determined period with a profit margin, all mentioned in a contract. Is it permitted to include on the contract that a fine of a certain amount will be charged if the time limit is not respected? In this context, the person is fully aware before taking the loan. Even if the exact amount as profit is mentioned to the person before taking the loan? If am not wrong the Islamic bank works in this manner?
A) No. All described is haraam. In fact all of it is called interest and cannot be named profit. Any exchange of liquid money that has a deferred difference is defined as interest. If they work like that, then it is not Islamic.

Q) Please give a brief explanation on interest.
A) There is two interest defined in the Qur-aan and sunnah: 
1. Ribal Qur-aan : any surplus of amount claimed without any exchange of goods or services, but claimed because of elapsing of time. Loans based interest, late payment fees and penalty fees are its examples. 
2. Ribal Ahadiths: exchange with differences between identical specified products that are weighed or measured by volume. And also exchanges on credit between gold and silver or their similarities: currencies.

Q) Please advise whether contributing to a pension fund is permissible, on the basis that the contribution is invested subsequently invested in shariah compliant companies. Upon maturity, we then receive the return + contribution. 
A) No voluntary pension fund permissible. Shariat compliance finances are a myth and all are deception. Stay away from all these deceivers.

Q) Nowadays it is very hard to get a job, but if you give bribe, you can get one. Will the income received from such a position be halaal? And if interest money are used to pay for such bribe? As witnessed, even islamic schools take bribe to employ people. 
A) Taking bribe is definitely haraam. Giving bribe is not permissible unless for a necessity or for a needful specific purpose. If someone is in a need of a job, then tolerable to give a minimum amount to get the needful. Income will be halaal. Interest money cannot be used as such. It is a shame that muslims have reached this limit. May Allah save us all from such imourity. In fact it is better to look for a simple work than looking for a big salary job attached with the condition of a bribe.

Q) Please advise on islamic view on pension funds (voluntary by an individual, compulsory as required by employer, etc).
A) Compulsory permissible, but with certain conditions. Voluntary not permissible.

Q) Taking house on lease and giving the same house on rent is permitted or not ?
A) There are conditions attached to such transaction for them to be shariat compliant. But since they are not locally abide, then such transaction is not permissible.

Q) Why is it not permissible to invest in insurance for life or education?
A) Interest is involved in such plans.

Q) If a person takes loan to pay his debts and expand his business, can we eat at his place? does all his revenue become haram?
A) If the nature of his business is halaal and most of his earnings is of halaal income, then it is permissible to sit and eat by him. Go there to talk on the bad consequences of interest and also take fruit juices as gift to them. You will give the gift in exchange of the gift that you will eat. Hence the food was bought and not taken freely. 

Q) Can we accept a gift from someone who has purchased it with interest money and if we do than what should be done?
A) No. One should give any interest to poor muslims.

Q) How can i prevent my business of gold jewelry to involve interest? 
A) Deal with prices when exchanging jewelries. That is do not exchange silver with silver or gold with gold. Do not give credit when changing gold with gold. 

Q) Which bank (International) provides loan which is halaal? 
A) None.

Q) Is it permissible to pay taxes with interest?
A) Since government use taxes to pay the public services of hospital, street lighting, education and other public security services, and we use these services, then it is compulsory to pay taxes with halaal money. But in most countries, the government impose different type of taxes that they take more than what they are offering. The shariah condemn and administrate any Zulm or over imposed levies on any one. But in any case, because it is the country`s law, one should abide and pay all taxes imposed by the government. Nonetheless, an issue arise that if there is interest accrued in bank accounts, can we pay those unfair taxes with interest money? Different scholars expressed their views here under:
According to Fatawa Daru Uloom Deoband, Fatawa Rahimiyah, it is permissible to pay income taxes with interest money:

[2] س= اسی طرح بینک میں رقم رکھی جاتی ہے اس پر جو سود ملتا ہے یہ، یا اسی طرح سرکاری ادارے پوسٹ آفس کی جمع شدہ رقم کا سود اپنے استعمال میں لانے کی،حکومت کے ٹیکس میں،یا موٹر کے انشورس میں استعمال کرنے کی گنجائش ہے؟ج= ڈکخانہ اور بینک سے جو رقم سود کی ملی ہے۔ اسے اپنے ذاتی کام میں استعمال کرنے کی اجازت نہیں ہے۔البتہ حکومت جو ٹیکس عائد کرتی ہے، یا میونسپلٹی مکان پر جو ٹیکس لگاتی ہے۔یا موٹر کا انشورنس حکومت کی طرف سے لازمی ہے۔اس میں اس رقم کے ادا کرنے کی گنجائش ہے۔ فتاوی رحمییہ ج3ص174

س= حکومت کی جانب سے جو ٹیکس عائد کئے جاتے ہیں جیسے ہاوس ٹیکس،انکم ٹیکس،کیا ان ٹیکسوں کی ادائیگی کے لے بینک کی سودی رقم استعمال کی جاسکتی ہے؟
ج= بینک کے سود کا اصل مصرف تو غرباء اور مساکین ہیں رفاہ عام کے کاموں میں بھی صرف کیا جاسکتا ہے،خود منتفع نہ ہو لیکن اگر حکومت کے ان ٹیکسوں کی بھر مار سے تنگ آگیا ہو اور ان کی ادائےگی میں یہ رقم استعمال کرنے کی پر مجبور ہو تو گنجائش ہے بلا مجبوری استعمال نہ کرے۔ فتاوی رحمییہ ج6ص136

س= میرا روپیہ بینک میں جمع ہے،میں اس کے سود سے انکم ٹیکس ادا کرسکتا ہوں؟ اور یہ جائز ہے یا نہیں؟
ج= بینک میں روپیہ داخل کرکے سود لینا حرام ہے لیکن جس کا روپیہ بینک میں داخل ہے اور بینک سے اس کو سود ملے تو اس رقم سود کو وہاں نہ چھوڑنا چاہیے کہ چھوڑنے میں وہ روپیہ عیسائیوں کو بغرض تبلیغ مذہب دیا جاتا ہے بلکہ وہاں سے لے کر غرباءوفقرائے مسلیمن کو دے دیا جائے، اپنے کسی صرف میں نہ لایا جائے، اور انکم ٹیکس کے ادا کردینے کی بھی اس میں گنجائش ہے۔ فتاوی دارالعلوم دیوبند ج14 ص496
 Furthermore, there is a principle in shariah that whenever an unjust revenue came from a source, then if there is an unjust demand from that particular source, then one may offset the unjust demand with the unjust revenue as in hidayah: وَلَهُ أَنَّهُ تَمَكَّنَ الْخُبْثُ مَعَ الْمِلْكِ ، إمَّا لِأَنَّهُ بِسَبِيلٍ مِنْ الِاسْتِرْدَادِ بِأَنْ يَقْضِيَهُ بِنَفْسِهِ ، أَوْ لِأَنَّهُ رَضِيَ بِهِ عَلَى اعْتِبَارِ قَضَاءِ الْكَفِيلِ ، فَإِذَا قَضَاهُ بِنَفْسِهِ لَمْ يَكُنْ رَاضِيًا بِهِ وَهَذَا الْخُبْثُ يُعْمَلُ فِيمَا يَتَعَيَّنُ فَيَكُونُ سَبِيلُهُ التَّصَدُّقَ فِي رِوَايَةٍ ، وَيَرُدُّهُ عَلَيْهِ فِي رِوَايَةٍ لِأَنَّ الْخُبْثَ لَحِقَهُ ، وَهَذَا أَصَحُّ لَكِنَّهُ اسْتِحْبَابٌ لَا جَبْرٌ لِأَنَّ الْحَقَّ لَهُ .
As such Hazrat Mufti Radha Ul Haq of Darul Uloom Zakarya and hazrat Mufti Ahmad Khanpuri of Darul Uloom Dabhel said in their respective fatwa books that it is permissible to pay income tax with interest generated from government owned banks or government based financial institutions.
As a conclusion, one may pay ‘’Income tax’’ with interest money. But it is not permissible to pay road tax, VAT, bank fees, ‘’contravention’’, build toilet etc with interest money.
Q) Can we give something to get licence not money.
A) Bribe is not permissible.

Q) Is there any bank in Mauritius that does not offer interest?
A) Bramer bank has an account for Hajj that does not have interest.

Q) Can we take an education plan from an insurance company for our children?
A) No. In fact no insurance plan match shariat compliance.

Q) The company where I work provides medical benefit to all employees. Is it allowed to claim the medical insurance?
A) No. Such policies involve riba, interest and great chances: Qimaar. All this are haraam.

Q) Is it permissible to take a life insurance and health insurance schemes offered by insurance companies?
A) No.

Q) Can we accept scholarship and stipend given from a bank if one’s parents’ financial income is not enough to pay the fees for the university?
A) No. These are haraam interest loans that should be avoided.

Q) In which case can a person take loan ?
A) In no case. Loan is haraam and one should find a halaal way to finance his activities.

Q) Can a muslim take loan?
A) No. Interest is haraam as per Coranic verses.

Q) Can a customer reserve a jewelery then pay it with monthly installment (without interest), note that the price of gold fluctuate, is there riba in it?
A) Not advisable to sell on credit. But better tell the customer to assign you as an agent and wakeel to perform the transaction. You be the wakeel or agent to sell the gold. Then you may accept the advance payment. Then when paid, then you become the seller and sell it to the customer.

Q) Can a customer give me gold for a jewelry and pay the difference with money, is it riba? 
A) Yes, it may be riba. Because any exchange of gold on credit or in different weights leads to riba. But the way to do it halaal is that you should buy the gold given on a given rupees price. Then from that price and added money you may sell the jewelry you would make in exchange of money and not gold.

Q) Can a current account be used to avoid interest money?
A) Yes, you may use a current account to avoid interest.

Q) Is MCB educaton plan halaal. You contribute money in the plan. They invest the money and you earn profit as they say. 
A) Not permissible. 

Q) Can i send interest money to the people of Syria who are suffering from the atrocities of war?
A) Yes.

Q) I have money & I want to invest it since leaving it in the bank will generate interest which is of no use to me! What halaal investment can I make?
A) We hope soon we may help in this direction.

Q) Is it permissible to sign a contract to be the doctor of an insurance company?
A) Not permissible when optional. But if the contract of the work deduces obligatorily the amount before monthly income, then some ulamas said it is permissible.

Q) Is it permissible to take loan? is there any alternative?
A) No. Albarakah may be.

Q) Is it permissible to give interest money to a non-muslim n if its so how can he/she use it?
A) No. Interest money is due to muslim Zakaat recipients, without intention of rewards.

Q) Is working in an Insurance company like BAI or any Banks halal?
A) No, unless no other job.

Q) One of the conditions attached to my credit card is that interest applies after 45 days if full payment is not effected. Even if I usually pay off the whole within the time limit so as to avoid the interest, is the card and transaction halaal?
A) Ok as per info given.

Q) Can I sign a contract where the condition of riba is clear? For example the contract of a credit card?
A) Not advisable.

Q) Are credit cards haraam? Even if we pay before the time limit and thus avoid riba?
A) Credit card that is free from interest is ok. One need to see the conditions and actual application in using these cards and should not have unislamic conditions. If no other unislamic conditions are made throughout the credit, then it is permissible to use when you will pay on time or you have money on your account.

Q) Century banking is offering loans according to islamic finance. Is it permissible?
A) According to details that we got, it is not approved and not permissible.

Q) Can we give interest money to someone going abroad to perform an expensive operation/surgery?
A) May give, without any intention of sawaab.

Q) Is it permissible to work for someone whose salary is from haram source? E.g. a maid works for someone who works in a bank.
A) Permissible to work for him if he has another halal means of income. Otherwise must look for another work.

Q) When buying a certain amount of provisions in a supermarket, sometimes they give you a ticket. After drawing lots, you may receive a gift. Is it permissible to take these gifts?
A) Avoid, becasue it resembles lottery.

Q) Can we take insurance on pension plan?
A) No.

Q) My understanding was that Leasing is islamically permissible – since I am getting a car (which does not yet) belong to me in exchange for a monthly payment for a certain period of time. Is my reasoning correct? How then is a finance lease different from ijaara? From what I understood from a practical point of view – when I take a finance lease, I make a deposit, decide on the duration and the residual value. As for ijaara, it is the same as the above except that the car insurance is included in the monthly payment. 
A) The conventional lease contain other clauses like late payment fee, insurance, etc that cause the contract non shariat compliant. Ijarah was a myth and not applied fully as we prescribed the clauses. Moreover, a lease is better than a loan. Find the facility of Al Barakah Co-op that may offer a better shariat way to buy a car.

Q) Can we use Medical Insurance provided by our company whereby we contributed a part of the premium monthly and our company pay the rest valid for one year. 
A) Not optionally. But if the company oblige you and cut it before salary, then permissible. 

Q) Is it considered haram to be a car salesman?
A) No

Q) Is it considered haram to be a real estate agent.
A) No. The commission has to be defined.

Q) Is being a real estate agent haram?
A) No. 

Q) Is HSBC Amanah Term Investment Account halaal? 
A) Not according to our knowledge. 

Q) Is investing in Bramer Asset Managment Halal? More specifically, investing in Discretionary Portfolio Management Services (DPMS)? Is dividend same as interest in that case? 
A) Interest. Haraam. 

Q) Is there any Halal way to invest my money in Mauritus? The sharia compliant investments proposed by our banks are they really sharia compliant? 
A) No. Al Barakah or any halaal company for shares.

Q) I work in company that provides my wife and me with an insurance plan but I do not contribute in the insurance, not a cent is being deducted from my salary. It’s the company that manages it. I pay only a percentage of the excess. Is it haraam? 
A) No. 

Q) Is money obtained fromVAT lucky draw of MRA halal? 
A) According to info available, the VAT draw has no money input and is completely away from all conditions of Haraam draws and hence permissible and halaal. Should its conditions resemble Haraam draws like lottery, then the fatwa also changes. Read the Article on Jeu du Hasard on web.

Q) Can someone take interest to repay interest on loan taken?? 
A) No

Q) How to use interest received from bank? Can we give it to poor people or use the money for the construction of toilet? Please clarify. 
A) No toilet construction or no other payments. Only give to poor muslims without 

Q) What about pension plans? Apart from the one provided by my company or govt, can I take another pension plan? 
A) No. If the pension plan in your work optional, then you should not go for it. Yes, if it is as the government one, that is obligatory before salary, then permissible.

Q) I took a loan in the past and I am still am paying this off. I have just realised how wrong i was and have asked Allah to forgive me. I hope and trust that he will do so. My question is what do i do now. I have built a house and bought a car with this money. I have also started a small business with it. Now do i have to destroy the house and car (or sell them and give away the money). How about the business do I need to close it down. Is there a way for me to keep those things and use them and make them Halaal?. 
A) First you need to do sincere tawbah and then do not ever mingle in interest. Ulamas have advised that you give sadaqah every month so much so to compensate the loan amount month by month. A purification process may help to filter the loan into halaal money. Account for a sadaqah amount to poor people and continue do it for years until you reach loan amount. 

Q) How do we deal with interest generated by savings accounts? Is it that we should withdraw it and give in charity without expecting any rewards in return?
A) Yes, the interest accrued should be given to a poor muslim without intention of sawaab.

Q) I have saving accounts in banks like MPCB, MCB and SBM in Mauritius. As we know, savings accounts generate interest. is it permissible these savings accounts for the purpose of safe keeping money from getting stolen only?
A) Yes, permissible. But interest should be accounted and given to poor needy muslims. 

Q) Can a muslim work in a bank where they do “money conversion”?
A) Not bank.

Q) Medical insurance permissible?
A) As per info available, none are fully shariat compliant

Q) If a person has passed away but has an amount of interests accumulated over many years at the bank, should the relatives of the deceased do the necessary to retrieve and withdraw the totality of the accumulated interest?or is it allowed to just ignore the past amount and withdraw and discard only new interest that is credited to his account? Also can we pay income taxes with interest money?
A) You will have to calculate the amount of interest accrued on the account. The money without interest on the account is an inheritance that has to be distributed to the inheritors. But the interest is a haraam money that has to be distributed to the poor. Better distribute it collectively. But if the heirs wish to distribute their share of interest themselves, then do give it to them according to their share of inheritance

Q) I am a barrister working as legal adviser of the MRA…Every thursday before the supreme court, portions of land are sold…sale by levy…most of these sales are due to the fact that the borrower has not been able to pay a loan and the lender sells the land to get back his money. I was thinking whether it is halaal to buy these land before the court given that the loan obviously involved interests. ?
A) It is permissible for you to buy land seized by the court. Since you would be dealing with the court as a seller and you the buyer, the issues pertaining other dealings before that is negligible. As a matter of masla it is permissible to but seized lands and seized products.

Q) I lent interest money to a non-muslim. What happens if ever he doesnot give back the money? Do I have to replace it with my halaal money?
A) It is incumbent upon you to replace the money and give away to the poor. You are not supposed to lend such money. Its recipient is to a poor person. Nonetheless if he returns you, then you may give to the poor.

Q) Are we allowed to pay fines for road traffic offences with money obtained from interest?
A) No. Interest money are supposed to be given to Zakaat recipients without any intention of sawaabs.

Q) Are we allowed to invest in shares of a bank like MCB?
A) Not allowed.

Q) Can we use interest money to pay for the medecines of a non-Muslim?
A) No. Interest money should only be given to poor Muslims.

Q) Both of my parents work, my mother’s salary goes in paying for the loan they took to build our new house. My father has a “compte courant”, i dnt knw how it is called but, at the end of the month, his company puts his salary in that account. Almost all the money is spent on necessities and a few remains in that account. Can interest accumulate on this type of account. It yes how do i manage when they give me my pocket money to go to uni or to buy my clothes etc..?? My mother also has some money left on her account, and most of the time it’s her who gives me money for clothes and my father gives me money 4 daily transport and other basic necessities…..what should i do?
A) Inform your parents that consuming interest is haraam. Tell them that at least do not spend on you that money. You may consume the money that they give you since it comes from the account that the salary is credited. Unless you know for sure that it is interest money, you may consume without any problem.

Q) A relative of mine owns a restaurant and he had to close the restaurant for 1 month since he went for umrah. There are 2 hindu women who work in his restaurant. They are poor, one of them is a widow and both have kids. Since he did not work for 1 month, he does not have income to give them salary for that one month when the restaurant was closed. can he give them interest money for that one month only? 
A) No, you cannot dispose of interest money but in the hands of poor muslims. One cannot use interest money to pay salaries.

Q) A relative has contracted a loan from a bank. Now he is having difficulties to settle the loan as he is not working. Can he use interest money obtained from other relatives to settle the loan? 
A) Permissible if not sahibe nisaab.

Q) I lend someone money, he invested it in an illegal business that is haraam. After some months he returned me my money. Is the money halaal or haraam?
A) The capital money you lent is halaal to take back. Hence the money returned back as capital is halaal.

Q) Can money obtained from interest be used to buy detergents used in toilets?
A) No. It can only be given to a recipient of Zakaat without intention of reward.

Q) Can we pay ceb water telephone bills or pay car insurance, declaration, road tax with interest money or any such money?
A) No. Interest money should be given to the poor without any hope of reward.

Q) Do we have to deduct interest earned in the calculation of zakaat?
A) Yes. But give away to poor without intention of sawaab.

Q) If I badly need to borrow money & Century Banking Corp is not a solution, what should I do?
A) Take a lease. 

Q) A friend of mine has some debt. I would like to know if I give him interest money which I have, to return his debt, of course without sawaab’s intention, is it permissible?
A) No. Give the interest to a poor rather. 

Q) Are the services offered by the Century Banking Corporation accepted by Islam?
A) No. 

Q) I want to avoid interest! how to save money?? can we have a savings account but we do not use the interest? 
A) Yes. Give the interest to a poor muslim. 

Q) How to save money islamically in MRU? Do we have any interest free saving account available?All my salary goes to my saving account…what should i do?
A) Al Barakah offers some..

Q) Do we have any islamic pension fund in mauritius? are those provided by Bramer Bank allowed? i work in the private sector and the pension to be provided by the government is very minimal. so how to proceed? 
A) None. Please keep your money and give a determined amount of sadaqah monthly, insha Allah you will be rich in your last days

Q) What is the status of insurrance in Islam?
A) General insurance include these 3 non shariat compliance: Interest, Uncertanty and gambling. As such the unanimity of ulama classify general insurance as haraam. But those dealings that have non of the 3 items mentionned above should be shariat compliant.

Q) I know of a non-muslim who lives on interest money and he also takes cake orders. Is it jaiz for me to buy cakes from him?
A) On a dealing point of view, it is permissible to deal with non muslims even in such cases. But on a piety point of view, it is better to deal with muslims particularly when concerning food items.

Q) Is buying of shares in a company permissible in islam?
A) Only if the company deals mainly with halaal and permissible dealings. Only ordinary volatile dividend shares are permissible.

Q) Currency business Halal or Haram?
A) The business of currency exchange is permissible. The only care should be taken is that the transaction take place on cash. Else one may agent the changer if he delivers on credit.

Q) Can we pay income tax with interest money?
A) No. Interest should go into the hands of a person who deserves zakaat, without the intention of reward.

Q) Is it permissible for muslim to invest their money in insurance such as life or for education?
A) Not permissible.

Q) Is it jaaiz to have a medical insurance, which is compulsory as per rules of the company which am employed? The scheme refunds part of costs incurred for the treatment and medicines against a monthly premium paid.
A) Not permissible.

Q) Do we receive interests from banks or is it dividend? As far as i know, banks use our money to invest and the profit received is shared among clients. Now, the money may have been invested in companies which we do not know if they are “halaal” or not. But the question remains that is the money received is called dividend or interest?
A) Interest is fixed return on money. Banks give interest and not dividends on money banked with them. Undisputedly interest is haraam to consume.

Q) Can interest be used for top up and for buying mobile stuffs?
A) No. Find on web the recipient of interest money.

Q) Is investment in BAI Takaful permissible?
A) Since investment in Takaful provide a dividend/ premium as per profit ratio yearly. The dividend is as such Halaal suitable.

Q) I’ve had interest credited to my account. Can I give it to the needy? Else what can I do with it?
A) Interest should be given to a poor person who has no nisaab (Rs 35 000) in cash nor in values. There is no reward for giving away interest, but rather a responsibility for the account holder.

Q) Is it allowed to have a savings account? It generates interest.
A) Allowed but give away interest.

Q) Can I pay a fine with money acquired from interest?
A) No.

Q) Can interest money be used to pay car insurance?
A) No. Interest money are meant to go in the hand of a zakaat recipient without intention of sawaab. See our Zakaat guide on the web

Q) If insurance is haraam, what is to be done in case of car insurance? It is compulsory and there is no alternative.
A) Insurance is haraam for these three reasons: 1. Riba(Interest), 2. Qimaar(gambling) and 3. Gharar(high risk factors). In the case of car insurance, the law is obligatory to this effect. Then `ulamas has given permission to the extent of the necessity. But more tolerable is the third party insurance(tiers). Whereby there is no exchange of money and hence no riba, Qimaar are found. Gharar is eliminated since it is only a one way coverage as analogue to mowal mawalat(a contract between a new muslim and a muslim in the same schema). We recommend then to opt either for third party insurance or for those insurances that do not yield money but rather give a service or repair the car itself. Hence the 3 above mentioned would not be raised.

Q) Can i pay the interest of my loan with interest that my friend is giving me??? stanger dar uloum,, allow me???
A) No.

Q) Can interest money be used to help the families of the bangladeshi who died in the accident?
A) Can.

Q) Someone openly states that he has a fixed deposit and he uses the interest for his expenses. Can I take gifts from him or eat the food that he offers to me?
A) It is permissible to accept if that person has halaal earnings and we do not know exactly from which money he bought the gift. Else if he largely uses interest money, then in case of necessity (like a member of family) accept it and give it to someone who is poor. Else you may accept and give a gift in exchange as a price for his gift. Wallahou a`lam.

Q) Can interst earned be used to reimburse loans?
A) No.

Q) Is it haram to take a loan with an interest?
A) Yes.

Q) What is the rule pertaining to riddles in newspaper which are based on interest?
A) It is not correct to accept prizes obtained by giving the right answers of riddles in newspapers because it consists of gambling and interst, which are both haraam.

Q) What is the law pertaining to site?
A) Site is permissible because it’s a means of helping one another and it is a qardh-e-hasanah. However if a person wants to quit in the middle, permission should be granted to him and his money should be returned to him. And if he dies his money should be given to his inheritors.
Q) What is the law pertaining to lotteries?
A) The money received from lotteries is normally more than the amount paid for the tickets and this is called interest and is haraam. A person buying lotteries is not even sure of winning or loosing. And the money received is not the outcome of the person’s effort, infact it’s based on mere luck which is called gambling and is haraam.