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Q) Balocco wafer,products of germany contain milk derived whey powder,i want to know if they are halaal or not?
A) Suitable.Q) Is “Palets bretons” biscuits halal? Made in France by patisrie gourmandes. There is E160a in it.
A) Yes.

Q) Are balconi products from italy halal? doubtful ingredients : chocolate liquor and mono & diglycerides.
A) It is ok.

Q) Is Esko and LKS biscuit halal?
A) They are ok, avoid gelatine though.

Q) Is esko biscuit halal?
A) Yes.

Q) Is “Tutku” Biscuit Halaa?
A) Halaal safe.

Q) Is Gauffrette make Decroc from Tunisia which contains E471 (Emulsifier) and E322 (Soya Lecithin) halaal safe?
A) Ok. Halaal suitable.

Q) Would like to know if mini BN biscuits are halal or not?
A) Yes, halaal suitable.

Q) There is a bicuit, Arnott’s Tim Tam Dark Chocolate, in which there’s an ingredient: emulsifiers (E322 from soy, E476). Is it halaal?
A) Tim Tam is from Australia and not halaal suitable. Arnotts from Indonesia is halaal safe.

Q) Is Arnott`s biscuits from Australia halaal suitable?
A) Arnott`s admit that its biscuits are not halaal certified. Arnott`s is not certified halaal.

Q) Why is Arnott’s not halal?
A) Because it contains gelatine, E 120 and other ingredients that are not halal.

Q) Is gelatine used in Arnotts biscuit halaal?
A) No it is haraam. Please note that Arnotts biscuits of Australia does not abide to any halaal diet policy. Else do also note that all gelatine are not halaal safe.

Q) Is Lu Pepito biscuits halaal or haraam? Ingredients only mention emulsifiers but does not specify which ones.
A) Halal suitable.

Q) Is chips ahoy biscuits halaal?
A) Halaal suitable.

Q) Is frego gaufrettes from Gouty halaal safe? it is made in Madagascar?
A) No guarantee on madagascar products. Choose Mauritian or South African ones.

Q) Biscuits from Malaysia, mark: Tatawa, galmour premium cookies selection, contains E160a. Is it halal. It has the Malaysian halal logo on it. Is this logo reliable?
A) Ok. Malaysian logo is not completely reliable. Do read the ingredients.

Q) Is biscuit KREMALI, made in turkey, containing colouring agent (carmoisin) halaal?
A) No. Not listed.

Q) Is shapes biscuit halal? There is E471 in it.
A) Only Wheat Vita and a few are halaal safe. The rest should be avoided.

Q) Is sando biscuit halaal?
A) Ok.

Q) Is meiji hello panda halaal?
A) Halaal suitable.

Q) Are Oreo biscuits halaal safe?
A) Yes, halaal suitable.

Q) Les biscuits bakers d`Afrique du Sud ?
A) Ils sont halaal safe.

Q) Est ce que les biscuits Lu sont halaal safe ?
A) Oui, ils sont halaal safe al`exception de ceux qui contiennent de la gelatine ou de l`alcool. Donc lisez les ingredients.

Q) Is biscuit tim tam halal?
A) Not listed.

Q) Can we eat biscuits from india containing amylase? Written suitable for veg on packet.
A) Halaal safe.

Q) Is lecithin in biscuit from india halal? Written suitable for veg in packet.
A) Halaal safe.

Q) Can we eat ‘Chocolate chip’ as an ingredient in a biscuit from india?
A) Yes, halaal safe.

Q) Are biscuits PiM’s (LU) made in Belgium halaal safe?
A) Halaal suitable, but do read ingredients.

Q) Are biscuit LU, from France, halal. E.g. coqueline, pepito, etc?
A) Halal safe except those which contain alcohol or gelatine.


Q) Is nutella haraam?
A) No. It is verified halaal.

Q) Is M&Ms halaal?can I eat it?
A) No.

Q) Is Snickers from China Halaal….?
A) Avoid.

Q) Is Cadbury Silk, made in france Halaal?
A) Ok if no gelatine.

Q) Are skittles from Saudi arabia halaal?
A) No.

Q) Marabou Aladdin chocolates (red box) from Sweden (sojalecitin E476 and citronsyra E153) in it, Haalal or haram?
A) Halaal suitable as per ingredients.

Q) Is milky way chocolate made by mars uk halal or not? As whey pwder n natural vanilla extract is present in its ingredients.
A) Halaal suitable.

Q) Is cadbury dairy milk top deck from Kenya halal? Ingredients: sugar, full cream milk powder, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, vegetable fat, whey powder (milk), skim milk powder, emulsifiers (soy lecithin- E322, E476), flavoring. I have a list of E numbers stating that E476 is haraam but on your website, it is reported that cadbury chocolates are halal. Please clarify.
A) The list is not exact. Find the exact list by sending QNA HALAAL to 8386. E 471 is a doubtful emulsifier ingredient. It may be vegetarian or it may be animal source. In case that it is animal source, then only it is haraam. As per information available, Cadbury Kenya uses non animal source emulsifiers. You may text us also on 57921333

Q) Are twix and snikers halal?
A) Halal.

Q) Is ferrero rocher chocolates Halaal? Also grateful if you could provide a list of halaal chocolates.
A) Ferrero ok. Choose south African Cadbury and Beacon that do not have gelatine.

Q) Is “Maltesers” halaal?
A) Yes.

Q) Is dairy milk chocolate manufactured in pakistan halal or not?
A) Halaal safe.

Q) Is Albeni chocolate of the brand Ulker halaal?
A) Halaal safe.

Q) Is Nestle Milky Bar halaal?
A) Yes.

Q) Is “Raffaello” of Ferrero brand halal?
A) Avoid.

Q) Is this chocolate halaal- gourmand depuis 1856 from france, pates de cacao, sucre, beurre de cacao, emulsifiant: lecithine de soja, arome vanilla?
A) Ok.

Q) Is chocolate choceur halaal? following are ingredients : sugar, cocoa butter, cream powder, ghanian cocoa mass, whole milk powder, emulsifier soya lecithin, flavouring,. the chocolate is from Ireland and it is written vegetarian on it. 
A) Halaal suitable.

Q) Kindly advise if this chocolate is halal. LINDT- LINDOR, IRRESISTIBLY SMOOTH MILK, SWISS MILK CHOCOLATE WITH A SMOOTH MELTING FILING. The ingredients are sugar, vegetable fats , cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, lactose, skim milk powder, butterfat, soya lecithin, barley malt extract and flavourings.
A) The ingredients are halaal suitable if it is of ‘’hard nature’’. Avoid soft lindt. Avoid lindt and go for Cadbury and Beacon SA without gelatine.

Q) Are Beacon products from South Africa halaal? There is the halal logo from S.Africa on them.
A) They are ok unless if they contain gelatine.

Q) Is sneekers chocolate from england halaal?
A) Halaal suitable.

Q) Is dark black chocolate mark ‘ESKO’ in mauritius halal? Soya lecitin listed, but no halal logo.
A) Halaal suitable.

Q) Is Cote Dor Chocolates from Belgium halal?
A) Necessary to read ingredients. Better buy from South Africa, Malaysia and India.

Q) Is kinder delice halal?
A) Ok.

Q) Is Kinder bueno halaal?
A) Avoid.

Q) Is Ferero Rocher halal?
A) Halal suitable.

Q) I received a box of chocolate from a relative and while I was reading the list of ingredients before opening it, I noticed that it contains alcohol and wine, thus haram to consume. However can I offer it to a non-muslim or it won’t be proper and it would be better I discard it instead?
A) Better discard it.

Q) Is rennet, a chemical source from calves, halal? it is found in masterfoods chocolates twix, mars, bounty, maltesers, milky way.
A) Rennet from cow is a halaal suitable ingredient.

Q) Is Tumbles (chocolate) halaal?
A) Yes, if no gelatine.

Q) Is cadburry chocolate halaal certified?
A) Halaal safe, as far as no gelatine and liquor in ingredients.

Q) Mars chocolate halal?
A) Halaal safe.

Q) Is chocolate liquor halaal or not? Are liquor and liqueur 2 different things?
A) Chocolate liquor is purely made from cocoa and hence halaal suitable. Chocolate liqueur is alcoholic and haraam. It is also known as crème de cacao.

Q) Is chocolate bravo which contains E322 from Oman halal? written veg on packet.
A) Halaal safe.

Q) Is Galaxy Flutes (chocolates) which contains E476 manufactured by Mars Egypt Halal and safe?
A) Halaal suitable.

Q) Is galaxy made in dubai halal?
A) Yes, if no gelatine.

Q) Is Vanillin halaal. It is contained in some chocolates.
A) Halaal suitable.

Q) Is Chocolate Bounty from France halal?
A) Halaal safe.

Q) Is Quality Street Halaal?
A) Halaal suitable except if gelatine or E120 found.

Q) Is Dipped Flake Chocolate halaal?
A) Halaal safe.

Q) Is flake halal ?
A) Yes. 

Q) Smarties of MAsterfood is haraam due to E 120 in its ingredient. Is Smarties of Nestle made in South Africa or Germany halaal safe?
A) Smarties of Nestle South Africa and Germany both are halaal suitable since they do not contain haraam ingredients and also no E 120.

Q) Is Kitkat halal?
A) Halaal safe.

Q) Are chocolate from the brand name Celebrations from Mauritius duty free halaal safe?
A) Halaal except for these: Skittles, M&M`s and Smarties.


Q) Are chupa chups lollipops halaal?
A) Halaal safe. Do read ingredients.

Q) In marshmallows from South Africa it is labelled that it contains beef gelatine and bears a logo from a muslim council which describes it as halal. Does the council exist and have you ever contacted them to confirm the authenticity of the logo?
A) We have found that Gelatine has been a very contaminated product in the last decade. Contaminated as per production process and also contaminated with Chinese gelatine. As such much precaution are taken to certify a product with gelatine. We approve such products that use gelatine made in Pakistan, processed surely with Pakistan gelatine.

Q) Is Haribo jelly halal or not?
A) No.
Q) Is sunny bbq sauce can be consumed?
A) Avoid unless certified.
Q) Is haribo happy cola halal?
A) Not listed.

Q) Are Haw Flakes Halaal?
A) Yes.

Q) Is Maynard’s original mini wine gums halal? It is from South Africa.
A) No.

Q) Is chewing gum style halal?
A) Avoid.

Q) Are Dynamite (mint) chews halaal ?
A) Halaal suitable.

Q) Is smint chewing gum from South Africa halal?
A) The strawberry flavour is not halal. The rest are halal.

Q) Is freedent chewing-gum halaal safe?
A) Halaal suitable.

Q) Is Trident chewing gum Halal? I saw sugar alcohol in its ingredients.
A) Avoid. Freedent ok.

Q) Can we eat hollywood gum?
A) Avoid. Wrigley`s and Pakistan chewing gum are halaal safe.

Q) Is Hollywood Style Halal?
A) Avoid.

Q) Is kiss me chewing gum halal?
A) Halal suitable.

Q) Is the sweet fruit plus halal? It contains halal beef gelatine with the malaysian halal logo.
A) No. not listed.

Q) Is mentos available in the Mauritian market halaal or not?
A) Not halaal suitable.

Q) Is PEZ sweets halaal, it contains E471 (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids)?
A) Which country? Ok if from S. Africa and Malaysia and do not contain gelatine.

Q) If you do not eat the red ones in skittles and m&ms i.e the ones which contain e120, is it okay to eat the rest of them?
A) No.

Q) Is m&m’s halaal?
A) Not those available on the Mauritian market.

Q) Is Gelatine Bovine Halal or Haram?? In Marshmallo it has been approved Halal..
A) No. Only Aurangzeb gelatine is approved halaal. In fact no marshmallow is certified halaal.

Q) Is Tic-Tac halal?
A) Tic Tac orange, cherry are not halaal suitable.

Q) Is Tictac orange halal?
A) If no E 120 or carmine, then ok.

Q) Skittles fruits from UK halaal?
A) No, due to E120.

Q) Gato la cire halaal?
A) Eviter.


Q) Is corntos halal?
A) Halal safe.

Q) Is Twisties BBQ Curry Halaal?
A) Ok.

Q) Is Lay’s from South Africa halal?
A) Yes. They are certifiedby MJC and approved by SANHA.

Q) Is snickers of Japan &ferrerro rocher chocolate balls halal ?
A) They are ok as per ingredients.

Q) Is crinkle cut halal?
A) Yes.

Q) Is TAM TAM Crab Flavoured Snack (Made in Malaysia) Halaal safe?
A) No.

Q) Certaines snacks de Malaisie contiennent E 120 et ont des logos halaal ?
A) Il est vrai que certaines snacks de Malaisie contiennent E120 et ont des logos halaal. Il ne faut pas consommer ces snacks puisque E120 est d`origine insect et donc n`est pas halaal.
Q) Are Jakhim approved products halaal?
A) Mostly yes, except for crabs stick/ products, oyster products, and products containing E 120.

Q) Please advise if Cheese Tasties are halaal or haraam?
A) Ok if no E120.

Q) Is pop pop cheese ball, jack n jill, twisties from Malaysia halal?
A) Need ingredients. Twisties are halaal safe.

Q) I would like to know if the following product is halaal: Tong garden Party Snack Manufactured in: Thailand It contains the following E-Numbers: E 631,E635,E100,E102,E110,E133,E160b,E160c,E341,E551.
A) Because these snacks may contain crab and other non permissible derivatives, avoid them. Rather choose those from South Africa and Malaysia.

Q) Is popies halal?
A) Avoid popies as they may contain E 120.

Q) Poppies chicken halaal?
A) No.

Q) Is Poppies halaal? Cheese flavour contains E120.
A) Haraam.

Q) Are all flavours of twisties halaal?
A) Please read the ingredients. If found contain crustaceans, then do not eat. If found contain only shrimps, then permissible. We recommend rather that you choose Willards and Crinkle Cut non Barbeque/meat flavours.

Q) Crab stick (dodo) is it halal or not? It is written halal on the ingredient list but in fact e120 is a haram ingredient. What’s the reason?
A) Not halaal. E 120 and crabs are tolerable by Shafi’ee Malaysian. One should still read ingredients even when there is a Halaal logo.

Q) Is Pringles halal ? I saw E 471 in the list of ingredients?
A) Halaal suitable except for Xtreme grill.

Q) Certaines snacks de Malaisie contiennent E 120 et ont des logos halaal ?
A) Il est vrai que certaines snacks de Malaisie contiennent E120 et ont des logos halaal. Il ne faut pas consommer ces snacks puisque E120 est d`origine insect et donc n`est pas halaal.

Q) Is lays potato chips from France halaal?
A) Halaal suitable as per ingredients.

Q) Is Haribo snacks Halaal? Heard it contains beef inside.
A) Not listed.

Q) Is Doritos halal?
A) Halaal except Barbeque.

Q)Can we eat ice cream “Tiptop”?
Q) Can we buy cakes from supermarkets like Intermart Shoprite,Like Birthday cakess any ready made cakes or should we avoid as we don’t know the ingredients?
A) Avoid
Q) I have eaten an ice cream of igloo company in Bangladesh which contains E471 it Halaal….?
A) Yes.

Q) Is super pump blue raspberry ice flavour produced by gaspari nutrition halal? Its from America and contains carmine powder and l cysteine.
A) Not halaal.

Q) Is La Dolce Vita ice cream halal?
A) Not listed.

Q) Are Angel Berry products halaal as they are 100% vegeterian?
A) They are ok.

Q) Which ice creams are halal?
A) Nestle, Dairy Maid, Ola, Magnum.

Q) I have bought an ice cream munchies kitkat made by Nestle. There is the ingredient E471. Is it halal safe? 
A) We have verified. It is halaal safe.

Q) Is miko classic ice cream halal?
A) Not listed.

Q) Is MIKO ice cream from Mauritius halal?
A) Not certified.

Q) Cote D’or ice-cream halal?
A) The one from South Africa is ok.

Q) Is ice cream hagendaz halal safe?
A) Avoid.

Q) Magnum halaal?
A) Please note the four ice cream trade marks that are halaal safe: Dairy Maid, Igloo, Nestle and Ola. See if the mentioned is found under these trade marks.

Q) Is ice cream nougat flavor halal?
A) Not listed.

Q) Is TIPTOP ice cream halaal? although it contains soya or vegetable gums?
A) Not listed.

Q) Is treat ice cream halal?
A) Dairy Maid Treat is certified halal.

Q) Is trofic ice cream halal?
A) Not yet listed.
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