Animal vaccine; Qurbani,,
Q) Animal vacciné: Qurbani permissible ou pas? 
A) Oui, permissible de faire un qurbani d`un animal vacciné et en bonne santé. Si l`animal était infectée de la fièvre Aphteuse et puis fut vacciné et maintenant respire une bonne santé, alors les vétérinaires conseil la consommation de la chair seulement et évitez la cervelle et les pattes. Les symptômes de la fièvre Aphteuse de l`animal : grelottement, faiblesse, blessures autour du museau et perds du poids.
What does it mean'to serve Allah's deen'?

Q) What does it mean ‘’to serve Allah’s deen?
A) To be accepted to promote deen and oneness of Allah in the human society.

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Q) What does it mean ‘’to serve Allah’s deen?
A) To be accepted to promote deen and oneness of Allah in the human society.

Q) What does it mean ‘’to be conscious of Allah?
A) Every step in life, take yard stick of shariah to move forward.

Q) I dreamt having my menses, when I skipped 2 months in real. Meaning of this.
A) Health InshaAllah.

Q) Is watching porn haram?
A) Yes.

Q) Can we have some rulings for cutting of hair for girls.
A) Not permissible unless for medical reasons.

Q) Pou ene dimoune ki fer namaz assizer eski li chaque rakaat li obliger lever lir inni wajahtou fer takbeer apre asizer?
A) Non.

Q) If a non muslim makes halaal slaughtering on an animal can we consume that?
A) No.

Q) Which pringles flavour should avoid?
A) Eat only vegeterian ones.

Q) In malaysia can we eat kfc, do they use that mechanical slaughtering?
A) No mechanical slaughtering. If certified ok.

Q) Is it true that there a fish called Sol and Nabi saw catched it and consume it then put it back in the sea. Stand to be correct thats why we can't consume that fish. its a white flat fish
A) Not to my knowledge.

Q) Ki veut dire kan reve 3 spider?
A) Should be more careful on wordings used in front of people.

Q) Kifer pa gagn droit sonne petar?
A) Li pas ena pratique musulmane.

Q) Is there any fish which must not eat besides the makrooh ones?
A) All fish are ok to eat.

Q) Dua for removing lice in head?
A) Read the three surahs and blow over oil and put oil on head.

Q) In my past i committed lots of sins even zina now im married i changed my life made tawbah. Will Allah forgives me? I have only this fikar if Allah has forgiven me. I need that peace in my heart.
A) InshaAllah. Now do lots of goods actions including waking up for tahajjud and istighfaar.

Q) If i make intention of doing qurbani on behalf someone who is still alive. What should that person be doing or refrain from doing during first 10 days of dhul hijjah?
A) Recommended to abstain from nails and hair cutting/shaving.

Q) There's some confusion which one is the real masjid ul aqssa?
A) The one in jerusalem

Q) Besides Mc Cain can we consume others frozen chips?

A) Yes, The ones carrying the SANHA logo.

Q) We have been gifted wine glasses, is it allow to keep these as normal glasses and drink every day halaal drinks ( Water,juice,soda etc) from them, or is it haraam to do so?
A) Makrooh to use these glasses. Give away to a non muslim.

Q)If someone claims to be a non-Muslim by selecting his religious beliefs as anything else, but Muslim for his own dunya gain , has he become a murtad?
For example, he fills out an application form for a credit card, employment, or to get registered with a doctor's surgery, and he selects anything else, but Muslim. Another example, he stats he is a non-Muslim on his social networking site.
A) Not murtad. But should not be done unless extreme necessity. For example in extreme brutal islamophobic environment,Muslims may hide identity to save one's life.

Q) Is sunny bbq sauce can be consumed?
A) Avoid unless certified.

Q) Can one do nikka with a pregnant woman?
A) Yes. But should not cohabit with her, unless she bears the husband's child then they may cohabit.

Q) There's a hadith narrated by Hazrat Jabir(Ra) that Allah created Rooh of Nabi (saw) first it sahih? Can you please mention the hadith and narration.
A) The ahadiths are weak but at a level can be relied upon.

Q) Is it true when bird or pigeon excrete on you its like fortunate or blessing etcc coming,old people use to say..
A) InshaAllah Good omen are sunnah.

Q) Eski remise des prix permet dan islam?
A) Oui. Si pa fine ena aukene haraam. Ene competition qui prometre cadeau pou ban ki gagner li permissible dan shariah.

Q) Is Mac Make up(Cosmetics) halaal?
A) Avoid

Q) Is it wrong to watch tv news actualities happening in mauritius?
A) Permissible as described. But because wrongs are majority, then that is why ulamas give against fatwa.

Q) Dua for relieving wisdom teeth pain?
A) Read izaja(Surah 110) in 1st rakaat of witr, tabbat yada( Surah 111) in 2nd rakaat and Ahad(Surah 112) in 3rd rakaat.

Q) Which business does mufti advises a person to do in these times?
A) The counselling of Rasouloullah towards business it to quest for the halaal types

Q) Is it true that nikka after the husband or wife passed away and thats why he can't enter the qabr?
A) True, but permissible to enter qabr if no other mahrams.

Q) Virtue of learning 40 Rabbana by heart?
A) Duas are accepted insha Allah

Q) What syllabus does you advises a maktab teacher to teach their small girls from 1st till std 6?
A) The South African Syllabus. The islamic school of cassis uses same.

Q) My husband and i want to go for hajj, we made niyyat and register ICC but we don't have the means at all, will niyyat suffice for us? What deeds or dua we can ask Allah to get the means.
A) Register and wake up for tahajjud daily.

Q) Is this method also sunnah when putting kafan on a deceased,first Lifafa Izaar Orni Qamees then last sinaband, is it fine thise method as long as we use these 5 for female deceased.
A) Not to my knowledge

Q) Please do organise hajj and umra inshaAllah,here people charging a lot for hotel etc..
A) InshaAllah

Q) Rulings about dogs?
A) Not permissible except because of necessity.

Q) For woman their orni in kafan should it be white only?Or can it be other colors? I got one scarf from my sheikh which is white and green in cotton material.

A) Preferably white.

Q) Does mufti saheb has recorded bayaan?
A) Will try inshaAllah.

Q) What are the halaal tayyib food? What are the best food that you advises us to eat?
A) Food cooked at home with the most suitable ingredients. Home food with fish.

Q) Is oh my grill in beaubassin halaal? Did mufti inspect that place?
A) No. Not yet.

Q) Subhanaka Allahumma wa bihamdika watabarasmuka wa tarala jadduka wa la ilaha ghairuk,what is the rule to recite this dua in salah?only starting of salah or starting of sunnah faraz nafil witr anytime when starting these salaah?
A) Recite before salaahs

Q) What can i do to control my anger and stop swearing?
A) Wudhu and Tahajjud.

Q) Is it sunah to give our wedding dress to other people to wear?
A) Not advisable in our context,Although Hazrat Aisha used to give for barakah and blessing other brides.

Q) Which material is best for kafan to use?
A) Cotton wool

Q) In summer its quiet difficult for me to wake up for fajr what can i do?
A) Sleep right after esha

Q) One great alim advised us not to eat polony sausages,what does mufti saheb advises us?
A) Permissible if of halaal origin,but healthwise not advisable.

Q) Is farmstead chicken nuggets and farmstead chicken fingers are halaal?
A) Avoid.

Q) What dua to make for Allah to increase our wealth with khair?
A) Wake up early and keep reading Astaghfirullah

Q) What is fateha? Some imaam reads it and loudly says fateha? What do they read is it wrong?
A) Fateha in dua are not masnoon.

Q) How many hajj and umra sunnah to perform?
A) Hajj is farz once. Sunnah to be present in harams for umra or hajj once every 2 years.

Q) My family didn't do my aqeeqah as they didn't have money when i was born. i just got to know about it and i am 27 years old. and we all not eligible for zakaat.
A) You may do now.

Q) Is vlcc suncreen spf30 a halaal product?
A) Ingredients

Q) Cure for a person who is greedy for wealth?
A) Visit graveyards, Talk about Akhirah and think of death

Q) What are the fardh things in salaat?
A) Saying Allahu Akbar,Standing,Reading Quraan,Bending in ruku,2 sajdahs and last sitting before salaam.

Q) Can we have new certified list of restaurant?
A) Soon inshaAllah

Q) Was Nabi(saw) a hafiz?
A) Yes

Q) Is nivea deodorant and cream halaal?
A) Yes

Q) Is dimethiconol used in garnier fructis hair serum halaal?
A) Ok.

Q) The value of gold and silver for zakaat?
A) Please text to +23057921333

Q) Is it a sign of qiyamah that Ulamas won't have respect for Ulamas?
A) Yes

Q) I asked a sign if a certain boy is right for me and i dreamt about the boy itself and i was happy in the dream. meaning?
A) Good sign

Q) If one really wants something from Allah which usually difficult to get,what should he/she do?
A) Wake up tahajjud daily.

Q) Balocco wafer,products of germany contain milk derived whey powder,i want to know if they are halaal or not?
A) Suitable.

Q) What is the best work of deen to do if one stays in a non muslim area?
A) To keep good ties with everyone and present them the beliefs of islam.

Q) Can we make dua for a person who hanged himself, like he committed suicide?
A) Yes.

Q) I know salah is farz and i know its rewards and i perfomed it but can't having the love and doing sunnah in salaah,just praying because its farz.
A) Keep doing it as an obligation until it becomes a pleasure.

Q) Is it permissible to close our eyes in salaah for concentration
A) Not advisable. Against Sunnah.

Q) What is the best thing to teach our teenagers in madrasa?
A) Haya, simplicity, purity, keeping away from opposite gender and lowering gaze.

Q) Is caprylyl alcohol halaal? if its in liquid lipstick?
A) Avoid.

Q) Huda beauty liquid lipstick's ingredients says just ALCOHOL. Can we use it?
A) No

Q) Is it sunnat to wear white judba only?
A) Best Sunnag is white yes. But other colours permissible.

Q) Can i listen the tafseer of Nouman Ali Khan?
A) He is not a scholar. Rather listen to scholars graduated from Darul uloom.

Q) Eski Sarbon at GrandBay halaal?
A) Avoid if no certificate displayed.

Q) Is hollywood chewing gum halaal?

A) Avoid.

Q) Eski ban zafer kouma peer gagn droit en islam sa?
A) Ene dimoune li capave vine ene guide spirituel comme peer. Mais pas capave prend responsabilite pou beneficier ou du tort dimoune.

Q) My wife had a miscarriage,the conditions after that is same as nifaas? Must she wait for forty days to be able to do namaaz again?
A) If child born with body formation like fingers, face, etc then nifaas. If only clots then haiz: Maximum 10 days. Else after months Nifaas.

Q) From which age will my son be my mahram for me to travel with him?
A) If well build up, 14 years old ok. If physically not yet strong to fight protect you the 16 years old.

Q) Is it wrong if i just want to be with my husband and all the times i want to consume with him. I just feel i can't stay without him and i envy him every single times/
A) Nothing wrong if all salaahs observed. But keep your appetite in control to upgrade your stamina throughout your life long couple. Possessiveness may harm couple's relationship.

Q) Is using '' Andrea Hair Growth essence oil'' haraam?
A) Andrea ingredients?

Q) Is belle france green tea menthe or other flavour can be consumed?
A) Yes.

Q) Is there any ayat in quran where Allah says ' whatever good happen to you is from me and whatever problems test difficulty comes to you is none except from you(sins)? Does it mean if you having some problems in life is because of your sins? Or any other tafseer? If a person is raped so does it mean its her actions that cause this happen?
A) Not always harm happens as such, rather believe in taqdeer while it is true that sins cause much difficulties in life.

Q) Mo frer kan li dormi li graince so ledent boku et li pa cone rien? Ki kapav fer?
A) Consulter docteur. faire deep breathing.

Q) I'm married woman i have a weak bladder i urinate most of the time when i sneeze or cough and also had miscarriage. what can i do or read? Please keep me and my family in your du'a.
A) Wash and pray. keep a pad such that easy to wash and throw away the pad.

Q) Is mannat permissible in islam? What is the definition of mannat? If it is permissible, what is the best way to make mannat with our creator?

A) Permissible, not advisable. Sadaqah is better.
Definition; To set an action or a donation in case of accomplishment of your targeted ambition. If attained then wajb for donation or action set.
Better give sadaqah first, then make duas that Allah Ta'ala give you the ambition.

Q) How to apply for halaal certificate?
A) You may contact us on 57921333

Q) When giving ghusl to deceased woman how many times must we wash her private parts and rub her stomach? please mention how to give her a ghusl mayyat?
A) 3 Times, you may read that is normal ghusl.

Q) Can i be jealous of my husband?
A) Permissible for you to be jealous for him so that he stays yours. But this jealousy should be moderate and should not be extreme possiveness. Shariah allows a man to remarry and allows also extremely jealous women to ask for talaaq in that case. But tolerance towards polygamy is beneficial for the family, our society and akhirat.

Q) I read istikhara for 2-3 times in order to decide whether should i resign from my current job or not, however i am still confused over the result and i am not able to take a decision for the past month,and i also decided to stay in my current job however i am uncomfotable with this idea and vice versa, thus im not able to take a decision, therefore can you please advise what should be done in that case?
A) Stay in your current job, the decision taken was after istikharah on heart tebdency and hence appointed.

Q) Is Tilly sausage from France halal?
A) Not listed

Q) Can we consume yoplait heard its ok as per ingredients?

A) We have certified halaal only Dairy Vale yogurts.

Q) A woman can be washed by her son,if no female to wash her?
A) No. Not permissible. 

Q) Gostaria de saber o ruqiya para aomentar meus conhecimento nos estudo

A) Translation: I would like to know ruqiya to increase my knowledge in the study.

Read lot of Rabbi zidni `ilma, wake up tahajjud, use miswaak, eat almonds, put oil on head, keep fast and control gaze and sexual activity. 

Q) Regarding the hadith a person will be with the person he loves, can i make dua that we all inshaAllah be together?
A) Together means near to the jannah of the person. Not in the jannah of the person. The hadith was revealed when sahabahs wished to be close to the prophet in Jannah also.

Q) Is it sunnat to cover our head when eating?
A) Sunnah to cover head at all times. Permissible to eat uncovered head

Q) If a person joins jamaat in 3rd rakaat how he should complete his salat?
A) Zohr type salaah: stand after salaam to complete one rakat with alhamd and surah. Then sit attihiyat. Then stand to complete one rakat alhamd and surah and then finally stand again to complete with alhamd only. Then sit with attihiyat and douroud and dua and salaam.

Q) Is it permisible to kill black ants?
A) Permissible if nuisance. If not on our way, then not permissible to kill without a valid reason.

Q) I have a hobby of watching football, what can i do stop it?
A) Do lots of zikrullah after fajr and assr.

Q) I am 25. I refused to get married because i find myself too childish and cannot be a responsible man, what to should do?
A) Go in the path of Allah for 40 days.

Q) Is bitcoin halaal?
A) Bitcoin Avoid.

Q) Does Allah curse mix gathering wedding
A) Sinful, yes. 

Q) Is islami burgers steak etcc halal?Its new on market.
A) Not listed

Q) Is maybelline babylips (orange) halalal?
A) Ingredients? Pays?

Q) I was in namaz and a goat pass out during my namaz then what will happen?
A) Nothing

Q) Can we buy cakes from supermarkets like Intermart Shoprite,Like Birthday cakess any ready made cakes or should we avoid as we don't know the ingredients?
A) Avoid

Q) Are we allow to eat in restaurant as we know its mix also there?
A) Avoid

Q) Why is it makrooh or haram to read quran for the deceased before giving him his ghusl?
A) Because of impurity of the mayit. That is why we give ghusl and bath the mayit.

Q) Is it permissible to read novel in islam
A) Yes, those that will benefit intellect and mental health.

) Can one make dua in sajda in farz namaz,like saying ya muqallibal qulub etc, can we say in sajda faraz namaz or nafil only?
A) Not in farz. Nafil permissible only arabic.

Q) What to do if my own family making mix gathering wedding, should i attend with niyat of keeping family ties or don't go at all?
A) Don't go, Else do go at the house of the family in the morning and give them glad tidings.

Q) Is it prohibited to eat divali cakes whether prayers have been offered or not on such cakes?
A) Yes, Prohibited.

Q) If a woman does ghusl after being with her husband and after ghusl maybe 10 hours she sees and felt something from her vagina, is she obligated to do ghusl again because she is really in pressure and she is confused after seeing that things and does ghusl again and again.
A) Nothing breaks, Wudhu and ghusl ok.

Q) Can you please explain how to do taleem at home?
A) Take a muntakhab ahadith book and read 10 minutes at home. Next day take fazail book and read 10 minutes. Try to give whole family opportunity to read themselves.

Q) Should a girl marry a guy whose family has asked from another than Allah and has repented a lot?

A) Avoid, unless sincerely repented.

Q) Is working as a horse jockey halaal?
A) No

Q) Is l'arabica halal?  
A) Not listed

Q) There are some nazam or nasheed said ' YA rasullallah' is it permisible to say such. many people in qasida they say YA rasullallah.

A) Permissible as a rhetoric expression.

Q) In bagatelle and many food places are not certified by Jum or Mufti Saheb, can we buy chips only from kfc?
A) Avoid

Q) Where i can send my kids in mauritius to become hafiz or hafiza?
A) At your closest most compassionate alim.

Q) Does Mufti Saheb organise hajj or umra? hopefully atleast umra inshaAllah.
A) Will try Insha Allah.

Q) Is it fine to consume snacks which has like crab prawns etcc flavour?
A) Avoid

Q) C'est quoi la valeur du meher d'aujourdhui? Est-ce vrai que la fille doit pouvoir vibre avec cet argent là pendant 3 mois et 10 jours au cas ou il se passe qulq chose?
A) Minimum Rs 1600. No maximum. Mehr Fatimi: Rs 75000.
Faux 3 mois...

Q) Is this sunnah when waking up to drink water?
A) Sunnah to drink water after wouzu of tahajjud

Q) In Qurbani times in Saudi Arabia do they use the method of mechanical slaughtering? as there’s lot of animals.
A) No. All are hand slaughtered

Q) I did ishtikhara and asked Allah for sign if someone is good for me, I got good dreams and good feelings but recently we did not get in contact for 5 days. Does this means an indication he is not mine?
A) Having contact before nikah is haraam. Negative sign

Q) Can one consume Nando's sauce that sell in supermarket
A) Yes.

Q) I ask for a sign and dream that i went shopping with my mum.It rained heavily for about a few secs. We bought things and i even got hurt on my knee when i was entering a shop. A boy was looking sadly at me and it was silent.Then i went from there. Meaning
A) Negative

Q) I perfomed one umra. now keeping money to go umra by palestine. because maybe in 6 years my name will come out for hajj is that ok.? So i rather go palestine then will go for hajj. advise please.
A) Ok.

Q) How to perform sajda sahw? What is this?
A) Sajdas added by one salaam at the end of salaah,when major mistake is done.

Q) Is it true If a girl is not getting married and she wishes to get married, she should take ghusl (bath) with water in which surah TA HA has been dissolved and by the will of Allah (s.w.t.) she will get married.
A) Not to my knowledge. Rather wake up tahajjud and read 360 times Allahoummaghfirli

Q) I’m 30 yr old muslim married woman i did a premarital sex sin before marriage. I’m hiding this sin to my husband and i’m  very much tensed please tell me what to do?
A) Hide it until death. No words or confessions in Islam. Make sincere tawbah and do istighfaar suffice to delete this sin completely in your account book. Do good deeds to cover up.

Q) May Mufti saheb please advise how to make my wasiyat, i own a house given by my dad, some jewellery i possess, no kid, no civil marriage, so how do i make my wasiyat, and on which thing i should make wasiyat
A) Describe your inheritors: Brothers, sisters, husband, father, mother, paternal uncles, etc. From there, we may set the obligatory distribution of your estate according to shariah. You have an option to give up to 33.33% of your estate in charity, Lillah, masjid, madrassah or a non heir.

Q) My husband dreamt that me and him riding on the beach then visiting aquarium lots of fishes..etc meaning please
A) Fruitful life coming Insha Allah

Q) What should we read when a woman is in labour to ease her pain.
A) May read surah Maryam

Q)  May Mufti sahib please mention the ayat of where step siblings inherit? 

A) You should describe the whole inheritance scenario. In the absence of same father n mother siblings, step siblings from same father or mother inherit

Q) I have a bad discharge due to watching an indecent scene from a movie. What is the liquid? I feature us that it did not gysh
A) If male, then wouzu only broke. But should wash that impurity.
If female, then wouzu and ghusl both ok. Do tawbah and istighfaar on both.  

Q) Is there any ayat in quran reg step siblings inherit from their own father?
A) Yes

Q) Can one wear brand puma adidas crocs?
A) Permissible if hide the image. As it is makrooh to read salaah in those.  

Q) Are we allow to kill ants in islam?
A) Yes, if they are nuisance.

Q) Can we consumed brand Casino like chips veggies etccc
A) Need ingredients.

Q) In hot summer days is it ok to wear only a kaftan without trousers with a burkha on top to read namaz?
A) Yes, if thick enough and covers everywhere properly.

Q) Is it fair to put Quran over the head of a muslim bride during ruksati in islam?
A) No

Q) I asked a sign and i dreamt that i was out with my friends and dad saw me and called me and i went to him,my friends asked me who it was and said was someone i know,After returning home i said to dad to wear proper clothes to go out and he smiled. Meaning?
A) No sign

Q) Are we allow to watch cartoons,whats the side effects,and many people allow their kids to watch it?
A) Not advisable

Q) My mother married my step father, my mother owned everything in the house but it happen my mother passed away then my step father,and i have 2 step sisters from that step father, will i inherit?
A) Yes.

Q) The halal certified restaurants is it still halaal?

A) Yes.

Q) Can i replace zohr prayer after assr but before magrib?

A) Yes.

Q) Is that hadith authentic ' Do not criticised as you will not die unless you experience what you criticised'
A) Yes.

Q) Is it permissible for a woman to visit kabrastan or even enter the kabrastan with no intention to ask duas for the person in the grave?
A) No.

Q) If a person is not an alim or mufti and he gives fatwa,like he tells somebody you in zina while that person made nikka,is it called Kufr?
A) No.

Q) Does mufti saheb allows to take bay'at (pledge) to mufti saheb?
A) Bay'at is done to someone who is qualified to do so.

Q) I asked for a sign and i dreamt i was sitting with my family,my brother who does not like me let me sit on his sofa,then i sat near my sister on bed and watched t.v,later mum came and we were together. Meaning?
A) Negative sign.

Q) Theres lot of black ants in my house, whats the meaning?
A) Read this ayat on the ants'hole ; 

ادْخُلُوا مَسَاكِنَكُمْ لَا يَحْطِمَنَّكُمْ سُلَيْمَانُ وَجُنُودُهُ وَهُمْ لَا يَشْعُرُونَ
Udkhulu masaakinakum, laa yahtimannakoum Sulaymanu wa junuduhou wa houm laa yash`ouroun.

Q) Mufti saheb till today this web never ever took fault of any person, May Allah grant myself the humility of Mufti saheb, i don’t understand why our own ulama speaks like that for mufti saheb and there is more which our ulama speaks OPENLY. What should i say if somebody says something wrong on mufti saheb, I follow all muftis but i hate critism.
A) Yes, 
do keep good ties to every Ulamas. This is childish from some to openly take pen without thinking that they themselves told the public on their web that the issue of sending Zakaat abroad: ‘’Valeur du jour li pas Makrooh.’’ They wrote also on paper that not Makrooh. Then afterwards, it took them 5 years to realise their mistake and then they would only state on WhatsApp that it is in fact Makrooh to send abroad unless family or more needy abroad. Conclusion that these have these qualities with their education: shame, childish and poor of etiquettes. I have more mistakes of them in my memory file, but i will not write them. Because I am not childish and poor of etiquettes Alhamdulillah. There are other work of khair to be done in life. 

Q) After reading tashahud and durood in namaz, is it correct to do salam and raise hand and read '' Rabbana atina fid dunya hasana''?

A) Recommended and Sunnah to do duas after Salaah. And raising hand is sunnah during duas.


Q) Is there an age limit to get married?

A) No, But should be prepared to be a couple mate.


Q) I asked a sign and i dreamt about everyone going in different county for work and i was worried if there will be guests when i get married. Meaning?

A) Negative sign.


Q) There was a man who used to pray tahajud everyday, one day after praying he felt a cold air behind him and someone could touching him. He got scared. Meaning of this cold air?

A) Maybe a cold wind or may be farishtas.


Q) Can a sick man use plastic chair in the masjid?

A) Yes.


Q) What should two people who truly love each other and if the boy is not financially stable and both are the age to marry and the boy is refusing due to this reason. What should be done in this situation?

A) Keep fast and stay distant.

Q) Can we fast ONLY the day of Ashura that will be on Sunday the 1st Oct?
A) Makrooh Tanzihi. Not advisable. Not sinful though.

Q) I asked a sign if a certain boy is my pair and I dreamt that I was in a different house sleeping next to my mum and there was something like spirit in next room, I was scared and hug my mum to sleep and read ayatul kursi and dua, what does this mean?
A) Negative sign. 

Q) Is casino Apple cider vinegar halaal?
A) Yes.

Q) Is it true doing majilis regarding event of Karbala and Imaam Hasan (RA) Etc during Muharram is like imitating Shia?
A) Yes. Prohibited to do as such by many Ulamas. 

 Q) ''Zina destroys the life and beauty of a man or a woman''. Does it apply when one has regret and ask for forgiveness?
A) A sincerely repented person is as if he never sinned(Hadith). The beloved prophet Swalallahou Alaihi Wasallam recommended that we follow good actions over evil ones. So purposely excell in good actions to cover up. 

Q) Is plucking eyes-brows permissible?
A) No, Haraam. The beloved prophet Swalallahou alaihi wasallam cursed such person.

Q) I asked for sign and i dreamt that a cruise ship was sinking in the ocean but we were rescued, a boy went in the cruise and i also joined him but the cruise sink and we were rescued by dolphins, and we friends went in to the sea and started laughing, meaning?
A) Negative results.

Q) Can hanafis use oyster sauce?
A) No. Oyster not permissible for hanafis.

Q) Please help me in deciding what should i do if someone rejected me and then comes back after one year and want to remain forever. Should i accept him as i always asked du'a to make him return, i also did isthikhara.
A) Yes, through your parents approval. 

Q) In meriiboy there is E471 can we consume it?
A) Avoid.

Q) Allah says in the Qur'an shareef that He descends to the lowest heaven in the last third of the night and during that period, He forgives, accepts duas etc. Is this the best time to ask for forgiveness?
A) Yes.

Q) What is a wasiyat and on which thing should a person make wasiyat. Secondly I own a house n some jewellery and clothing, should i make wasiyat on that?
A) Wasiyat is a will to be executed after your death. You should send us your heir`s scenario and we may advise how to proceed with the wasiyat

Q) Can one read Quran shareef in qabrastaan?
A) Can read in qabrastaan, no problem.

Q) I want to know the kaffara for disrespecting my parents, Upon some mistake of my father for qatarahemi i scolded my father twice in a week which i never mind that i will do this to my father, But later on i am feeling very guilty for my rude behaviour and praying to Allah to forgive me in this duniya and akhirat.
A) If he is alive, look after him well and spend over him. If he is no more, then send sadaqahs on his name, keep good ties with his relatives and friends, spend over them and look after them.

Q) Cure for eczema for one year old baby girl? Once she started scratching, it bleeds even in her private part.
A) Read 3 last surah and blow over olive oil and pass over body. Do this twice daily. Else do consult a skin doctor

Q) When a mother curses her child it is sure to happen sooner or later. this is what i have learn, But what about if the child is not at fault the curse is sure to happen but what about the mother, will she get punishment from Allah?
A) If the child caused trouble to the mother, then fear of some of the cursing may take effect. But not at fault at all, then should not worry. The mother at fault should make tawbah and istighfaar. Women cursing for nothing lead to punishment in hell fire.

Q) If somebody dreams about blood? can it be a good sign? or only bad sign? JazakAllah.
A) Negative sign

Q) Can a son in law give zakaat to his mother in law?
A) Yes, if she has no nisaab.

Q) Is working for 'FOREVER LIVING permissible?
According to info made available to us, some of the products are not halaal suitable. The scheme said also does not conform to shariah.

Q) My daughter had a dream that i gave birth to twin boys. Any meaning?
A) Read manzil daily

Q) As you are aware in Mauritius we have not a proper islamic finance institute that can help us start a business. In this case is it permisible for us to take a loan from the bank to start our own business?
A) No.

Q) How should i make someone forget about my past? Any dua? As this is becoming a huge hurdle in my path..
A) Give him gifts and please him in the halal way.

Q) Having done istikharah and asking sign from Allah and getting positive sign and feelings, so should i consider all these as taking things forward?
A) Yes, through your parents. 

Q) Asalamu'alaykum, Someone collected zakaat for treatment and operation. Now he went for Hadj. I don't know which money he used. Is it fair please?
A) Wa Alaikoumous salaam, his fairness and Acceptance is between the hands of ALLAH.

Q) Can a non-muslim read durood shareef?
A) Yes

Q) Suppose a boy and a girl wants to consumate as they are hiding their wedding from their parents.Can they consumate in a "chambre a louer"?
A) No, this can be detrimental for both. Do everything officially. Else wait. 

Q) Is Golecha instant henna permissible?
A) Yes.

Q) For how long can a girl stay at her parent house after Nikah if the boy is not financially ready to take her responsibilities and expenses?A) Can stay for years.

 Q) I was abused when i was young with my male cousin brother in laws especially, I made sincere tawbah even for them of what they did to me but till today this always make me sick n sad..i cried a lot thinking of these things, i spoke to Allah that please take all these things from my mind..please advise me mufti saheb..DjazakAllah..
A) After salaah, put your right palm on your forehead and read; '' Bismillahillazi laa ilaaha illaa houwar rahmanur raheem Allahoumma azhib 'annil hamma wal huzna. Read 3 times. You should tell your parents because else this can cause you harm internally. 

Q) In society, there are a lot of fake people. They are your friends only when they need you & when they don't need you, they don't even talk to you. Can one refuse to help such people since they "use" you?
A) Permissible, Although Sunnah teaches us to be gentle with everyone

Q) Can we use nivea's man cream?
A) Yes

Q) I asked a sign if he is my pair and dream about my marriage with him, I was dressed in white gown and went outside i covered my head and my 2 brother held my hand to take me to sit, I was happy and I met my family before entering the car..Meaning?
A) Good Sign

Q) Is pizza panarotti halaal safe?
A) Ok with displayed halaal certificate

Q) After performing salaah can one imagine that the cloth was dirty on the basis of shariah?
A) Imagination No, If impurities found, then should clean and redo salaah

Q) Is president products halal?
A) They are ok, but do read the ingredients

Q) Are L'chear products halaal?
A) Avoid

Q) Husband gave one divorce (talaaq) by saying '' I am giving you one divorce but he said it twice'' It will count 1 divorce or 2?
A) 1 Talaaq Ba-in

Q) I dreamt that i was getting married to the boy i love but due to something which happened i got married to my friend who is a girl. And upon realizing this, i annulled the marriage and got married to the right guy. What does this mean?
A) Redo istikharah

Q) All my dreams was indicating happiness and marriage proposal and recently the one who i always loved and always asked Allah for, came in my life suddenly. Should i assume that he is the 1 whom i have been getting good signs?
A) yes

Q) Is Sufism allow in Islam?
A) yes, the one on Sunnah

Q) Can a boy and a girl do court marriage as they want to marry then later do nikkah with family consent?
A) No

Q) I read istikharah dua and dreamt about having family moments with dad mum and tasting coranssol fruit for first time and smiling and forgot the rest.. Meaning?
A) Positive Meaning

Q) I ask a sign and i dream attending wedding..A man asked mum if she will go mehendi and agree..He insulted her about the dressing..A lady insulted her..I took her side.The man told me i like reply back i said no i took my mum side..Meaning?
A) Negative sign

Q) One year before i was rejected and a few days back the boy told me that he wants me back in his life..Since he went i always asked Allah to make him back and i had no interest in accepting other proposal..Should i accept him back as we have done zina?
A) Can accept after informing parents

Q) Can we read ''allahumagfirli warhami wahdini warzukni wa afini '' between 2 prostration in farz salah?
A) Yes

Q)What does this mean ''sins is causing pain in life'' ? 
A)Bad actions have bad repercussions. But tawbah and istighfaar annihilate these effects

Q)What dua to read to become pregnant? 
A)Allahoummaghfirli 360 times sehri time.

Q)I ask a sign and dream about 3 girl whom 2 i know.They were wearing gold colour hijab and were smilling at me and i think they were taking photos.Meaning? 
A)Positive sign

Q)I asked my mum to do Istikhara for a project I want to do. She did not tell me the outcome yet. However, I dreamt that she came to me & told me she got a positive sign and I can go ahead with my project. Interpretation please? 
A)Go ahead

Q)The other day, I was sick at Dhuhr time & I started praying Dhur Fard salat only at 15:37 and completed this Fard salat at 15:41. The last time to pray Dhuhr salat on that day was 15:40. Does my salat count? 

Q)My brother in law having lot of problem in his life. One brother tell his mother to sacrifice a goat on his land and distribute the meat to non Muslim. Is it permisible? 
A)And why he mentioned only non Muslim. Slaughter yes. Distribute to poor muslims.

Q) I dreamt that my ex bf sent my friend a message telling me that he loves me a lot but he can't come.But recently in real he txt me and wants to come back forever in my life.Is my dream an indication to accept him? 
A) Do istikharah.

Q)I ask a sign and dream about 3 girl whom 2 i know.They were wearing gold colour hijab and were smilling at me and i think they were taking photos.Meaning? 
A)Positive sign

Q) Can i cut my hair and nails if iam in the state of impurity?
A) Avoid. Permissible.

Q) How to reform spirituality to Allah Ta`ala ? 
A) Through daily reading of Muntakhab Ahadiths, daily salaahs and daily tilawat of Qur-aan. One should choose pious people`s company.

Q) 1 year before i was rejected and a few days back the boy told me that he wants me back in his life.Since he went i always asked Allah to make him back and i had no interest in accepting other proposal.Should i accept him back as we have done zina? 
A) Yes, but this time he should ask your hand through your parents for an official nikah.

Q) I asked Allah for a sign and i dreamt that i found a memory card which i had lost 2 yr before.Meaning. 
A) Good sign.

Q) How to know if someone's intention is good? 
A) No one knows. One may take protection through protection duas of masnoon duas.

Q) A dua to make people see new change and like me? 
A) Tahajjud and istighfaar at sehri times.

Q) In hot summer days is it ok to wear only a kaftan without trousers with a burkha on top to read namaz? 
A) No. Kaftan is too thin.

Q) Is there any dua for removing pimples completely? 
A) Read 7 times surah fatihah and blow over olive oil and then pass over skin.

Q) Can i cut my hair and nails if iam in the state of impurity?
A) Avoid. Permissible.

Q) I dream that i was standing outside and facing my house, suddenly a girl came from behind and held my hand, when i turned i saw that she was dressed in white dress wearing hijaab and i recognise the girl, does this have any meaning.?
A) If istikharah was done, then positive sign.

Q) I asked for a sign and dreamt about people with body defect coming towards me.I think i was curing or helping them.Then a hijabi girl was at my window knocking i got scared and forgot the rest.Meaning?
A) You need more tahajjud, beauty in your ibaadah and istighfaar at sehri times. Need to come closer to sunnah and Islamic dress.

Q) Should a girl hide her sins she did in past with boyfriend to her husband?As she is scared the truth might come out?
A) Yes, do hide and make crying sincere tawbah.

Q) What should a girl do if she is forced to marry someone not of her choice and there is no one to help her in her family.And they keep telling her that her dad home is not hers.She is stressed.What should she do in this case?
A) Obey parents and do get married as with time, love will come Insha Allah. One may refuse such proposal that is unacceptable by the girl.

Q) Why do I hear movement in the bed bunk above me?
A) Probably a cat. Else do read manzil daily.

Q) Why there is counting on water about nekhi and gunha?
A) Please bring the text and context.

Q) I ask for if i will get my life partner and dream about me standing outside and talking to my mum through a window and a handsome boy came and i felt shy.Meaning.
A) Soon good proposal Insha Allah.

Q) I have a bitter past which i don't want anyone to know but it is coming in my present.I ask Allah lots of dua but still it is a hurdle.Please help.
A) Wake up tahajjud and cry for your past sins.

Q) I was rejected from a boy's family for no reason and they told me that i wil not get anyone in my life.Will their words come true?As i have full faith in Allah.
A) No. You should reform your spirituality to Allah Ta`ala and then Allah Ta`ala will open your way to happy companions during this life.

Q) Does the tears of a mother count when her daughter has been insulted and rejected?
A) Yes.

Q) Stamped sadke on road...any dua for protection.
A) Read 3 last surahs.

Q) Are ADS and MeNow cosmetic products Halaal?
A) Not listed.

Q) I ask for a sign and dream that i got brown spot on my whole neck.In real i got a few sun spot.What is the meaning of this?
A) Negative sign.

Q) How jinns enter a human body?
A) Like shaitaan enter a human body.

Q) I Asked for a sign and I dreamt about the same person I want. We Were Fighting In A Very Happy And Playful Way But Someone Across The Room Looking At Us And Dont Want Us To Be Together. Please Explain What Does It Mean.
A) A good sign.

Q) If I need to do istikharah for 7 days, does it have to be consecutive? What happens if one day I do not have time and do not manage to do it for consecitive days, even though I did it for 7 days? Does it count?
A) No need consecutive.

Q) I dreamt that a girl around 16 years came to my room and told me she was interested in me for a relationship. Interpretation please?
A) Insha Allah proposal coming soon...

Q) I am getting brown spot on my skin.Is there any dua to read to get rid of as its not contageous.
A) Read 7 times surah fatiha and blow over olive oil and apply on skin.

Q) In past i did zina which was unsuccessful anal sex with a boy who left despite promising to marry me.I did repentence.Will i get pardon?
A) Insha Allah.

Q) Is it permissible to do IVF in islam?
A) No. Unless, if no other possible way and also that no haraam involved. The semen taken out from the husband by halaal way and the egg of the wife is taken. Still, it is not Islamic friendly. Rather one may go in jamaat in couple and make dua for children in tahajjud there.

Q) If I do Istikharah Salat for something and I dream of something which makes me happy when I wake up, is this a positive? If I dream of something which makes me sad/frightened when I wake up, is this a negative?
A) Yes.

Q) What is fard namaz and sunnah namaz?please give me details on these topics.
A) Farz are obligatory and neglecting it will bring great sin. Sunnah is important, but not as obligatory as fard. If missed, Farz should be replaced even if years have passed by. If Sunnah missed, then need to replace in its time. If its time(example Zohr time) have passed by, then no need to replace. One may do istighfaar.

Q) I did Istikhara Salat for an investment the other day & dreamt that I wanted to masturbate but each time there were people around me & could not do it due to the lack of privacy...Is this positive dream?
A) No.

Q) I made Istikharah to ask Allah to guide me in an investment which I want to make. I dreamt of a lot of red hearts on a pink background. Is this a positive answer?
A) No.

Q) I dreamt i was applying henna but i started crying as my sis did not apply full mehendi on my left hand.My sister applied the mehendi correctly and i smiled.On my engagement my left hand did not had mehendi but i was happy.Meaning of this.
A) Days of happiness coming Insha Allah.

Q) My sister and aunt aren't married. what dua can they read?
A) Read Allahoummagh firli 360 times tahajjud times.

Q) If people think a man is gay while he is only efeminated. Any duah to change that?
A) One should go in jamaat and keep lots of fasts.

Q) What is the view on effeminated men (not gay)?
A) Should categorise male or female according to their urinary tendency.

Q) Quran 61:4 - "Surely Allah loves those who fight in His way". How to fight in Allah's way?
A) To struggle so as to uplift deen in our environment and in the world.

Q) How to praise Allah before asking dua?
A) Say Alhamdulillah.

Q) I ask for a sign and dream that i was going out happily with a boy.I think it was my husband or fiancee.Meaning?
A) Good sign.

Q) I dreamt of my two uncles who were smiling and my mother in law who came towards us. All three of them have passed away. Any meaning please?
A) One should turn attention towards preparation for the akhirah.

Q) A dua for getting good proposal?
A) Salaah n istighfaar.

Q) A dua for change in life and prosperity?
A) 5 times daily salaah.

Q) Is there any dua to read so as people appreciate me?
A) Be good to Allah. Allah will make you appreciated.

Q) Is there any dua to ask Allah to make everyone forget about my past as it is a hurdle in my future path.Even though im still repenting my past is coming in my present.And i want to get rid of it forever.
A) Yes, read 3 times after farz namaz putting right palm over forehead:

Q) I want a dua to overcome a heartbreak and ask Allah for sending me a good spouse.Please give me a dua?
A) Read Allahoummagh firli 360 times at sehri times.

Q) Why do i always pass through dificult times and always have sorrows. And everyone i love go far away from me. Is it because im bad as i always get into problems?Or is it because Allah is guiding me towards good?
A) Life is a mixture of happiness n sorrows. But Quran promises happiness after sorrows. So be patient.

Q) Did Nabi (saw) see Allah?
A) Diverted opinion of sahabahs. Some say yes, some say no.

Q) If a girl of age 15 do nikkah but do not tell her parents and live with her parents....will any change occur in her body?
A) Yes, if she get close to her husband.

Q) Suppose for some reason, there is only enough time left for me to pray 4 rakaats during Zohr time. What should I pray 4 rakaats sunnah or 4 rakaats Fard?
A) Farz.

Q) Is this video true: ??
A) Oral sex should be avoided as far as possible because it lead to haraam like swallowing semens, etc. But some couples complain that they are not aroused without it. Then it is permissible(without swallowing) in such a case. But try first with the hand and fingers using oil, etc.

Q) Are women allowed to go to kabarastan (i) to perform namaz janazah (ii) to assist in the burial of the mayyat and (iii) to do ziarat?
A) No. No. And No.

Q) I was asking dua after salaat the other day in Masjid for around 20 minutes and afterwards a friend of mine, who was looking at me, laughed at me because I was asking for too long..Should I ask dua for less time?
A) No. Continue asking hours of duas. In fact Allah Ta`ala like long duas. The beloved prophet SAW used to ask duas long night through.

Q) I have interest money from bank can i pay car insurance with that money?
A) No. Only can give to a poor muslim, without intention of sawaab.

Q) I dreamt a big brown and black spider in my house, what does this mean?
A) Nothing serious. Read the protection duas morning and evening.

Q) Which duas to read for the dead at the kabarastan, please.
A) You can read the beginning of Surah Baqarah until muflihoon and the ending 3 ayahs of Baqarah. Or can read anything from Qur-aan. Can read 3 times surah ikhlaas.

Q) Can we rent a building to an insurance company?
A) Permissible.

Q) I dreamt that i have lost my virginity with my ex boyfriend and i was holding a drop of blood on my finger and showing to him.What does this mean when in real im a virgin and single.
A) A dream from shaitaan. Blow slowly 3 times on your left and read Arouzoubillahi minashaitaanir rajim.

Q) In Surah 2, Ayat 153, Allah says that whenever one is facing trials, "Seek help with patient perseverance and prayer". This means that the person should pray. But how to be patient? Just wait for Allah's help?
A) Being patient means to submit silence from mouth and be non complain by actions also. Rather submit to the decision of Allah with silence and submission.

Q) When I follow Islam and want to please Allah, should I allow people to abuse me and "walk on me"?
A) No.

Q) What dua can I read to learn and master something faster? E.g learning a new language etc
A) Rabbi zidni ilma.

Q) Science has proven that fasting is extremely good for the health. If I fast Nafl with both intention of pleasing Allah and improving my health, will the reward be less than if I fast Nafl only to please Allah?
A) Rather fast only for Allah Ta`ala.

Q) Am I allowed to not have children if I have a lethal genetic disorder which I can pass to my child? Or is it a sin to get married and not have children?
A) Permissible not to have children, if there is medical reasons.

Q) I did Istikhara to know whether an investment would be good/bad, in terms of profit. I dreamt a man wearing golden-like clothes with a long white hat on his head approached me & told me not to worry & that he will invite me for any wedding ceremony he can.
A) Good dream.

Q) While in toilet, a lizard touched my right leg.
A) No problem. Lizards are pure and harmless. Rewarded in killing them though.

Q) Does my ummrah break if i change baby dipper during ummrah?
A) No.

Q) I asked for a sign and dreamt about eating a briyani which was for 2 days before.
A) Good sign.

Q) Why does Allah like patience in a person? I do not really understand why patience is valued a lot...
A) Because it is a quality of Allah Ta`ala.

Q) Any duah to increase intercourse between husband and wife ? And also to fall pregnant ?
A) Yes. Physical exercise accompanied with eggs yolk in the morning in milk, zafran, honey and chickpeas during the day. Go jamaat couple and read Rabbi habli minas saliheen at tahajjud times.

Q) I asked for a sign and i dreamt of someone delivering a baby.Meaning.
A) Good sign. Patience and taHAJJUD.

Q) I asked for a sign and i dreamt that i was fighting with my brother and there was a twin sister of mine but does not look alike me and in real i don't have twin sister but en elder sister. Meaning?
A) Should improve character by showing more kindness and politeness. Otherwise, people will be repulsed.

Q) Thinking about converting.
A) Very simple. Need only to accept the unicity of Allah and that the prophet Muhammad is the last messenger of Allah. Laa ilaaha illallahou Muhamadur Rasouloullah.

Q) Do we need witness when a husband gives talaaq to his wife ?
A) No. But for administration purposes, he may be asked to certify the talaaq.

Q) Do you personally, as a mufti, think that it is unfair if I pray to Allah and succeed in my exams and another muslim does not pray and fails?
A) No. It is fair to do duas.

Q) Where can women do hijaamah in Mauritius?
A) Phone on 5786153.

Q) I dreamt that i was getting married to a man in his 30s when im only18 .And i was feeling shy in front of people.Meaning of this.
A) Good dream. Happiness coming.

Q) Is it true that Allah increase our sustenance and independance when we get married. I am currently not eligible for marriage based on financial grounds.
A) Yes, it is true. Take courage and get married. But should do 5 times daily salaahs on time. And try to wake up tahajjud.

Q) If I get something positive in a dream after doing Istikhara Salaat, what will it be? Will it be green/white colour in the dream?
A) Describe the dream if any. Else follow the heart after 7 days of istikharah.

Q) I dreamt that it was my marriage.We were dressed in white and were smiling but when I was asked to sit near the groom i was refusing.The boy was young and handsome.In real i don't have anyone in my life and i'm young.Meaning of this please.
A) Soon insha Allah a good proposal. Do accept it.

Q) My wife is a convert since 7 years, her cousin is getting married, can we go to the wedding. 
A) Not in rituals. Go for a private home visit while she is leaving home.

Q) I dreamt that i met my friend in a market and we were buying vegetables, there were many people. Plse interprete.
A) A simple dream like this can be only the scenario of imagination.

Q) Is it allowed for a muslim couple to do a civil mariage after nikah or is it considered as a tradition of the kaafir??
A) Permissible if needed. But do "separation du bien" so that it does not complicate the issue of inheritance and asset use during lifetime.

Q) What should one do in order to bring changes in home as nobody listens by talking and there is always fight and untidyness in the house. Any dua for changes?
A) Do ta`lim or book reading daily for 10 mins when everyone is at home. Do ta`lim of Muntakhab ahadith.

Q) Is the book Ganjul Arsh safe to read because i read it and blew over water and when i kept drinking it i'm making more anger.Why so?
A) Not masnoon. Rather read masnoon duas.

Q) If a cockroach (usually lives in sewer, toilet etc) walks on my praying clothes, does the clothes become dirty for salaat?
A) No.

Q) When I ask dua, can I prostrate in Qibla's direction instead of raising my hands to ask?
A) Yes.

Q) I asked for a sign and i dreamt that i was doing wudhu. And also i was reading some verses or kalimah and i think i read Surah Fatihah. Meaning?
A) Very good sign. Should do lots of istighfaar at sehri time.

Q) How did ibliss enter paradise to influence Adam (AS) to eat the fruit if he was already cursed ?
A) He was cursed but was not denied access in Jannah.

Q) Frequently dreaming about my own marriage when in real im not committed to anyone.Meaning of this.
A) Soon coming insha Allah.

Q) I asked Allah for a sign and i dreamt about receiving a letter from my dad's sister,There was 3 pages and i read 2 and left for her home and i stayed there but did not do magrib namaz but was in wudhu.Is it a positive sign.
A) Yes.

Q) I dreamt that my friend is getting married to someone i know. there were few people in the house, i left the wedding and met another friend on the road who was going to the wedding. plse interprete.
A) There will be happiness and progress in your life insha Allah.

Q) Can i have the proof ( hadith) where the 4 caliph did not do raful yadayn?
A) Yes, but I need time to look for it. Do text us on whatsApp on +23057921333.

Q) What are the customs for death & bereavement?
A) Do read our article on Les rites mortuaries.

Q) I asked Allah if i will get my pair this year and i dreamt that i got a proposal and i accepted it and my heart was beating fast. Our dad accepted without any hurdle and i even went to see his house. Meaning of this.
A) Soon great news.

Q) I asked Allah for a sign and i dreamt that my left hand was full with henna.Meaning of this please.
A) Good sign.

Q) Very often friends at school tell me it is unfair to pray and ask Allah to help with exams since not everybody does this? How should I reply them?
A) Tell them that my Allah is happy when I ask Him. And He is unhappy when I don't ask Him.

Q) Is it haraam to work for a non islamic bank?
A) Should avoid.

Q) Is it permissible for men to wear long trouser that goes all the way and hide the ankles?
A) No. Makrooh Tahrimi.

Q) Is wudhu valid when drops of water gets back to the container and i keep using the water for wudhu?
A) Yes.

Q) Burning of oud during dua, is it a sunnah?
A) Sunnah to burn oud in home and masjid.

Q) I dreamt that I went to the seaside with my family and relatives. Then, when the time came, I left them and walked to a closeby masjid to pray...Can you interpret?
A) Should be more regular with salaahs.

Q) I did Istikhara Salat the other day and I dreamt of a very beautiful bathroom-like place with very beautiful green and blue...Is this positive?
A) No.

Q) I need to buy a land and build a house to get married. I need to borrow money for this. However, Al Barakah Coop does not give enough for my project. Can you recommend an institution which lends halaal money?
A) None.

Q) I dreamt that my in-laws were against me and i was holding a beautiful child who was smiling at me and he was reciting surah fatiha,what does it mean?
A) Pious child insha Allah will cover the bitterness of life trials. So do sabr and keep with salaahs.

Q) I dreamt my doctor told me i had breast cancer and something about it being 90% , not really treatable. i started crying etc.. meaning?
A) Give sadaqahs. Be more regular with salaahs and Qur-aan reading. Take your medical check up, etc.

Q) I would like to ask about Talaq. If someone says during usual fight with his wife: go get lost from here or go to your parent's home or i left you, and this was said many times at different occasions. Did Talaq take place or not? And what does Kinaya means?
A) Not Talaaq unless the husband did the intention of Talaaq with these words. Ask the husband about his intention. Else saying such words without intention of talaaq does not affect the nikah.

Q) I dreamt that there was a lady ghost who entered me and i started reading ayatul kursi and she came off me but still i held my mumls hand and continued reading ayatul kursi. Meaning of this.
A) Should read manzil daily. Read the 3 last surahs at the 3 occasions said in the MASNOON DUAS on web.

Q) Can we rent a building to someone who will do insurance activities? Is the income from the rent halaal?
A) Yes. Halaal according to the Imaam A`zam, Imaam Abu Hanifah r.a.'

Q) I am a girl of 29 years and i have made nikaah without my wali. i was present at the time of the nikkah. Recently i have read on the internet that the marriage of a woman without her wali is invalid. iis my nikah invalid? what should i do??
A) Valid if done in front of 2 witnesses and wordings properly formulated.

Q) In my dream i saw that in the sky it was written Allah and Muhammad in arabic but when i was going to take a picture,i saw it on a wall instead of the sky.plz interprete.
A) Should do more ibaadah and practice more on sunnah. Take councel with someone pious what is missing in you to perfect your religion.

Q) Is it ok to hold a para or Quran that is laminated or plastified without wudhu?
A) No.

Q) I dreamt that i asked a boy who supposedly i loved in the dream to break my virginity but he refused.In real im single but wishing to get a good husband.Meaning of this.
A) If it was an istikharah, then it is a negative sign to that person.

Q) What is the meaning of talaaq e bain?
A) A talaaq with emphasis that separate between a husband and a wife in such a way that nikah will be necessary before cohabitation during iddah or after iddah.

Q) What are the foods which the holy Prophet Muhammad SWA liked to eat?
A) Rutab Dates, Barley, vegetables, grains, Lamb Meat, honey and calabash.

Q) Is wudhu valid when drops of water gets back to the container and i keep using the water for wudhu. 
A) Valid.

Q) Is interest allowed in a non muslim country?
A) No.

Q) What is this '' sunnah daily-Muntakhab Ahadiths''?
A) Muntakhab is a hadith book 

Q) Dream about working in a pharmacy with a friend and suddenly went near a pond where a uterus was killing people.Meaning of this? A) Keep your connection with salaah and jamaat

Q) Is it halaal for a muslim to work at a bank?
A) No.

Q) I dreamt about my own marriage but i was not happy about the place where my marriage was being held and i told my sister i wish this could happen at my place.Then i told my sister to use blow dryer to make my hair.Please interprete this.
A) Soon will marry insha Allah.

Q) I have this recurring dream where my mom and i are fighting bitterly. I feel that she's being so bad to me. there's so much darkness and fear and ill feelings in those. i wake up quite shaken. those dreams feel so " evil" it disturbs me. any meaning?
A) Should perfect characters. Read Aroubillahi... 3 times and make as if spitting 3 times when waking up, then nothing will happen.

Q) Due to some unknown reason a girl has been rejected.Which dua should the girl read to ask for the pair that has beem created for her.
A) Read lot of Allahoummaghfirli.

Q)Which dua can a girl read in order to make things better at home and to always be blessed by Allah?
A)Rabbana atina fiddunya hassanah....

Q) Can Al baraka finance my business if I have 1/4 of the money with them as Action ? I'm trying to open a bakery which will cost me 1.5M
A) You should enquire from them.

Q) I want to settle down have a good job and get married but I don't have any idea where to start. any advise ? 
A) Start with regular salaahs and tahajjud. Go jamaat 3 days

Q) I asked Allah if He has forgiven me and i dreamt about a woman checking if my hair, hair eyebrow is brown.Meaning of this. 
A) Keep doing istighfar

Q)Is it bidah to make musafaha after eid salaah as mentionned in shaami? We normally meet for happiness on Eid ul Fitr. 
A)Permissible to meet on happiness. Plus there is a hadith whereby Hazrat Wasilah r.a. met rasouloullah SAW with the dua mentioned in our Article: Sunnahs around eid day.

What does it mean'to be conscious of Allah'?

Q) What does it mean ‘’to be conscious of Allah?
A) Every step in life, take yard stick of shariah to move forward.

I dreamt having my menses..

Q) I dreamt having my menses, when I skipped 2 months in real. Meaning of this.
A) Health InshaAllah.

Is watching porn haraam?

Q) Is watching porn haram?
A) Yes.

Can we have some rulings for cutting of hair..

Q) Can we have some rulings for cutting of hair for girls.
A) Not permissible unless for medical reasons.

Ki veut dire kan reve 3 spider?

Q) Ki veut dire kan reve 3 spider?
A) Should be more careful on wordings used in front of people.

If a non muslim makes halaal slaughtering on..

Q) If a non muslim makes halaal slaughtering on an animal can we consume that?
A) No.

Which pringles flavour should avoid?

Q) Which pringles flavour should avoid?
A) Eat only vegeterian ones.

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