Advices and Solutions to problems
Q) I dreamt that i had stomach cancer and that i started treatment...meaning? 
A) Give sadaqahs. Keep fasts and use miswaak.

Q) I dreamt that someone has given my mother a black mascara for eyelashes and she gifted it to me.What does this mean?
A) Insha Allah, your mother will benefit your material life and your character

Q) I asked Allah to show me a sign if i will get my life partner this year and i dreamt about something which i forgot but i remember the word marriage.Please indicate this.
A) Continue with tahajjud. Insha Allah soon coming

Q) Why am i dreaming the same 3 boys who was once my friend often? 
A) Do istighfaar. Don't follow dreams

Q) I keep seeing raw meat in my dreams everyday and I get meat in a bag and go around 7 times on everyone in the family and put it outside and I do Sadaqah every morning but still I keep seeing dreams about meat. I would like to have some help with what else I can do to stop these dreams. 
A) Purify your tongue from backbiting and gossiping.

Q) My husband is cheating on me and lying to me. What shall I do? 
A) Sabr and salaah. Allah Ta`ala prescribed us to ask for His help with Patience and engrossed in long salaahs. Do 10 mins Ta`lim of muntakhab daily at home in front of the family. 

Q) I dreamt that i was angry at my mum for having messed my wardrobe and i insulted her.What does this mean? 
A) You should be more tolerable towards parents. But one should not tolerate that they cause harm to one`s marital life. 

Q) I dreamt that i was in the bathroom and suddenly smoke started coming from the light.I was scared and quickly went out.Just then the light fell down.I called my dad to show him.I said to myself in the dream that Allah has saved me.What does it mean? 
A) Give sadaqahs. Obey your parents. Look after them, this is your best action after salaahs. 

Q) My husband is having an extra marital affair. When he is at home he wants to have sex with me but without using any protection. Can i refuse him as i'm afraid he might have some illness? 
A) Yes, you may refuse him if you have proof on the danger of his relationships.

Q) I dreamt that my sister was pregnant when in real she is childless and suddenly my mother just scratch my right hand and on my arm got a cut like a small hole and it was yellow and red inside.The dream was after fajr. Please interprete this? 
A) Read manzil daily.

Q) I asked Allah for a sign after namaz fajr and i dreamt that my sister is cutting a red cloth to make a trouser for me. What does it mean?
A) Not a positive sign.

Q) I dreamt that i got a brown horse and i was holding its reins while walking and then i sat on it and i was very happy. Please interprete this. 
A) Insha Allah a life partner soon. 

Q) Why do i always remain sad and stressed? And during these times i do istighfar.
A) Soon you will be happy and wealthy with the benefits of istighfaar. One should think on the gravity of one`s sins and with regret read Astaghfirullah. 

Q) I dreamt about my hair being black and wet and i straightened it and it became very long till my ankle and straight and dark black. What does it mean? 
A) Beauty. Physical beauty. Be more covered and descent in your clothing.

Q) I have this dream everytime that my husband divorced me and i am married to another man but i want to be with my husband again i cant understand why this dream repeats again and again.he is loyal and me too. we love each other truly.
A) It means that you both should keep tongue safe and pure.

Q) I have a lot of money issues. I work everyday but no peace and I want to get relief from debts. I have no hopes anymore. I always think of suicide as last option from worries. 

A) Read 5 daily salaahs on time. Wake up for tahajud and read 360 times Allahoummagh firli sehri time. 

Q) I have been a depressed person for quite long and it has prevented me to live properly....Can dua remove the depression completely from my life? 
A) Yes, read this:

Q)I dreamt I was reading surah al-ikhlas to remove some 'jinn' which was found on my praying clothes...I was determined to remove it during the dream. Do you think it means something?
A)I actually read this surah a lot of times in salaat. It is good, but better read other surahs also.

Q)I dreamt that I was sitting in a mosque with a piece of paper with me and a pen then I wrote 3 letters on the paper. Can you interprete this ? 
A)Good dream

Q)I dreamt that i saved my friend as she had sit under water like taking a dip and i swam to help her and brought her to shore when in real i don't know how to swim.Please interprete this. 
A)Insha Allah you will be beneficial to your friend`s guidance. But first you need to perfect your salaah, tahajud and reading sunnah daily-Muntakhab Ahadiths.

Q)I always dream that my mother in law is fighting with me. in reallity she does.but why i am having such dream...
A)Fear. Give some sadaqahs   

Q)I want to get a good handsome suitable life partner but i'm too shy to tell my family.In this case how should i ask Allah for Dua?
A)Should make dua and talk to mother 

Q)I asked Allah to show me a sign if he has forgiven me and i dreamt that we were having a family moment when suddenly my bro in law called my sis and scolded her.My sis went aside and told her husband she loves him.Please interprete.
A)Keep family ties of female gender

Q)I dreamt that i was angry and i slapped a boy.Then i got proposal from 3 boys including the one i slapped,in different country.After thinking i accepted the 1 i slapped.Please interprete this?
A)A slap of proximity. Do istikharah for your choices 

Q)I dreamt that my sister told me that i was already married to his nephew.I was tensed when i was not even aware of it.In real i'm not even engaged with someone.Please interprete this.
A)Soon good news.

Q)Recently I dream that I saw the moon for eid ul fitr , does this have any meaning?
A)Happiness, problems solved and openness in your life.

Q) I dreamt that i was walking with my father when in real i don't go anywhere with him and everyone was staring at me,And some was laughing at me.I was feeling odd.What does it mean?
A) Should be more parents caring. 

Q)I dreamt that my money box was full and had plenty of money.Please interprete this.
A)Full of rizq and sustenance. Should try to give sadaqah daily

Q) Before sleeping i asked Allah to show me an indication if He has forgiven me and i dreamt about the boy i was in a relationship with and all our misunderstandings got cleared. And i read his meassages without his knowledge.PLease interpret this?
A) Insha Allah, Tawbah accepted.

Q) In today's time, what's your advice about a girl who finished her HSC? What should she do? 
A) Learn deen and become an aalimah. Together with it, learn also household chores. When you become an aalimah, you'll be able to preserve yourself against the fitnahs of this actual time. Stay away from facebook and internet

Q) I am 34 and due to financial constraint, I cannot get married... I have to work first and save money before getting married. Is there an age after which I will not be able to get married? 
A) No. But we suggest that you look for a poor girl. She will accept any condition. Read your salaah daily and read lot Allahoummaghfirli. 

Q) My husband is addicted to porn movies. I always tell him it is haram. I'm fighting with him since 10 years, but he doesnt listen. What can i do?
A) Try to make him do all 5 times salaah on time, in the masjid. Else encourage him to do it at home. Then do 10 minutes of ta`lim or reading a book like muntakhab ahadith for 10 minutes daily everyday. Make him understand that he would not wish to have a son in law with such disgusting habits. Having vice to look at sex is a sign that he like to have sex, may be every second day. So, as a wife, decorate yourself for him and please him as he wish and talk to him of what posture he like, etc. As a wife, you would channel out all his sexual desires and this would stop this pornographic vice insha Allah Ta`ala. I would make du`as and you also make du`as during tahajjud times.

Q) I am 24 and my parents still think its too early for me to get married. I feel depressed, they don't give marriage much importance as I am independent. Any solutions please?
A) Yes. You need to present your case to a mowlana or a mufti so as they may look for a pious husband for you. The beloved prophet SAW taught us to disobey parents when they are initiating us to sin. 24 years old is a pressing age for you to get married.

Q) I have done istikhara to know whether it is good to apply for a job and I had a nice dream. I dreamt about a bathroom which was beautifully coloured green in a building. But I did not get the job. Can you give me interpretation plz? 
A) Maybe you would get another job soon insha Allah.

Q) I have not got a marriage until now partly due to my ugly teeth. Can I use braces to correct them?
A) Consult a dentist. Yes, if medically supported. 

Q) I had a weird dream i kissed my brother enjoyed den saw my elder sister with my brother they were too making love in another dream and in third dream saw my brother trying to see my dead sister naked she screamed and hide behind my mother plzz help me my brothr is 16 i m 19 elder sister 22 and elder sister was 24 at time of death.
A) First of all, cover yourself properly at home as outside also. Be decent in front of your family members. Mahram terminology have paled nowadays. The beloved prophet SAW prophesised that a time will come when the blood family would cohabit each other. This happened before Him also. So you and other sisters also should always keep their room door closed and cover fully the body when coming out of the room. Be distant physically even to your father and also your brother. Then advise your brother to keep fast a lot. A 16 year old youngster experience lot of sexual appetite and hence he is advised by the beloved prophet SAW to keep fast consecutively. 

Q) I am newly married but i dont feel the need to go towards my husband. Same for him too which doesnt seem normal for married couple. Can you please help. 
A) This need to be corrected. See a doctor for nutrition and communicate with each other for each other`s likings. Find time to appreciate each other`s body and words. Read verse 63 of sourah 8 and blow on sugar, tea etc that both will eat or drink 

Q) I love a girl who does not even know me. I need to get a good job & earn enough money to propose her Nikah. I dreamt I was chatting online with her about her worklife etc and when I woke up in the morning, I was happy! Interpretation plz? 
A) You may propose her parents for a future nikah. Insha Allah, she will accept.

Q) I dreamt a cousin of mine built a house next to that of a pious muslim mathematics teacher which I had. In the dream I visited my cousin & while passing by, the teacher's door was open & I saw Allah written in Arabic on green background. Interpretation? 
A) You may adopt a teacher career insha Allah.

Q) I am a married person. I have three children. My vacation is due for one month. Can I do intercourse daily?
A) Yes, permissible. But beware to prepare your partner and caress well before intercourse.

Q) My wife is becoming ''big and fat''. I keep telling her to start doing exercise but she do not listen to me. I feel discourage, nervous since this causes problem during sexual intercourse. What should I do? 
A) This is an issue that the couple need to heal. And it will not heal with harsh words nor swearing. You both need to sit and talk about it in the room, holding her hand. Then make dua in tahajud. The wife may be stressing or feeling depressed which might also be the cause for her to consume more. You both may consult a nutritionist so as to reduce fats in food.

Q) Recently my parents came 2 know that my sister bunked extra classes 2 meet her boyfriend & although I knew , I didn't tell them anything . My sister had promised 2 not do it again but she re-bunked classes. Last night I kept on crying because I didnt know if I should tell them . Should I tell them ? I'm scared they will be depressed because I know they love us a lot and are working hard to raise us. I don't want anything 2 happen 2 them .. Plz tell me what I should do. 
A) Inform them discreetly so as they may raise you people up better and with better eyes. But tell them to enquire from school so as your sister does not doubt you. Keep on informing them because they need to correct you people as and when necessary. If you do not inform, you would be guilty of her sins

Q) My parents want to get me married. But I am scared that the man who will marry me will reject me on the first night itself because I do not have a beautiful body. please help me. 
A) Do you have any defect in your body? If yes, then should tell him before hand. Else know that muhabbat comes in the eyes from Allah Ta`ala. So turn to him in tahajud and everything will be ok insha Allah.

Q) I have three elder sisters..i love them so parents too..but i always feel that i am the bad one in my family..who creates problem..who cannot keep quite when my sisters are in an argument with their husband..i don't give any peaceful life to my parents..insha Allah i am getting married this parents feel scared about me so much..i had a small argument with my brother in law whom i consider as my second dad..i love my family so much..i wana be a good girl..i wana be polite..i wana control myself..i don't wana create any more troubles to sisters had gone through a lot because of me.
A) Stop talking for the hours you are at home, except when necessary. When sleeping count the number of words you have talked, and everyday be more concise. Be brief. Do not talk in other conjugual matters, it is against shariah. Read as much as possible: Douroud shareef, laa ilaaha illallah, 3rd kalimah and astaghfirullah each for 300 times.

Q) Sometimes i dream swimming in sea water and at other times swimming in muddy water or river. What does this mean please? 
A) This means that one should purify the pathway of the day to do more good actions and meetings. One should continue the zikr of Allah during the day and read one`s salaah on time. Also one should read more Islamic books rather than other books.

Q) I did my istihara prayer for the past two days, the first day i didnt have any dreams. This morning i dreamt of my small cousin playing a game in which he was digging the soil and removing some bricks in the soil. Shall i take this as a negative answer or continue doing the prayer?
A) It is negative answer.

Q) It's been five years now since my  husband is cheating on me. Everyday before he goes to work, i tell him not to meet other women and he tells me ok inshallah he won't. But he still goes. When i ask him about that he tells me he is not to be blame. It's Allah who makes him do that. Please clearify this for me.
A) It's true that Allah alone makes everything possible. But each person is responsible for his own actions and will be accountable for them.
On the day of Judgement, no one will have the right to say that it's Allah who made him do his actions. Thus, it is not good to do something and blame Allah for that. Everyone will be accountable of his actions. 

Q) I always dream of my father who passed away whenever in the dream i deliver a baby. why this? 
A) Read the precautionary ayats and sourahs against jinnaat and evils. It seems that may be there was a jin on your father that want to possess you. Read the manzil and you will find the duas in the masnoon duas on the web. 

Q) I dreamt of snake colour yellow, green and brown in my yard.... interpretation plz.
A) Small snakes. Inshallah lots of worldly wealth will come to your house.

Q) If a wife wants to cook separately (not with inlaws), will she be sinful for doing so?
A) No. It's obligatory for a husband to provide his wife with seperate cooking facilities.

Q) Before I read one of your answers I was really happy and satisfied that whosoever I may marry I would do it for Allah and I shouldnt regret if I dont get to marry the one I love. But your answer was that there would be no choice for woman in jannat she will have to stay with the same worldly husband.  That has really made me sad and it seems as if all hopes have died. 
A) Allah Ta`ala has blessed us with his pure deen in this world. He has established the democracy between man and woman to have nikah and stay pure. No one can force a woman to marry a man, except with mutual agreement and permission of each side. Yet He has made lawful for a lady to ask the unwanted ‘divorce’. But He has not made lawful disobedience and ‘disorders’. He wish that every child be born under legitimacy of nikah and every woman be legitimately consumed. 

On the contrary is to cohabit as wish and wherever be-Al `iyazoubillah. This is disobedience and cause disorders. No woman would have legitimacy and honour of being a spouse of a husband. And children would be born with one parent and would not have the care of both parents. Hence this is an anti-islamic scenario that prevails mostly in Europe and America. This causes harm to the society and due to no grace and honour, there is lot of crimes and violation on women. 

This is why Allah Ta`ala prescribe Nikah and purity during this life.  

Likewise, He do not wish to create such disorders on the day of qiyamah that each spouse be going wherever she wants. But because the sky is more pure, our grandmother Hawa will be in the custody of our grandfather Adam a.s. Allah Ta`ala do not want to be unjust towards the husband that he wants to have his partner during his lifetime be by him in Jannah. But those whose husband died, then remarry, then these will have the choice to choose between the spouses they had in this world. The holy prophet SAW said in this meaning: Live well with your wife during your lifetime. Since if after your death, she remarries, then she will choose the husband that behaved better towards her on the day of qiyamah. (Daarul Qutni)

Yes, you should know that this is the promise of Allah when entering Jannah: ‘’Et il y aura là [pour eux] tout ce que les âmes désirent et ce qui réjouit les yeux;» - et vous y demeurerez éternellement.’’(43:71) 

He will not breach His promise. As such, he will change the characters of people of Jannah and will purify them from jealousy, hatred, harshness,etc. As such your husband will be as you had wish in Jannah. Your husband will have the option to take the face that you would love in Jannah. 

Jannah is not monotone. Jannah is full of activity, pleasure, change and improvement. And this will never end. 

Q) I am a new convert and my parents do not know about this. i cannot do all the 5 salaah. is this a sin? i also wont be able to fast on ramadan, is this a sin? i cant yet reveal the truth to them.
A) Ok. Keep your faith. But still try to the best in the beginning to fulfil the salaah and fast. Fasting can be done without anybody noticing. As such you may fast without your parents noticing. Salaah can be done in your room or your working place also. See these options may be materialised and be independent financially so as to look for a new place to practice your deen fully. 

Q) Once my mother in law told me bad things which hurts me a lot. Since then i dont get into deep conversation with her though we live in the same house. I dont no why but i cant forget those words she told me. Am i making gunah? 
A) No, but try to make salaam and talk even superficially. By you doing so, you would solve many family pressures in that house. Try to make du`a for her in secret and be respectful to her. 

Q) If someone hurts & insults you again and again despite you dont deserve it, and in anger you curse the person, is it allowed? 
A) It is permissible in extreme cases to curse someone, but it is better to avoid to do so. Better postpone to tahajud time for an equilibrium decision. If suffering, then ask justice from Allah. It is reported that if the curse was 
not justifiable, then the curse fall upon the person who said the curse himself. 

Q) What is the interpretation of reading la hawla wa la quwwata illa billa hil aliyil aziim in dream?

A) A good dream. One should go in the path of Allah and talk much on that Allah is the doer, Allah is the Creator

Q) I am madly in love with a girl but I do not think she likes me...What dua can I read to make her fall in love with me? 
A) Make istikharah, then go decently to the family and propose the girl. Either she will accept or she will refuse. Know that love without nikah is a sickness. 

Q) It will soon be 2 years since i have been married and one year since i have had miscarriage.. I have applied all the instructions of the doctor but i can't get pregnant. Please could u help me. 
A) Tell your husband to meet me. Start going 3 days jamaat and also Read tahajud with this dua in sajdahs: Rabbi hab li minassaliheen. 

Q) I dreamt I was performing salah alone, then after a few days I dreamt I'm performing salah along with many women wearing jilbab and today I heard the tasbeehaat we read during salaat in a melodious voice... interpretation plz.
A) This is a good dream. Continue your zikr, ibadat and khidmat. But be concerned about others also. Establish a weekly home ta'leem for ladies in your house through your masjid's mashwara. Do Muntakhab ahadith ta'leem. Invite to participate.

Q) I dreamt that 7 members of my family passed away. What does this mean? 
A) One should pray salaahs on time. Possible that you are praying assr salaahs before time. 

Q) I've heard that if one's husband tells her to remove hijab she has to obey. is it true? is there any hadith proving that? 
A) No. In fact the qur-aan and hadiths says that we should disobey any creations if he is ordering us to disobey the Creator: Nous avons commandé à l’homme [la bienfaisance envers] ses père et mère; sa mère l’a porté [subissant pour lui] peine sur peine: son sevrage a lieu à deux ans. «Sois reconnaissant envers Moi ainsi qu’envers tes parents. Vers Moi est la destination. 15. Et si tous deux te forcent à M’associer ce dont tu n’as aucune connaissance, alors ne leur obéis pas; mais reste avec eux ici-bas de façon convenable.(31:14-15)
Imam Tirmizi put up a chapter particularly on that there is no obedience of creations in disobedience of the Creator. Hence do not obey anyone in concern of taking out pardah. Pardah is an obligation for a muslim lady. 

Q) I am 30 years old.I got married in june 2011 & unfortunately my marriage ended after only 3 months due to my husband bad habits of gambling.Since then i have been so much affected and disturbed. I have been receiving proposals but i am facing obstacles and having so much difficulty to accept..nothing is working out for's been 4 years since he gave me talaq, i have not been able to redo my life..i am getting depressed since so long & cannot manage those suffocating many times i feel because of my ex husband my life has ruined, he has got married again...pls advice me what i should do abt my depression & what i should to get a good proposal?
A) All this was written. No nostalgia. Look forward. Accept any good proposal. Read your salaah constantly on time. And read tahajjud. Read Allahoummagh fir li 360 times sehri times. Read this dua right after farz salaah: Bismillahillazi laa ilaaha illaa houwar Rahmanur Rahim Allahoumma azhib `anni hamma wal houzna.

Q) I dreamt about the last day on earth.The country of india had disappeared on the map and the sky started becoming dust. And soon i arived near a river where i had to cross a bridge. There were people who said "if your soul is pure you will be able to cross the bridge otherwise you will be drowned and whoever has evil heart can hold the hand of a pure heart and cross the bridge. Then i started to cross it without any difficulty and i helped someone. Then we arrived on the other side of the river and we were told to wait for judgement. i started saying "ya Allah forgive me" continuously. 
A) This is a good dream. Insha Allah you will go through tribulations safely. Keep steady with salaahs and duas. And be in touch with pious and educated alimas

Q) I'am a girl of 20 years. I always wanted to start my own business and become a successful entrepreneur. Is there any dua which can help me choose the right career path and which can help me succeed in my professional life ? And a dua which can help me improve my memory ?
A) We suggest that you accept the proposal of a businessman so that you may councel him according to your ambitions. Allahoumma Khirli wakhtar li. Rabbi zid ni `ilma

Q) How can i protect myself from zina of the ear? i always hear evil talks like backbiting,slander,boastful evil talk,filthy language,useless gossip,fun type talk,taunt,abuse from my family member and how can i protect myself from zina of the ear ? i have heard some hadith about it  and some about the ties of holding kinship how can i balance good relation with all ? coz they always use filthy words. 
A) Very easy. Stand up and leave the room whenever there are haraam happening. When talk finished, then come back there.

Q) I dreamt that women and girls were telling me I am good looking and that is why they were nervous to talk to me. Could you interpret?
A) It means that until now you have not done zina, Alhamdulillah. But from now on, you should keep yourself away from zina so as to preserve your spiritual beauty. Indeed zina destroys the life beauty of a man or a woman.

Q) My mother dreamt that she saw the words Allah Jalaluhu in Arabic on top of a very tall building. She said that she has a good feeling about the dream, hence must be a good dream. can you please interpret? 
A) Should increase Salaah, Zikrullah and Qur-aan tilawat.

Q) I am very much husband wants me to make my eyebrows and become fashionable. i am very simple. when i said no to him he started liking othet women and make friendship with them. he wants me to change myself. What should i do. 
A) Explain to him that it is haraam to do so. Allah Ta`ala holds the breath of anyone. So fear Him. Do not disobey Allah Ta`ala. Be fearful to Him..He will provide you with everything including husband. Do 10 minutes Ta`leem at home.

Q) I have dreams where i'm having very bad arguments with my mom. there are some terrible feelings of fear and anger and darkness. meaning? 
A) Give sadaqah. Be steady with salaahs and do daily zikrullah: 100 times Astaghfirullah, 100 times Dourouds and 100 times soubhanallahi walhamdulillahi wa lailaaha illallahou wallahou Akbar. Do morning and same in afternoon.

Q) I dreamt that while travelling in the bus, i saw Allah's name written in the sky. What does it mean?
A) It means that you should remember Allah Ta'ala more and be more steadfast on salah.

Q) I am a muslim girl and want to marry a hindu guy. that guy also loves me but my parents are not accepting it. whta is the dua that i can pray so that my parents get ready and that the guy's parents are ready. 
A) Please cut all communications and all meeting with a hindu. Allah Ta`ala has prescribed us to abstain from such marriage: ''And do not marry men that are idol worshippers until they become muslims.'' (2:221). As such, abstain from such haraam love and insha Allah, Allah ta`ala will open your way later on.

Q) I'm a muslim sister who's just started to practice my deen but I have big problem as in jahiliya days I posted picture of me without hijab and they have been taken by an anonymous. I have tried contacting then begging them to take them off but they won't respond. I ask forgivness form ALLAH but I fear I still might be sinning as I feel guilty I really need a solution after begging the person she still won't remove them.
A) Take legal councelling on the matter. See if there is case for pursuit. Then, do not pursuit, but rather threaten the person to pursuit. Else give some sadaqahs everyday and make 100 times astaghfirullah as well.

Q) I am working in a private firm as a secretary. My job and working atmosphere is good. we have namaz arrangement also. My problem is that i have a guilt that i cannot spend much time with my duaghter. I have thought of doing something from home (work from home) but will it be like na-shukri to my present job? (i feel why to do experiment when Allah has given rozi) (I have to work due to financial isssues.). Pls advice. 
A) It is better to work from home. But if you can`t, then continue until you are financially better. 

Q) If a married women has sex with another man and she accepts her sin to her husband can her husband forgive her? 
A) No need to confess to the husband. Should have made a secret sincere tawbah to Allah Ta`ala and leave the sin. The zina does not affect the nikah with the husband. The husband may cohabit with the wife. Although zina is a very grave sin and we should always stay away from it at all times. 

Q) Im a muslim girl from a good muslim family, ive been involved with a guy for about a year.. we wanted to get married but my family kept refusing.. we then commited zina once.. i regret it n everyday i cry n i don't know what to do.. we broke up about a month ago coz he didn't know what to do.. i kept begging ma fam, i kept trying.. n nothing.. Now they brought another guy home for me, n i feel that i don't deserve to marry anyone coz im no longer a virgin.. i was always this good girl that never even kissed a guy before him..i don't know what to do.. i don't know if i can lie to him about me being a virgin.. coz obviously when we married he'll know the truth.. N i can't lie about something like that, he seems like a very good boy n islamic.. but all i think about is ny ex bf.. i love him n i don't know how to make my family approve.. what do i do? 
A) Hide your sin and hide your body. Get married to the man that your family brought and make tawakkul on Allah. If he ask you after marriage, tell him that you lost it in an accident. 

Q) I love a guy who is non muslim but converted into islam, we both want to marry each other but his parents are against him for accepting islam..Please tell me anything to make my parents agree and his too.. 
A) We suggest that you put this situation in front of alim of your area. You may call us also. +23057921333. 

Q) I have dreamt several times that my house is on fire. What does it mean? 
A) Give some sadaqah and make ta`lim at home. It means that your house is having too much sins and images that cause the fire. Be regular with salaah yourself and give order for salaah in the house. 

Q) I dreamt of my husband from whom I'm separated. I am hurting him n in return he is making me laugh. I was crying literally in my dream. what does it mean? 
A) From Shaitaan. Read a'ouzoubillahi minashaitaanir rajeem.

Q) Often my dreams are so realistic that I woke up crying literally ? Does it mean something?
A) Yes. It means that your heart are crystal clear. Keep the heart away from evil thoughts of others and talking bad of others. 

Q) I plan on getting engaged in two months with my partner, both muslim, my parents explained to me everything and would love to help make it happen, my partners parents keep telling him they are worried about the engagement because they believe my parents want him to 'support me' financially but i clearly explained to him that my parents do not ask for him to support me until we get married two years later, his father, keeps saying he's never heard of an arab muslim engagement where the man does not support the women his fiancé. I am right in this situation correct? I would still be living with my family while being engaged so if you could answer my question , muslim engagements do not require the man to support the women financially. He is 21 & i am 18. (They are worried because he has no money and is currently studying in university ) 
A) It is a fact that someone need not support financially a fiancé. But one should know that when a lady and a boy love each other, then they should perform nikah as soon as possible . Living in communication without nikah is haraam. 

Q) My husband is doing wrong things. we got married its been 3years and he lie a lot. please suggest something i can do.
A) You should consult an alim or someone trustworthy in the family to talk to you and him together. Else try to make him read salaah regularly. This will help insha Allahou Ta`ala. 

Q) I have a friend very close to me. we love each other. i want to ask is it allowed for us to kiss each others lips..and want to ask about my we know that satr from women to women is from belly button to knee..once my friend played with my breast..we regret a lot afterwards was that a sin. and what shall we do for tawbah. 
A) Know that only in Nikah of a man and a woman that touching allowed. Else girls touching girl is zina and such a zina that is worst than zina between a boy and a girl. This friend is a destruction for your akhirah, so leave her. You need first to regret, then promise not to do again for tawbah. As such you need to leave such company that would pull you to such low and filthy act. 

Q) There was a sister who loved a boy before she get married, now after marriage, she still think of him, have all kind of though of him, she still talk to him, without ever meeting him, without doing any zina but she do has the intention to meet him one day. And both of them still love each other is it forbidden to talk to him? is it forbidden to meet him. even if they will meet like this, without zina, without touching, only meet .
A) Yes, haraam to talk, message or communicate with him. If she cut all communication, soon she will forget him. Else note that this will lead to divorce. So she better stop such haraam. You can`t eat from your husband and now longing for someone else. 

Q) Please give me zikar or wazifa to increase my rizkh and financial and to fullfill my family needs allah hafeez.
A) Keep steadfast with farzs salaahs and nafil salaahs. Then complete 1000 times Allahoummaghfirli daily. Also spend most of your free time, besides family time, in masjid. Try to start your work early in the morning. Avoid sins

Q) I am trying to have a baby for 1 year. But, failed. I am physically totally perfect to have a baby. Beside, I found some one cut my eye lashes, its been 4 times, I don't know what to do? Can you give me some doa to get protection from evils activity. 
A) Insha Allah you would have a baby. First you should read Manzil everyday. Then the couple should be regular in salaahs. Then they should do ta`leem everyday of Muntakhab Ahadiths for about 15 mins. Then they should go in jamaat for 40 days. When finished all this, then contact us for an specific dua. 

Q) I always dream of me and my school friends in a classroom.I don't miss them infact Im not in touch with everyone of them?does it have any meaning? 
A) One has to listen to the parents, elderly persons around one to achieve maturity in life. One should avoid wasting time in games and should do more salaah everyday. 

Q) I often dream of me being nude and trying to hide myself from everyone?what it means?
A) It means that you are wearing tight clothes. The holy prophet SAW described a person wearing tight clothes that the silhouette is visible as nude. (Muslim)

Q) I often dream of my father's death or something bad happening to him?what does it mean? Is he alive? 
A) Then inform him to give more sadaqahs, keep steadfast with salaahs and prepare more for Akhirat.

Q) I am a Muslim of 30 years old. I'm unmarried. I was raped by a powerful old man at the age of 15 or 16. My family doesn't know about it, we belong to a very poor family, I just kept it secret because I don't want my parents to face any difficulties in the society because of me, even nobody except my younger sister knows about it. My family tried a lot to find out someone for me to marry. Lots of people come to see me but unfortunately no one accept me. I'm a teacher of Quran. I always try to do zikar as much as I can but my bad luck that my desires of having a relationship with a man (sex) are increasing day by day. I know it's a gunnah but I can't control myself of thinking this. Even during namaz n fast. Please help me stop this sin.
A) Make sabr and keep fast even after Ramadhaan. Insha Allah, Allah Ta`ala will open way soon. Keep reading Allahoummaghfirli and laa ilaha illaa anta soubhanaka inni kountou minazzalimeen. But our advice is to inform your parents of your need to get married and of the rape history. 

Q) If a person is doing some sort of Gunnah but at the same time he is asking for forgiveness but still repeats that Gunnah and again asks for forgiveness and again repeats due to the influence of satan. What is the ruling for such a person?
A) According to ahadiths, Allah Ta`ala would forgive the person if he makes sincere tawbah each time. 

Q) I have dreamt of a bedroom with several door openings which remain open, in fact there are no doors in the entire house. I am lying on a bed covered with a sheet and people keep coming to ask me permission to use things or access parts of the house toilet, bath, food etc. Can you help me get the meaning. Is it about death?

A) You need to spend more on orphans (children without parents), give food to poor people and invite pious people and family to dine in your house. Try to be regular with Chaast Salaah: 2 nafil at 11am. Spend according to your capacit.

Q) Following my question : I dream of having a car accident frequently.. what does this mean ? No I am single. I am a student. Age: 21 years old.

A) Then you should give some sadaqah. Control your temperament as bad temperament lead to breaking friendship ties. Be polite and tolerant.

Q) I wore parda for many years but i now realise that i am keeping it on because i am scared of other people's thought on me. What must i do? 
A) Any good action started sincerely will be rewarded by Allah Ta`ala. Do not pay attention to people and keep wearing pardah, the model cloth of a muslim women. In fact a masla for villagers teaches us that in case we are going toilet in the forest, then we should cover ourselves away from people`s gaze. But during the night, one may sit anywhere nearby because no one may see us. As such you should cover your face because of strange man may see your face.

Q) When i breastfeed, i don't have any sexual desire, am even reluctant about it. I love to breastfeed and my husband want me to breastfeed because buying milk will be costly. But he told me it is ok, he will wait. What must be done?
A) The Quran prescribes mashwara and mutual consent on this issue: Et les mères, qui veulent donner un allaitement complet, allaiteront leurs bébés deux ans complets. Au père de l’enfant de les nourrir et vêtir de manière convenable. Nul ne doit supporter plus que ses moyens. La mère n’a pas à subir de dommage à cause de son enfant, ni le père, à cause de son enfant. Même obligation pour l’héritier. Et si, après s’être consultés, tous deux tombent d’accord pour décider le sevrage, nul grief à leur faire. Et si vous voulez mettre vos enfants en nourrice, nul grief à vous faire non plus, à condition que vous acquittiez la rétribution convenue, conformément à l’usage. Et craignez Allah, et sachez qu’Allah observe ce que vous faites.(2:233) 
Hence we suggest that you make consultation with your husband. Better to breastfeed baby and one may start giving him also powdered milk as one quarter of the feeding. 

Q) I dreamt that my grandmother (who is stiill alive) is dead and i'm reciting surah mulk for her..after some times i was writing the translation of surah mulk in my dream. Does this dream has any interpretation?
A) Tell your grand mother to read sourah mulk and to turn her attention more on aakhirah. You also read sourah mulk daily. 

Q) I often dream having relations with others, other than my husband. i heard its jinns. is ir true?
A) May be it is because of indecency when you walk on the street. When your clothes are tight and other eyes make zina, then you are also accountable to this zina. That`s may be indicating your dream.

Q) I dreamt several times that my husband is leaving me. Any meaning ? 
A) This indicate stubbornness from your part. You need to see the likings of your husband and then put it in you. 

Q) I talked to my Mother in law in a vulgar way (on phone) and told her that i wanted to kiss her and hold her breast to suck milk as a little baby. Since my childhood I didn't have mother. She died when I was only 6 years old. Every time I miss her a lot. So I respect my mother in law and love her like my real mother but I did this above mention for 3 nights on phone call not in real. I need to clarify some points please. 1. Is it unforgivable sin? 2. Is my wife Haram for me now? 3. Is there any Atonement or penalty?

A) 1. No. You may ask tawbah. 
2. If you did not do it in real, nor have you touched the mother in law with lust, then your wife is not haraam. But if you touch her with lust, then definitely your wife will become haraam. 
3. Sincere tawbah and keep distance from your mother in law. Talk seldom and when necessary.

Q) My husband often dreams that dogs are trying to attack him or he is chasing them away...what does this mean? what does fighting dogs in dreams mean? 
A) Enemies. One should take precaution and read protective duas against jealousy and enemies. Read 3 quls after maghrib, FAjr and before sleeping. See masnoon duas on the web please

Q) I had a dream where I was saying Ayatul Kursi to a person...What does that mean?
A) It means that you should try to improve your knowledge and then pass it on to others. 

Q) I dreamt that my nani (who is dead) called my mum to wish for her birthday. any meaning ? 
A) It means that you people are not doing much for isale sawaab of your nani. Read some quran everyday for her isale sawaab.

Q) I have been married for 11months. However my husband and i dont have intercourse often since i tend to focus on issues i am not happy about with his parents (live in same house). Any solution? 
A) It is better to live separate, in a nearby house. In case you both can afford a rented house/flat, then it is incumbent and obligatory on the husband to provide a separate accommodation for his wife. This will bring comfort, love and affection for the after Esha fondling. 

Q) My husband and his family dont realise that i dont have any duty towards his parents. I work and got my own things to do. This gives rise to disputes. Waht to do? 

A) Times to times, do please him also. Like 2 days in the week do whatever he like you to do for his parents.

Q) Can a lady make zikr without covering her head?
A) Yes.

Q) I often dream of breastfeeding a baby, the baby is unknown to me..what is the interpretation please? 

A) It can also mean the influence of a jinn on you. So read manzil daily and the 3 quls 3 times after Fajr, Maghrib and before sleeping. 

Q) What does dreaming often of toilet and urinating means?

A) It means dunya or worldly attachment. One should administrate his attention and time to akhirah as he dream of toilet. Give more time to masjid/mussalah and Qur-aan reading daily. Also go in jamaat so as to spend more time for akhirah. 

Q) I'm married but my husband is abroad. And i often feel so disturbed because i could not control myself when i mistakenly see a bad photos or pictures..My mind goes again and again to it. And at times i do bad to can i control this and what islam tells about this?
A) Keep fast constantly for weeks. Then inform your husband so as to meet him more frequently. Also read the 3 last sourahs when such things happen. Try to divert your attention to other things.

Q) I dreamt about white and black spiders coming after me. What is the interpretation of this dream please? 
A) Too much haraam food consumption annihilate the protection of good actions. Haraam food influence the person to do haraam deeds. One should take out some time for his deen everyday and every week. 

Q) I dreamt a little girl with penis..what does this dream means? 
A) Need more info on the person

Q) In my dream i recited ayat ul kursi. Any interpretation plz? 

A) You should recite it after every salaah time. It is an indication for you to read precautionary ayahs against evil eyes and spells.

Q) I dreamt that my uncle slit my belly and was removing blood with a syringe and when i cough i saw my intestine, after that my belley was sewed and i  was wondering whether to do a cesearean or not..what does this dream means? is it a bad dream? 
A) Your uncle means mamou or chacha or Khalou? What is the relationship between you and uncle lastly? 

Q) I shall be grateful if you could tell me whether it is permissible to give the name "Muhammad" to a baby boy without additional forenames. I have read that a child named Muhammad due to love for Rasoulullah Sallallahou Alayhi wa sallam will be blessed and be righteous and he along with his father will be made eventually to enter Jannah. I also read no person who are named Ibraheem and Muhammad will be protected from sins and won't be sent to Hell. Can you confirm the veracity of the above please? 

A) It is a laudable initiative and very virtuous to name someone Muhammad. But until now I did not read any hadith on the virtue of this. The last Imam mahdi will be named Muhammad also.

Q) What is the punishment for muslims who harm muslims with their actions and words? 

A) It is a grave sin and if not settled here, on the day of qiyamah the oppressed will take loads of sawaab from the oppressor.

Q) I have a friend who is unfortuantly addicted to marajuana (weed) he has been smoking this for some years now. he has been trying very hard to quit and he manages to for month but always goes back to the habit. the problem he is facing is that he will be making nikah in the next 40days and i have been trying to encourage him to quit . i am worried that his nikah will be null and void as he will still have the weed in his system. is this true does it make the nikah invalid?

A) No, not true. It does not invalidate the nikah. Marajuana is haraam. He needs to do tawbah sincerely and quit this habit. But this habit will not affect his nikah nor his dua`. If you know about this habit, then inform the in laws so that they may help him out of this bad habit.

Q) If a person is so old/sick that he cant perform wudhu or tayammum for salah, what must he do? 

A) One must help him to do his tayammum at least. Else he should read salaah like this. 

Q) Is it allowed to do plastic surgery on the face to please the husband? 

A) No, haraam.

Q) Can we make a duah for a good non-muslim friend for Allah to guide him into Islam? 

A) Yes, for a living person.

Q) Who was the Nabi whom Allah had kept asleep for 100 years and then he made him to wake up? 

A) Uzair a.s. 

Q) I suffer from continuous leaking of urine after urination. It takes me a lot of time to stop the urine after I go to the toilet. When I wake up for Fajr, I have to wake up 2 hours earlier to be able to stop the leak on time!!! Do you have a solution? 
A) You should consult a doctor or urologist first. Then know that you are a ma`zoor(a disabled) according to shariah. As such you may put some tissue or whatever suitable for you for the urine not to drop down to earth. Then make a wuzu for every azaan time. Hence you would continue salaah even if you are dripping during salaah. But renew your wuzu for every azaan time. The wuzu would expire at next azaan or at when going toilet, bleeding or sleeping,etc. It will not break with dripping.

Q) Is there any duah when someone has poor appetite? 
A) Yes read surah fatiha 7 times and then blow on water to drink. Then eat some kalounji (black seed) everyday. Take milk and dates during breakfast and drink soups. 

Q) I dreamt of a man with shaved hair and islamic beard wearing the while clothes which one wear during hajj, he was talking to me while standing in the corridor in my house but i could not figure what he was saying. interpretation please?
A) Good sign.

Q) Is it advisable for a child to learn his academic lessons after Assr prayers?
A) Permissible. Together one is recommended to do zikr Allah before sunset.

Q) I always dream of me and my school friends in a classroom.I don't miss them infact Im not in touch with everyone of them?does it have any meaning? 
A) One has to listen to the parents, elderly persons around one to achieve maturity in life. One should avoid wasting time in games and should do more salaah everyday. 

Q) I often dream of me being nude and trying to hide myself from everyone?what it means?
A) It means that you are wearing tight clothes. The holy prophet SAW described a person wearing tight clothes that the silhouette is visible as nude. (Muslim)

Q) I often dream of my father's death or something bad happening to him?what does it mean? Is he alive? 
A) Then inform him to give more sadaqahs, keep steadfast with salaahs and prepare more for Akhirat.

Q) What should someone do if he has hurt his mother badly? 
A) One should first ask her forgiveness and compensate with looking after her everyday, spending on her and if possible take her umrah. if she passed away, then keep good relations with the relatives of your mother.

Q) I loved a guy since 7 months.he told meevrything about his past.Actually he was comitting zinah and he got engaged.His engagement even broke up coz of a woman who cme to create rifts in their relationship.After dat he met me, he is nw a completely changed man,He practice his deen and even repent of wat he did in the past.He alwys tell the truth and b frank wid me.My parents is nt accepting the proposal due to his past behaviours.but i knw he is perfect for me.he nw is afraid of Allah's wrath a lot.please advice me or what can i read to make my parents accept him.
A) Since your parents are in your benefits since your birth, then you should be careful towards the new repented man. Put the issue in front of your parents and tell them that he repented. if they refuse and refuse you also towards the man. Nontheless if your relationship to him is now physical, then to prevent Zina, cut all communication and meeting with the man. But if he is committing Zina with you, then leave this man definitely.

Q) I love a boy & he loves me too, its official (family members knows about it) but the boy don't want to make nikkah, he asked me to wait for him. what should I do?
A) If you both are of mature age and the boy is financially sound, then there is no reason to wait. Love is a sickness without nikah. We suggest that you both consult an alim for your case. If your lover refuse, then do not wait for him.

Q) The boy i love, his mother does not like me. Why do i dream of her everyday that she like me and smile at me in my dream? 
A) Insha Allah you may look after her later.

Q) I am suffering from hormonal imbalance due to which my periods are irregular. almost whole month there is spotting except few days due to which I miss my salah?I have heard it is permitted to offer salah under this condition? what should I do? 
A) Please text your days on 57921333. Else haiz is when there is flowing of blood. Not spots. But if your have had a specific days, then it change everything. The spots in those days would be haiz. Do text us for clarification. 

Q) Can any scholar help in finding out truth if my husband has cheated on me? I have heard that there are some who help in this situation is it true? 
A) Our prophet SAW recommended to think good even in doubtful situation. Hence stay with him and forget the doubts. 

Q) I have been doing isthkara for long time but I am still not getting an answer? I am not sure whats going wrong? I do the procedure correct but still not getting any hint. 
A) Please follow the flow of the heart at this time. This is the result of the istikharah. Else wait for one two weeks.

Q) What do i do in situation where after doing istikhara, i feel nothing as to whether i should go forward with the decision or not. i do istikhara for things which require long term commitment, but i feel nothing. 
A) Redo the istikhara.

Q) My baby doesnt sleep and she cries non stop at night. Could you suggest a dua i could read for her to sleep?
A) See a doctor and give the child mother's milk. Read the following dua and blow on the child: 
Ou'eezouki bikalimaatillaahit tammaati min koulli shaitwaanin wa haammatin wa min koulli 'ainin laammatin.
Read it after fajr and maghrib and blow on the forehead.
Then also write the 3 last surahs on a piece of paper and fold it to put on the child. 
Do read 3 last surahs and blow on her especially every night.

Q) I often dream of toilets and this disturbs me mentally. What is the interpretation?
A) You have too much attention drawn on material and dunya. You need to increase time given to Masjid, salah, zikrullah, ta'leem and give attention to your family also.

Q) I have to take a loan. Is it allowed? I don't have any other choice.
A) Not allowed.

Q) I had the following dream. I was travelling by car with my parents. We passed by a mountain and I saw mud sliding / flowing down its slope. We continued our way when I saw a small rock falling from another mountain. As we got nearer to the mountain bigger rocks started falling. People were escaping trying to avoid the falling rocks. We were able to get to safety even after some rocks fell on our car. What is the meaning of this ? 
A) Gunah causes difficulty to one`s living-Hadith. One should avoid even sins considered as small. In fact accumulation of small gunas causes lots of difficulty to one`s living. 

Q) My husband smokes weed, also known as gandia, everyday and he smokes it becoz of stress. Is it permissible?
A) It is haraam for him to smoke this. Tell him to leave it slowly slowly. Wouzu breaks when he smoke it. And also know that he should continue salaah even in those days he smoked. He need only to have wouzu and be sober to pray. 

Q) I have married a woman 5.5 year back as my second marraige we consumed nikah within 3 month she went form me we nevr sopekn or met for 5.5 year is still our nikha alive. 
A) Nikah is still valid until talaaq given. 

Q) I am a married lady with a child and often I dream of having intimacy with women. I read my Kalimah and 4 quls and ayatulkursi before sleeping.
A) May be you go in Spas and open your satr in front of women. One should not open knees, thights and below navel in front of ladies also. Avoid talking about sex in front of other ladies also. 

Q) I met a brother 2months ago, we decided to go further with aqdun parents told me to invite him, and all they said was that he should wait for me till I am through with my masters in two years time. is it permissible to wait? 
A) Yes, if you both do not commit zina. Else it is recommended to perform nikah as quickly as possible when one found her pair.

Q) Several time, i dreamt of bad cats, white in colour, attacking me or trying to bite me. What is the interpretation please?
A) You should pay attention to upbringing of your children or your little ones. Take care of your food and family (halal food). Put your surrounding on salah.

Q) If a woman get depressed very often..she just can't and don't want to do anything during these depressed moments. What can be done?
A) Read the ruqya for depression in masnoon duas on the web at every salaah time. Take a 15 mins walk every day and know that everything has been written long ago and we need only to take full benefit of life.

Q) I am 32, ugly, poor with bad health and a lot of white hairs! No women wants to marry me!!! What dua can I read to make a beautiful woman fall in love with me? Please help me!! 
A) If you don`t have anyone in Mauritius, you may travel abroad to marry. There your beauty will be accepted insha Allah.

Q) I'm in a great problem,, i want to go and study in another country but my mom do not agree with me, what should i do so that she can acccpt my decision?
A) If you a girl, then we are in the same opinion as your mom.

Q) There was a time when I used to describe the physical appearance (using hurtful terms) for those I do not get along with. Today I regret a lot. Will Allah ever forgive me? Which duah can be read so that those persons as well forgive me? 
A) You may give sadaqah on their name and make tawbah.

Q) Dua to stop wasting money?
A) Visit orphans and homes so as to ponder upon their poverty.

Q) Under what conditions can a parent send his daughter for University education abroad? Is Malaysia a suitable destination?
A) Under no condition, distant learning may be an option.

Q) A man or woman who is not married yet is considered as a non-Muslim? Because there is an interpretation that says that the one who is not married is not from amongst the Muslims.
A) Yes they are Muslims if they believe in Allah and His Prophet (saw). If their aqidah is complete, then they are complete Muslims. Mariage is sunnat and is highly recommended for the one who has the means and maturity. And one who does not have these two things, the Prophet (saw) said he should fast.

Q) My mother is hindu and shes been having dreams of (ganesh) telling her that i am god,worship me. and also my mom told me that since some days she stopped praying,but after her dream she will pray again.can you explain this please? 
A) This is shaitaan that came and inciting her to shirk. One should read lot of A'ouzoubillahi minashaitaanira jeem. Shaitaan has vowed to deviate man from straight path. 

Q) I have only one brother, (no sister), and my husband is very jealous of my brother. He hates him so much that he does not want 'our children to come in his shadow'. Is this attitude permissible in islam? 
A) No, unless with reasons. If your brother is a drug addict or a sexually obsessed, then I may understand his stand to protect his children. But without any reason, he should not express his jealousy like that. But this is a good sign for you. He loves you and want to possess you completely and want to protect his children. Tell him to express himself to Mufti Mackoojee, so as to confirm his stand. We amy advise as suitable insha Allah. 

Q) What does it mean if someone dreams of his marhoom father in law who ate some food and left some of the food. The dreamer was eating the rest of the food but not all the food.
A) It means that the inheritance of the father in law would benefit the son and insha Allah the grand son also. 

Q) I dreamt last night that I am having intercourse with my husband and during that he gave me a bowl of urine to drink. What does this mean? 
A) This indicate that you are practicing oral sex with your husband. Oral sex is makrooh tahreemi. By you putting the penis of your husband in the mouth, he is making you swallowing impure residues found there: semen, lubricated secretion, urine remained in there, etc. As such you both should make tawbah and istighfaar on this action. Try to get rid of it as soon as possible. If difficult, then try to decrease the time for it. some ulamas said that oral sex lead to impotency and decrease sexual power after some time. As such, after licking over the body(except private parts), then as quickly as possible do penetration intercourse. 
It is difficult to get rid of a bad habit, but you both should talk over it and refrain from such evil action. Should you continue drinking urine, if ever you had this bad habit for years? Knowing that urine damge your body health and poison your blood. Then make tawbah and istighfaar before this evil act of oral sex poison your marital life and your relationship with Allah Ta`ala. Give some sadaqahs as this evil act has spilled over its boundaries.

Q) I desperately lack self confidence and i am full of all sort of negativity and fears. I always compare myself to others and find myself very little. Please give me any dua or wazifa to help me gain confidence & be more at peace with myself...precise when to read?
A) Wake up for Tahajud daily. In your tahajud, during your ruku`, after 7 times soubhanarabiyal azeem, read SoubhanakAllahoumma rabbana wa bihambika Allahoummaghfirli 7 times. Do same in Sajdah after Soubhanarabbiyal A`laa. Be humble and repent as if you had done a big mistake. Then do all your 5 times daily salaah on time. 

Q) What does it mean if someone dreams of flying white horses? 
A) It means lot of khair will come in that person`s life. 

Q) Which taveez can be use against ants?
A) Read this verse and blow on them and by their holes:
يَا أَيُّهَا النَّمْلُ ادْخُلُوا مَسَاكِنَكُمْ لَا يَحْطِمَنَّكُمْ سُلَيْمَانُ وَجُنُودُهُ وَهُمْ لَا يَشْعُرُونَ

Yaa ayyahunnamlud khoulou masakinakoum laa yahtimannakoum soulaimanou wa jounoudouhou wa houm laa yash `ouroun. (27:18)

You may contact Mowlana Noorani Gooman of Masjid Derby Curepipe for this issue. If not resolved, then we may help inshallah.

Q) A boy/girl fall in love with someonr but thair parents have objection with this relationship. The boy/girl is having difficulties to forget the lover. What can he/she do to forget the lover.
A) Read the dua of ''Ruqya for Depression'' available on web in masnoon duas.

Q) Is there any specific dua that can be read for Allah to accept our wishes?
A) You may use the names of Allah. Find the 99 names in masnoon duas. You may read: Ya Allah, Ayatul Qursi and Allahu laa ilaaha illaa hou. Wa `anatil woujouhou lil hayyil Qayyoum.

Q) I often dream of swimming in deep water. In the last dream my mother was besides me and we were watching a big rock and waves were coming towards us till the water level reached our chest. Any interpretation for this dream? The person is in the thirties, ambition: be a laywer, fight for peace for countries at war and be one of the ulamas. the person is already a professional. 
A) This is a good dream. Insha Allah he/she will become a alim/a. Sea water is pure, interactive and provide food also. Ilm or deeni education has all these qualities. Insha Allah your mother may benefit from such an initiative. One should take the path of ilm when seeing such dream. This is a call from Allah Ta`ala.

Q) What is the dua against laziness?
A) Dua against laziness and other important issues:



أَللّهُمَّ إِنِّىْ أَعُوْذُ بِكَ مِنْ عِلْمٍ لاَّ يَنْفَعُ وَقَلْبٍ لاَّ يَخْشَعُ وَدُعَاءٍ لاَّ يُسْمَعُ وَنَفْسٍ لاَّ تَشْبَعُ وَمِنَ الْجُوْعِ فَإِنَّه بِئْسَ الضَّجِيْعُ وَمِنَ الْخِيَانَةِ فَإِنَّهَا بِئْسَتِ الْبِطَانَةُ وَمِنَ الْكَسَلِ وَالْبُخْلِ وَالْجُبْنِ وَمِنَ الْهَرَمِ وَمِنْ أَنْ أُرَدَّ إِلى أَرْذَلِ الْعُمُرِ وَمِنْ فِتْنَةِ الدَّجَّالِ وَعَذَابِ الْقَبْرِ وَفِتْنَةِ الْمَحْيَا وَالْمَمَاتِ، أَللّهُمَّ إِنَّا نَسْئَلُكَ قُلُوْبًا أَوَّاهَةً مُّخْبِتَةً مُّنِيْبَةً فِىْ سَبِيْلِكَ، أَللّهُمَّ إِنَّا نَسْئَلُكَ عَزَائِمَ مَغْفِرَتِكَ وَمُنْجِيَاتِ أَمْرِكَ وَالسَّلاَمَةَ مِنْ كُلِّ إِثْمٍ وَالْغَنِيْمَةَ مِنْ كُلِّ بِرٍّ وَّالْفَوْزَ بِالْجَنَّةِ وَالنَّجَاةَ مِنَ النَّار

Allahoumma inni a’ouzou bika min ‘ilmin laa yanfa’ou, wa qalbin laa yakhsha’ou, wa dou’aain laa yousma’ou, wa nafsin laa tashba’ou, wa minal jou‘e, fa innahou bi’sal dajee’ou, wa minal khiyaanati fa innahaa bi’satil bitwaanatou, wa minal kasli wal boukhli wal joubni, wa minal harami, wa min an ouradda ilaa arzalil ‘oumouri, wa min fitanatid dajjaali, wa ‘azaabil qabri, wa fitanil maHyaa, wal mamaati. Allahoumma innaa nas alouka qoulooban aw waahatan, moukhbitatan, mouneebatan fee sabeelika. Allahoumma innaa nas alouka ‘azaa ima maghfiratika, wa mounjiyaati amrika, was salaamata min kulli ithmin, wal ghaneemata min kulli birrin, wal fawza bil jannati, wan najaata minan naari. (Mustadrak Hakim)

O Allah! Mo pe demande Toi protection conte connaisance qui pas beneficial, et le coeur qui pas peur (Toi), et du’a qui pas etre accepter, et desir/nafs qui pas satisfait, et conte faim intense, parcequi li ene mauvais compagnon, et conte malhonnetete, parcequi sa (montrer) ene mauvais nature, et conte paresse, et l’avarice, et lachete, et conte extra vieux l’age et conte ene l’age cot mo vine unitule (mohtaaj), et conte dajjal so corruption, et punition qabar, et banne (mauvais) epreuve de la vie et la mort. O Allah! Nous pe demande Toi ene le coeur qui humilier, obeissant et incliner vers To chemin. O Allah! Accorde moi To pardon absolu, et deliverance conte tous banne difficultes, et assurance contre tous banne peches, et ene grand part de banne bon actions et reussite par jannat et deliverance conte du feu l’enfer.

Q) A woman wants to give birth in a clinic but her husband wants her to go to a hospital; not because of financial problem, don't know for what reason. What she do?
A) If the husband is well off, than it is better for him to look for female gynocologist and nurses in a clinic, so that to avoid other men from seeing the private part of his wife. But if the husband cannot aford it, than he'll be obliged to take her to the hospital.

Q) I took money from my family once, without their permission. Now i'm regretting a lot and i don't have courage to tell them.What should i do?
A) Give them the money as a gift, but make intention that you are returning the money you took before. It is necessary to return them that money, unless you ask for maaf and they forgive you.

Q) Is there a special dua for someone who often has miscarriages?
A) Read sourah Maryam often. Then eat dates and drink milk.

Q) I dreamt that i'm reading manzil. What does this mean please? 

A) It means that you should be always protected by those ayats of protection. 

Q) During intercourse with my wife, if baby wakes up, can my wife feed him or ghusal is necessary first? 

A) Ghusl will be necessary in any case of penetration from the husband`s side. Ghusl will be on both. It is not ethical to feed the baby during intercourse. This is reprehensible. Ghusal not required when feeding baby.

Q) I love a girl so much and she also love me her mother and my mother only knows that i love her but not that she also loves me her mother says that if in my future i get a permanent job and love her the same way as i do presently she will be ready for our marriage but i am having problem that in what earnings her family will be ready to give her hand in my hand and i am also very nervous in talking with her family that will they accept me or not is there any dua or anything to do so they accept me in what i earn in future or whatever i earn in future as i want to become a teacher so i will not get more than 20000 to 25000 a month so please help me.
A) Keep steady with the 5 salaats, wake up for tahajud and make dua. Soon the family will accept you Insha Allah. 

Q) A pious woman is regularly being sodomized by her husband. This disgustful act is being done while she is deeply asleep and is powerless towards her husband. She still loves her husband and doesn't want to leave him. Please advice what can be done. 
A) Do collective ta`lim at home of muntakhab ahadeeths, encourage husband to read 5 times daily salaat and encourage husband to fast on Monday and Thursday. Read lot of laa ilaaha illaa anta soubhanaka inni kountou minaza limeen.

Q) I often dream toilet..interpretation of dream? 
A) Dunya and money will come to you. 

Q) Dreamt of feaces and toilets. any meaning ? 
A) Same as above.

Q) Shrouding an alive baby in my dream....what is the interpretation? 
A) Will need more detail on your particulars. Please phone on 57921333 to give the details and more precision for this dream. 

Q) Is it permissible to change my name in case i don't like the name my parents gave me?
A) Permissible, but it is sunnah to keep the name your parents gave you.

Q) I'm in a great trouble so what should i do to remove this problem on me?
A) Read lot of Astaghfirullah and Allahoummaghfirli.

Q) Can i have a dua to my hair falls a lot?
A) Apply olive oil. Read the 3 last sourahs and blow on hands, then pass over hair. You may consult a doctor to see what may improve them. 

Q) A dua to marry the boy of our choice and make family agree with it?
A) Allahoumma khirli wakhtar li

Q) I feel desperate. I'm so afraid of dying. Can you plz help me by giving me a dua to overcome such feelings?
A) Allahoumma barik li filmaut wa fima ba`dal maut.

Q) What can i do so that the parents of the guy i love accepts me?
A) Read lot of allahoummaghfirlee at tahajud time and during the day.

Q) I love a boy but i'm afraid to tell my parents about this because they might not like it. What can i do or read in order for my parents to accept without any problems?
A) Love is a sickness without Nikah. The decent way that shariah prescribe for a girl to proceed for nikah is through her parents or guardian. If your lover is the right pair, then one should not wait to go through informing parents on the issue since the prophet prohibited time consuming on nikah. Remember that two over three love are fancies and does not endure married life later on. As such cut all communication from your lover, make istikhara and inform your parents. Make this dua: O Allah give me happiness in this life and in the hereafter. Your parents may consider your choice and you may appreciate their choice for you.

Q) I stopped eating beef and chicken and eat fish only. What's your opinion?
A) We request that you continue eat fish and add only meat to that. Beef meat is a sunnah and good for the body. Else you may refrain from chicken since they are not healthy. 

Q) What dua shoud parents read for their children to obey them?
A) Parents should first of all themselves be good role model for their children. Regular salaat and qur-aan of the parents would contribute that the children follow the same steps. Then the parents should give proper time to the children and correct them slowly with wisdom. Regular assessment of the child and explaining to them the benefit of being truthful, honest, pious and abstaining from sins would contribute to their wellness and progress during their lifetime. Be polite to them so that they may take politeness from you. Be honest to them so that they may be honest to you. When the boys grow up, send them for a 3 days jamaat scout. This 3 days jamaat will construct in them respect, responsibility and self respect. Girls may accompany their mother and father to jamaat also. This bring one in a pious environment and fruitful company that may model our future generation. Else do make dua in tahajud time and after farz namaz: Rabbana hab lana min azwajina wa zurriyatina qurrata a`youn waj `alna lil mutaqina imama.

Q) I know a muslim boy. He loves a hindu girl. They are together for almost 1year now. They know that whatever they are doing are not right and they are trying they full best to break this relationship but in vain. They have been attached too much to each other thats why. So i really need your advice in this..
A) At this stage, we recommend that the boy persuade the girl to convert into Islam and then make nikah with her.

Q) Why can't we sometimes control our sexual desires though we try our best?
A) Keeping nafil roza continuously may help to keep oneself from overwhelming sexual desires. Human nature is made to have a life partner. As such one may look for a wife so as to better control sexual desires.

Q) I am a married woman and i frequently dream that i am having sex with a boy that i loved before. And whenever i have such dream i fight with my husband. Can you plz help. 
A) This is bad thoughts from Shaitaan and one should read lot a'ouzoubillhi minashaitaani rajeem. When you make such a dream, follow the following procedure found in the masnoon duas on the web. 

When having a bad dream :
1. Pretend to spit on your left side three times.
2. Read a'ouzoubillah hi minash shaitwaanir rajeem.
3. Change position.
4. Do not tell everyone about the dream.
5. Wake up and read namaz.
6. Look for someone who has knowledge of deen so that he may tell you it's interpretation. 
7. Some dreams have good meanong while others bad. 

Q) My partner smokes. What can i do to make him stop it and also how to encourage him read his namaz?
A) This advice is when nikah partner is meant by the question: Give him a miswaak as a gift. Then tell him that you feel nauseas when you smell a smoking mouth. Encourage him to perform at least maghrib salaah everyday. Else, tell him that today no maghrib, then no good food for dinner. But when he perform his maghrib, then please him in every way. Progressively bring him on 2 salaahs, so that one day he performs 5 times daily salaahs.

Q) What to do if one's husband gets pleasure in chatting with other ladies online?
A) Try to attract him to the bed almost every night. Take care of make ups and whatever he likes every night. When someone eats at home, he won`t feel hungry for outside junk food. Make dua in tahajud and do ta`leem of muntakhab ahadiths at home.

Q) What du'a can a child recite daily in order for him to remember his lessons?
A) Rabbi zidni `ilmaa. Put oil on the head and eat 7 badam without skin everyday, and one full spoon of honey and use miswaak.

Q) Please give a dua for a person to have raham on people.
A) Give food to poor people with your own hands and sponsor some orphans. Cajole children and read Allahoummaj `alni raheeman wadooudan.

Q) Is there any dua to become beautiful and get rid of pimples?
A) Stay with wuzu, read the 5 times salaah, read laailaha lot. And do cupping, drink olive oil and apply olive oil on the skin. Read the masnoon dua while looking in the mirror.

Q) One of my dearest person is sick....plz tell me some dua's i could recite for his wellness.
A) Read this du`a: Allahoumma rabban naas, laa shafi illa shifa ouka, ishfihi shifa an laa youghadirou saqaman.

Q) Any duah / way to forget / get over hurtful past and experiences with others to be able to move in life? 
A) After salaah read the foolowing dua: Bismillahillazi laa ilaaha illaa houwar rahmanuraheem allahoumma azhib `annil hamma wal houzna.

Q) What can I do to get rid of hypocrisy from within myself ?
A) First of all always speak the truth, fulfil your promises and do not fear but Allah. Read this dua and stay away from music and haraam or doubtful food or money.

وأعوذ بك من الفقر والكفر ، والفسوق ، والشقاق ، والنفاق والسمعة ، والرياء

Q) Can i please know the dua to have a baby boy?
A) Allah Ta`ala alone decide on that issue. But if one wishes to have a baby boy, then a few actions may be observed and then the du`a may be effective insha Allah:
1. First go every 3 months in 3 days jamaat with your husband/wife.
2. Wake up tahajjud both and supplicate Allah Ta`ala to have a pious son.
3. Read a lot of Rabbi habli minas swaaliheen.
4. Thank Allah Ta`ala on whatever child Allah Ta`ala gave you.

Q) I have been doing istikhara for about 2 days now and I had a dream today, in my dream I saw a very very beautiful scenery of mountains and I kept saying subhan'Allah and couldn't resist not to. After a while I looked around and saw the kabah (from a height) then I was just about to make dua to Allah about my intention and the reason why I'm doing the istikhara for. When I was just about to, people start shooting and I get scared and start wondering what's happening. Then I woke up. Can you kindly please tell me about what this dream means and if it has any relation with my istikhara? I am doing my isitikhara for a spouse which I like. To see if he is better and good for me in my religion, my life and my end (akhira) so please let me know. 
A) It is a negative sign for the spouse you are looking at. May be your family would not accept the spouse and this would cause upset in your life. 

Q) I previously had my haiz for 5-6 days. After my third delivery and cesarian, doctor tied my Fallopian tube. Ever since, now five yrs almost, each month I bleed for 5-6 days normally then till the 9-11 days I got brownish spots once or twice daily. It always happens that during the 7th to 11 th days, I stay dry for nearly 24hrs then again one brownish spot. Doctor says it is normal when fallopian tube is attached. Kindly advise when ghousl should be done since i am confused. 

A) Haiz is the continuous bleeding of minimum 3 days for every cycle of 15 days or more. Hence you should bath when the ''perle blanche'' comes white on the 6th day. The other occasional spots after that are negligible and only wouzou would be necessary when it comes out.

Q) When my husband does swalaat at home, he recommends us to do duahs through the 'sadqa of Holy Prophet saw' and he explained to me that Allah has promised his nabi saw that all his wishes will be granted and we should ask our duahs through this promise and not direct to Allah SWT. From childhood, I have been taught to address my duahs to Allah alone. Am I right to disagree with him? 

A) Your husband is wrong in this matter. You should not follow him in this respect.

Q) What does seeing oneself pregnant in dream means? 
A) There may be effect of jinnaat on you. Read manzil daily and the 3 quls and blow on hands to pass on the body: 3 times at three different occasions: Fajr, Maghrib and before sleeping. 

Q) In my dream, i replied the salaam of my marhoom grandfather? What does it means? 

A) This dream indicates that your grand father is in good conditions in qabr, insha Allah.

Q) I dreamt a weird dream I dreamt that I was pregnant by the man I love before marriage but my parents were supporting me. I was in the hospital's toliet and the water broke. I was searching for my doctor, i don't know how I ended up on the sugery chair and the baby was coming out with out pain or yelling a baby boy and the man I love kept on disappearing but he was there. I went to his dad in his house on my own to show them his grandchild. he mentioned that return the money first and I was like what money. I felt so rejected and that his son dint tell them and then I woke up. What does that mean ? I'm not married. We do talk and see each other !!! His dad knows about me but my parents don't know anything about him. we r serious about each other !! 
A) The dream shows a negative sign on that man and his family. I suggest that you finish your illegal relationship because this may ruin your life. Tell your parents to look for someone for you to marry.

Q) I saw a dream that i am remarrying to my husband in our new house and our house is full of our relatives and friends i am wearing red colored bride dress the same one which i wore in my first wedding. 
A) Good dream. You need to look at what are the expectations of your husband and be obedient. Set up a quran/ zikr time daily. 

Q) Please give me a dua or wazifa to become successful in my new tijarat [business] and become loved by my families and my parents and cousin.
A) Read tahajjud, read lot of istighfaar, open early in the morning and read 4 rakaats ishraaq 15 mins after sunrise.

Q) I dreamt that my Hindu friend told me that from his scriptures, he could see that he would be the father of one son. In real life, he already has a son...In my dream, I replied to him that from Quran, I cannot see such things for me. Interpretation plz. 
A) You should distant yourself from non muslim`s invitation, sitting with and talking freely with them. 

Q) I dreamt of a muslim man having the red thread that hindus wear around their wrist on his wrist.what does this mean? 
A) One should preserve one`s imaan and read kalimah a lot daily. Keep distance from non muslims. Be polite, diplomatic but not close friends.

Q) I dreamt that i'm pulling out a roll of plastic bag from mouth but it wouldn't end.
A) One should control the wordings that one pronounces. Backbiting and accusations, lies should be avoided.

Q) I dreamt of the Kabaa. With the black cloth and golden arabic writings on it. Does it mean anything? 
A) Yes. Insha Allah Ta`ala you will go for Hajj.

Q) I dreamt of a black snake coming towards me. What does that mean? 
A) Enemy. Read the protection duas and give some sadaqahs.

Q) I dreamt that my mum is to perform umrah in very few days? I felt very happy coz my mum is a widow and has no sons and is waiting for a mahram. she has with great difficulty saved a lot of money to perform hajj one day. how do you interpret this?
A) Insha Allah she will go for hajj soon. 

Q) I dreamt that while she was frying something my mother's 2 fingers were cut and were literally fried. can you please interprete this for me as i'm really scared. 
A) Give sadaqah. Give sadaqah. Give sadaqah. Indeed May Allah save your family from pains and sudden death. Ameen. 

Q) I dreamt that all my teeth were falling out. What does that mean? 
A) Aging and physical weakness. Take natural physical boosters.

Q) What is the meaning of dreaming cleaning the house?
A) You should read more Qur-aan, absolutely avoid gossips or hearing gossips and finally read manzil in that house.

Q) I love a muslim boy and we love each other very much and we both want to get married after just 2 years; when he gets a job and settles down. But there is a problem in his sex. His sex pains all the time and the dr. said that pain goes if u have sex. Is it permissable to have sex in this case?
A) No. Haraam. Completely haraam. Only after nikah.

Q) I finished my Nikah in Last Month. She is living with her parents and the wedding will be in August 2016. My issue is that i saw my wife before my Nikah and i spoke with her. After nikah, when i saw her, she is not like the lady which i saw before my Nikah. Completely different from her speaking, behavior, her face. After two days, i express my problem with my sister and she felt the same what i felt. I tried a lot to convince me that she is your wife and i have to love here and take care very well. But, i could not accept all these things and i feel too much pain in mind. My wife is liking me too much and she is interested on me very well. Please help me what i will do on this subject. I completely changed a lot, i cannot sleep very well and very lazy in all my subject. 
A) After nikah, shaitaan makes effort to dispel happiness of the couple. But you need to perform 5 daily prayers and keep faith in Allah and try to look after the wife. Shaitaan always shows haraam as beautiful and halaal as ugly.

Q) One of my mother's friend dreamt that my mother was wearing a white dress but with some brown spots. Can you interpret plz? 
A) Your mother should avoid public gosips and talks. Be brief in talking and be more at home.

Q) My father tried to rape my sister. What should I do? Can i leave him?
A)You should try to look for a safe place to live. Go to your grand mother mother`s side. Or to your mother.

Q) I dreamt that a couple of jinns in a room were going to harm and I was scared....then I remembered that I can recite 1st Kalima & was no more scared. Plz interpret. 
A) Read Qur-aan aloud in that place.

Q) I dreamt that my parents were talking against me and heard my brother saying they should get me engaged to the boy whom he knows. 
A) You should be more in house and less communicative to outside world. Restrict your chats to only your girl cousins and your mahrams.

Q) I am married to a man who has got four children. They are all adults and two are married. I want to know my duty and my rights towards them. 
A) They are your mahrams and you cannot marry them. There is no obligation on you towards them. They need to respect you as a mother in law

Q) I'm married. I was having problems with my husband. During that time i was supported by a male colleague who is married as well. We started to become very close and have feeling for each other. We did istikarah to know whether we may be together. I did for me and my husband and on the first day i dreamt of my husband with a white shirt, on second day i dreamt of a green object. I did namaaz for me and the person and on first day i dreamt about a red object, second day i saw a girl dressed in black crying as she was unhappy, third day i dreamt of a red object, forth day of a white car and fifth day of red object. The person also did istikarah and he saw me in a white dress and a white room, then on other days he saw black things. Can u please interprete the dreams we saw and guide us.
A) You shoud stay with your husband. Leave and distant yourself from the other guy. If possible change dept in your work. 

Q) I dreamt my husband is having an affair with another women. Can you please interprete.
A) From shaitaan. Read Arouzoubillahi...

Q) I had a nightmare where my cousin confessed that she had strangled her sister in a fit of anger. i found myself in a fix whether i should expose her. Meaning?
A) It means that there may be family discords coming. So give sadaqah and live without great comments with family ties.

Q) I dreamt that a beautiful girl in her early twenties with pale skin was telling me each time that she is my mother. I told her that my mom is older etc but she insisted that she is my mom. Interpretation please. 
A) Should be more careful and obedient to parents even after marriage.

Q) I dreamt I was walking nude in public...Then when I realised this, I went to hide under a table....Could you please interpret?
A) It means that your clothing are too tight and you should also wear under clothing.

Q) I have semen leakage problem, plz if you have some solution plz help me. 
A) Do consult a doctor or an urologist for that medical problem. We advise that you bring your food consumption on natural and raw food. Eat ''Gramme'' daily and do physical exercise for 30 minutes everyday. Else on a masla point of view, wuzu break on abnormal semen dripping. If it drips continuously, then do a wuzu on every azaan time. The wouzou will not break if it drips between that salaah time (e.g. Zohr salaah time). But one need to redo wouzou for the next salaah time. One may read salaah with drippings in the underwear or tissues while suffering medically. 

Q) Mo ena 1 problem avec mo etude ki a chaque foi mo comoposer mo pa passer, mo faire maximum mo capave et plus mo lire mo banne doa mai mo return back., i dnt no wat to do. this yr is the lst 1 so plz help me..
A) Pas tous dimoune briller dans tous secteurs. Ou capave douer dans les zotes kitsozes. Donc essayer sa l`annee la, sinon essaye pou devellope banne les zotes profession qui ena trait avec la pratique.

Q) I commit a sin called zina. Every time i commit this sin i regret afterwards and make tawbah. After some time i do it again, regret and ask tawbah again. What should i do to stop this sinful act?
A) Fast continuously. Go out for four months jamat. At least, during this period of time you'll stay away from this sin and your environment will improve. Many people, who were committing this sin, changed through jamat.

Q) Dreaming much often of toilet, seeing oneself (faire besoin) in toilet. Please give me its significance.
A) This means that you will become richer and dunya will come to you. But you should now focus more time and money for your investment in aakhirat since you will be well off. Too much time in toilet is not good. Take a rest from dunya and go for 40 days jamaat and stay for whole Ramadhaan I`tiqaaf is a good pause for your spiritual health. 

Q) What does it mean if you dream someone frequently? 
A) Depends in what circumstances you are dreaming of him/her. More details should be given.

Q) I dreamt all my teeth are falling out. Many times I have had such dreams, Any interpretation? 
A) One should take care of one`s spiritual and physical health. In fact teeth falling out is an indication that one`s diet and way of living is causing ill effect on the body. Then one should not talk bad of others since this is detrimental to spirituality. After wuzu, stand up and drink from the tap of water. 

Q) I dream of having a car accident frequently.. what does this mean ? 
A) Are you married? what work do you do?

Q) I am being oppressed by my boy friend's family.. what should i do ? My boyfriend was beaten up by his father and he kept him locked inside the house. His father even threatened to kill us if we meet .. 
A) We advise that you follow your parents wish. Still your dua to meet your boy friend also is not acceptable since it is haraam to meet outside nikah. Since the situation is deplorable, then step back and inshA Allah you will have another one as your pair. Read 5 times daily salaats and tahajuds. 

Q) Is it advisable to let an unused house to a non-muslim? 
A) Permissible. Put these clauses in the contract: 
No construction of idols on the property. 
No right to sell liquor. 
No right to use as temple. 
No right to sublet.
No right to cause disturbance to neighbour or any distortion in the use of property.
No right to perform religious activities on the property.
Should you contravene these clause, then consider this contract null and void. 

Q) Is it permissible for men to remove chest hair (permanently) till belly? 
A) Not advisable. 

Q) My husband had a bad dream about my little daughter of 3 years last night. The next morning she voimitted for about 2 hours. what do you advise us? 
A) Read the duas for protection on the child every morming and blow on her. Ou'eezouki bikalimatilla..... 

Q) I saw a scorpion in my bathroom last week then today i dreamt of a scorpion walking on me. any meaning ? 
A) Scorpion is ennemy. Read the last 3 surahs frequently for protection.

Q) Is thinking of doing something wrong a sin, just like you did it?
A) No. Evil thoughts are not sins normally. But thinking bad of a person or having evil thoughts of someone, then istighfaar should be done. Because the Qur-aan says that some thoughts are sins. The hadith of Muslim shareef says that ''It is sufficient as a sin to think low of your muslim brother.'' As such, thoughts are sins. 

Q) My mother in law had the following dream. She took my six year old son to some place (actually a house where a deceased family used to live long ago) and she went inside leaving him outside. She thought he would be ok and know his way. Then while inside she realised it was a mistake and went to fetch him. But he had disappeared and she searched for him in vain. Any meaning to this nightmare?
A) She should be spending more time in making zikr and salaah. Tell her to read at least one quarter parah daily and read the following zikr: 100 times Allahoummaghfirli in the morning and at night 100 times. Dourouds in the morning and at night 100 times. Soubhanallahi wal Hamdoulillahi walaa ilaaha illallahou Allahou Akbar in the morning and at night.

Q) I am a girl and i have a lot of pimples, spots, scars on my face, i used so mny things but there's no change until now, so what can i do and read in order to have great satisfaction,..because im ashamed to go out and face people as my face is too ugly with this..
A) First of all do not be ashamed of something that is not sinful. The prescription of the holy prophet (saw) to anybody sick is sabr and patience. It is said that any pain or bodily sickness wash away sins until one becomes sinless. But do note that sinful is to expose one`s face in front of non mahrams. Take it as a call from Allah Ta`ala to veil yourself. Nonetheless, note that olive oil is used to apply on face and whole body. Do cupping on your back and as per prescribed. A lady only may do cupping on you. Smell the scent of Oud. And also do drink Parafin oil or Tepson salts to cleanse stomach. Else do not miss to read the last 3 sourahs (Ahad, Falaq and Naas) and blow on your hands and then pass them on your face and body. Do it 3 times after Fajr, Maghrib and before sleeping. You may continue even if your are not reading salaah.

Q) I have an uncle. He is extremely jealous and he insults me very often in public to humiliate me. How should I deal with such person?
A) Stay silent and smile. Then talk of another conversation. 

Q) What should I do if my duas during Ramadan are not answered? Even when I pray during Laylatul Qadr, the duas are not answered!!
A) Be hopeful, insha Allah they will be answered soon. Should you have sowed a tree, how much patience is observed to have fruits? 

Q) Mone faire ene reve ki mone enfermer dans ene place ki noir et la porte la ine ferme lors mo li pied et en realite dans mo lasam ena ene la table. Mo lipied in rentre enba la table la et mo pas pe capave tire li. Alors mo frere in tende tapaz lin vin getter. Couma lin rentre dans mo lasam mo someil in casser et lin demand moi kin arrier. Mone racont li mo reve. mo ti envie conner ki sa reve la pe dire.
A) Manque imaan et ibaadat. Sorti dans jamaat augmente imaan et ibadat. 

Q) A boy i knew from my tertiary course sent a wedding proposal as he likes me and i like him as well, his family also seems to like me. the boy came to see me at my house and talked to my parents. following that, we went to their place recently and my parents did not like it much there, they feel i wont be happy due to distance from my place which is quite far and the environment at his place is very different from mine, our cultures are very different. i performed the ishtikaara namaz and the response i got was a scary feeling which persisted since beginning despite the fact that i do like the boy, and from my parent's reaction, i can say tht they still feel reluctant and hesitant about it. they asked for some time from the boy's side before giving an answer. i'm in a dilemma, i dont know exactly what to do, i do not want to break anyones heart, the boy insisted with his parents that he wants to get married to me and they are fed up waiting for an answer from my parents side. the boy and i sort of know each other for a whole year now. we do like each other although we have been having some kind of misunderstanding problem often which seem to sort out later on after much patience and time! on the other hand, my parents feel all of this is a bad idea, and i do not wanna go against them, i insisted a lot that they consider his proposal because i know the boy but i will never go against my parents final decision. i do not wanna hurt the boy's parents nor him, nor my parents feelings in all this. please advise me!
A) You will need to make a decision that will be in your favour. You cannot decide for someone else's favour while causing harm to yourself. So refuse the marriage proposal. Because istikharah was negative. And your parents know you better than yourself. 

Q) I am losing my hair and I am not yet married....Is there someting islamic I can do to make my hair re-grow ?? 
A) Put oil and do massage of the head. Read 3 last sourahs and blow on hands to put on head. 

Q) I saw a dream that people were digging. After digging deeply, hard rocks were there. Some people were saying: we think in previous years some people were staying here. Please interprete the dream. 
A) You should obey your elders in issues pertaining to you. 


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