Must i give zakat if i already donated to a masjid?
Q) You want to pay your zakat this month. But you already donated to the mosque, sent money to Save the Whales, and bought your mom a new car this year. Doesn't that count? And do you really have to give more?
A) No. All this does not count. Zakaat has to be given to a poor muslim in his hands.
Should we consider amount in bank for zakat?
Q) To calculate zakaat, should we consider amount in bank account which has been there for less than one year?
A) Yes. Read on web that Zakaat is about the value that you have as at 1st Ramadhaan.
Considering debtor as recipient of zakat?
Q) Can a doctor or a lawyer tell his poor muslim patient or client that ‘’whatever you owe me as fees, you can keep it as acquittal for my Zakaat’’?
A) No. Zakaat needs that the money be given in the hands of the recipient in full choice without any intention of any kind of favour in return. But fuqahas suggested a way out of this(Hilah) in the case of a poor muslim patient or a poor client. The doctor or lawyer may give the poor patient the Zakaat money in his hands without any restriction or condition on his side. Then after the patient is in full possession of the Zakaat money, the doctor may request the patient to pay the fees with the money he received. The patient will have the right to refuse as it is now his own money. SHAMI

  وهذا معنى قول الكنز: تمليك المال: أي المعهود إخراجه شرعا (من قطع المنفعة عن الملك من كل وجه) فلا يدفع لاصله وفرعه (لله تعالى) بيان لاشتراط النية. وَحِيلَةُ الْجَوَازِ أَنْ يُعْطِيَ مَدْيُونَهُ الْفَقِيرَ زَكَاتَهُ ثُمَّ يَأْخُذَهَا عَنْ دَيْنِهِ
On which amount should I calculate zakaat
Q) If i had Rs 500,000 in my bank account in June 2015 and now in June 2016 I have only Rs 300,000 in my bank account. On which amount should I calculate to give zakaat, Rs 500,000 or Rs 300,000?
A) Rs 300000. The balance as at 1st Ramadhaan.
Is my uncle eligible for zakat if....
Q) I have an uncle who was always careless with money, never saving money....He had a business and took lots of loan to build beautiful house...Recently, he became handicapped and cannot work to repay his loan. Is he eligible for zakaat?
A) Yes.
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